What Mountain Bike Tech Will We See In 2019? | GMBN Tech Show 52

What Mountain Bike Tech Will We See In 2019? | GMBN Tech Show 52

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Welcome, to another weekly GMB, n tech show coming. Up on this week's show well it's, actually New Years Eve so what we're going to do this week do something a little bit different, we're gonna have a look back at some of the coolest stuff the coolest tech and the best moments we've had in 2018. We're, gonna be looking at what's coming in 2019. And some very cool stuff and we're, also looking at some of the very best rewind, bike cave and top mods from, you guys. Okay. So a little bit of a different start, to the show so 2018. Has been a huge, year fast here at GMB, and tech of course we only started, in January, and recently. We've soared past. 100,000. Subscribers, so I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for so for clicking that subscribe button it really does mean, a lot and what it does mean is it's going to enable us to do so, much more in 2019. I'm genuinely so excited. About what, we're gonna be doing next year but. Speaking of which if there's anything particular you, want to see us do here and anything. Now by tech-related it could be made of stuff, it could be digging, into bike brands like literally, anything call it out let, us know in those comments alternatively. You can email us email, address is on the screen right there hello tech at GMB, ENCOM, let. Us know we want to make the content that you want to see so get, cracking. So. This year has been exceptionally. Good for tech not just because the channel launched but there's been some amazing stuff. And we've been lucky enough to go to a lot of cool world cut rounds Europe, White was amazing. For tech this year just gonna throw you to some of my favorite, moments from, 2018, here. At Europe by 2018. Sea otter classic, here in Monterey novo, mesto welcome, to still awash in South Africa come on me if you want to see it. Haha. Basically. They're gonna start seeing me up them see, me up what. They can I seal up you back. You. Can have a really good reel of me swearing. If. I'm doing, hot. I'm. Going in. You. Ever seen one of these before if you it's. A very unhappy ending for this tire. Yeah. A bit of a failed, stager, that's everything you really need to know about how to look after and maintain, your waterproof, and breathable jacket. For. A couple more videos on, this sort of stuff ah thanks. For that. That. Was still rolling with that you. Ruined it by talking that. Was perfect. I was. Perfect, but now I'm actually sewed. For. Take, that make. You absolute. Wizardry. Just. Look at the thing. So. Let's find that back for ages. Right. Okay. And. Of course next. Year 2019. Is going to be even better it's actually ridiculous the amount of cool stuff that is looming on the horizon and. Personally, the thing I'm most excited about seeing next year well I'll say next year I'm thinking, this might be next year is the, SRAM Wireless, stuff the black box stuff that we've been seeing on Nina shutters bike all year we've seen it being refined through.

To You and now seeing on other races, bikes and although. They say it's still at the black box state it looks way closer to production I really. Do think that we might be seeing this stuff in 2019. I think quite soon as well so I really, got my fingers across the net because I'm so. Excited to see what happens, I mean, Shimano have good dr2, with the cable operate stuffing inside cables. Are fantastic, but I love the, wireless system I love the fact you can change a mech without having to interview, with any wires or anything and what I've heard from some of the development riders is how silent the system is because, there's simply no cables, to rattle something, that you and I might not know because, we're used to having cables, and you just take, it for granted but, I'm genuinely excited to. See what's gonna come out of SRAM in 2019. So hurry, up guys don't leave us waiting. Something. Else that I'm particularly, keen for to actually is, the different wheel sizes thing. So we've already seen on a few production, bikes less, issues that Canyon, for, example, maybe buy like a 29, inch front wheel and a 27 and a half each rear wheel now, previously in competition, the UCI stated no matter what wheel size you're running but there had to be the same wheels front and rear now. As we know this is actually a really old-school rule that's come up from the world of Road Cycling where there might have been an aero advantage. To running a smaller front wheel basically, you're minimizing your frontal impact there today therefore wind resistance reasons, and of course on a matter what we know that it's not really going to be any sort of advantage in those. Terms but, what it does mean is people, can have the advantage of having that bigger front wheel if they want that which. Means they're going to get more stability up front more sort of rock plowing, power, sir and also, it means you can have a smaller rear wheel on the back so the option could be to run a plus-size, tire for example you, can get really heavy-duty sort, of mid to plus size tires 2.6, two-point-eight it. Also means you can have more clearance, out back which as we know a 29, inch wheels on downhill bikes with, up to what 220. Ml of travel, it's, actually a bit of a problem on some frame, designs and certainly, for some of the smaller riders so, could it be the best of both worlds coming I expect. You're going to see this across, the board a bit more you're gonna see races. Experimenting. With this in various, different disciplines, so we.

