Unlocking the Secrets to Digital Advertising for Cannabis | Guest: Christian Valdez

Unlocking the Secrets to Digital Advertising for Cannabis | Guest: Christian Valdez

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All. Right you guys welcome, to cannabis marketing live i'm kendra Losey your host where, we, are bringing you the brightest, the boldest and, the most badass people, ideas, and technologies, in the cannabis industry, joining. Me today is Kristian, valdez, of traffic, routes he, is I'm very excited to have him here before. I get started be sure and, put. Any comments in the, section below in the comments, and questions. And, likes and be sure and tell us where you're coming here from where. You're watching from because we want to know what state you're in because that is always so important, alright so as we get started here, let. Me tell you a little bit about Kristian Kristian is the CEO of traffic. Routes he, is a leading, executive, in the programming, advertising. Industry, and we. Will get into the definition of, programmatic. Advertising and. As. We get started. He's the founder and CEO of traffic routes a digital advertising network. That is bringing digital, advertising to, the cannabis space we've. Talked about the challenges emember you some of you are more aware of those challenges, than others so, this, is really exciting to be able to talk to Christian today. Christian. And I let, me bring them on this side, in here Christian, and I was. Introduced to Christian. Originally. A couple months ago sorry, the. Puppy who's been quiet all day starts spark as soon as I go live I was introduced to Christian a couple months ago and immediately after, our first conversation pulled. Him in to join, me on speaking, on a panel talking. About cannabis marketing. And sales at, a Leadership, Conference. So welcome Christian, I'm excited to have you here today a. Way. To tell you during something - thanks yeah Jeff thanks for joining. Yeah. It's, fine you know I can't clear my throat so that off the no. I, did that on purpose just like the dog wait Stella barks I waited till you were drinking I tossed, you it turns it over to you. So. Yeah. We, see damn Grimm's in the house welcome, Dan we're, excited to have you here Christian. Can. You tell me a little bit or can you tell people a little bit on what, a programmatic. Advertising is. Yeah. So, programmatic. Advertising is, as, consumers, you and I use it every day or we interact with it every day but, just the technicality. And the technical, aspect of what comes behind it obviously. We don't understand. 100% so. Programmatic. Ads basically. Are all the ads that, are floating. Around a content sites so. Like you and I were just talking about off air when. You're about, to purchase that tripod at Amazon and you didn't most. Likely that ad is gonna be retargeted. Back, to you through, another site, Amazon. Basically saying hey Kendra, I know, you want this make, sure you click on it so. Programmatic, means it's, there. We're. Able to push ads to. A lot, a lot of sites and by, doing so we're able to create a very, large. Digital footprint, for. Brands and for, services, and everybody, else, okay. So, can. You tell me how a little bit about how you got started in this space and. How you yes so traffic routes came about so. I was pretty see the CIO for, another ad network. That. Didn't. Do any cannabis and time and time again through. The chain of command micelles managers, and so forth would bring me either. Cannabis, brands and publications, that were interested in working with us and simply. At the time because the nature of the, industry, and that. Taboo, of the cannabis industry even now we. Wouldn't be able to service them and we. Weren't and it just kept happening and happening to the point where curiosity, really, said well you know what, that. Doesn't make any sense let me see. What's going on the cannabis industry I know it's growing I know it's an upcoming industry, why. Isn't there any digital advertising avenues. Out there or let me see if there isn't he. So. For, an extended period of time I think I was in denial just, because I kept doing research and I couldn't find any any, digital. Ad networks at scale that we're doing it effectively so one.

