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Wedding-dress, shopping we're. Doing it are we gonna cry or, are we gonna cry a lot its ladylike, and we're going wedding-dress, shopping. Oh. God. We are here, at pebbles. Bridal, which is actually, the salon where I bought my wedding dress. What. Did you're shopping is actually something that I think people think of as clamorous. And beautiful, and actually it can be really emotional what, ideas, do you have about what wedding dress shopping is like I feel like I'm, gonna need copious. Amounts of champagne, because my mom and I are gonna disagree on most everything, I haven't. Thought too much about what my wedding dress shopping, experience, is gonna look like but I do imagine, it to be glamorous and I imagine people to be crying, with me but, it sounds like that's not what it is yes, imagine that when you find the dress you, know immediately but, I don't think that's always the case, we'll. See, I'm. Also going to be trying on dresses with you yeah. Yes. I know I am, already married but, I didn't want to do a wedding dress video we're only straight sized people we're trying on the dresses so, I think being Plus lives kind of brings a different perspective to, the experience, and also because I would like you all to see that it's just as fun and can be just as cool I'm excited. To feel like a princess even, if it's like for five minutes, I am, excited, to try something, expensive, on, my body Wow. Hi. I'm Suzy the owner and operator of Pebbles Bridal in Woodland Hills I'm so excited to have you thank you so much for being here how, many people do you think a person should wedding. Dress shop with I think if it's somebody, that you wouldn't want in the delivery room, with you when you're delivering a baby perhaps, they can stay home and come to your first fitting I think, it's it's a lot I would really limit it maybe to your, mother or mother figure in your life and perhaps, a sibling or your, best friend as long. As she truly. Will always have your best interest in her it's like it your friend of me or like your bestie but you kind of like you know talk, about each other about it don't bring her this talking, will come to the fore absolutely, oh it will all bubbly, will sit right at the surface for the entirety of your planning, I'm like room a chain everything that you're saying in my job and I'm like okay, she's, not coming anywhere. So. One thing I actually really liked about the salon is nobody, encouraged, me to lose weight on my wedding I think a bride, should be able to walk into any store no, matter who she is and try on what she wants and I think of the industry, as a whole has been doing a really good job in inclusion there's a couple companies that extend, the size range to 38 and I think that that's really really great I want every bride to walk in here and know that there's something for them here. Alright. Here we are at, the racks so. When brides come in here typically how do they start looking for dresses some brides want to just be left alone and walk, through the racks and roam and pick some guys want me to hold their hands the entire way I think Devin and I want to roam the raft and redo it right feel like you don't feel that way yeah I love being coddled I'm a mom yeah and this is really good. Yeah oh you're, gonna pull some dresses for Chantelle and, we're, gonna pull this for ourselves yes also but also I'm, gonna pull a dress for, you, and also for you. Also very common practice how, often is the friends, dress a good dress. Just. For my purchase now my dress that I wore one. Of my bridesmaids pictures, we did, Jack. He's probably watching this video now being like at Raj okay you're hired Jackie, can one come work for me I actually, I didn't like it what you pulled it I was.

Like. Wrestling. A bride into the dresser just try, it on you're gonna like. Usually. The bride first comes in the first thing I ask is do you know where you're getting there let's go with a beach beach, okay what kind of vibe do you feel let's go like tropical. Beauty. Holidays. Biscuit. Yeah yeah yeah let's, do that overall. What's, cuts, do you like on your body like I actually have, like pretty, big boobs, okay and so I'm like I want to look hot because also I feel that there's a lot of wedding dresses they look really beautiful in, person but then in pictures you kind of lose the magic and so I want something that's like bold, yes. This. Actually reminds me a lot of your truck I was just gonna say that reminds me this has a lot of kind of like Gatsby vibe yes. What. If I wound, up picking the same dress that like Kristen got married at you, know what you did it well the first time I'm gonna do it well the second time so we've done this before I'm. Happy to do it again everybody back just. For fun so I want to try sparkle. Sparkle Sparkle. Or. Chantelle there's, a dress I saw I really want her to try on so. We're gonna pick that one. Carrying. Like a baby don't. Worry and we'll protect you I'm. Gonna make Devon, try on this one because I saw these dresses and I was like if I can't have her then, my friends, can't I think. They're both gonna like my choices. I've. Been wandering the, racks for the past like 20 or 30 minutes I realized, I have no idea what I want and I need an adult I happen to be one great, so, fabulous, they're all the same color but, they're all so different they, are exactly, so tell, me a little bit about what you thought you were seeking out when you were walking through the rocks so my imaginary, wedding Kay's in like the woods I wanted, to look like lace is just floating on my body like on your skin no man toot, they're like I'm ethereal, like I'm like a nymph okay within that look, are there certain style elements that you reveal of where I can do like a high neckline right because I got height but I can also do like a plunging, neckline so I don't have boobs okay overall, like I want everyone who's there to be like oh my god Devon's, a goddess we knew this sounds meeting her but now I'm really coming to the conclusion that she's a goddess got it okay. So. Last one, tattooed, lace yeah kind of fitted maybe. One that's like plunging, yep let's go over here somewhere mmm. Holy. Like. That yep, that's exactly it. I'm magic what, you turned.

