What Bike Tech Is Going To Be Big In 2020? GCN Tech Predictions | GCN Tech Show Ep.106

What Bike Tech Is Going To Be Big In 2020? GCN Tech Predictions | GCN Tech Show Ep.106

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Welcome. To the DCN tech show and a Happy New Year this week we've got a new track bike and you grab a bike and some super lightweight tech - plus, our. Predictions. What's. Gonna happen in the world of bike tech in 2020. That's. 2019. Done. 2020. Firstly. There can't be any more gravel bikes launched this year I'm surely they want every, single gravel bike was launched last year Wayne see, one. Thing though is. Could. 2020. Be a year for a new Shimano, dura-ace because. Like, history. Repeats itself history, tells us that all, the other Jew races tend to have a four year development. Cycle, meaning, that we see one every four years and 2020. Happens to be four, years since the last one so. Not. Seen or heard anything yet but. I'm. Gonna keep our eyes peeled yes, right pop. Around you know mechanics. Trucks at races and see what we can find, something. Else I think it's gonna be big in 2020. It's gotta be tubeless, tires now we have already seen riders, using them a little bit in races, in 2019, I'm also before, Tony, Martin he won I shall do the clincher type on the tube but anyway - besides have been used a victory last, year old news, fabio Jakob still want to stage that sort of California. Alexander. Christoph yeah get leveled him as well, so to precise I reckon I'm gonna make a bit of an impact in 2020, yeah, we've seen them last, season using, them a lot in front wheels on time trials, not, in rear wheels the main reason for that as far, as we can ascertain is because there aren't many wheel. Sponsors, that have a tubeless, compatible. Rear, time trial disc at, the moment that's gonna change your thing yeah definitely, and I know it will because I saw a prototype at the Giro someone, was using one now was it can't say ace or maybe swear, and you. Know doing an alliance, and their nose and all these sorts of bits and pieces and I can't say I'm afraid but one will come out in front I think while qiblas, tires are definitely gonna be gone or popular, and we will see them in time trials, and I think amongst, you know people like us riding around we're, going to use cheapness more and more still.

