WEBD - WebDollar Crypto Team: Interview with George Alexandru - Mining

WEBD - WebDollar Crypto Team: Interview with George Alexandru  - Mining

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Hey. It's, Dino from digit spin crypto thanks, for catching this special episode we're, interviewing. Jorge Alexandra, who is on the marketing team for web, dollar it's a community, coin and it's a speculative, coin keep, that in mind it's brand spanking, new and. You. Know it's. Really, in its early, stages so a lot of people are mining it now, I also keep in mind to, get alerts of, all the freshest newest news all the goodness that can get squeezed out subscribe. Down click, on the links down below in the comments, for our twitter did you spend twitter and the, digit spend telegram, channel you'll find them useful, and interesting and be able to communicate with others that. Follow, digit spin now. We've. Also added closed caption, to all of our videos so. This, is a good thing to keep that in the back eeeh head, so. We'll have russian Rendy Romanian. And, Chinese. Translations. Automatically. Built. Into the to. The broadcast, that. Covers it so the only thing I really have to say at the moment is, let's. Get to it. So. Wet dollar if. Being a speculative coin cuz it's new we have no idea if it's gonna be worth anything or. Penny. Or what-have-you but. This. Project, looked, pretty good to me and, the. Team. Seem to be very transparent. The. The, details, of the technology seem, to be good and the ease-of-use really. Stock. Comb with me because. This seems like just about anybody, can. Mine these things and interact with them so the. Reason why I looked, into web dollar now, keep in mind there'll be a link for a mining pool if you want to give it a try it uses, your browser. So, it's a CPU, base there's, no hardware, to purchase. Nothing. Else needed you. Just basically click on the link and, it opens your browser creates, a wallet starts mining for you in the pool and you, can earn some web dollars so it's kind of, basic. And easy. Now. We. Do giveaway, 50. Creepin. Our, live show each night. At 9:30 Eastern. Standard Time and you. Can pick either web dollars or electro, neom but. If you want to earn some web dollars put, your address in one of our live videos, the latest one and, we. Do give away. Some. Kryptos each, and every show so keep that in the back your head, additionally. Round. Two for. The air drops is gonna be starting. Today. Or, may have started already and so. If you want to get 100, free. Web. Dollars, I'll. Put the link down below in the comments, and you'll.

Be Able to, get. Those air those, $100, from the air drop a couple, of minor things you have to fill in do and, know. What that was are yours so with. Further ado let's, get into the interview. Hey. It's Dino from digit spin crypto and today we're gonna talk about Webb dollar, now. We, happen to have a very special. And unique guest, today on George. Alexandre. These. Guys he's, on the Mart he's on the marketing team for wet dollar and he. Gave, us the. Privilege of a few minutes to be able to talk with them ask. Him a few questions and. Tell us a little bit more about web dollars so that you. Can be a little smarter when, you're mining. And investing. Or whatever you're doing with Webb dollar so. Let's take a look and let's bring George in. All. Right, there. We go so, George, how's. It going well you know. Yeah. Yeah, you know, you're. Out then where's. That you're out in the England alright yeah, yeah. Yeah in London in, London. Wow. So, you get did you go on the the giant, I. Yeah. Yeah I'm actually actually I'm I'm looking at it now. So. George I mean. You know we've talked on telegram, a few times it's great to finally see you face-to-face. Yo. Yes tell me about yourself, and, introduce, yourself, what you do and how, you're connected, to Webb dollar. Okay. So my. Name is George as Israeli. Or. Audience I, I. Collaborate, with Webb dollar although. This is not my main activity so. I, do have a day job like everybody else and. Cryptocurrency. Let's, say it's a hope I have, it's, a passion so I get involved in. Marketing. Activity. Of web dollar and. Well. Most. Of it almost, home activity is based on on, the web dollar forum. Where. I you, know answer. Questions or help, people to. Start. Using web Donald. Awesome. Awesome I yeah, I'm, sure there's lots of questions these days. With, all the users, that you guys have been getting and. It's. Been pretty exciting so are you in do, you normally do, technology. Is that your forte, or you. Have a totally different field of work that, you do well, I work I work and, my. Job my job title is actually. Architectural. Designer, so I do. Absolutely. Design. So. It's not absolutely nothing to do with the cryptocurrency or. Technology. Maybe, yes we technologies but not with. Like. I said is. Just a hobby and a passion I, have, very. Good very good now. Let me ask ya how. Did you get. Connected with the guys from web dollar these, people. That you knew and, the developers, and you, guys thought. This was a good idea or. Now. When I found, out about the dollar. The. Project, was already in, progress so. What. Happened is that what I was already.

Into. A cryptocurrency so, I. Used it a lot of research about new data points or new projects, related to get the currency. And. That's how I found about I, found. Out about this project. When, I found out about it a were. The. Project it was still, in its early stages so it. Was. They. Were in the text net so. That's why I got, in contact with them and I started to talk with them with a, bit, of marketing or. Moderating. The the the community, on, Telegraph is a that's, what they're really active on telegram, so, yeah that's why I get to know them I get to know them and I, managed. To build, a, very, good relationship with them with with the core team, so. Awesome so and then you took on those marketing. Responsibilities. And helped them move the project along that. Makes sense. All. Right so, you, were telling me that you do the. Moderate the moderation, on the, the official, forum, for, a web dollar and. Be. Able to bring information to people. And. For, the different topics and everything so tell me a little bit about the forum, and, what's that about let me bring it up on the screen here so we, can kind of see it at the same time I'm gonna move, you over and. Bring. It up now the forum, this way everybody knows when you go to web dollar up, on the top right. Here. You'll, see the the forum link and you, can click that to. Get to the official, forum and of. Course it'll bring this up so tell, me a little bit about this. Forum. And what's this all about well. Well. I. Launched. The forum a few months ago to have, people to get. Information. Initially. So. I kind, of launched. It myself and then some other people started to help me out together, as. Many information as possible and. Then. After. Other after, a while it became the web dollar official forum, and. Now it's very, populated people are asking questions. We. Answer it's not just me there, are other people that help them help me to. Answer. Questions, in, the best way possible. All. Right so. Now. Is this the primary. Location. To, to. Be able to interact with web with, web, dollar directly. It's. The most accessible. Place. We can get information but. What dollar also has, like. Social. Media channels like Facebook or, Twitter. Or. Instagram, or, other places but. Where the. Most activity oh the most of, the activities is. On telegram there. Are two main segment channels, where. You you. Can get instant replies, to any any question, you have, but. Again not everyone uses that telegram, so we, had to build other places. More, accessible, to do. Such as the full room or face or uh. Faces. Alright. So, if somebody's new they can click on this here and they can get information on, how to mine and. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah you're not tutorial, sort of the links to the other websites, where you can get other information. From. The most simple one to the most complex, from stuff from how to use a wallet to how. To. Mine. In terminal, or any, kind of tutorials. Okay. So yes I see categories, here about, the product, or the white paper and description, now, you keep this all up to date when they make modifications so. That everybody, has the most newest. Information, at all times okay yes, this is good so. We got the the block Explorer. All. The experimental, pools. Which. Nowadays. Are now, working. On launching, the pool so, there's. A bit of the dirt there is some information in there about. Okay. All, right. Terminal, browser issues blockchain. Updates, now. You. Guys are where, you guys, started. This coin you guys are what in Romania, aren't yeah. Where, are the main developers. That's. The two main developers on in Romania, but. The rest of the community are spread. Around the globe I'm. UK, there are I. Don't know there's. A there's, a decommissioned UK actually, in. Italy Germany.

