What are the Prerequisites of Oracle dba training Oracle DBA Tutorial for Beginners | JOYATRES |

What are the Prerequisites of  Oracle  dba training Oracle DBA Tutorial for Beginners |  JOYATRES |

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okay see don't give me red message okay got it see we have got um you know prerequisites before you get into oracle dba course okay okay it's like the basic basic linux commands okay i will teach you it will it will like hardly you know two hours class i would say towards class okay yeah and then and then we have you know basic sql commands equal queries we have you know yeah like one or two classes these two prerequisites before you get into oracle dba course okay so these two are the you know the basic prerequisites like because in the real-time environment you are going to work on linux platform linux platform you are going to work on linux platform so you should have little bit idea on linux linux environment okay are you okay with my accent yeah sorry oh fine fine yeah okay and then to learn something about your database we should know the basic things about the you know sql query because see i am communicating with you using a language right yeah in the same way if you wanted to communicate with your database you need to communicate with i mean you will use sql structure query language structured query language this is the language you gonna use to communicate with the database okay clear yeah yes these two are the prerequisites and uh let's see about the course content and before this let me talk about the latest version see the latest version is 21c because this is 2022 right they released yes they released last year last year they released earlier to 21c we have 19c earlier to 19 we have 18c earlier to 18c we have falsie okay if you wanted to learn if you want to make your hands dirty on 21c or 19c or 18c the foundation is 12c oh it's this is topsy foundation okay this is the business this is the foundation this is where you're gonna make your hands more and more dirty okay why let me why you say make my hands dirty what do you mean make your hands dirty means more practice more practice you know more you will get more idea on the subject yeah yeah yeah okay yes okay so you should be perfect on 12 c c 18 c or 19 or 21c only futures are there okay the latest features but database is the same okay once once we done with 12c we are going to learn we are going to learn the new features in 18c 19c 21c okay okay yeah not only this once i'm going to show you the policy installation as well once again i'm going to show you the installation of 12c database 19c and then 21c okay yes see in the you might think that why i'm still talking about the older version 12c right it's not like that the oracle corporation might release the latest versions but these versions are not stable oh okay these versions are not stable the clients are not yet moved from pulsation okay the client or the companies are not at mode from 12c at least in the 18c still them still not interested still the environments are running on 12c databases okay yes 12c 18c 19c 21c all the databases are same the only thing is they have brought a little and small enhancements okay yeah in the newer versions yeah so this is about the you know database versions no need to worry about the database version i'm going to cover end to end i'm going to cover i'm promising you here that i'm going to cover end to end databases okay the end okay the latest versions as well as this table versions this table okay yeah so let's see let's have a look on the you know course content first we are going to learn about the database architecture okay when you learnt about the database architecture it will give you overview it will give you what is what okay yes and then we'll see how to install oracle database okay yeah and we are started you know we will be starting the deep drive on database like what is inside your database you will find something called database files you will find something called table spaces users because your application is the one will be integrated with your back-end database yeah how it will connect using users only okay yeah and then we will be doing some auditing to find out the culprit to find out the culprit sometimes your developers run to you saying that some data was mismatching or data was you know dropped by some other user or some other developer then you will be working on auditing okay yeah and then you should see i'm just trying to give you the glimpse i'm not giving you a complete idea i just wanted to give you an idea so that you will get you will get to know what is what okay yeah i understand yeah yeah okay and then how how your application your front-end application will be connecting to your back-end oracle database we are going to learn about the networking part okay yeah for example for example if your oracle database got corrupted because of some reason your database got corrupted so you should have a backup right yeah before it gets corrupted you should have a backup so we can take the database backup using these two tools export is the utility this is a tool okay this is a advanced one data pump and then if you wanted to restore whatever backup you have taken previously if you wanted to restore it back you can see the backup restorant recovery activity so all these things we will be learning in the complete course okay end to end from the prerequisites to until the advanced topic like performance tuning see nobody likes if the performance is slow right yeah yeah so sometimes morning time your database is fine but afternoon when the business hours during the business hours when the load is on higher performance will be degraded the performance will be degraded so you need to be tuned your database performance getting me [Music] yeah and then we will be learning about something called high availability see for example in usa we have a data center okay yeah your database was in your data center for example there is some you know it got fired up it got fired up there is a short circuit and the data center was fired up so you should not close your data right it is very very important for you so you should provide some availability in somewhere opposite to your data center you should provide some availability that means horizontally opposite like in india you should have some alternative data centers so this is nothing but high availability okay we are going to learn about building can you hear me yeah yeah we are going to learn about the asm we have a normal file system and we have we have something called asm this is for better you know io output this is for better io output and then we need to fix some bugs we need to provide we need to apply the patch for your database for security reasons and then based upon your developer requirement you will be cloning from one database to another database finally you can upgrade your database based upon the requirement like 11g to 12c or 12c2 21c so this is where we are going oh yeah this is about the course content okay whatever the new features we have learned whatever the new features was introduced in the latest versions that we are going to cover at last okay the miscellaneous topics this is about the course content i just