WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Sept. 18 - Trudeau Brownface, Vaping Ads, Hudson Brooks

WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Sept. 18 - Trudeau Brownface, Vaping Ads, Hudson Brooks

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You. You. Tonight, on CBC, Vancouver news brownface. Bombshell. A 2001. Photo, of Justin Trudeau at a Vancouver, party, rocks, the federal election campaign also, it's. Concerning, for sure I mean we really don't want one, I used to be using these products Canada's. First vaping, related, illness, puts a teen in the ICU, and. It's. Devastating. It's. Devastating an angry. Mother charges. State against, an RCMP, officer. Who fatally shot a, young South Surrey man. In. 2001. When. I was a teacher out in Vancouver I attended. An end-of-year, gala, where, the theme was Arabian. Nights and I, dressed. Up in Aladdin. Costume, and, put, makeup on I. Shouldn't. Have done it I. Should. Have known better but I didn't. A. Hasty. Apology. On the campaign, plane tonight from, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. After. This photo surfaced, of, him wearing, brown face makeup it. Dates back 18. Years to, when he was a teacher at West Point Grey Academy, in Vancouver. Good. Evening the backlash, has been Swift tonight with the photo making waves across the country and right around the world Dan Barret joins us live now on this story dan what more is Justin, Trudeau saying tonight Justin. Trudeau is acting, contrite, he, looks embarrassed and, he says he, ought to have known better, the. Photo was getting attention from media around the world Trudeau. And the Liberals happened going after other candidates, and other parties for inappropriate, comments and photos in this, election but now it's, his turn to respond asked, if he would resign today Trudeau, says he's going to ask Canadians. To forgive, him he, admits this is not the first time he's dressed up like this. Was. In high school. Justin. Trudeau on the campaign plane tonight Dan now what are other party leaders saying about this well, we spoke with Doug Meade sing before Justin, Trudeau issued, his apology, Singh is not, impressed. Well. It's troubling I mean it's really it's insulting. Anytime, we hear examples of brown face or black face saying it's really it's it's it's, making a mockery of someone, for what they live and what the relived experiences, are I. Think. He needs an answer for it he's, got to answer the question why he did that, now. Green Party leader Elizabeth May says in a tweet she is shocked by the racism, shown in the photo and a mas and he must apologize, quote for, the harm done, and commit to learning and appreciated, in, the requirement, to model social justice leadership, at all levels of government in, this matter he has failed we're still went in to hear from conservative, leader Andrew, Shearer meanwhile, the National Council of Muslim Canadians, called this deeply saddening, and they called on Trudeau to unequivocally. Apologize, a short time ago they tweeted we thank the Prime Minister for his apology, it came less than an hour after the council called on him to apologise for wearing brown face / black face promises, made promises. Kept that is the NCCM. Way and we'll have much more on this story tonight at, 11 Anita Mike and not only at 11:00 we'll actually have more on this story later in the show including, reaction from people here in Vancouver, thank you Dan you bet a teen. In Ontario, was put on life support after, vaping. It's, the first Canadian, case to link the use of e-cigarettes, to respiratory illnesses.

It Comes after hundreds, of similar reports, in the u.s. a number, of them fatal as Leon, young reports, there is growing concern, here in BC and how, to stop teens, from, the harmful, practice. Kongo. Cream tropica. Or perhaps you'd like to escape with some ice watermelon. The, many flavors of the vape world and it's got some hooked Joe, Chu says he sees teens trying to buy from his store far too often every day yeah, like they're like like 10 minutes ago there's a guy walking there he I thought he's an adult and, eventually. I asked him to, show, me his ID and here was only 18, years old to be inside a vape shop like this you have to be at least 19. Years old and the. Product can't be displayed, or seen from the outside and so walls are blacked, out but, despite these rules teens across the country are embracing, vaping in a big way and getting their hands on the products, in Ontario. T needed to be put on life support after, doing it daily as. Far as we're aware this is the first case of baby. It. Comes after more than 300, cases of severe illness in the u.s. some, of them the teens died in, 2013, the BC Adolescent, Health Survey, found 16. Percent of grades 7 through 12 students, have, vaped with nicotine, in the, latest survey that, number, grew to 21%, more than one in five teens young, people what selling is it is cool to vape youth, researcher, Annie Smith worked with teens to analyze, that data and she's, heard misconceptions. Some, teens don't think vaping is harmful at all others, say because, there's little long-term, research you can't prove yet if it's bad for you young, people will make informed decisions. When they have the, information in front of them but, we as adults are scrambling, to pull that information together we, are caught in this tricky. Situation, of regulating. This product in such a way that, it becomes less attractive, to youth, but. Remains attractive for adult addicted smokers who can't or won't quit smoking cigarettes he, argues more needs to be done to regulate, the products and its marketing, the province agrees and says more, work needs to be done doing the work will involve tougher. Laws doing. The work will involve more enforcement, doing the work will involve engaging with young people but, that will take time experts. Say don't hold your breath just put down the vape if you can, Leanne Young CBC, News Vancouver. And. With, health problems linked, to vaping on the rise India. Is clamping, down on the industry, as a whole. Production. Manufacturing. Import/export. Transport. Or, sale. Or even. Distribution. And. Storage. And. Advertisement. Relating, EC grades are all. Banned. The, ban is being imposed through an executive order of cabinet, and must be approved by lawmakers in, the next session of Parliament, later next year this, year rather those, who break the new law could face jail time of, up to 3 years the, $7,000 fine or both the, cabinet says this step is needed to ensure each cigarette use doesn't become an epidemic, in the country, it's not clear whether the actual, use, of e-cigarettes, will. Also be banned. Meanwhile. Two US states are also cracking, down on e-cigarettes, bans. In New York and Michigan include. Almost all flavored. Vaping, liquids, in New, York only menthol, and tobacco flavors, will still be on the shelves Michigan. Is going further, banning, menthol, flavors as well the, vans come after, a seventh, person died, from a vaping related illness in that country, US, President Donald, Trump has publicly, discussed, implementing.

