What is the now and next for digital signage?

What is the now and next for digital signage?

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And. We're gonna be talking today really, looking at about how these unprecedented times. Have. Really changed. What. We've seen in signage, and digital signage, and you know we're gonna have a discussion about the state of the market I think some changes we've seen some opportunities. And some challenges as well and I must say if anyone has any questions feel free to send, those in violet, by the chat option, and we'll reserve some time at the end of the conference to to. Go through to, go through those questions then so, I guess just before, we start. Bijan, just give it just a quick two minutes on sign is life just for those people who may not know signage rights yeah, absolutely and, thank you for having me on we. As. A company, we are a cloud-based digital. Signage provider so we focus, only on the software and we've been around something. I think which will become probably. Even more apparent as, we go through the next few months for. Over 20 years and. We continue to obviously do. Bigger and better things we are global, offices we have offices, in Chicago. Good. Old UK. Although. I am for my home office as, is everybody else at the moment that's working remotely Singapore. In Australia so, the. Focus for us has always been the the software side how, to leverage. Cloud and, the possibilities, of cloud to really build enterprise, and scalable, applications. Specifically, of course for digital signage we've. Always worked through the through the channel hence why we, are all here gathered, together and having, their relationships. With memory fantastic. Thank you and Florrie, introduce. Yourself, well, because consulting, I founded, the company. 2006. Almost 15 years ago and, we're based in Munich Germany, we don't have offices in Australia but, I would love to. Know. We and but we have partners around the world who work, for us and we. Are boutique, consultancy. And we are advising. Customers. And customers, as well as industry better understanding, what role digital, digital signage, technologies. Can can can, take in their daily routines, and we've. Done for many years we also operate, a joint venture together with IC so we also share offices with IC and. You know I see and DSS our conference, we do them around the world unfortunately, this year most of them we had to cancel but usually, they're Mexico. Brazil and Dubai, in China all over the place but, the last three months I've been here now in Munich and was. The excited, last week for the first time to hop, on a plane again, and. We were just talking before we started as. Flooring, just said he was he was the only person I know that managed, to travel when he got on a plane last. Week for the first time and I wanna wanna. Experience. That must have been for, the first time right especially. Being the only person on board that was very special and, only happened to me once before many, many moons ago and those, was very special yeah it was very special and we, all hope I think that you know life, will be more more normal in the future for time being it's quite cumbersome. It takes a lot of time and it's not really it's no experience, at all and I'm talking about digits on each we always talk about you know engaging, with. Customers, and offering, experiences, and. Traveling, its touchless travel, it's the opposite of. Did. You out of curiosity did, you, did. You notice any differences, because of course you know when he used to traveling so often sometimes things become a thing, of the norm and he just will pass them but did you notice any different systems taking into account the.

Current Pandemic you, know more. Signage, better, signage e burns sometimes, it's like I say it's missing oh yeah. Sure I mean probably. Not so much in the UK but the rest of the continent, you, most, of time you don't recognize stores again because it's full of plexiglass, and you. Know you have your printed, printed signage all over the place lots. Of printouts, because, you know many of them have managed really two integrators. Individual, systems and lot. Of you know speakers on floor speakers and everything and, yeah, I mean you have those years to you. Know keep distance to everyone, else but it's very difficult on a plane with squee hundred people you know 20 50. Millimeter. You, know queueing, which is not possible in the airport so, and of the airlines the airport's are currently struggling with you know it's very difficult to keep this distance so they're thinking about you know having having, time slots when you bought your plane when you go through the gate but somehow, people need to wait. But. It's very different and it's not it's not very pleasant to be honest and. I think I think I think we'll, tackle more of that for out the next kind of 35 minutes as well which is that we're seeing you, know certain, industries, starting to return to work and they're doing things now. Trying. To work out the best way of doing those but those things will then become the norm more in the future as well I guess so so. Join I may want to kick in question, yeah yeah so I'm always. Thinking about the first question and I think it's a very simple simple, one so how, do you both have reacted. To to these unprecedented, event, no because pinging. Was quite. Fast for them for all of us so how Sonic's life in beedis the. First reaction to the. Situation. It. Is. Well. It's an interesting one because I remember going. To ISE, thinking, is this gonna even prior to getting actually, is it's gonna happen is it not was there as, we all know some. Big names pulling out and it, was kind of on the brink where it was going to be continued, on and it didn't for, me and for us that was certainly the last last, share that we had and, I think they're after the. Realization. Very much, stormed, especially on the UK. In. Terms of you know things are gonna start to be getting locked down and, business. Was gonna be impacted, and I think for. Us it was good in some ways I, say good because, first and foremost I, mentioned. Before and I'll call we're still a hundred percent staff so thankfully, that is the case for us I know it's not unfortunate, being the case for a lot of other businesses, out there, and. It's kind of hard to see people being being, affected that way but. From our perspective you, know we already yes, were a cloud business but we already using, cloud tools so we could make the switch pretty quickly it's just working from home of, course there is more than just tools into that mentality and, basically. Not burning yourself out because you have permanently unzoom calls as we know. But. You know from from our perspective, I think what we what, we did was love where is our business come from it was a split between kind of retail and. I'm talking about the main box, because of course we can cater a lot of other industries, the.

