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Hello, this is Marc again for you here with GERcollector, thanks for the invite! We will today talk about some of his watches AND the cars here, so let's go! Okay so this is new, talking to a helmet! Thanks for having us! my pleasure! We will look at your garage, and emphasise on the bond of cars and watches! Yo fell that? Definitely. I can see you are wearing one, what is your approach to watches? Are the important? They are not as important as THIS! mhm. Driving the right cars, and having fun driving them. But when you check out the McLaren Senna, it does come with a watch! Yes. And the black and blue looks nice, you might get the clue? Oh yes, of course!! Exactly, that is why! But obviously it is so much fun having a nice and elegant watch on your wrist.

But dearest to my heart are the cars. Whether car or watch, both require craftsmanship and expertise. It is a traditional craft, you could say. We could kick off with the first car, so you will realise, that I have not got the slightest clue about cars. Perfect, so I will teach you cars, and you will teach me watches! That is what we will do! What car are we starting with? Where do you want to start? Over there, or over there? Back there we have something that suits you, the tractor.

Is it a special one? An oldtimer, yes! You know the Porsche commercial? Maybe we can show that. Porsche used their tractor to advertise their parts branch. Is it one? because of its colour that is enticing, but it is a Güldner tractor. Ah right. The cheap version. Do you drive it sometimes? Definitely.

Ok. It is great for the Maccas drive-In. Different, yes. G-class, a must have! older version? Yes, the G55. The supercharged V8.

This suits you best because you are so short. I wear Italian so why not? Is that an F1 car? No, F3 Ah right, ok. I raced this a lot, until I switched to the race version of the Lamborghini Huracán, the Super Trofeo. Is it street legal, or what is that? No, a blue blooded race-car! When you check out the inside, That has nothing to do with a normal Huracán.

Ah really? Yes. Do you still race? Not anymore. Just as a hobby or passion but not as an occupation. Alright. If you suddenly decide to race in the Porsche cup, it ultimately is a question of money, and that is just not my type of sport. Ah right, okay.

No really, if you want to race F4 or Porsche Cup, or whatever, You have to do your license and ultimately success is linked to financial resources. Not my cup of tea. That is why I only do it as a passion. But you take it to the track? Of course, track days, always!! So I have heard, that this one here is a little more expensive, right? True, that it is. We talked about it before, not easy to get your hands on this after all, right? Yes, there are only 500 pieces worldwide. This one comes with the special "MSO"- paint. "MSO" stands for "McLaren Special Operation" which is a special paint job, with clear coated carbon fiber.

Yes. For me that is a race car with street registration. Do you drive it downtown? Unnecessary. Yes.

I mean why would I? You said you had a fitting watch? What came first? Watch or car? Car first. Car first! When it comes to the Batman, or Rolex in general, they run like a tractor! It is extremely robust! Why did you decide to get that watch? What do you like about it? I love the new bracelet, I love the blue and black colour combination here. Perfect combination for it! Yes, suits it well. In general, are you a fan of the brand? I have always fancied the GMT-watches.

OK. From my personal oopinion, I find Rolex and AP the nicest and fanciest watches. I like Richard Mille, but although that might sound dumb, I want a watch to be heavy.

Ah really? Yes, yes! They do have gold watches! Maybe I'll get one eventually? I absolutely love that brand and especially the combination as well! And we will talk about that in a bit, because Ferrari and Richard Mille have launched a new cooperation! I am looking forward to some of their future releases! Back then they made the Senna watch, 500 pieces in total. Great watch, but you do not only have this one McLaren, You have a second one here. Yes, the next one, the 375 piece McLaren P1! In the world! It holds a lot of F1 electronics, such as the DRS and the hybrid, so we can drive it as an EV. No! Yes, for 12 miles, which is not that much, but for more than 900bhp that is not too bad! Bear in mind it is 7 years old and recently it did 62mph to 124mph as quick as a Chiron. Back then this was a masterpiece! How is it for you as a client? When I visit a dealer, it is quite uncomfortable.