Know That our friends at mojo, Chris. Porter in particular he's been experimenting with a bigger front we are in a smaller front wheel for, a couple of years now and I think there are definitely, some benefits, to be had an, O'Neill, did a video last year over, on GM BM on exactly, this but I definitely intend on doing some own testing, to figure this stuff out a bit because I think you're gonna see quite a bit of it so definitely. Looking forward to that. More. Internal, dropper posts please, BMC. Thank. You for doing it absolutely perfectly. On the, four-stroke if, you haven't, seen this bike well firstly the, four-stroke in itself is just a blindingly. Nice-looking. Bike cross, country bike but I think it looks much more reminiscent of on, 4 cross bikes, but just obviously big enough and light enough to ride all day in a cross country environment. Integrated. Dropper post it just looks amazing there's, no reason to not have another white when it looks that good and it's that light I do, think you're gonna see this coming from more manufacturers, in future, but I do think f1 is to pull, the finger out a bit and get on with it because it does look amazing. Hats. Off the BMC for doing that first light and we're not necessarily on the first but doing it first right, so, nice one guys I'm also gonna use BMC, is example, here for wear cross country bikes are going we've. Seen them slowly, getting a bit more aggressive with a little bit longer little bit slack a little bit lower little bit stiffer he's, starting, to see. This characteristic in the courses as well so as the courses advance and get, more technical, and demanding, bike. Manufactures, have to return that so the riders can retain, the control they need in those demanding environments, and I'm. Really excited what I can do I've always loved cross country but I think it kind of lost its way a. Few, years back when it went a little bit to road orientated it. Was more about the laps and it was about the, bikes and then the technical courses and now it seems like affirm return. To a really good aggressive fast-paced. Riding, on gnarly. Courses and to do that well you need good bikes that. BMC again, I just think is absolutely stunning, but there's loads of other nice-looking. Bikes out there and, of course this year we've seen a lot of 100, millimetre travel, bikes appearing, aren't necessarily, cross country race bikes but, they're fit for purpose I'm. Thinking like the Yeti SB 100, or the Betty version, I'm thinking bikes like the intense.

Sniper I'm thinking bikes like the Santa. Cruz blur. Even nearly, forgotten a met on there but, you get where I'm going these, are like tough bikes you get the trail bikes but, their cross-country way so you're gonna have to tear gas out of a cross-country, race course on a bike. That's fit, for purpose genuinely. Fits purpose and attractive, to ride I just think you're gonna see such a boom in 100. Mil travel bikes and cross-country, racing, we already know from Red Bull stats that cross-country. For the first time in years has, been viewed more or nearly as much as downhill, and it's going to increase the. Cross-country racing I was lucky enough to see this year was by far the most excited, bike race another ever seen and, I can't wait for 2019. And. Also taking a tip from those more aggressive, hundred mil bikes you're, gonna see a lot more sort of mid travel by so I'm talking about like the 130, 140, mil region. Now when these first came out on the scene they were getting popular on the 26, inch wheel thing they're, kind of like overlooked, when you've got 227 off and 29 but I reckon you're gonna see a lot more of them popping, up in 2019. And for me that's really the, sort of bike that I would want to ride in place of a sort of 150-160, bike I'd be happy with 130. Outback and maybe up to a 150, fork, on the front I just think you're just gonna get such good performance, out of it in well certainly in a terrain I ride but it can see the advantages, in a, lot of areas and I think you're gonna see a lot of these or bikes sometimes. I think less is more, I reckon, 2019, will definitely, be going that way, now. For a little while a bias have been the elephant in the room but. It's safe to say that e bikes finally. Are becoming more accepted, which is a damn good job because they're really really good and especially. Now is battery, technology, the batteries against, and lighter but having longer, range on them, by sight that specialized, phenomenal, looking we already know there's a few other secret. Bikes on the horizon, that we'll be dropping, in 2019, I can't wait to see the, reaction from, you guys when you see these bikes because I think the grounds between ebikes, and regular, Mountain voice it's going to become very very, close and, I think as a, reflection there I'm going to be working a lot more directly.