A Similar. Ban nationwide. Family. And supporters, of a young man shot to death by an RCMP, officer. In 2015, are in, shock tonight charges. Against the officer, have now been stayed, constable. Elizabeth. Kuchar and had been charged with assault with a weapon and aggravated assault, for, shooting 20-year, old Hudson Brooks. He, died after what police described, as a physical, struggle outside, the South Surrey RCMP. Detachment Brooks. Was unarmed, shirtless, and shoeless, and behaving, erratically, after. Consuming alcohol and, cocaine the, charges were stayed because crown decided, the officer behaved reasonably, in, the circumstances. A. Young, boy nine times. Nine. Times at, close range. Excited. Delirium and, that's why you're not gonna do this well, guess what everybody, half, a canada better watch out because when you're walking down the street and you need help he'll, get shot nine times go. Through four and a half years. Complete. Help, Jennifer. Brooks thank the community for its support, and her fight for justice. Here. RCMP, are searching for two suspects. And a stolen car after. A carjacking, at, ubc, a woman. Told police she was returning to her car on 10th floor of the West parkade on the lower mall when two men approached her she said one produced, a small handgun, and demanded her, keys the. Men escaped in the woman's car a 2007. Kia Spectra, license. Plate number is 3:08. Psg. Police. Warn the public to, call 9-1-1 and not to approach the car if it's seen. New. Pictures of the severed cable, from the sea to sky gondola, have been released as part of a report confirming, the damage was, intentional. The, report from technical, safety bc says the cable was partially, cut before, the remaining strands, snapped under the weight of the gondola, cabins, and that, otherwise, there's no evidence, the cable was defective, in any way parts. Of the report including, how the cable was cut are redacted, in light of the RCMP, investigation, technical. Safety BBC calls the vandalism, extremely. Dangerous and that, whoever cut the cable and anyone near the gondola, cabins when they fell could have been badly hurt or killed. People. Who use drugs on Vancouver's, Downtown Eastside. Are being negatively impacted. By police, according, to a new study but. As the CBC's, estefania, Duran reports, tonight not everyone agrees with the study. The. Sight of police officers. In the Downtown Eastside is common, on patrol, walking, the beat making. Arrests, but, a new study says that very presence. Is putting people's lives at risk some. Of the routine policing. Practices like, parking, outside of an overdose prevention site, like stopping people and running their warrants, like. An, intensified. Presence, in and around overdose prevention sites, another intern since all, of these things mean that people don't go to them. Some, also reported, that they hesitate, when it's time to call paramedics for. Fear the police may show up as well but, not everyone, agrees with the study pulling, it out of date and not reflective, of the current situation we, also have. Expanded. Overdose prevention services. In Vancouver, since the study took place and the, data shows that many. Many people are visiting these sites in fact the numbers have increased dramatically. Since the study took place and that's evidence, that people are, able to access the, sites another, change has been legal protection. For those calling 911. Overdose. And while, she sees some truth in the study she, stopped short at blaming, police saying, their role in the Downtown Eastside is instrumental. We, also have, implemented, new treatment, services, in Vancouver, with funding from, both the provincial government, and the federal government and the, police department, is now helping, us to direct people to, those treatment, services, rather, than to the criminal justice system but, some residents in the Downtown Eastside say, there's still a long way to go, it's not good and a lot of your normal average folks, will. Brush, it off no like you, probably they, deserved it you know and sort of this naive. Idea. That we, can trust, the. Police but the fact is. There's. Kind of a. Culture. Of. Boletus, we. Reached out to the Vancouver Police for comment, but they declined, estefanía. Lauren CBC. News Vancouver. The. Broadway subway, extension in Vancouver, is becoming, a little clearer today the, province has now revealed the locations, of the stations, on the line the, extension, from VCC Clark, will have six stops great, northern wave Mount Pleasant Broadway. City Hall Fairview. Vgh. South. Grand ville and Arbutus.

