WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Jan. 28 — Coronavirus, Ride-Sharing, Party Bus Report

WATCH LIVE: CBC Vancouver News at 6 for Jan. 28 — Coronavirus, Ride-Sharing, Party Bus Report

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You. You. Tonight. On CBC, Vancouver news, so. This person is a male in his 40s and, a resident, of the Bank of her coastal, Health Region first, case, the, corona virus. Arrives in BC, are. You scared to take the plane today, yes why. Air Canada, and other airlines, are canceling, flights to, China and. It. Could have been a preventable, accident, how a faulty, door led to a young Surry woman's, death on a party, bus. This. Is CBC. Vancouver. News. Good. Evening BC, health officials, are confirming the provinces, first case of coronavirus, a man who recently returned, to Vancouver, from a business trip to Wuhan, China is, recovering. At home tonight and health, officials say the risk of the virus spreading here is low, as, Leon Jung reports, the news is still stoking, fears amid, rampant, misinformation. Eat. Last night we. Had a confirmation. Of a presumptive, positive here. In DC it was no surprise to health officials almost. Expected. Be seized first case of novel, coronavirus so. This person is a male in his 40s and, a resident, of the Vancouver, Coastal Health Region, he. Regularly travels. To China for his work and was, in Wuhan, City on, his most recent trip after. Arriving at the airport he chose to voluntarily, self, isolate, and has, remained at home since, he didn't, go out because, he was concerned, and his family was concerned because he had been traveling to Wuhan city and so, they were monitoring. Him carefully and when. He had his onset of symptoms, he called ahead and went to a clinic, the man is well enough that he doesn't need hospitalization, he's, at home under quarantine being. Watched over by doctors, and nurses dr., Henry says evidence from cases outside of China shows that you, aren't contagious until you start showing symptoms, so, passengers, from his flight won't be contacted, official, confirmation is still to come from the national lab in Winnipeg, but, this is the provinces, one and only confirmed, case so far even the rumors have been rampant, you, know like few days ago like there's a lot of rumors sighs like people. Liking. Richmond. Maybe. Like. Inject about this over us cases allegedly, in Richmond, another one out of Burnaby, accusations. Of health officials, trying to cover-up information. We are very much. Open. Here, we, will tell you as we have today. Immediately. If we know that, somebody is positive, for, this corona virus in a vacuum. This, information will, flourish this, UBC, professor, says the rapidly changing situation, and restrictive, quarantines, in China have stoked fears add to, that the proliferation of social media this is when panic, and fears can build up rumors. Spread on social, media, that. Can be a sort of cauldron. For all of these negative, emotions her, advices for health authorities, to keep pumping out information that's, easily, shareable online. And for, the public to only trust credible. Media sources because, misinformation, can, lead to more damage how. Easily, those, rumors, can lead to discrimination. Inappropriate. Discrimination. Against, people and I, think we need, to take. All those rumors with a grain of salt and recognize. They they are just that rumors. The, best way to protect yourself wash, your hands frequently coffin. To your elbows and use, all the precautions, you normally, would with any flu or cold Lee. Anne Young CBC News Vancouver. And, despite. Being told by health officials masks. Are not necessary. Some, pharmacies, in BC, are searing seeing massive lineups. Masks. Are in short supply with. Sellers marking, up prices online as well this. Is the scene at a Richmond, pharmacy, today wear, masks, became available and quickly sold out the. Pharmacist, told the CBC, she wasn't, sure why people were buying the masks but rumors. Continue to fly all over social, media. And. There certainly seems to be a lot of concern, around travel. Because, of coronavirus. That, has been evident at Vancouver International Airport, Dan Barret is live at YVR tonight dan while travelers, may be worried, they are still, boarding flights.

There. It's keeping calm and carrying on to borrow an old phrase Anita, myk's the people we've spoken with says yes some of them are aware. Of the new screening measures others, are a little bit concerned but say they're, planning to go ahead with their trips anyway for, travelers, Air Canada, has canceled, some flights. But it notes that it has 33, flights a week between. At China and, Canada. So it's the impact of that is going to be relatively small passengers. We've spoken with throughout the day are carrying on as we said we have seen some more masks, but that has been for both passengers, as well as, staff, some, people don't know about the extra screening as we said but they are boarding those flights all the same take a listen, can. We do now that it's here only thing is to take precaution, definitely, there's a scare in the like, there's fear in the mind I'm. Not really scared, about, that. Worrying. But I'm, healthy. Dangerous. I'm. Scared like beating. Just, I'm always like. Scare. Ya, I. Think. The most. Important, thing is for people. To calm, down not. To, overreact. That's. Been the message from health officials we, heard earlier they the risk, of outbreaks. Here in British Columbia and elsewhere are relatively. Low but they want people to take those basic precautions if you don't feel well stay home don't travel to affected areas and if you cough do, it into your elbow or your sleeve okay. Down but you, know for people who are traveling especially, if they're heading to and from China, what do they need to know. Government. Of Canada now recommends, Mike that people do not travel, to, whom a province in China that includes the cities of Wuhan, they believe, to be the epicenter of this outbreak. As well as flying gang and/or, Joe CBSA. Notes that international travelers, arriving here at YVR as well as Toronto and Montreal are, going to see extra, signage, when they're dealing with border guards and they, will have an extra question around their health if, the, at a kiosk or when they chat with a border guard if it's determined that they have been traveling, or coming back through, within, Wuhan, they're going to be getting some extra screening and if they don't feel well if they're exhibiting, or showing, signs, of flu-like, symptoms, they will have public health officials available, at the airport, and on, the phone to deal with anybody, who may not feel well as we heard earlier in Leanne's piece dr..

