VR Thursday! In Death, Blortasia, and Nature Treks

VR Thursday! In Death, Blortasia, and Nature Treks

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Look. At everything just working, I love it when everything, just works I see the broadcast over here it's, the perfect day are. You having a perfect day have, you checked in on that yet would. You even know how to tell how, do you know you're having a perfect day. It's. Kind of an interesting question. The. Door just slammed all by itself so clearly, we. Have a poltergeist, in the room with us at the very least maybe. Your ghost I don't know what happened here before I moved here. If. You're new hang, on. And that's what you're gonna want to do. Subscribe. Ladies. And gentlemen already in the room we've been visited by Michelle. Who. Has already said that basically she's, gonna miss it, because. She, scheduled. An appointment. What. All, right so look here's what I invite you to do obviously like I said I'd love you to subscribe we, are trying to build this channel into a force of entertainment. Nature your. Clicks will help and your shares you could share this to Facebook. You. Could tweet it which. That's, what you do just tweet anything with hashtag Bob Doyle show and guess what I'll. Be able to see it and then I can share it on the screen and then you will be just, as famous as me if. Not more, isn't. That the dream the goal let's. See if I can technically. Share some of your your. Comments, here we have Sara saying good morning and then, of course we've, got armor, with her route. Howdy, Rowdies, which I like that very much and thank, you I like the backdrop to this you know what this one just this wasn't just gives me I wish it was video I wish it was animated, but. It just gives me a great, sense of peace. Ladies. And gentlemen, if you're new to this station, station shirt if you're new to this station, the Bob dwell Show station, well. First of all welcome I've already said subscribe a million times I'd love you to like the video I'd love to think that I've already got, a vibe going with you like we've already got a deep intimate energetic relationship, which you can't explain I don't think anybody here can I sure. Can't. But. Today ladies and gentlemen as is indicated, here nope, sorry. Virtual. Reality Thursday. What does that mean well it means first of all that we clap for it right Steve. Is here. And. Colotti, Orca lady I again. I'd really like to I'd, love to know I was pronouncing that correctly but. Here. They all are oh boy so buddy Bub's to push boys and girls here. They all are so, like. I said virtual, reality, Thursday, so what. We have traditionally. Done with virtual reality Thursday. Is I will actually broadcast, live from within virtual reality, I'll I'll, make myself sub, sort of crazy, computer-generated. Avatar. In a program like flipside, or mine show and we'll just have a lot of fun but you know here's the deal over here on the YouTube station, even though. I I can still get a much better at I get the mantra bath or add that the I, feel, like I need to tighten things up, and. There's. So much margin for error when I'm doing it live in VR. Now I'm not saying I'm never gonna do it again I just want to get into a new system so what we're going to do today is I'm going to share some. Some, sounds, of bells going off over and over most. The time you don't hear those and I hear I'm going to end up looking like a crazy person, but, that's okay that's kind of part of my job. So. What we're gonna do today is yesterday I just did I just I just got into a few games there's just really no connection between them at all they're just randomly, chosen and. I'm just gonna kind of walk you through them because look I know if any of you are in this came. To this channel or if there's this particular video because you saw those things mentioned and you're in the your VR gamer you, know you're just interested to see what what does this guy maybe gonna say about this it's gonna be a really basic thing, one, of the things I want to do in this channel especially on VR Thursday, is do, some crossover, I want I would love to interview some of the VR youtubers. And because. They're much better at at it than I am in terms of the VR stuff way better and. They. Got an interesting you, know this got interesting opinions and I that there's some really great YouTube success stories too and I just like to highlight that since, that obviously that's what we're doing here right, now so though so again that's just part of how we're seeing the show grow if you'd like to be a part of the growth you can join, us over on discord.

