WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for June 2 — Surgery Denied, COVID-19 Latest, U.S. Protests

WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for June 2 — Surgery Denied, COVID-19 Latest, U.S. Protests

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Cougar news. I'm, a little sad that i. Didn't, get the, surgery. Her window, is shrinking, why a little girl's spinal, surgery, has been canceled. Again. Also. We have blind spots. And the more conversations. We're able to have. The more progress that we're able to make on these hard and oftentimes. Very uncomfortable, topics. Showing, solidarity. With u.s, protesters. People around the world, march, and speak out against racism. And. We've been doing this for 15 years this will be our busiest, spring so far. Trading, canceled, foreign vacations. For, floating, staycations. Bc, boat dealers, report, record-breaking. Sales. This is cbc. Vancouver, news. Good evening, time is running out for a 13, year old girl, desperate, for specialized. Spinal, operation, in bc. In mid-march. Bc children's, hospital, sent her home, just hours, before going into the operating, room because of the covet 19, lockdown. And now despite the resumption, of surgery, she is still. Out of luck, as bel pury of cbc's, impact team reports, the problem, is the young teen. Lives in saskatchewan. Activity, is a bit more subdued, these days even though bronwyn, joannis, has the same interests, as others her age. Well it does. Hurt when, i have long, walks. The 13-year-old. Was born with a neural, malformation. As part of her condition her parents were told later in life she may develop a curve in her spine. That happened, last year, hers is i would say. Twisting. In her, rib cage. So it can't be braced. If it was lower down. It could be braced. The specialized, surgery, bronwyn, needs is performed, at only, four hospitals, across canada. March 19, she was scheduled to have it done at bc, children's, hospital, but mere hours before heading into or, the procedure, was canceled, indefinitely. Due to the covet 19, lockdown. The family, went home to saskatchewan. Last month bc resumed, elective, surgeries. But bronwyn. Is not being rebooked. The family was told surgeries, have been limited to b.c, residents. Only, to avoid travel between provinces. And the risk of covet. But bronwyn's, case. Is urgent. And that should make her a priority. Because the window of opportunity, during which the procedure, can be effective. Is quickly closing. Once the curvature, is more than 65, degrees, the surgery, won't work, in march, bronwyn's, spine, was curved, 57.

Degrees. Bc's, health minister, says the system is working to significantly. Ramp up surgeries. The consequences. Of. Cancellation. Of scheduled, surgeries, or the delay, at least of scheduled surgeries, in bc, have been, profound for lots of people, we look at each case and each person as an individual. Bronwyn's, family, has one fear. That she's too late. If that's the case the only option will be more traditional, invasive, surgery, which could be a risk, due to bronwyn's. Previous, brain surgeries. The vancouver. Option. Is a six-week, recovery. And it's laparoscopic. And it doesn't leave you full of hardware, for the rest of your life. Bronwyn, is simply eager to get back to activities, like riding her new bike, without, pain, belle perry cbc, news, vancouver. Two of the latest kovat 19, numbers, now and there are, no, new, covet 19, related, deaths, again today, in bc. And just four new cases, of the virus. Bringing the case total to just over 2 600.. There are 207. Active, cases, in our province. And 31, people remain, in hospital. Health officials say there are no new health care outbreaks, and a number of ongoing, ones. Have now been declared, over, such as the outbreak, of the abbotsford, regional, hospital, icu. And some long-term, care homes, but dr bonnie henry says there are two new community, outbreaks, in the fraser, health region. One at new world technologies. And one at marist distributing. Canada. Well with a return to school yesterday, in bc, around 60, 000, k-12. Students, decided, to go back. That's about 30 percent, of children, in primary, school in bc, and, 9 out of 10 teachers, are back delivering, lessons, in the classroom. As part of stage, three of bc's, return to schools, families, have been given the option to send, kids back for, the remainder, of this school year mostly, only one day a week, provincial, health officer dr bonnie henry had more to say today, on the plans, for the fall. But i fully expect, all children, will be back in some sort of a classroom, environment. Come the, september. And it is really important there's good evidence, that shows that particularly. For some children. Having that, in classroom, learning. Environment. Is incredibly, important. Schools have enacted, new health and safety plans, to limit the spread of cobit 19.. Measures, include, limiting the number of students, in school, regular, cleaning of high contact, surfaces. And staggered. Lunch and recess, breaks. If families, change their minds about in class learning they are asked to contact, the school, to plan other options, to support. The child. A man and a woman are dead after what police are calling a serious. Incident. At a salt spring island home yesterday. Rcmp, were called to the house on fulford, ganges, road just before, five in the evening. A 48, year old man was found dead inside, the home, a 41 year old woman was also found badly hurt, but later died. The vancouver, island integrated, major crime unit has since taken over the police investigation, which continues, at this time. No other persons were injured in the incident, and police are not looking for suspects, and no charges are anticipated. A kelowna rcmp. Officer, is under internal, investigation. Tonight after video, surfaced, that mounties, say, shows a suspect, being punched, repeatedly. During an arrest. Officers, responded, to a report, of a man who allegedly, appeared, intoxicated. Sitting in a car in a downtown. Parking lot saturday, evening. Mercy and p say the suspect was uncooperative. And they moved to arrest him for obstruction. They say he resisted. Another, officer, was called in and the suspect, was hit several, times, and brought to the ground. He was then taken into custody, and later to hospital, for his injuries.