Bonnie Henry, says the presumed case here in BC that, man, did the right thing he isolated, himself and, so far seems, to be doing okay, I need up Mike all right damn thank you Dan Barret live at why they aren't tonight. The. Federal government, says it will provide consular, services, to all Canadians, trapped, in wuhan since, it will provide a tailored, response based, on the needs of the Canadians stuck there because, of a travel ban one, father who's 15, month old daughter is, in the city with her grandparents, says more needs to be done to help Canadians, well. I'm certainly scared. Worried. Frustrated. With. With. The, lack of response, that I hear and I, I feel helpless there's, not, much. I can do so following. Official channels, as I'd mentioned and also. Reaching out to my, mp. Reaching, out to other MPs, and, and. Then also on Twitter trying, to reach out to to leadership, to. Just. Get some sort of response. Now. 99, percent, of the global cases. Of coronavirus. Are in China and the numbers there show, the virus is winning, the, sheer number, of new cases confirmed each day is snowballing. And after. A huge spike yesterday, the outbreak has more than doubled, in size, CBC. Sasha Petro sick shows us how some people are reaching, the breaking point. With. The epidemic sweeping, China in Hong, Kong the, public, push has been four sealed, borders, a kind. Of self quarantine from, the mainland, that the Hong Kong government has, been resisting. No, longer. Leader. Carrie Lam arrived at a news conference wearing, something else she's been resisting. A face, mask which, has been a symbol of months, of protests, here young, young US given, the gravity of the epidemic, she says we, need to reduce the flow of people from the mainland so, trains, and ferries into Hong Kong will be canceled flights, reduced, it's. A sign of the pressure everyone. Is feeling to, do something, in the, face of a virus, that's infecting, hundreds, more every, day in China in. Wuhan, the epicenter, of the outbreak the, rush is for foreigners, to get out after, almost a week of lockdown. Americans. Like Jacob, Wilson, who spent today trying to get on the passenger, list for, a US government Charter. He, didn't, make it if there was a bigger plane they could fit everybody I definitely. Want to be on it Japan, is also sending a plane to get its citizens, out along, with the European Union, Australia. Plans. To fly some, of its people to Christmas, Island, quarantine. Eing them far off the coast even. In this crisis, atmosphere, Chinese. President, Xi Jinping, insists. The devil, virus, will, be beat. The. Chinese people he says are now in a serious, battle against. The epidemic. She. Met with the head of the World, Health Organization. Who has been praising, Beijing, for, its handling of the crisis, and yet, more than a month after the first infections. In Wuhan, there, is no end in sight no sure way to slow, this virus, which, experts, say may not peak in China for, weeks, Sasha, patristic CBC, News Beijing. And. We'll, have more coverage on the corona virus later in this newscast including. How more Canadians, are looking to get, out of China's, affected, zones and how, fears around the virus are taking on racist, undertones towards. Chinese people. Four, years after, a young woman fell to her death from a party, bus in Vancouver, a coroner's. Report, into the tragic, incident has been released it points the blame at a defective. Passenger. Door Joel, Ballard spoke to the victim's mother about, the changes, needed to prevent, a similar accident from happening and. Every day I relive, it because, I'm without her Shelly James, has had a lot of hard days since her daughter Chelsea died, today. Was no different the coroner reports, bring it all back and, it's, hard to read, something, where it, could have been a preventable, accident. Chelsea, James was traveling from Surrey to Vancouver, on a party, bus with her friends, when, the bus took a left-hand, turn onto Burrard here, James, stumbled, into the passenger, door which, opened, James. Fell into the pavement and was run over by the back of the bus but. The coroner's, report released. Today points. To a history, of malfunction.