At Bob dwell show.com, slash and, discord. Maybe maybe. Don would type that into the live, chat here please, by all means participate. In the chat if you watch it right now you'll see that we are such a family here we're just this is is this is all textual, hugs that's what this is hugging right now, right. Okay, I'm gonna take a sip of coffee because clearly I need it. Third. Cup probably, not a great idea crystals, with us too and Kathy and Sarah and Loretta. Rock, and Raven and as mentioned Steve, right up there at the top of the list. So. We're, gonna get into that but the depa so the VR stuff sorry I jumped that rails a little bit that never happens on the show if you new don't, worry I never, ever get. Off tract that was a one-time, deal. Don't. Forget you guys do. This just because it's fun I just want to see somebody, tweet. Just. Say you know I'm, listening to the. Great whatever you can say in 140 characters that will make people drop what they're doing and jump over here but just hashtag at Bob Doyle show and then, I'll share it over here, okay. All right this is a major sidetrack, and we're gonna do it but then we'll get right into the VR stuff okay I promise, this, yanny vs. Laurel thing. So. Now. See oh good I'm so glad you brought that up because now we put these into the keyword and descriptions, it's trending, uh we're gonna get all those we're just it's gonna be crazy but people are gonna be mad at this long to get to it that is the, most amazing. Now, I've seen the sneakers I've seen the dress I, you. Know I think there's times when I've seen them both depending on whatever but. That. Laurel, nany are large, Annie Laurel, thing is, insane. I. You. Know I don't have it prepared here to share, but. You know it's, very easy for you to find and. Where. Do you where do you fall where, do you fall what did you guys hear let's, let's see. Right. Steve. Heard Laurel see no way I did not I it was yeah knee crystal, heard Laurel. What's. Going on here. Crystal. Her law Sara heard really. It. Was yeah knee no question there was like pljevlja who's, hearing Laurel but then Lynne, actually sent me a link to a site where you can have, a slider, and you could change, the frequencies, so that you could move so, basically it's a frequency thing it's. What you're tuning into or what, you most naturally tune into because I, got. It where it was like no matter what I did I heard it yeah knee but then as I slowly, move. The slider, and it made that the subtle, differences at one point in the on the Laurel half it clicked, in and then I could listen all the way back down the spectrum, again where I only heard, Yanni and hear, Laurel the whole time it's, crazy. Am. I right and look I know some of you were mentioning yesterday hey Dan. The, that we missed the hearts we missed the we missed the feedback, mechanism. And I am in agreement. And. I'm. Telling you I think I got a great idea for a live stream app, and. That. Is you. Know a third, party place where. It's somehow tied into the show and it would generate a screen, of hearts or something that I could just grab. There's. Got to be a way to do this it. Just may take some programming but that would be if I if I did that okay. So nobody tell don't share this video it's too good of an idea. Because. If I if something like we're just to generate hearts on a green screen I could bring that in and I. Could have running hearts or or whatever. And. As. Long as I'm doing amazed will do my own Bob Doyle show one right with my own head that, comes up okay okay. Virtual. Reality, you. Might, even care about it. Because. It is virtual reality Thursday. So. Again. What, I'm gonna show you I actually have four things I only listed three in the description I may change it after we go live and. I've. Recorded way more minutes of each of them that I'm possibly, going to show you so I might skip around a little bit and I'm, going to tell you that one of these games and they're not all games really in. Fact there's. Really only one full-on, game and, I'll. Show it to you first, but. Here's my disclaimer, now. You, know my show we just like, I said it's all hugs right with salted we're hugging right now we're not shooting arrows, at each other. So. I all. The stuff that I share on, Facebook. Traditionally, but on the VR thing is all it's always feel good whatever, right, there's I never do any games really shooting or whatever but I'm sorry. This. One I'm, just it's, look it's not bloody, so just relax. But. You are shooting arrows, but. It's so far away and it's so dark I promise. You you won't get disturbed if you do just you know the only thing that's a little bit disconcerting.