Nobody likes me there. How is it when you buy these cars? Is it a nice talk or how is it? Super relaxed! Yes, okay. How does this work, you go online and click "buy"? Not at all, when ordering the Senna for example, you need to have bought more cars beforehand. When we walk further you will see my other McLarens. Yes. I mean both of them are limited cars, very desirable being limited to 375 and 500 pieces.

I mean it is probably like buying a limited watch. I mean you need to establish a name by buying a few Submariners before you can get something more exclusive. That would be wishful thinking! even for a Submariner you need to get a few gold Rolexes! But what about list price and the current market price? Are they increasing in value? This one does, other depreciate.

This one definitely increased! What was the list price? This is about 1.000.000€. Ok. And now about 1.500.000€. Really? Yes. Not bad.

Now let's switch the brand. I know when buying one of these, you need to show them an ownership history. Yes. They say, a minimum of 12 cars previously owned.

What is your relationship with the brand like? I still have a few models, but for me, I am increasingly loving McLaren. Performance-wise! But when it comes to investments and keeping the value, Ferrari is unbeatable. Once they release a limited version, it is crazy! I mean the F40! Yes. Was sick in 1989! Imagine you had it back then!! You were the King! And after 10 minutes, you are boiling in your own sweat! NEIN!? Yes! It is so hard to drive this! Last year it got different Turbos and a different exhaust resulting in almost 700hp. That is just so crazy with this thing! This one has 700hp? Yes.

Nein! From the factory they differ between 450hp and 500hp! But the Turbochargers force the engine to spit out so much power, it is insane! This is puristic, nothing in this cockpit! Bear in mind so many burned down already. Some people burned in the car! This car does have a reputation as a widow-maker! And now when we go over here... Another McLaren 675 LT Spider. Nice. Now only that I understand.

You have this car, Where is the difference to this? Why have them both? Because this costs about 3 to 4 times as much. Ah okay I see! That is more of a unicum. This one is limited to 500 pieces, but it was more in my price range back then. But for me that is the best car when it comes to driving to Italy, or somewhere else.

A convertible with oceans of space in the back! And against the stereotype of thirsty supercars, Wrong! This does 26 mpg! NO! Yes! How much? Currently, second hand? Whoa man no idea, really, maybe 300.000€ to 400.000€? Okay, I mean it is exciting when you consider this a daily? Yes absolutely, for myself, every time! You are a little tall for it. Ah okay, right! But it does look slick! Does it need a lot of servicing? You tend to believe that, but in reality it is not as much as you might think! Merc? C63 Black Series! Ah ok.

It is a special series, brutal optics, widebody, big wing! That Wing is a must have because AMG! Very cool, yes. I have one of your watches here, a steel gold case Daytona! What made you buy this? I find it beautiful. Indeed, yes! I wear it so often because I like the black in the dial! Yes. So, for me that is a classic! Rolex and the steel gold cased models have increased as the sports model market has increased as well. This one is a little older from 2018 I would guess? A little older. Even older, but with the nex clasp, and you could buy it for 14.000€ back then!

That was the second hand price then! Today they have increased step by step. The discontinued steel models are your best investment opportunity! The steel version had a jump from 18.000€ to 22.000€ in 6 months! Anybody who is searching for an investment, the Daytona is the best model for that! Do you think you would like this one in platin? Maybe I have one? Ah ok! Maybe I will show it to you! So I will see you again! And I show you more cars! That would be nice! Second time is even better! We must increase! Lamborghini is a must have in such a collection! Why this car? Aventador SV Roadster, 500 pieces worldwide, naturally aspirated V12! This will no longer be produced, it slowly dies out! Crazy, the sound must be awesome! It might sound dumb, but an Aventador cannot do much! It is brilliant in doing 2 things though! Co car compares! The looks. Yes! And the sound! And the SVJ has at least a slight bit of handling. Yes. But with the gearbox you do not want to drive it very long, neither is it superbly fast.

This E63 back there is my daily, We'll talk about it later. That one is quicker! But when you sit in the Aventador, you do not care, you want the emotions! When driving it! AND the appearance! And this is the naturally aspirated, what is this? no, this is the same. Only in orange. it is just.. Right well then....