For That door dating. All the way back to 2011 in, 2013. A mechanic. With commercial, vehicle safety enforcement, twice. Noted, that door wasn't working properly and, ordered, repairs. That. Door should have held you. Know, and. That's the sad part the. Order specified that, the company needed to provide proof that the repairs were made yet. There's no documentation, to, show that ever happened, and the, vehicle was allowed to return to the road after, it passed future, safety exams, and just, to not. Have any accountability. For that has. Really it. Kind of kicks you in the gut and it's like you know her life was worth nothing throughout. The report the, coroner points out six, different times, issues, with the passenger, door were, raised, after. James death an investigation. By the VPD found, that the door could be opened, while driving, for. Chelsea James's brother it shows, there were too many red flakes that were ignored the, reason why we want change is because we don't want any other family going through the like what we have been going through it's. Been hell and the. Sad reality is if nothing, changes, you're, gonna be talking to another family in the same predicament the, coroner's, report makes, a number of recommendations, aimed at improving the safety of commercial, vehicles, including. A tracking, system to ensure repairs, are documented. James. Hopes it's enough to finally see change in the industry to, prevent another family, suffering, it's another chapter in the fight there will never be closure, we're. Very. Lonely and broken family. Which. Wasn't. Nice before. Joel. Ballard, cbc, news vancouver. The. Body. Of a man found in, Maple Ridge has been identified by, homicide, investigators. 24. Year-old Eddie BOE Gary McGuire was, a former, u18. Championship, soccer player he, was last seen leaving his home on December 27th. On January 11th, his body was found on a rural Maple, Ridge property southeast. Of lougheed highway into 40th, now. Police are asking for help from the community. Today. We're asking anyone. With information about Eddie, Eddie's. Death. To. Please come forward. Investigators. Don't believe his death, random, but they say he wasn't known to police and nothing. Suggests. This was related to drug activity, or gangs police, are now trying to figure out a motive for the killing and they're asking anyone with information to, call I hit. Meteorologist. Brent's on her home here an hour their first check of the forecast, only, pretty, much stayed dry today and. The Sun came out again in the afternoon, that was a nice little pleasant, surprise and that warmth, really. Or the sunshine rather created, a whole bunch of warmth making BC once again the warmest province in the country and if we get more specific, if you could guess where the warmest spot was specifically, well that would be white White Rock at eleven point four degrees today that's a good solid five degrees, above seasonal, vancouver, international getting, very close to that 10 degree mark so lots of people in the Lower Mainland, feeling, kind, of that nice break, from the cold now in general temperature is hovering around six or seven degrees this is where you would expect to be at the daytime high but, right now our shift, is gonna be looking at this huge storm that is brewing in the Gulf of Alaska you can see this Calma shape here this is a really well-defined system that is going to be bringing widespread.

Rain And snow, across the entire, province, and that's gonna be getting going really by, the pre-dawn, hours so, for the remainder of tonight, it's probably not gonna be too bad you can get out there do whatever you need to and you can see on our satellite and radar right now not a lot going on so if you've been putting, off doing some outdoor activities, because of the rain well now you can definitely do it at about. 5 o'clock this morning tomorrow, morning rather that's gonna be when we're gonna see those showers come in and 8 o'clock is really, when we're gonna see some of that heaviest, rain start falling as the, day goes on things are gonna be improving, in terms of getting a nice little break from that rain and as soon as we get to tomorrow evening, I think we're gonna be into a full 24, hour break from the rain I'll have more on that when I come back all, right thanks very much Brent yeah and. A quick reminder you can watch this newscast live on CBC, Jim the free app is also where. You can find other CBC programs, ABC vancouver is also on facebook youtube and instagram when, you watch us online you have the added bonus of a commercial free experience. Amidst. An impeachment, trial, President, Donald Trump and caretaker. Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin, who are touting, a peace, plan, does. It have a chance that's, next. Thank. You so much for joining us online where we are yes, commercial-free, during, the TV break yes, and tonight we have the second. Feature in, a five-part CBC series called made to last at profiles, artisans. Who create repair, unique, high-quality, pieces that require time and personal. Care like greg miller a small-town, Saskatchewan. Film processor. Who gets, photo development, requests, from around the world Lee. It's story. Is. Someone. In the family dies family, cleans up the state they'll find some old undeveloped, film and, then. Not. Regular. Labs won't do long, expired, film and so they will find us and send, us the film. But. You also get people. There's. A reason they didn't get the film process, because they took, pictures of something that, was naughty. So. We get a lot of nudity get. A certain amount of explicit, sex and which. We. When. When, we get that we were. Extremely private with it we warned the client hey this. Is what's on this film do you want to see it most everybody, was to see it when, we're scanning old. Negatives. Like from old roll films, from the, 1940s. 1950s, 1930s. Were. Using. Like. We're we're. Mounting them in scanning fluid, and we're just. No. One is doing that that I'm aware of. There's. Always. Interesting. Things. Saying there's always we've. And, we've done work for two, presidential. Libraries. We've done a fair, bit of different. Celebrity. Work as well so the photos, in general, are more interesting. And then. Just. As time passes and things, look different in the pictures, the, older photos are more interesting because of that too, we. Get some. Work. From law enforcement, from coroner's. We've had stuff that, has been found. Backpackers. That perished. The. Trail and the bodies, have found years, later and, they had film on it to. This day a I, love, the job I you like getting up in the morning and seeing, what we'll discover. Looks. Like they've discovered, quite a bit of interesting stuff, well I mean it must be very diverse. Yes. The sensitive. Stuff yet no no. Don't, ever take pictures. Let. Me ask you this when was the last time be. Honest last time somebody actually showed, you a photograph, like, a, hard. Copy of a photograph. Not something on a phone see them a lot I mean I like to go through old photos old family photos and things like that and my grandparents, or whatnot but I mean it is it doesn't, happen very often doesn't look at the pictures, photos. Are anywhere, they're just sitting on a computer so. Stay. With us we'll be back with the latest international. Headlines. You. In. The United States senators, have been busy with President Donald Trump's impeachment. Trials Katy Simpson, tells us leaked manuscripts. Have thrown a curveball into, the already unusual proceedings. It. Is time for, this to end in. What could be their last chance. To vigorously. Defend the president Donald, Trump's lawyers argued, he did nothing wrong the bar for impeachment. Cannot. Be set this low but, Trump's team was forced off message, having, to again acknowledge, the damning, allegations from. Former, national, security adviser John Bolton, as, reported, by the New York Times in, the manuscript. Of his upcoming book, Bolton. Writes Trump, withheld, military, aid for Ukraine to pressure its new president to dig up dirt on the Biden's you. Cannot impeach a president on. An. Unsourced. Allegation. While. Trump denies the allegation, his defense, is being undercut, by a high-profile. Ally, former. White House chief of staff John Kelly told an audience in Florida if John, Bolton, says that in the book I believe, John Bolton, and that, most Americans, want to hear from him there's, been a steady drip, drip, drip, of information.