Around And, picked it out that's what I got, is that one that one yes I'm now more excited for my imaginary wedding here, she comes. Oh. My. God she's a princess, and a bitch. Wow. You look amazing Deb, yeah, it's, cute okay. So that is a huge indicator for me yeah it's. Hugh is never, the one what do you don't like about it I love most of it I just don't, like being able to not move my arm and then like a little tight and a little bit matronly there, if it's not you it's not you yeah that's fine I'm still gonna be like wolf-whistles. I, can't whistle so I just have to say the word. Okay. I, mean this dress feels very naked but I love it my butt is literally the heart right now is, a symbol, of love affair, show me show me. Again. Like. It love, it I feel, the same this is an incredible. Dress but it doesn't, quite feel like you chantels. Commentary, about what she thinks is I think in my opinion the ideal way the friend who's been invited should, speak to the bride I think, it looks beautiful I don't necessarily feel your personality, coming through but this is based on cues that Devin might have given you know rather than should make well, I know you love it but I would never pick it for you like what you know so there, are always ways to word, things kindly, and good love especially, about something like this the thing about this dress is, that, I want to try it on oh. Yeah. This. Is a reality TV that cut to both of our face. And. I do it. And. I would only ever do that since, you said that you don't want this dress this would be perfect for the beach if you like oh we're gonna have you try this dress on oh the plot thickens, oh. My. God, this is gorgeous, Wow. If. Everything, I wanted the tattoo blaze it, looks like it's just on my body Wow. Plunging. Neckline. Do. Your, minds and grab a red veil yes don't, your mom's gonna lose her mind she. Is oh. I'm. Gonna cry. I'm. Gonna cry what, the hell I never thought I would have a veil like this I the. Veil is what makes you look like it's like oh you're getting me. Your. Wife and uh Wow. I. Did not think I would actually like look like a bride tonight I thought, I would look like Oh Devon in pretty dresses. Well. I was not prepared for that I'm ready to marry you off in this show you gave, me that look. Like. A saint. Think. Devon, of yelling. At people in trapping I. Think. This is another sign that I know this because they don't want to take it off oh that's. Usually, the tell-tale, sign so Suzie you pick this one out I did. Devon. You can come back and visit your dress anytime you want. Incredible. So. I saw this dress and I was just like someone, must wear it but who and. I only had two choices, that's. Why I picked Devin I think my mom would like this dress than us oh really. This, is definitely more in the vein of what most, moms would, envision their daughters in something very kind of like grand and princessy, and whether they mean to or not it just happens, this. Is what I would like for my mom when my mom gets married she's gonna wear that dress. Well. Done Chris you're, welcome. Sweetie. To me I'm afraid now. One. Two three, four. Just. Here, in a wedding dress. Oh, my. God it's Miss America.

