What Is Devops? by Hari తెలుగులో 9985269518 May2 I Devops Tutorials

What Is Devops? by Hari తెలుగులో 9985269518 May2 I Devops Tutorials

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This, conference, will now be recorded. Yeah. That. We are going to discuss about the apps, okay. Okay. Nene can, you tell me can you please introduce yourself. Okay. This. Is Mukesh, I want. Okay. Publish. Yes. I want to know about jobs. First. Let us see the. Garages. So. First let us see that our apps soda. Webs is a series of process. And tours a well, culture, to practice, with a company, that encourages the collaboration, between the. Deployment. Okay deployment. So here the deployment, is nothing but all of us give a project, management rather. Associated. And the, operations, operations. Are, nothing but system administrators. To, modpacks security. Tilden. Softener. Characterized, by issues of fast release cycles, common. Tools and overall called their webs concept so this is the definition of the develops okay this, is the definition of the derives now mono. You. Forget okay first, ignore, the definition, okay first before ignore, the depression, first, we are going through discuss about their. App second SSP you please meet yourself. Excuse. Me sir can. You please mute yourself, if. You have any doubts you can just ping me in the chart, okay. Oh Cass theorem today. Rowan joffe cannot. Be. Proved or. Graphite. So. He put perhaps an ad in the kitchen they have silly rag mundo first, Aman Aman organization. In the still a memo neck in. The steel Oh Monica first suppose. Technology. Technologies. Technologies. Sent, a mummy, who. Coming to, Utah. Or. Net. HP. So. When, a technology so technology, smokin. A mono, maker. Specialist. Amano Mayu enter in the developer, Center all, of us. Admin. People so. At MIT people and able to the, admin, people and a suppose. If you have any proper, likely. Software, Donnie like. A Johnny. I'm. Too honey. Is. Everything that we have speargun, a. Of. Spira Connie so we then need here some money we. Tended to kiss someone and she watches have only had people, under okay, they within our network people. Someone. In me are the mediation, occur. Facility. Network contain and of course raucous, our barangay Alana, server. Only, organization. He, serve Evangeline. Dimmick mandate. Reggae incoherently. Internet. Cavalli. Let. Looking Cavalli. Working. At the cables okay cable, connectivity, everything. Or, supplied EMU to Cavalli, youmu do you ever pro adjuster, on, Mauna. Kea organization, low data, center, the. Data center will be this one data, center on any one of these could approaches, the unto your monarchy, whose. Contain a, organizations. In Cisco are they within multiple server, Sunday but the organization, is server Sunday service, Mopani manages Chuvalo network. Administrator, Santa Ana that, were convinced it so I actually at min people in the even a so, you put work oh no. So. It is. Back at we're sweat my teeth, you and I suppose. Over the town gets our land they prompted that menu. We. Asked our garden to be a side menu polka networking, on a networker below so he within the Monica designation, suffered softer separate accounting honey. I never, never. Have separate, the watching under never, have separate the word Shindo so there are only two words one is for all of us and, another is firm operations. All, of us for operations so all, of us and our precious and England all of us only dollop, in the code okay, now, I'll open the code or any do anything, automation, the, operation, sticker could change a yukata. Monarchy their apps engineer, and her who, have since he'd ever absently rock today so, pudding, any right through everything, God operation. Said operation, said into the admin. People so, admin, people only be any admit what I did on EMQ gonna be appearing on a networking, honey anything anything, he can able to hand it a the, NSA on it so on the came on a kid never have seen here under iko iko important. In it if, their apps engineer low never, have seen you know Monica out of a magnet of everything. Wish you to buy out. Our. Migration. Or. My personal day in the unconscious. Applications, on princess application, Sunday arm alga application, conquered to install come get read apology know what, complication, II you have sphere loaded project work application, a Allah everything, among servers on being a normal physical server so what, women want premises on now yarn, from Salonika cloud anti aw honey okay.

