Vighnaharta Ganesh -Narayana Recites A Bhakht's Story - Ep1014 - Full Episode -27 Oct, 2021

Vighnaharta Ganesh -Narayana Recites A Bhakht's Story - Ep1014 - Full Episode -27 Oct, 2021

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Arundhati! Be careful, my friend! Sit down over here. Here have some water. You have not had anything to eat in such a long time. Are you not hungry? When I feel hungry He will Himself send food for me.

This way, you spent a long time in devotion to Narayan. Your body fell weak but you did not give up. And then, a few days later What happened, My Lord? A group of travelling saints reached your hermitage. Hail Lord Narayan..

Hail Lord Narayan.. Hail Lord Narayan.. Hail Lord Narayan..

Is there anyone in the hermitage? Might we devotees of Lord Narayan find place to rest for some time? Y-Yes. Oh, saints. I greet you all. What is the matter, my lady? I have nothing to offer to all of you. So what? Your hospitality would be sufficient. All of you please be seated while I bring water for all of you. My lady out thirst has been quenched.

If only we could get some food. We are exhausted from the journey and we are hungry. Please forgive me, oh saints. I have nothing to eat at home. I am myself surviving on water.

Is that so? You have no food at home? Yes, saint. If I did I would not hesitate to serve it to you. Then what is that aroma emanating from your kitchen? Oh Lord! This food is the fruit of your divine grace. Now.. Now the saints shall not go hungry.

They shall all be fed well. Lord Narayan Himself sent this offertory for you. Please eat. My lady we have eaten to our fill. We must now take your leave.

Good luck be upon you. Good luck for me, saint? How would that happen? Observing fast on 'Ekadashi'. I have been observing a fast on 'Ekadashi' since childhood. It is a result of that devotion that we devotees of Lord Narayan did not have to leave unfed from your doorstep.

Oh, saint! I revere the Lord like a father and a partner. Kindly suggest me a way to find the divine refuge of the Lord. My child Kartik is the most auspicious month of the lunar calendar.

Any religious pursuit undertaken during that month earns the greatest virtue of all. During this month, when the sun is in the house of Libra if you take a holy bath you will achieve worldly pleasures as well as the infinite grace of Lord Narayan. You shall rise to a supreme rank among His devotees.

I shall follow your advice to the last word, saint. Thank you so much. Come in.

Lord Narayan Himself sent offertory to me. The group of saints ate to their fill. Now.. You must eat some too. Come. There is hardly any food left in that vessel.

You have had nothing to eat in days. And still, you want to share it with me. Yes. Offertory must always be shared. It is our duty.

You are great, my friend. You really are. Anyone else in your place would never have shared this meal. There is no greatness in doing the right thing. Come, have some offertory. Come. Having a grain of blessed food makes me feel satiated for years.

I told you, God will send me food whenever I am starving. But this glow on your face is not just about satiating hunger. What is it? I have a found a way to get blessed by the Lord. I will pledge for bathing in the month of Kartik.

This was your plan. You had sent those saints. Lords seek for devotion. Only a loyal devotee can attract Lords. Did I manage to do what I pledged? 'There is no other month equal to Kartika' 'and there is no yuga equal to Satya-yuga.'

'There is no scripture equal to the Vedas.' 'There is no place of pilgrimage equal to Ganges.' 'Kartika is the chief of all months' 'and is very dear to the Vaishnavas.' 'Therefore, the Vaishnavas serve the Supreme Lord' 'with great devotion in this month.' It means Kartika is above all. Satyug is the great of all.

Vedas are above all the weapons. Ganga is the above all the pilgrimage. Bathing in the month of Kartik is not easy. It is the toughest. One has to bath just before the first sun-ray.

Hail Lord Narayan! Hail Lord Narayan! Om Shree Narayan Hari! Om Shree Narayan Hari! Hail Lord Narayan! Hail Lord Narayan! Gunvati did not had that strength to live up to the expectations. And eventually she fell sick on the last day of Kartik. You should have taken care of yourself. Where are you heading now? I have to go for bathing. To fulfil my pledge. To get blessed by the Lord.

Do you really want to bathe when you can barely speak. I have to. This is the last day of the month.

But you have high fever. This is just a fever. Chanting the Lord's name will help me. Let me accompany you. - No, my friend. You took care of me the entire night. Take rest. I will come back soon.

Go carefully, friend. It is God who will take care of me who always maintains are well-being. Do not worry. Lord, give me the strength to take bath on this last day of Kartikeya.

Help me fulfil my oath, Lord. 'Help me fulfil my oath..' The Lord did not give me any opportunity. I could not even take bath on my last day. My oath has remained incomplete.

What mistake did I commit, Lord? What is my mistake? Devi Gunvati.. This is not the time to lament but to be joyous. Your holy bathing is now complete. With the result of your successful oath in your next birth you will prosper in becoming Lord Krishna's wife. I bestow the higher authority to you.

After the holy bathing in the previous birth you stayed in Vaikunth Niwas. And when I took this avatar then, even you were born. Even in this birth your father is the one who was in the previous birth.

This is the result of your holy fasting in these two months. You will have the status of a Goddess and live a life of sublimity. In your previous birth you had grown a 'Tulsi' plant in front of my temple. So, today, this holy tree has a sublime place in your shelter. In your previous birth the lamp which you had donated as a result of that Sthir Lakshmi always resides in your abode. After carrying out various holy fasting you accepted and welcomed Narayan as your husband.

So, today, you are my wife. Such is the divine and sublimity of the 'Ekadashi' and Lord Kartik's festival. Yes. From both these festivals Lord Hari Narayan is always appeased. More than venerations, meditation, donations..

Both these fastings hold importance. And the biggest example is the immense change of Gunvati from being a common woman to a Goddess. So, will Goddess Satyabhama and Lord Krishna together, will slay Narakasur? Then, let me go to Lord Krishna and tell him about the sins of Narakasur. Ganesh, noting is hidden from Lord Krishna. But until Narakasur's sins are complete Lord Krishna will not slay him.

So, to end Narakasur's life we have to wait for his time to come. To solve this problem even you have to contribute, Son. Being the protector and the destroyer this problem of the universe will not solve without you. You are right, Mother. Whatever you say.

Very soon, this universe will be free from Narakasur's atrocities. Son, you will be destroyed by your own sins. Give up your sinister idea.

Commander Udham! Greetings, King. Give me orders. Kidnap all the unmarried beautiful princess of Earth. I will marry all of them.

Loyalty and dedication attracts the blessings of God.

2021-10-31 21:28

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