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If you're looking for a video hosting platform or maybe you want to replace Vimeo or Wistia with another platform, then I got something very cool for you today. It's called Vidmingo, which is a brand new video platform that allows you to host all your videos and it gives you unlimited bandwidth as well. Not only does it allow you to store your videos, it also has a option to record your videos here to go live and record your videos and also to record your screen with a picture and picture. Plus. It also gives you a text to speech option as well plus a bunch more.

So if this sounds interesting to you, then stay tuned, going to show you every detail going to do a full walk through a full review of this product. But before I do so I want to mention that there is a link in the description of this video. It will redirect you to my website where you can find all the details about this product. Also about the pricing the funnel. What's included, simply

click on these buttons in here. Also there is a special bundle deal which will give you here the whole funnel, everything that you're seeing right here. It will give you all of the funnel for a discounted price. Those you're also going to get all the bonuses mentioned on this page completely free if you decide to pick this up through my link. So one of the bonus is free access to video funnels, which is a very cool product which is recently launched where you can create some very cool video funnels.

Also, this is a recently launched product which is called Royal stocks. That allows you to get your own shutter stock, like website where you can sell your own shutter stock, images, etcetera. Plus Viral Dashboard. I've talked about this a lot. Very cool. 2021 social media platforms inside of one platform where you can post all your social media channels plus a bunch more. I'm going to add more bonuses as well, so make sure you check out that link before you purchase uh and then simply purchase through one of these green buttons and these bonuses will be emailed to you automatically. Alright, let's dive into this review and let me show you what Vidmingo is all about.

So right now, I'm logged into the dashboard where you get an overview of your account, you can see here that you can see how many videos you have, you can see the collections that you created etcetera etcetera. You've got some more options here, some quick links. But honestly, I always work with this left menu, that's the easiest way to navigate through this platform and it starts here with videos. So uh you got some uh different options here. You can choose to start with videos by uploading your own videos and create a player for it. You can decide here in the stream part to create your own videos by recording yourself, uh your webcam, your camera or maybe you want to record your screen with the picture and picture.

And then the next part here is the text to speech where you can create voice overs with this platform. Now, everything that you're going to see today is included in the front and I only have front end access. So everything that you're going to see, uh you will have access to it. I asked specifically to only give me front and access. So it works really simple. Let's get started with the video part. Uh when I click on,

upload a video, I can upload my videos. Now, this works similar to every other platform. So once you have uploaded your videos, it will be stored in here with all your videos. Now, as you can see, I already have my videos in here. And then once you have your videos in here, you can modify your videos.

So when I click on this video that I created with wit Vidmingo. So I recorded my video, I'm going to show you a little later how this works. But this is the video player. So when I click the play button.

So this is a test recording for. So here you can see I recorded this recording. So this is a recorded recording. But when I go to all videos, you can also see that I haven't uploaded videos.

So this is a video that I uploaded. This was a previous review of mobile verse takeover. Uh and then when I click play, you can see this video also starts playing. But the thing that I want to show you here is at the right side where you can change everything in your video player. So when I click here on appearance, you can change every part in your player in here. So as you can see right now, this play bar here is blue, it has a blue bar.

So you can change that here when I hover over this part here at the right side here. Do you see that? The play bar changes in color so you can match this with your own color. If you want to have a red bar, you simply drag this to the red part and this likes more like a youtube video player this way.

And then you can also reset. You can also upload your own logo. So let's say I want to have my logo on top of this video.

I can search for this So signature. Let me search for my logo and I want to have this logo. I'm going to upload this and this will appear here and I can decide, let's say I want to have this as a 150 here and then I want to have this at the left top of my video player in here. Now you can also do a logo title if you'd like to, you can do a logo U. R. L. And you can change the video play button if you like to change this button here in the middle for a blue one or maybe you want to use the Vidmingo play button or this one you can change that personally.

I really love the default one because this matches my theme. And then once you scroll down here you can also do some animations to your button. If you like to bounce your button, you can do that as well or you can flash your button like you're seeing right here to get it more attention. I always like this pool's button and then also when you save this your player will be saved and once you are going to add this to your website it will be safe.

Now when I press play look at this, you can see my signature is in here. My logo is in here that we just created in this right menu. So this is the first part and that is the appearance module.

Then we also have the visibility and privacy options. Now in here you can choose who is able to watch your video. So you can send this to anyone or only me or people with a private link or people with a password.

So you can also password protect this this video. If you'd like to. If you said this to anyone, your video will show on your page with all of your other videos. If you send this to people with only a private link, then only people will see this video.

So let me show you, let me quickly share this. So when I saved this and now when I use that link and I'm going to visit this link, you can see, you can see my video in here and there's no other video in here as well. People can comment on this video, you can also disable that as well.

But let's say, I'm going to say everyone in here. Anyone can see this video now when I saved this video and when I open this video in a new window, you can see here that this video is in here with all the other videos with my other videos here at the right side. So this is how you can configure if anyone will see your video or maybe only people with the private link or with a password and that's in the visibility and privacy options in here.