Yeah The place Connie are you think that. You're. Gonna be, within the mono migrations, yet and again cloud, migration innuendo so. And the only definition, even the first, a definition DevOps, is in series of process, of tools and level so if, they have spiritual, okay Monica, multiple, multiple. Tools phone tech okay multiple. Tours I event or Sunday and Damon on desk a job here, in Tucson and suppose. A continuous. Integration continuous. Integration. Tools. Okay. Continues. Monitors. So. Configuration. Management tools. So. Towada, know Chile. Internalization. Tools. Internalization. Good so, absent. In a caucus, philosophical, school monomi tools most honey-honey. Automation. Steady Ghani a the, project maintenance, Kearney project, automation, Akane we dealing just though so. If you do Manabu, chill gay it's, definitely only develops a series of process, of tools okay Isabelle culture. To practice, with the company, that, encourages the collaboration, between the dollop maintains. The. Operations, okay, he, mood you collaboration, in dev center so let me cut out of Paris okay cook uranium, skew engineers and testers, okay Quality. Assurance is nothing but testers, and the operations, operations, and, I want a anything, okay any system are take security, like the networking, already everything we can call it as a operations. So, we moved to be a collaboration. Hermano have, a have Santa EMU, do collaboration, or one, of multiple tools, one we just saw a multiple, tools one older than a even. A continuous, integration continuous, monitoring. Continuous, management, and contamination. To it so a mentor Sunday he, ever in for Sunday and a mono mow first x-ray just on each and everything continuous, integration in the continuous. Monitoring at any converse in medicine container to Sunday so, if he, to explain the same only eTools unlike first to keep count of a man. Okay. Jenkins. Gibbons, and continuous. Monitoring lose any, money continue. Small turn mnemonic a, size. Scope on Tory. Radios. For three. Years. Okay confirmation. Management, look Monica, puppet, and. Simple. Evie powerful, tours so these only, we don't puppet tanks will and either the powerful and Amman, it's a for Domini so, for nowadays no one will prefer, no one will prefer down the jump only. Out of hundred. Companies -, only 20 companies, only preferring the chub remaining, 80% of, the companies are preferring puppet and ansible and the, containerization. Tools we are going to discuss talker. Humor. Meds. And. CV room the container doors very very important, okay so. Even the mono series of cruising body one, of our project, the cup fulfillment Jaso okay these the develops of the wind EEPROM, oh no the, Nicola mundo are slow first to develop in a unit a cylinder still owe their, apps rahman though as less DLC process and AMD sta.

Main Types of confidence. From me even, safer, for methodology. Sonia Monaco them so. S TLC process, yesterday, what is the meaning of sdlc can anyone know about your. Canonical sigh as DLC and a. Locust, hopeless ah jeez Sriram. It's. The sequence, of steps of requirement. Requirement. Implementation. So. That the, system development lifecycle, okay ante. You, put a necessary work our organization. What carbonization with the project, to chat approach organization. A project, to check up to mono means and a series soft strip direct become 100 degree locally coats am gay, organization. Kora curricular, coding locally OTE. Though first, changes, the, organizational. First, it. Requirements. Analysis Chesley. Requirements. The analysis, okay, second. Requirements. Focus on iam a switch in Theravada, design, justly, okay, design. Justly, focus, on design this in Theravada opera. Murky coding. Local living, for. Once. Coding, life in Theravada monomania. Stone coding. Haven Theravada mono apply, a song, apply. Soda apply so after. The deploy is inter whatta mono. Maintenance. As okay, so even then the major river system development life cycle even, new life cycle process. And they life, cycle process let us suppose monarchy. Woke a client in each project Oh Jimmy wanna climb into college put you know put Oman I mean yes someone team your muscle, remember, surface to salah project, give Ethan a not just our project we have in cool Sunday a project, like a strength of maybe cost, optimization, everything, go to scholarly practice, the code Amman okay analysis rope alone Iran's, documented, documentation, creepy idea saw focus, are documented, in Theravada, focus. Are documented, in Theravada month is ingest he. Within the design just designing a day in and day suppose. Any, classes Cavalli a class class. Class gala, integrative, Ali so, each and everything food Amano discuss, a song so, once design, is completed, coding. Decoding. Butler you know that suppose, Java, project, like the Java coding roster dr., ties a dotnet or some PHP page project, so everything. Ascetic coding last on once, coding, I've been Theravada mono application, he hooks are would apply is correct, ekkada hiepro. One coding mono system when I'm a novice could be no use mono serve, only book. Coding lasya coding mnemonics, are one look one figure they say ok I'll put him on application, is run only. Once, applications, are all the maintenance maintenance, and in the day supposed if, any issues and, tamaño, irrational cold load production. Of more internal Appa any, shoot suppose. Monomania, saw one, of my e-commerce applications, also ecommerce application, ID in the support. Catalan. Language excellent. All of Castro non-adjacent, errata application. Mana marketable, adjacent, errata okay what customer, arena, book a product, need but it just went a are time low ethniki. Payment. Complete every the kind of product an ad comes from God our time, convenience. Or customers who customers. Wanna contact in, the country Mon amazed at the product all of just me aunt it if it suppose Miku Flipkart, Lee only search intern, because Luke article yes sir is everything gonna customers Monica just not I'm gonna win the main to the center main to the son dae-ho he only shoes on eHarmony, so he didn't need to process mechanical. Fee mono, system development lifecycle under, system doll up and lifecycle, so this is a definition if, Wiseman, says that if you fail to plan you plan free, with failed contain and a suppose.