There's. A, community. Developing in the in China now Russia. United. States and so, on so the. Core team that, the two main, devs, are. They're. Based in Romania, but. The community yes is international, because that's where what that was to get information. That's, just me. Okay. All. Right. So. We got articles. Useful. Links. Alright. So basically you want to be able to go to this forum it looks like there's all all the good stuff is here everything, we need to know, would. Be in here. There's. Also is there a link to, the telegram, channel, in this in, case somebody wanted to be, able to find that telegram channel there yes, yes. Say there's. A sectional, topic, with useful, links. That's. Where you can find links. To all the channels from. Telegraph all. Right so if I click on this useful links this. Will take me into. Thanks. For the okay so these are pools mining. Systems, reward, calculator. So I imagine. Yeah. Alright, so there's, all right so we got the web, dollar main channel, the. Tea the, the telegram the web, dollar perfect, so this is where you would go if you have telegram to be able to get in touch, yes. Obviously you guys have a romanian. Language channel. And. There's. A Russian one there's a, Chinese. One I think, there's a Chinese one. No noxee no because they can't use that. In. China they bleed into the Committee on oh. Yeah. They use a like. A QQ, or whatever. It yeah they use. I. Get. It now there's something new in here I didn't even see this before they you have a web dollar Bazaar telegram, I I. Knew about the the, escrow, and exchange, channels. And. Okay. Webbed. Are not being listed on exchange, or the. Apple. API for. Integrating. Payments, at web sites are. In development. The. Community have, built their their own ecosystem themselves. So these, are all these channels except. For the first two which are the international, that you fish the channel in the Romanian Channel. All. The other channels are built, by their community. Actually. Exchange, buzz that people, can can start using actually, web dollars. Okay. So this bizarre channel though what are people selling goods with each other letting, good, yes there's. Some goods for mops yeah all. Right so this is my handling, it for now until, there. Are either websites, or official, channels, to do that, official. Changes, or what have you okay that makes sense because, I I had never seen the the bazaar channel before so that was kind of new to me okay, yeah, we, got the global hash all, right so yeah so you. Definitely want to take a look at these links because, this. Is gonna get you a lot more information and. Some of the nuts and bolts that are going on with web dollar and to. Be able to interact on. A pretty quick basis, with somebody if. You decide to go to the telegram, but, ultimately. This web dollar forum, seems to have just about everything you need and. To. Get to. Get all the information. And. Have all the information at your fingertips so, it looks like a pretty good job here George, I see a lot of good stuff there's a lot of great topics here and.

If. Somebody wants to add something they can just they. Just anyone. Can. Add a new topic asking. You question or post a new tutorial or anything that. Just. Information. And. I guess this comes down to where. I wanted to go next on this is is that you. Know why, is what dollar so special, and you. Know obviously, one of the things that, we're talking about is. It's. An open community. Project. But I'm gonna let you tell me about web dollar what. It's about how it started. It. Was there an ICO, is there, you, know, what's. Going on will. Come together well. How do you come together is that the the developers, and, the, initial core team they. They've. Met at. Some, kind of event. And that's, where they started, talking about launching this new technology. That's. What that's where it all started, that was I believe in October. / November. 2017. So less than, ten. Months ago. That's. What all started, the, main net. They've, launched with. Launch. The main net on. The. First of May or the beginning of May so. It's. Alive for a, couple of months now what's. Special about web dollar well a. Lot. Of cryptocurrencies. There, are loads of currencies, out there and. Most. Of them are. Very. Hard not very hard but let's see not easy to use this. They. They have like a lack of accessibility. Well. Some of them like like Bitcoin for example you need you. Need like really expensive. Gear. To start mining it or it's, very hard to implement it in the website as a payment method not everyone. Has access to a, crypto. Point that's my point, what. Web dollars comes with is. Simplicity. They're. Making, this. Point, so. Simple, that literally, anyone can use it you only need a. Mobile. Phone to for transactions, or a laptop, to, start, mining it. So. This. Is where this is where we go to. Explain. Our main goal or when gold or. Web dollars main goal is. Mass. Adoption. And. You cannot get mass adoption, unless, you offer simplicity. Yes. And, you know the feedback, that I've been getting from a. Lot of the viewers I've introduced, people to web dollar only because I thought, you guys were pretty awesome you've. Always been there to answer my questions, and. You. Know the first time I you. Know I went to this web dollar page and I'm like okay. Well there's my wallet and it's. Making it there's, it's mining, and wow. You. Know this is such, an easy thing to do if anybody. Can do this you don't have to be a big factor. That's, the main. Feature. Of a dollar the simplicity. The fact that everyone is able to use it you don't need to, download. Stuff or install. Anything or. You. Just use, it with your. Current. Equipment. With whatever, device. You have available. So. That's, what, will. Make it will, make what dollar. Become. Popular, worldwide, I, agree. I agree on a percent that's sheer ease of use and everybody, hears about mining, and I you got to go buy a six, and GPUs, and screw, this yeah but, these wires in and you. Know the average person who's. Just tinkering, for, them to be able to just say click on mining, I. Think it's definitely. The, right track and I think clearly. That brings in people that don't have. Those. Skills and or want, to go get additional hardware so I think you guys put it together in a nice package tell me about how did this all launch, is that did, you guys put out an ICO is there, yeah.

