Webinar on “Life Support Technologies for COVID-19" during National Technology Day on 11th May 2021

Webinar on “Life Support Technologies for COVID-19

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Yeah. Is it is? I think that might be. maybe maybe. it's very clear. so you can go ahead and clear. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay. Thank you. the thing is you. is clear but we can't listen to audio audio is also a very clear with my phone. I'm recording. Because is very clear even many of the people are put in the chat. Also speakers audio is perfect. This also should qualify it actually so the material Technologies is very relevant and the DRDO and the other some of the CSA laboratories to develop the variety of bios with the varieties of materials similarly masks disposable reusable there are different varieties of mascot productions in in our country earlier many of these masks we were importing it due to COVID actually the the trips that it was extremely busy for.

Manufacturing day and make it now they are exporting also so in our in the last year we developed a certain Technologies for the emergency purpose and we are distributed all over the DRDO app and some of the state government hospitals also. Next thing is that positive pressure protected Government, it is mainly for the doctors and actually. and this is mainly used actually they can use this thing when they will be inside the plot in the it's in this particular items were developed for the under the Biore Mitigation program of DRDO to compact against the biological warfare agents. This

is also considered a very close to biological warfare agents, so we thought that this particular item can be modified and use it for the COVID-19 we have production is more than. 2000 numbers. It is used to be the hospitals in the borderlands actually, and this is the basic thing is there will be a positive pressure always generated inside the suit so that there is no hot and humid humid system will not be will be felt by the actually and this is very costly effective Also even doctors are very comfortable when they are in the ICU also and it can be reusable after the suitable disinfection procedure and we have now there are. Limited protection now a lot of orders come and this was even there are more than six patrons are also there and now there are a lot of manufacturing processes going on for this item. Then

the patient transport chambers, you're a person is transported from one place to another place and he requires. Yeah for supply that the heart and will kill the person so for that thing a patient transport was made to develop and it was with the It is also once again, maintaining the positive pressure to continuously that air is flushed in so that more accumulation of carbon dioxide will be there and person will be safely put it in the in the in the ambulance. Also, and it can be transported and this particular thing is already introduced in the RV service even for the COVID-19 in the borderline this this system is used. Next is the isolation tent this isolation tent also under the bio mitigation program of DRDO, it was made actually it is within 10 minutes. We can generate this type of tension and and it is it is a it is a negative pressure so that if a person is inside, this is a ten by that isolation ten and ten birds we can put it in ten patients will be there and if they generate.

the COVID-19 virus or any microbial contamination in the year, it will be taken away and passed through a system that will be. Can dominate actually so that also we have successfully developed already we have recently got their own five numbers also and we will be using it in and Bangalore it is very cost effective, comparing to the imported one. It is the cost more or less than 20% of the imports and meeting all the international nos. Then I'll come to the medical management medical management is fasting. I will

tell ventilators that everybody reimbursed ventilator on these days and you know our bell as manufactured more than 30 thousand ventilators the technology was originated from SMT that is society for biomedical technology with the help of. institute called PSC Institute of Technology. and we have developed the technology and we have. Everything was there was an absolute shortage of critical components that will be because of it's a basic knowledge to 10 years back accumulator We could develop all the components and we are supplied we have given the technology to the DL, which helped the BL to manufacture 30 thousand most of the hospitals are Bangalore in the country is using the CV 200 ICCU ventilator manufactured by the.

Next thing is the PSA technology you even in the invitation. Also, you are seeing it actually the medical oxygen plant actually so that plant actually the technology is basically from the PSA technology that is nothing but the absorption technology here the is a determining factor to a. certain molecules and we are using cells as a molecular base. base and that will be. Absorbing molecule. in this case actually we are using lithium based.

crystals CLA pellets and the pellets has a tendency at a particular. it absorbs or it holds only nitrogen and oxygen will be passed through similarly, if you put that two parallel systems both both the it will simultaneously work actually one will be doing the absorption and other will be doing that tastes like that. actually you can. Continuously

generate oxygen This is the concept that we used for our on oxygen generation system for the light combat aircraft when this requirement was felt so be advised at least a year back that we don't use this technology for the medical-grade oxygen generation actually even in the case of light combat aircraft. also what oxygen generated is also for the breathable purpose. so we have. Uncertain the medical mean there are certain requirements as part of the show. and we have met all the

requirements. then we thought we can use this particular technology to the medical oxygen plants. and last year our first in the first time we have made the first medical plan and at that time the high altitude the oxygen requirement was not this much was felt. What we are feeling it now so.