Obviously, In the short duration, of the video. The. Action, is, concerning. But again as i stated, earlier, it's important, when i review these matters that i look at the full, incident. And what happened, prior, and after so that i could fully understand, before coming to a judgment. Colon rcmp. Say a code of conduct, probe against the officer. In question. Is underway. Thousands, of people, are marching in cities across the united states again tonight, they are defying, curfews. While being heavily watched, by armed police. And in the midst of the unrest, today canada's, prime minister, justin trudeau, prompted plenty of reaction, by, staying silent, for a time, dan burett joins us now with more, first, dan what is happening, in those cities tonight from los angeles to washington, d.c in either huge crowds packed the streets again, demanding, justice. For george, floyd, in the u.s capitol, protesters, met another wall of police. And now a large, fence, wrapped around the white house another fence i should say, yesterday, police cleared peaceful demonstrators. Out of a nearby, park, so u.s president donald trump could walk to a church and pose with a bible, a move slammed by the bishop, of saint john's episcopal, among others, that happened, after he threatened to send in the military, if states didn't more. Didn't do more to quote, dominate. Violent, protests. Now streets in new york have been packed, despite, an incoming, city-wide. Curfew. Tonight, last night some in the streets smashed a huge, number of businesses. Today huge crowds have been marching as you can see again under the watchful, eye of heavily armed police. Now amid the violence between protesters, and police we've also seen moments. Of connection. Look what happened, in los angeles today. But you have to pay attention to what's going on or else we're gonna we have a president that's trying to incite a race war, and when the borders are closed. We can't leave. Actress kiki palmer speaking with national, guard soldiers, in la. And eventually some of those soldiers decided to take a knee, we've seen similar actions between, demonstrators. And police across the u.s. But also, concerns. As police, remain. Clashing, with some of those protesters, as you can see some of those soldiers did get down on their knees, it's not clear whether they marched, with the protesters. As the actress kiki palmer. Asked them to do among others. And dan prime minister trudeau, was, asked, about the protests, in the u.s today and it was, uh quite a moment what did he say. It's what he didn't say and how long he kept silence, that is getting worldwide, attention, mike our cbc, ottawa colleague, tom perry asked the prime minister. What he thinks of police. Tear-gassing. Protesters. To make way, for a presidential, photo op, among other things. And if you don't want to comment what message do you think you're. Sending. We all watch. In. Horror. And consternation. What's going on in the united states. It is a time. To pull people together. But it is a time to listen. Is the time. To learn. What injustices. Continue, despite, progress. Over years and decades. But it is a time for us as canadians. To recognize. That we too. Have our challenges. That. Black canadians. And racialized, canadians. Face discrimination. As a lived reality, every. Single. Day. We know the protests, in the us have sparked protests, here and rallies, in vancouver. And elsewhere, in canada and i know you'll have more, on that later in the show and we'll have the latest on the protests. At eleven anita, mike. Denver at live for us tonight thanks tim. And during his address today education, minister, rob fleming, took time, to, comment, on black history, education. In the school curriculum. In light of the current events in canada, and the u.s. A lot of them are really interested in talking about current events, including what we're seeing in the united states right now. And the demonstrations, in solidarity, that we've seen in canada, so. As i said i've written a letter to the bc black history association, to, to make this if you will a teachable moment how we can strengthen, the curriculum, ties.