I Mean, you. Know. There. Was all. This developer. How's this working. Nobody. Is paying anyone, at the moment. So. What. Dollar is not a company, or an, organization or. A limited, company, or anything or. Foundation, whatsoever now what dollar is a, community. Therefore. There. Was no ICO. There. Was no five, pounds. Raiser. So. What's. What's making us doing, this is is, passion, is that, we believe in something. And. I think that's the stronger than any idea, around out there. Okay. So there was there, was no collection of money no ICO just a bunch, guys got together put. Together a community coin, now, did you guys fork. Did, you like take somebody else's code and fork it. The entire code is been written from, scratch from. Zero. There. Was no fork so web. Dollar has its own on blockchain it's not. On. The back of some, other, cryptocurrency. It's. Got it's on blockchain written in JavaScript, by. Our. Genius. Developer. Alexander. Buddhist Channel together with Alexander polite which. Are the best that's work. Did. They manage to YouTube you to write this. Code in only what. Six. Months or so. So. Before you before, it went live. In May, they. Were working, on this code for, for. Six months before that because, it seems like a dangerous thing to do to create a, whole, new. System. When, you know you know there are Ted it's taking years with everybody to get the bugs out of it so it seems kind of like wow you know this to start something from scratch seems. Like a big. Challenge. Yes. But when one, in. My opinion when you're driven by your. Passion. Sky's. The limit. Okay. So. I was looking at the team here, and. You. Know I see Ali I see, Alexandra, both, Alexandra's. Bud. And pnai, out. There in the telegram. And actually, answering and talking to people now these guys are the two folks. That are doing. The. Coding now it's not just the two of them other others, has, there been many. More people in the community that have, also. Added to. The source code so. They're, the two main developers. And. Examples and. Of. Course they get help from from from the community, as you can see on the. Official. Website there. Are other. Three. Two, or three, developers. That help, them with. Writing. The code and different areas of course. But, mainly yes, these are the guys that. Made. Everything possible. Okay. All, right so they have so it's, not just a one guy in his basement is or you. Have two core. Developers, and then you have, you. Know three, day ten other people that contribute. And help out to. Make this product. Yes. Yes, bro okay all. Right so, have. You had that. View communicate. And with the other guys. In the group, these. Folks also help out in the development, you get I, not. Hi. How do you pronounce each of these names because I don't know I said. I. Know. The row, okay. So there's a units. Morado which is that data, analyst. Constantine. Boosts your channels system administrator, and Christian. Answer, software. Engineer so, these are the three. Developers. That will help. With. Channel and tonight. Develop, everything, so. These guys are also involved, in the code and, helping. Moving things forward, yes. Yes so. Basically. All. The, people that you see on the. On. The, website. Most. Of them were. Just part of the community, usually, and. They become they, become part. Of the team now such. As myself. Okay. So, that's what I'm saying that web, dollar is that to me it's not, any. Other. Kind of. Company. Or any kind of organization. Okay. So these these, guys added. Some additional value to the project as it was going along and. Were welcomed in, to. Be part of the, part. Of that community and because, of their. Their. Contribution. They were added, to the to. The site I get, it alright because. This is all open source of an old community, proud it's. Not like somebody owns this or you, know what have you it everybody. Just comes together alright so you, gotta have some evangelists. And tell me what is an evangelist, what do they do. Well. Basically. They promote. Web. Dollar, so. Our main goal is to. Promote. Of dollar and we're working on, some. Materials. For. For. The marketing it will start right, after the launch of the measurement, of the mining, booms and exchange. So. It would currently working on. Providing. A, lot, of materials. Such as videos or. Blogs. Or other kind. Of, marketing. Stuff. So. That's what we eventually, yes. Only, four people. The. Vegies team is actually much more bigger than that. All. Right all right what. Do you have. Ten, fifteen people that kind of help kind. Of promote the product. Well. To. Be honest everyone, in the community, helps. Web dollar in a way or another. But. Let's. Call it the call, it the core Evangel, evangelist, team yes we're about, twenty, five people I think at the moment. Okay. Very. Good very good and obviously, you're, on on that part of the team and. Representing. Some of the the. Marketing, and and like you said the the. Web dollar forum, is one of your specialties is, there are you an.

Administrator. For any other. Informational. Areas, is it just the web dollar forum or do you have. Do. You handle the, Twitter. Page or the Facebook page or is that shared, between other, firms that took. On this community. No. It's it's me and other people that, administer. And modulate, the phone and there's. There. Are different people that. Administered. Social. Media so. There's a team that is, focused, only on the social media. All. Right so. These advisors, these, are folks that have also donated their time towards, this project then since it's all pretty. Much volunteer. Yes. Them are. Some. Of them been there from from the beginning and the others, from have. Been. Added. Due. To their. Contribution. To their army. All. Right so that make sense and these guys have obviously used some specialized, skills, and, then they kind, of chime in, to. Give suggestions, to, the group yes. Yes I know. Genomic, advisors. Management. Advisors, and. Marketing. Advisors as so often. All. Right so, tell me about. You. Know what else makes this coin so special, now I think. When. I first took a look at it I was, kind of you, know had, my socks knocked off that people can just literally. Mine on their CPU, and, yeah and it was super easy and and. That, was all good and everything but when. I had taken a look at the, you. Know you go to some of these coins and they're, icos, and I've seen 50%, of all the coins go to the projects. And the. Community, coins obviously. They. Don't take, all that much but I've seen some even in the community projects where they reserve a lot. For the community, one, thing that really can't impress me was that it was a total of about nine point nine percent that. Was reserved, for the community, project. Which. Is kind of special and. I. Thought it was. It. Was a really, good starting, point for a you, know an open coin. That starts from the beginning. Tell, me about the, those. Those, funds with what they're for and. How. Is that distributed. Is. How, is that controlled. Or decided, upon is the community vote on how, they decide, to spend, those coins on marking, or do you tell. Me can you tell me anything about that. Yes. That's correct there was nine point nine percent. We're. Talking about the Genesis, block. Correct, which. 19%. Of the total supply. Yes. Mm. Well. 50%, of. The. Genesis block, goes to the developers. And. 50%, will. Be. Used. For. The. Marketing. Okay. So. That'll. Get distributed so basically. They get together as. A, team and then decide, I. Guess, vote on or whatever to decide how. They want to distribute those coins. But. Sorry. So. This initial distribution of the, Bank, 49.9%. Is the. Genesis code, well. Has been decided. At. The beginning of the project, so. When. They started they decide okay so we. Have no funds we would have no IC o---- therefore. We have. We need transfer somewhere because we can go. With. No fans until a certain point, but. To, build. A, serious. Marketing. We. Need we need some sound founding for someone so what we get the. Funny. Form is not if not from our own project. So, that's how they thought. That. Part. Of the, changes. Code, could. Go to to. The marketing alright, so that makes sense so but, you. Know like obviously, nobody, is actually getting paid because. Let's. Face it this is a speculative, coin it's you know there's a lot of coins out there and, not. Everyone, is gonna, be, you. Know the. Next big thing. Obviously. The guys that are. Involved in this yourself, included, are, hoping that this will be the next big thing but when you started. Obviously. The the coins, are really kind of worthless at that point because you, know there's nobody mining them nobody buying them you know they can't you can't go down to your local store, and buy anything with it yet, so.