high altitude, it was very much felt so we have established our facility in the high altitudes. The first was kept in the and it was and right now it is working condition. It's not even for the last 1 year. it is in working condition and it has got a facility to fill the cylinders. also for up to 150 Watts and this particular cylinder can cater for 20% here the concentration is ninety-three plus or minus 3% as for the only requirements are similar. Facility we have established in other places also tow. Also we have

established the same facility and it worked twenty-four by seven and it it requires a minimum energy consumption and a present in my laboratory also having a facility medical plan facilitate a mini. and we are supplying oxygen to various local hospitals like isolation Hospital and we the RD has started a small COVID 1920 bed Hospital in AX converting one of our guests actually. They are also hollow oxygen cylinders are used that oxygen is generated from this type of plant, which is there in Bangalore that in my laboratory and similarly the population is around 20 thousand, including the extended family all their oxygen requirement is met by this plant in which is established in our lab. Dust even they became a biological warfare agents also including COVID-19, can be filtered and it will be it will be it is the electronic system and it is it can control it also based on that. but many of

the volume and the pressure relief is there and all the safety locks and and the battery of the indicators are there as per the requirements and the 6.5 kg we have already tested this particular unit to the Saint John's Medical College. The hospital and this thing further, it is we transfer the technology to ITA and they are ready for the manufacturer of this particular thing it can be used as a transport ventilator in the ambulance or in the house. also during emergencies. Next is the

lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. This thing here it is under this here. Also the principal is under the PSA technology only since we are already this PSA Technologies for the light combat aircraft, so we are this product is under development. Know that your antioxidants apply to the whole thing is based on the it's a basically electronic system. ESPO two levels and other requirements You can prefix Two liters, 2 PM, 5 PM and 10 PM depends on the requirements and as the voice of the doctor, this is totally electronic control system and a present. this particular thing is manufactured more than. 10

thousand numbers and by the bell and other folders and this particular thing there is a for the requirement projected by the Prime minister's office. Now, I come to the decontamination I already mentioned that. The the COVID-19 virus is spreading through the year so if the year is sterilized, then suddenly the infection level you can reduce it with that thing we have started working with the UV sterilizer units and this UV sterilizer unit is working very well in this particular technology we have adopted in one of our underwater program for one of the submarines also and this particular Technologies works very well here also now the limited series this particular thing has got a we have the extra caution by adding certain viral filters. So you can see the

thing is a viral filters, even that will remove more than 90% of the virus and the further it will be any residual viruses there that will be in the UV Sterilizer UV unit, which is you can see it in the middle of the this This metal is a UV bulbs so that will remove almost ninety-nine point. 99.99 percentage of the virus will be removed actually are the contaminated so this particular. We have already gone for the limited series production and many of the DR apps and some of the hospitals are using this particular system now lot of manufacturing orders come for our TOT holder and patrons are also we have filed the patrons also and this system is already in the submarine news. and this particular thing for a minute it purifies around 2.5 cubic meter of air. Next is the mask mask case you know like our shirt. We are there every day

we have to wear a mask so mask it is expensive. Also we cannot you know reusable are difficult so they advised for emergency purposes. you can reuse it, but after proper decontamination see here we have developed the US. we are we are lasted more than 10 years we are already exposed to experience to ourselves with respect to UV based decontamination so. Actually, we can use the US decontamination system to decon dominate the mosque and we are already developed the system.

LSP was also complete and in the the RDA level this particular. is used as a various lab, so we can every day we can be contaminate the mosque up to instead of one time use we can use at least five to six times use without losing its properties. Next season , we have another attempt to with the help of another laboratory that is the TRD G that is very close to and this is microwave based decontamination. system We have done the technology is good, but unfortunately the the microwave will affect the fabric actually particularly the fibers of the mask. so we

have discontinued still we are working on this time being, but still we are planning to take up further activities so that even the whole level. Also, we can see everybody everybody's got a microwave oven. we can make of that facility to the contaminates and reuse the mask it looks in the third. They're also coming every now and then we can spend our money for the mosque. Then we have set up some facilities also within our country. most of the bacteria as well as viral filters is our imported actually and now some of the filters from the last year. Some of the filters were

manufactured in our country and most of the filters actually the evaluation in our small laboratory. We have set up here evaluation facility. We are certifying also know what type of filters a ventilator can use what type of mask we can use it and what they say. Of decontamination retrospective for reuse of the month every facility we are set up in our laboratory. Similarly, this is some of the mosque testing facility. We have innovated

various Technologies to test to the various masks retrospect to reusable actually and many procedures we have developed actually and it was appreciated and that the decontamination many decontamination medium and solutions that are developed by. Similarly, hand sanitizer it looks simple but the has given the recommendation and sanitizer has to meet the WHO recommendation. We are innovated by adding a herbal formulation. We have added that

will increase the efficacy of this particular hand sanitizer and we got distributed many places both state government a government organizations. I was talking about the detection technology that the detection technology it requires special facility that is called the BSL that is safety laboratory. so the laboratory last year we started testing RT PCR mainly for the DR also, and it is more than thousand numbers. We have already tested the positivity rate is more than twenty-two point. 22.2% today.