Main Bulk was coming from retail and workplace communications, so for sure when when, it started to hit and the closures we had some, some. Customers, that pause, there licenses, because their stores it shut and so. As, a gesture, of goodwill we, also did, the same rather than you know continuing. To charge for therefore the service that they had but. We're starting now those, same customers that may be back in. March/april, started. Doing math they're coming back online which is good but. Again it, differs. Because of. Different countries that we operate in so sometimes you'll have France coming on and then Italy. Thereafter. Maybe Germany a little bit further behind that's, not because of the country itself but because of the I. Guess, the the, go-to-market strategy that. That particular retailer, might have so. We're having to deal with these kinds of things and you know working. Whenever. We can and kind of hand in hand with those partners, rather than just being told but actually yeah we're back on that we switch them on or on my quest which not but. Interestingly the, workplace communications, you know this is the biggest thing for zoom and, we're ueberall using it just. Because. People are working remotely that doesn't mean to say that you can't have. What. You you let go they need to communicate if, anything probably, a lot more so and, that's. Kind of what we're thinking about cuz you know Joel you know this and of course John the. Way that Sonny's life works is you have one, one, device or one license per device regardless, of whether whether that. Is that so, if you've got a thousand locations you need thousand, licenses, and we were thinking to ourselves how, do we try. And help people and also, think of a different way of how things will evolve further down the line. As. To how we communicate, because. Digital signage, or you, know some form of signage. In some way shape or form will still need to be, very. Much there in the marketplace to help people out so we, launched the the broadcast license which is basically a bit. Of a reverse of what, people no signage live as and, it's literally, one URL which I can send to you I can ping at Amazon chat here with. Whatever message, if it is that I want to be saying with that that's the live stream whether it's, you. Know something that the CEO has got a message for every every Friday perhaps, or gathering, you know social gathering for people and team and we've, seen that a lot of people have taken that up because there. Are people on furlough which may not necessarily have. Access to the internal systems but at the same time they still need to be kept informed. In. Some way shape or form about, what's happening and what's the latest guidelines so it could be a teacher. You know when they're ramping, up to open up the school's not, everybody can have those teachers meetings all in that confined space how, do we keep them up to date same. Thing can be applied for you know drivers, that, are all of a sudden now you know we've all seen the text messages one they've been getting stuff from Amazon saying, we. No longer handing, parcels to resident but gonna leave it here and then take a picture to show that we've delivered it but those kinds of things you know different regulations, and compliance. Messages. And rules, can. Be sent and amended. On fly so I think for us that was a big, big, uptake on the broadcast term, planet, rule released which, is we, wanted to do it for free to see first of all whether it be an uptake and it was and it's now available for free until the, end of September 20th, ready to take people, through. That need. Basically. Saying look, we still have the requirements, to speak to our customers, and our. Was. Pre-pandemic. It was actually something it was because of the pandemic, because. Like I say and it's a concept it's completely different so because, of that we thought to ourselves you know how we're gonna do this and, you. Know credits you to our team basically, I'm. Always we're, always having this internal battle list, of what the priorities s4, has as we all know in a software house from a development perspective but, this was one of the things which we did and we released and there's. Been some really good some, really good feedback from customers. What. About the money induced opponent deals so you have like and. I am everything so. Well. My, life changed dramatically. Usually. Which travels, three four times a week we on the claim you. Know at least once a month probably North America or so and then Asia so so I really, travel extensively and, I haven't been three, months and. So.