Obviously, Nobody. Got paid and and it's, all on hope of if, the project, does well and and the coin actually has a value that it'll return something back to them. So. Obviously. That that kind of helps, everybody get involved and if they believe in what the project, does it, makes it a. Possibility. For the future so, the. Marketing, right now obviously. People are trading these things I've seen them in the in the community. Trading. These things between, each other. Yes. In fact. Is. It on the on the forum there's, a link to the, exchange, channel. On telegram, and that's. Where. People. Can buy or sell web. Dollars. Okay. So let, me ask you. The. Marquee the the coins that are kept for the marketing, and everything although it's just going to be kept squirreled away for a period of time do, you think or are, they, slowly, selling. Them to be able to raise funds, so that they have actual Fiat to be able to spend on things or is the community, taking money out of their own pocket, to pay for things whose who's, paying for the marketing, I mean you're. Building a website is it. Who's. Paying for this, well. Nobody's. Paying for this be honest, if. Someone, is paying for it is paying in web dollars and not in. Traditional. Currency. So. Yes everyone. Is hoping that someday this crypto, point will become very. Popular and we'll work, something, until. Then we can only do. Our best suits, you make. It go and. Make. It in. Such way that everyone. Can hear. About it and everyone, can start to use it once. It, becomes popular, then, you. Know the, value is. Imminent. Okay. All, right so. So. My question is is that obviously. I mean it takes, hardware, or so, you got a pave are. You used or is the community using pretty much all free resources, to be able to bring the message out or is, web. Dollar paying, for anything and if. They are is. That because they're selling coins or pretty much over the coins that are in reserve right in other words all. Those coins gonna be sold. Off right away to, make to turn into money or is they holding onto those and for, the future. They. Put in the show so. Obviously. People, that are. Already mine dollars. Have. To sell but dollars otherwise they. Cannot support their. Investment. Marketing-wise. I. Don't. Think, there is anyone at the moment that is selling. Web. Dollars for. The, sake of marketing, so. All the materials that we use and everything that we do. Most. Of the stuff we really take, it from free. Tools. Or, make. It ourselves or, we. Even, for, example for the for the when. I created the form of, course I had to pay for the hosting, for. The site, and everything so. The. Spending is, at the moment minimum. But. In the future. Well. The, main the. Core goal is to. Of. Course, pay people. But. In web dollars not in definitely. Not in any, traditional. Currency, okay. So most, of those coins that were, that. Were in the genesis. Obviously. Some go to the the developers, so some of those coins are going to get distributed to the developers, based on their perform, and, and and the, their voluntary, contribution. They may get. A, few coins as there as a bounty. Or reward, for coming up with something new. The, marketing, coins those are pretty much then still there though they don't have intentions to just dump those out they are they, planning to hold on to those, and. Only, the fact they need. Well. Yes in fact I think. An. Important, part of the marketing, business the, marketing the. Web, dollars allocated to marketing will. Go to, this. Bounty, system this. Program. That we're about. To start right after the launch, of the mining. Pools and the. Listing, on an exchange. So. There will be like. A bounty. Program. Based. On social. Media, so. Everyone, will be able. To get some web dollars if. They. Meet some. Of the requirements that. We. Need such, as sharing materials. Or creating, materials, or any. Any any other activity. On. Any. Social media as, long as is related, to web dollars. Okay. So it's, not like those coins, that are gonna be sold and somebody's gonna squirrel. Off with the money but they're using those coins to, give back to the community, for their efforts also, alright. So I guess. So. Every. Dollar. From the marketing. Hounds. Will. Go to people, nobody's, gonna sell anything I get. It now I understand, that's always a question you, know people. Oh-hoo-hoo-hoo, has these coins and how they used and now I have a better understanding I, didn't know if somebody but they were gonna sell them and try to convert it in the Fiat but, in web, dollars case which makes a lot of sense they're.