Mero, System. When Jason economy cook of proper plan and his leg on all day, yeah then a sorrowful over me the system development lifecycle gives, the structure to madness offsetting, from, the beginning to the ending of your project, without forgetting, the same so. It, is type of a project plan there is a number of different destiel same methodology, ceases today prepared, you way the project, guru see of them okay and. The. Process, month on Amano SDLC, process Thunder so Tortuga. Some models want a SDLC model low mana, we make this thing of models only and the devel or acumen do agile. Methodology, and, so. You cannot know economy slow will, study under waterfall. Ideal, metrology, okay, ETL methodology, so, even nico de monica. Is there see mythologist, he water formosa methodology. Agile methodology, on in old methods, and but you know no, one is using the waterfall. And agile. Methodologies, everybody, using the. Sorry. Sorry everybody. Using. The agile methodology spiral. I am saying about okay waterfall. Model spider model your own new model and any old, models you from the innocent, a it coder EPS agile, methodologies, fall out down okay. First, we will see that. Lean. Methodology, and they, hold. Methodologies from taking them out all of Jason of Algol methylammonium. Lean, methodology, so first, eliminating. The wastage, increase. The feedback, so, first eliminating, the waste ante. In then they work, a project, one organizational, question of product okay welcome project monarch on is no original mono. Eliminate. The wastage eliminate, the waste agent inundate suppose, one a project focus its members Cavalli, when, a project members kiss six members Cavalli monopod. Monomania 70 only, six. Numbers Mara Mara creatures, canto only. Six members mother, Mary kitchens, a, member. Of Ottoman or refugees, go Anton. A eliminate. Our wastage, attain no new members will be could increase, the feedback ah David Inga, when, a waterfall, model granny's fire and modern gonna choose cannot be the, negative difficulties. In and a waterfall agony. Spiral. Gani. You don't know morals look like. A project all, up Charlie what comprise it one and all three muskrat all of L and a within, three months low when, we put a good a client through interactive, one client, rectum.