With EMB, em because I reckon, there's a lot of tech similarities, in the stuff that's going to be coming out in 2019. Let's. Just say I know a few things that are coming I can't tell you about just. Yet but I think you're definitely gonna like them and yep. I've got any bike coming and I'm. Not gonna tell you which one wait. And see. Finally. The last thing we're starting, to see already, at the end of 2018 but. We're definitely gonna see it continuing, in 2019, is, transmissions. Appearing, from different, manufactures that are not the major players I'm not sure mano and not SRAM we've. Already seen some really cool looking stuff from, box components, of course that was on the bike build that, we gave away to Evo, from savatya, and, we're also seeing some other stuff popping up on our Gwynn's bike the room a dirty LP, transmission. On their downhill transmission, there's also going to be all sorts, of other brands, popping. Up on the scene so keep, your eyes peeled in 2019, for some exciting, new. Mechanical, transmission. Well. There you go that's the stuff I'm really looking forward to seeing in 2019. What, you looking forward to seeing let us know in those comments below what, was your favorite, thing in 2018, what, do you want to see in 2019. And again, what do you want us to make in 2019. Let, us know maintaining, this videos factory, tours you name it getting, in those comments and I'll see if we can make it happen. Alright. So now it's time for one of our regular spots this is bite cave by, cave of course it is the place where you keep your bike where, you work on your bike we give it a bit of TLC give. It a bit of Lube win it easy and you tuck it up and lock it up at night, this, year we've had some fantastic, entries. From everyone I'm literally, I'm so stoked on this is something that I love cuz I built my own bike cave this, year and I can tell you you lot love by, caves too please. Please continue, to take pictures of your by caves and to work on your own by caves whatever. Area is you've got to work in your pocket read doesn't matter if it's, somewhere to store your bike it counts as a bike cave so please take, some photos of your bike cave tell us all about it and use, that uploaded, link right there on the screen and, we'll. Put you on the show we'd love to have you guys on a show so I'm just going to throw you now to some, of my personal, favorites, from this year so first up is from Davis in South Africa, now, this is a really, really clean so probably the ideal, setup and not the custom specialized, in, the corner there so very very, nice I say, if I had a double Gary that would be the proper the sort of setup I would have I think it looks really really smart, next. Up I've got to say this one it's a hiker in Mexico. Absolutely. Incredible, this is more like a bike art gallery, I would live in this place genuinely. I would live in this place look at it this massive there's. So much space in there is kitchen in the in his bike cave is bigger than a kitchen in my house it's ridiculous, I can't believe how nice it is it's, just what a stunning, use of space I think, you've done an amazing job and I guess that really is that sort of the Grand Designs equivalent.

Of A bike cave, it, looks amazing if, anyone else has got something coming, on like that let us know send them in we really want to see them but. It's not always about that it's really important, to use the space you have so, Leo and Sydney here I love what you've done using, the sort of the void I guess behind your bed here great, work it looks really cool as well and it, just goes to the point in it you know any home for your bike counts, as a bike cave and, love the fact you can sleep in your bed and look at your bikers are having it's really cool next. Up Andrew in Glasgow, this, is wicked because essentially, it's just a garden shed bit, of really posh one so garden, sheds of course they're very very, cool and this is just like the deluxe garden, shed love it he was really cool totally, realistic I'm really, achievable, as well actually it, was good. I've got, build a shed actually I can sort of see it being like with an extension to my bike cave that, I'll keep you posted on that wall fun I get that far now. This one is one I'm particularly jealous, of I've got a so this is from one, of my friends who works for SRAM, now look at this so this is just, amazing. I mean admittedly, this, is his proper work workshop. So this is where he does suspension, tuning so, he does a marketing, stuff as fram you can tell by the logos, the stuff in there but look how cool this is he's had this expect. Out as he wants who's got his trial motorbikes sat there on a log just, it, looks awesome I think that's that's a dream and setup right there absolutely. Bitch indeed looks awesome, that, is Alex my mate from surround by the way, next. Up check this one so this one is from Rob Klein in Indiana look. At this this is more like a bar like a bike-friendly bar, than is a place, to keep it boy it's just like look at it you've got an actual bar in there and, you got all this cool stuff just looks fantastic, what a cool hangout area. You can also work on bikes brilliant. Although, this one was recent, I've got to put this a little clip of this video entry and this is from Harry and his wife in Canada from, the ground up they built this place to be in fact I think she built most of this his wife built at most is to be there by cave look it's like a miniature house, absolutely.