Thing Led to another said oh well that's definitely an area that needs to be serviced so I basically. Quit my job and, said we're gonna go, at it full scale so I brought over my head developer, that. Works with me and we build our own network ad stock everything from scratch that's. Awesome, we, have talked and you and I have talked a lot in the past about the challenges, that cannabis. Companies face when it comes to digital, advertising how, do you how, are you guys able to help them with that and make that possible. So. Digital advertising is, a very broad term did your advertising some people say oh it's social media some people say it's SEO some people say it's. In. The in digital advertising does, encompass all that what we're able to do is we're going to provide an avenue with, digital, ads, through. Content, inside - whether it's video ads display, ads or native ads, and. That itself is a, space that needs to be serviced simply because Google's. Laws and regulations, and Facebook's it's straightforward, you, cannot promote anything. That's cannabis related period. And. I don't think that's gonna change anytime soon people ask me all the time like oh well what's gonna happen if it's Facebook and Google open up their doors tomorrow. And. Cannabis. Is federally, legal and. The truth of the matter is I don't think a lot is gonna change simply, just, because and I've said this before there's. Other bigger industries. Outside of cannabis that Google still doesn't Google on Facebook don't allow, digital. Advertising as, an example the, pharmaceutical, industry you, know you can't, see anything on digital all called tobacco we know. Bitcoin. Is kind of a crypto currency is kind of a touchy subject because recently Facebook. Had banned crypto. And, even more recently they, reversed that band and. They, reverse that ban conveniently. Because there is rumor that they're going to be addressed in coinbase a crypto. Company. First. Time that's happened. But. It works it works for them so and. They can do it so yeah, it's. It's, challenging, to say the least, absolutely. So can. We talk a little bit about how, that works how the process works for, cannabis. Companies, because, I know that even CBD, companies have some limitations and similar limitations, around them right now with a few exceptions but. You. Know the state the laws are. Specific. State by state how, do you help brands. Advertise, correctly. Good, question, and I think I shared, our long. Extensive. Document, with you what we did is we did a 29. Page. Outline. Because it's not even a full document, it's an outline on the state-by-state. Advertising. Guidelines when, it comes to CBD and cannabis products with. Hot. Links. Or hyperlinks directly, to the state side which specifies, the advertising, guidelines for that particular state and because, it's so great and so. Unclear, let's say that it, is hard to navigate yeah and, it's it's kind of the Wild West though where certain, things are legal in certain states certain states have certain regulations when it comes to advertising but, what we try to do is we try to put that in perspective and, provide as much information as, we can for our advertisers so. You can make an educated decision on the, states, that they're actually advertising, and how to do it effectively. That's. Awesome and it's so important too, so how okay. So if you're a brand if I'm a brand that wants to advertise or if I'm helping a company that, wants to advertise, how. Do they, go, about it and can you like what can they target what, does that what, does it take to get started because I'm really fascinated by being able to do this at scale.

Can. You talk us through the process a little bit in terms of how that works, yes. Possible. So. At any an individual, Matt dab Network including, us the the process is all self-serve, as a marketing. Agency, or an actual brand. You. Can go in there register to the platform, plunger. Account with. As little as like 250, bucks and then. You can start. Updating. Or up creating campaigns and, on the campaign level we're able to target up, to 249, countries, worldwide, for, advertisers. So we have eyeballs at 249, countries but. Aside from the countries we. Can go as specific, as let's, take an example let's say you have a product you want to focus on US audience we could say us we could say dump. For estate so if you want to say California we can target only people California, we, even could go down to the county so. You could do very hyper targeting in which, your ad will only show up say for example in, San Diego Valley you can select multiple counties, where it's San Diego LA Los. Angeles, and B County specific, on the users that you're trying to address and. That helps brands because if they're only able. To sell a product let's say in the US and only. In California, because they're, regulated. By federal guidelines, that they can't cross state lines they. Were able to do that very effectively for them and you can narrow it down by user. And behave like user demographics and, behavior as well or what does that look like on that non geo side. So. We can go browser. Targeting, operating. System targeting. Device. Starting, whether it's mobile desktop keyword. Targeting, all the above, there. Is some data overlays, that we're currently exploring for, age and demographic, targeting okay, well you have to really understand it like where the targeting comes from your. IP address is really what determines what the targeting demographics, are so, as an example when, you. Sign up for the internet your, internet provided there does not ask you for your gender or your age or your income or any of that information so. Therefore it doesn't transfer. Over for targeting but, more importantly, on next on that topic briefly is, you. Don't know who's behind that screen because, the internet could be registered to you but. It could be your puppy for all I know you. Know using your computer, I don't know how old he is or you know male or well and that, happens to everybody you know you have multiple people in a household where. The IP address, is only registered, to one user but. There's. Kids there's, nieces, there's nephews there's you, know spouses. All accessing. The internet with one source which is very difficult to target who's behind that screen, absolutely. Now. Tell, us a little bit about the types of websites. That, you can advertise on or that people can advertise on so if I have let's go back to my imaginary. Cannabis, brand and, let's, say edibles. That is, specifically. Tart you know trying to target people in San, Diego Los Angeles and San Francisco for, example what. What. Does that look like in terms, of the. Websites what websites are available to me to advertise one good. Question so we've identified two, different sectors well to me two, main sectors. That we work with cannabis. Direct sites which is exactly what it sounds like cannabis, focus sites we work with those directly but we also work with non, cannabis, sites which we've called mainstream, sites it, could be your lifestyle, sites, and. I think that's even more important, sector than the cannabis direct because, cannabis. Direct sites is if you were advertising, to yourself, as a brand or your.