Oh We will not interact to that plane so, on the only improper would be suppose, three one sloop upright on the doll of jacinth armata client with a critical new client. Couldn't change it Shepard and commonly, in Co three months and they delay. Process, if Cooper died waterfall, model spider model anything it could be a process so give you a process opening, so if you come into the lean. Methodology a lean methodology, not increase the feedback increase the feedback contain all day suppose. Monaco project took three months low actually work of project one of he three, months. Project. Monica three months LOI 3, months Rene one, of faster, mono. That it is that. Be that. We do mono. Changes. Condo okay that do that with Antigua mono kind, of a chest wound converges, Connie first, two thirty days low mana, many astounding first. To 30 days Domino requirement. Analysis. Requirement. Design no chess. Condom elope. Oh Monica, wounded out switch knee and put diuretic applying story interrupter trying to in practically, a men within. A design gesso eveything, analysis chaser, making on a query Sonia, became Caruso Naima no better contact, although I within, the youth Monday mono client a mama change its a parent commonly see our center okay client, they own the change request claims same units monarchy change, it cheaper and go mono based on the client, requirement, Carmelita, equity a DJ see my liver just off so are within the continuous, feedback everything. I'm gonna go along not only in a day within, time low within time will of copper correspond although there is no meaning, of delay commitment, okay there, is no meaning of delays. A commitment. So now. Delay, the commitment, okay so, delivery first for, delivery could have a Strauss on me build, integrity, build integrity, is nothing but. So. Brilliant, is nothing but Moroccan, didn't take any project, law 106. Members called six members over Dante each, and every person having their own responsibilities. Jean, every having the award responsible, day so that is unknown ah when I am sure to necessary are within six members running chess. When you watch as thorough as everything a higher, official, kita approaches an even higher officials that could keep paralyzed, now slowly go mana organizes so someone the m'lady Danny, I'm. More dilemma in the under and s/ii model. And even a lean, methodology, in metal and yellow Minooka, higher officials, to someone the me later I. Your. Official serve some, is director, come on I mean just I want a, claims. Unit. Out should be mono works yes for. Empower. The team so frantic, team locally member key each, and every poor Sunday and the power sir is nothing but if, you want to suppose one we're gonna change and change. Your island team yet remain is are backing up roots Osceola matter to come on away disco, disco need change it just called on Connie earlier processing. With the water. Can expand and model oh pretty process, Socratic, changing, everything aura. Really. Mainly the stock rules Cavalli. Only. The hospital. Connie easy Oliver dent shock come. On kill Bowie watch. Just. Watch. As. Everything to see the whole is nothing but so, these are the different features other minor the. Process, of lean methodologies, any, doubts just. Please, respond, any doubts. No. I. Mean. The. Locations. You. Know they need outs, no. Okay. So. Next. To methodology in the day, idea. Il methodology okay, lean methodology, look important, points in the lean. Methodology Amana, main important, point to increase. The feedback increase, the feedback intact. Increase. The. Eat. Them so, you increase the feedback capital mono. Climb. Strength random clients, interaction.

Thank. Interaction. Claimed. Traction, now. Coming. To the ideal, model the, i-team and aluminum engine sound, a buck, a project, a room to gasp it just now welcome. Project me room, to Gus could just them everything. A projects will just now develop. Into application. Management okay, development. To suppose, is a six number sunday is a six number Sunday. If. They say six number Sunday monoamine just now three, members oh ok suppose, three. Members who allows it to three, members a developer son fondly. Remembers. All person Connelly, they even go one guy admin. Ok. One guy network engineer oh. Sorry. One. Guy network. Or, one guy. So. Data, EBA, okay DB and only give, me the number gotta suppose, team of people who eat he perm people on approve one of three people three people separate, gesture three, people three people suffrage, is a see what, I mean yes the rule one, application, covers no coding three, people roster all because, there's someone server configuration. Sue okay, giving service Cavalli, you haven't shaft is Cavalli, you have integrations, Cavalli, okay see, even, on Steam Nuka script just oh so Connie ideal, model of them is fitting emulate Okada you were individual, work chest go downtown but. The main in the main, benefit. Of the idea in more delays so, increase, the feedback, I take and the moon you put him on clients to interactive, on Connie, lean, with nonzero monocline, strain tracked out oh I'll take resolution. Also but, here application. Development, evening application management, ikura a development, team Lowman Ranger seventeen, define. The requirements design. The requirements, and build the test-retest, under. Coding objdump, descoteaux just off. Yes. Obviously. Yes, sir operate is nothing but suppose. When, Enterprise is separately only show three. Mana, and depreciation approve yeah, one my issue is Jimmy Enterprise. Yes I'm putting on my issue which reproduce oh no II. Application. Management team on Lucci this is our adjuster on teh suppose, one interprets, and applies a simple server server.