The, Last five stations, will be on the underground, portion, of the line Broadway. City Hall will connect the extension to the Canada Line the, project is budgeted, to cost two point eight billion, dollars. Meteorologist. Brad Sowder hom joins us now with our first check of the forecast that, turned out to be pretty, nice today yeah it definitely was it was a nice surprise in some ways to see the Sun and to feel it first thing this morning but, it gave me a reason to think about how rainy has been so far this month and I wanted to crunch the numbers for, you in Vancouver at least throughout the month of September, we would average about 51, millimeters of rain we're only getting into about the third week now of September, we've already seen 65, millimetres so we are above average and in fact a third of that fell on a single, day and that was last Thursday that broke the dry spell that we had been seeing for, the entire month now, is there more rain in the forecast there, will be a little, bit but for the most part it is going to be a drying trend until we get to the weekend you can see right here on our satellite image radar, imagery there isn't a lot going on there are some nice blue skies in fact and temperatures. As far as there concern are very close to seasonal, so definitely a nice change from what we've been seeing a little bit earlier on now, our temperatures, for the overnight period these are gonna be getting down to the low side it is worth mentioning that if you're out toward Richmond, us even Surry we could go down to a single digits, making it about nine degrees for the overnight period, but, for the downtown core at least we'd be looking closer to about 12 degrees and as far as temperatures, tomorrow our concern we're gonna be looking again very close to seasonal, lots of 18's all across the region including the tri-cities, I do want to emphasize we, are gonna be looking at a mostly cloudy day tomorrow but we only have the slightest, risk for showers when we head into the late evening hours I'll have more on that though when I come back all. Right thanks Brett you're welcome. Well. They bested, the Ottawa, redblacks last, Friday but the BC Lions, well. There's still the worst team in Canadian, football there's no denying and so with the record of two and ten the, team is struggling with low attendance but, as Jesse Johnston explains, if you, are in charge of getting the crowd pumped up it, helps if you're a little wild. His. Real name is Patrick, Thomas but. For. Obvious reasons, he's. Better known as crazy. Pete. For. 15, years crazy, pee has been the BC Lions hype man in, this season has. Been a challenge, the, Lions are in last place and they averaged fewer than 18,000. Fans a game. But, if you focus on the hype man instead, of the standings, and empty seats, you'd, never know B C's record it's, too intense. And. They weren't winning you, know would you just give up on your kid. His. Analogy fits because in a way some, of the fans here, have become, family. This, is my friend crazy, hey. First. Fan she was like four or five years old, crazy. PE met crazy a when, she was a little girl now. She's, 17, when. They met she was introducing, him to her dolls, today. He's, meeting her boyfriend. Then. There's Ethan who's been crazy peas pal since he was a little boy now. He's. A college student Ethan. Is nonverbal so he wrote down what, crazy peas friendship, means to him and, got his buddy Josh to read it for us people, often talk to me like I'm a baby or unintelligent. He, is always treated me like a regular guy he's. Just such a great guy sometimes, people, are nice to me because they want to feel good about themselves but he makes me feel like, he genuinely.

Likes, Me the, Lions game this year and you see the guy who looks, like he guzzled, a triple espresso and, chased it with the Red Bulls have fun today okay now, you know why he's screaming, like a madman, for a last-place team, the. Crowds are sparse these days but when you have friends like Ethan to keep you coming back, you'd. Have to be crazy to quit, Jesse. Jones stands CBC News Vancouver. Every. Team needs a crazy P every, team does and he's right you gotta cheer your team through the good times and the bad always. All. Right well you can watch this newscast and all of CBC's other award-winning, content, wherever you go all you have to do is download the free CBC. Jem app i'm cbc vancouver is also on facebook youtube and instagram follow, us on all those platforms for, extra, content you won't see on TV. He. Says he is deeply sorry, Andrew. Coming. Up more, reaction, to Justin Trudeau's brown face bombshell. Photo from a Vancouver party, that's rocked the federal, election campaign. You. I, had. Welcome to our live streams tonight thanks for staying with us through the TV, commercial break a Canadian, comedian is hoping. To shake up late-night TV with a different voice and a different. Kind of show, yes YouTube, star Lilly Singh made her much-anticipated debut. This week on NBC and, to Shana Reid has, more on what sets her apart. Comedian. Lilly Singh says she's ready to disrupt, the late-night lineup, and the, YouTube star turned NBC. Host did just that with, the premiere, of her new show a little late with Lilly Singh. The. 30 year old is the only woman of color to currently host a late-night show on a major Network, I'm not your traditional talk-show. Host I mean the meeting took over a longtime, host Carson, Daly's 1:35. A.m. slot, which, he held for 18 seasons, come. On I'm more, than just a, bisexual, woman of color okay it's, a complete coincidence that. I chose a network whose logo was also the pride flag a little. Lights executive. Producer, says he knew Singh was the voice the network needed, her, vision late-night, without, the politics, because, I think you can turn on any, one of these shows right now and. For. The most part you're, getting, the, same messaging. You. Know every, single day but politics, is what many of her late-night counterparts. Have used to bolster their audiences, Irwin believes stings, perspective. And voice, is what viewers want you're, not tuning in because of who, is on, the, show that night you're tuning in because you. Have connected. With that particular piece of talent listen, buddy Dwayne, Rock. My. Hormones, NBC. Hopes audiences. Connect with sing in the same way she connected, with 15, million subscribers.

