Uzinduzi wa App ya Kutangaza Utalii wa Afrika

Uzinduzi wa App ya Kutangaza Utalii wa Afrika

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But I'm learning everyday I'm spending here I'm learning something. New. My. Name is yousef Danza, I am. The. Head of. Marketing. At, day. Technologies, International, and. Like. Imagine, it has said we, are here to launch a product is. Its it is a social, networking site it. Is called. Day places. I. Will take the honor to introduce, the. Colleagues that I. Am. Here with. On. The extreme, left. Is. Mr.. Joe, sakano, mr. J ii, yo, ii o is the, lead developer. Of the. Product in africa. In. The middle is mr.. Moses, motto, mr.. Moses motto who is the. Product, manager and. On. The extreme right, is. Dr.. Paul. BAM desi dr.. Pol pamita's is the. Head of business. Development. They. Technologies, international. So. Each of the gentlemen will. Take you who, has, something to say about our, being here and about. About the product I shall. Straightaway. Invite mr.. Moses Motoko seated, in the middle the, product manager to, take you through the, the nitty-gritty of the. Product that we are here to launch today thank. You so much. Thank. You thank you mr. Yusuf. Thank. You very much we're really so happy today that you know you've been able to come, and you know be with us today here, when. There are slammed at the launch of a, day, places. Immaculate. Thank you so much we've worked with her tirelessly, to put this together so we're really really grateful to you and. We. Are equally very happy, to be in Tanzania, you know some of us it's, our first time to be under, Aslam, you. Know so. We are really really happy and, also, want to take this opportunity to, thank each, and every one of you guys you know you're from different media houses so. For you to take your time and come and be with us here today it. Is it's a very big honor so we're really really grateful, thank you so much to. Each and every one of you. What. Is they they places, they places, is a. Is. A software. It's. A software or you can call it it's, a social media platform. A. Social. Media platform, that is developed, by you, know day technologies, day. Technologies. Is a subsidiary, of their, group international, so. It, is their group international. Under. Which. They. Technologies, International, Falls so. The product. Day. Places, has been developed, by the, technologies. International, and. The. Question. Is. What, is they places, you know we. All want to know what they places, is what the product really is you. Know. First. And foremost the, product is basically centered. On. Honor. It, is purely centered, on. One. Places. It. Is so distinct, and so unique from any other social media platform that, you guys might have used or, might have known before. So, the focus is, about places, and I want to give a very unique example, today.

Within, Tanzania, Tanzania, is, a very unique. Country. With, unique, natural resources. And. How. Can, we. Take. Advantage of a. Product, that is developed, by. Thousands, and thousands, of software, engineers, from all over the world. The. Product has been developed by software, engineers from. Not just within. Africa, but. From the US and China, so. It is a global product, that. Has a global reach but today I just want to focus on Tanzania, and why. Tanzania. The beauty. How. Do they say beauty in Swahili. Losery. A. Tanzanian. Is Zuri sana, you. Know it is it is a beautiful, country, Natural. Resources the tradition, within Tanzania. The culture, within Tanzania, is, really. Really amazing and we. Are saying but, how can you live, rich how can you take advantage of these plots. And cold day places I. Went. To Serengeti, a couple of years back, and. Serving. Ladies is one of. The. Biggest national, parks, that I think we have in the world and, it. Covers a lot, of you, know square, square. Miles it's, so huge, but. What. Do you know about Serengeti. And I know some of you probably have not even been to Serengeti, and yet you live in there are slums idiom. Mm-hmm. So. The question is then, how do you know about Serengeti. If you've not been there and you. Live with in Tanzania, itself. So. We're saying that the. Platform, focuses. On promoting, and marketing, tourism. Potentials. The. Poor is the tourism potential, within Africa the. Tourism, potential, within Tanzania. So. My first, focus, today I want to talk about tourism. Because. That is the entire centric, point of the. Product. If. You go to Serengeti, National Park. It. Has a lot, of amazing. Amazing. Wildlife. But. Each and every, one of us here would like to really see and. Know. But. How do you know about certain, things that are within suring 18 national park if, you actually have never been there and we. Are saying but, for some of you that have not been answering at a national park or for that case in, any other place within Tanzania, the platform. Is right there, they, places. They. Places, allows you, to. Know the places that you do not know. It. Allows you to. Actually create. A place if. The management of Serengeti, National Park, created. A place called Serengeti. Then. How can they leverage on this platform they. Can use the platform to, number one, share. Photos, share. Videos, and share, texts to. The entire world so that they know but. Look at Serengeti. This is what we offer this, is what we do at Serengeti, National Park so. For you that has not been answering it National Park you, get that opportunity to know about sharing, it National Park through. The. Videos, through, the text through the things that have been shared on the platform, but, the most important, thing is that this information is actually factual it is, not.