Small Community, and as a brand the, bigger. The, bigger picture, is, advertising. To people that don't, know about your brand the. People you didn't know oh. Potentially. To be a new, consumer or, a, new, buyer that's, kind of where those lifestyle brands that we work with, currently, come. Into play on the mainstream side and we've identified certain, verticals, that kind, of correlate directly with cannabis, to, give you an idea of you know music sites. Obviously. You know reggae and hip hop alternative. Rock all those sites have a direct correlation with cannabis and for. The most part it's an older demographic. Also. Extreme, sports snowboarding, skateboarding all, that, has a direct, correlation. Investment. Sites as well because investment, in cannabis is hot right now and investment, sites want that interaction. And. Lifestyle. Sites on the, natural, health and. The. Soccer mom kind of approach to to all that so. It depends oh and we have kind of a large variety of inventory, for all the above so, what you're saying is that I could create ads for. Can. I create, specific ads for each audience or for each type of sites what does that. Look. Like on the platform how much flexibility, is there to really try. And relate to that target audience that. You're trying to reach, okay. When, it comes to targeting an audience you, can create a campaign for each one of those audience and, you. Could do multiple creatives. Under one campaign, so you could do a/b testing, and see which was given the better interaction, that. Is awesome, so as, you. Know this is really I was so excited to meet Christian, many reasons but one, of them being it's such an amazing opportunity for. For. Cannabis companies to be able to open up another avenue, of advertising, to, the Christians point that you know Facebook advertising, is what it is and we've talked about that and we'll continue to talk about that. From. A social media standpoint. But also not. Being able to use Google Adwords, you really have to we really have to rely on things, like search engine optimization, which is more a pool strategy, so you're trying to bring people to your site but. Why traffic. Routes in Christian is team have been able to do is really put that strategy together to help companies push out their message increased.

Awareness And, conversions. For those, for. Those for that audience. What. Can you give us a few tips on. What. Companies, need to consider when. Creating campaigns. Know. Your audience know. Where you can ship your product. Logistical. II like if you are a brand, and. It's. A THC product, then you know it's. Restricted, to your state for. For. What you're trying to do now if you're branding. It's, different, if, you're basically, telling somebody to go shop an x-y dispensary or something yes it's restricted, to the state that make sense but. There's a good opportunity for a, a brand, or a dispensary, whoever it is it doesn't matter if, they're emerging, into, a new state, you. Could definitely do creative, campaigns, to be like coming soon or, you. Know coming whatever, that creative approach is and that you can't do. So. It's. That's. Creative. As you want to get at really and that's creative as you want to get to an approach for, your marketing I, would. Say marketing. Is an encompass, of a lot of things not just one like we talked at the beginning not. One single thing is going to give you. Results. I think you have to do a combination of multiple things and, by. Doing so then. You're gonna see results across the board but running. A digital, campaign at the display level. Only. Is not. Gonna work as well as if you do display, social. And. Everything in between, in the to display and I think that's more effective. That. Is absolutely, more effective at something I teach students, when I'm at the university is very much the like old-school idea, of an integrated campaign because the more touch points you have the more effective your messages, going. To be when it's consistent, across all the. So. You. Mentioned, strategies, to consider when, creating, campaigns. I. Mean. Cuz you can use that that's huge right like you could even use that to test. Campaigns, and to see which state you're gonna get more traction in. Theoretically. If you're trying to decide which state to go into next if you have that kind of flexibility. Um. That's. Really fascinating to be able to really target what. Is, what. Would you say is the creative impact on audiences, and the power of AV testing. So. It's it's a pretty significant. AV. Testing is. Psychology. Means statistics. Meets. Business. Revenue. Or ROI kind of invented and, the way it works is if you have three different ads that are saying the same message and. What you're changing, is the image. You. Could basically put. Those three against, each other and see which one's going to perform better and. It could be as simple as like ones blue ones red ones green but, for whatever reason the blue ad is getting more more, clicks and, more.