Yes Our business has changed a lot especially our consulting, business which is very difficult especially in a business which, has come to a complete halt for, various reasons obviously it's very difficult, you not to value companies, currently you know because there's very difficult, see, how the businesses. The future but, also it's a very personal, business, and even. If a few of them na things are almost you know down to the finish line you. Know people want to meet in person you know have a glass of wine and really get an understanding you, know if it, makes sense or not to to, sell. Or to work in the future together and there's something you cannot do by us so that's, obviously something which, is very difficult, in. General I mean we have been in touch with most of our customers doing, endless, hours of endless, hours and we've. Discussed prior this colony it's very very very, tiresome. You know spending, 10 hours a day without any break just from its movement there's no time to take notes or so not even relax, a little bit while you're flying back home or so so that's that's quite, exhausting and otherwise. We're. In touch with our customers it works quite well our event. Business obviously you know it's, pretty. Bad and we. Had to cancel it pretty much all the events around the world and for. The remainder of the year more or less and, that's. Difficult and now we're working very, close because we have a venture, with IC. Barcelona. Event which is hopefully coming up in February but. Obviously you know always you know it's a fear that may be something with the second wave will hit Europe or so. That's. Very difficult at the end of the day and I, think you in Germany are a little bit lucky because, our, lives, a little bit more back, to normal than compared to UK or Spain also so, the big arms open again in Munich that's the most important thing you know besides. Going to church for most of the variances, yourself. And so. Becomes, open again and you, know Haircutters, and everything so biggest, problem you know personally, is that the kids haven't been to school for three months. I'm. Very lucky I live on the kilometer away from office, so, walk every day I've never been in a home office. Know, life is very very different and smalls. In small steps it's getting back to normal and hopefully.

And. The Thorin like if somebody just says to me shall, I ask you the question as well oh you know it's just suddenly thinking, then for. You you. Know where your role and your your. Reputation. Is that you have such a wide, knowledge of the, business and a deep knowledge of the business, I guess, what happened, and I don't got words in your mouth you know who's more of a question but I guess when, we started to enter into these unprecedented times, you had then had people. Coming to you straight away right, and saying what, do we do what do we do did you did was there a lot of that did you get a lot of yeah a lot, of sad stories I, mean you. Know many people trust trust us and so we've seen their and their numbers and especially, the first weeks they're very very very. Frustrating, for everyone and very sad also you know because we looked at the numbers and we saw you know doesn't. Good and to be honest you know we we see that we were quite scared about fall because we're not currently there's two special regulations, but, we will saw a lot of things on. Solvency. In, fall and so. Many, of the smaller players you know will leave the market which we're you know which is always see, ya know it's very we, have been very busy and contacted. And usually, you know I said speak with probably, 2,000, players every week you know longer talks and now everything has been done better which is okay because I know many of them but obviously you know having, a personal face-to-face meetings. And. I think you. Know. I'm following. What you said no and then do you think that them. Really. Talk about that the. Collaboration. And, education, seems. To be recorded quite fast so do you think that maybe. Do. There will be this investment, in silence, to this, situation. Because. The companies will prioritize, other other. Investments. Oh yeah. I mean it's it's. It's, it's. It's a double sided so to be honest and many. Of each of us need to invest because there's these special, regulations, about access management access control and. Funnily. Enough you know we were laughing about in the beginning you know about this little a-frames you know who wants to have them you know you always come from China very cheaply and you saw them at ISE and they've. Become very very popular because you know regulations, are quite strict and the number of people limited, in stores is quite.

Limited And so, we need to have systems which you know which manage which manage access in the beginning we had all the security guys but. Eventually you know as they found out you know this will be a long term thing not just a few days or weeks or so they, decided we need to be, more you. Know have a long term solution so, especially the high footfall source. You, know I'll deal Eagles places, like this you know grocery stores and also electronic stores and with. Lots of footfall and they decided to invest, into digital so, now we see across, Germany, all these displays and all the entrances you know this little census, which count how many people are inside the store and there's like a traffic light system you, know in turns green you're not to go in and, everything, looks, funny okay I think the same with algae I remember, seeing an article, yesterday it's. Quite simple but effective you know don't need any more literally, on the outside it's like, when. You go to the airport and you can go to the the x-ray machine it's like basically, green, you can go read. It. So. So that's what you spend on a security, guard for months so, the, payback and to, be honest in most retail I think this was they will need to work you need to work with it you know for next year or so until you know we're all vaccinated, so, that's something which will stick and having, a payback from a month you know it's fantastic in times like this and, some. Of them you know more solvent, grocery. Like Aldi little sauce very excited to really have nice systems, which say which, are really nicely designed to retrain from ceiling and everything and the cables are nicely mentioned everything so, they already said you know we won't we keep it anyway and we. Will use it for for promotion afterwards, I think. I mean what we're talking about retail, I mean I mean it's such a big. Subject about, I guess the changes, that the reason that environment, has gone through right and I think we, said at the beginning you know there's certain projects, that have really. Been. Postponed. I'm gonna say from our point of view we haven't, seen many. Projects. Completely, stopped, we've seen projects, postponed. I'll, be interested to get your view on that I also guess, I think of the like to understand deep rats you first, from. The inside. Reads how you know what the changing, dynamics, now inside retail, beforehand, it was about getting, people into store and keeping them in there as long as possible and and now obviously it's about how do we move them from quickly. As possible, what. Do you think signage plays a part in that and. The kind of messaging around that yeah, I mean I think little already had have, that conscious one in the checkout system then there's like the McDonald's of the retail world and you get as many people through the doors take and make as much money, but.