Misrepresentation. Of any information. What. The Righetti National Park talks about onto, the platform, is, based. On facts. So. One, of the key focus that we were that we interested, in is we, want people to share very honest, feelings, about the places they've been to if. You've, been to Kilimanjaro, how. Did you feel. How. Do you want your colleague that you want to join the platform, to, actually know and feel about server Kilimanjaro. So. We're saying that the. Bottom allows you to, share those amazing. Memories, with, your families, and with. Your friends, so. We. Want to encourage you. The. Media houses here today that. Amazing. Places take, advantage of this place of. This platform. You. Know because. Then. You. Will be able to to. Know certain things that you really do not know, so. The, platform allows. Promotion. Of tourism it. Allows promotion. Of different cultures, you know where. I come from from the Africa, the. Culture is totally, different from the culture that we have here today the culture turns on is that's really different so. How do you share those amazing. Cultures, and those amazing, traditions. To. The rest of the world there ah. You. Know, let's. Not consume. Something. That is really, not ours every other day I, think all of us own maybe. You. Have different social media platforms into, you your your phones your mobile phones, but. We are saying today let's. Take this opportunity, and embrace, something. That is really, ours. Something. That. Focuses. On, promoting, the, tradition. The, norms the, culture, and the, tourism of. Africa. So. That is purely, what the platform, does promoting. And marketing the. Tourism, potential, within, each, and every, African. Country. So. That is basically the section of tourism, I want, to talk a little bit about business. A. Place. A place. Is anywhere, that. You can be, in. Our ally ization I talked, to Hamid a Hammond. And. Is a Muslim, so I was. Telling him that when. You go to a mosque that, is a place when. You walk into a supermarket. Colino. A key to that is a place, if, you walk into a restaurant who. Let your cooler in. I eat replace Scindia so. Whatever, we do I mean wherever we are that. Place has a name so it is a place you know, we are here this is a place. Sylia. So, we. Are saying, for. The business community. How. Can you contribute to the GDP of this country how can you add value to the economy of, this country. If. I own a restaurant. How. Can I, dynamically. Man Fred. So, Fred if I have, a restaurant that I run how. Can you know that actually I have good food at my restaurant. In, order aha, so you can. You. Can only know that I have good food at my restaurant if. I actually use, the platform, to, share the services, that, I actually do. At. My restaurant, so we are saying that we, want to embrace this platform that, allows people. Who, are. The users that, allows government, organizations. And entities that, allows, individuals to create, their, own unique places. And promote. Those particular, places in, their own unique, way you. Know when. You go, in a supermarket, I think there's, a word we call preference. Fred, may, like. Me. Like favorite. Clicking you at the taco which our favorite enjoy it again. Coca-cola. Senior, so, Fred takes coca-cola, I like. Fanta, that, is a preference, okay. So when you walk into a supermarket there's, a reason why I go in a particular supermarket.