What. You. Look like an actual mermaid look at my boom yeah. Yeah, look, at him this dress isn't even clipped up you know she's right simple, sight it's the sample size off the rattle perfect. I'm. Like blown, away so pretty how do you feel I love, it all right looking. At it from the back and like that's my photo. Me. Dancing it that's huge. So. Here's Chantelle in one of the dresses demin. Tries dammit. That's how that dress is supposed to work. Wow. Wow. Do you love it oh. Wait here time with you close your eyes turn, and face the mirror oh no. Am. I gonna crack I mean I'm already crying if, I'm already crying have it open my eyes. Wow. Oh. My. God you, were born for a cathedral-length, train that, just mean really long yeah. Catch. A breeze just right that's like an epic yeah we need a Beyonce. Fans. Wow. I mean it's almost like it's so perfectly, symmetrical, looking from the back so actually really can you raise your arms it's like, did. You know that I'm a ghost. And. Beauty. I, feel. Like it's the type of dresser. It's like if I looked back at that photo like 40 years from now I'd be like oh yes. Cow, grandma. Was hot. Oh, my. Goodness. This. Is my favorite one I think we'll pick this one out oh. It's, all Susie how do you feel shocked Oh objectively. I'm like oh this is an absolutely, gorgeous dress, it doesn't quite feel like me okay, yeah I kind of got that vibe from you you kind of look like you're a bride at the four seasons, my teddy mr., Rockefeller, Carnegie, Mellon, will. Be by with four, gold doubloons later, to, pay for my gown yeah. They. Feel, like that's the ponies I. Want. To try on this dress you, can time. Your wedding does basically, is, beautiful, in the end Wow oh, my, god the Sugar Plum Fairy is here. I. Do love, just, how wispy, it is. Because. Of my bust, it makes me look. A little bit like larger, on top and I actually am, really but, I like the feel of it but now that I have dresses where you can see my boy I'm like but what about my body. Here, is Kristin's. Pick what if it Oh. So, spark, very doable you look like an angel for. A second I like I saw your face I was like oh beautiful. No, okay good okay, good, I'm so Burdick I was like give me something ha give me something shows that looks, good from every angle that's, what this is, basically, you look very statuesque, you look very tall and you. Are standing on the step stool so that helps but uh what, did you do with your hair in this one. I. Love. I love hearing Mike whisper wow. Wow. That's. You. Like it was perfect for her. Your, boobs look a plus like. Aspirational. Aspirational. Your boobs might be double D's but they're an a-plus, in my book I'm. Heartbroken, I will, never get to marry her but. At least she'll go to a nice. Home. Like. A dog. Hey. Wait. Wait wait. Wait, oh we need to do a rear wedding. Kristen. You, look like a movie. Star. Yes. Wow. I. Know I. Like, definitely didn't try on dresses like this why cuz, I it was we're going to me I was like moving too much or, like noon I just couldn't really want to like worry about it so that's why I went for like big and billowy although, even as I'm talking to you I'm like oh. Yeah. I feel beautiful not comfortable, sorry. That's. Not my job I don't sell mattresses. Can. We see a veil oh yeah. No. Debbie. Wow. Kristen. You. Look like. That. Veil is, also, just gorgeous with it it complements, it so perfectly. I love a cathedral-length. Veil like. One else I can't, stop smiling my, face hurts it's so pretty it just looks so good I really, didn't trying any mermaid dresses I was like no I can't do that but here we are well, I think in retrospect we can all say now like it's good to just get, your feet wet try other things the worst thing that can happen is it's not the one and you just move on you look hot my feet are wet I am a mermaid. Wow. Is. It rude to be like I like this better than your wedding dress. Wow. Talk. About it show. Kristen. Do a pose oh. Look. At you, Holy Mother. Honestly. This would have gone along with the theme of your wedding I know how, do we get Brian to propose to you again he does something bad I'm sure we get him too.

Wait. Is this my favorite one I know. Oh, and. How it's layered. Oh, my. God I love the little 3d elements in it like those little 3d flowers you're so delicate sweet, this. Is my favorite one I love deeply very warm but the other thing that. I. Wanted something like a little bit like I'm, a fairy princess yeah. Oh here, okay close your eyes oh this. Dress is so pretty and. Look, and, look Wow. This, veil and this, dress, wha-wha-wha, wha-wha-wha-wha, Wow it looks like all the fairy tales together, it looks like Alice in Wonderland it. Looks like Cinderella, fairy. Tale bitch. We. Were really wedding-dress shopping right now I'd have you go put on the mermaid come on again and then, this, one again and then I would cry this is just beautiful. They're. Both such different, looks that you look amazing and both of them which one do you like best, I don't know I have one more try. This. I think is the combination. Really. It's. The mermaid dress what, we saw from the last one, Wow. Right, did you just make, those two dresses have a baby I did I'm also a matchmaker. It's. Beautiful. I like, the color on you a lot too oh no this is kind of like the creamy like Moscato, color. Look. At dresses like this when I was shopping I was looking at things there were a little bit more Nye County, a little bit more like Buttercup. Ganic cuz I thought like oh I, can't do a dress like this but. Here we are here we are. Mermaid was the cut for, you it was like everything I wanted sparkly, it, shows my body yeah, slightly different direction with the veiled to kind of those linear. Beaded, elements. That. Is a Gore Jeff. I'm. Crying, already. Wait. Susie did you pick this one out. Mm. Honestly. My punch is good stuff on its own but I really honestly a good partner is essential, in. A dress in a marriage I. Did. Not expect to get that emotional, I have nowhere near, getting, married, but you put that dress in the veil on the flowers and my hands and suddenly I'm just like a little spring fountain. So. Fun to I do, and then when you guys came out dresses, and look like princesses, oh my god I think I got more emotional, seeing the, two of you in the dresses, versus seeing myself in, the dresses, maybe you didn't find your dress today I don't know I loved, all of them though there were your favorite dresses of the day I really love the one that you picked out for me and I really like the one that I stole from Devin who's your favorite, that one that Suzy picked out oh my, god I love that one and then I also loved the one that you picked out as well that. Was really, really nice. But. Yeah what was your favorite my favorite dress was the one that Suzy picked at the end Moscato, with, the silver beading mermaid, it. Was beautiful. This. Is actually really nice. Very. Fun and I think it's really good to like bolster, your confidence, and make you feel really, beautiful that's, something that I think a lot of women, don't get to do that often I mean you don't get to go to a bridal shop and try on dresses but you know when you do you want to feel good doing it well, you should if you don't feel good doing it you should go somewhere else that you do feel good at like your two locations. New. Locations, to serve you one in Woodland Hills what an orange Sony. Trying. On wedding dresses lady. Tested, lady, dresses. Not. Hot, Oh got Stevie, got, sweaty.