The. Truth leaking. Out and one explosive article after another in that. Sense, this is reminiscent, of Watergate, Democrats. And even some Republicans. Now appear, open to voting in favor of allowing new witnesses, to testify I don't think they're all settled as a group, or as individuals, just exactly how they're going to vote but. I'd like to hear from John Bolton if a majority of senators, do vote to have Bolton, appear under oath Trump's. Team is already undermining. The importance, of what he may say, nothing. In the Bolton, revelations. Even, if true would, rise to the level of abuse of power or an impeachable offense, tonight. Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told. Republicans. Behind closed doors he doesn't, have enough votes to block witnesses. Katie, Simpsons CBC News, Washington. While. The impeachment trial continues, Trump has unveiled his long-awaited peace, plan for the Middle East he insists, his proposal, will benefit both Israelis, and Palestinians. But, as Derek Stoffel reports, the plan is getting mixed reviews from that region. Thank. You in. The Trump plan there is a commitment, to the two-state solution. That would see a Palestinian, state next, to Israel there, was some concern. That the Americans, would back away from that but Trump did, not today's. Agreement is a historic, opportunity for, the Palestinians. To finally, achieve an independent. State of their, very own, after. 70, years of little progress this could be the last opportunity. They. Will ever have but, already middle east watchers, are saying the Trump plan favors, Israel, one, example on the very, contentious, issue of Jerusalem Trump's, plan would see the Israelis. Controlling, the whole city something. Bound to upset, the Palestinians, who want to establish a capital. For their future state in East, Jerusalem and, the, Trump plan will also not require, Israel, to uproot. Any of its settlements, in the, West, Bank we would like to see the written pages we would like to see the maps and only, then we will decide whether it's a good or bad I'm, sure that there are a lot of positive, things within, this plan but.

It, Needs to be seriously. Examined. We've. Heard now from the Palestinian, leadership President. Mahmoud Abbas has, rejected. Trump's proposals. A thousand. Noes are, his words it's, an age she asset he, says this is a u.s., conspiracy. Adding that Jerusalem, is not for sale so it seems that the plan that Trump has long called the deal of the century appears. To be effectively. Dead. On arrival. Derek. Stoffel CBC News Washington. Hope. For. 126. Canadians, trapped, in China's, Hubei Province, what the ferment is proposing, next. You. Recapping. Our top story, tonight on CBC, Vancouver news so. This person is a male in his 40s and a resident, of the Bank of her coastal, health region, he. Regularly travels. To China for his work and was, in Wuhan City on, his most, recent trip, BC. Confirms, its first case of corona virus the infected, person is a 40, year old man who travels, to China regularly. And was in Wuhan, City on, his most recent trip, he, lives in Vancouver in, the Vancouver kook brother he lives in the Vancouver Coastal Health Region health. Officials, insists, the province is well-prepared and say the risk to the general public remains. Low. In. China there are 126. Canadian, stock in coronavirus. Hit regions, Ottawa says it's working on a plan to help get them home as David Cochrane reports, for now they'll have to sit tight. Khloe. Favish, is 15, months old and learning to walk with her grandparents. In Wuhan, stuck. In a quarantine, zone with. Her parents half, a world away, she's. Really young I'm not, sure if her immune system can take this. Richard. Favish has contacted. The federal government, for help but, he's frustrated. As he watches other countries, send planes into, China to, carry their people, out right. Now what I'm hearing, is, is, more, of the wait-and-see I'd. Like to see the, government. In. An ideal scenario evacuate. Their citizens, from their own options that you set on the table we're just looking at the most efficient, way help, could soon be on the way but that doesn't mean planes are in the air or, even on the runway we're, looking also at options, with different nations as you know different, nations are looking at how they can repatriate. These people, back to their countries. That's the consultation, we're doing right now quite, frankly we, don't know yet what the situation, of those individuals, are so it's not as simple as just sending, a plane to bring potentially. Hundreds, of people home, officials. Need to assess the needs and health risks, of each person, figure, out how best to get them to Canada and then walk did with them once they get here this is a but, most priority for me is to make sure that we're protecting the health and safety of Canadians, whether they're abroad or whether they're here.