It's An interesting point because you know we talk about retail, but there's so many different aspects to it you never talk about supermarkets, Duke USR - you know fast food chains and we all know but they got shut down albeit. They were selling, to just so to speak. Depending. On your nose, and. What you like. But. You know that the whole point is that I think and, this is just from our experience, so far like. I say anything, which was you know games, or, not, something, that wasn't related to it basically, very, processing, etc, they. Did pause on any plans that they had for digital signage. Was. It a was, that a knee-jerk reaction was, it a budget cut because something was being you know focused on something else perhaps, a mixture of both I think, in hindsight anybody. Who stalled and it didn't do anything to help. Themselves for, when they do come out of the pandemic I think we'll probably see, you. Know not, necessarily as much growth as potentially, somebody else who has embraced the change with technologies, and. Put them into place to make to make the customer, really feel more reassured, you know you we've all just said it right now I mean, I've only gone around the block so I can't tell you anymore but I every. Day we speak to people let's say I'm not comfortable going to, X amount of place because how, do I know what, the hygiene, is probably like and you know the bigger the the environment and the more crowded it is, consumer. Confidence could, have an impact so, if you don't kind of I guess. Invest, into making them feel better, than you know kind of shooting yourself in the foot but. I think certainly from a retail, perspective it. Is very much about you know it's. Gonna go back to thee I say go back people are gonna probably adopt more the IKEA fashion, right well, you have a designated, line this is how you're gonna go around probably. Good for the retailer - as opposed. To you go in there and then you just swarm. About like you normally would when, we go to it to a supermarket, and. I think, probably. That will benefit both, parties the consumer, and of course the retailer because you know, I've. Been a culprit, I've, gone into a store not even intending, to buy something but because I've gone past it, I've then bought it so, you know this is why I care it's great at something like that but I think more people probably gonna adopt it with the relevant signage, to then put it into, place. To, drive the adoption, ready. Yeah. I think there's a this lick of conference, is a huge topic and we. See that over human stores are open already for six weeks over here so you have long lines people are scared of touching, products, so they don't even go inside so the retailers there they're really complaining a lot because, they're losing a lot of business and especially fitting room so for example it's a huge problem I mean if you buy you know if you go to Emma's ara whatever you know you want to buy something on and you don't want to you know buy it and bring it back because then you can order it online directly. And. So, fitting rooms is a huge topic and also some other industries, are really struggling about so it's difficult but it's, not it's not bad news Falls because, we heard from many integrators, and here, in Central, Europe that, they're quite busy because, you know many of the screens were turned off for six or eight weeks and they. Weren't you know professional, maintained and everything just somebody put the placards in every day so no no they have to do all the service and everything so these guys are quite busy obviously not selling you, touch. Points but really fixing old stuff and putting, maintenance, taking everything so, they exit quite busy and some of the existing contracts, are still being, delivered and rolled out so that's fine and what's, quite interesting and we were quite surprised about that some, of us have really large the fortune 500 customers, we have they're, really thinking about you know doing new RFPs, for a for for next year because now they have the time they headed anywhere on the agenda for 2020. Sometimes and follow so and so all now confined, to their own desk and at some more time and we. Got like two huge requests, for projects, you know which were like you know double digit millions, you know like 50 60 million euros which I believe one of the biggest projects you know and we couldn't believe is it I. Years. And we, decided, now to start it earlier than before it's, quite interesting to see I agree.