Don't See the pros fully, embracing, them especially in normal, stage races and. That's because having spoken to the teams they're, aware that there is a rolling resistance benefit. With tubeless, and you, can seal punches, with the ceilin but there's. A couple of drawbacks which, stop them using them so one of them is they, feel there's a safety element, so in a pro race when you're on descent, if you get a puncture the. Cubular, tire, is. Deemed. To be safer, by the pros in terms that it stays on the rim and it's less likely to roll off when. It's flat and the other thing is is when you do get a flat on the tubular, you can actually kind of ride it and, continue to ride it a little bit and, this. Is deemed, to be better. In terms of saving time so, you can continue to roll along and not lose as much ground on the rest of the peloton when you do get a puncture while, your team car comes, up and gives you a spare wheel so. You can't really ride a flat, clincher. Or q+ time yeah the pros are probably the hardest people out there to convince to change because while they do it day in day out so, we have seen for 2020 indoor training I've seen nothing to suggest that the growth of that will not continue, its rise I, think. Last, year it was so popular and in fact Strava the online ride-sharing, portal. If you like they. Showed that. So. Far that's 16 percent of right or actually done on indoor, trainers, compared to in 2018, it was five and a half percent on suppressive, stat so massive, immersive, lead yeah isn't it right okay somebody else which is going to gain traction, our ebikes. In 2020, yeah both in terms of popularity as well as easier intense yeah, I might get one yeah I think they're actually great. Because they. Allow people, who you, know may not feel confident, enough to go on group rides on a normal bike to. Be able to go along now and I, mean they were given a hard time in the past that space people thought oh you're Annie but you're cheating, no there. Are a few people who do that but the, majority people are not doing that so, I just think they're great great, idea yeah, I think we should try and build one on the challenge mmm-hmm see, if we can do like a backyard, what are you got the old soldering iron. Our. Own. Big final prediction, form to 2020, all. Bikes. And 2020, are finally gonna conform to one single. Universal. Bottom. Bracket standard no it. Will not happen we're not no, yeah. Yeah, it's. A dare, to dream John if you're gonna say that and I'm gonna say they're all gonna have one. Universal. Derailleur, hanger - that's the dream. Bike, manufacturers. That. Is what we really, really, want in 2020, you, heard it here first right. Hop, techno and look, have released a new track bike that's going to be used by the French Cycling, Federation at, the Tokyo, Olympics, yes, the Olympics, arms race hotting. Up are we predicted, well, this is the new t20. From look and it, says 420, you know like quick, here nice yeah well it's said to replace, the, R 96. Which was looks previous. Track bike which you may recognize, from previous, Olympics, having been ridden tip well loads of interest nice, working. Demon according to look the t20. Is a whopping, 800 grams. Lighter, than. The our 96 bike I mean that is an awful lot it's, got an. 11 percent reduction, in drag and also it's 27. Percent stiffer or better power transfer which. Is good news when you've got what, it's bazooka monsters. Like Gregory Boers, kicking. Out some serious, power. On the board of the velodrome nice, indeed yeah it's cool it's entirely made in looks, HQ. In neither as in France as well as Street cool because I've been, to that factory first pretty interesting to see that anyway, one of the things that said to help. Contribute to that improved stiffness, on the bike is the, special, new integrated. Drop house within. The frame that are designed to work in conjunction with. The. New wheels which come from coroner, says are sort of two part collaboration. There to create the whole system. Of the wheels. Where they publish slot into the frame which is interesting because that's also, a game that we've seen employed with, the new Lotus, hope yeah, and the wheels and the dropouts on that as well so clearly, there's you, know the engineers, have spotted that there's a stiffness game to be made them when these guys they're, so powerful yeah, like they notice, yeah I mean like I, spoke to guys, from the GB, sprint team, before like Philip Hines and stuff and one.

Of The funny things is they actually keep, a sort of bragging, Italia of how. Many parts. And bikes and stuff that they were actually able to break due, to their extreme, high power so for. These guys this, kind of gain of making the bike as stiff as possible is really important. Yeah Hines actually, he reckons he's got as much torque from a standing start as a Super Cup no. Seriously he told me that absolutely. Incredible. Now that bike as well it's going to be available in a drop bar version like we've already mentioned for the sprinters, but also importantly, ones, which is suitable for the pursuit to lovely-looking. Make it right. There Portuguese, company Galu, I'm sure I've said that completely, incorrectly. I've, sent in this the K III said I'll have a little looking at Ollie this is bonkers yeah that is probably the world's lightest sample I can't think of anything, which. I mean yeah you've dealt with any saddle mate, it weighs though just 38, grams, of which I mean, if you lot could feel, it through the through the screen right now you, would be amazed. Insane. Yeah it. Doesn't feel rideable but it is you, know I've seen videos of people riding on and as, you can see it's nicely, cutaway. Here in the middle to relieve any pressure. And we've also got some drilled out holes there too in the rail was there integrating, nicely, it. Does, cost, a fair bit though so much, 495. Euros, but huh but, if you're obsessed with making your bike superlight, that, is the lengths of people go to in there let's face it right. One of the worst things, about, descending, has to be the chiller you get on your chest, especially, after you get a bit of a sweat on during, the ascent, and well. Sometimes a jacket can be just a little bit too cumbersome, can't, yeah also, flaps around a bit as well as you, know yeah so the folks at Albion have produced this chest. Protector. Wow. How cool is that it, looks like. Actually, mums duvet. Yeah. And it's probably he's almost action-man, size, as, well is absolutely, miniscule, but that goes down you down there yeah so pros, you know traditionally, you still see it happen. To them in Grand, Tours spectators. At the side road and they sheets of newspaper they. Stuff it down their Jersey and then they head on the end of the scent we. Don't have that pleasure, do we want our rights really, no, it's not very eco-friendly is it unless you recycle, the newspaper afternoon under-recognized or maybe they read it at, the bottom yeah but, I like, the way I had one of these Givens me not not the one from Albion, it was from Malini years ago is made of chamois and another thing was pretty cool you just shoved it down there it works but, this is. So, so neat because see. What all he's doing oh he's folding it you have to fold up this bad boy instead you can just scrum put it back into its own pocket inside. That's super, cool and while. It weighs, nothing. As well just like that saddle it's really minimalist they can't weigh nothing well, it's all alright okay I mean matter, has, a weight I mean, like.