This. Is all happening as favish, boxes, up his house to move from Mississauga, to British Columbia where, the plan was for his family to be reunited, with all, the unknown I have no idea, how, long she'll. Be there and and, that I think is the the scariest aspect. Of this. For. Now fabok, keeps planning, his move to the other side of the country with, his daughter on the other side of the world, David. Cochrane CBC News Ottawa. And. Concern over coronavirus. Isn't limited to the virus itself, some people here, fear discussions, are taking on racist, undertones aimed. At Chinese people, the early edition Stephen Quinn asked his panelists. How they feel when they see people making, fun of others, wearing masks, the, lack of empathy oh I think about, the. Level of trauma that SARS inflicted, on on these, communities. And. At the same time you, know this. Is something that actually affected, Canada. As well you remember they were like 40 people died in, this. Wasn't this this wasn't something that was just Hong, Kong and, I think that because this is 17, years ago people here might have forgotten exactly how. Traumatizing. That huge, yeah. Kevin. For, you I mean, have you seen the same thing when you see people wearing masks so the reaction, of people around them mm-hmm yeah and I think it's even. Beyond this one on, an ongoing incident right now I do feel that compared. To places, in Asia wearing, masks, to, even not, spread the, common. Cold flu is very normal, and. I think that when I, wear masks when I'm sick and. I need to go out and people. Do like keep. Their distance fair enough but, also I, think that right now we've been hearing stories about even, people. That, look Asian Koff, on the bus and then people react. Very poorly so I think that it's just this fear, of what's going on how to protect yourselves and again, the racialization, of the disease. That's, removing, ourselves from. Actually, effective. Quarantine. And protective measures so, what do we do about this I mean you've got you've got a public feeling very anxious you've, got a coronavirus, that you know originates. In China, and, and, people are putting those those two things together and k-kevin, you know what do you what do you do to convince people that you, know they. You. Know one isn't necessarily connected to the other yeah I think that with. The, difference between stars and now is the definitely social media and just, a very quick spread, of, rumors. And I think that the, as we're learning more about the coronal virus even yesterday we're finding out the asymptomatic transmission. Aspect of it that. Shows, that we're still learning and need to learn, a lot more about what we can do to protect ourselves but, I think the toxic pool of fear confusion, mixed. In with rumors, and then social media right, that's creating, a situation, where racialization, of disease is happening on a scale, that we haven't really seen before yeah, and and and keeping control, of the rumors, is turning. Into a very very difficult thing right now you, know we've seen some some, newsrooms in fact say something and then pull it back, in, I, guess, how are you separating, fact from fiction in all of this. You. Just have to be careful I mean I think I don't think that Canadian authorities have any interest, in keeping, things secret if they don't need to be kept secret don't, think there's there's there's there's, cover-ups, and things like that I think the, problem, is that people get the slightest, worth of information on Chinese, social media in particular because, it is kind of a closed a. Sort. Of a closed community. It. Blows up and then. Someone, hears something and then someone spreads it at a dinner table and all of a sudden it becomes taken, as true when. You know I think really, I think we should wait for confirmation about, these sort of things. At. 6:34. Live. Shot looking over at Lonsdale. Key in north van tonight.