Uh, To learn about the multicultural, history, and including the history of the black community, in in british columbia. And coming up later in the program, how can you and i, be better how can we do better, we look at the protests, racial, divides, and what we can all do to bridge those gaps that's coming up later on. Brett is back with us time to check in for our first look at the forecast. Started off pretty. Soggy, but, got a little better, as the day went on brad. Yeah that's exactly, right mike and i think i've heard a few people already considering, this day to be rather, january-like. You know that term that we throw around at this time of year when the calendar, says june, but it really does feel a little bit more like january, and truly for the better part of the afternoon. Here in vancouver, we were hovering at 11 degrees, and there was a decent amount of rain with that as well, and really those temperatures, haven't budged a lot since then i want to show you right now where we're sitting at across the lower mainland. You're going to notice vancouver, we've improved by a couple of degrees getting up to 14, at the airport but 13, in west vancouver. And abbotsford. At 12 and hope over at 10 and this is just indicative of some of that really cold air, that is over the region as we speak and if we look at the satellite and radar imagery from earlier on today that big mass of green that you're seeing go across the screen there that was some of those heavy showers that we started off the morning with and carried on throughout the afternoon. But as of right now we are looking at clearing conditions, and this trend is going to be continuing, for the next few days, i did want to take a moment though to address the fact that over the course of the past three months we've seen only about 120. Millimeters, of rain, so that would be about 45. Of normal so we are in a little bit of a deficit. And we are expecting more rain to be coming at a later point throughout this week now for the evening it's going to be mostly cloudy, there's the risk for a few showers first thing tomorrow morning but the sun's going to come back tomorrow, afternoon, and temperatures, will be really close to seasonal. Okay we'll talk to you again soon thanks brett. Kova 19 restrictions, might have sunk, many local businesses. But there's one sector. That's going against the current. Yes boat sales. Are way up with a ripple down effect for boat yards, outfitters. And marinas. As eric rankin of cbc vancouver's, impact team reports, some dealers, say they're actually, worried about running out of inventory. It's like unboxing, a new toy. Jess mcfarland, shows another boat to another potential, buyer, his sales, riding, a record-breaking. Wave, thanks to covet, 19.. It's almost like a franticness, that's going on with buying boats right now mcfarland, says his buyers are typically, trading, cancelled, foreign vacations. For floating, staycations. They're not able to travel so they're wiping travel off their schedules, for you know at least, this year. And the foreseeable, future, jim grant is one buyer he had planned a family trip to california. Instead he's bought himself, a bc, built 20-foot, kingfisher. Bottom line is people aren't going to stop living they're going to still want to have fun they're just going to have to have to find different ways of doing it, mcfarland. Says may sales, topped last year's after a slow start due to covet. Other boat brokers say sales have almost doubled, with benefits, trickling down to mechanics, and marinas. I've been doing this for 15 years this will be our busiest, spring so far but while small and mid-sized, boats new and used are selling, fast. Luxury, yacht sales, are dead in the water, rich u.s, and alberta, buyers are staying home, bad news for those who rely, on that market. We have over 300 members in boating bc. And we will there will be some, that will. Have a very difficult time and, possibly, not survive, and there are other worries, more boats in bc, waters, mean more concerns, that covet, 19. Could spread to, bc, islands, remote, coastal, communities. Even stop, off points like deep cove here in north vancouver, the canadian, coast guard advises. Many coastal, communities, are currently, closed to visitors, and boaters may not have access, to fuel, supplies, and other services. Ah they're sold. Oh it's sold. The only thing jess mcfarlane, is worried about, is his dwindling, inventory, we're running out of boats which is, you know some people say it's a good problem to have and i guess i should you know count my blessings because, i know a lot of other businesses, are suffering, eric rankin cbc, news, vancouver.

While Bringing a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer to parks, and public spaces. Is being allowed this summer. At least in the city, of north vancouver. The move is in response to the covet-19. Pandemic. And is considered, a way to support the local economy. While complying, with provincial, health orders. In passing a new bylaw mayor linda buchanan, says parks will be an extension, of, people's, own backyard. 80 percent, of north vancouver, city residents, live in, multi-family. Dwellings. Liquor consumption, will be allowed, in designated, areas between 11 in the morning and nine at night, and signage will be going up, shortly, to identify. Boundaries. It's your hood. That's why well the city and the district right this is just the cities oh yes okay, moves. To the uh. I guess to the west a little bit yeah but we are seeing more and more cities, yeah, looking forward. So yeah. And a reminder you can watch this newscast, live on cbc, gem the free app is also where you can find other cbc, programs, cbc vancouver is also on facebook youtube and instagram, and both of us are also. On instagram. And twitter. You're looking at a live shot right now washington. D.c. Protesters. Are defying, the curfew. In that city. Tense standout, with both police, and the national, guard. Thousands, of people gathered it's a scene that's, playing out in many cities throughout the united states right now we'll have more on that developing, situation, in, washington. Minneapolis. And more, coming up. And thanks for watching our live stream tonight whether it's on, facebook, youtube, or. Cbc, gym we are of course ad-free, during the television, commercial, break, with issues around race, being brought to the forefront, after the death of an unarmed, black man in the u.s, while in police custody. Many canadian, athletes. Are speaking, out against, racism. And for change, yeah that includes, tennis player felix, o'shea, alaseem. Basketball, legend steve nash and, olympian, karina, leblanc. Cbc, sports now with what they're saying. And how positive, steps, can be taken. With everything that's been, going on lately. In the states since the george floyd, incident. In the killing. You know there's been a lot of talking, and, i just felt like. I wanted to to. To share a thought and. Share what i thought of this and maybe react. And. Encourage, people to, to talk about it and be. Aware. I was raised from a. French canadian, mom, and african, father, so. I guess i could experience. Both. Both worlds. You know i grew up in a, very calm neighborhood. In uh quebec city. Of uh. Of canada. And i feel like i was. Privileged, to get you know the freedom. Of, speech and you know the same opportunities. As. As everyone, and so that's why i think you know it makes me sad. Every time i see. You know people. In the world. Anywhere in the world i don't get. That same. Freedom. The fact that saddens me is that it comes from. A, place and a people that should lead by example. I mean police officers, such as. Teachers, and professors. And doctors, should lead by example. And don't have pre-made, ids. And. Stereotypes. In terms of. Of, skin color. Sexism, or all of this they should look at, people all the same way because we know we're all we're all human beings so uh.