With That actually we've seen you, know we normally hold, webinars. And everything else like that and sometimes you have to keep on knocking on the door so it's. The company they want to be speaking with tell, them or convince, them why they should be considering. A signage live or and other products and this. Time round or certainly in the time that we've kind of been in lockdown normal people certainly. To begin went before zoom, fatigue kicked, in. We're, joining more, of them and they were actually more open to looking it's a look now I've got some time to myself as opposed to everything the business throwing at me I want. To dedicate myself to Ashley learning a bit more about why, this, product this is another which. Is worked well for us of course because you know we still saw very much at the forefront from. A CMS perspective, so I think people. Have. Been pleasantly. Surprised, they thought they knew signage live I think, I know in Spanish life but then something else comes up next week so but, then they know a lot more about it so I think it's worked both ways same is for the RFPs, that's. What. We like so let's talk a little bit about the, opportunities now, so we have describe what happened that's happened you cannot change that and I, think we. Will be working, and. Straining, there the, channel about, the dimension, of the a be in the IOT and on and it seems that the idea was a nice-to-have thing but. Now it looks like a must do. You think we are in front of the. Explosion, solutions, and, the second question is how we can scale that how you adapt, your. Platform, or or how you from from Indies, help. The channel, to develop, these types of solutions. And. Me sorry yeah yeah sure um, it's. An interesting point and again there I. Kind. Of possibly see it in a slightly different light only because of a previous life prior to being the sunlight for six years I I was, involved for four five years in the m21, world so machine to machine which, is basically. Internet of Things for many other people it's just what's connecting, to what and what's talking to well and. Part of that jump was basically, digital, signage or aunt women. Moving. Vehicles, and things like that so, from, my perspective but I've always year, and for, a proper. Adoption. Of I should say IOT. You know not just talking, about it as a buzzword but actually really, really embracing, it and I. Don't just mean that they're all you. Know what the stuff that we can everybody, can do pretty much connecting. To a fire alarm and the building management system is automatically, triggering, to your screen, so that it changes with it that's just one one aspect the. Biggest thing and I think perhaps this is possibly yeah one. Of the issues is of this such, a vast array of water sensors, and everything as he bring, in you know whether it's a CCTV camera, for access controls you know who would have thought that access. And plenty of other companies. Out there that build these these, products, would, come and, kind of play alongside. Digital. Signage but we've done it before you know we've done it two, years ago we were working on kind of access control type stuff with some with some projects, but. I think what's lacking potentially. Is basically, that that one company that can, bring. It all together, because the technology's, there it's always been there you know we've been talking about IOT not, necessarily for digital signage for over ten years so. I think what's really really, the crux of it from my my, perspective, and how I'd kind of seen the two tried, to merge. Together. Because. Obviously I'll pull under. IT is just getting. That that one company and you. Know to come to sell it as a, be as a service you know we've talked, about this before as well but. I think more and more people are gonna start looking at saying look I need I needed done properly. Who's. Gonna be that one person or one company that I go to, if. They want to be cutting budgets and they'll probably want to do it themselves and, you know good luck if you do if you've got the skills it's a time, but.

I Think you know especially, when you're adding more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle like, IOT, right rather. Than a straightforward here's, a picture on a on, a on a screen, which. Is your usual. Historical. Digital signage I think you'll need something an, organization, they can bring it all together. Integrators. Unfortunately. Technology. Is there it's not about technology. For. A long time but, most integrators, are still struggling really into integrating, this one as there's so many different, solutions and many, of them are looking for a platform and, there are few players in the market already a platform which connects like two dozen, difference devices, also and, it's still very difficult you have all these different api's and, you know it. Makes, life complicated it's, fine in a in a flagship store or something which is close by but once you roll it out you know across hundreds or thousands of doors then, it becomes painful, and unfortunately. It's not the CMS provider who can help but it's really the integrator, who needs to make it work and but, customers. Are more than happy to take, it they're really really, what, only was excess control or mask this detection, all of these cool things you can you can sell now and it's. It's really about the integrator, really integrating, it, and. Florida I mean just just give it I guess we should just be quickly clarify perhaps give you some examples. Where we think of that hi ot and signage coming together you. Know can you well, where do you think that's important, now well, dieter mentioned already I mean obviously you know the CCTV cameras and, in turn spikes is controlled but also inside, the story in or detecting, this person, wears a mask or not or especially checking you know if where do we have cues you're on front of the chicken to check out or service. This or so it's very important, it's we talk about managing, access control. Image in crowds in the stores and only in the entrance but also inside the store which becomes, necessary so, it's a typical use case and then we also have you know all different kind of sensors an immediate room for example does not always have to be you know retail meeting, how many people is a meeting you occupied, or not means, the biggest problem is enterprises, you know people, booked.