Should Be pretty decent, this evening and into tomorrow but then we're on to another round of showers Brett's. Here the full forecast coming. Up. You. Hi. I'm Amy belly here's what's in your CBC Vancouver inbox, don't. Miss the 19th annual Talking, Stick Festival a vibrant. Celebration. Of traditional, and contemporary indigenous. Performances. Art dance, and more and celebrate. The 10th anniversary of, the Vancouver, Olympic, and Paralympic Winter, Games with, Mike Killeen at the Canada Club on February, 12, learn more at Canadian, Club Vancouver, comm, for. More check us out online a. Powerful. Earthquake has, rattled a large area of the Caribbean, so far no reports of injuries, or serious, damage, the seven point seven magnitude, quake was centered near, the Cayman Islands between, Cuba, and Jamaica. People. In the Caymans reported, a number of sinkholes, but, only. Minor damage to buildings, and resorts, tremor, was felt as far away as Florida and, led, to the evacuation of, offices in Miami, officials, say the threat of a tsunami has largely passed, although, sea levels were expected, to rise by as much as 30. Centimeters. The. Weather update is brought to you by the body shop that always, takes you back to your happy place PCs favorite, Craftsman, collision, air miles and bigger smiles. All. Right Brad Sowder home is here and Brett we were worried that it was just gonna be rain rain rain all the way through yeah we've got some nice little pocket yes I think that's a very valid concern because last week was certainly just such a rainy time but we are going to be going through this like off and on process, and right, now we're in the off process so I mentioned earlier if you want to get out tonight by all means do so no need for, an umbrella or anything like that but if you want to see this morning we had a little bit of everything in today's time lapse had, a little bit of low cloud we, had some, sunshine, I think at some point more, so later on I believe temperatures. Though again the dominant, story really, quite mild all the way throughout the entire region and look at that even some rain our old friend of course can't, seem to go a day in January. Without, dealing with some of that rain now our precipitation forecast, you look at this right now seven o'clock all the way across the south coast in Vancouver Island not really a drop to be seen anywhere this is to be coming in throughout the overnight periods well a lot of us are gonna be sleeping that's when it's gonna be coming, into effect and that's going to be lasting for first thing in the morning so as you're driving into work or getting your day going be prepared for a few showers or maybe even some periods of heavier rain but by the afternoon that's, where it's going to start to improve and really, from about Wednesday into Thursday we're, gonna go through a 24-hour period I think without. Any rain at all and would not be a nice little change in terms, of the rainfall accumulation, here once again dealing with the comfortable 15 to 30 millimeters, across the entire region places, like Maple Ridge Coquitlam, those, at higher elevation, you know the drill you're gonna be on the upper end of that range, well places, say like Delta Surrey and White Rock probably, onto the lower end provincially.

Speaking This is a huge system everyone, across the province is gonna be feeling the effects of this it's gonna start as rain for, much of Vancouver, Island and then throughout the overnight period into tomorrow this is gonna be bringing some snow to places, like Kelowna, and certainly, into the Kootenays as well there's the potential for 5 to 10 centimeters. Of snow to accumulate still, looking at fairly dry conditions, off into the piece region, but one thing that's worth mentioning specifically. About Haida Gwaii in Prince Rupert it is gonna be particularly, gusty. And wind warnings are in effect from Environment, Canada for this right now potentially. By midnight tonight gusts, of a hundred and twenty kilometres an hour that is certainly blustery, too in extreme, and this unsettled, pattern that we've been in that's gonna be continuing, right through the end of the month which ends on Friday and the first day of February is certainly looking a little bit showery as well take a look at our forecast here something we haven't seen in a little while Thursday, I do expect, the day is gonna start off with a little bit of sunshine and have that rain come back a little bit later and two, days of 10 degree temperatures, into the weekend I think that's a pretty good way to finish off the month yeah, thanks Brett you're welcome. Well. Canada is still weighing its options let. Wall weigh in on, a 5g, plan or not but the UK went with a balanced, approach the, role hallway, will play next. You. You. The. United Kingdom has made a critical, decision about the development, of its 5g, cellular, network, Chinese. Tech giant Huawei will be allowed to be involved but with restrictions, and as, aaron collins reports, canada, is facing, a similar dilemma. The. Question for the UK's National, Security Council what, to do about Huawei, should, the Chinese company, help build England's 5g, network the. Answer, yes, but, with limits to. Ensure the security of 5g, and full fiber networks, it's, both necessary and proportionate. To place tight, restrictions on, the presence of any companies, identified. As high-risk hallways, share of the UK network capped at 35, percent and the firm can't operate around nuclear or military, sites a nod, to concerns over security, from the US which, has locked the company out of its 5g, network this is about risk management. I personally, I'm, willing to trust the advice of the British security experts, that this is doable, doable, and likely, essential, for Prime Minister Boris, Johnson, getting, 5g, online, a key, election promise this, part of central, London is one of the few parts of the UK that's already, supposed to have 5g, and it's not, that fast, getting, the rest of the country up to speed affordably. Will likely take Huawei's help Huawei. Was already involved, in the UK's three, and 4G, networks so, shutting them out now would mean building 5g, will take longer and cost a, lot more Canada, faces, a similar dilemma should. Canada, let Huawei get involved with their 5g, network I think, they should take look, at that very seriously, because, of the the, networks are very much integrated across, the border with the u.s. networks and I think the u.s. may have something to say about it and the US has already had a lot to say about Huawei. With, some politicians, warning that embracing, the company could, impact intelligence. Sharing with the us allowing. Huawei, to control, the 5g, networks, in countries. Like the UK or, in the United States of America is a dangerous. Path forward, Prime Minister Boris, Johnson, is likely to hear more on that, tomorrow when. He said to me the US Secretary of State Mike, Pompeo, Aaron. Collins CBC News London. Now. 5g, is touted, as the next big, development in, telecommunications. But the, impact it will have remains, unclear. The, CBC's Thomas Degla takes a closer look at the technology, to, see where it could take us. There's. A lot of promise, around 5g. Or the fifth generation of, mobile network, technology. But, it's not clear how much of the promises, are hype, for. Example is it. Faster. Depends. Promise. Is that it will be way faster maybe, even, a hundred times, faster, than what you get now, but.