On Her YouTube channel an audience, she built on her own she, has tremendous crossover. Potential, because, she's, already demonstrated. As a youtuber, the ability, to make, a lot, of content a lot of versatile, content, that resonates with a large fanbase another, challenge ahead adapting. From the wild wild west of youtube to network TV. In. Terms of her actual characters, and some of the themes from her channel it will, be interesting, to see how she transitioned, into, the new medium, without, alienating her, old fans now, I know we just started the interview and I don't want to make this all about me but like I don't think I'm doing, thus far you, weren't you're killing, it do things now it's up to sing to keep the momentum going. Shauna, reads CBC, News Toronto. That's. Great a. Woman. And a brown woman, network, TV it's amazing, I'm, not sure I'll be up at 120, in the morning that's the PBR for us I think. All. Right coming up next we'll have the latest on, the campaign trail controversy, involving Justin, Trudeau, right. Here. Back. To our stop no top story now Liberal, leader Justin Trudeau, rushed. To apologize, for a photo that emerged showing. Him wearing, brown faith, in a scrum with reporters, on his campaign, plane tonight, he told Canadians, he is sorry that he should have known better but. He has also said that it is not the only such, incident, in his past as David, Cochrane explains it's a hit to Trudeau's, image, at a crucial time, this. Is certainly not how Canadians, are used to seeing a prime minister who likes to say that diversity, is Canada's. Strength Justin. Trudeau in a turban and robe dark, makeup on his face neck, and hands it's, certainly, not how Trudeau, wants, to be seen in, an election campaign, dressed. Up in Aladdin, costume, and. Put makeup on I. Shouldn't. Have done it I. Should. Have known better but I didn't, and. I'm really sorry Time. Magazine, published the picture which was taken at an Arabian, Nights themed event at the Vancouver private, school where Trudeau taught in 2001. It forced, Trudeau to hold an emergency news conference, aboard his plane at the, Halifax Airport, to try to, explain himself is that the only time in your life you've ever done something like that when I was in high school I. Dressed. Up at a talent. Show and, sang, dale. With. With that with makeup on i'm going, to be asking, canadians, to forgive, me for what I did I shouldn't, have done that I take responsibility for. It it was a dumb thing to do, I'm disappointed to myself I'm pissed off at myself for having done it I wish. I hadn't done it but I did it and I apologized, for it Trudeau, has made diversity, a bedrock, principle of, his government emphasizing. It in his cabinet, where Canadians, of diverse backgrounds hold, major roles during. This campaign the, Liberals have repeatedly, attacked, the Conservatives, for controversial, social, media posts, many, of them racially, insensitive. But. Now this. It's. Been a core tactic of the liberal campaigns at this point to try to paint Andrew Shearer and his party, as racially, intolerant. And now it's the Liberals who are scrambling, to contain a bombshell as, it's their leader who champions, diversity, and multiculturalism. Who, was photographed, dressed in brown face and he's, done it more than once, David. Cochran CBC News Halifax. Now. Before the bombshell picture. Came out Trudeau spent much of the day on the campaign trail making promises for, seniors, while the NDP and conservatives, made promises, to appeal to all ages so which party, is going to do enough to win over older, voters Kailahun, sol has the story. These. Seniors were playing bridge while Justin Trudeau was making his seniors, announcement, but they're engaged, some proudly, displaying, their colors and they, have opinions on Trudeau's promise to boost old age security and the Canada Pension Plan I, think that's really great for my generation.