This I think really the tough part is that it comes from from people that should be protecting, us. And i pray that. Things will, get better and that, all of this going on. Next border of canada, will uh, will end uh peacefully. And that. Everyone, will just. Be. Loved. Yeah a lot of athletes. Using this as an opportunity, to to speak out and we're going to have more on that conversation. Coming up, a little bit later in the. Show. And you are looking, at a live shot right now downtown, los angeles where it is 6 20.. There is a 6 pm, curfew, in place, there you can see protesters. Are defying, that curfew. Set to be in place until, 6 a.m. These protesters. Are marching, calling on the la police, chief tony hawk, to resign, tonight, thousands also gathered earlier in front of the mayor's house. We are seeing scenes like this play out throughout. Cities, in the u.s, tonight as thousands. Gather, and continue, these protests. Originally, sparked, by the, death of an unarmed, black man, in police, custody. And the unrelenting. Push for change, surges, on tonight as anita said in, many american, cities more than 20, 000 national, guard members have been activated. In various, states, and over all of it hangs donald trump's threat. To send in the military. As paul hunter tells us that and the president's, other actions. Are the targets, of widespread, condemnation. Outside. The church where last night donald trump stood, bible, in hand, after, demonstrators. Had been forced, out to make way for him. Today, came, condemnation. It is clear. You don't have the bible, in your heart. In case you missed it. The peaceful. Demonstration. Turned into this. So that. This, could happen. Trump, walking, out of the white house defiantly. To the very spot those protesters. Had been demanding. Social, justice. The president. Stood, by that church. And held high. That book. Using, tear gas, and flash grenades, in order to stage a photo op, we can be forgiven, for believing the president is more interested in, in, power. Than in principle, and about that bible, said presidential. Challenger, joe biden. I just wish he opened it once in a while. Instead of brandishing. It. If he opened it he could have learned. Something. As demonstrators. Raged, for yet another, day throughout, the u.s, in state. After state. After, state. Back in the capital. Taller, fencing, had been installed, around the white house. Walling. Off protesters. Who kept up their demands. Regardless. The same, demands, for social justice were sent to trump directly. By another crowd alongside. The presidential. Motorcade, today. They'd gathered. With their placards. And their now relentless. Fury. As the president, visited, the shrine, of saint, john paul ii. Trump's only public, comments, today, came via twitter. Calling protesters. In new york, hoodlums. Thugs. And scum. And as those demonstrations. Continue. Trump continues, to threaten to call in, the full power of the u.s, military. If states, can't stop the protests. On their own on that today. It seemed a kind of stunned. Near disbelief. We don't think that the active duty military. Should be used on american, streets. Against, americans. Bringing, in. The military. To do police, work is inappropriate. Cbc's, paul hunter, reporting from washington, d.c, tonight. As for, the man who in whose name the protests, began. There was a memorial, in minneapolis. Where he died. And tough words for the president, from the police chief. Of the city. George floyd grew up in susan ormiston, now with that story. George, floyd's, six-year-old, daughter, gianna. Added a tragic, note as her mother roxy, washington. Spoke about their. Loss. If it's a problem, she's having and she needs her dad. She does not, have that anymore. Floyd didn't live with them they're from houston, where he grew up and where today a huge, crowd, tens of thousands, gathered outside city hall, a powerful, and peaceful, symbol. Supporters, calling for justice. And investigations. Into racism. So many times, this has happened. And then it goes away. This time, it will not fade away. Houston's, police, chief, has shown a bold streak of common, purpose with protesters. All weekend. Walking with them, praying, with them. So you've got hate in your heart for people of color, get over it. Because this city is a minority, majority, city. He changed his twitter profile, picture, to one of floyd, and last night on cnn, took a swipe, at the president united states on behalf. Of the police chiefs in this country. Please. If you don't have something constructive, to say. Keep your mouth shut. Because you're putting. Men and women. In their early 20s, at risk. It's not about dominating, it's about winning hearts and minds. At minnesota's, state capitol, again, hundreds, of people. With the governor launching an extraordinary. Civil rights complaint, against the minneapolis.