Interaction, So, you technically, kick out the other two colors and you introduce two new ones and then, do that test again and you're consistently, testing, against the higher. Performing, ad and, that's, just on the creative side you, could also go into, testing. On the landing page side where, you have multiple, iterations of your landing page to, see exactly which, one's getting the, most click throughs or the most kind of sales. Funnel flow and by. Doing so then you get the winner from the from, the landing page plus, the winner from the display you put them together there's your winner and you continue, to benchmark against the top performing. Ad, slash. Landing. Page combination. And what. Tips, do you have because there's I've seen people do a/b testing. And actually. Do it really well and make, it really a successful, test and, I've seen people fail it a B testing so what and where. The results weren't meaningful. What, tips do you have for people that are looking to test, their, creative. And test their campaigns, to be you, know to get the most out of what the money they're investing in, it. I. Would, say the number one thing is I understand, we're looking for analytics. Wise and. Understand. What those analytics, mean for you and where your brand and how did that transitions. Over to. An ROI for. Your product and. Then obviously understanding. What your ROI is if. You're specifically. Selling, your product then you can actually do conversion, tracking where you can actually see how themselves are big done. But. If you're not selling a product online what. Are you looking for what's that metric is the first question I would ask are. You looking for signups are you looking for leads are you looking for what what is that one action that you're telling people to do once. They click on the ad and. It's important to understand the ad is an attention grabber only. It's, supposed to it's designed, to grab somebody's attention create, curiosity maybe. Cos answer. A question, or ask a question so how people click on it so, they can end up on a landing page that gives them more information on why they.

Clicked On that ad it's. Not clicking, on that by, now that doesn't work good you know you kind of click on an ad giving. More info on why I should buy it or why should use their service and then. Continue. With the purchase or what the lead or whatever that might be they you're captured right it's not do, you like me yes, no marry, me right. It's. Like yeah. Exactly. Right. It's. Very yes, absolutely. Right. It's. One of those things where you capture somebody's, attention probably, but you know who you are and what you're wearing over that is that is the ad and, then once they click on it and they, get to know more, about you that's the coffee day. After. That. My, hands it's out of my hands. One. More thing I wanted to add about a bee testing is to Christians point it's not just important to know what you're testing and what your desired, outcome is but also I, have found that people get in a hurry so, they, want to test a bunch of things all at once and. I'm. Sure you've seen a lot of this as well we're having, one, thing, to test at a time will. Actually help you understand, what that answer, is, first, is okay we're gonna change this headline we're gonna change this image and we're just gonna change the color of this button let's test it no, don't. Do that yeah. I, would almost art with the image only leave the message is the same that's, the simplest thing can change leave. The message the same change. The image in the background or whatever it is and then, start there and that's actually a good point like. Having. A structured, test environment. First. I'm going to change the image second. I'll change the headline third. Maybe I'll change the offer. And. Having, maybe those three basic things as you're going through these tasks, could. Help identify and, structure, what those results are and I. Think. Probably the number one thing even, with all those results is being. Able to throw, in an excel sheet throw, them somewhere where you can physically see everything, in one and. Compare and say hey this one with this image and this, line gave me X whether. It's impressions, click-through, rate or, conversions. Absolutely. You want to be able to maximize your. Spending. On ads and really try and drive the most revenue from those ads even. Though it might not be a click. Buy type, of ad campaign. To Christiansburg, might, be a click to add to that coffee, date her. More efficient, or what have you um I, want, to go back to the state requirements. Question. Because some of the things that you, and I have talked about in the past are, the. Limitations, and the regulations. By state so for, example in California. The. Lysa if it's a dispensary, the license number needs to be on the ad and that carries through to digital correct. Yes. Of course everything. That's. The, tended purpose, of it, whether. It's being enforced effectively. And whether it's done, correctly, I don't. Know and. How does that when people, went if someone runs ads on trout, on the traffic routes using, traffic routes site what. Who's. Responsible, if the ads aren't compliant. To the state, requirements. So. We provide a level of compliance, where we check everything internally, under admin side make sure it does. Meet some sort of requirements. I guess. The bigger question is is it clear. As to. What. Kind of the license, number, and whose. License, number is it what kind of a license because that's even then that's kind of broad there's, a vertical integrated, licenses a dispensary, license is a distribution, license like, what license number goes, on that. It. I think it makes sense. So. There's a trackable. Identifier. I mean they do it for real estate they, do it for construction, contractors, I think. It's a valid point absolutely. Absolutely because, it could be anybody you know it's. It's. Really important to be able to track those that, information, especially online. So. I'm, also fascinated about being able to run campaigns and have the tools to run campaigns because it's such a critical, part of being able to reach. Clients. Have you do you have any examples, of. Clients. That you've worked with that, I'm, throwing you some new questions sorry about that. Examples. Of clients, that you found to be effective in, the types of campaigns that they ran you don't need to mention them my name if you can, so. Yeah, interestingly, enough you, have. To know your audience but, more also. You have to be. Ready to experiment, with audiences, as. An example there was a vaporizer, company, that we were working with where the vaporizer was a couple hundred dollars, and. They were specifically.