But You, know there's a whole another. Generation. Coming behind us that have gotten so little, that's, why Jo Ann Coffey says her number one priority this. Time around is not something, traditionally. Seen as a seniors, issue the. Environment, I voted, liberal before I voted, NDP, I voted. The. Marxist. Leninist Party, of Canada but, I'm gonna vote Elizabeth, me this time. Lorraine. Hoefler is concerned, about a national pharmacare, program, because, there are many many seniors, who, cannot afford their prescriptions, but she too says the environment, is her priority because. As far as I'm concerned if that isn't dealt with then. Nothing, else is gonna be nothing. Else is gonna matter, Ron harnetiaux, Gries their generation, has already been dealt a pretty good hand in life it's, time to focus on the future, one of my main concerns is, that we can't seem to get. Candidates. Who, are. Prepared. To act, on behalf of, the, people they. Always seem to be owed for their best interests he hasn't quite decided, how he'll vote he's narrowed it down to two choices and, we'll be watching closely for the remainder of the campaign. Kaela Hounslow CBC News Halifax. A. High. School student put on life support after, using e-cigarettes. Consistently. After, the break we would dive deeper, into the concerns and warnings. Leaders. Debate is happening, October, 7th do, you have a question for the party leaders send. It in and include, the accident go. To CBC, News CA slash debate and, submit. You. You. Here. Are some of the stories were following tonight on CBC Vancouver news she. Had Noemi Morrison, now it just it's. Devastating. Charges. Have been stayed against, an RCMP, officer, who, fatally shot a 20 year old South Surrey man now Hudson, Brooks's mother is. Over. There. Should be more regulations. In, terms of health. Warnings, in, terms of banning. Some, of those proven. To be harmful a, teen. Was put on life support after, what's been called Canada's, first vaping, related, illness. He's now off and recovering, at home but the case is prompting, some big warnings. Seven. Deaths in the u.s. have been linked to vaping as well as hundreds, of cases of illness as, Katie Nicholson, shows us those concerns, as you've seen have come to Canada. And. Rumaki Johnny is all about healthy, living. Except. For one little thing he, vapes anything. It kind, of gives me some time he's that up like buzz, that, buzz killed, today by, Canada's, first case. Of vaping related, illness in a London, area teen. Officials. Wouldn't say which vaping, product the patient used or how, much of it in the, US where, there have been nearly 400, cases of vaping related, illnesses, and seven, deaths the, Centers for Disease Control, found most, cases involved. The use of THC, products. That's, information, this vape store owner says is crucial. I think it's very important, to see. What the actual product. Was that's. Caused this damage and, we. Get, to the heart of the matter despite. That vaping, researcher, David Hammond says two things are, clear so, number one we need to get a better handle of the industry, and what's, in these products, number. Two it just reinforces. The message that, young, people should not be vaping this is not a benign, or harmless, activity it's. Something Ontario, will now keep tabs on today, it's Health Minister ordered hospitals. To track all series, cases, of vaping related, illnesses, to. Understand. Exactly what the scope of the problem is it's. Something Alberta, is already, doing and just. This afternoon the BC Health Minister called for more to be done to control, who is vaping, what tougher. Laws doing. The work will involve more enforcement, doing the work will involve engaging with young people back, at the gym news of the teen vapors, hospitalization. Sinking, in and making, an impact little quit by a December, because I don't, I feel like. Less. Popping, and a little more huffing.

And Puffing, Katie. Nicholson CBC News Toronto a. Live. Look at downtown looking. North at six thirty two on this Wednesday evening, plenty of sunshine on the south coast today but don't. Get too used to it Brett's gonna tell us when the rain will return next. You. Forest. Fires in Indonesia and Malaysia have, created, a choking, smog, raising, concerns for health and the tourism economy of, the Southeast Asian island nation both, countries are ramping up efforts to clear, the air by making, it rain. Chemicals. Are mixed for, cloud seeding in hopes, that the water droplets, will form and rain, begins to fall many. Fires are intentionally. Set in Indonesia to, clear land for palm oil and Pauls and paper plantations. The, resulting, haze has sparked school and airport closures, and led to tens of thousands, of cases of respiratory problems, smog. Has blanketed. Singapore, for a fifth consecutive day, bringing, air quality, levels to the unhealthy, range, in Borneo, the air, pollution. Index is at dangerous, levels and more, than 30 orangutangs. Are being treated for breathing problems. Run. His back beautiful. Day today glad. It was that case I feel like we were almost waiting, for that it's been kind of rainy of course for the start of the week but to have some sunshine and kind of brought up everyone's mood I think. There. Must be a balance in all things the yin and the yang no not just yet, but I did want to show you a beautiful looking sunrise, this morning over, the North Shore mountains the Sun is rising ever, later as we get closer and closer to fall it's at about almost 7 o'clock, in the morning now but when, it does come out it is certainly brilliant and much of the day really was just a story of improving. Conditions temperatures. Very close to seasonal, not a lot of clouds in the sky and even right now as we speak there's quite a lot of blue sky available, which is great now, in terms of what we can be expecting over the next 24, hours I don't, think the Sun is gonna be sticking around as much tomorrow but it also won't be raining so it's a bit of a tricky forecast by, the time that we get into the early afternoon hours, tomorrow I'd expect, more cloud to start building in then say sunshine but, there is something I do just want to mention toward, the sort of 6:00 7:00 o'clock hour there's the slightest, risk for a shower going across the region here it's not a lot if anything, this might just equate system more heavy cloud cover by contrast, but we're not looking at any significant.