Amazing I loved, there's, a video entry as well I would love to see more, video entries I want to get to know you guys from the video stuff you sent me you, feel like you probably know me a little bit just because of my bike nerdery. Show-and-tell. Show us your bike caves do some video entries we want to see him and finally. I've got so this is a really, really cool idea and I do love this and someone since, then has suggested, burying, one of these in the law and I'd have like an underground boy cave below that'd be cool doing. A shipping. Container and about garden so look at this one this is from Alan cross and this is wicked, look how cool this is but, shipping you're Taylor turn into a bat cave nice, and secure as well but massive locks on this thing and lock RIA stuff inside, and it looks mega there's. Really good maybe. I don't want a guard ship maybe I want to dig a massive hole in the garden and sink a container instead. Mmm. There'll be an idea. And. Now it's time for rewind, everyone. Knows I love retro. Bike gear we've got the old retro Camelback, got those pace Forks over there the original, truly, edged helmet, over there I love. This stuff and I think that, you guys might like it - judging by the amount of entries we get with really, cool or bikes and bike gear please, continue, to send them in if you've got friend it's got some old retro stuff get, them to send it in or alternatively, get. For your house and take some photos and their stuff yourself and send it in we, want to see retro, stuff we love retro. Man buy stuff so send, it in upload a link is right there nice, and easy, super. Easy self-explanatory. Lots of details about what you're sending in or even if you don't know about those details ask and, I shall tell you like, I love it I love noting, out on this stuff so there's. Been some exceptionally. Good I mean to be fair most of them will be really good but there's been some exceptionally, good ones in here so I'm, just gonna run you through some of my favorites, from the year now. This one is from Trevor Nelson this is an Alsop soft ride stem, so, the suspension stem, so, I've. Got here on my desk a Gervin. Flex damn this, was all right this is kind of like the, Ford Escort of, the, stem world. We. Jump shout out to a Porsche Cayman, with the also, soft white look at this bad boy it's like a parallelogram, stem, looked, insane, and it matched up with the actual carbon, fibre soft ride beam have you had on the bus which looked absolutely horrific after, safer the stem they look really cool I'm Owen Thomas refreshment, used to run while I was on his Richie P. 2223. P21 whatever, it was P 20-something, and what. An awesome looking stem really caught still see that and. This next one this is really cool so Andrew, just kiss you okay, AJ works for giant bikes this is AJ and check, it out right so this guy was massive. Though these are six five or some of that and, look at the little boy he's got it says larious so this is a slingshot, now. This bike is I think, actually beautiful but they're terrifying. As well so, they work unlike, any other bike in the back of the top tube just before the C tube there's, an elastomer, so basically a shock small shock and, down Jeep is a tensioned, cable when, you hit a bump the bike effectively. Shrinks and a cable pulls. It back against, it slingshot, with you through stuff, imagine a boat with the wheelbase of changes, like that as you're riding through, a rock garden like mental. After, your mental but beautiful, the same time now found out a good friend of mine Russ he's actually got one of these in almost, box fresh condition, so, I think I have to try to take, it out for a bite ride at some point soon and we'll do a rewind, special, on that bike something. We're gonna take onto his channel in 2019. Is moving, some of the elements from the show out into the channel and we going to do some individual, videos based, on this stuff so keep an eye out for that stuff, oh and. Just look. At this one so this is an old specialized, psyching helmet I used, to have this helmet so they're all like polystyrene, helmets and needs to have a lycra, cover over there, was the black, and blue one and the black and red one and, you look like a magic mushroom from Super Mario Brothers, awful.

Awful Looking. Helmets, but really it. Was a great bit of design because this is what, led to the micro shield helmets with the micro, shell over top that we currently used. Today come, a long way since then Thank You Darren white for sending I mean for, home with. And. Finally, the. Tioga this Drive there's not much more iconic, retro, things than the Tioga disk drive is there so tension discs of course replaced the spokes on a bike, careful. Are geodesic, webbing, connecting. It effectively, enabled, a little bit of travel out the rear wheel to absorb, some. Minor impacts, in Basel on the trail give you a bit more traction but, most importantly it looked cool as hell and it sounded, amazing, I had a really distinct Rumble as, you're riding downhill let. Everyone know you spent five hundred in a rear wheel essentially, that was probably going to break by the end of the run thank. You to regan for sending that one in i think look at what a beautiful example of one i've. Really, really what one is well i'm happy to buy, one of these so if anyone has one for sale I'd love to buy it and hang up on the ball on the set actually, just speaking about it so if anyone has any cool, retro stuff or anything that you think would look cool on the set here at GMB on tech let. Us know take some photos or if you're fancy send, it in it's, easy to find our address. And. Now it's time for top mods, so this is where you modify, your, bikes all the little tiny things you, can do to your bikes in your kit to make them a bit different to ones you buy in the shops or more importantly a bit different to your friends bikes whatever. It is it honestly, doesn't matter how big or how small whatever. It is you've done to your bike to make it a bit different that is a top mod and we want to see your top mods to take some photos tell us what you've done use, our uploader is on the bottom the screen again right, there and send them in keep, modifying your bikes it really is it defines, your biker youth together get.

