Wanchain at Crypto Sydney Meet-up Part 1 - Ep20

Wanchain at Crypto Sydney Meet-up Part 1 - Ep20

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Hi. Guys this is Ozzie Tai from a crypto can of beer and we're at the Sydney crypto meet up tonight to, hear about one, change from the founders themselves we've, also got some other speakers. Tonight, so stick around and, we'll. See. You off. So. Stay tuned and you can watch the footage, from the. Presentation. I've got, hyperlinks, down the bottom there so if you want to jump to a particular question or a particular topic you can go straight to there because it does go for quite a while so this is Aussie tie with my pal, Tom and. You're watching a cryptic an affair so. We're, just hoping the one chain team at Tom what do you think about that project yeah, we did I think I think it's a very interesting project, that, sounds good considering to do is so much familiarity, with the audience, for all come maybe. Spend. A little less time on the, overview, of lamb chain and. Then we can dive into more details, and, what. They're trying to do is. Let's. Essentially, put it into two facets, they're trying to be. A. Cross. Chain block chain so. Interoperability. So communicating, between block, chains and they also have their own private blockchain, what. They call interim blockchain so, you can also build, a blockchain on their platform, it gets quite confusing, but basically those. Are those two facets, they want to connect other block chains such as a theory, and platform, to their own platform, and they also want other people to be able to build private, blockchains on their, platform, hopefully, that summarizes, the correct thing for you guys okay, great I found, it was very interesting, the. The. Venue tonight was great freelancer. At world square in Sydney. Sponsored. By rivets that was really interesting so rivets what, did you think about the rivets discussion. Reboots have a product is coming out shortly we're in beta testing - about two, of the, products. And there's lots more to come so the first one is that rivets Authenticator. And, that. Is a. Safer. Alternative to a to, FA and can, be used like any other - FA and the reason why it's safer, is that. The code the encrypted code is produced within that hardware, and bolt in the file so it's less susceptible, to interception. By malware. Or hackers. And. Then. We have our limits, developer toolkit, so the. Rivets. Ecosystem. Can be built in from development, and allow the, user to set. Rules around how they transact their how. They make their transactions, and how they store their private keys so I can I can. Set a rule that I can. If I want to transfer more than twenty, thousand or fifty thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin, I need to be within a five kilometer radius, of, my home, or, I can, set a rule that if I want to all. Of my transactions, need to be made from one of my personal devices, because, I don't, think anyone here would be logging into other people's computers or phones to, access, exchanges. Or transfer, any type of value. And. What, that means is that the. Guy or the person on the other side of the world who built the money, through a phishing site cannot, access, the, Facebook guys. 1.3. Million dollars worth of tokens so, our SDK, our developer, developer toolkit is due, out in, quarter. Three of this financial year and I. Just want to say there is any developers, here everyone, who are interested in whitelisting for.

The. Public release come and chat to me after and thank, you to DJ and, the other organizers for having us here thank, you. It's. Great that they brought, awareness out to. You. Know what the crypto community, and the crypto traders, and I think, that's that's that's, a positive in my books anyway yeah so, it's some feedback, that I would have for the one shine team is that you're. Talking to crypto. People, here and so we're we're, very you. Know you're preaching to the converted, already, so you, didn't have to sell us on the crypto I think they could have just gone straight into their technology, what was different yeah, all the, killer applications. That. Rather. Than. He's, selling us on crypto cuz I think they're wasting bit of time and lost, chit-chatting. You in the background, I think we've, got Dylan. Or, masses, Jack Lew and no the presenters, okay, sorry yep sure, I think his name was dealin you, know the, American. Guy was quite, engaging I think he communicate, very well well they found when they when they brought out the graph about, like how digital assets, have been acquired, more and more from, like 2014. To 2017. I thought that was completely unnecessary, since. January, 14, the fear there was just you know trickling, of assets and then after 16. Happens we've got the Dow here, that's that the big kind of bar after. January 16th and still not a lot and, then all of a sudden. 2017. You just have this that you know explosion. Of digital assets, and. It's, just it's, really sorry what, people really wanted, to know is what. Exchange when, it's gonna get listed where can we buy them from when. Is where I'm gonna be listed, so that people can actually buyer cuz right now they're I mean. And we we can't blame them completely, if we take their word for it which is, they've. Submitted their. Token. To the exchanges, but you, know they're waiting for the API is it waiting to be integrated, into the systems, of the exchanges, and I understand, that that takes time I also, understand, that that should, probably have been factored in beforehand, but I mean it.