Police, Department. Examining, whether there is systemic, discrimination. After a history of complaints, of excessive, force, targeting, blacks. Long before floyd died. I want justice, for him because he was, good. No matter, what anybody. Thinks, he was good. That's susan orsten, reporting tonight from minneapolis. And a delicate, dance, from justin, trudeau, today as you saw earlier he fielded, questions, about events, south of the border, here's david cochran, on how the prime minister, and other party leaders, are reacting. The prime minister, had to know the question, was coming. We do have donald trump, now calling for military, action against protesters. But it still seemed to catch him off guard i'd like to ask you what you think about that and if you don't want to comment what message do you think you're. Sending. For 21. Seconds, justin, trudeau, gathered his thoughts. Picking, every, word, carefully. We all watch. In. Horror. And consternation. What's going on in the united states. It is a time. To pull people together. But it is a time to listen. Trudeau, spoke broadly, about racism. And injustice. But not directly. About the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, against protesters. To clear a path, for a presidential. Photo op. Anti-black. Racism. Is happening. Here. Everywhere. In canada. Every, single. Day. Instead, trudeau, and other leaders looked inward, to acknowledge. Racial injustice. In canada. To voice, frustration. You know what, people are done with pretty speeches. Particularly. Pretty speeches. From people in power, that could do something about it right now if they wanted to, to promise, change, because i want you to know that our government. Is listening. We hear your calls for justice. Equality. And accountability. With the u.s in turmoil, it's no surprise, that trudeau would steer clear of provoking, trump, the canada-u.s. Border is closed but still subject to delicate, negotiations. To ensure a steady supply of masks, medicine, and food, can come to canada. David cochran cbc, news, ottawa. Public health experts, fear the ongoing, protests. Will lead to new outbreaks, of cobit 19.. And as christine burak, explains, the coronavirus. Has already, affected, people of color. Disproportionately. Large, gatherings, of people, screaming. To be heard. Some, are being met with violence. Pepper spray, tear gas, many are coughing, and gasping, for air, fueling, a pandemic. That's claiming lives, every day irrespective. Of which pandemic, you're interested, in. People. In poverty. People, of. African-american, descent. Here in the u.s. Are the people that are going to be hit. Either way. Researchers, found in chicago, alone, black americans, make up about 30 percent of the population. But they account for nearly, 70, percent, of. 19, deaths in that city how are you feeling today.

Doctors Say in some canadian, provinces. The numbers, are similar. We know in ontario. That nearly, 70 percent of covet cases have happened in our most ethnically, dense and racialized, communities. Many doctors, insist, long before covid19. Came along, racial discrimination. Has been a major, obstacle, for communities, of color, it affects how children, are treated in school, their success, later in the job market, right through to receiving, health care, we also know that. Diagnoses. Like cancer, can often happen later for example in skin cancer, in black people, because of the way the medical system teaches. Clinicians, how to pick up cancers like that. Er dr taslim, nimji says protests, may bring a wave of covid19. Patients, into her hospital, we don't want to see disease spread. But at the same time i certainly empathize, with the folks that feel the urge to stand up, and and to speak. Health experts, say the actions of police including the use of tear gas and pepper spray should also be scrutinized. Some of their, potentially, usual, police tactics. That policing, tactics and safety tactics, may actually be inappropriate. In a time when there is a pandemic, of a respiratory, virus that is spread by people coughing. People, who are citizens. That governments, are obligated. To protect. Christine, burak cbc, news, toronto. I'm going to give you another live shot here of los angeles california. Tonight. A, protest. Going on there as they are in many cities. Across the united states. This one. Taking over a major, street, but uh, it appears to be relatively, peaceful, the uh. Famous skateboarder. Uh, tony hawk, among the people. In that protest, crowd. They are. Now past the curfew, there in los angeles. It. Was set for. 6 30, and it is now 6 30 in los angeles. We have more, on that coming. Up. Some tough new proposals. Tonight to curtail, logging, on vancouver, island, they come from a committee that's been studying the habitat, of killer whales. One of their favorite playgrounds, is johnston, strait off the island's east coast. Environmentalists. Say logging, and other activity, in the area, is destroying, it. Ian hannah mansing now on some controversial. Proposals. To help save, the whales. There is no debate about the beauty of robson, bite and the killer whales the orcas, that glide through its waters. But how to protect these whales has been a hot issue here.