You Commercial sorry Kelly ADA are they using a server connections. Proper Gavin bellezza even. In any type of issue smooth anima no application, man is native these are majestic coming. To the development, team development, a manger city suppose, you know development, look code is shown we could show and a. Connectivity. Look a. Lot of pure Muhammad, Allah of intimacy the remaining everything, spoking, on the management team so the modest advantages, of the ITIL model I did, infrastructure. New methodologies. Ok. Infrastructure. Okay. So. In his 98 model the, main weight, bit is the. Main benefit is ideal, model so. Separation, up to this minam application. Development. And. Application. Management. So. These two two deems we are splitting so. Here, coming. To here. Next. Model is agile methodology, so. Now it is very, very powerful very. Very powerful. In the SDLC model that, is call it as a agile, methodology. Within the agile methodology what. We can do within, the agile methodology let. Us suppose let. Us. Suppose mono, mocha project, may work, a project monitor tedious trade off completely, that, kid is slow. But. Today's look completely on cone project, - yo, gel methodology, ranges and if the combination, of the. Combination of lean methodology. And ideal, methodology. We can call it as a agile. Methodology, and along with the L, agile, methodology, at the continual. Continuous. Meetings with a aunt a party, everyday stand-ups, all day you ready Stan diploma Ranger stone suppose, Oh working. On safety immunity f31, anaconda, I do not otherwise, client. Now you leave morning governor, burrell applying. To clients. Interact or though one, of you heroes even chest heroes what killer you are in the chase or maybe, within achieve both wrong evn, has mismo going, to work on it so easy thing gonna be just you, thought today slow. Project. Compute challenge a, ten. Days, ten. Days, and. His project okay he project, McDonough mengapa, you, project Mitani vaca. Nine. Future sir yes I'm gonna contain nine features, okay suppose, project, and then the n-terminal ecommerce. Application. Just now ecommerce application, low when a customer module only be financed. Smart ironically and incidence, mod unity, okay customer. Model o finance module instance, module and tomorrow III. Models, is three modules flow suppose, mono three. User stories. Three. Features. Finance, modulo 3 features. Incidence. Modulo 3 features, monoamine just I want a application. E IJ m FL are you know monomakh P roses of retail, moppy. Rosenbach Amano weight same application, deploy a ton key until, we first attended on a mono. Okay three features complete just off first. 210 this run Amano three features complete esse, and a he, a customer model, of a future who finance modulo, of a feature of incidence, model of HSE. Money multiplier saw at the end of ten decimal de apply yourself da moneh me not let's print and off-spring. Them. Clinton. Okay one spin turn the screen tended to Peekskill is the actual ever talk, about the moniker if you want to delay it and delayed no no problem how, about the is print amana when that the future Sunday at the way nameko next, to 10-day slow mono, next three features less than 30 days to three features or IV, think Amano separates. Work a project, no mono multiple features curve on a divide yes Connie a few just thing within the feature the complete just oh darn, a agile, methodology, under okay these very very important to me so first lap Oman only within the sprint oh yes and, Minoo iike, that I discovered, a more sprint aluminum converges, on each still to ten days ten days ten days so, he tendons, from Armenia seven-day you, diagram, Picaro first to sprint planning sprint. Planning and development. Just don't test yesterday one, tenth it only these three mana, maybe in Milan in the analysis, document Lu requirement. Design J don't even need either. Just. To plan years condo group, of people a group of people to discuss just I even got a Tony. That, tomorrow, coding, look at the open gesture daniel.

Aliens. Okay, so, you down deployment, to know that the option light deployment, after nineteen and a suppose, miru. Every. Ten days key every. Ten days commute deploy gesture okay now suppose, me we deploy channel, is and go to deploy, Ju Mustang, will be okay sorry thirty days I'm interim autonomy nine features after I just found at least one okay. That is your choice that's why you made it as a optional. That's why we made it as a deployment, is after clear. Guys. Clear. You. Understood, the. Differences. Between. Yeah. Any. Doubts regarding the hill methods because. I'd methodology, is very very powerful agile, methodology. Is very. Very or, full nowadays okay, no, coming, to the device. Coming. To the web. So. Apps. So, you put a burka monomania, so you, put work on Avengers own project. Me everything, that is entirely project. II everything over here design yourself Connie. He. Directs could chill ki-moon day on the person under one is developer, and Romani's operations, can, eat over qu e IT ll certainly in, ideal, methodology, row certainly are they within the lean methodology rotundi. The, itla, methodologist, and a tomcat server Tomcat, admin on WebLogic. We have good have done unitary i'm qgm pure denoted, so president, Coco Coco admin entire Connie Pullman. Hotel key the wraps matrigel, Kutcher key there, is only for one person that is current as developer, and. Operation that first. We can go for technical. Benefits continue. Software, delivery. So, continued, software, delivery and ten and a first, to me the reps Romano cool sore thorny, Gouda automation, tool say you, no need to worry about everything, we are my. Samples and. Termina en and they work a project, low, VOC. A project, with the web slack up on a set of project work out on me Connie DevOps, what to one want a DevOps. Methodology. Water don't wanna Monica. Project, a lot of benefits conti so I've been twisting on the only Monica see company. Coda the, reps lucky migrate ultimate.