Is When, an arrow is shot in their face the, sound. You. Know but. Look I tell I promise you I would not subject, you to a barf fest I would not do that okay. So. And I won't do it very long wolf will focus on the other ones but I just want to show you because this is really cool and I never would have thought. That. This would have been a game for me so, let me just so. What I've done is on the game on the recording I don't say a word I'm just gonna narrate here, okay, so it may be a little clunky, and just kind of walk you through what I like about it okay. And again if you guys are hardcore gamers, and you've seen full-on. Reviews, for this yeah this is not going to dazzle. You you, might stick, around just to mock me I'd be alright to just. Do it in a loving friendly, way you know we can mock one another, without. Hurting, each other's feelings. Right. I'm. Like myself constant, this whole show is a mocking of me. Perpetrated. By me. Alright. So, this first one is called in death, and. It's. An archery game right like I said there's, several ways that you move around in this game you can kind of move along with the trackpad by sliding your thumb on it you, can there's a little crystal shard thing that you'll see me hold a lot that, you can toss and wherever it lands you'll teleport, too or there's. A arrow, a special kind of arrow that you can pull that acts as a teleporter, all right so that all the castle and all that stuff that generated, in the background, back there is what. They call procedurally, generated which means that it's different every time you play the game so, it's it's interesting the idea here really is to, kill. As many people as possible and, rack up on the leaderboards get a high score I don't do it that way because it's just too stressful for me to get up try to do that I just, like the stealth aspects, of this game that I can if, you choose to you can really take your time and stay way back from the action it does get a little bit more difficult to do that so now I'm I'm so far away from the target at this point that it's hard for you to even see that there is an enemy although there's wanting one running up the way a knight and these guys you don't want to get too close to them but. Believe, me the action does get closer is this interesting to anyone all. Right Sarah I mean. Don. Says the graphics are way cool and again the game is in death and I've got links to all these game, in the, description of this video. And. Don't forget to, subscribe. So. I'm gonna skip ahead just a little bit here because like I said I just I just played it in real time so this is me a little bit closer, obviously, and now I've. Kind of cleared the way but I'm about to turn around the corner remember of course this is VR so, you have to imagine that I'm in this, place right I mean I know that goes without saying for a lot of you but alright so right around the corner there were others lurking, there's another night there's some zombies and they're coming at me now I'm I normally. Do not get even. Hit with an arrow this early in the game but I was being a little lazy playing, this knowing I was recording just trying not to die so so. You'll see that what generated, there was health if I could go get it I.

Could. Get some of my health back but. I start shooting it the others out here in this little courtyard and they can start coming after me so now I start to tort, of retreat and now I'm tossing that teleportation. Shard see so I'm just tossing, that along so I can now get, back so I haven't really progressed too far now, what happens now is over there in that place room Amy now there's other enemies, and they start shooting at me while I'm focused over here so I get shot a few times because like I say I'm lazy I would it be way, more evasive, normally. But. I'm gonna so I'm gonna skip ahead a little bit more. It's. A real and the the music in the background is, this, sort, of choral. Music it. Adds a really really. Cool tone to. The whole thing. Let's. See the golas what's that I don't know what that means reminds. Me of The Hunger Games. All. Right so we just missed a close encounter there, I think now see I actually like, scooted myself all the way back now along along, the way in the game there's, if I did not progress as far to do this but there's places. That you can go to upgrade, your arrows get different kinds of arrows that she like flames and stuff like that. But. I just have to tell you that for someone who I wouldn't have thought that an archery game would be this. Mesmerizing. For me I have spent. Sometimes. Upwards of 90 minutes in a, session on this thing because. It's just so because when you do it when you play stealth like that and you don't you know rush right in now. If the people who do the high scores they rush right in and they just I. Mean watching videos of it it's like okay no thank you that's too much, but. Anyway so I think you get the idea on that that is just a really cool and again it's called in death and there's a link in the description to. Where you could get it I know that nobody probably none of you have a VR system if, you're my regular viewers but if you are again, eep our user you can say wow that was the worst walkthrough. Of that game I've ever seen you could put that in the comments if you'd like and I'll. Reply to it okay. So. Shall, we go to, the next one which one shall it be so let's go we're gonna go to another one that I have shown before live. Whether you've seen or done I do not know I did. A whole. Video. By itself in this one scenario but the. Program, is called nature treks and I use it for it's, a great like just meditative, spaces there's all these different environments that, you, can choose from all sorts, of nature environments, under the water environment even, in space environments, the one I'm going to show you here is the, dinosaur, environment. Now. You can use these little orbs, to add, things to the environment, so like for example if I grab this this. Rock and Korb and throw it a rock. Will. Grow right if. I throw a tree a tree will, grow now I don't spend too much time doing that here but I just wanted to demonstrate that it could be done you can make it be sundown and you can actually grab a. Weather, or and, have it rain okay, so I was just demonstrating, that. For you in general and this also has a really nice music soundtrack. Which. I accidentally, turned off they're not meaning to I was just trying to turn off those orbs but again.