There Have been battles, in the nearby sitica, valley, between environmentalists. And loggers, the issue, whether logging damages, the shoreline, and waters, of the bite. Another of the many concerns. Whether boats and people, especially, those on whale watching, charters. Affect the whales. Today after months of study the bc, and federal governments. Released a report, on robson bite, out of these discussions. Public meetings, and written submissions. Came a single clear message. The orcas. Must, come, first, cashore, says the provincial, government will implement, the recommendations. That are within, its jurisdiction. That includes a five-year, ban on logging, in part of the sitica. With tight controls, on another section, so that more studies can be done. The logging company in the area mcmillan blowdell. Is upset. Yes angry and disappointed, because. I think our employees, have shown over time that they are doing a good job. And for this to come out of the blue. Yes it's, very difficult. Other recommendations. Include stricter, controls, on whale watchers, to ensure, they don't harass, whales. This charter operator, is pleased. It will stop, aggressive, behavior. Towards the animals, where people maybe, are purposely, roaring over to the animals within, 50 feet or 20 feet or something. Its high pitched wine is like any electric, vehicle. But this one is unique, it is the world's, first, fuel, cell, zero emission, bus. To the, ballard, hydrogen. Fuel cell. Bus. If the assembled, scientists, politicians, and bureaucrats. Are right, the technology, in the bus will be as revolutionary. As the microchip. What we have in this bus behind us is the same sort of revolution, that will occur in transportation. And that's the move from internal combustion, engines which if you like of the vacuum tube of the, transportation. And do this marvelous thing called a fuel cell, this first prototype, has 24. Fuel cells, cutting edge technology. Developed, in north vancouver. So the total, power plant, it's about 120. Kilowatts. But 160. Horsepower, and that's pretty close, to the diesel. When hydrogen, and air flow over the fuel cell, a chemical, reaction, takes place and produces, electricity. The only byproduct. Is pure, h2o. Water. The electricity. Flows to a dc, motor and it runs the bus. Unlike a conventional, engine there is no combustion. So no smog, and no carbon dioxide. You come to really. An environmentally, sweet world that is a pristine. World. Here are some of the stories we're following tonight, on cbc vancouver, news. I'm, a little sad that i. Didn't, get the surgery. Time is running out for a 13, year old saskatoon. Girl to have life-changing. Spinal, surgery, in vancouver. Because she's an out-of-province. Patient, the pandemic, has complicated, the process. Her father is beginning, to, begging, the province, rather to make it happen. Number of active covet 19, cases, in our province, has fallen to the lowest, number. Since the public health emergency, was declared, here there are just four, new cases today. Leaving 207. Active cases. And again there have been no, new deaths today. It's almost like a franticness. That's going on with buying boats right now. Bc boat dealers, are reporting. Record-breaking. Sales, during the, 19. Pandemic. The boat buying, boone comes as many coastal, communities, ask visitors, to stay away. One dealer says it's the busiest, spring he's seen in 15, years. And this is the scene, in boston. Tonight, uh a live look there where it's at 9. 35. Eastern, time a similar scene being played out in in many cities. Across the united states, uh protests. And police.

Standing By. To, keep an eye on things again a live look at boston, tonight. The demonstrations. We are seeing across, the united states and in some cities, in canada, are expressions, of frustration. With the status, quo, and if there's one thing that is clear, this is what people are talking about today, so how do we make things better, we are joined by two panelists, who have lived on both sides of the border, professor, annette henry, david lam chair in multicultural. Education, at ubc. And adele, gamar an adaptive, leadership, expert, who also teaches, at ubc. And i want to start with you what we're seeing is not uniquely, an american, experience, incidents, do happen in canada. Many people of color say we just don't talk about it or, it may not be as blatant. As. As you know it is elsewhere, i think this is especially true, living here in bc. Can you tell us about your lived experience, or perhaps something that's really shocked you. It's. The only place i have lived in my recent memory. Where. Discussions, of race. Are, very, um. Hidden, and they happen in small circles. It's very very difficult, to. Have these discussions, with colleagues. People. Feel very offended, easily. And. People. I think people are so afraid of getting. Quote unquote getting it wrong. Or saying the wrong thing. Um. And and also that the idea that racism. Is something, that happens. Uh in ontario, montreal. Or, or. Definitely the united, states but not here. In british columbia. And adele. We were talking about it being invisible. But many police forces. Here have a difficult relationship, with visible minorities. Police often not seen as protectors. Instead they're often, feared. What do they need to do to break down the idea, that they don't treat, black people the same. You're right with the police being there to serve protect, and i think what we're seeing south of the border is a reminder. Of the, dire, need to have those that are in positions, of power. In positions, of public, trust. To be able to, not only, be there to protect, and to serve but also to remind, themselves. That they, are committed. To be servants. Of the public. And ensuring, that the people not only are safe but there is a projection, understanding, that they are there to serve. We all have, um. Hidden, biases. Um. Unconscious, biases, so whether we are outward races, or not we all have them and i think it's important. For us as we navigate, through this is to acknowledge, that we have blind spots. And the more conversations, we're able to have. More progress that we're able to make on these hard and oftentimes. Very uncomfortable, topics to discuss. Well i want to touch on that a little bit more um annette you know people can black out their instagrams, like we're seeing today, you can attend these rallies, here but when it comes to looking within, what do people need to do, to become, permanent, allies, not just in the moment. I think we have to. Be, honest, with ourselves, and be able to say. This is how, i am involved, in perpetuating. Racism. This is how i have overlooked. Some of the privileges, that, i, expect.

But What it means to walk through the supermarket. Or walk through a store, and not be watched what it means to be driving a new car and not be stopped as i was. Um, last year, and the policeman, asked me, whose car it was, where i was going, i had to show my credentials. I was you know i'm a professor, in dc, i was driving through the ubc properties. And yet i. Couldn't, possibly. It's, just a toyota, corolla. It's not a lamborghini. You know i was stopped, and asked. About. Whether i owned the car. And then i had to show my credentials. So you know i. As and i am, positive. You know i mean i have no proof but i am positive, my white friends don't get that experience. Well, as a person of color for me that's that's extremely, shocking to hear as well and i think you're right that people don't. Um. Really realize, that that stuff is happening and the fact that it happened here. At ubc. Um, adele. We have, just time here for one more question but you know we sometimes. See people perhaps, truly, trying to be allies, and understand. More but they do it in an insensitive, way maybe not intentionally. Can you give us some concrete ways here that people can inquire, and ask questions. Without being offensive. Yeah. A couple of things that come to mind. First of all, we're a country, that has been around for quite some time and it took 115. Years, for us to patriot, our constitution. It's unlike what we see in the united states where there are people protesting. And rallying. We did not or uh, we did not have revolution. We, are staying the course and so for a lot of viewers. Uh perhaps they're thinking you know what we're nowhere near the u.s we've got it pretty good. Um. You're hearing from annette and for myself, that we can still strive to be a better country, racism, exists. To become, an ally is a critical component, of us. Making sure that we become a better country a better province and in the case of those that are in the executive, boards. To ensure that you have a better organization. So one way of tackling, racism, is to look around. Look at your organization. And the construction, or the, composition, of your organization.