Tailoring. Only, to the cannabis, industry. And. I, was a cook at that's, fine I've gotten a call with them and I said okay well what let's let's find out what's going on. They. Changed their strategy and they only, target. Investment, sites. It. Worked oh that's. Interesting and, there isn't it work and I got much better results it's because it was a higher end product. Higher, price and. It. Was different, it's not your traditional kind, of us user I think, your modern cannabis user is. Doesn't. Necessarily, always want to deal with a. Glass. Piece, you. Know they want to have something quick easy maybe in their bag and have a couple minutes the pulp the vaporizer whatever that is whether, it's in between breaks looks. Clean it's simple and it, put her life so. I think it's a more professional audience, that's kind of tailoring towards the vaporizer, or both, but at this particular case without one is very it was very sleek very modern. Looking so. It did appeal to that more, financial, professional, consumer. That's. Really interesting I would think that it would also um. You. Know could potentially, even appeal to some of the higher-end lifestyle. Publications. As well and that was that, was just a test that they did for, investment sites it work I'm pretty shaky through our lifestyle sides it would do just as good if not better but, that was just one example of, a demographic. That you didn't think was, gonna fit that particular product, and, it did that's, yeah I wouldn't have thought that that's awesome what. Um what. Mistakes. Do you find people make when they're trying to start, their digital, advertising whether. It's on you, know and, I'm just gonna say go ahead and say on your platform. At. The level I think. Understanding. The. Vast. Universe between. The. Digital, kind of world just, because you have so many users, and being. Able to aggregate that data, knowing. What to do with the data and. Then making the appropriate changes, real time to, improve. That campaign, so, I think there is a level of education whether it's AV testing or, can't, campaign, optimization. Or, even, and copyright. On and AD having. Too much taxed I could. Definitely be. Hurtful. Clear campaign oh my. Gosh I when. I was a, the digital. Applause digital agency I was at we had a medical device good. Client, and they, are legal, hot legally had to put like a little paragraph, in six-point fun the bottom of every ad which meant we had to buy bigger ad space and then, try and like bury it and try and do the lighter font until the legal team came back and told us not to but. It is hard to put it it's I think it's a natural inclination or people don't want to give more information then. Rather tease them through, the process.