Accumulation. Of rain at this point in time though. When we get to Friday to end off the week we're looking at conditions that are going to be very similar to what we experienced, today so a nice mixture of Sun, and clouds and that already. Looking ahead to the weekend we're getting into that midweek mindset, maybe wanting, what we wanted to know how things are gonna be going into the future it, is worth mentioning that there's a fairly strong Pacific system right now that is brewing up in the Gulf of Alaska through, a late Friday and into Saturday this, is gonna be bringing fairly, significant, rain all the way down from Haida Gwaii to, the North and Central Coast and then over to Vancouver Island, so if you are making any plans to go out to the island this weekend do keep that in mind however. Closer to the Lower Mainland and into the valley this rain should likely hold off until, late Saturday, night the, heaviest rain is expected to be coming through throughout the overnight period then, into Sunday, and by the time that we get into the afternoon hours, this should start to be a clearing, trend temperatures. For the next little while as well gonna be very close to seasonal, no matter where you are across the coast now, what does that translate to into, your five-day, forecast well, tomorrow as I mentioned a little bit more cloud than some but temperatures very close to season a lot about 18 degrees Friday, very, similarly, we're going to be looking at a mix of Sun and clouds with 18 and then, Saturday much of the day is going to be nice but if there was a day or two prepare for a few showers well, that's going to be Sunday and then for the first day of fall on Monday, more, showers to ring it in all. Fall. Started. Like three weeks ago. Does. That work instead, the a-word. Well. A young woman in nunavut amazed her neighbors and herself by running, nearly a hundred kilometres, along an isolated mountain, trail yeah, it took her almost 24. Hours as, we hear from the CBC's, megan dwelling the experience, left the woman with a profound, conviction, that. Many things that seem impossible are, actually, easier, than they seem. We. Are in beautiful. Selene, jacquard had been thinking of running this past for a few years, she, just wanted to see if she could do it jacquard.

Traveled Light drinking. Water from streams carrying. A puffy jacket gloves a, cell phone and two. Pounds of boiled, potatoes, to. Eat as she ran it. Was smooth sailing at, first, so. That first 45. Kilometers, is. This. Open, mushy, Tundra. Fairly. Flat go slightly uphill and. There's. Part that are on the river, band kind, of sandy easier to run in some part our hammocks, which are a bit harder, the, next 20. Kilometers, were hard, jacquard. Was running up and down through, rocky moraine our. 14. Was the toughest, I hadn't. Sleep, for a while so I was a bit like tired mentally. But. My ankle hurt I think I twisted them a couple of times in the marine so they were pretty swollen and every step was pretty painful so. I think physically. That was the hardest, so we're still fine but the, ankles, were hurting, on pretty, much every step, jacquard. Says she's, not a runner to. Train she hiked throughout, the summer including leading. This expedition for. Nunavut Youth leap with, nine children for two weeks. Jacquard. Says she reminisced, about this trip as she ran over the same terrain it, was a an. Experience, of, resilience. And trying. To see how, far. The mind can go and the body can go Maddie McNair is a renowned Nunavut, Explorer who confirms that jacquard is the first woman to run the past in under 24, hours but. Jacquard says that doesn't mean she'll be doing any more extreme, runs but. She does say that now she's not afraid to try any project, that seems impossible. Meaghan. Dueling CBC, News Iqaluit. They. Are new rules that are meant to protect the, Canadian, air traveler, but there are report concerns that the rules don't have as much teeth, as they should after. The break we'll meet with one couple who fought and won. You. You. The. Complaints, over Canada's new airline passenger, rights are piling, up the, airline's say they are committed to following the new rules travelers. Who have been bumped from their flights say they've had to fight with airlines to get them to pay the new penalties, the, CBC's Jacqueline Hansen has the story of one dedicated couple. Who fought and won the. Best part was a. Once-in-a-lifetime. Honeymoon, to, Italy cut short when Chelsea Williamson, and her husband, were bumped, from their flight I was, a bit shocked. That we didn't find out about it until we were actually, trying to board the aircraft. At, the gate they were told WestJet had switched to a smaller aircraft they, were put on a later flight and missed five hours, of sightseeing, Williamson. Complained, to WestJet expecting, it to be covered by Canada's, new airline, passenger, rights doesn't. Qualify for denied, boarding under, the new regulations. WestJet, said it didn't meet the bar instead. It offered, credits, of a hundred and twenty five dollars each but, according to the new rules passengers. Who are denied boarding and delayed, less than six hours are entitled, to 900, dollars maybe.