Perhaps. Low-key Michael, Italy and they continue software, delivery. Continue, software delivery anti everything we need to automate and they deployment, so Dundee you, put deployment low first, monomania, some. Cold. Only record. Only code. So II code a Navy one, of yoga repository, Bertram Eliza suppose. You know or argA radiation low alkali. - la mano developers code Rosanna everyday. Code resent errata well, coordinate, the occur play Chester all a coordinated. Ivalo any repository any. Deposit, to like her is that it should be SVM as, it should be git repository, so you deposit, alone mono, chord. Plays a song place. Code. Into a. Positive. Code. The place into depository, everything. Am on a crude code. Is a cintamani, le bill jelly quilt and damage the company to make project. Become pale yellow Naqada suppose. Me to code vez el corazon, approve I go, to proper cover coats on the laser energy we, represent, proper, an overcoat male the running a build and so, that, is called as a building, the project. So. Once building, the project, project. To build up in the rata one, of the shell project, me and estate, went in the ditch shopton suppose. Minooka. Free, to be Rose I baby feeds Rio in a pro rape one of production, or little production. Or religious no monomania, so initial common ataxia stop a future. Proper overcoat maleta by the many people hearing when the people tomorrow, excessively. Stop eveything, suppose. Oka okay at a time uh no one. The users manipulation, interactive, inappro-- application. Performance bar on the leather okay, the, performance, testing any okay, performance, analysis, any everything, that, is call it as a testing. So. You actually testing, aureus through QA, people QA, people and a tester so typically. Quiet essence is nothing but testing. People okay testing. People. And. So. This is called as a Jenkins. Jenkins. Now. We need to make a server, so he is Tom cotton corn a tomcat, law server. So. Let us take the term trend. So. This is the container, here. Keeper. We. Can keep, they. Are filed. -. Tom track container.

Okay. So, Tom can contain they play their sonar propagation, by the Irani. The, end of gift under. Show. You the buildin he they were testing, so. Dean a montero code. Yes. See so. This is call it as a source code management so, this is call it as a build. Build, is nothing but Marin okay. This, is call it as a testing. Quality. Quality. And this is called as a deployment, okay. The. Employment. So. Then. Anyone explain, can anyone tell me. Anyone. Know about the version, control system, what's, the control code version with, organization. Lo coordinator. Even Angra. Daily. Even go Worchester. The. Brahmana. The nomadic, research and condi you previously. Were commercial, named on the next, ring name. Exactly. So untain. And a money-printing good bit corny mono. Gyros who got a codon another name on a physical, guy walk a lab table bed no physical. Like a laptop blown through yeah, what about a codon Ivica what should be repository. Worsen depository, in just one day suppose. Monarchy. First. To feature first, to future religious know if, first physical agent blu-100, version. And the second feature religious, Nakuru one, away in the basic, code in the first feature under, basic code is table we maintain one on one point one hour 2.0. I think, suppose, third future pillage acceptable, ranges through, 2.0. 93.0. Enhancement, gesture only scratch evolution, Poirot, spatula. Enchanted, iro so existing, code you just konasana. Ante, be, worsening, coding management, okay Eden a SCM. Under source code management, system, code, -, people. I'm gonna give table T yes, Wayne octopod, full oh okay gift okay powerful array and they may, have and mavin intended to build the project and they compile the project car project to compensate, project. Will. Listen that all the where failure. Failure created. Naqada, mano, PO a project, just gonna be a project when we approve or tell you a project to our project. To print a server hopeless gesture I'll put a server automatic, asaru application, unjustly, than. Container. Center contain, aluminum in the Tomcat a Nevada through we, have Spearin award soup we applaud you can avoid the truth anything, we can work on it anything, we can, cram. Avenue Chile building, the project we, have a very very powerful may have an answer so. He. Could, culturally continue soft a delivery and everything. Know how to make justly okay Jenkins, in just one day I have. Seen yesterday everything. Automated, until we just do you work on a job, master we're under stop baka job math River and just layered. One Conde suppose, they're apps we do mano in ele suppose. The opposite, also creature Roger, Rosal, heroes a customer, module as a customer, module intendente suppose. Customer, data everything. Just, a new customer data everything, so yesterday that I saw I'll put him on again the earlier, process floor walk-up. Building he needed building miroku manual worker a cure to be asked oniy i Pillman me instead of a code, money deposit, to learn to get chest Connie kata. Guruma, Thani, build adjusted, build until compiled yesterday companies you see what, comprise digger converges to Ravi our fire gesture. Project. Click on immediacy aware project lee baca Tomcats, are a tomcat server and then the academy, what went on that subtle subtle or, Tomcats are below play chess or one day meaning, that the manual work everything, manual, over a Connie whenever. The continuous software, delivery whenever the develops come into picture everything. Should be automated, everything, should be automated. Automation, T in the monoamine, to you will, be nearly socialism. Only, powder Persinger, thorough dollar purse Canada have sleeves canoe okay, monitor, absent in a sinister Boca jog run your sister a job create, this stuff you, jump win create yesterday, so. A job and Jim kids job we job Jenkins Avengers, away faster. First. Ticket Lauren Chi rs3. Alone III anything, keep Pagani SQL no ninja Connie coordinator. Get chase gonna be food anything yet. Just going to be second. Get. This Condor on the bills a city yet. Just concerning build yes the. Bill. Is in Theravada xjc. The core loop around. Tess Tess Tess Tess in Theravada container. Load approaches, so, even gosh for each and every man whatta meet just on a pro-rata Matthias own that is called a search engines, that.