Hydrogen, Atoms even. They don't weigh nothing. All. Right it, costs 35, pounds, but a great bit of kit that. Idealistic. Values uh only. That colors just be nothing. Thirty-five. Pounds, lovely. Evil. Have just launched, this it's called the chamois agar, or is it Hagar yeah we don't know is a. Hugger. I've caught that Hagar Sammy. Hagar I don't work either way it looks like a rigid mountain, bike. It. Just. Kind of looks like it that geometry would be ideally, suited to the riding proper. Proper, off-road. Yeah it looks so relaxed, the sort of thing you go on and you just be like why this is easy yeah, well. I wouldn't but yeah, maybe we're getting for Davi and you know send them off to a World Cup down here we'll see if he could ride it yeah rather, than. Yeah. Chi-ching, it's now time for screw, riding upgrades buy upgrades where, you submit evidence of, the upgrades, that you've made to your bikes or equipment for a chance to win the ultimate prize the, gcn, cap, we. Have got a winner to announce because a couple of weeks ago we, had two very hotly. Well. Hot contenders, really, and the votes were very very close, it's just a quick recap then it was between Jack and his. Marin. Old. Mountain, bike into a grammar bike conversion. And Daniel with his TT bike into a drop bar conversion, and, well the winner was, Jack. The. Closest we've had for quite some time gravel B TT. Gravel. B well basically. A drop bar travelled by yeah, built, beep the, TT bike into a road bike but anyway get in touch with us on Facebook to arrange delivery of that cab well both of them are very worthy contenders. This, week go into battle then we've got Dobler from location, unknown but Dobler had a project that took three months, it's nearly Santi, Aero cherry. Of course known for their drop handlebars faint more than the flat bar the. Frame was kicking about a Dobler, did his business. Yeah. Apparently. Doppler had this bike rebuilt, with what they call a mummy. Ish drivetrain. Ain't got means that, means it's shorter. The front longer the boat so. Yeah mullet ish drivetrain. A strand, Eagle at rear Magnum, cassette and Sugino, mighty cranks, with a wolf's tooth chain ring shifting. Is taken care of by that given, early leavers, a very interesting. Bit of kick has to be said those. Massive. Bars, and. Crushed bikes and it's the towel rack model, with, a Velo orange stem DT Swiss rim Shimano hubs and a, bush and mother lighting, ring this is a big, upgrade all, round and well big, big bars I mean. I have, to say I love that finish but. Kind of sateen, gravy, yes won't, stay like that for long but looks dead smaller yeah it does but, that's the first contender, Butler yes Dobler, you've. Got a battle on his hands because he's, up. From. Ways, up against Robert, mace Robert. Mays has. This fast okapi frame from the 70s, or 80s he's, not sure do. We know no you know comments. Wrong with them and he's restored, it to this beautiful, bike which. He's got Shimano 105 on, he's, also put some hollow ground wheels on there Robert, says that, this restoration, now this is the big thing with this we'll get it, cost, just.