They Were hoping that I wasn't as informed, as I was and they could just skate. By by kind of offering. Oh whoops sorry, Williams. Didn't complain to the Canadian transportation. Agency, since, the new denied boarding rules came into effect in mid-july the, CTA says it's received. 147. Complaints. Sixty-seven, involve Air Canada, 24. Against, WestJet and 27. Against, other airlines I expect, only thousands, more complaints, per. Year and that's a good thing there. Are more rules coming in December that covered delays in cancellations. All the, major Canadian, airlines say they intend, to fully comply, we'll. Have a transitional, period when. When. These rules, are tested, if you will and hopefully they'll be settled, down fairly quickly in, Williamson's, case WestJet, says following, an internal, investigation we. Recognized, that we failed to meet our obligations, to these guests. Complaining. Paid off WestJet sent the couple 900 dollars each, now the transportation. Agency is, investigating whether, WestJet's, policies, on flight changes, comply, with the new rules the airline, says it's, cooperating. Jacqueline, Hansen CBC, News Toronto. Saudi. Arabia has laid out evidence, to bolster its claim that Iran, was behind last weekend's, attack on Saudi oil fields, as Steven D'Souza reports, the u.s. said it would tighten sanctions on, Iran but, remain vague about any other retaliation. Standing. Before the court of world opinion the, Saudi Arabian military, laid out its evidence, accusing. Iran of sponsoring, the weekend attack on its oil fields, fragments. Of the 18 drones it says were used pieces. Of three cruise missiles, they say fell short of their target it, was an assault to, the international, community, a deliberate. Attempt. To disrupt. The global economy, and the energy. Industry. Houthi. Rebels based in Yemen claimed, responsibility for. The attack on a giant Saudi oil facility. It. Was in security, camera footage the Saudis say the attack came from the north from, Iran or Iraq, not Yemen, in the south, Iran's. Continued. Aggression the. Sponsorship. Of terrorist, group and. Interference. In maritime, commerce, represent. A common threat to. Us all but. The Saudis did not directly accuse Iran of launching, the assault and stopped, short of threatening a military, response, this. Is US Secretary, of State Mike Pompeo, in, the region to meet Saudi officials, called. Out Iran's actions telling. Reporters off-camera, that Iran's actions were, an act of war but. Pompeo stuff stance wasn't, backed up by the president, today after. Tweeting over the weekend that the US was locked and loaded Donald. Trump was, non-committal, today many, options, there's. The ultimate option. And their options, are a lot less than and, we'll see we're in a very powerful position that. Ultimate, option would be war with Iran some. Republicans, are calling for at least a military, strike Trump. Though questioned, previous, American interventions. In the Middle East, that'd going into a rack workout, so. We, have a disagreement on, that and you, know there's plenty of time to do some, dastardly. Things the, United Nations General Assembly is here next week and it's seen as an opportunity for the u.s. and Iran to meet but, so far neither, side has committed, to any talks, Stephen. D'Souza CBC, News New, York, the. Official results from Israel's, general election, are still too close to call but unofficial. Results from the vote yesterday indicate. Prime, Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former, military chiefs, been against are neck-and-neck. Israeli. Media are reporting with, about 90 percent of the vote counted, Netanyahu's. Party has one, less seat than gunz's, the. Results, are what, they call it a tie, when. You have a tie it means there's going to be a lot of bargaining. Back-and-forth, and. That should be very interesting, a final. Result might not be announced for days but, the party that comes out ahead will still need to forge alliances with. Smaller parties, to, form government Netanyahu. Is also, dealing with the fact that court. Cases against, him are scheduled to start in two weeks he's facing corruption charges. The. Man behind the brexit, referendum, is back in the spotlight former. British Foreign Minister David Cameron's, new memoir hits. Shelves tomorrow, and, as the CBC's Cameron Mackintosh reports. It's already causing, a stir. In. His little bookshop in the town of Pinter just outside central, London Peter Brooke has set up an oasis, a good, book a refreshing.