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Hi y’all! This is my video that I produced. I have actually been planning this video for a long time — all spring, actually. We shot it on April 24th. If you go to my Twitter you can actually see that I tweeted about shooting this video before Saf’s video even came out. It’s wedding season — there is gonna be a lot of wedding content happening everywhere. Sometimes stuff like this just happens, but I’m not going to kill a video just because of a coincidence — because everyone is allowed to try things. Hope this helps, thanks! —Kristin

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I feel like Mike needs a camera on him at all times for videos like this!! I want to see his reactions!!

Loved this! going shopping for my dress in the next couple of weeks

Can anyone out here help me find what the dress that Devin is standing next to is called? I'm searching with no luck so far, my mom is getting married and it would be PERFECT. Thanks to anyone that could help!

Is Kristin still married?

You ladies looked like amazing goddesses! I've been married for almost 15 years now and had I have known about Susie's place I would have gone....that place is amazing and she is such a wonderful person that seems like she could make anyone comfortable and feel amazing too.

“WOAHHH She’s a princess and a Bi*ch”-Kristin 2019

*my mom looks to my step dad* *I cry*

I love these ladies so much, but i have come to the conclusion that Devin and i would be fantastic friends. Not only do i describe her in my head that way, but that's also how i would describe my inner self. So in a way, Devin is like my spirit animal. Loved this video. You ladies are unbelievably gorgeous!!!! I cried for each of these reveals at one point or another. Ugh, magic!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

Did chantel say “YAY KITCHEN

Can Susie pick my dress for me? Damn, she is good.

I just watched this, but this came out on y birthday! Best birthday surprise ever!! lol

Oml I am like Devon when it comes to people trying on wedding dresses! Sobbing. You all are so dang beautiful

I believe women are equal and deserve respect PT Tommy Mac - SOULJA CRY

Am I the only one who thought she looked like Emma Watson from the thumbnail?

Anyone know where to find the techno air on the g string that starts around 14:07?

16:19 she can renew her vows in it

That laugh

I want Kristin's 2nd dress. What's the name of it?

+August Grove that's such a fun idea!

Kristin can you tell us the name of the sparkly on you tried on?! I'm in love!!!!

Jessica B Not really, since Ladylike is in the business of deleting negative comments.

They make women look like frosted white cup cakes .They pay thousands of dollars to look silly for one day

I wish Chantelle would change that hairstyle

Kristin is so beautiful. She has great style and she looks good in anything

Does anyone know the designer of the dress in 10:54? :)

Susie knows her wedding dresses!! whenever i get married i know who to run to

She is a princess and a b*tch.

Susie is a gem, I love her energy!


Did anyone else think this was about to be a surprise proposal for Dev when she was in the dress she loved??

Chantel kind of reminds me of Ariana Grande

I really enjoyed this video and it was so fantastic to have Susie on there as such a great example of how a bridal stylist should be with an appointment but I just want to quickly make the disclaimer that you should NOT go to try on wedding gowns just for fun. A bridal stylist is almost always on commission and her performance is ranked on a conversion rate and possibly sales per hour... if you go to just play dress up you are literally ruining her job performance. Please be considerate of her and the store's time. Now if you are actually getting married and you just didn't find the right dress at the store or didn't have a great experience that is a totally different scenario.