Months. In advance, you know nobody uses that and, have small, sensors you know which detects is a person really it's a personal meeting room or not that, makes life much much easier now we know also about oxygen, and in all of them you know the number of people meeting room becomes a huge topic we discussed it before the call started and you know most most offices, now I have a limit of 30 or mix and 50%, of people, allowed, to works at the same time and so, how do you manage these cut how to make sure you know that not too many people are in certain, parts of the building and that's where ever sensors, are really really helpful very, simple, the sensors are very cheap it's, really hard to integrate them and how do your, processes, because you want to change the process of your whole company you make sure that they support, the existing ones I. Mean. The same thing the same thing can be applied to click and Collect so or even I, think there was an article last. Week maybe JCDecaux, and there a relationship, or partnership with. Us. Or, somebody, or other you, know this is about you know this is how we know, digital, out of home as is right now maybe prior, to covert and basically. Engaging where the people are currently, outside of your store to take, that extra step and go inside. Because. A lot of the time you know you have this, I, just. Read this morning about the largest LED screen. That was somewhere, in New York that was put together in, a massive massive screen that's been put together with random. Advertising. I'm sure it's not random it's paid for of course but. Then linking, it through to the stores that are in the vicinity to, try and make sure that you know people are making, the most out of their. Advertising, I mean, IOT, opens, up so. Much potential. Out there I think part of that is is, the issue because there's so much choice what do you think as well but, we must. Not forget I think that once you have these things installed, you know access controls or little cameras, don't, just have to be used for access controls they can be utilized, for something else too you know actually understanding. If I've made the investment, on this advertising, to. Show X Y & Z to set, customer, did it really pay off you know can I tweak my campaign, to make sure that I'm showing the right message at the right time to the right person which ultimately is, the whole point of digital signage I do - they're always the. Two two ways I mean one is customer facing the other one is really helping they're you know there's, a vendor or the digital home network, or so the media owner you can really like, having sensors, and the totem really make sense you not to mention picture and to make sure you know the management, works and everything and, place. Certain components, before they fail so, these are typical, you know things, behind behind, the scene you know which customer will never see and then they really want to really you know you, know improve, the experience. And. I. Think, one. Of the things that just listen is you talk in there as well and I think it's something we've explored beforehand, but and, I think for a new you touched on it the, the amount of skills are now needed to. Deploy that interim, solution, I guess because before hands when. He was a navy then, it became a signage, app and that requires and maybe skills but an understanding a bit of networking, etc as, we've got content around and now, obviously we're talking about the integration, of IOT which is then about how do you start handling data and, more importantly what do you do with that data and then how do you do it or other things I mean, what do you think, you. Said that system integrators, flooring I mean what was the advice how. Do they go about getting such a broad amount of. Feels and talent. To be able to deliver that show that's exactly, the challenge many small integrators, currently face and because. You know you need more more skills the beginning was just a V then IT content. Don't forget content in almost. Content. And I have no clue and. And, now we talk more and more and more you know and now.

Architecture. Firms are looking at the, design of services because. You. Need more skills, it's the reason why you know only, some larger integrators, were probably able to survive from the future because. It's. An ecosystem of partners to. Deliver that and in. The beginning ecosystem. Is fine but eventually our feeling. Is that you need to offer in-house, and to anything really successful, because. I, think, it shows I think it shows in there and then most, recent acquisitions, that have been made, public you know I think you, can see that there are AV, focused, companies now joining, hands, or, you know being, pulled out whatever you want to say, with. With other IT focused, companies, that's. Really the reason why you know you can't, scale up people it takes time to scale up people and bring them through you know the grassroots and all of that it. Won't have an impact until later on so, for the those that can they, have been buying, it in and within. Various different acquisitions and I think there are smaller ones there. Either as you said flooring will need to be adaptable and then. Trading, themselves up quickly, will. Make a niche for themselves in, some way shape or form it's. Quite interesting when you look at you see for example which, tech data is your you main thing you know looking, at surface. Up for example or so or even Samsung. Flip you know these, were products were mainly sold, by IT integrators. Not so much by job you can I be integrators, because, you. Know IT guys are very familiar with Microsoft they. Know Samsung inside out and everything and more. About even zoom I mean zoom is a typical, IT solution. Not an AV solution, it's used as an AV tool but you know historically you know has been more popular with busy IT guys and so. This is me, interesting so we see more and more in this in the copper environment, especially now compared. To connected. To facility, management none of these things you know the IT guys are very good at it and the IT guy is also better offering. Global Services they know how to scale and the integrators, are. Usually. As good you know in scaling things for. Them it's just you know step by step thing it's not really we, kind of industrializing. Projects. You, only have a few, larger. Integrators are really good at you know having, good processes, you know the code comes in you know and they do step by step and everything very it's managed quite quite professionally. But most integrators, are smaller they see every project is a little arty. Thing you know they want to help you they want to mention and that's difficult, yeah. Yeah so, Liam I'm talking about about these corporate environment, you. Mentioned, and well we were discussing about the new. Office is going to be less people switch, between between. Groups and so on and then. Sign it in corporate. Environments has been mostly. Used for sales, KPIs, and and things like these so what, is what, is the opportunity now in China to incorporate, the vitamins beyond. The room booking systems well. It's way guiding it's obviously when you when, you don't have a fixed. Desk anymore you know to find, to find your colleagues you know to manage you know flows. Maquette. Messages, to your to your employees you know by all platforms it's. Not it's not a single game anymore so it's a reason why Microsoft, teams for example you know it's something which becomes more more important, in the design environment. People look at teams like this is not a digital signage game and signage, life would say you know you cannot use it and and. You probably have some good reasons for that but in the corporate environment especially, on campus you know teams, can, be you know can be a good CMS, you know to a certain extent, because SharePoint they know how to work SharePoint and everything in the day just anyway in the system so they're more, and more customers who think you know that could be an alternative to did you sign it if it is that you were you raised a good point there actually because, and.