Depends Because I think the the, main point they were saying is they're introducing. A protocol the the, one chain protocol, so they're, saying that the protocol takes longer, than just. Introducing. Any other, base like an ELC 20, because they got a template, already exactly. Where it's a brand new platform so I understand, it, could be delays there, but. At the end of the day if you're looking for clarification, as to when one. Chain is gonna be in exchanges, we still don't know we asked them they, did not know that did not die vote they. Keep from that close to her, so. I'm. Gonna so. Stay tuned and you can watch the footage, from the. Presentation. I've got, hyperlinks, down the bottom there so if you want to jump to a particular question or, a particular topic, you can go straight to there because it does go for quite a while so, this is a tie with my. And. The. Projects. We. Have in. Austin. Texas. And. Before I went, to Austin I instead, spent, around 20, years in. The IT industry doing. Mostly. In the e-commerce. From. The Yukon is a software, development and I. Actually. Going. To need you. Know startups. As well, for. Listing. Companies in the US and. I. Took their company. And. She took. The technology. The. Technology from. Europe and then, took it to China, in back in June 2005. And. Then. Started to come. There. Was 2005. And 2007. And. And. Before. There. Was before. That I would spend around. 14, years in being. Rumbles. Ohio. So. And. I, provides a mixed. Background of. Economics. And. Business. Of consulting, has spent some time in the. Securities. It's me help the big companies to get puppet, listed IPO, back. In China so, long. In the, financial. I mean, a financial. So. That's why. I'm. Very interesting, in the financial. World and one. But. In. 2013. With. All the investment. Returns. On the Bitcoin I start, looking. To the software, development. And. With. Some, folks in Austin, Texas. And. And. At. The time I. Think. I met, Dustin. In. Austin, and. Some. Of the some of you might know, David. Johnston he. Was the investor. And they will create a, little. Company called fact him back. In 2014. At. That time it was a we're. Trying to do the data layer on top of Bitcoin. It. Was really bad I think, only at that time not too many icos and then, we were the one following. So. At. That time was. Market. Meltdown in, 20 2013. But. We did the ICO it was pretty tough but, we. Were, we were able to raise enough money to. Keep going and. The. Project, wasn't very bad. The. The coin, was. Top. Ten for quite some time it was missing number eight on. The coin machi care for a long time and, I've, also got the interview, by the. Economist. For. The famous, 20. 2015, I'll, talk with Asia the, trusted machine and that, we've got very famous around the world and at, a time I, was, invited back, to China, and I. Was, a responsible, for the China market expansion. As well and. Started. Realizing that China. Mark is so so big and I, had, the impression that. China's. Market, and you. Know for the for, the blockchain, might, be bigger, will. Combine at a time because, of the money and the or the the. People participating in the whole industry so, at. The same time we, we've, also met, some difficulties. To. To. Get the customers. For. Factory. In China because of the regulations. Regulations. And. Restrictions. For, the, data. Security, things, like that so, I, was. Advised that I, need, to do the. Do. The. By. Do instead, of instead, of Google so. That's why I. Decided. To come back to China, in 2016. And. It, didn't company called there when. Who. So. At that time in 2016. These. Are kind. Of happening, in two different words one. Is on the digital. Currency, side, they're you know more digital. Currency coming out more I still in my Sukanya. And. On. And. On. The other side. Also. They're you, know. Traditional. Traditional. Companies, they. Cannot get loans, in, China will turn in Spore what, we can do to. Help these companies. Finalists. And also. A lot of people without. Banking, access and. Then we were thinking, how we can use broad change or help them. So. We would wait these two wards and. Trying. To figure out how to, how. To come up with the solution not. Only for China but. Also for, the whole world. So. That's, why I think in, the end by. The company. Means. 10,000. 10,000. Change and then, we want I think in the future we will have many. Many change. So. We have. I. Think based. On my experience, acting. We. Have to have a global, team and this. Is very important, for any. Branching. Project. To be successful we, have to you the global team so. I. Work. With a dusting, Austin and do the teaming, in Austin also in. Many, different places around. So. We're talking about the technical, advantages, and, look. At the graph on the Left what. We're trying to do is trying to build. A bridge between all. These different. Projects not, only the public changes, are also private and, if. You look at the bottom. We. Actually have a concept. Called LNG, and, that's where we started and.