600, You okay. Well let's have a look there's the old bit, blue. Dollars. Nothing. No lots we said there look, at the original Trillium, they will notice hey Murray has. Know. For, a minute I thought he's an original jury smack, on that one you know the jury's, met from the early. 90s it's definitely not that's. Right yes transform that hasn't it yeah I saw, another frame mugs just, wish we had some more before, interesting, power angle - yes, saddle very far forward on the right. Something. That is annoying, me little bit yep, pretty special time yes are. They yeah, they are so you're on the front yeah fahncy on the boat yeah, thanks, Robert. Yeah, that's, we're, not angry we're just disappointed yeah, you know but I, mean that's a but. Do. You know I, really. Like was. Not for us though no you, can vote both, here, interactively. On the screen or also, on the app robert, doppler. You. Decide. Right. Now time for the bike vote and you know the drill by now we, haven't changed it oh no no no no so if you've got a bike which you want to submit you can use the uploader or better still use, the app because that comes through to us in super fast digital time yeah it's more likely, to be featured, if it comes through yeah yeah that's right and if you get rated nice well you just get thumbs, up from Astra oh. Yeah. It gets super nice. Some. Of that right, okay ollie who's the first one this week first. Up this week we have Len. Yang who's, from a location. Unknown that's, a nice place maybe they're a secret, agent well that's their error there, David, Kirk Kirk, frameworks. Nice, isn't it yes with, Campagnolo. Chorus 11 speed on there some ice DT. Swiss wheels as well and, after. Tory attires finishing, it off what looks great about that is this shallow section, wheels, yes. Yeah that is right that's not a retro. Bike and I think this is a brand new modern bike and it looks I think fantastic. Therefore, it's going to get a super nice the first super nice of 2020. Right. Next. Up we've got Jay Harvey 86, a game, location, unknown is very important. Sir viewers to actually include your location because, we love to know what, corner, of the globe, you're from this. Is Jay Harvey's, Canyon, Road light look at that. Wow. Someone, was. Discovered, the older HDR, button, on it yeah. Photoshop, I mean I mean HDR, high, dynamic range, can, look great, but. Like, anything, I'm a big, fan of it but like anything too much of anything in you can, be a bad thing yeah, and I think this is a classic, example. Of. Just. HDR. Pushed, too, far happy. New year Jay Harvey I like. It captive, your. Rear, brake heavy you need to just, take. It off and put a new piece on there just where it joins the. Caliper, and leaves the actual boss on the frame because very very short and you could be getting poor brain compromised, brodien so I just want to give you that little bit of tip um pinky. Pygmy be a big big I mean. Not. Matching bottles this could have been an, absolutely. Stellar, photo. I mean it's a nice location yeah, it's. A nice bike, yeah, yeah, right, what. We got next up, we've. Got our. Dweet yeah. I hope, I've pronounced that correctly my. Hard we are do, anyway. Arena Bay, it's. The cruise Center in Singapore. We're. That massive. Ship behind you it's. Like specialized. Sl6. With Shimano all tegra, are a thousand. EE, breaks like, those fancy, art though he knows his stuff and what there, there's. Company although Bora. 150s. As, well that's. A cool bike that is is that I got an oversize pulling wheel system of some sort yeah go. Change. I always really, like those, those, specialized paintwork it's like so digital, camo but it's like saying I'm camouflaged, um digital. Camo yeah but then I'm, not camouflaged because I've got a bright pink s-works logo, take. That yeah and. I think the speed. Plate pave pedals as well isn't it yeah missionary. Power so. I should actually be slammed beaten so much anymore I think, just look it looks a really nice bike isn't the fastest audience to see yeah I really like those those, ones yeah you want to bring it then this is your super nice hey I'll.