+Susie O You're welcome! I've actually been to the Pebbles store in Placentia and had a very enjoyable experience. I also manage a bridal salon in Whittier so I want to look out for our industry. We always want brides to have an exceptional experience when they are searching for their gown but I also have to protect our stylists from those "playing dress up" appointments.

And Thank you!!!

Amanda Jones Couldn't have said it better myself!

I think the second the last dress that christian wore was so cute on her

Now I'm sad that Devin isn't getting married bc I freaking loved that dress that she loved

so many positive vibes in this vid

Susie is ahmazing. ❤️ She was so charismatic, tactful, and really listened and cared about each individual lady. All of them looked so, so beautiful.

Thank you!!!

Omg I can't stop cryyyyinnnnng!!!!


16:30-16:39 exactly what I said when I saw that there was this video. Me whenever I see that there’s a new Ladylike video

I cried and laughed all throughout this video even though I don’t know these beautiful, badass ladies. I’ve been watching you all for years and I feel like I’m your mother, if that’s not creepy! You all look so damn beautiful

its ladylike, and we're going to cry!


I thought Kristen was divorced. Am I missing something?

Nobody: Mike: “wöw”

Everything Kristin tried on is so beautiful. OMG

Favourite dresses: Dev-the one that the stylist picked Chantel-the first one Kristen-3rd (I think)

Can you guys link up with the lady from nail career education maybe like doing your own nails on each other .

The last one chantel tried on made her look like Fiona when she was a human

PSA: dont get the idea to go out and do this with your friends just to try on wedding dresses after watching this. Obviously this is a planned video and the bridal salon knew they were doing this. HOWEVER if you go out and do this you are wasting your consultants time. I cant tell you how many times I've had "brides" come out and try dresses and waste 2+ hours of my time because they just wanted to see what it was like. Most bridal consultants are paid by commission.

I loved this video, I just wish they had told us the prices of the dresses so we’d have an idea if we loved one of them, if we could afford it

beautiful women, inside and out ❤️

Damn I want to get married now

I loved when she said omg devins a goddess lol

this makes my say-yes-to-the-dress-loving side v happy

Legit cried when devin had the last dress on. Wow!!

Wow chantel looked soooo beautiful in every single dress

Fetch the ponies!

Kristin gotta renew her vows for a new dress

Feel a little jealous they tried so many dresses My first dress was the one

I love Susie. She's amazing

Kristen’s wedding gown looks so much like mine the one at the end that’s crazy, we must have good taste

I just don't like Devin, she just doesn't feel genuine to me :(


Devon's third dress... when she came out I was awed. Chantelle's fifth dress, Kristen's pick and the one Devon wore were both beautiful. The one Devon wore first made her look like Aphrodite coming out of the shell at her birth. Kristen's fourth dress was amazing. Paired with the third veil would have been even better.

I want to see more of Susie!!

I got emotional

when you try to turn on a car 14:26

Kick all the republicans and conservatives out of our beautiful country

Yeahhh impeach trump

I don't normally make comments. But my jaws dropped with Kristen in the first dress.

you all looked so prety in all the dresses

My wedding dress was also picked by my best friend, sister and mom. They grouped up against me and I actually loved it :D

bro susie had me once she said mother or mother figure say yes to inclusivity!!!

omg the fourth dress that Chantel tried on is my dress.

I actually want to marry Chantelle


I wish I could visit your salon! You're so positive and understanding to your customers!

I love your personality

at Least she has a reason to be wedding dress shopping.

I was waiting for this comment lol

Finally someone that thought the same thing than me

i didn't. ladylike is sOO original

LMAO y’all always have to say this but SOME HOW this coincidence keeps happening

Moar Herris They do. I had mine deleted and it wasn’t even that negative.

Really like the owner. And friends who go to SYTTD should take notes of her pointers.

Omg Devin talking about her being a goddess is hella mood!

4:48 the dress behind Chantel is the one my step mum wore for her wedding

i prefer kristens 3rd dress

Devin has my body type.

I’m crying too

6:10 OMG! SO ME HAHA, love you Devin

"If I can't have her, my friends can!" Hahaha same Kristen

Oh my lord y’all are so beautiful and while I love Chantel and Kristen, when I saw Devin in the one she didn’t want to take off in the veil I was like *has to stop close her eyes for a moment because I already loved this angelic woman cuz Shes just an amazing and strong beautiful lady but now I worship this goddess (I do think the world of all of the ladylike women because they are shamelessly themselves and I love everything about each of them❤️❤️❤️❤️)

Devin's smile is so gorgeous ❤❤❤

Hair goals = Chantel's hair Spirituality goals = Devin Confidence goals = Kristen Friendship goals = This group of wonderful people, ladylike, the amazing crew, anyone that's a part of ladylike productions, and any guests.