Local. Area, network consulting. Chains or private genes and. These. Solutions. That we even, provide. Today and for, some of the companies will work together, and, we provide the solutions, for for. The enterprises. And. Also some, of the some, of the companies in warrant, issued, tokens and we. Help them to be the solutions, and they, will be automatically, connected. To one key this, whole ecosystem, and Dustin. Will give you more details about those. Projects. And. What. We're trying to do is, view, the you, know, something. Called internet abroad chains right. In. I, think. We we. Have many. Different key. Technologies, of here. One. Is. Privacy. Protection, so, whatever, the transactions, on when chain we. Will have privacy protection, and, which. Will have two different layers one is for the native. Coins where. Coin and also, any, tokens. Created, on top, of energy. The other one is small, contracts. Wenching. Is based, on. These. Events code base so automatically. Inherit, all, the, small. Contracts. And. Also. Cross, chain right if you look at the graph, over here the. Private changed the assets, can be moved, when. Shea and, also a popular chain assets. Can be want to watch it and in. Waging you can all these different, answers can be Cobra. Minutes more contracts, and. And. I'll give you more details about how these. Three. Different technologies, so important. And. Also. The goal, of. The. This. Platform is to integrate. Any publishing. As long as they are using the. Public. Key and the private key, asking. We. Should, be able to, get. Connected so. Based on this, kind of all. These. Goals. We. Came up with you. Know all. Kinds of design. Solutions. At the time we, look at many many different. Options and, then we spend at least. Six. Months to come the right, right. Solution, and. Then. We. Figure that these three, key, thing technologies, are. Required. In order to create this infrastructure. The. First one is privacy. Protection, as I mentioned this, is very important, and. We look at different. Options as well like. Easy key snark and many, other many, others and we settle down on the. Narrow. Style from, in signatures, one-time. Account and, we. Rewrite into some issues with how, we can come. Up you. Know integration. Between the an, arrow, style. Privacy. Protection with small contracts and we, came up with the step. Step. Systems. So. That the. Gas when. Small. Contract, is. Executed. The. Whoever's. Paying for that for the gas, can. Be hide it with the with. This step system so what it means is when. You want to issue. Privacy. Token we want to send the promised. Token from an address to another first. You want to buy. By. Stem-based. Me. By postage, and then you put on the envelope, and send, it out and. Putting. You. Know. Post. Office and then. Nobody. Can track where, that it's coming. For. The, the. Way. Coin ecosystem. We support, two, types of privacy, protection that, one is for the native coin and and. The, other one is will, be, privacy. Tokens, and. We. Use different mechanisms. In order to accomplish. That. The. Second one is cross. Chain. And. Also, we spend, a long time and, we'll pick the secure, multi-party computation. And. Also, threshold. T-shirt, this. One came from the, Chinese. Scientists. Mr.. Yao professor. Yan is. Chinese. But. Grew up in Taiwan, but. Educating. Us. He's. A. Turing. Award, winner. Only. Chinese Tony Award winner and. His. Famous. SMP. Theory. Was. Widely. Accepted. And. We actually know. This professor is commonly, in Beijing and who. Inspired by history, and also. One. Experiment. With his activity, and we. Have a global team look, into that and the, finally figure out. You. Know we, can. And. They. Used that scheme to. To. Control. The private key for. Any chain, basically. Similar, similar, to a surety but with a, group of. Decentralized. Nodes to. Control, an. Acht account in a different chain and we. You. Know the researchers, come, together and, try. To try the PLC, we retested. In our, lab and finally, figured. That out we. Actually. You. Know wrote, paper, and, verified. By, different. Professors. And their researchers, we. Figure out that it's, your work. So. After you. Know long, time research. You. Know we. Have a solution and. The. Cross chain. Question. Technology, with this without. Technology can allow. Us. To. Integrate. With anything, without. Having to modify, the. Original chain. So. The key, technology, the small contracts as, everybody, know this, is a very very important. Although. The small. Contracts vanadium has a lot of problems. But. We, are very confident, that. With. More bigger. And bigger community, building. The you. Know sorry the small. Contracts, on material, and. With, a form. Of verification and. Many, other technologies. We. Will make the small contracts, and more, and more secure.