Great orange though! It is so hard to decide about the colour! Right, I see! But orange is a colour you like, right? Definitely! But the next one! We will slowly migrate there! Right well! That is the same as the red, only that the red one is the spyder, and this is the coupé! You see? I do! Limited to 500 again! As you are called Collector, it is about collecting! Like watches, a steel version, gold coated, etc. true, people could accuse me of that as well, why have multiple Daytonas, is one not enough? Yes. Yea, right! That is an orange BMW M-Power? M-Power. More made for track, right? M3 GTS 135 pieces worldwide.

So rare?? This is Nr. 11. ok And BMW I have is the frame nr. 11, and McLaren nr. 150. P1, Senna and 675 GT all Frame nr. 150. Nice circularity.

Cool! The younger M4 GTS! WOW! 700 pieces. Nice! Great car, but now we are going to the highlight? For you today's germ I would guess! This one the original race car! Fiat 500! Yes, the "Reni-Rennsemmel" and what it must not miss: That is a must-have! YES! Do you drive it? Of course I do! Dude that is a super cool car! You will get a good feedback with that! And this over there is? BMW Isetta! Yes. Enter trough the front? Yes, through the steering wheel! Cool to see that! Next we have the Z8 from BMW, I know this is rare. In the James Bond Spec, as a classic. Yes, speaking of classics, you currently wear an AP Royal Oak Chrono, the new model. With the blue dial.

Audemars Piguet, How did you come to this brand? When it comes to investment, they are a little vague, as they produce a lot less than Rolex at only 40.000 watches. What thrills you on this model? I find this not too flamboyant, just super beautiful. Ok.

I tried keeping it in blue! It is the most popular, this boutique only blue dial increased a lot in value. I still remember this being 22.000€, I think by now they broke the 40.000€ mark... I recently looked they sell for 40.000€ to 50.000€. But when saying 50.000€ is a lot of money, consider the

5980 Nautilus, which currently sells for 110.000€. The same watch! Yes! AP will be exciting in the future, do you like the Nautilus? Nice watch! I like the AP more. It comes across younger and dynamic. By now I cannot favour that, currently I just prefer AP more.

Next we have a little older model, right? That is a little older, usually I have an "M3 CRT" "Carbon Racing Technologies". Most limited car here at 67 pieces. WOW! But it is being serviced.

So I thought I put the 1M here. Do you have more than the ones here? I might have another garage park somewhere else? No way, really?? Dude crazy! Maybe I show you a few other cars there? That would be awesome! That is an SLS? No, SLR! Ah yes, SLR! The 722 limited to 150 pieces worldwide. A truly special car, I still remember my first actual job, Every client, mostly billionaires had that car, very nice, very flamboyant! But over here is one even rarer vehicle. Yes, the so called SLR "Stirling Moss"! So no windscreen.

Yes. Only 75 pieces worldwide. A few less by now, because one was stolen for example, Ah okay! And they wanted to sell it, but having realised there are only 75 pieces of it, how can you sell it? Disassemble.

No!. They drove it onto an open field, and lit it up! NEIN! How much does this sell for at the moment? It was 800.000€ back then and now it is at 3.500.000€. 3,5 Mil?? Round about. Aesthetically a dream, absolute dream car. Definitely.

When it comes to aesthetics, both of our collections have something in common: The Royal Oak skeleton double balance. Jesus where did you hide that one now? I needed to have one before I married in 2017! I spoke to a dealer and tried convincing him, but obviously I failed. This is a very special watch having 2 counter balanced movements, alternating each other.

Their alternating rhythm causes the watch to be more precise. A great steel model, which usually sold for 60.000€, and now it skyrocketed to 160.000€ But I can promise, this watch will eventually break the 200.000€ benchmark.

I love this watch and its art, when I see it I melt away, I love it. Totally. Do you wear it often? Occasionally I do.

But I am surprised how casually you get it out of your pocket! As if you had a bunch back there, feel free to leave some! Looking at the mechanics, the hands are made of rose gold, the bridge in normal gold and it suits your other car here. Porsche makes my heart drop, my father has had a Targa from my birth-year! So I naturally grew up with Porsche. Porsche, in my case the one in Dortmund is dear to my heart. and this is the GT3RS, matching your helmet design. Now having looked at this side, what do you say about Porsche? For me that is the pinnacle of engineering, the perfect car. No but that is what it is! No seriously, consider the McLaren, of which some are faster than this, but the question remains: How long and how often does it work? Reliability Because the McLaren is a turbo engine, in hot conditions, the car reduces its Power output. Ah ok.