Do It next time okay. Next. Time right. Now. We've got Hanna, Hanna. Laden, backer unknown. Location, again, or. Maybe Layden Becker is a location, who knows it's. A Rosa, SL google it okay, Pro, lady 2019. Shimano Integra, R a thousand. Right first, up we've got a cheeky, bit of test on this bike you know I love it LS there. On the bar, tape because that matches of course the inside of the forks, is worth, the rear stays, I think that's really nice bike and it's is, it gray or what he's, so good in the layman back as a place okay, so it's obviously Hana labor market. Is. It gray or is it white frame I think, it's like an off like, awesome. I think it could be like, moondust. Makes. It an off-white eternal, color. Yeah and the gray when. The bottle cages on, the tax cages. There. But I mean, it's. Nicely, clean, the valves, been lined up they, said there's the biggie smalls. Some. Really nice-looking bike that, yes. I think. Yeah. I'm saying it yeah do I reckon that is, somewhere. About. The Canary Islands yeah. Yeah. Or something like that I just recognize the tiling. Mm-hmm, maybe, Tenerife. Right. Super nice Hana. Right. Now. We've got kiichi. Who's. In, London. And. An. Amazing. Bike so eg has got, a, Civello. RCA. There, was only like a couple, hundred of those main on there not, many of them so yeah they're not made anymore, this. Was 2015, yes, so this is a project by Civello to make like the ultimate, lightweight, bike if we using all the best carbon fibre techniques. Available and, they found that this could only be done in very small numbers in, Canada. Of. All places yes what are their base but like they couldn't do it in Taiwan. Or where. Most of their bikes in it they made and so, they could only make it a very, high cost in small numbers and the, result is the are seriously ridiculously, like frame, yeah beautiful frame, there not many of them as John says this, build said to be five point two kilograms. Probably. Helped by those outrageous. Quorum, of 47, MCG, wheels I love those there one piece on their bill I might wait yeah well there's. Really thick, carbon, spokes, but I you, know obviously it's like a sort of, well so five-bladed. Design, book doubled-up. Spokes but. They're. Not usually Goliath those, hens. Both yes, two four six eight ten twelve, yeah. So, you have 16, I think minimum, you should maybe 20 dunno, we got THM, cranks. Surround. Read on their little tents be superlight. That's just to make it really light you know I mean it's just a suit yeah this is just showing off really MCM. As well yeah, I mean those are lightweight bottle cages it looks like a couple of cheeky sabelo so, no testing bulbs there looks like they look like the bottle cages that we found at Euro bike that waited like four grams which, annoys me a car is really ridiculous, one yeah he's got THM. Gonna. Pee the brakes. Do. You know what that's not someone, they like armor wheels of a South that's someone, he's gone I've got the nicest bike available, to humanity and so I don't know if it is but I don't need though this is what they're think over I K I don't need to play by the rules yeah I can district I'm bigger than the rules cuz my bike so amazed no one's bigger than the. Realest night that's a nice. It's. A nice bike more. By fault next week he's. Coming for you bring. It on. There. We go another tech show in the bag another one done and dusted yeah, first one 2020, hope you've enjoyed it and if you do like our content with lights for the channel then please subscribe. If you haven't already click, the, bell icon and, if, you'd also like to go over the gcn shop got loads of goodies. In store including amazing. Hoodies, and big fan of hoodies especially, in the wintertime yeah, that's right. Check. Another video this time can, we build a, trombone. Well. Click just down here.

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Action mans duvet !!! lol

You mentioned derailleur hangers, could you tell me why they went to those instead of it being on the frame ? I do a lot of frankenbike, and my latest nightmare has one. Naturally I broke it, and yes, finding the correct hanger is not fun. Also, 34 dollars I might add for a bit of CNC metal. Thanks, Jeff

The vulnerability of the component is why it's more common to have a removable hanger, if you rip it off you don't then need to replace the frame!

That Cinelli in Upgrades is a dream build.

I think bluetooth or wireless brakes will be huge. You just think of braking, and you're brakes will apply with no human input. All done wirelessly.

My 2020 specialized carbon diverge didn’t come tubeless compatible.

The Evil Chamois Hagar was named after rock singer Sammy Hagar.