I love Kris' peach floral dress!

Do the dress for your Vowel renewal ceremony!!!

Wish I could've seen Freddy do this one with you guys

I love the wedding dress lady, L.O.V.E

Are any of them actually getting married? Or even dating anyone?

I wish jen was here......

This reminds me of when Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe tried on wedding dresses even though they weren’t getting married

Susie is a goddamn icon!!! she's so good at this omg

susie is a miracle worker

Lol if I ever get married my dad would probably pick the best dress. I once forced him to go sunglass shopping with me for a Jenna from PLL costume and I got so many compliments on my "perfect jenna glasses" I'd made him watch a few episodes of PLL and he said he was just looking for "the biggest ones that made you look like a bug"

What was the actual name of the third dress Kristin tried on?? By Stella York? I’m so obsessed

I wonder if Devin’s boyfriend watched this video

Kristin: "How often is the friend's pick a good dres-?" Employee: "-Never." :|

Honestly, Devin crying at the dresses is the purest thing. ❤️

Can I just say Devin’s look and overall vibe is so cool and she just seems like such a genuinely lovely person

First time watching. Enjoying every moment. Beautiful gowns

I'm crying watching this


Ok i lovr devin

Now when I'm deiving Imma prey to saint Devin to not get road rage

This made me feel lesbians


I love the owner's hand movements. Specially when Chantel said I like to be cuddled and she said I'm a mom and gestured with hands, arms and fingers... so lovely ♡

Susie is gorgeous!


remember when chantel was afraid to show her boobs because she was self-conscious? shes come so far in terms of her self confidence and I'm so happy for her!!

susie is so nice i love her

I'm 16 in a week, I'm watching this while no where near getting married and now I wanna get married so I can do this

I loved my wedding dress so much. I went wedding dress the first time by myself so I knew what I thought without being influenced by others.

Kristin, you literally looked like a hollywood goddess sexy badass (insert all related adjectives) to the point where I had to pause the video, and gawk at you in that 1st dress. That silhouette was made for you, darling.

i love susie!!

Got married this April in a beautiful Sottero gown, ahhh this makes me emotional

That Susie lady is such good vibes for this kind of experience. Bar my profile pic, I'm actually a girl haha and would LOVE to have someone with Susie's personality and overall vibe help me pick out my wedding dress one day

This should be "If You say WOW you Lose!!!!" Lmao they're saying wow like a lot like literally A LOT

I don’t know why this got so many dislikes. This was so sweet and charming and heartwarming to watch.

Hey Eileen! That's McKinley by Enzoani. Gorgeous!

Oh my gosh Chantels hair is beautiful♡


Kristen needs to get re-married like 100+ times

*Kristen is my queeeen*

Love Suzy

devin is so funny i love watching videos with her in these videos

love when my girl kristin rep

Where is jen

11:49 look at that face lmao

Loved this video yall are so great

These are the women that I wish could have been there when I tried on/bought mine. :-)

I would have had a colored one. Like dark purple with black or dark Blue, deep green and silver in velvet. Green velvet, silver cord and trim.

I love the black one! I didn't get to have a "proper wedding" when I got married. No wedding dress, simple cake from Safeway, married by my mother in law, few friends, at a mall in front of a Burlington. That part was FREE too.

I love Susie. She's hilarious

I suddenly want to marry Chantel and have her babies❤️

this video just makes me excited to one day have the wedding of my dreams to the girl of my dreams lmao

10:47 well done cris your welcome

I love how encouraging they are of each other! They all look stunning.

I love this store owner! She’s hilarious and sweet.

I was sparked with happiness see devin and chantel in these wedding dresses

0:21 April 24 is my birthday!!!!

Someone explain the person hiding behind a chair at 7:44

I didn’t know Kristin was married

She's hit even getting married and she crying

Personally I don’t think a wedding dress necessarily is meant to show off your body to the public and display yourself like that.

I really like the layered flower dress!!

Wow, Suzie's choices were spot on! You girls all looked ABSOLUTELY stunning!!

Random question IS ANYONE A BLINK!?!?!

Devin babe, that's your wedding dress. Book.It.

Devon crying for 21 minutes straight

Devin is my fashion icon and I aspire to be her except I’m not a tall, Amazonian goddess so 5’5” will have to do

I cried when I found my wedding dress

I genuinely thought they were going to say "It's Ladylike and we're going to cry a lot!"