It Done so this, year we've had some awesome ones and the first one I'm going to show you isn't. Even a bike this is a multi-tool, friend, of mine was fed up of basically having to carry multi-tool, and keys and loads of other stuff so, you took off one of the one. Of the components on the market old I think it was a tie lever in this case that you never used, machined. His key down put a hole through it and put his key on there looking, at so multi-tool, hack that. Is amazing, genuinely, amazing really good and actually want to do that all myself I think I was wicked, next. Up check, this out so it, looks like a bit of a hollow bottom bracket axle oh oh not anymore can, you see what he's done so this is from his yeah a face or if a, custom. Bond for the bottom bracket to keep one, of those Thai little tired. Stabby, things with little worms on there to seal, up your cheapest. Holes and using, that void in your bottom bracket axle what, a fantastic, idea that is a really that's, a hack really that is actually brilliant, he's even better than the top mod because it wasn't something existed, in the first place and, someone. Needs to make those that's really, really cool and I, don't, know why I haven't tried to make one off the back of this it's car like a samurai sword for your bottom bracket axle, absolutely. Fantastic, well done and. Thanks for sending in sharing, the love now, this one is really cool this from Jack Berghoff so, this one wasn't even for him this was for other half spike so not, only did he modify by give it a bit of love check, out these custom, decals for the forks he did custom, graphics looks so, cool, what, wicked idea and totally. Individual, totally, different to anyone else's by, totally. Amazing, I think that's a great modification just a sticker all it takes but a little bit of creative thought really, really, cool love, seeing this and they these are all so different that's what's so cool about it some, people have done complete, bike rebuilds some people have painted, their own bikes some, people have made bikes so. Like. This one here from just in a DIYer he, designed, and made, his own frame from, scratch Wow. Absolutely. Blown. Away by this this is so, cool it's something that I really, want to do at some point I've just not got around to it I've designed frames, in the past and I've done, stuff I hope I've never actually built, anything myself I.

Just, Think this is amazing Fairplay like, sheer persistence and, ingenuity. To actually, craft a bike yourself, from, scratch the CAD design order or depends of drawing everything, whole whole stages, Wow. And, look at these pictures awesome, pictures as well so I really appreciate you taking these, photos and tickets for your little design journey here wicked. How. Does it ride by the way if you're watching this now let us know I'd love to know maybe. If you could send us a little video clip of yourself riding and tell us a bit more about yourself I'd love to feature you on the show again because I think this is really cool way, to go really really cool thank you and thank, you to everyone, for, sending in your modifications, keep doing it please video. Entries whatever, you want to send in I genuinely love it and I think it's really cool because we, want to inspire more people to work on their bikes and enjoy and have fun you don't be the same as everyone else D make, your bike different that's what's so cool about it so. There we go that is the last show of 2018. It's New Year's Eve I've already got my New Year's resolutions, man is basically to ride my bike more get really fit and strong in 2019. Because I've had more time building my house and building, my own bike cave this year than I have out on the trail so 2019. I'm gonna do loads, more riding content, and loads more cool stuff on Gen B n what your new year's resolutions, anything. Tech related for us to know about let us know in those comments, it means I'm happy, new year everyone I hope you have an amazing, New Year's Eve enjoy, yourselves and we'll catch you in the new year please don't forget to give us a massive, thumbs up if you love Jimmy, and tech hit that subscribe button there's, a couple of great videos there in, the meantime i'm, off to have a house party now Happy New Year guys.

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Boy did that helmet bring back memories... it was a 90’s must have. Had red and white. Cheers.

GMBN and GMBN Tech need to cover more XC news and XC bikes... You're too gravity-oriented!

We're moving into the XC more, don't fret.

Happy New Year Doddy!