And then the last part is in here, you can also upload your own thumbnails. So that's the part that you're seeing right here. So now it doesn't have a good thumbnail, I need to upload a high quality thumbnail. You can do that in here. You can also do a video, use part of the video as a thumbnail as well. And then once you're done, you hit save button and your thumbnail is torch.

Now then there are also some upgrades and like I said, I don't have access to the upgrades right now because I want to only show you the front and but here you have more player control. So if you want to hide the play bar and hide the volume, let's say you want to have a webinar like video. Uh then you need to upgrade your account if you'd like to have more flexibility over your player if you want to enable or disable all these controls, the same for call to actions, you can add call to actions on your video where people sign up to your list, where you can add buttons to your videos, et cetera. These are all part of the upgrades. Also the email, a email leads where you can grab the email addresses from people who are watching your video or maybe you want to run ads on top of your video or play a role actions.

These are part of the upgrades. Ah one thing that is not part of your grade which is includes here, The video settings where you can do a context, you RL where you can upload your image related videos and you can save that as well and then it will be all stored inside of your videos in here. Now there's also an option here at the left menu where you can say I'm going to configure this player. So within the configuration option in here you can send the default mode for your players. So let's say you want to change your appearance, you always want to have the red play bar. You can change that in here and you can also change which play button will be used by default and that's all in the player configuration.

Now, then the other cool part of Vidmingo is that you can import videos when I click on import videos in here, you have the option to import videos from various various sources here. So you can import videos here from google drive, from video from facebook, from job box from Youtube, one dr p cloud box dot com. AWS direct neural. You know when you will have a Youtube video, you simply click on your Youtube video in here.

You pay sure you're alone here and then the video will be imported and that's what I've done here with a test. I took a video here, like this video, I took this from Youtube and this video has been imported inside of Vidmingo automatically by using the import feature, which is pretty cool. Then one thing that I forgot to mention is the collections. You can also create collections in here.

When I modify this in here, you can add videos to one collection. So let's say you have a collection of video tutorials, you simply create a collection and then you can add all of your videos in here. When I click on, edit, you can add videos now, let me configure, do this again here, let me go to collections. And then when I click create collection in here, you can select the videos that you want to add to your collection. So let's say I want to add these videos to my collection and this is tutorials, you can save this and now you have kind of a playlist for this collection.

You can share these collections as well. So when you click on the share button in here, you can embed this on your website as well. So when I do this online.

Html editor quickly, you can see here that it has a playlist here at the right side and here at the left side you will see your video. So you can embed this on any website and that's what a collection is. You can also use a share link. So when I opened this share link, you can see that the place will be created on Whitman goes domain. And that's the video part. That's the first part. This is where you host and store all your videos.

Then the second part is the stream part where you can create streams now streams is a bit similar to your videos that you upload except that you can select a date. So let's say manage streaming here. When I click on manage stream, you can see I uploaded this video now when I visit this video when I have my share link in here. And again, you can also embed this on your website and multiple things when you do that you see here hang in there, this video livestream will start in and you can select this. And also when you share this to private link, you will get rid of these videos.

Uh you can configure that in here. So when I'm going to edit this video, I can say I want to schedule this video to go live on a specific date so that people will watch this video. Well it's not live but they think it's life on a specific date. And again, when you click your own visibility here, when you create people with a private link, let me quickly show you that. So when I paste this link in my browser, you can see it's an empty page chair with only this video on top of it.

Um the next thing here. So that's the stream part where you can stream these videos, it's not really streaming, but it's stream stream alike. Um the next thing that you can do is go live and record now.

What this will do is it will record your video or your audio. You can choose here. You have three options. You can record a video with audio, you can record video only or you can create audio only.

Now. In this case I'm going to do a video with audio, which means that you're going to see me right now. So I'm going to do a small test recording so that you can see how this works. So I'm going to choose for landscape, not portrayed landscape and now you will see that the video here. When I click on start recording, you will notice that you see my video and boom there it is. That's me two times team here but I'm recording right now.

It's recording already at this point. So when I want to stop my recording I click on stop recording and boom there it is. That's me two times team here. But I'm recording right now.

It's recording already. So you can see that is the replay of what we just recorded. You see how quickly that works, how quickly you can record yourself.

And then once you're ready here and I see that I'm missing a part of the screen. So let me move this to the left and here and let me go to the continue and next. So I hope that you can see everything on my screen that I've shared before. So now when you go to the next screen in here, you see that you have all the options in here again. So here you can change everything. Let me close my sky because it's an annoying sound here, you have the option to change your video, you can change the title in here.

So this is my demo recording as you can see and here we can do the same thing again, the appearance of the play button etcetera. We know about this right? So now my video is stored in my videos in here. You will see that it has been added here at the left side. This was my recording that we just recorded with Vidmingo. Then the next thing that you can do is you can also record your screen so I'm recording my screen right now and I am using special software but you can do the same with Vidmingo.

Here you have two options. Again, you can record your screen or you can record your screen and your camera in this case I'm going to record my screen, gonna click record and click on, start recording and now I need to give permission to share my screen. So when I do that it's now recording my screen. So when I go to my website it's now recording my website to recording everything that I'm doing right now. When I go back here and I stop sharing my screen it stops the recording, do that.