There's, A catch while, current, signals can go far and through objects. Like buildings. Superfast. 5g. Can't go as far just. About one technology here, we have a constellation, of technologies, that, are working under the umbrella of 5g, we need to have multiple antennas, we need to have higher, frequencies. So, more, cell, towers, will have to be built for that superfast. Connectivity. Next. Up is, 5g. A, game-changer. The. Promise, is a more, connected, society. No less with, driverless, cars smart. Traffic lights to keep congestion. Down and, artificial. Intelligence managing. It all sure, a 5g, network could power this future, but. Not without time, money. Innovation. Not to mention permission. From governments the promise, of 5g, that gets touted so much it's that it's going to change a, lot of the ways we do things that's gonna depend a lot on the people who are developing, the applications. That require 5g. More. Realistically. 5g. Will offer better connectivity. For your phone tablet, or laptop rather. Than an entire smart, city, the. Last promise is, 5g. Ready right. Now. Well. Not, without new, phones which, need new towers, which need new 5g, modems, creating. Supply, and demand that's. Expensive, so, the Canadian telecom, industry, plans on spending 26. Billion dollars, over the next few years estimating. 5g, will add 40, billion, dollars to Canada's GDP but. Keep in mind for some Canadians, 5g. May never be ready, unfortunately. There's still a lot, of rural areas that are underserved by 4G, and, even though the carriers, are talking about using 5g. For closing that digital, divide, we. Haven't really seen a performance, like that in the past that gives, us a lot of confidence that, that's likely to happen in the near future don't. Lose hope on this promising. New technology, just, like 3G, gameís apps and 4G. Gave us streaming, there, may be another mobile revolution, around. The corner Thomas. Dag CBC, News Toronto. Bought, for two months it was a big success the, Olympic streetcar, line carried, thousands. Between. The Canada Line and Granville Island so why, has it been left to rot since, or, that next. You. You. It, has been a bumpy road for ride-hailing in BC lyft. And uber have been approved but now a consortium of Metro Vancouver, cab companies, wants their licenses, revoked our. Civic affairs reporter, Justin McElroy, brings us that tomorrow on the early edition. When. The City of Vancouver piloted. The Olympic, demonstration. Line ten years ago it was a popular attraction yeah the idea was to promote the idea of. Streetcars. As an alternative, to buses and sky trains in our city but, in the latest edition of about here you tailee learns, that different. Perspectives. And priorities, at TransLink, make it very unlikely the. Line will return anytime, soon. It's. Now been a full decade since the Vancouver, Olympics and I vividly remember three, things from that time Sidney, Crosby scored, that overtime, goal you know cam given the performance of a lifetime and oh, yeah, streetcars. Yes. For a brief moment in 2010, you could travel from Camby streets to Granville Island for free, using, fancy street cars from the future, also, known as Brussels it was all part of a pilot project called, the Olympic demonstration. Line and it saw, 550,000, riders over 60, days until it was never seen again so. What, happened to it. So. What. Happened, to the Olympic demonstration, line well, I'll, show you. There. It is well. There. There, it is yeah. It was a really great time with a year to film this story but anyways, as you can see today those tracks are very very, empty and they've, been like that for the last ten years but, that doesn't mean we forgot about it you, see the City of Vancouver has, actually looked into bringing a streetcar back to these train tracks many times before, and when you look into their plans you, quickly realize that this Olympic, demonstration, line was, really just the tip of the iceberg the City of Vancouver has, been considering, a streetcar route from Granville Island all the way to Waterfront, station with. Future plans to extend that line to Stanley Park and Yale town and we're just getting started there's another plan for a streetcar line going all the way down to south Vancouver, following, the Arbutus Greenway, and it looks like this could be a pretty easy win, the, tracks are already there and a lot of the groundwork has already been done ever, wonder why East 1st Avenue, and Olympic Village is so wide it's. Because the city has planned for this streetcar to run down the middle of it now these streetcars would be a big change to public transit in Vancouver.