Happy new year to you!

@gmbntech I have a couple questions for you, first one being I recently purchased a polygon Xtrada 8 and was wondering whether or not I could fit a dropper( I.e. How would someone tell regardless of bike) there seems to be a couple extra ports into the downtube, could that be their use? Also, any thoughts on the bell super 3r. Thanks for a great 2018, I'm a huge fan and looking forward to many more great moments in 2019!!!

Would love to see a regular piece on bike companies eg Whyte, or evil or the more boutique brands especially. .bit of history and tech

Halfords (not proper bike shop) bike test/review

I feel like for 2019 you could paint that plain wooden wall lol

How about researching what affect cold temperatures have on the tire. Comparing tire performance in warm temperatures with the same tire/temperatures in cold temperatures. I feel like I have to let a few lbs out of the tire for cold temperatures to get the same side wall flexibility.

Hi doddy I think an interesting tech video could be about parts adapters and modifications e.g. goatlinks, shims, cartridge upgrades on shocks maybe even converting axles and other odd things

Do s segment on how each of the bike companies got started started.....start with Devinci cause I’m from Canada and they’d what I ride!!

I know you guys don't really do reviews but you said you would do a video once yout get your hands on the new Nukeproof tyre inserts. I would like to have your toughts on it.

You should test linkage forks and do a comparison video

Do an analysis of how gravel bikes are evolving into XC race bikes from early 2000s.

Rear wheel builds/parts/how to verify compatibility/cassettes etc...

bmc is just shitty at making xc bikes. Seperate dropper post is still lighter

Even though I FEEL like I've watched every GMBN video, what about a debate about eMTBs in bike parks? Personally, I side with Seth (of Seth's Bike Hacks) in that future eMTBs might be equivalent to motor trail bikes now - much more powerful and increasingly incompatible with traditional MTBs?

Yes 140 mm travel! That's what my commencal Meta has and I love it

When are they going to come out with some electric automatic gear sets

I want to see a high end mtb bould with a rohloff hub.

I want to see price point builds. A lot like how the computer channels do it but with bikes. Pick a price, say 1500£ and build a decent bike with used and new parts on a new frame then shred it.

hi doddy and all the crew, happy new year and may I say its been a great start for you guys at gmbn and I and all your fans look forward to the new content yet to come. So I was thinking.... you have covered so so many topicks but just for fun how about you build some clown bikes (you know the ones) and grab some of the crew to test gmbn style lolololol PPPPPLEEEEAAASSSEEE

A custom built bike by a small frame maker. Steel?

Hey Doddy a new feature to the channel could be some bike testing videos of new bikes like comparing them.

Retro bike build

Kan you guys check out Chinese carbon frames?

Make a homemade chain tensioner Keep up the good work ( you have helped me a lot on being able to service my custom cannondale

Threaded crown races?

build a custom unicycle and take it to the trails (dh forks, etc...)

What do we do with our old (still quite new, in my case) 26" wheels?

In 2020 there won’t be any cables on bikes anymore, everything will be wireless

I'd like to know how to get one of those helmet posters behind Doddy??

Happy New year to you all at GMBN, EMBN, GMBN Tech. Everyone in front of and behind the camera does an amazing job getting us informed and keeping us in touch while managing to keep all your content entertaining and made to a high standard. Most importantly though you make it fun to watch and show Mtb in the right way. Here's to more years of it.

my number 1 request is gear indexing and cable tension. everything else ive self taught or learned. indexing my gears and getting that perfect cable tension and derailleur position i cant do for the life of me. so maybe a more in-depth , slow , for dummies style tutorial. love the channel learned so much from you guys

Complete wireless Scott ransom type bikeswould be cool. Dropper button activates the seatpost up at the same time it shortens the travel to 120r/130f or down dropper and 170r/180f travel. With eshift on the other side of the bar Also I think I remember Joe Sloup hitting 60mph on one of those slingshot bikes at the kamikaze(late 80’s early 90’s?)

Failure with the Bike cave :(

SRAM AXS is the name of the new “Eagle” E-Tap, coming early 2019

I know it's subjective, but I'd like to learn more about suspension adjustment, rebound settings, and where each setting will benefit most in different situations and riding styles.

Can you review the one up components edc tool system

Ibis factory tour / history.

The thumbnail xD its great

How about a tubeless sealant test? There's loads of types and I know some work loads better than others.