Going To be giving in to people that contribute, to. The, to. The coin success, and as, rewards. So, that's pretty much how everybody, so basically the. Coins value. Become and. Those Genesis coins will become a more of a value by people adding, more to web. Dollar as a whole that makes me feel a lot better because you. Know it's, always a question in the banking your mind you know so if we're gonna run off to Mexico or, whatever with all the coins and so. I think that's pretty fair and equitable. And. Thanks for explaining that to me it was just something in the back of my mind and and. I have to tell you guys up front to it I think that was a very. Fair. Rate i mean i-i, haven't, seen a project that had started, off with what. I consider, a fair amount of reserved. Coins like what dollar has and, that was another thing that attracted, me to this I'm you. Know I uh, I. Mind. A few coins and I try to squirrel them away but. You. Know I don't have a great amount by, any stretch of the imagination but, it but, the fact of the matter is it's a pretty cool, project it, was you. Know with that amount of coins to, give, back to the community, I mean. This is genuinely, and even. You know and the developer, is being available I mean this is a genuinely, it, feels like a grassroots. Type. Of situation, I feel like you, know if I was to have started. With Bitcoin back then this kind of feels like what it would have been like to me you know the, hell. All of this interaction, and and and, everything is people. You, know doing. All, right so, let, me ask a couple other quick things. Obviously. Since, May, it. Started, up. How's. It been going since May has there been any any, major milestones. Or anything that has changed, since so wet, dollar went to the the, live the. Live net. Okay. So, yes. We've launched the, blockchain in. May and. The. Very next step is, launching. The mining tools to. Make mine easier, for, everyone. Of, course this of, course has been a. Bit. Laid because. We've had some attacks, on the network. And. Well. Devs had to focus on on, those attacks rather than developing. Further. But. I. Think. That. The. Code for apples is now like 99%, finalized, and. This. Will be launched, within. Not. More than couple weeks and, after. Afterwards. There. Will be they will build, an. Exchange, that would run on web. Dollar network. So we have. Our own exchange. And.

Then. The next step would be listing with our own independent. Exchange such as but, I don't know which. Exchange will be but. Okay. So you brought up three things that I you. Know really open up some questions for me you don't mind if I ask you some questions, on these things and hopefully I know you don't do the development so you're probably not gonna be into. All the nuts and bolts but hopefully, you'll be able to answer some of these for me, first. You had said that. Web. Dollar was going along and you guys got attacked is, that anything you can tell me about you. Know obviously. When, nobody. Attacks a, coin, that has known value, or doesn't have the future so obviously somebody thinks you have a future otherwise. They wouldn't be messing with the coin but, can you tell me what happened, with that. Yes. There, have been like a few. Attacks, from. Different, sides and. Like. You said if web, dollar had no value there would be no attack, so. I. Pretty, sure someone feels, threatened. By the dollar or. Someone. Doesn't want what dollar to develop. Further for. The. Attack were was, focused, on floating the network. With fake. Transactions. But then. The developers, have managed to. Create. Like some kind of codes to, avoid. This in the future so every attack it has been on, the net isola on so far. Well, we took it as a, free audit. Because. After. Every attack the. Metal we can become became. Stronger. And stronger so instead, of hurting us didn't, actually help us, so. Basically they were hoping that the developers, would go oh my gosh and collapse, and, and. The whole thing we collapse but, they yet, they were actually smarter than them and they're able to make. The changes and make it more robust and these are the things that I was saying you, know if you force something that exists, those, things have happened already and protections. Have been put in place so. Web. Dollar is basically. Developing. And evolving as, as it's going along since it's something completely brand-new. Now. Yes if, they. Had to if they. Started. The project by forking, an, already. Developed project and, they, couldn't, there. Is no such project, at the moment they can bring. Simplicity. To. People so, for example for. If we they, did they I don't know decided to forbid. Making. Big quite simple would have been extremely difficult maybe, impossible. So. That's why they've chosen to write. The code from scratch from zero implementing. Their own fears, and their own concepts, that. Makes sense that makes sense now. Why. He had to start from scratch because this is something completely different at. The at the, usage. Level, that, I was surprised nobody did it before and now. It makes sense is because you have to start all over now. Another. Thing that you had mentioned. In that sentence, and that conversation. Prior, was pools. Obviously. Those. Folks that started off initially, were, solo mining, where your CPU, can access the. The blockchain and. Against, it now. Usually. Pools happen, when you have so many people, mining. Against, the, environment that, the. Chances. Of you actually hitting. A block by yourself. Gets. Diminished so, you go into a pool so that you, can then share resources. And share the rewards, now. Obviously. There. Tell me about what's going on with this you guys are creating these experimental, pools. Yes. And. You. Know, when. Do you think those will be done and tell, me a little bit about the functionality, of these pools you guys are, doing something special with, these things and you, need what. Referrals, and can. You explain all that to the, audience, okay. Okay. So there. Are, two. Pools. At the moment. Made. By the, developers as, experimental. Tools and. There. Are other pools made by the community so. I think in total they're about six, five, or six mining, pools that, are, experiments. At the moment. Well. The main, functionality of these. People are first. Of all. Is. I, was. Talking about simplicity. So. There. Is a joining. Of money pool is extremely. Simple exactly. You just, scroll. Through a list of mining, pools and click on it and there you go you start mining on that pool. That's. That's the first one second, one is, creating. A pool which is also, very simple. With. A few of just a few clicks you will manage to create.

A Mining where you can invite your, friends your family or other. People to. Mine in your in mining, for. The. Third functionality. This. Is a. Very. Important, one is the referral system, once. You invite, a. Person, to mine in a certain money you don't have to be the pool on or anything you, can just be a simple miner in that Google and, you invite. Someone. To mine in the, same pool, just. By sending a link to, that person you, will then get. A. Reward, from the person, that you've invited. From. The. Future. Amount. Of web dollars that he will manage. To mine. In that book, all. Right so. So. Basically you. Create a link you, hand. That out and people that use your link you'll, get some, of the mining rewards, that's generated. So, yes. So. This year basically. Incentivizes. People to get these links out so. I think it's kind of a smart idea I think it it'll. Have that. Social. Feel, and, and. Promotional. Self promotional, motivation. For people because then. You could make web. Dollars. By. Just sharing links, you could make web dollars by creating, a pool. Or, you, can mine it yourself, like you were saying and so. There's so many different ways, to. Earn these web dollars. So. Yeah I think that's kind of clever and, again, you, know one of the reasons why I thought this project is kind of neat and you, know I didn't even know about that or it wasn't even discussed. Back when I got involved and. You. Guys just keep coming up with new new. Ideas, that get, people involved, I think everything you've been. Presenting. Is really just getting people involved, and making, them part of it. When. We're, very focused on the social part so in fact that's how how we call. Our. Pools social, pools or social. Mining. For. The fact that it's. Based on. Social. Experience. Yeah. It's obvious, that. That's we, guys are going I think, you're gonna have a lot of success, you. Know especially. You know new people and to, be able to get involved with all this and.