Watching this video makes me wish I could work at a dress shop lol I wanna sit there and cry with all the brides when they find their perfect dresses haha

All I can think about is that one friends episode

Susie seems so genuinely sweet

Chantel with her boobs in those dresses is me in literally everything

Susie seems like a cool gal!

Honestly weird timing

I swear these intros get more cheesy every single video

+Sam Cause she isn't. Possibly in the future,but it's not right now. Not trying to be rude,but I really have no other words to describe why she isn't, cause she feels she isn't ready,or maybe hasn't met the right guy,or is just not the right time.

Why isn't she getting married???

This actually confused me. Why are you trying on wedding dresses when you aren't getting married? For the experience? To show people what it's like? There are thousands of videos about women going wedding dress shopping. Plus, a number of TV programs dedicated to just that. So...... this was a confusing vid. ^^;;; At least the consultant was nice, fun, and engaging. :)

You all look so, so, SO beautiful!!

Fuck yes! Positive plus size thoughts!

Imagine a latex wedding dress, that's all white, and white latex boots, I think that would be everything, also its 11:42 pm.

Chantel looked so good in all of those dresses

I really want to go here when I am getting married because I want to have a beautiful dress and know that I won't be told to lose weight as I am bigger. all three girls are different sizes and they all found dresses that they loved.



Both devin and chantel wen kristin was in her last dress were the faces who were in the sight of beauty

I cried when devin put on the vail

I want to see Jen go Wedding Dress shopping

They’re good friends. Some of the dresses they didn’t really like but they pumped up the one wearing it anyway.

I love my mum to pieces but the only person I want in the delivery room with me is my husband

i love susie so much WE STAN


Devin = Goddess

Kristin: it's all tit!


@13:51 Kristen's reaction. love it. lol

The owner is such a nice woman I loved her sense of humor

I'm so glad that the comments are all so positive and wholesome especially with all of the unnecessary drama going on right now. Everything about this video was amazing and beautiful and I'm so glad other people saw that as well. Side note: Devin, you're not alone girl I was almost crying with you throughout this video

Chantel in the second dress looks like ursella as a human at her wedding


I love Susie, that’s all I’ve to say she’s just lovely and fun yet caring all at once

And now Devin and Chantel will announce their engagement

Chantel just sounds like a bitter friend

i cried well watching this

i cried before they even tried on the dresses

chantelles first dress was so HOT

devin should wear a veil everyday.

kris tins my faveeeee

I’m a fairy tale b*tch ❤️

My wedding ring is also custom made. But it has a vintage design. :)

Hannah Eley I’m not crying either

Lmao the fact that got have to justify it. Yall have ripped off her videos before sis this isn't anything new

Why is devin actually me

ShE's A pRiNcEsS aNd A b*tCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technically I am plus size and they had two dresses I could wear when I went lol which is why I am having a seamstress make it for me.

Why did I cry watching this

Are Devin or Chantel engaged?

Just renew your vows Kristen

can the stylist join ladylike???!!!

You guys... i think a Devon and Chantel ship is gonna begin... and I'm LIVING FOR IT. DEVON + CHANTEL = CHANVON

Okay, but kinda wanted to see someone try on a black wedding dress

DEVAN!11!!!!1!11!!! so beautiful, inside and out

Get used to trying them on for fake,cause no one is gonna marry you hogs

8:24 I luv this past so much I keeps running it through my head

I’m getting Sandra oh vibes from the owner (in the best way)

My friends and Ali did this. We went wedding dress shopping and tried on random dresses. Here’s the thing... we are all in high school. I guess you’re never too young to start searching...

Man, I'm nowhere NEAR getting married and I don't live in California, yet I wish I did just so I could wedding dress shop here! Legit 3 minutes in and I love the store already

1:23 Jeffree Star's life motto

Kristen could you take Freddie & Jen pretty please

Tlc vibes

As much as I love my Indian weddings and all the fancy outfits we get to wear, this looks so much fun and I really want to do this lol.

delete comments is cool yeah

I wish LadyLike didn't play in to so many stereotypes

Thanks for the size talk its really important to hear it

Why did I actually cry when Devin put the dress on?

Devin in all of her dresses HAD BODY, I was absolutely stunned

Kristen trying on the layered dress with the veil HAD ME WEEPING

When devin tried on the veil I started tearing up a bit, STUNNING.

Hi! Could you please do an experiment where 3 of you guys go without listening to music for one week.

How do I make my hair look like Chantels????