Other Than the sky trains most, of our transit here relies on the buses so, what, do these streetcars have to offer, well, streetcars, can carry more passengers than buses, and as long as their tracks are separated from the roads they can be quite a bit faster, too now, they're not sky trained fast but they also tend to cost a lot less how. Sky train projects cost billions of dollars but the first leg of this streetcar line was estimated, to cost just a hundred and two million dollars in 2005. But, for the City of Vancouver it's, clear that this project is more than just about moving people in that 2005, study the city's case for building a streetcar line includes, fostering, economic growth, and supporting. Tourism, as well as helping revitalize neighborhoods like, the Downtown Eastside and Chinatown, the. Study also goes on to say what I imagine we're all thinking streetcars. Are just cooler. Or, as the report puts it smoother, rides easier access and better viewing often, translate into more riders due to the increased level of passenger, comfort sounds. Pretty great right. So why, hasn't the City of Vancouver brought, back the Olympic demonstration, line well. It's because it's not their decision to make who, makes that decision god, I'm, kidding, it's TransLink, our transportation, authority for the metro vancouver area, if we do bring back the streetcar they would be the ones to operate, it and trans, links response has been a hard pass at, the end of that 2005, streetcar, study is a letter from trans link stating. I'll. Admit I was a bit disappointed to hear this I mean, seriously trans like a gondola. To SFU is totally. On the table but a streetcar in Vancouver, where the train tracks already exist and you're saying no thanks, but I looked into it and I think TransLink, has a point first, off there's already a transit, option that takes you from Waterfront, station to Granville Island the, 50 bus it comes every 15 to 20 minutes and it's overcrowded just 1% of the time so, there's really no need right now for a larger streetcar, but, second and more importantly, the, streetcar, just wouldn't, be that fast according. To the 2005, study it would move at just 18 kilometers. An hour barely fast on the bus and when you take into account the differences in their routes the streetcar would actually, take longer than, the 50 bus to get from Waterfront station to, Granville Island 17. Minutes versus, 11 minutes as much as I like this streetcar, it seems like it wouldn't really be much of a transit solution for, this area but. It's also clear that its proponents don't, just see the streetcar as a transit solution they. See it as an economic solution, one. That would bring more tourists, to Granville Island and bring new life and development to the neighborhoods it runs through but. I'll be honest with you that's. A much riskier, strategy, first, of all those neighborhoods, along the streetcar line that the study mentions. Revitalizing. Our gentrifying. Areas where changes, have been really controversial, in the past but. Even if redeveloping, these areas, wasn't easy there's, still no guarantee that it would actually happen a number of studies have shown that new streetcar lines don't always result, in new buildings development. Economics, is just not that simple but. Ultimately I think we're making a big assumption, here that a lot more people will choose to take public transit even, if it's slower because, they have a nicer vehicle to ride and that's. Not exactly true I remember. When I first moved back to Vancouver I was so excited, to take the Sky trains but, after, ten days 60. Days a year, well, now I'm staring down to my phone like everyone else I still, take the sky train because it's the fastest way downtown but I honestly wouldn't, go out of my way to use it and that's, a lesson many cities are learning the hard way there, are many examples of streetcars across, North America that, were constructed, under this same premise, and are, now struggling, to attract enough users some. Even after offering rides for free and, don't get me wrong here streetcars.

Are Very much a transit, solution that, can work really well under the right circumstances, but. At the end of the day people take transit because, it's a useful service, because. It's reliable, convenient, and fast I think. That's the truth regardless, of whether you're on the roads or on tracks, and the, more we forget that the. More we run the risk of building a transit service that's just, bells and whistles. Kind. Of a romantic, side to it I guess in some respects but well Sam's just gonna love the streetcars in San Francisco here it's just good salt-flat right yeah. See. What happens it's fine did, you ever take a streetcar, right. Here sorry for the Olympics no I didn't get on that but. It was pretty, successful when they do yeah. All. Right okay, moving, on yeah their. Talent shows, this. Isn't one of them and then there are challenges of, truly epic proportions. That's. A rendition of a wild tune by a young a female, elephant she, along with about 30 other Oh. Pachyderm, pachyderms. At. The elephant's, rejuvenation. Camp in southern India, it's, an annual gateway. For many, of these gentle, giants from, their day job performing, at temples, the, retreat, offers various. Forms of relaxation and, refreshments. The Gathering also, provides opportunities to, dress up and maybe, take a selfie, or two. Wow. So it's it's. Like a little elephant spa, then well and, producer. Matthew tells me there. Are only hopefully. Didn't room I know it's there only two animals that have rhythm that can dance it. Just. To weekend well he's always right about everything so elephant's, are one what's the other oh. I. Don't know birds it's okay parrots ah what about monkeys, apparently. Not no only, birds are parrots and elephants. So well. Time for us to step, on out of here okay good idea Dan's back it 11 have a great night.

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