We. We. Decided use it because, Ethan. Has. Developers. Community on, the walk and. I've. Been an investor, diamond. And I know that the. Team is the. One thing pretty well so. So. That's one big. Diamond. Companies, to start with. And. Also there. Are many devote. The moment close, out there and we, can you can use the existing, debugging, tools as well. As the existing. Small. Contract, code out. There in. The, community. So. With. These three. Key technologies. We, can build a, new, infrastructure. To. Get connected. With. All these public. Rock changing, and also, private projects. So. Here's. A plantain, vision. What, we trying to do it for for. Vinci I think, it's very important to be with the ecosystem, I with. With. The. Ethier myself. You. Know and. I, think, it's very, important, you have to do the, the. Apps. And the applications, on top of that and then you have. So. We borrowed the same idea of trying to expand it and at, the end we, see the vision for when changes, we, try to create. An infrastructure. To bridge the, assets, basically. The digital assets and also. The. Capital that, is available the. One that, I wanted, to get into the. The. New digital, digital. Economy. So. For. All the capital available. Either. From the. Institutional. Investors, or individual, investors. Either. They have fiat money or digital. Tokens we. Can let, me with, even. Format. With. You can set up funds we. Call. Them win fund and we'll. Nathan convene. With tokens, or equities. We also have traditional. Companies, in, order who. Allowed. The. Capital to convene at. The same time we, have many. Access, available most. Were connected with different chains, and for. Example. It's. In any. Of the u.s. in 2000 khun's will be available and. Whatever. The. IC, o---- across, a available. Written. We. Can. Once. We can get. Connected with him. What, does I see us will, be available, to. Order. All, the capital, on top of ng. At. The same time when. You do the same thing using. The small. Contract similar like. Yasutani, token and, we can create. IC. Goes on, top of ng and. With. Privacy, protection. Technology. We can even created, a. Privacy. Token, or. Privacy token, across, a and. And. Once. We connected. With both easier, and. Bitcoin. Who can create a. Small. Contract, or cross sale that, will accept with multiple, points. So. That's how we bridge the the. Assets, digital, assets with capital at the same time in, the ecosystem. We, will partner, with many, third-party providers. And build, many applications, so, this woman will, be more like. Angel. From Android, system. It will be open for, any intern for me to participate in the, build is the infrastructure. So. That's, the vision does, me want to continue with. Hustling everybody dustin, binds in here president, of wine chain and, give. Me a little bit of background and. On. Our vision here about why, we're so focused on rebuilding the financial services industry. My background is coming from the, traditional financial services industry, and what. We see here is that the real innovation is, that a digital, asset, it's. A new atomic unit that we can use to, create an entire financial stack, offload and, the affection that are really profound, to. Kind of understand. The. Understandably, have to understand a little bit about what. Digitization, is and why it's important, when. You digitize something. You. Turn it into think. It's from something that's physical, and. You turning into the ticket to the rob on zeros, and ones. Peter. Diamandis, founder. Of XPrize the singularity, university. Is. Really, kind of. Been. Speaking a lot about the impacts, of digitization, and his argument is that when. You digitize something, it hops on an exponential, curve an, exponential. Curve is a doubling. Over some period of time and. And. We see from the, traditional. Photography, industry, that. When we digitized, the photograph, it, had this really profound impact. On the entire industry. The. Photograph. The. Megapixels. Started, off at point, zero one and then point zero two and then point zero four they, were doubling, but, they were deceptively, doubling, and that's the beginning part of the curve here and. That's the point when yeah you're having this technically. It is exponential, but, the problem is that you, can't really tell that it's going to be disruptive. It's. Not tell that that technology gets, to a point that is actually usable let's get 2 4 8 16, 32 megapixels.