It Kind of goes back to what you said earlier about the content, being the last thing to be thought about in, retail. It has to be designed specifically, for a product or a line etc etc whereas, what we're finding and, certainly that our experience, is that in the corporate world. 50%. Of that content already exists, where there is power bi somebody's. Crushed the numbers and it's now a dashboard where it zoom whether, it's Microsoft, teens with us Yammer they've, already spent time you, know congratulating, people or whatever it is that they are slack etc, but they're already doing so all that to. Make it easier so, you know less, friction less I guess to. Move that and embrace the digital signage just to say well actually why, can't I just plug in power bi why can't I just use Yammer, or what have you which people of course can in YouTube because these already channels that they've got their hands dirty words they know how to do it that you're not teaching them something. Completing, you so I agree with you people are looking at that, details. That you need to redesign, your content, to be successful, every platform every screen there's. A different mindset. So. You know even if you have the same you know power bi whatever you have you know you can use it one-to-one and integrate, it very easily in signage life or whatever but, when you have a big screen you know in front of the container so you, need to show the content totally different, to. Engage with your audience it's totally different somebody, looks at his phone Norman's desktop, computer, or so and it's. Easier, and you a hundred, percent agree and I, would say that probably 90% of a content already existent is in the organization, when you look at campus installations, it's just you know how do you change, the content, how do you present a content to to reach out and to engage with Missy audience yeah. I always, thinking is well I was thinking about about.

This Kind, of dramatic, change, in what we're talking about here about how do we reach audience for new content, we've talked about IOT I mean our times nearly up by the way cuz it's gone very quickly but one of the things I was thinking about is is, privacy, as well right so if we're. Now doing a, lot more. Specific. With people around IOT. Analytics. And. We are counting, people, and maybe measuring, people. What. Do people need to think about in terms of privacy, in GDP, our air our GDP our etc. Is like other considerations. There Florine the people who think now oh yeah. I mean technology's. Never the limit it's always a cultural, background and this society, which sets the limits even, with deeper you can do much more things than people who would accept. But it's. Very strict over here so um yes I mean privacy, plays a huge role and it, becomes more important now we know where we all have this you know this covert act you know nobody wants to install but. We. All hope our neighbor. That. And so that's that yeah no privacy it's a huge topic but not so much in a corporate environment because. You know people have signed NDA's, and everything and it's it's more it's it's. Easier with consumer. Data and in retail it's very very difficult same with digital form makes it very very difficult but, in a corporate environment and, you probably know that better than me but I think that's, less. An issue in most projects, yep. Short because as, you say aside there are employees of that organization. Or indeed people where I've been invited to attend, meeting so you will at some point, especially. If you're going to lock down an OD defense sites and what have you have signed something to say that your. Son in your life away, but, um each country, again deals with things in different ways I remember talking about. Audience, analytics. Company. French. Company not. Naming any names and, they had to have, specific conversations. When, it came to projects in Germany versus, Spain because of the gtp. Our own privacy laws. Being different, between those countries. But. I think from, access. Control and everything else these guys in the IT world will have already touched, upon these things way before maybe. Cool yeah. So. John have you got have you got one. Display. Employee. Here attending, the attending, the webinar but the. Contact. List I don't know you know how we gonna face it in, the next in, the following months. Because. Nowadays, plenty, of interactive, screens, she that's everything. To do to, find a route. Or to select products so how. Are you gonna manage that it's a little bit like Karate Kid wax on wax off yeah. I. Guess, it's gonna be like this and I can it's, genius screens and to be honest no four weeks ago when it all started over here you know we had one person to sign one tiny person. Machine, at the, station once, a customer bought, a ticket you know what person came cleans the screen the next came and this has changed now but the beginning was very difficult and and you know we had a whole whole seminar about his whole thing. About it and and, maybe many people try to you know you, know integrate disinfection, stuff you know so he can clean the screen but I used too much of it so you had all the residues on the screen so people thought was dirty even, was you know all the drink so it's very difficult it's, about building trust is about building confidence and it takes a while and people. Will always, prefer their phone obviously even, more today than before and but.