It's now recording my screen. So when I go to my website it's now working. You see that. So now I have recorded my screen so I can quickly record my screen and I can share this with my clients or with other people, simply click on continue and next now it's going to present my video and once it's ready I can give this another name and I can start sharing this video with other people as you can see this is the video that I just recorded and click on.

Edit and demo. Recording too. Boom there it is. And now I can share this video, I can go to options, I can click and share, I can embed this on my website, I can add this as a pop up on my website. I can give a share link.

Really easy sort of people can see my video and that is the stream part where you can go live, record and record your screen and lifelike videos. Then the next part is a text to speech. So when I click on, create voice over, I can start creating my voiceover. You simply type your text in here.

This is a demo and then you can choose from the voices in here. So there are different voiceovers in here. Hi, my name is Joey. I will read any text you type here. So you also got the Ai voices here. Those are four characters for one letter. You can also choose the languages in here. So there are a

lot of languages if you like. You can pause the video if you want to see if your language is included as well. As you can see, you can choose from a lot of languages in here. Uh and then simply choose it and then you can previews or create your voice over and then you can manage the voiceover engineers. So as you can see, I already created to voice overs. I'm gonna let them here to you.

If you're looking for a vimeo or whiskey alternative look no further Vidmingo is your answer the demo voice over of Vidmingo. So as you can see, these are the voiceovers created with Vidmingo. Now, then there's one part that I told you forgot to mention. And these are the tools that are included in Vidmingo as well because you're also going to get access to a bunch of stock images, stock videos and video to give option. So when I click here on stock images, you will have a library full of stock images.

And I expect that these images come from in splash or pixel bay or wherever they get them from. But let's say you want to have marketing images, you create a video for marketing and you want to create a thumbnail. You can simply search in here and then you can download these videos and also customize these images. So when you click on customizing here, it's going to load an editor for me where I can create my thumbnails. So here you can do some basic stuff. You can add rectangles, circles, triangles.

You can also add some icons in here. Register custom icon, not sure what that means. Uh well honestly it's a simple editor where you can create uh, some thumbnails for your videos, There are some filters in here. I guess that you can work with here, brightness etcetera where you can change their image as well. You need to select it probably to change some values.

Um Also you can crop your image, so if you like to crop it more, you can do that as well and then say apply and then your image is cropped to this specific size. Some basic um editing stuff that you can do with the image editor. But of course you can also decide to go to the stock images, download to your computer and edit this with your favorite image editor. But it's a nice extra addon of Vidmingo. Then also stock

videos exactly the same. If you'd like to get some videos for your video editing, uh you can simply search your videos in here that you can download them to your computer. There's a whole library again in here uh that you can choose from stock videos download to your computer and edit with your favorite video editor platform. Then the last part is the video to give section uh where you can create gifts. So you can start recording. So let's say you downloaded the video, you can start recording here.

You need to uh specify your screen. So let's say you have a video screen, you can select that and you can start sharing this and then it will create a recording of that part of your screen of your video or your video player and then you can use that as an animated Gif. It will store that as an animated Gif. You can download that. So let me quickly do that. Um Not right now, it's recording my mouse.

This is not a really good recording when when I click stop recording here, you can see here now it recorded my screen. This is a gift that I created and now I can download this to my computer here. I can say okay, I want to render this. I could also shorten this gift this gift, you could see that. I could cut the beginning and the end and once this is rendered here, now it's rendered, I can download this to my computer as a gift fell or I can edit this again.

So if you want to make this shorter, I can do that. That's what I just wanted to show you. And then again, if this is what you want, you can click on render and now it will render this part of the video. These gifts will not be stored inside of your Vidmingo account, but you can create them and download them to your computer as an extra option.

And then I think that's it because these are part of the upgrades when you get over you in here, this is a part of the great. So this is what you will get, everything that I just showed you is part of Vidmingo and you can get this right now, it starts for $47. Everything that you see here on my website is included for $47.

Now again, there are some upgrades like the pro version in here which is $97.01 time where you get a lot more, you can read everything here on my page which included also the upgrade to here, which is the mingle monetization where you can run ads and stuff like that on your videos and they're all upgrades. And again, there's also a special bundle deal. If this platform is interesting to you, I recommend you to get the bundle deal because with the bundle deal you get every single upgrade for a huge discount. Everything here when I scroll down this all is included in the bundle deal link and when you use this coupon VM bundle here, you're gonna get 50% discount, you get the whole funnel for $247 You can get that by clicking this blue button here on the blue link or this link or you simply click on the green button and you will be offered to go to the sales page or to the special bundle deal page and that is my Vidmingo review. Now, if you have any questions, make sure to ask them in the comments below.

Also, please like this video and subscribe to my Youtube channel. If you like to get more of my videos, I do a lot of product reviews, so I recommend you to subscribe if you'd like to see more of my videos and thank you so much for watching. And I hope to see you in my next review video talk soon. Bye bye.

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