Not. Have to go buy new hardware and, and, be able to earn some, of these web dollars in so many different ways, I, think, it's a I, think it's pretty smart but you know just in general I like, it. Now. Other, ways that you'll be able to earn web. Dollars I I was. Reading in the telegram, they were talking about some new bounties, and I was looking here and. I. Guess. You guys did bounties and originally. Let's let me bring. You back this webpage, here it. Looks like you guys were doing bounties, originally, this was before. Probably. Before I got the, knowledge. Of your coin so. I didn't know about these but I heard, that you were doing more is that true, now. What I think what you're seeing there is. The. Baby bounty, which. Took, place I think actually before, launching. The maintenance. That. Was just a, test. For the, big bounty that it's about to come. Okay. They. Developed, this application, that. Gathers. All the information, about the, shared. Links of Facebook or on LinkedIn, or Twitter or, whatever and. Attribute. Some. Of web. Banners to each, element. Object. All. Right so you guys are gonna then. So. When you come up with this next bounty. Way. To earn web, dollars. Will. People be able to go to this this, bounty, link, here to get information on, it that that bounty link okay, what, do you think that's gonna happen so, that people, will know and, another. Way of earning web dollars, is that something that's gonna happen on next few months or that's. Gonna happen right after. Launching. The. Exchange. Sorry so. Right after launching the remark mining pool and the exchange. Marketing. We start together, with the, bounty. Program. Okay. So, we're looking a few. Months Audis okay, so, and that gives me because I wrote these things down no pardon me with you when you were talking I wrote down some. Of the things you were, gonna tell me about this exchange, so. Before I ask you about that so, currently the. Experimental. Pool and I've been clicking on that link to to, mine some way of dollars on a couple of machines and. You. Know and it says experimental. On it. Obviously. There as they're testing, it and building it they're letting people use it and make sense you get to you, know find the bugs and the problems, are, they. You. Were saying that they were close to having. A finished. Pool. System, is, that is. That the true that I did I misunderstand. No. Yes they are close they are close I think is a matter of. Days. Maybe, a week or two until. The launch of the barnacles. Awesome. So I mean they've gotten out all the bugs and they've got it working the way they like it too and all, right so good. News as, good news do I know they've been working on that for a while and then like. You said they got delayed, because of, the. Attacks against, the network and. So obviously, push that out but, that's good to hear that they'll, have that so once, that's released I'll be able to go, to. The. Web dollar and cuz I when I go down here I look and it, says create your own pool so, this part will be modified. So that I can make a pool and then, send the link to my friends or family or market. It or whatever and then people can connect. To my machine. Yes. That's correct so by. Just clicking that box on you will be able to create, a mining pool. That's. Pretty. Awesome, hey. See. How that turns out now you were telling me about. The. Third thing that you had mentioned was an exchange, so. That got me kind of worried are you guys you're creating, your own exchange, I mean that's a whole that's. A whole big. Can of worms as, far as you, know look from where. I'm sitting at this side of the desk tell me a little bit about it because obviously I don't know enough to. Be. Able to make a judge, that and. You know my first thought is oh my gosh that's you know that's something very. There's. A lot of detail, from kyc, you, know your customer, and people attacking it and trying to steal I you see all these exchanges, getting hacked so. Am i misunderstanding you're. Gonna actually have the coin. Ability. To to. Buy and sell the coin directly, in wet dollar how is that gonna work.

So. Well the, devs have. Developed. All this thing from from scratch so this is okay let's make an exchange now. So. Yeah, there, will be an, exchange, that will run on the web dollar. System. Initially. It will only be possible. To buy our, dollars, or, seven dollars. With. Other crypto, currencies, like Bitcoin or, equ so. That's the initial idea. And. Afterwards. It will be on, an. External, exchange. Okay. So is their intention to make it part of the website are they gonna make a website or is this gonna be like. An intrinsic, thing where it's handled. Externally. That you have your wallet here, and you're saying I'll. Make these much available at this price and, people, will be able to look at it and see what's available and, pick it I do. You have any details, on that at, all or is it still in, the, design stage. Right now. Well. I I. Can't. I cannot, go into into. Details, because I don't, know myself how it's gonna work what, I do know is that it's, going to be in the same way a web site on. The web that I owe or. Probably. On an external I'm not sure about this what I do know is that it will be as. Simple to. Use. As is. Web dollar at the moment so and they, will the focus on. The exchange would also be on simplicity. All. Right so I'll be able to take. My Bitcoin. And convert. It, to. Web. Dollars. Through. A sense. Of exchange with other people, and that's. That, sounds like a pretty robust, project, to do I that's, probably gonna take a little bit of time to make happen are. They expecting, that to take you. Know six months or so. But. It. Depends, on how many attacks, will have, a caller. In the future. But. Well, writing, the code for. The blockchain in, six months. Will. Probably proves that the, exchange will. Be. Ready, sooner. Than we expect, all. Right. So. And you, were saying that. Obviously. You want to be able to get on existing exchanges. Because that's that's. Where most, people you, know trade thing, that's often on and this, way somebody. Can trade. Not. Over the counter, because that's kind of a scary experience for, some people you. Don't know who they are. Even. If the guy's got on a basic. Exchange. How. How's, that going I would tend to think that would also be a very important. Thing. To do and a lot easier to do is. That going to come second, or are they gonna try to do that first because, that seems like it would be more, the easier thing to do. Unless. I misunderstand. Well. It, is the easier thing to do from a technical point of view. But. From, a. Timeline. Point of view, I. Think. The most logical thing would be to. Create. Exchange. First between. Our, own exchange first and. Listing. It on an. External exchange, afterwards. Okay. So, that's the plan that they're gonna go with all, right you. Know it allows you to. To. Isolate, and, still be accessible, at the same time that's. An interest. It's. An interesting. Path. To. Success so we'll see how it goes I'm but, then again you guys have done everything differently, and. It bucked the trend just, about and. Everything, so you, know I'm I'm, a little um. Optimistically. Akhilesh, this on it and but. I you know who might have got you guys because everything you've done so far has been pretty. Spectacular. And has delivered, a. Positive. Result I mean I I con. To the telegram, Webb dollar page. And I see all those people on there and they all seem pretty happy and they're enjoying their mining experience, and their earnings, of coins and they're having a lot of fun and you. Know you can't beat results, you no matter what no matter what I think Who am I I don't know anything you know so that's. That's. Gonna be interesting and I'm gonna I'm gonna definitely be following. That as we go along is. There anything. After. That, that you guys that you could share that you, think is gonna be on the roadmap that might happen. Well. Yes. Yes well. So. There will be mining, pools and exchange, in the. Quarter. Three of G of this year, and. Then, we will start marketing. At. The end probably, part. Of for end of, 2018. And, then in 2009, in nineteen next year. Bev's. Will develop, anonymity. Voting. Community, center for the for future.