tried to give you a glimpse okay okay if you have any doubts please ask me no no i'm okay okay and once again [Music] see can you see my screen yeah here we have got some real-time tools real-time softwares these are the databases we have 12c database 19c databases i am going to teach you on policy under 19c okay and then we have tools these are the real time tools excuse me these are the real time we are going to see for example for example thank you hello yeah yes um see for example you have got um you know some file which is on windows if you wanted to copy to the linux platform you will use winscp these are the real time you know tools i'm going to show you even i am going to give you an explanation see this is the required softwares like from where to download this is a website to download this putty what is patty you can call it as a partner you know so this is the tool you're gonna use to connect to the server okay we are going to learn about the developer sql developer this is where this is the tool you are going to use to connect to the database and you know to execute some queries yeah execute you know some queries and in whatever we are using in real time i'm going to teach everything beware workstation i'm going to show you the operating system on top of it i'm going to show you how to install the database and then we will be going with the database you know database course we are going to you know discuss about the course once we done with these things yes so um oh the the course in in total what is the duration of time is um what division is going to take so the duration is like you said you are available from 8 am to up to what time you will be available uh um how many houses they will are you teaching [Music] so it's like you know 40 hours 40 or 35 to 40 hours the old cost in january total yes total total oracle dba courses course duration is 35 hours to 40 hours yep it's not very in-depth yeah so we can complete hardly in two months oh in two months in two months we can complete the course because you are available you are available three days in a week right yeah three days you can complete because i will i will take like two hours per day okay fine four six six six six hours from one week so yeah completely two hours two months two months okay that's fine okay so this is your availability right yeah monday friday saturday okay okay fine yes so what is your background what is your education education qualification yeah i studied industrial mathematics okay so you wanna shift from you know to it industry you want to work in night industry yes yes okay so do you have any experience earlier no in ic yes not at all no zero experience okay fine no issues okay so you can go with an interview with very good experience once you're done with this course no issues at all i hope so yeah definitely i will make you i will make you all right thank you yeah sure once you done with this course you will get a minimum four years of experience oh wow years of experience you will get for sure you know for sure this is what i'm promising you four years of experience definitely you will get once we done with this you know core dba yeah once you done with four db we call it as a core dba okay okay once you're done with core dba you should go with rack this is one month course this is mandatory and based upon the company requirement core dba the name itself indicating it is you are going to learn about the core part okay yeah oh the list is work the advanced part is rack resc this is the advanced part okay yeah this this will you know take one month duration this will take one month duration okay so you can go with core dba experience to the interview but some people will ask you the rack experience work experience okay yes some people will ask you the rack based upon their you know the databases based upon their clients based upon their customers yeah if they are using the normal databases okay fine no problem if they are using rack databases then you should know the rack no problem first anyhow you should learn the core to be apart for having ability to come again this track for high availability yes correct rack is for high availability even no problem because see um you know see here i have mentioned something called you know high availability right yeah this is we call it as a data guard okay data guard data guard data good if you go with core dba and if you're perfect on data guard no problem they won't ask you on track yeah if you have an intermediate knowledge on core dba if you have intermediate knowledge on data guard then definitely they will ask okay see in the interview point of view from the interview point of view out of 10 questions if you answer at least the six questions you will get selected okay yep out of 10 questions if you answer at least six questions you will get selected okay so so this is jan mid jam so we will be completing if you join we will be completing by mid you know march in the month of march we will be completing the course called all right okay yeah so any questions apart from this uh no questions so far about i think after the core db course i would like to do the work do you install one month for um they are done start yes yes if you wanted to learn even you can do it parallelly parallelly also parallel parallel oh side by side we do call the vba yep yep oh okay yep even parallely also you can do it no shows okay so the only thing is i give my 100 best but what you need to do is you have to do a lot of practice that's the thing you need to do okay the practice only the practice will make you perfect only with the help of practice you can crack the interview okay yeah yeah so this is all about the course content and you know course duration so apart from this any questions you can reach me or you can reach the amit all right that's sorry okay okay so if i have if i have any question maybe before our class i can always chat to you yeah yeah sure definitely okay okay yeah so can i close the car yes okay fine thank you thank you thank you so much thank you mike thank you thank you amit okay is the class hello hello yes so are you done for today i was starting the class on friday one second so i thought he has taken the architecture today you thought you will be what is that i will be taking when are we starting the class in full one second i mean hello yes no you didn't tell me to take the class directly did you tell me you asked me to take the demo right yeah i just take the classes for 30 to 40 minutes so once you fade so we can plan for the next message okay so i have a meeting actually i have a meeting now so i don't have to take the demo oh so this is my name actually he uh late he come actually what is 7 30 but he applies he is here i have a meeting now so can we postpone to friday fine that's fine okay because i didn't get the you know i know it starts on time yeah no that's not a problem the thing is that i have a meeting now so that's the reason all right that's fine okay okay so i thought today is a demo because you have to attend the demo no once you attend the demo then you will get an idea what i'm going to cover right okay [Music] sure definitely okay thank you okay thank you thank you bye okay bye-bye

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