I hope that the importance of Technologies for the various you know various. strategies, which I have mentioned like no detection technology protection technology medical management technology, as well as the decontamination also see where technology is a counteract. That is why I have this topic on this very special day of national technology. and I'll

remember that one of the court if it is a terrifying thought that life is at the mercy of the multiplication of this many bodies and that is microbes in the present scenario. It is a COVID. It is a consoling hope that signs will always remain powerless to such enemies governmental organizations Private organization. public Sector Institute Everybody joined together to defeat COVID-19. Thank you very much once again for giving this opportunity. Thank you very much sir, very highly informative and enlightening talk about various technologies available and the role of BRO that could help us in managing the situation due to COVID-19. and we were able

to understand very clearly the detection technology. protection technology and the decontamination technology in. in handling the crisis are due to the COVID-19. Thank you very much sir. Yeah, good afternoon sir. It was so enlightening you really covered all the technologies very well. I'm especially

interested in this air Fertilization unit so. what is it available for purchase and we can be used. in our offices or in auditorium. Yes, ma'am Yes, Madam we have transferred the technology to one of the Bangalore when only and one more vendor is from so I can give the Bangalore vendor at madam that it can be used in our lab. We used to all our

auditorium directors from similarly all the directors generals room even our isolation hospital where the sampling place. There are a lot of you know actually, so it is used but it is very cheap. Also it is around thirty-five to 40 thousand rupees only, but it gives you a good, you know you you'll be you'll be happy with the product. actually okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I will do that. I will tell you that

doesn't it. Unit will cover for. the area. normally for the COVID-19 requirement the number of changes required for roommates around. at least a

minimum six is the mandatory that means yes six times that the purified means the volume of the room is ten cubic meter so per minute it removes 2.5 cubic meter and purify. now you can calculate it actually how many units are required. Yeah. yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Thank

you. and and it is used or we should we should not sit on the AC. this particular thing that of the first thing the first thing it normally we avoid actually in this circumstances and the reason is is one of the place where the it accumulate the COVID-19 virus. But they

say if you see it many places they tell our DC. okay so AC cleaning will be more difficult here. Everything is a walk on only but only the year is passing through and the air is coming. Okay. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you sir. There's a question there is a question from mister. here at ATM already said they have answer for that the air in it. be used in places like auditorium art theaters and how fun of the filters used to be depressed or so this filter normally it is replaced for a month. Also, the thing is when the floor resistance increases due to the if you are putting this particular. Dusty environment then the filter has to be removed that can be easily. say that based

on the floor if it is, you know if it is soaked, then the fluoride will be reducing it actually, but fluoride we are not putting any fluoride monitor that at this point of time, but you can make out all sorts in a typical hospital atmosphere. We felt it can be used at least for 15 days continuously without any problem. Okay. Thank you another question from. is Lakshmi do is not available as we have can you substitute with any other material. so there

are other materials are there actually, but that will not produce the the requirement of medical-grade oxygen. means, for example, if you have material produced around 85% of oxygen as per the norms it cannot be used. That is why. Using a specialized.

specialized to see your lips, yes, that's correct. India is not producing it actually so we are importing it only even for the that person there are 875 plants is that that is the technology used for manufacturing 875 medical plan. It is imported only still we are what is going on. We have made an attempt with some of the Premier Institutes CSA Institute in. Country but we are not such a The reason is the Industrial great of you can generate it actually with the indigenous material technology, but if you want to develop your medical grade product, then In a premium so we have to import it only at this point of time. And go. now another

question from. sir, What is your opinion about? black fungus in having been treated with oxygen? so this particular thing actually we have recently come across this particular, you know in a normal operations, actually the test for fungus and bacteria only for the suitability of operation. data. Similarly here also that the fungus, whatever it was mentioned, it is also the deadly thing and. There are deaths reported due to this fungus actually, but we have not made enough studies in a person We are you know not by the RDO the other premier institutes are working on this fungus. Yes, sir. from Rome

Education officer. name and address of the supplier of. Sir I will be I will be sending to the It is a big address and I will send it to you. sir you, I will send it to the ATM you can pass it to them.