In This one you've got several different ways that you can move around you can kind of pull the trigger and just sort of almost like glide along, there. Is an option where you can actually use. Your arms and swing your arms, to. Simulate, walking, so it feels a little bit more realistic in terms of pace so you're not just like flying along and I use that sometimes when I want to get real close up to a creature. Or whatever as we will see and then there's teleporting, to go long distances. In. A, quick amount of time so I'm just gonna go. Around and find remember. This is a recording, of something I did yesterday when I was actually in VR. So as I'm. Experiencing, this that Stegosaurus, right it's right there right. And it's full, size and, the whole thing so of, course it it looks like a computer model but it's not. Terrible. Right, you still get the sense of hey, there's the dinosaur right there I you know my brain can sure. I'll lock into that so. Now I'm going to go back over here into the water. Now. I do want to at least because, when. I did this when I did this before on the other video there's. Certain barriers where you're not technically supposed to be able to cross it's like you know you can explore all of this area can go see these dinosaurs, but this is the barrier of this particular map if you will and you can't go past it but I've broken through where, I wasn't supposed to at a point and I. Did it again, and, I'll. Show you and I think it's worth it's coming up. This. Is a great one I think I was doing the running, beside. It and it, just it's just again. It just adds, to that immersive, feeling of like you're really there and you're really there. Really, propelling, yourself. And. Nothing. Can happen to you you know the dinosaurs don't attack you or anything like that so it's all just pure, relaxation and, I've shown also the one that's underwater, unbelievably. Relaxing. I've. Got I've got an entire other videos on this so now off, in, the distance there, well, first we, see a few Raptors will run with running, with the Raptors, and. Now. I'm gonna try and break through to. Get up to the t-rex because you're not supposed to be able to do that. Do. You have to watch for Dino poo I have it not yet, run. Into, Dino poo. Hey. So. It can even be relaxing, to walk among. A t-rex to t-rex. Now. He did put the growl in there which you know I think we all know they probably did, not growl. Look. At that just swung right over my head. Unfortunately. There's really just no way to. For. The experience, to translate, when you watch you know a two-dimensional. Video I wish, there were. But. There's not so. Until everybody can get one of these now we'll say, with. The windows mixed reality. Hardware. That came out about, 300 bucks or so it's a lot more affordable for people to do this kind of thing than. It was when I first got into it with the HTC, vive all, right shall we continue so these these next two are come gonna I guess I'm gonna go to this. One though this one's called throttle, powwow it's more of a demo, really than a game although there is a multiplayer, element, to it which is which, got triggered during this recording which I didn't mean to but so, you'll see like arrows pointing various. Ways and that's telling me hey go join the game and I'm not gonna join the game I'm just gonna show you around but, in terms of a demo this. Is one of the most the the premises, in each of your hands you have like a motorcycle wheel and you pull the throttle and you just go right and you steer like this and the terrain is all over the places you'll see now. If you're if, you're a person who gets motion sickness. This. Would be a terrible, game for you right. And and, it may even make. You a little bit spinny when you see it on here I know a lot of VR does even if it's not purposely. Trying to do it because it's just hey I'm. Doing, something here. People. Alright. But, this is just one of my favorite recreational. Go twos. There's. An orange, ball that you'll see in a second and I, just like to bump, the ball around with with the wheel and then chase it around which I kind of do that but, see if you can get a sense of what this might feel like now check this out we're just about to if. You. Bang. The wheels down it reacts, properly, as physics, do and you sort, of tosses, you it it's.