Decisions. To make for. A dollar, they. Were most importantly. Before. Middle. Of. 2019. They. Will focus on developing, a. Smart. Contracts, platform. Well. That's, a important. Milestone. In the in our. Roadmap. Afterwards. They will build decentralized, Bazaar. On. The, same pretty, much for the same principle. As the exchange. So. But that would have its own centralized. Bazaar. And. On. In. 2020. That's, in two years from now. There. Will be some. Sort. Of devil will, work on scaling. The transactions. So. That will allow. The. Web dollar blockchain, to manage. A. Bigger. Number of transactions, per second. Yeah. You're gonna need it at that point. All. Right. Thanks, for sure. If. I think about it I think, about it now. It's. Carrying transactions. I think part of this has been solved, after the latest attack with, the. Flawed. On the network. So. I think they had to. Anticipate. This. Stage. They. Made. Some progress in it yeah. You shared that they might do some smart contracts, and in a bizarre sort of smart. Contract, so you try. To make something similar to what, aetherium. Will, let you do where you can. Put. Together a sub. Program. And. Be able to program the money so that would be pretty exciting that's that's a big undertaking that could take quite, a long time to do, unless. They have they're, gonna narrow it to a very specific. Set. Of functions. And then, expand, on it as life, goes on well. According to our own map you take no. Longer than, six. Months probably. Maybe. Less yeah, okay. So obviously it's gonna be a very small subset of things. To do that you to. Get started with the smart contracts. You. Know the theory has been working on it for eight years and they're still do, you know four four four years and no the 17th. What is it sixteen seventeen that came out so it's like a couple of years and they're still working on it. And, then you set up Bazaar no buzz it's gonna allow what people to. Put. Is. That gonna be like a gig, where you can put a you. Know I have I'll make you something, 4xyz. Web. Dollars, and so. You'll be able to sell services, and. Products. On that is that what that when, you say bazaar you, talk about the. Yes. Yes I think yeah people will be able to sell goods or services, yeah on a. Platform and. Of. Course use the web dollar as a payment system. So. That's, that's, smart, for, you guys because. You. Know and, just, about anybody in the world then will be able to. To. Offer a service or, make a product, or, do. Something and then earn, web. Dollars, and and, share. Them amongst, themselves and use it for an income so that's. That's. Pretty smart I think that's wise, of you guys. There. Are a few coins that are going that direction where. They're. Trying to get the goods. And services out there so people can earn extra monies and I think those are the types of coins that are going to be really successful in, the future. Doing. Those types of things it. It'll. It'll it'll impact, the lives of other people and. Give. Them the ability to. Find. New revenue. Streams. For. Themselves, so that's. That's. A wise decision and, you got on the, web dollar team. Very. Good very good. Now. I, had. I. Had. To put out a video, because. You guys have lured me that you were going to be doing this airdrop out and. You know I had a lot of folks who are interested in and I'm sure that they showed up to to. Get, those coin tell me about the airdrop that's, going on right now what, is it what do you get and how is.

It Going. Okay. So the, airdrop, has. Been entirely organized. By the community. So. It's not something that devs. Can operate or the. Evangelistic. It's. Purely, an. Action, that comes from the, community they've actually raised, some, sounds, found. A drop. And. There are a few guys that got. Involved with organizing, it. So. Basically. Yes, it's an airdrop it's. Like at the moment it started, a. Week, ago maybe. Eight. Nine days, ago like. Less and. There. Is 1. Million. Web. Dollars, that, the community have raised. To. Give, away to people. So. If you go to a drops dot io / web. Dollar you will you, will find all the information you. Tear. Drops, would. You call, Dino. Slash web the dollar. Yep. Let's. See what that comes up and this is the location, for, it all. Right. Very. Nice let's I brought, this up on the screen sorry. But okay, alright. So yeah I just wanted to take a look and. This. Makes you, you. Fill out some information and. Obviously. They have to they, have to go to a web dollar first to get a. To. Get a wallet address, and. Then. Put it into this. Now. Basically. What. You do. Yes. You have to people, have to go to web, dollar website to. Get. Their web, dollar address. Then. They would have to join the telegram, group all, the links are in the description. And. Must. Follow, them to do other. Tasks. Like following. Web, dollar page on different. Social. Platforms. A. Compiled. Form. Which. You. Need can. I'm assuming you're gonna have to. Add. Your web. Dollar address and then you'll get your $100. To open that but, point something, okay. So you fill out the form it. Says here you visit the website get your wallet. Join, the telegram, group, follow. Them on Twitter and. Like. And share the Facebook, page you submit the details, in the form and then. This. Web dollar airdrop sentence to their eat to their wallet address the hundred web dollars, again. It no obviously, they must have some kind of algorithm, or, some kind of tool kit that. Confirms. That this person did these things. Successfully. And it just doesn't take their word on it I would assume. Well. This is a website where. A. Lot. Of air drops are being organized so yes. Again. The community's taking care of this so I I be, honest I don't know, many beaches about it okay. So I'm assuming. I'm. Sorry I didn't mean to cut you off right. This. Here was so. This is not. Being. Funded by, the. Genesis coins. These. Are people that got together, from. The community they pooled money and they decided to do this all on their own this has nothing to do with any of the genesis funding. That. Is correct that is correct yes, all the other founding. For the and drop counts from from the community, itself, well. That's pretty generous and a million coins I had, to take a little while I get together I would imagine all right very. Good did you want to add anything to this you were you were about to say something and I and I accidentally, cut you off yeah now. So the drop. Is is life at the moment and anyone.