That, Really starts changing that industry, and, adequately, disruptive. Impact on the industry and. Then at some point and actually team materializes. And that the, the, photograph itself, kind of the photograph itself turns into zeros from once but so, to do, does, the the, camera the, camera becomes, a digital. App the what's on your phone and. So this completely, sort. Of appendages the entire is up an entire like, an hour the photograph. That mystery that kind of the the larger media industry, and with. The digitization. Of the asset, we. Anticipate, a similar. Kind of trend. Massively, transformative, impact on, the financial services industry and, it's, so we're building way and chain dude to speed, up that impact, to, bring about the realization of the next generation, of the financial, services. And. So to give you kind of some that idea of the, the, speed. Of pace here. Let's. See if this video work for us. This. One second. Well. So. These. Fortunes. Video is not loading, for us but, if. You look at this bar graph on the bottom what, this bar graph on the bottom is is, the digital. Asset issuance, over time so. On, the far left we. Have the very first issuance, of you, know I guess this was a theorem, first. ICO at January 14, and. Then you got you. Know really not a lot but I guess back then was what jacquard somewhere I'm here you know in. Like. December of, 14, and, then, but, the big bar after. They, go online I, thought, they were actually gonna mention here. We. Have notice all right there's. We had since. January, 14th fear there was just you know trickling, of assets and then after 16. Happens we've got the Dow here, that's that big kind of bar after. Generation, still, not a lot and, then all. 2017. You just have this explosion. Of digital assets, and. It's, just it's, really accelerating. And even though you know the regulators around the world. Well. We're trying to sort of are. Trying to regulate it we, don't think that that's gonna slow down they might shift you. Know you might call these by a different name they, might be you, know have various forms of regulation that required, by, the different, jurisdictions the. Cats out of the bag digital. Assets are here to stay and. They're gonna drown the impact not, only an hour. The. Problem is that each, one of these circles here that we're looking at these. Are all. Effectively. Islands, each. One of these assets, is isolated. From the other it's. Very much like the, days of the intranet, before. We had a global internet. That was connecting, all of them and. So what's something like this so. Here we have you, know over here we've got this like this little island, this. Is maybe this is Bitcoin and, in. This this car right here is a Lambo, but, it's still you, know there's. Sometimes you can do by yourself on, an island no. Matter. How. Big I think the house is through. The car of the boat it's just kind of boring you're just kind of sitting there by yourself. But once, you connect, this island, to the other islands around you you get this like flourishing. Economic, activity, so, what that's what when she is doing wrenching. Is a bridge, to the world's digital assets, and. We believe that that. This is the, bridges that we're building will. Unlock. A tremendous. Amount of economic utility, again. Not only for our ecosystem. But the larger global financial, ecosystem. And. What. Visualization. Is that, you, can think of ranching. So it's a world blockchain, Jack talked earlier our you, know we're built off the earth your code base and. You can do is you can visualize, that what, we do is we take this very is too incomplete. Blockchain. With privacy, protection, and then we go build bridges to all the various worlds, digital assets and I. Want, each of these bridges. Digital. Asset. But. So the etherium, can get deposited on land check the coin can get deposited on ranching like one can be deposited on ranching, and then once, we have this. Blockchain. With all these assets on it then, things. Like decentralized. Exchanges. Are merely, applications. That are built on top of mansion and, and, it. Becomes actually, trivial, to summer, to build some, really powerful applications. Or do things like you know building index. Token for something for example is something. Excited. About because. When you have saying the top ten coins on one, blockchain, it's just a matter of putting them into a small contract, and issuing out another token that represents, that so, this is a we're starting to see I'll, get into a little bit later some of the projects were working on, but the. Power of the platform is starting to really be, on display and.

With All the applications. From the building working on another. Another, like mental model that. Used to think about way of chaining so just think about it and that pageant, aetherium, you. Know if you had a fear with privacy protection, and all the protocol difference so. You know things like you, through Delta or its, currently, limited to the galaxy, and ERC. 20s, but, we, know these sexualizing chains on when shape not only the benefit of privacy. Protection but they also get access to, the universe. Of protocol tokens this, is also true to things like lending, platforms, you. Know a lot of these we're talking to a number of different lending platforms, and it's. Only their only it's always so much you can do lending, your c20 is back and forth but. When you can start putting you, know Bitcoin into, a contract. And lending, and get borrower and gets that to, receive you know like coin or Z cash things, start to get really interesting really fast. And. So. This is this is the vision here is that you know we're winches, building, financial, infrastructure. It's, like you, know Wall Street or, Wall Street that's an island and. Ranching. We have this like financial, infrastructures, but in the soil are all these different digital, assets, that you can build applications on, top of and so, right now we're the process walnuts. Of these you, know these apps can vary from things. Like doctor, mentioned exchanges. Or lending. Applications, asset management tools index, tokens, and, that's just on the financial services side and. Yet we are at or incomplete, blockchain, and so. We can you. Know we keep the. Whole the whole realm of applications. General, purpose applications and, enterprise, and healthcare can, be built on ran chain we've. Been talking a lot about financial. Services because, that's, where we have some some really unique advantages. But, we're starting to get into looking. More and more an enterprise, and healthcare. Because they, too can take advantage of, and technology, and also, privacy. Especially. In the healthcare space was you know it's, just not, suitable, for a lot of easy or HIPAA compliance, and things like that for, them to build on public. Totally. Transparent block, chains and so. Right now one of the really exciting things is that we're, business. Unit running, we've been working. On our ranch, and accelerator, which, is helping a now. We'll. Be announcing. Six. Projects, at the do body conference, that, focus. On various. Aspects of the stack. One of them is a one, of them is a stable, coin that we're pretty that's. A very innovative approach to thinking. About someone solving, some of the Blackstone. Kind, of Black Swan issues. With the currently existing stable coins. Another. Is an asset management tool. Another. Is a lending platform, we. Have one, that's compliance. Framework, but, that it's, kind of like if you need to. First. Done with our tokens, effectively. What's gonna happen is, we're. Where I see the industry going and we'll be pushing it is for. Basically. We have we're, currently you, have exchanges. That are handling, the regulation, so. Exchanges, are smart in the, kind of legacy world the exchange is what says hey I, allow. Jack. To transfer this asset to Dustin assets, dumb whether it's you know security a traditional, security, or a.