Do You have representation. Not, tokenism. Uh but representation. In that the acknowledgement, that if you have more people. Particularly, people who've been marginalized. Radicalized, or marginalized. I'm sorry, um, we need to have their voices. Heard. Um, becoming, an ally requires, that you. Provide the space. Where, a lot of learning could happen. And yes it requires, a lot of listening, and a lot of uncomfortable. Questions that need to be posed. I think for us to be a perfect, country, a better country, we need to have these questions. And what we're seeing south of the border. Should be, that. Driving force for us to, have constructive, conversations. Where we can see some progress. Delanette, thank you both for being on the show today lots to. Talk about and think about not just in the coming days but in the long run really looking within, thank you. Thank. You. The doctor, believed, responsible, for a covet 19 outbreak in new brunswick, is speaking, out tonight. His explanation. For not self-isolating. After a quick trip to quebec. Next. Well it is 6 42. And you're looking, at the vancouver. Port a live look tonight. A bit of a blip, in the weather today but tomorrow, and the rest of the work week looking dry. Heads up for saturday, mike you're not gonna like it. Breaks it down next. So today we're actually here to release, a northern, hawk owl, so it's an owl that was injured at the end of april we found him. Just a few blocks from here actually. And, came into our center and were able to. Treat him and rehabilitate. Him nice and strong and now he's ready to be released back into the wild here today. We suspect, trauma. Maybe a window collision, or another kind of collision, that caused the trauma. So a few weeks in care getting proper nutrition. And, protection from predators. To get nice and strong and now she's. Ready for release, we identified, the assiniboine, park as an ideal release location, we know that there's population, here, we know that there's the food they need. So we've got dr jim duncan here he's going to do, he's going to ban the owl and and take some measurements, for his study. And it actually flies, very similar to a cooper's hawk. It's important for this type of owl in particular, because. Many of our. Birds, wild, birds and animals, are relatively, unknown, especially the. Hawkel. Not wasting any. Time. The weather update is brought to you by, worksafebc. Visit. For workplace, health and safety resources. Including, covid19. Prevention. Meteorologist, brett soderholm, joins us now with a look at the full forecast. Brett, i know things are going to be looking good but like i said uh in the promo, there mike i don't think it's going to be too happy is. He. I know and this is one of those things where the the timing of this is truly, uncanny, because we always end up going through much of the work week, dry and sunny and then just in time for the weekend, the pattern, changes and we get into some showers and that's exactly what we're going to be seeing yet again this week, i'm going to walk you through it right now i want to show you what we can be expecting, in terms of our precipitation. Across bc. Because it's not just the south coast we are dealing with a little bit of an issue of course into the kootenays in terms of flooding and i'm going to get to that in a brief moment, but you can see here aside from the briefest, chance for a shower tomorrow morning, there is not going to be a lot happening, throughout the day but good news when it comes to the kootenais. A lot of the flood watches and warnings have since been dropped we are looking at dry conditions, throughout much of wednesday. And temperatures, behaving, as they should be so that is really going to help improve the flood situation, there, farther to the north as well very similar trend in terms of dryness, from prince george all the way up to fort nelson. Looking at a dominant, area of high pressure they're keeping things, very stable, now temperatures, into the north behaving as they should maybe just a little bit cooler than normal for places like prince rupert, but down to the south we're going to be seeing temperatures, right where they should be so that's 18 degrees for vancouver.