Can Can, go to this. Website at, drops that IO slash, web dollar and. Performing. A couple. Of simple tasks and they can get a hundred, web dollar coins. Okay. Now, obviously, there's some left still I would imagine. Have very I think will from, the start of the airdrop. That's. About. 4000, people have joined our character. And. I. Think. The. Resources. Are at. About 60%. Now so yes. Continue. Until we. They, spent all their, 1. Million $1. Awesome. All. Right that. Makes sense that's that's. Pretty good I think that's an awesome thing, to, have happened all, right so we, talked about some of the other ways to earn it which was the bounties, already. And, we talked about some new features, is. There anything else that, that. Comes to mind that you'd like to tell. Me about do. You think we hit everything I. Think. We really do hit everything. Nothing. Crosses my mind at the moment. Let. Me ask you this then. Obviously. This is a speculative, coin. Nobody. Knows if it's gonna be worth anything at. All. In. The future obviously. Some people believe, it is because I see them trading. And purchasing, the, coins I. Think. That there's a good future for it. You. Know tell me your thoughts on that. Where. Do you see this what, do you see Webb dollar ending, up, obviously. I'm not talking price, cuz nobody can predict the price future, but, how. Do you see Webb dollar interacting. With folks, in. The future, and, where do you think this thing is gonna go I mean. You. Know you might insight. Like. You said, nobody. Can predict the price this will be, set. By the. Market. What. I think about with dollar. Well. Considering, all these. Features. And. Looking. At other 50. Points. And. Looking at our, community, our excited, they are and looking. Again at the. 14 how, involved they get I, think, is gonna have, a bright future. I. Think. Webb dollar will. Go. Into top. 10 of cryptocurrencies. In. The first, probably. 12. To 24. Months, that's. My personal, prediction, Wow. That's a pretty big that's. A pretty big prediction, all, right you. Know I definitely, you. Know I'm a little more conservative. I there's. A lot of coins out there there's a lot of people that have their their, groups and their favorites. You. Know I had it I have, added Webb dollar to one of my favorites only because of its sheer uniqueness. And its, presentation. And. How. It's going about. Interacting. With people I, see. It. Doing something that none of the others are doing, and. Whether. Or not it'll make it to the top ten, that's. A really. Lofty, goal, and and especially. In two years. But. You. Know III think that, it's going to become a more a. More, looked at resource. And. I think it could have first you. Know some value going into the future. But, you know hey you guys keep Kiko you know you have all these great ideas you, guys keep going at it and when. It gets into the top ten you can laugh at me. I'm. Gonna fit you I'm. Sure we, will still have a good relationship. And. Yes. I. Think. Webb. Dollar what. The future, is going. To be really, really great. I I think so too and I do help you make it into the top 10 and. And. Knock, the socks off all the other coins that's exciting. To see and I'm. Glad to see all that enthusiasm. Coming. From the team you guys you, know you, guys, are always pretty. Active, and getting. In answers to people and, and have lofty, ideas, so you. Know, it's. Just like Steve. Jobs you know who's gonna buy a computer. Nobody wants that you know I don't know we're you know and I'm, gonna make it anyway you know, and that's, what you guys are doing, that's that's, the same feel that I get from you guys so, that's, pretty, awesome well, I want to congratulate you guys on what you've done so far it's. It's. Impressed, me. From. The from. Where, I stand, and. I'm. Expecting. To, see all sorts of great stuff I know the community as and, the people that have started with it have I have. Given, me a lot of positive. Feedback they're. Pretty excited about it. Yeah. I think you guys are gonna do you're, gonna do well I think you're gonna do well keep going at it and, thank, you thank, you great words.

Dino I think all the merit should go to the. Developers, in they've done an. Incredible, work yeah. You have to hook me up so, that I can interview a, couple. Of the developers, or at least get one of them on there on the screen with me I know my. Order. Look, yeah. Phonetic. I sent, them a telegram. I, think he said that he would like to do an interview we'll see if we can get him on and maybe, get into some more of the technical stuff with him and. You. Can ask him some of the hard questions, and he can tell me about the great stuff that they're doing but hopefully that'll happen it'll. Be pretty exciting, if it does and. We'll. Go forward from there any, last closing statement. Thank. You for, your invite. And for, hosting me as your. Radio. Show it's, been great to be here, and. Hope I see you soon thank. You George, I appreciate. You well, I know. Thank. You thank you you know. So. I hope, you enjoyed. The interview if you, have any questions, you can access. The digits. Pin telegram, put them there yeah George does visit it each, day almost or each every other day, answers. Anybody's, questions, that they may have and of course I may be able to answer them for you if I know the answer. I. Hope, this was, fun and entertaining and don't. Forget to visit and see our live show 9:30, Eastern, Standard Time. That's. P.m., not. Am but, p.m. and I. Thank you for visiting digit, spin crypto and see you next time.

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Sounds like an excellent project. No need for fancy rigs. Also off topic: George is unusually handsome for a techie.

And he has Hair, Which I do not... Ahhh. to be young..... George said "thanks"

do they are listened on any exchange, to sell webdollar? :) sounds like useless coin, that cannot be sold anywhere (at the moment)? - do i understand correctly....

This is a speculative coin, so who knows what the price will be, if at all. Its brand new so this is a long term hold as they build the environment. They do have a telegram channel at https://t.me/WebDollarExchange where people are buying and selling, I see prices in the .001 range 1/10th of a cent. And if you mine them its just the cost of electric. That's what I do.

The exchange will be soon don t you understand ? But if you want now to buy webd visit www.olx.ro and tipe at the search engine webdollar and you will see what you can buy with webd or if you like to buy now 100.000 webd is like 200 dollars equivalent in romanian money.

www.webdscan.io looks good

HI Dino! You turned me on to Webdollar a couple weeks ago on one of your streams. I've been browser mining it since! Thanks for making me aware of it! If you care to look at another new coin with actual use case and a straight forward honest team while it is still easy to mine, check out Vertical (VTL) at vtlcoin.io No ICO, no pre-sale, low pre-mine. Use case announcement is at http://www.vtlcoin.io/Vertical_Project_Announcement.pdf It looks very solid and would like to know what you think if you can give it a look! Thanks! See you in the next one!

of course the minimum value is the cost of electricity

I'm sure you used to have great hair :)

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