Is Connect as a gym, keys so Jen if it is a powerful told, to, other where each, and every deployments. January. Deployments. Are anything monomania. Sui first. Allah so, approve. Even. Oh. Yes. After. That. Support. Mono deployments, accessing and Gandhi because. That's a sign it to me seriously, Ramon. Accept senator, misses us the evening he deployment. He success, they. Apply minty senses. Apply. Medicine. He. Within the mono the apply money automates a storm coming. Next to less, complex, to the managed under less complexity, to manage and a mono, either, have SWAT Amana Chawla simple, in the country Pressey they go to automation, to live but, at sea they go to tool order just, to suppose mono code, indeed declared decoded. Monica just call it eco, didn't wanna get chest colander one Avenger saw on New Age is no soul adjuster Jim Kim G of Rania sound God automatic. Adame, Hitler. Kelly code this cannot be accorded, mobility disabilities. In the Texas, the Texas in the deployment rode the, Salomon apply, yesterday so, you no need to worry so there is no manual, effect, so. Faster, the solution of the problems, so, Donnie you put me I know that you say I'm on a problems of state man, all over you same cut, C decoder, can acrimony in the automation, tool to Arkansas, at a there, is no manual. Evers, there is no matter, will elders are within the monarchy a coup would have faster, response, faster resolution problems. And, cultural. Benefits culture, be represent a mono, suppose organization. Organization. Cocoon de coca. Project, to be a project when they woke up project leader absolute Margo in the project within, the cultural benefits whatever happier. And more productive teams. Its. Sorry. Happier. And more, productivity, productivity, and, day in and day what Phil goods between Ukraine, a product, to tea anyplace real-time. Leo know you're an enter product one day approve. The others free project, here Africa. And. Take the, qu time low mono, develop, into, a a, shoe, slap condom on all of Shaytan a product. To demon ok productive. And suppose mono feature over to that yes oh ok, future over there is a feature over the edge it would apply yes no precise. Re solution, and could apply matte though while, they won't turn on product to. Do. Particular whoo you private in DC and I'm the only put in this array product. To work Mon cherry product, to work contain and a box, Armand, dollop chase they wanna ask because I say our task energy, production. Of filiberto IV the nominee, s called Sochi, mission the problem chakra and a nine hundred percent, to one, of our project, need the production, moody so prominent person what codes and chances it could attentional. Logics untaken, primary, the main logic is ordered one day in they suppose. One of banking on the day bank of, the future daughter of Jason approve as a one of each order one of the features power everything. On yep non-productive, under okay so. Higher, employee, engagement so, it could uh Monica.