Bond. There's. No intelligence in the asset, and. So the, exchange is the one that has all the regulation, packed into it but. Now with, smart assets, what we can do is, we can plug the intelligence, into, the assets, so. These assets, won't, allow themselves to be transferred, unless. The other party, is follows. Some set of compliance framework so, the other party, is gone, through our cm AML. Accredited via. The, some designation, of a specific, jurisdiction. So. We're really really excited about this and this means that time which is going to support, security, tokens, actually, much faster than I was anticipating I, was kind of thinking earlier, that security tokens were going to take quite, a while for us to to, sort out but this. Sort of compliance, to taking. Basically compliance, right into, the tokens, itself, means, we, can accelerate that process and, so all these projects, right now are moving through the wind chain accelerator, and. So we are working with them closely to, to, get them ready for launch and Dubai. Will be telling now more and more about our group there's there's, also a batch of enterprise. Projects, that have you, know kind of like millions, of customers and. You see backed that. Are going to get into the block chain space, leverage. Our technology, the digital assets, and so we'll. Also be announcing those anybody. As interest, in learning. More about it will be attending, and so that more. Blockchain, form, both. Weapons conference, in Dubai on April. 16th, there's. Actually two conferences, in Dubai on that date so make sure you go to the right one it's keynote is, the website so, we'll be there along with these six projects, and a lot of credit along you know speaking engagement, we'll be diving into details, of all of these and. Tell them also a little bit more about the accelerator, I know some folks is it kind of like to say, and. Hey you know where the updates going on we. Promise, you but, we have all been working diligently. Here, it's, part of just kind of been keeping, quiet because every time we can we say something why, it's it's, just barrage of comments, on wetland, excetera, so. Just. Tea in April just exactly what we've been probably working on since. Next my body we'd be here. And. So. These. Plan here's sofa, wrenching 1.0. Which. Launches, its really exciting the world's first smart contract, platform, with read signatures, that's. Why that exists. You. Know it's not a white paper it's not test that a net is up and people, are building on it and and, then, 2.0 will be going with fewer. Across J transactions. 3.0. Will be thick one cross chain then, 4.0, will be doing it's, real chance and you. Know kind of expect. If. Initially. These. These networks are kind of like you. Know provision is that this network becomes Godzilla, but it starts off as like an egg like. A little chicken and so, you have to kind of watch protect these networks and so in the early days there. Will be these. Networks or kind of like start. Off slightly permissioned. And closed and. Then we open them up over time and bringing, more validators. Outside validator, sounds are parties and. So that's also not, quite reflected, here but that's also a big part in the technical roadmap when, you're watching your block changes, you. Have to take securities first and foremost because it's a digital. Assets, and and, so that's you know so over time we'll also be opening. Up the network and. So. We. Have two things that we were working on the. Vision. In. The past few months you have to 1.0 one. Is the 2.0, design, we. Have been, working in you. Know four seven teams and. Pretty. Much the, solutions.

Finalized. A whole. Team working on it and. Also. At the same time we're turning to 1.0. Same. Time right we, are doing the registered, where as you all know. It's. Being tested, and working, closely with a. Support, team. Producer. So. That's where we are we, based, on our, design, we are very confident that we should be with. 2.0. Copays. Raishin. And, by. The mid year we should have. Integration, with the interior and I. Think that with, certain. Limitation. We should be able to deliver. 2.0. Click. Like and subscribe and, join me on this cryptic Aaron effect. Dusk. Of its double because I made it to bubble.

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