A good addition to the show would be a section where people find solution for problems in mtb or innovative invention for different components that would make mtb more enjoyable

Happy New Year Mr Dodski... How about a proper evaluative comparative study of pinion vs shimano vs rohloff hub gears (and any others you may come across). The vile, crude, metal-grinding deraileur is a design-stinker which should have had it's day long ago, so filthy-high-maintenance and so very cheap-nasty it's unbelievable. Twaddle of the highest order. We seem to knowingly do what's wrong as long as we can - such stupid monkeys are we. (Well, I know I am anyway.)

Mr Doddy would you and the crew be coming down to new zealand for this years crankworx?

Topic Idea: Dig into the details of the SRAM Red eTap system. What’s good? What’s not? What will need to change for mountain biking? What would you like to see in the new product? What do you predict? Non-roadies have never used eTap or Di2. Give us a taste of electronic shifting and some playful conjecture.

doddy you should do a series modernizing an older mountain bike for the trails.

Happy new year Doddy and team. See you in 2019! Thanks for the years videos.

i would like to see more kids bikes in 2019 not only smaller frames / wheels but also lighter build that doesnt weight 12-13kgs

I would like to see you do a video on buying a new full suspension bike between $2000-$3000. (best value)

I'd like to see you guys seriously test out a linkage fork like the new Trust Message, as well as a Pinion gearbox. The rear derailleur and telescopic fork are, to me, the two things really holding back mountain biking from being less hassle, and safer respectively. Might also be interesting to try out a bike with a rigid front fork/larger tire, with a rear suspension. To me the diving/telescopic action on forks is no conducive to flawless/accurate/controlled steering.

What was the brand of new drivetrain manufacturer mentioned after the Box one?

#askgmbn I know tyres need the molding pins to let the rubber fill out to the tread blocks but why are these not removed before sale? All these tyre reviews about and all done with little squirmy beads of rubber rolling between the tyre and the ground. The carefully designed blocks don't take them into account and before they wear off they can't help with grip, it's just like race track marbles.

Shimano factory tour

a few episodes on different suspension designs in great detail

More awesome videos

id like to see santa cruz bronson review / test drive cons pros vs the nomad , maybe factory tour :D

Build a gearbox hard tail

+GMBN Tech Great, have you ever heard about the rockshox e-reverb axs?

You guys should make a Frankenstein bike...like maybe just switch different triangles with frames, ect.

Hi Doddy. As for integrated dropper post, BMC wasn't the first one. In 2017 (as far as I'm correct) the German company Liteville (daughter of Syntace) released an all mountain/enduro bike 301 MK14. This bike featured an integrated dropper post from Austrian company EightPins. BTW it it would be nice if you could test/review the successor Litevile 301 MK 15, which will come out this year. PS: sorry for the grammar, I'm not a native speaker.


"oriented" or "orientated"? is it a British vs US speech thing? like "aluminium vs aluminum

+ARVID DISTNER Thank you! I'm still trying to figure all of this out, I'm new to full suspension and I keep getting bucked over the bars. I didn't realize my weight makes it where I need more rebound compression because of the higher air pressure (220#). I had the complete opposite thought in my head thinking I need less rebound (newbie move)!


+ARVID DISTNER oh cool! Can you send me a link? I can't seem to find it.

There is already a video for that where they describes all different settings shocks and forks can have.

I'd like to see how to make a bike as quiet as possible. Eliminating chain slap and cable rattles. New XTR quiet rear hub trend. Quiet tyres. Anything else that would reduce mechanical noise on a trail, enduro or DH bike while descending. Also keen to know more about the new Fox Live Valve system and it's benefits. Is electronics the way of the future and would they allow different or simplified rear suspension designs (single pivot with electronic compensation)?

Hey Doddy, first of all thanks for the amazing content ! I know a lot of specialist tools can be home made for cheap (a lot of them are really expansive, like bearing presses for instance), a small compilation of them could be nice ! Dishing tools, hanger alignment gauge, bearing press, or homemade spoke nipple drivers are some of the tools I have in mind :)

Please don’t make another video with a 4 minute intro

Hi Doddy , I’m a new rider and just bought a 2018 nuke proof mega 290 pro and I’m really confused on sag can you explain what it really means in simple form . Thanks will

Can you talk about the new spitzing evolution? What are your thoughts, likes, dislikes. Thanks!

Make a Chanel in Spanish

@GMBN Tech Great, have you ever heard about the rockshox e-reverb axs?

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