Closer To the low 20s for much of the okanagan, and the thompson region and that's where we are going to be staying, but yes as alluded to a bit in advance here we're talking about some unsettled weather for the weekend and this is going to be coming up, by, one i would say late friday into saturday, once again after we have this area of high pressure on friday keeping us nice and sunny and dry on that day we're going to be dealing with another system coming up from washington, state and this is again going to be a fairly, significant, system bringing widespread, rain to the entire, province. On saturday. Now rainfall totals preliminarily. Right now are not significant, we're just looking at anywhere between, 5 to 10 maybe 15 millimeters, locally, but again it is the timing of this i know and i'm not making this up but as we go up for the next couple of days, temperatures, are going to be rising steadily by a degree per day but yes saturday and sunday i know your eyes are drawn to it looking about 17, degrees each day with the risk for showers but i want to emphasize, showers are important, timing not ideal but i'm going to have a clear picture on how this forecast, plays out as the days go by, sounds good thanks brett. Well the daily covet 19, case count. Is rising once again in ontario. And the province is extending, its state of emergency. And as vikitopia. Reports, it is also answering to revelations. 700. Confirmed, cases. Weren't reported, to health authorities. Outside, a church in suburban, toronto, they wait to be tested at a covid 19, pop-up, site, i've had a sore throat for, about two weeks now. And we just figured it better to, get tested. Ontario. Is stepping, up testing, going into neighborhoods, that are covered hot spots. If you don't do it you're i think you're just being. Stupid, to be honest. The number of daily reported, covid cases, dipped below 300. Last week, it's been rising, ever since, this is the second day of more than 400. New, cases, we're in a thousand times better shape ontario's, premiere, doesn't, sound, discouraged. Citing, more testing, for the rising, cases. So the the more you test. Um. You are going to get a little more bump you're testing 20 000 people compared to ten, there's ten thousand. More people, that may have a chance, of having covet, it's just. Simple now. Yet the state of emergency. Remains, until the end of june, a sign ontario. Is still struggling, with a decline in cases in quebec, now. It really leaves ontario, as a bit of an outlier, as a place that's been unable to get off the plateau. And we clearly, need to do things differently, here. Indeed hundreds of cases that tested, positive, from this testing, site, were never counted, and followed up on. Ontario's, main health agency, blames a communications. Breakdown. Officials are now scrambling, to track down potentially. Thousands, of contacts. Of those missed cases. But is ontario's, contact, tracing, up for that extra caseload. I have, very little, confidence, that we have. A robust, system for contact tracing to any degree. And i think without that, it's highly unlikely that we will make progress, in terms of, uh being able to open up the economy, or the health care to non-coveted, illness. And yet the ontario, government, insists, it's prepared to move ahead, with more re-openings. When the time is right. Vicadopia. Cbc, news, toronto. And there are now 13. Active coveted cases, in the campbellton. Area, of new brunswick. Home to a town of just a few thousand. The doctor, at the center of that outbreak, spoke on radio canada this morning, he says he went to quebec for personal, reasons, and returned to work without, self-isolating. He says he isn't sure. Whether he picked up coronavirus. During that trip, or from a patient, in his office. Here he is explaining, what happened in french and there are english. Subtitles. Foreign. Dr, angela, has been suspended. He said he decided to speak out because he's become the target of racist, verbal attacks, daily. And false reports, to police, and he feels abandoned.

By New brunswick, public health officials. It was first spotted near montreal's. Old port on saturday, coming up why experts, believe, this humpback, whale. Is so far up the saint florence, lawrence river. We're all adapting, every day on this road back to normal, or whatever, the new normal will be, and at cbc, vancouver. We're adapting, to. So you won't hear the same story, every day we all have to move carefully. As life changes, from day to day and week to week, we'll keep you connected, to your community, with news, and top stories. Stay safe at home, and out. There. Hi i'm amy bell and here's what's in your cbc, vancouver, inbox. The indian summer festival, marks its 10th anniversary, by transforming, itself, into a season of online events, cbc, vancouver, is a proud returning, sponsor. On july 4th joined cbc, vancouver's, leanne young for a special, virtual, cooking class, with vikram, vig, and don't miss special programming, or contests. Subscribe, to cbc, vancouver's, e-newsletter. At Bc. And keep connected, with. Us. A fascinating, new visitor, to montreal, has been making quite a splash, around the city for several, days now take a look. This wayward, humpback, whale was first spotted, near montreal's. Old port on saturday. And it's been hanging around ever since, marine experts, say they've never, seen a whale. This size, so far south on the st lawrence. And that it may be disoriented. But so far it has not been showing any signs, of. Distress. That's that is. Way south. Down the st lawrence. South yeah, hopefully all is okay, yeah very important going for a little joyride. All right uh our colleagues, at, cbc. In edmonton. They have a new reporter, on their team. This is onara, cbc. News, candidate. I'm rapper. I'm reporting. Today. In my first, day. Yes, that is three-year-old, enera, a future. Journalist, right now she is the, little reporter, providing, exclusive. Stories. To her daycare, friends. This uh all started, as a way to beat boredom. During the pandemic. So one day like i was watching, cbc, news and she just, pointed her pretend, mike towards, me, and she said, hi this is a naira, this is cbc, news.

And She went on and on. So then it got me thinking, that i should make a mic, for her, so we made this, mic, um, it's just a craft a good craft, exercise, for her. And, we made this, and then we just went out and she started, off and coronavirus. Was the big news, is it still, is. And, yeah, and then the rest is in the video that you saw. This is an hour trophy. See y'all. Reporting, on chronovirus. Cbd, new dimension. Solid sign off there. Solid sign off and producer, matthew suggesting, that perhaps she takes my place when i'm on mount leave in the next few weeks so oh sure absolutely. The future of journalism, appears to be safe, yeah i need a little co-host, for you, exactly. All right that's all the time we have tonight. Uh dan's going to be here at 11.. Have a good. Name. You.

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