I love the sound effects. The morse code was awesome! bahhhhahahahahahahaha. More sound effects and quick zooms on the faces. Makes me laugh every time. Also, you guys haven't done a terrible american accents in a while. Please do some more american accents!

GCN wont build an electric bike. It would be too cost effective.

Ollie You should know! Weight is dependent on gravity anything can weight nothing in zero gravity. But matter does have Mass.

Whats up? A.) Opisite of gravity

Finally a solution for a problem. Can't always find a paper to shove down the jersey. E copies don't work at all. The Albion wind protector is a good idea and some true progress.

A plastic bag. Costs nothing and weighs nothing.

Yeah but 35 quid for a hankie...?

2020 is the year of the MONSTERCROSS BIKE!!!!

Me like da T20 Look track bike. Noice.

35th yeahhhh.

There is a universal bottom bracket standard. It is the T-47. Now if only the manufacturers would adopt it.

@otm646 Hopefully the T-47 becomes the standard adopted by the big names in the market. Until then, it is definitely the standard for custom bike makers (eg: Titanium Custom).

That's the current best option. Modified BB30 that's threaded to force concentricity and parallelism. They're not even expensive.

Dat pinarello ebike thicc

how ridiculous. I like bike bling like the next geek but that saddle prob costs $50 if that in china to make in. materials cost. you must be dumb af to buy that

The last bike, Cervelo, was super nice. But the picture - a background - was messy

I agree with HDR. Our eyes cannot work at that pixel level.

The app will only run on newer phones. AND THAT"S NOT ECO FRIENDLY FOR SHIT.

The problem I see is that GCN thinks Ebikes are for recreational use but the reality is that people use them more for commuting!

Yeah. I see some commuter model e-bikes from local brands from my country, and maybe some e-MTB will come soon enough. Now gonna wait for the e-road bikes...

Yes. Proper standards. Please, manufacturers, don't fuck this up.

Bravo to the sound effect mixer.

Love the last bike on the show, the Cervelo projets!!!! Is a super nice bike.

Actually corima mcc 32's

Super nice indeed!!

Corima 47

it was awesome!! ...and what kinda wheels did they say those were??

Matter has mass, not weight...

Markus Mencke if I recall correctly, weight is a measure of the force due to gravity so Ollie is also right.

i predict that production carbon fiber bicycles are going to look even MORE idiotically, embarrassingly cringey than they were in 2019... if its even possible. i predict even MORE marketing hype and "innovations" that absolutely nobody except the bicycle industry marketing departments wanted, needed, thought of or even asked for. i predict even MORE componentry that needs to be plugged into a wall outlet, and smart-phone app support in order to even ride the thing how about electronic brakes? electronic steering, anybody? i'm sure the marketing departments will find a way to obsolete all previous technology.

Ollie is like super mellow this week. I guess he's kickin' back like it's 1972.

Wonder if he is eating meat

John sounds like he has a gun to his head when he talks about e-bikes. The industry really has you guys bent.

John doesn't like `bents :-\

Yet everything he said is true


I think the name of the Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar is meant to rhyme with the name of former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar.

One universal BB? No they are going to release at least more 10 more standards lol

BSA, PF30, and BB386EVO(BB392EVO for MTB) is good enough.

@gcntech Specialized/Roval have been making a tubeless ready TT Rear Solid Disc wheel for a couple of years already.

Very Cool tube video

I'm not so sure that's HDR in the photo. I'd ask the creator - it could be (looks to me like) fill lighting. The shadows are filled differently in the foreground and background. If it was HDR it would be consistent over the entire photo, that's what makes over done HDR look so bad.

Yeah. I spotted that and wondered why it wasn't mentioned.

a like for the "it can't weigh nothing" ;)

in a recent video (4 ways to increase your FTP) it looks Chris Opie is running an old style (11speed) sram/ quarq power crank and chainrings with his Sram Red AXS setup - are these compatible? which chainrings is he running and does this mean  11 speed sram etap chainrings compatible with AXS? @

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