This is a naturally aspirated 9.000 miles old engine. almost all of which on track. Crazy! All on track! It works and works and works. I mean looking at it and listening to your stories, this is for track use only? Well it is street legal! Te windscreen tint... Can I do that on mine?

No? Ok. I mean try your luck withe Police especially in Düsseldorf! This is the one with the golden exhaust, right? Yes, this is absolute perfection, everything fits well! This here is one of the cars I want more than my next breath, one day I have one. That is a dream This monster is fundamentally different to the GT3RS. Yes? This is awesome and clean driving pleasure. That is a puristic beast! Really? Having modified parts of this car..

Such as? This is the Weissach package, of which only 3 in the world have this paint-job. From the factory? From the factory. You could order that? This is "paint to sample" which you cannot order directly, Porsche is very... picky? Yes! Also did some adjustments on the software and hp. Crazy! What do you think of the new GT3 and GT3RS? Despite the new wing, which had me doubt things at first, I like it! By now I love it, but I wonder how it will sound? Comparing it to the 991 GT3.

Sound-wise you like this more? Absolutely. the new one has the "OPF", the "Otto Particle Filter", which makes it quiet. The manufacturers are forced to do that, they have no choice.

We just saw you in that SVJ here. Aventador SVJ, right. A spaceship for long distance travel? ABSOLUTELY! Best car for long distance, very comfy for 1000 miles non-stop! Yes? Especially for you, as with your height, you will fit in it nicely! No seriously, no longer than half an hour. Pure emotion, awesome look! Now having met me and talked to me, what car would you recommend to me? Am I a McLaren guy? I could see you in a McLaren.

Wait do you want a Race-car? No matter, I have enough dailies. You would be made for a McLaren, Porsche or what I can also imagine, considering your age, Bentley? I like Bentley, good cars, but what do you think of Ferrari? Ah don't know! Nein? Would not really see you driving that. Alright, good to know. I like Bentley though. Yes,Continental GT complements the Suit perfectly! And this you just said was your youth? Exactly! Cool, so that was your racer back then? Definitely! That is for oldtimer races? Yes, we did the Mille Miglie with this one! WOW! You saw the new M3 and M4 front? Yes.

Many people were upset, but look at this! 1937 built. From there? From there! Same with watches, when looking at older models of the Datejust, the red Date dates back to 1950. So it has pedigree. And these 2 are the same?

Yes! This one has a slightly higher history, it participated in a race at the Nürburgring. This is the white one. Is that expensive? This originally sold for 12.000 "Reichsmark".

God, almost 100 years ago, how could you put a pricetag on this? That is a difficult calculation! Ok. And now it depends, but they go for 2.000.000€ maybe 500.000€ more? Alright! That is what the 328 costs, yes. Truly nice that car! That suits you! True! Daily for Düsseldorf, no problem! With the boot and the luggage space! You can easily take along your watches you just come here, and open here, Then you have space here! Ah ok! Can put your watches here! Imagine me in that car? Here is your new car! Of course! But honestly a nice car! Now concluding the video, is there any watch that you want to have, one that you have been searching for a while now? I admit I do have a few favourites. There is this new Daytona with the rubber band... Oyster Flex.

Exactly! And it has this new dial! Meteorit! Yes!! Have you seen it? Yes of course, and this meteorite style has been around before. I believe it was 2005 or somewhere around that time, they released a racing dial with meteorite, which they now re-released. Exciting material which always sold well. But when we talk about RM or Patek Philippe? I like Patek, but it is still kind of...

A little too much! Thanks for showing us around this very special and rare showroom/garage! And it does not really matter where you look, the banners back here, it is all very lovely! Thanks man! And I am looking forward to the next time I see you and your awesome garage! Thanks, I see you next time! See you next time, bye! Bye!

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