It's exclusion. what is the difference between? the and the medical oxygen the medical oxygen It is the year that other liquefied oxygen actually, it means it is a Life for me in the year Life process. you may be may be familiar actually so the oxygen is the year is liquefy to. Get the oxygen, It's a liquid form and that plants are also available in our country. Similarly the the year itself like a PSA technology like that we can you know separate the oxygen from here so it is a year and a liquor, the also finally converted into a year before it's reaching the patient and their requirements are different in terms of purity and other things as per the standard. I can set it out.

what is the technology used in? and how to measure the oxygen concentration level in the human body? So this is based on the. photo metric techniques actually so both you know that that how much oxygen is attached to the hemoglobin, Then there is a spectral change will be there you can see the sensor will be there in the finger that will distinguish. It actually, if it's oxygen, is there what will be the value is not there? That is a thing it is basically a metric technique actually so. Is that another question when you make oxygen in plants plants, we need to have an adverse effect on the environment. since now, there's a government and private organizations are making tens of thousands of tons of oxygen. to our on our environment. but

with the respect to our atmosphere is concerned, it is a very negligible actually by concentrating oxygen from here the oxygen concentration that must be so there would be big environmental scenes with respect to the oxygen concentration. The made in our labs our homes like the hydrogen peroxide is. emergencies if stored and get ready. Yeah, it is it is possible but you see handling hydrogen peroxide is very dangerous thing. The reason is if it is hydrogen peroxide is going in respiratory tract the permissible level for hydrogen peroxide is 1 PM that will give you more adversely effect than the the shortage of oxygen. So.

It can be done hyper peroxide from hydrogen peroxide oxygen is not a new thing if you'll see the US patent, it was 1960 so it is there, but there is a danger. also in order to handle it inside the house but hydrogen peroxide used in very, you know. some of the place that used to be using it hydrogen peroxide, pero that can't find the places. Is that another question from my side? heart? that? along with the doctor Reiss Hyderabad? the Corona that is. a glucose. 2D

two one. only be available for public. actually you can buy it from. yeah this particular two DG or two DLC was developed as a. Of nuclear biological and chemical warfare program of the it has developed in 1915 itself and the various trials was conducted actually at that earlier studies were carried out with the. cellular and molecular biology. Hyderabad

adverts. This particular thing was actually for the as a medicine formulation our. Hyderabad and now it has gone for various class that is three. Also successfully completed very recently only we got a permission for the emergency use any emergency that it can be used but it will to come to the market as per the DRDO sources it will take at least a month. Another question from mister.

DR. works for all variant of Corona. so kindly repeat your question sir Sir this, which is the got in this that in 2 days it works for all variants of the coronavirus so far there is there was no. For coronavirus, that is the biggest problem we are facing it actually so this will be only support the actually that's all it is not you know, kill the coronavirus inside the body. No drugs are developed in the world. I had another question from Chandra Prasad as you can. what

is that? artificial intelligence based software with X ray to identify the normal lungs. The pneumonia lungs. are so this this thing is that pneumonia lungs the lungs.

cleared the clear picture of the lungs can be you know done only through the CT scan RT PCR will tell the person is infected or not. That's all that also from the swab that also they are telling the efficiency of the RT PCR test is only 80% so the remaining. If we are to depend on G can only so two things are different, they combine the the city value of RT PCR. a city. score They convey it to take a final decision by the city decisions. so I feel sir. maybe

software can be developed to the but two things are different. So another question from. In India is using only RPPC that is known as the Golden Standard actually as for the do. so the thing is there are other things you will see a lot of startup companies in our countries. also like system and so many other systems are coming but none of the things that are proven to now or it has come in the markets. I believe today the Golden Standard is retrospective is concerning. Last question. so

what are the precautionary measures are preparation is being taken for. We have to continue to you know maintain that mask properly or to wear the mask and we are to properly sanitize the masks That is the hand sanitizer We are regularly we use it and social distancing. I think these are the three things from starting from our prime ministers to all the ministers and all the even school level. Also they are speaking if you maintain it, I don't think that we will not affect us. I thank you. thank you. I hope that there are no more questions about this world. No sir, No

more. okay in that case, Sir we are very thankful to you for answering the questions and creating awareness. and now I hope it is the time to propose all thanks on behalf of our National Council of Science Museums and. Industrial

Technological Museum be. is to thanks to you Sir Eres tu. IHG and so Bangalore for your valuable time to tell us the talk and, in fact with the. fans and the clearing many doubts among the many. fans, Thank you very much sir. Thank

you all the ports for joining us in this webinar to celebrate NationalTechnologyDay. Thank you all for your support to us in organizing program our thanks Tom. For our guidance and support in organizing the program, thank you team. for your support to organizing program. Thank you as we have come to the end of the program. all the audience I request them to kindly visit the website of the Museum WWWW dot co.in to

know more about upcoming programs dos and learn science with entertainment. We are signing off. Thank you very much everybody. Thank you. Thank you very much. One of our Y BS. ready So don't forget the PPT that she has a.

so this PPT involves a different things that we cannot be able to share that they can't just suddenly they can you know see it actually in the you know YouTube and other thing they can see it. I cannot personally share that is a problem. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

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