Drink Just. Don't mention the B word people are arguing tooth, and tong every single day around the subject of brexit you. Won't find former, Prime Minister David Cameron's, new book here our personal, view is that we stay fairly. Apolitical, and as a result of that we. Won't, be stuck in the book although it's available, customers, who, want to preorder it it's, not the only bookstore, taking that position. Cameron's biography, comes three years after losing the referendum, on brexit and resigning. The man accused of breaking Britain, isn't, quite apologizing. Am i sorry about the state the country's got him - yes, do I feel I have some response many of that yes it was my referendum, my campaign, my, decision, to try and renegotiate and, I accept all of those things, it's criticism, of one-time Ally now Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that's really, getting attention he thought that. The, brexit vote would be lost but he didn't want to. Give up the chance of being on the romantic. Patriotic. Nationalistic. Side, of brexit. Provocative. Timing, as Johnson's handling of brexit has Britain on edge it. Pours fuel, on the fire I think because, it goes right back to what. Some people consider, were. Illegitimate, tactics. Used, by the leave, campaign whose, head of course was Boris Johnson, Pinner. Voted leave along, its high street Cameron's, relevance, is debatable. What. To hear is that his excuses. I certainly have, voted for brexit but. It. Would be nice to get another, angle. Unlike Margaret Atwood's bestseller Cameron's, book isn't getting a lot of national promotion have you had anyone come in asking for the book at. This stage no I don't think it'll be long into its discounters, and unlikely, to be the final word in a legacy, still being written Cameron. Mackintosh CBC. News London. It's, an innovative idea one, that promises, to clean the air around, us we'll take you inside a unique facility, captures. Carbon, next. You. You. Swedish. Teenager Greta Attenberg, appeared before a u.s. congressional hearing. Today the, climate, activists, delivering, a short message I am, submitting this, report, as my. Testimony, because. I don't want you to listen to me I want, you to listen to the scientists. The, report calls for dramatic, change to prevent temperatures from rising, 1.5. Degrees Celsius by 2030. Jin Berg was one of four young students, invited to speak she, and other young people worldwide, are leading, massive, coordinated. Strikes, from schools with dates this Friday and next the, goal is to raise awareness of, climate change.

And. One, of the technologies, that could play a part in fighting that change is being put through its paces right, here in the Lower Mainland, direct, air capture, is a process, that promises, to strip co2 out, of the atmosphere and. Carbon. Engineering, hopes it's expanding. Squamish, facility, will, prove the tech can, work in the real world so, we sent a camera to have a look, yeah. So this is our a, director, capture facility, here in Squamish British, Columbia, inside. This piece of equipment here is a large fan it's sat on the top now, a fan is gonna pull the air through and then, through a filter, and as the air passes through, 80%. Of the carbon dioxide from the air is, pulled out next. Thing we do is we, put it inside a pellet reactor so, this is what the the, pellet reactor produces. Very small pellets of calcium, carbonate, they are 40%, co2. They. Split and they, produce co2. And, oxygen. We, capture the co2 we. Use the oxygen to help us drive, the temperature, inside here so as we make the co2 more, and more concentrated from, the air in, Reverse, we, remake, the chemicals, that are part of the process have a continuous. Cycle, like this which means that the plant has, no consumers. No chemical, consumables, so. When you add that process. On top of equipment, that is readily, available and, used at scale in industry, today we. Believe we have a solution that can be deployed at great scale and, very cost-effectively. Our next step will be a one Megaton, facility. Which. Will be in Texas and that's. The type of scale where you start to make a difference that's, the work of about 40, million trees, in that one plant it's a way in which you have an additional, tool but, constantly, pulling co2, out of the atmosphere while. We take our time to stop, emitting here. On the planet. Back. To our top story now tonight a photo, taken, in 2001. That dropped like a bombshell on, the campaign, trail today it's. A picture of Justin. Trudeau, in brown face. Justin. Trudeau is apologizing. Tonight with the opposition, on the, attack calling out the Liberal leader as a hypocrite, asked. If he'd consider resigning, Trudeau. Says, no he, has also admitted, to appearing, in brown. Face or black face painting, his face at color in a high school drama, production. We. Heard from jug, meat sing and Andrews year earlier tonight now just moments ago actually, we're gonna hear from Shearer right now on what he's saying about it.

Like. All Canadians, I was extremely shocked, and disappointed when. I learned of Justin Trudeau's actions, this evening, wearing. Brown face is an act of open mockery and racism. It. Was just as racist in 2001. As. It is in, 2019. And, what Canadians saw this evening is someone, with, a complete, lack, of judgment. And integrity. And someone. Who's not fit to govern this country we've, also heard from Green Party leader Elizabeth May. She's, tweeted out that she's. Deeply shocked, by the photo, and we, also hit the streets today to get reaction, from Vancouverites on the picture here's. What they have to say. It. Doesn't matter I think there should be awareness, of you know. People so. Not sure if the Prime Minister was doing. It intentionally or, not to, be racist. Yeah, you should definitely. I think. It's good that he's saying something about it and addressing, in I'd have to kind of look into what he actually said, to. See like my opinions, on it but. We. All have a past yeah. I have. It you have it he. Had it it's, a time tip if we chase it gem in time what's wrong with it. And. That photo they're talking about was taken in 2001. At a party, here, in, Vancouver. At West Point Greg had me so. We're gonna have much more on that story tonight coming up at ten o'clock on the national and Dan of course is here at 11:00 have, a wonderful night.

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Just because you admit what you did and apologize more for getting caught than what you did doesn't make it acceptable. This is just another notch in Trudeau's belt of things he has done to our country and shows his real true colors.

give Trudeau a break, i'm brown and i'm arab and i understand he was young at that time. he's taking responsibly for it, brave man. and please CBC, vaping saves lives, facts will shortly win. vaping THC is bad.


Vaping contains nicotine, which is a dangerous poison.

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