They all look so beautiful

You guys all looked sooooooo beautiful!!!!! :)

I cried at Devon’s dress

Kristen just needs to be a bride. Like quit your day job and become a full time bride

where is Freddie and Jen.

This was such a sweet video!!! You ladies all brought out the best in one another

The fact that Devin cries at almost everything is such a mood and I relate so hard

Love Suzie! Bring her back!

Famous words by Chantelle “look at my boobs!”

Very weird that you all are trying on wedding dresses when you’re not getting married. Like looking for baby strollers when you’re not pregnant

The owner is such a great person to talk to

So is anyone actually getting married?

Just realizing you published this video on my actual wedding day.

You all looked so beautiful ❤️

Bro im balling right now!

NEXT EPISODE OF LADYLIKE: Women go Wedding Dress Shopping While on Their Periods

Chantel's hair is life

Watched this video after a few glasses of wine and honestly, the years keep pouring

Kristin looks so damn good in wedding dresses!

i'm crying

I love how emotional this is yet it’s not real

What about my bwody

Who else would try on that amazing black dress? It was fantastic.

Ladylike Hi Kristin, I looked on your Twitter on April 24 but didn’t see it. Was it an earlier date? Thanks and I appreciate you taking the time.

Susie was amazing but i cant stand Kristin she‘s so annoying.

Wow they all looked sooo beautiful in all of the dresses. And how the owner made them feel welcomed, comfortable and helped them was great.

kristin's real wedding dress is so pretty, omg she was such a beautiful bride

Suzie was so cool and awesome.

Freddie needed to be there

I love this video, I literally felt like I was sitting on the couch with them admiring each beautiful look!! Even brought a couple tears to my eyes (; This was an awesome start to my morning

Trying tuxes with Jen?

I wanna redo my wedding now....

Devin can wear a burlap sack & still look good

Love everything about this video! Hilarious comments, fantastic shop-owner, beautiful dresses, and the amazing gals of Ladylike killing it as usual.

Chantel looks gorgeous in 4/5 dresses she tried on

It's wonderful to see such vulnerability, and such expressions of love and desire to be loved.

when Devin was like ok can't bring her she was totally thinking of Jen hahaha

Chantel you should tell me how you get your hair so thick!!

I cried with this! They looked gorgeous!

I tried on over 40 dresses, ended up really loving 3 of them, and I absolutely adore my final decision- definitely don't expect to have only one "aww the one" moment. I also brought all 5 of my bridesmaids (we've been friends since elementary school, plus my little sis) and my mom (and mom-in-law when she was available) to most of the bridal boutiques, it was wonderful having all the ladies closest to me there. Also, the dress my bridesmaids decided on was from our local Pebbles!

Chantel looks good in everything

When I went dress shopping the consultants ignored me. I think they thought I was messing around because I looked so young even though I wasn't, until I found one and told the lady I wanted it and then they shaped up real fast to help me

I've been in a funk this week, and this video was just what I needed to lift my spirits. Thank you, LadyLike! Also, as a bridal shop employee, all of Susie's advice was spot on: no large groups, bring only a few people you trust to be honest and kind, leave the bitter b*tches at home, don't be afraid to ask your consultant for help, pay attention to verbal indicators from the bride or your group, and don't let your entourage put you down. CONGRATS TO ANY LOVELY POTENTIAL BRIDES WATCHING THIS, AND STAY BEAUTIFUL!

Did anybody see that creeeeepy blurred face at 7:41 just duck behind and chair and disappear

I think I'm in love with the woman who owns the shop. She knows how to behave like a kind considerate person while getting the job done. In the world of "reality shows" and "bitchiness sells" she's a welcome change.

I cannot rest until I know Chantel’s hair secrets.

I'm only 17, but this video has me fantasizing about getting married

Kristin where did you get your pink dress from? I love it!!

did anyone notice devyns earrings

What do I have to do to spend a day with Kristen?? Because I feel like we’d have the best time....but also the whole ladylike crew ♥️

Dangit, now i’m crying too.

This video helped distract me while I got a tattoo just now. Thanks.

kawaii! ウェディングドレス似合いますね。個人的には長袖のが好みでした…(*´艸`*)

I work bridal and i thought she would look amazing in a mermaid

I really appreciate including Kristin in the dress try-ons, I always wonder when a plus sized person wants a wedding dress, what the employees think and how much selection we have when we go.

Literally copy’s Safire nygard smh

Susie needs a show.

Kristin should be a wedding dress model!!

Dev reminds me of Rosebud Baker

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