Vighnaharta Ganesh - Ep 1005 - Full Episode - Indra Dev Gets In Trouble -14th Oct, 2021

Vighnaharta Ganesh - Ep 1005 - Full Episode - Indra Dev Gets In Trouble -14th Oct, 2021

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What happened, Lord Indra? Why did you stop? What I feared has occurred. Hiranyaksh has reached the entrance of heaven. We must stop him.

Hiranyaksh has trapped me in a deceptive spell. It is impossible to stop him. Go and pray to Lord Narayana. Only He can help us now. Hiranyaksh is going to attack on 'Varunlok' now. I have to go, Lord Indra.

Only with Lord Narayana's grace I can be free from this danger. Now 'Varunlok' will be mine too. Stop! It is not possible to attack 'Varunlok' without fighting me. Your words are the sound of your destruction. Lord, you created me from honey.

Now save me from this danger, Lord. God of Varun do not be foolish to face me. You will be the one to die. No one can stop me.

This is a dangerous situation, Lord Narayana. Due to my blessing neither a man can kill him nor a demon or a deity. Come forth.

I will stop you. Are you done trying, God of Varun? Do you believe in my power now? If no man, saint or God can stop him then who will stop this man? An animal. 'Lord, help me.' 'Hail lord Vasudev.' 'Hail lord Vasudev.'

Lord, please help me. Hail lord Vasudev. Hail lord Vasudev. Hail lord Vasudev. For the safety of Earth and nature it is time for my third incarnation. His blessing will be a curse to him now.

It is right that I will incarnate as an animal to end him. But Lord will it be possible for a simple animal to save Earth from sinking into the mud of evil? A boar that enjoy playing in the mud would not find this task difficult. Lord Bhrama, the creator of the universe from your nostrils I will incarnate as a boar. Hail lord Vasudev. Hail lord Vasudev.

Hail lord Vasudev. Hail lord Vasudev. Hail lord Vasudev. Hail lord Vasudev. Hail lord Vasudev. Hail Lord Varaha! - Hail! Hail Lord Varaha! - Hail! You are great, Lord Narayana.

For showing mercy on me. for protecting me from Hiranyaksh's wickedness. You didn't hesitate to incarnate as an animal .which likes to play in the mud. If Bhu Devi goes to the bottom of this darkness .then she will be lost forever. 'Lord, I know that you saved me.' 'Thank you very much, Lord.' Who was it? Who's sound was it? What are you plotting, Deity? I think you're not aware of Lord Narayana's glory. How is Narayana? Tell me. Where can I find Narayana?

I'll be inducted in time forever by killing him. Be careful, Hiranyaksh. I hope the opposite of that doesn't happen. There is still time, Hiranyaksh. Go back. Enough, God of Varun. Do not be reckless.

Only tell me what I want to hear or I know how to boil water with my heat. I will tell you.. Tell me. Tell me fast. Where is he? He is the nurturer and a protector. He must've gone to save Bhu Devi.

Enough. Now Hiranyaksh will kill Narayana. Is this animal, this boar, Narayana? Is that Vishnu? 'I must save Bhu Devi before fighting him.'

If he's Vishnu, he must pray. But after setting foot on this dark mud he will get lost in it. That is it. This was the final task that you did.

Now after entering this dark mud your life will go missing too. There is no movement there. Didn't I tell you that Varaha will be lost in this dark mud forever.

Now tell me, deities. Who will save you from my rage? 'Lord Varaha will make the impossible, possible. Answer me, deities. Who will stop me from gaining victory over this universe? Who? Hail Lord Varaha! - Hail! Hail Lord Varaha! - Hail! Hail Lord Varaha! - Hail! Hail Lord Varaha! - Hail! How is this possible? Forget what happened I will capture him. This animal will have to face the consequence of its audacity.

Stop! Why are you coming forward? Cowards run away from a fight. I'm challenging you for a fight. Whoever you are face me. Evil animal Varaha.

I will not show mercy now. I'll steal Earth from you and make it my captive. Enough! I had enough! Your rightful place in the solar system, Bhu Devi.

Lord thank you very much for helping me. Boar! You live in the mud. So much arrogance despite being a boar. Now watch how I'll trick you and take Earth with me and I'll throw it in the dark mud. Move aside..

Now stop me if you can. You started this fight but I will be the one to end it. Who are you? A simple boar is so powerful to stop me. No. It is impossible. If you really want to know me then look at me carefully and identify me. Lord is lovely in his every form.

'No matter how dark the night of injustice is' 'the light of justice erases all darkness.'

2021-10-19 18:10

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