Or, There is a reason why you eat in a given place why. Because. The. Experience. You get from there, is unique. The. Experience, I got from Serengeti, National Park in 2015. It's, different from the experience you may get when you go there but. How can we share those. Distinct. And unique you. Know feelings. And and, experiences. To entire world so that people will actually know, you. Know so that is why we've invited here today, for. The official launch, of day. Places, in. The. Republic, of Tanzania. So. We want you the, media people to. Help us promote this product, not. Just in Tanzania, but your friends to, your families, and to, the entire world we. Thank you so much for, coming here and we. Hope that. Whatever we've shared together is, represented. In a factual and right. Way for. The right consumption. Of the general public so. Thank you so much and, I. Would like to take this opportunity to, invite Joe, Sakana, Joe. Like my colleague say Dahlia is. One of the lead developers of, the product he, is going to take you through the. Exact, step-by-step. On. How the, product, works thank. You very much. Thank. You Moses, also. Me. On the same note I'd like to thank everyone for actually. Turning up for this event and I. Am very sure. That by the time I'm away from here we're going to have the right thing for the right people and you're going to have people join, the platform, so. I am, the Lib developer, for the product in Africa and. It's. Been a while that we've actually been building this unmolding, this product so at least we, can have our African. Stories. Sites. Places. Exposed. Out there to the world in real time giving. Factual information and, that would actually help promote, tourism, and also, business in the region. Taking. You through the product right here what we have is our homepage how, do you access the website is day places, calm. Day. Places, just like you real if they're on the logo calm. That's how you actually get onto the platform we, give you three ways in which you can actually login into the platform we, have you actually, going through the traditional way where I get create an account on the platform by. Filling in your name, email. Password. Date. Of birth and your. Gender and that's. All we need sign, up and you get a confirmation email from which you actually get to have. Your. Account created alternatively. We, have made it easier, for people who do not actually want to go through that hassle to. Either use their Facebook accounts or, their Google accounts to get and. They. Are created, for them on our platform, and they, can start away then. Then get to use it so I'll just type in with my Facebook account and, it. Just takes a few steps on from with Facebook, and you'll have your account, already created and you can actually get. To. Use the platform. If. You may, look at the platform, it has a feel, or a, layout, that, is similar, in one way or another with, the popular, platforms. We do have out there the reason last way we have the admit this approach is to lessen, or make, the, landing cars curve very. Less. Steep so. I'll just define, or explain a couple of sections on the platform. At. The very top here we have the main menu bar. That. Is where you actually get to get some of the basic features that you get to use on the platform, right. Over here is the link that actually, sets you to your own personal. Space your account, then. You have the home button. Which. Returns you to this very same face that you're looking at then. We have the drop-down for, accepting. Friend requests, so you can actually accept, a friend request if, someone sent you a friend. Request on the platform you can actually see a list of your notifications if someone actually reacted. To your post or, commented. To your post, then, we have a list where, you actually have your last set of messages that came through where while you are offline so, if I may click the have a small pop-up that comes up and I can end up contacting. Each individual, and having. A back and forth communication with, them in real time that's if they are online. We. Can minimize that. We. Have such, bar there allows. Us to search through our posts, users. Places. And events. On the platform so you whatever. You're looking for that's like the one-stop where you go through, and you actually get to see whatever you may need or you are looking for the platform then, we have our. Settings. Section. This. We actually get to log out get help, I'd also get to change a few preferences, on the platform, so I'll go right over there.

The Beauty about our platform is retrieved to embrace as many people as possible and, we, want as many users to give them to the platform and use it and because. Of that at the moment we're supporting three languages English. French and, Swahili. When, you look at Africa soil. Is a very prominent language, in the region and, we. Felt it was actually, the best thing to actually throw out there because internationally. When people talk about a local language of acid they tend to look at Africa, as one constant has one country, they. Always think, of Swahili as the language people use around so we made sure that we embrace that so. I will just go. Through my list there like I mentioned, English French and Swahili and you, can actually change the platform to, that language and you're going to have your. Your plot from actually having all the levels in in, the language of preference and that one actually will help the people in the region to, be able to embrace the platform as they're on. On. The very left. Side of the platform we have a quick menu for a user and all, these lead, you to the sections of your own account we. Have the the, timeline or, like your. Home page. So. When, I click that I have information about my account I have my pictures, I do have a few about information, about me then. I have my, posts in the center here this, is the posts I took yesterday of, Darussalam, and. I think it's very beautiful when someone actually out there sees this it, gives them a different perception, of what. Tanzania, is it gives them the actual information, worked on Sonia is and it helps people, actually end, up liking the place even more then. I have a list of my friends here if, you're the other places that make the existing, on the platform, and make. Pictures right over here and they can actually even go through them now. We get through them and it's. It's stuff you can actually have people, command. React and even share the content on the platform. We, also went to step ahead and we managed to actually add things like sharing, on Facebook when, actually shared this on Facebook it. Will actually allow this post in particular to appear on Facebook and people can always come back to date places, so in. One way or another want, people out there to actually learn, that this plus platform, exists and we can make good use of it then. I have a list of my friends on the platform. You've, connected with on the platform and. I. Have, my. Photos on the platform, these are several photos I've taken profile. Photos cover photos, and timeline, photos then. I do also have a, list, of places. That have liked on the platform, a dog created them or federated, them so, I have, all this in, one spot, and it helps me actually access, them quickly for. Instance if I want to win impenetrable it's. A. National. Park in Uganda, we. Can actually see some information about it contact.

