URBEX | Seized and left abandoned

URBEX | Seized and left abandoned

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In this episode we visit an amazing building which was seized for corruption and left to decay. We continue our road trip in Romania. Packing our stuff for the next epic  adventure. One of the highlights of the trip.  

A really really nice institute  with some amazing architecture. Get some good night rest. -Hopefully There should be a guard so we have to be careful. Get inside in the dark and explore tomorrow.

Most important thing mosquito spray. Terrible. Lots of dogs here.

It turns out there are quite some  dogs on the terrain we have no clue  stray dogs or guard dog.... but it definitely catches the attention of the guard.  We climb the fence far from any gate and try to find a way in the bushes. Because  we might have heard the guard we can't use our flashlights and have to be as silent as possible. Yep might be the entrance gonna climb and check it. 

So I managed to get inside a really tiny entrance.  And now I open the window on the first floor  for Ronald and Frank. So we're all inside. Jesus, what a mission. Not the easiest. Time to find a room to sleep. What is it? -It's really decayed, a lab or something.

These rooms are way too decayed you see.  It sucks. e have to check if there's something else. Books. -Yeah for Romania it's pretty crazy to find all this stuff in here.

Wow, look at this. It's hard to see, but it's  amazing! The stairs is amazing. -Epic Well there's more decay than we hoped for. -Yeah that's a good sign right? A good sign. Yeah but not to sleep. Look at the floor, that's a little bit too dirty. Making a luxury sleeping place Bob? Zero star hotel, but we're in. That's the most important.

We've got something to sleep on so it's good. -We had worse... So cheers guys. I'm really glad we came in man. A small hole again, especially made for Bob.

Slept well? Yeah slept pretty good. Short. I hate camping. -Yeah iwe're gonna pack our stuff. It's good that we are inside otherwise we had tried to find a way inside during the day . Which is a lot trickier I guess. -I think that was an impossible mission.   Because there are a lot of dogs and they still bark during the day.

Time to explore. This amazing place was built in the 1920s in Neo Romanian style. There's one main building and several pavilions. It's one of the most impressive staircases iI've ever seen. 

it's really nice with the lead in glass, thre ornaments with all the details and it's cool that it's symmetrical. Here they did chemical and biochemical research for food processes....   technological processes and they even  designed food production equipment.   This institute was government owned and was privatized after the revolution in 1989.  It was sold to a politician for only 100.000 euro while it was worth 60 million euros at that time.  

In the end the owner was sentenced to prison for corruption and the building was seized in 2014. A flower pot here? Also used as ashtray . There's just sand inside. Old books everywhere. Look at the date 1881. Nice -Yeah dinosaur books. Colour power.

All right but this can't be that old  right? No I think it was written... I think it's a newer print. -It's newer. It's really nice that the items are left  here. Look at the woodwork really cool   Reminds me a lot of the famous  Belgium location. -The university. 

In Liege. Really nice it's build in the  same period as well. It's from the 1920s   So that's why it's quite similar. Here are some old photographs from an abandoned university in Belgium shot in 2009.  As you can see there's a lot of similarity. Should we check something over here? -Yeah sure. Old table.

Time capsule. Old Citroën. A renault? -No A Citroën AX. They did crazy experiments oh there's  three fingers. Special. -Bend over Ronald.

Hey but the amount of decay... It's a lot. Didn't expect it here. But yeah we saw it yesterday sleeping here was very dirty. Hey.... multimedia. There's a hornet nest here, you see? -Yeah. There are a lot of them.

Nice decay. -Really nice decay. Nice colours. It's nice that there are still some posters on the wall. So here we walked through  the night, it was terrible. And on every branch we stepped the door started to bark.   It's a miracle that we made it   when I see this. Breaking Bad was filmed here.

Yeah well better not touch the substances. Impressive place right? It really looks like a medieval  castle this is more impressive than most castles I've seen  So for me personally this is exactly the places I like for urban exploring. Really nice architecture, nice history there's stuff left and decay. -Amazing decay yeah.

I think this is the best  view with the staircase here. It's amazing, the staircase makes the place. The future doesn't look too bright for this building. After it got seized the buildings were  left to decay... and although it's an amazing  building it's not listed as a historical monument.   It can be demolished at any time to  be replaced by new buildings.

We can only hope that this building gets renovated. I have to translate. This is nice. -Yeah look at this. Number one. One with the copper wire on it I don't know  what's the use of it. -Maybe to electrolyze something.   It could be yeah, to put electricity on it.

Normally they get smashed. Yeah really fast. -It will be a nice bottle party . They're completely round this one can't stand. -Really nice glassware here. This is not my type of class. I don't understand anything about it Ronald is going to start a lab. -We can start distill some Palinka. (Romanian home made alcoholic drink) The wizard glass. Amazing this one has a crazy shape.Too bad it's broken. -Wow.

I think there are just some leftovers I  think the most expensive stuff is taken away. This must be really difficult to  make with all the tiny details on it. Here's another laboratory. -Really another one? Yeah.

This must be really old. This is nice. -The crane is also from glass. I think a lamp. -Yeah you can see the fitting down there.   Never seen this before. The exterior of this place reminds me a little bit of this one... a little bit. Oh wow it's cool. -All these glasses are pieces of artwork

The latest date we found may  2006 which is just 15 years ago. It says 1898. so now we know  how to use the glasses you see? Maybe you have a new theory from  something but I think the most of this is  still existing. - Yeah. That's the one we saw. -This is the one we saw It's pretty cool to see this is still in place.

Looks creepy. You don't want to open this one. Yes just more books. -More books . In case of emergency read this book.   In case of fire.. here's the fuel. Maybe we should be a little bit more silent the guard could be walking here and it's really noisy inside. -Yeah it is.

There are countless books in  Romanian, English, German and Russian language. The details are great. Like this one. guy fighting a dragon. With a spear. What a rubbish. it's nice with the peeling paint. So I guess at one point they wanted to moveeverything out but at one point it stopped.   

And there you can see the front door as well. The glass is gone so if the guard walks by we will be noticed. The central hall never ceases to amaze us. It's stunning from every floor and angle. You can see how decayed this place is. When you  touch it it just comes off.

A card game or what? -Yeah. For nerds. There's some kind of oven over there. Ah yeah. Too bad it's just one big mess everything is just stacked. -Well the place is abandoned This was an auditorium I guess. A bigger room. These are big industrial installations.   Here's an example of a machine  designed for the food production.

This is the result of experiment I guess. Looks like a glass turd. -Bob... looks like it didn't pass. The whole closet is filled. We can make constructions. I think it's the smallest we've seen. All those glass works are  really expensive stuff. -Yeah. Still works.

Piles of old keyboards here. Must be dozens of them. Just the ground floor which  we have left to explore. So the most rooms are just one big mess. Wow lovely wood work.

These fall apart these books. -This one is in English. Oh my god I think they used it as toilet paper. So this was a library or something.  -Oh this is a big one. You can see there's no vandalism here. All the glass is still intact. 1996. A lot of Germans here. Berlin. I think these are the employees that have been here . He came from Berlin, born in 1907. You see?

It's time to leave without being spotted. He puts a stick in front of the door  to see if anyone goes inside. There. Oh my god we jumped the fence and  there was a police car standing there.  

My god. -He didn't see us. -No they didn't see us.

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