Like You're jumping now. Again as you might imagine. This, is really, whoa. Oh, and there's actually when. You hear that little that's. A boost so that if I'm going up a hill and I need more boost or more power to propel myself I. Can. Do that, but. You only have five of them so you'll see the number go down from five to zero is three that means I have three boosts right here. Do. You think that dragons existed at the time of dinosaurs I, have. Never given that thought crystal. But. Now we all will. So. Again. Just try to imagine. You're. Holding these things and you're being flung around like this now there's so much more to this particular, game. That I didn't show you, so. Many different scenarios you, can go into and, here. I just fall to my demise, now. This is this is the beginning of what is really truly for me just the most fun recreational thing I just bump this ball around and then chase it because. The physics of the ball are weird anyway it spins in impossible, ways so, it just becomes a game of chase and where, I want to just use the. The. Wheels as, a bat you know to just keep it in motion and go chase it it, seems, silly but maybe this maybe you can get how fun this would be by looking at this I. Look. Countless. Time. Amounts. Of time have been lost just doing just chasing this ball around and. You, know what I'm not apologetic for it, so. Apparently. They're. Coming out with a new version of this soon I just saw that he had an, update was coming I don't know what to expect but I'm very excited about it and you know you'll. Get updated here. So. We've got some oh my god how fun and whoa crazy so that's good so I'm not boring you to tears here I hope. I'm not. Now. Guys before. I, show you this last one. Which. Is called blurt Asia and it was one of the ones I got very, very early, on and, and I can't I honestly, can't remember if I've shared it or not. Let. Me just go back to the discord channel for a second and the, whole purpose of we're doing here is, we. And don't forget to you, know tweet. Then anyway tweet hold on. I'm. Scrolling scrolling. You. Guys. Do. None of you tweet. Is. That what's happening here. Alright. We. Really invite you to join the discord channel there's a discord, link in the, description here and that's where we're just kind of hanging out and building the show so again if you're new here please subscribe and, oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy if you're new here please subscribe and. Click the bell so you'll get notified as we do new things but we're in the process of growing this channel, it's, been hadn't. Had a lot of attention we lived over at Facebook for quite a while and now we're here and we're doing, everything we can to get, the word out so we'd love your subscription, and your shares and your comments, and all the things that helped, us and if you're confused by this that's, okay you can watch the playlist of the Bob Doyle show and just, kind of mix and match and see what you think and. We're kind of all over the place but. We hope it's in a fun way and we're. Trying to pull it together a little bit for. The sake of YouTube and keeping it keeping having, respect for your YouTube, viewing. Hours. By. The way yesterday, if you saw the Q&A yesterday. And. I was sitting there begging for questions, while. You were furiously. Sending them I apologize, this is a very different way of reading comments and I'm clearly gonna have to get better at it we're talking about getting a moderator speaking. Of that let me finish my thought about discord. I'm. Actually exploring, how you know what what what is necessary to make the show what I envisioned, it to be and there's a lot of things between here and there and a lot of it is people and and. Roles to get things done so that we can quickly do this so it's not just me doing everything now. This, is a community based show so the idea is that everybody benefits, from their contribution, in some way that's, that's you know whether it's just because you just love doing it or that there actually is some sort of a benefit tangible, tangible benefit, that, we can get but my goal here is that the show is self-sustaining, which means I'm not putting money. Out of pocket to make it happen you know at, least as little as possible because a I believe. The that can be done and I, want to show people that too. Because. I you know I I believe that, this growing, this channel can be an organic thing that just takes a lot of enthusiastic, people sharing you know their their favorite stuff we've got a lot to do we're gonna create trailers, we're gonna you know try and condense.