Information About it, people's. Rating, of the place so you can actually also throw your rating over there and this. Is information other people can consume to help them make a judgment, as to whether they want to come to this place or not same. With the reviews you. Cannot be lists of reviews be partially, giving feedback about what they think about this place. Then. We have a list of events so. I can have a central place where I have made vents unfortunately. On my very account, I have, no events maybe, people don't like me but anyway yes, that is where we have events, and we can have upcoming, events. Events. You've been invited to an events that you've created yourself so it's one stop for, all those activities that you want you can actually create an event by yourself and you can select one of the places that you have on the platform. Then. You. Can create a place like. My colleague Moses talked, about it you, create an account on our platform, then you create a place and once you create a place you fill in the basic information you, need about, that place right. From the name of the place brief, description, a location. Signori is it in other accommodation. And in accommodation, of several subcategories, is, it a motel easy to guesthouse then you can create that place and other people can actually come and actually see, the information that you've created for that particular, place make their ratings and the, beauty about our platform is you. Can actually add more information, about a place when you need to for. Instance if I checked out one of the places that I created a. Point. Impenetrable I. Can. As well go ahead and add other features. To. This place right now I already activated, events, and bookings. With, bookings if I have accommodation, on my, at. My place then, people can be able to resolve. Rooms. For. Staying over and if, have events I can create a set of events and people can actually know at my place I host this, event on a certain date and people can come up and all the particulars required. On. The very extreme, right of the of the of the page I have a list of my friends and, people I can actually chat with I can actually click there and they. Have a pop pop and they can start texting, back and forth if the individual, is online so.

In A nutshell the. Platform, itself is easy to use, if. The learning curve is shallow. And, I. Hope the, people out there of Tanzania, can impress this platform and make. It better and richer the more people get on board the more content you create the more relevant it gets and you can only happen if the media gets on board with us cause we know you get in touch closely. With in people out there in, the country. On. That note I'll. Come to an end with my presentation. Thank You mr. Sirko no, Lake. Joe. S8. We. Live in, what you do and we. Are hopeful, that the. Messages we are giving you right now are going to reach, as. Well as possible, within Tanzania, and even beyond. I, shall. Once, again take the honor to introduce a. New, fate our. Business. Department. Manager we looked, up Obama today forgive. Us for the different accents we are coming from different parts of Africa, I for. One come from Uganda, so. I am, warning you before he comes. Doctor. You're welcome he's from South Africa. Good. Morning Tanzania. I'm. Happy. To be here for, the second time. My. First time was in, 2015. When. I was hosted by president, Jack equity, at state ouster Salam I think. Some of you are there if, you remember. But. Today. I'm. Happy that I've. Come. Back for the second time to talk to you but. Mostly for ibly going. Against, some statements. Of made, by world leaders about Africa, in. Other leaders that call. Our countries shitholes. What. Part, of that statement. Shithole. Countries, so, a mirror, to dare to take an opportunity to, communicate back I know this, media. Will actually take back my message to that leader that no Africa's not shithole, we, actually have. Special. People our. Culture's are good but above all our tourism industry is the fastest growing in the whole world so. Africa. All. These, years has been. Left. You. Know angles if I may use that word our, stories, have been told by, people that actually don't understand, those stories, more than we do if, you, go out there people, will, tell you about Tanzania. But. 80% of the information they will give you will be wrong. You're part of stories, maybe from. The global media or other media, about.

Jesus And they're. Talking about something you know very well but, look back and say no this is not true so, it's a high time we. Tell. Our story the, way we understand, it that's. Why we introduced. This platform it. Is quite pan-african, but. Yet it embraces, you, know global, global. People that. Have the will of growing. Africa, positively. And. Promoting. The African tourism, promoting the African culture but, above, all upholding. The superiority of the, African, race I always. Tell people that the Africans. Are special people you know we. Just. Tap into the. Opportunities. That come with, us from the Almighty God that's. Why we have you know the melanin that we are able to tap the vitamin D from the Sun I, don't, think that's a special thing God. Loves us but we need to stop. Feeling inferior. Day. Places, will. Break. The barriers of. Africa. Misrepresentation. I always. Comment, about you. Know the way most. Media versus external. Of Africa, the, way they run our story someone who come to darasuram, go, into, the slums and take. A story but they will put a pinch, live. From darasuram, Tanzania. So, the rest of the people, okaythis Tanzania. But, yet when they are communicating their own stories, we see you, know nice buildings, in the background, nice, sceneries, so. Ladies and gentlemen I urge you to you, know promote our African thing let's have our, pan-african, potentials, Tanzania's. For example leadership, we, have one of the, best world leaders, that has ever lived, they, narrate Julius but, how many people talk about him it, was a pan-african. Someone. Committed, to serving his people so. I think, this. Platform, will help us break, through the bottlenecks, also. It comes along with business opportunities, when tourists come to visit, Africa, there. Are direct, and indirect benefits, for example someone, who is operating. Tourism. From a company, will, to benefit someone. Who is operating a souvenir shop will, live to benefit because they'll come and buy those small small things but. Above all someone is operating a hotel, someone, is operating a restaurant these. People come when others need to clean their shoes lots. Of things so it is the same platform that, Tanzanians. And Africans can use to. Showcase, what. They have to offer in, the in terms of the in the tourism industry but, above all we interact with each other for example I was coming to tease it I used, the same platform to post and I. Was able to let. My friends know that, I'm in Tanzania, and lucky, enough it, happened to be that two. Of my friends actually be in, the restaurant today and we actually going to meet but it is because of that that, same same platform, that were able to to. Touch base but. Ladies and gentlemen, are. Also raised on the second point of. Africa's. Not benefited. A hundred, percent from, the platforms, that the world has been embracing, the. Representation. On if you gone most of the platform, none is African so sometimes. When people are talking global, issues, you. I mean we have no say, everything. If you surf the internet you first go to to, America, then soft, downwards Africa, and were, saying no it's a high time we put what. Is ours what is African, a platform. That understands, us the. Way we are our, cultures not, a platform, that actual infiltrates.