DevOps Team low mana, ke V Tomcat, at me no F. Spirit we know network. Administrator, we a mundo okay one is for developer one, is for operations. To me everything, they can take in work on it everything, they will take care of and great. Professional, development, opportunities. Untain, and day Monica, Dawa developer, and, Operations Center gravity. Suppose, we, Cooper would in the develop, and Altman, Tony would love to do operations, simple post the copper a system loophole good opportunity development, team low cost, of a new technologies, new moon, after and similar guru change so even in the evening. Them on again meant a organizational. Great personal, development. Opportunity. Sauce they suppose. Me, earlier process is called a ileal, process to network admin huddle in the network at middle of monoamine just own it network, at me know what. Just naughty network thermal development, O'Reilly together in the contain effort now it's different at all up in knowledge different about coming to the perhaps. Engineered eruptions, need wanna proceed it feels super quiet law project, low friend and dangling over cause maybe back in divisions overcoat me deliver anything or cotton we are, about, scalability. Just, know everything, we are going to be ok Monica. To discuss just anger Berkeley, I mean agri-business minutes. Didn't. Smithfield Sunday when, a client said everything up in fear something, they. Do everything. Have been recently faster. Delivery of features. So, because of huge automation, because. Of huge automation, automation, on the gravity on everything, you go too fast you iPod a most, stable, operating, in tournaments. Okay stable operating environment, and a Monica. Shoe strap on the product tuga product. To versus multipliers, for improved. The communication, and collaboration untain. Then they improve. The communication, and collaboration and, a mono, da have seen you don't doubt about the earlier, process Lyon with the pocket, ami bacha, to move, up. The moon whereas it alone with the UH plane they suppose. And. Then the development development. Demo as everything uh application. Management immunity, development. Even application management team una pro suppose. Work issue a chimney okay shoe is registered. Out of range instead of layer though now, called proper garage you know hold, initially, though under application. Team under own alien who now server Bionic configuration, own code, on the coding issue and Connie. The. In amount of problems Foster Panama no DevOps ENIAC low porosity, CUDA automation, to our Tanque Verde wanna, be a crazy shootin, exotica, can be a crazy show Chandler and Joey, show us the everyday, moonkin contacts, the dollar bucks every day we can contact with the the, hall of busts he models in the mana production anonymous, most of the TV the production man will manage a seven suffer under Connie, develops, engineer low from, production attain from lower environments. To the props environments you, can have. All, idea, track the idea one dolly okay, more, time to innovate rather than the fixed and maintain, and Amano and he, develops new automation gravity, we have lot of time to innovate and the future a future low-income, constituency. Me equal. To monotonic up you see JC Daniel, diuretic, a project limine bloomer yes though so, because. Of the above so these are the different, types of advantages, so the, advantages, in the technical, demonic advantages, say there have Sola. Entity. Mohammed, what'd I just say other than the clients key clients gonna char. Advantages, he diverse money implement Amana so. Raymond. Arranges cklenotic goals goals, of the develops over t Manohar, within the continuous, integration and a in the continuous. Delivery. And continuous. Or. The continuous, monitoring and any confirmation. Management, and at the everything Minori Luciano. Acuna. Tomorrow's. Class we are going to discuss for rest of the topics I. Have. Some questions. Real-time, no example is it currently found. Everything should be real day so, we don't need to discuss so. For all three reticle I will use the making okay, for. Our cake, for. All theory, I. Will. Use the material, and PPT salt Amanda if you P this enemy compass down to no. Miracles. Happening. Class. Is the record stationary, molecules. : come tomorrow, we. Will provide the recordings and. Yeah. Hurry. Recording. The soft face, yeah. Remark is freeware software should, not increase on each email over, just and. Even. Commercial. Go so monoamine than de software. Installation, send each of the nameko okay. Cool. Suppose want to get from me is. Between. Stylist, errata a lock on through the RIA so proxy, Dakota mano explain, just. Okay. Cloud, computing cloud, computing, is also important, tomorrow Mohini asunder you classroom through.

You. DevOps in America event technologies, Cavalli event, Ephesus Cavalli n response. Focus on this, Amanda. Scratcher okay. For. Clear, hero's, must be in the D rose only mono as, an existing, as DLC process MVS will develop Sunday in the. Number. Yes yes, so, tomorrow, what. I can do, tomorrow, we will discuss the main concept, of the develops ok main, concept, of the diagrams what is the different. Types of configurations. What is the different is, our happen so, everything, you will discuss so, this is the number please contact double. Nine eight five two six. Thank. You guys. Okay. Let. Us meet on tomorrow same time.

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