Still You see more and more you know some of them using pens in the beginning in all the ATM, but after a while to be honest now after six weeks people, get used to it and people, get back to their old habits and not, all of them but more and more of them and even, me you know and I'm taking, public, transportation every day in the beginning I was really scared you know after a while as a mask with you say it and it's just it's, a new life we all that life has to go on and I think people will get used to it and eventually, they will use touch screens again because it's the most natural way of interacting with the device the most mature way obviously is voice but, the second the second one, is and. Also. The phone is the remote control for almost everything now yeah, I mean. It's true isn't it I remember, we. Used to have conversations, about how you, know a family, had gone shopping and the little kid constantly pressing the screens because they're expecting it to be the touch screen and now all of a sudden they probably mean no don't touch that because. Of this you, know obviously. A reaction, to the pandemic, but as you said Florian I think the, beauty of being human, is that we soon forget a lot. Of things that I'm having in the past and history has a habit of repeating itself, so, no doubt we'll go back to going back to touch touch, screens but interestingly, we are talking to a. Partner. Of ours who, are, one. Of the things that they're doing it as far as I - you and senses is concerned is that. Basically. Having, almost a heat map of when, a screen has been touched and where and the frequency, that has been touched though when you do you then go and clean it it's almost like this is the area that you need to clean and that's the area that you need to do if. Somebody gave me that job I'd be, it'd, be therapeutic. But OCD, at the same time I like things layout. I've even got time just for a couple of questions at lemmy's last one that's coming so. The. Lecture is latest, future, source reports who's positive about anything business, even though there's. Been a drop in volume in the last three months what's your view on that moving, forward so, is NFB going to covering ending what a new more kind of time frame I said that's a crystal ball question, yeah.

And. No, I mentioned. Before he knows. Next. Year so I mean 2020, will be. When. You look at Asia for example and future source always about global numbers in general M China. Is already you know some of the retailers are above, last year so, and so. And. So. And. These. Are you taking up running. An. Airport, you know there's so much information now, necessary at airports and public places and so and so I believe you know not for me to say it's definitely not dead but it'll change what is it the video just takes that pretty much, led. And, we've. Just been at Samsung last week you know we knew the, wall for business I, mean. We've all seen it it had chosen everything and and they're really you know pushes, now really know to be the next new normal the new standard for for ad and, so. LED will definitely know take Greg at lease and, space. But. The general thing will. Be I, mean we could discuss as LCD is it all net is. On. Display yeah. See. Any of you on that no. I would, agree with that you, know I'm sure there'll be deals to be had, as. It starts to phase out more and more but most definitely it's not so it's not a gonna just yet openness or good. Pleased to hear one. Last question like s and so for, Alicia's for you actually so the, digital. Solace yearbook have you started to writing it we. We curtly on it will be published on Jen on July 1st and. Fantastic. We look forward to it hey listen guys we're out of time I mean it's been a fantastic discussion. I wish, would schedule longer to be fair and I think, for me you know just listening to everything has been said it. Feels like that. We feel buoyant, about the market, but we all understand, that there's changes that have to be made in order to be able to address the new opportunities, right and I think we're, saying that there's, new opportunities, we see in the retail environment, or being. Around combined. With IOT and analytics, as we've said I think, in the workplace, we're saying that actually we know the corporate communications. And signage is going to start to play a much more significant. Role in that market, both in an IOT analytics, way but also in a pure messaging to your staff way as well and. I think you know I feel I feel really confident, about about, the market I think the interesting area is that portfolio you know skills that's needed and whether that's with an ecosystem, or a distribution. Partner that can help with those I think. There's I think there's good opportunities, for all so I guess I'll just ask you to view any kind of closing, comments, be any closing comments from you. Well. Youyou've recapped it quite nicely here their job but I would say that you know for me the biggest takeaway, is if there is one silver. Lining out, of Kovich is that people, embrace. Technology because. It's always been there it's just about bringing, it all together to, make it work for you whether that's retail web-based communications, and the. Biggest thing for that is getting something that understands to do it you know as vendors, when we sit at the top of you know that the so-called food chain it's hard for us to bring everything together because we're just one piece of that particular puzzle so. We need to get more and more people either. Scaled up or you know understanding. That it is it a joint effort yes. Okay thank you Florida for, me it's important, experience, isn't that you, know experience, will come back because people are sick of staying at home of zoom and everything, they want to touch product, they want to experience something they, want to enjoy spaces, they want to enjoy, you know being around people and so, you know people are desperate, to leave home again and to experience something on vacation, I mean great backgrounds, here I would love to be before now having. It's. Very true and if people have done you the hard, work and the legwork and in between now and when, the, reopening. Properly starts and they'll breathe the benefits from it because they're like you say people are dying. For some close, contact, so to speak probably dying is the worst wrong. Word to use but I'm sure you get what I mean. Looking. For I, said. That's always that people wants to spend money in there right now so I mean some of them is it kind of you today and, if. Someone. Goes to a shop now it's because, they want to buy so there is a we. Need to maximize his experience. Yeah because. Thank, you very much for taking this on and everyone's very busy I mean I've thoroughly enjoyed it and, thank. You Dave from Sony's live Florian, for me minutes thank you John thank you and I. Look forward to big at your soon thank, you learning us thank, you everybody.

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