Our Norms, and beliefs I. Wish. To take this opportunity to. Ask. You, or request you to join. Efforts in, promoting our own tourism, potentials, in promoting, our business, values. But, above all in adding value to the African continent, are also promoting our pan-african, dream. Thank, you ladies. And gentlemen. Thank. You so much doctor, now. This. Point, in time we shall request. You. Allow. Me, welcome my brother Akari, booney brother. Buddy. Some channel. Now. Than you Winky mezquia mail is a Yahoo lucky. Neko a Lamborghini. Missouri. Arooga. Mean, that you're too funny a panic ooh yeah ooh - wah - bah Miley. Somewhere Macaulay when. One. Anyway -. Come. On I'll give you a Macumba one Miku yeah Pocoyo cuisine - ah tanda, oh okay, yeah me my. Ownership, will camisole a quaint ELISA who Talley. Lucy. To troponin. There is a Tahlequah Puccini. Quick drop Anna a pier. At the corner funny Acacio a catechin, in chambering valley. Coefficient. And ah who. When. Angie, what a coup a la pata Forza, yeah. Ya, wanna my name but in barrio de la. Pia combat division Amazo, Julia. Wow. Wow. You. See amazonite alley Katta, common home in Guinea dunya, meta meta Maria now, if equesticle, in Ganesha notary. What a way to hear. It often is ID, how about whanau and ow -. Yo an antebellum era duniya equally, rottens Ania, who yo Pedro secretary. In. A funky - Ghani I. Am. Tender who amber. Owner you can open in a la these places. May. Put. Aside via Pia. Kwan-yuen. Abadi kuta, bali, bali copito quinium 10 tahoe manum. Neo-fascist. Ieave if you move your body show me boyo - anna pata koopa tiago are - memoria, Mambo, been in, Bali when I have otaku toka Quenya, me tender idea me why, you eat the one is him yeah. Yeah yeah Scioscia. Information, you see on observe a o teri. Kasam, what appear, when a super Akiane cuckoos, oh teri wa Tanzania, not, an EP a-- you. Inter koala for tsakuba :. Anyway, so coo coo, fat Atari from buddy buddies at your tally. Em. Tahuna, link as ID. What. To be enough Seema sharika not, a seasoning in the. NAS always a photo a body. Kofi. Annan, masala. Atari c'mon. Open bass you come by lambda, Wow a token in Thimphu ghanima yokomo yella kidney hey what the horn up at Atari foreboding body Conoco. Hadron bow when a pharma company acute, re kun, Atari for buddy-buddy Amazo can spot rock as in kiss upon yay when you stand on our, 2005. Yes. I would walk auto ganja. Podían. A commissary caddy you, know you kun Lockwood, do, luck when there is a sugary soft re-confirm. Epic way to lock any how are ya no no combi visualize. Idea, they enter. A Sudoku Miro now, Coco forgive you. Wow. What. A nice. Idea Pia. Vanya. 190 I live with Maddy ganya and pappu when. I. Kinda. Go. Factory, era. Yeah. Daddy why. You you. It is a India Pia hey Sarah, caddy a compa. Medallia. Coo coo, idea, Wow Monica, PT Anna banana. Sect I am Eva Tahira. Kopitiam. Tanto microrna, soma mob Mindy to avoid a circus idea a qua, qua area em, Tahoe, well, you Appa, kwaya kuu, mafia nani mo kamo and issue a bar equals, n um tanto Nepean, a denomination, is a bar you will, never waste O'Quinn gear Quenya no. Hope at Atari from body body ambassador, camo and regime nezam car yerushalyim. E Khushi, Alana an, out. Area pathway to copy. Tia Kanye um. Tan. Down below I'm a firm believer as. An Tennyson I. Sent. In brother.

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