In A short amount of time what this show is so that people can get it because you. Know tuning in at any one time this isn't a typical YouTube, video YouTube videos are fast fast fast this that you know that kind of stuff or they're edited, this is a different thing and so, we kind of have to. You. Know get people educated I guess. So. The. Point is at, in the discord channel there's a channel, in there or a thread called. Something. Hold. On I've, got it right here I did load discord on here. Progress, report and. At. The top of that there's a whole thing about this is what I'm looking for in terms of equipment and personnel maybe. You. That's, right gentle. Listener viewer. Maybe. You fit. That bill maybe you'd like to be a part of what. This show is hopefully, going to become and I know I have to get that in video. Form so that it can be. Communicated to people, but, in. Essence, it's, an entertainment, show that's driven that was eventually going to be driven by community and community contributed. Content so, stuff that I do and stuff that the community, does and we want to grow that way and expose people's. Creativity, in this. Really fun wacky admire, but where you just never know what's gonna happen, so. Subscribe. What. He got to lose okay. Except. Precious precious. Hours. Of your life all. Right this is blurt Asia, this. Is just. Trippy. And that's all it is it's. Basically art, and. Everything. You're gonna see here, the, colors, and the textures, they're in there in motion its fluid okay, and basically. You'll, see what this is it's this. Totally. Surreal, series, of tubes that you fly around then and just and that that, music is playing the. Controllers, fly you around and I just briefly at the beginning there was turning off certain things just said getting, my settings for how I like to do it now again, imagine. Yourself floating, around in here and. You're. Surrounded by this and that any, anything. You go up to and stare at is, this. Truly. Slow. Trippy. Kind of you. Know you, know what I'm saying. I'm. Just reading your comments now taking this opportunity. Ravin, in terms of Twitter I'm just saying you just go to Twitter, and tweet like you know old school not even necessarily from here although it seems like there was a I think there's a Twitter. Chair. But on. YouTube. But. Anyway so this again obviously, he's just this, wildly. Relaxing. The. Music is great. With it. We. Just enjoy it. That's. Insane right. Because. You got this whole Superman, feeling going on although it's it's. Slow. And controlled and, the.

Great Thing about having that speed variability. Is that, you can come right up on something that's little in floating which I'm sure I'm gonna do here shortly because I do it all the time just coming, to slow down and, then just sort of hover. It's. It's just kind of this because. You for you, you disconnect, from the fact that you're doing it with your fingers it's, more like I'm intending, to float over here and you just your fingers do it subconsciously, and you just get this sensation. That you're. Just this disconnected. Sort of entity floating, around at, will to. Wherever. You. Know and you're seeing this and hearing this. It's. Even relaxing, watching it in 2d right I hope. So. What do we got here Colorado. Would love this, crystal. Yeah me either Sarah what what let me either. This. Is seriously comic therapeutic, looks like mushroom trip yeah, thinking. That - okay, I see what's going on yes. Maybe. I'll just maybe, I'll just end the show with this. No. I can't do that I got, to do my thing I mean, this, is the last thing I'm gonna do. See. How the music goes with that one. Not. That great, well. Ladies and gentlemen we did it again now, will you subscribe, and click, the Bell I think, that would be a swell thing to do you'll feel great about yourself to get a good night's sleep you'll, know you did something kind for someone. And. You. Know join. Us on the discord or leave a comment, leave a comment, like do, something just. Comment. And, then I'll respond, to your comment, and we'll be best friends than that.

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