Yeah. It's it's getting their message across with the less, amount of the least amount of words and, that. Is a challenge I mean. For for anything even for marketing. In general whether it's email marketing it's like you have to have that catchy subject. Because. Depending on what that subject line is can determine whether you open it or not it's. The same thing for non absolutely. Have you ever if this would be more for the landing page but have you ever used, the Hemingway, app. That. Website so it's basically because you know Hemingway, was very sparse, with his words and. Still was able to get the same level of, message. Across and I'm feeling across he, there's. An app that they created and it's an app you can download which, I think it's like 20 bucks or you can just put it like go to a website you can go to and, you can copy and paste your copy into it and it'll highlight, all, the, basically extraneous. Words or phrases that you, can then consolidate, and. Try. And make it just a simple error message, I don't, think I would use it for ad copy but certainly I've used it for email landing, page copy for sure, what's. Kind of interesting is that because I mean way well. I mean he always a great writer but I think he was only a good writer when he was under. The influence of something for what I know right. Right. As. You take a drink I've heard that as well. But. His, just, he was very lean or those words so we used a small, amount of words so you get the message across like he's the one that did the I think, it's the six word story which. Is the, shortest story ever, yeah. I. Always shoes never worn first. I'll never worn yeah. I was I did to my internships, college internships, in Cuba, so I had. Chance to go as it is those ops out there which, is cool. He. Has a big influence in Cuba, culture I'm sure, yeah I grew up in the bay like Monterey Bay area where everything was dying back signed by the same book but yeah, I can imagine that Hemingway is similar to, that in Cuba. So. As. We, start to look, at wrapping this up I really want to first of all thank you you've provided a lot of great information and. Before, we wrap up completely, I want to ask do you have any tips for, someone, getting started and you mentioned know your audience, to. Have any other tips for someone who would be interested, in trying. Traffic. Routes to advertised, to. Reach their audience. I. Would, say get, started, you know. Don't. Hesitate. Obviously. We're always a email or phone call away. To, help out any questions, in, immerse. Yourself in the digital advertising world. And, strategies. Out there and we're, currently working on kind of a small, library of digital. Strategies, that we can just provide those physical for instance like. Digital marketing are on the display side it's, been around for a long time and. It doesn't matter if it's cannabis or red widgets or blue widgets the. Strategies, still, apply. Finding. Some good podcasts, or finding some good literature, that. Gives, you some more insight on how. To plan. Before. You execute, having. Those creatives, having different ad sizes, having. Different ads per size and. Understanding. What that user experience is going to be from ads a landing page to purchasing, a product and, having the the. Metrics, not only to track the data but. Also to reengage that, user because. You could potentially capture. Emails, and maybe, they don't they don't convert on that first click, but, if you're able to capture their email you, can definitely retarget, them with email targeting, or even. Retargeting, directly, through our platform as well awesome. And to. Your point there's so much information to know and that's not even getting into the whole retargeting, side of it which can be. Really effective, what. Was the stat you mentioned in the presentation I saw you last about the number of purchases from. The first phase retargeting. If. They showed you a cold ad, there's. A point zero one percent that, that's going to convert into a sale, or whatever the action is but, if somebody read targets you after.

You Showed an intial initial, interest that, point zero one percent turns, into a sixty, percent conversion, ratio, so, college is huge. Let, me think about it once, again your tripod your, tripod situation. If you, would leave, the, the conversation. Now you open one of your website then that tripod came on you're. Gonna click on you're gonna buy it sure because. You already saw it you already knew you wanted it you already picked it out you, just didn't pull. The trigger they're, just helping you kind of close that cell. Cycle so. When people say that display isn't always. One, of the things that like I said when I was at the agency one of the things that a lot of people would complain about is display, didn't always equal revenue, right the return on investment wasn't, always equal, to what they were putting into it and, I. Can, explain the whole attribution. And how display, will help lead to a decision, um and build awareness and all those different pieces but. To. Your point it's. Not always that first, ad. Right. No, no. It takes it takes a while for people to really know who you are and, to trust who you are whether it's a brand or anything else so it doesn't just happen overnight. And. Display. Is one. Of many ways you can do it but. If you consider. The world, we live in meaning, we're always connected. To, a digital device. Then. If it's not display what, else can give you that type of exposure where. Everybody's connected. You. Know absolutely. It's it's, I think it's it's a combination you, have to do display you. Do have to do social media just. Careful, not to get your account down, and. You've. Got to do good old PR I think it I think it'sit's, all the above that equals successful. Brand you, can't really focus on just one alone like we talked about ya, know. With the increase, of people using multiple, screens. It's. Important, to be be, across everywhere, as long as you're targeting them so. Uh Christian. I really want to thank you very much for being here today it's, always a pleasure, to talk to you um I. Also. Want to mention that, Christian. Has, a, free. Gift or a gift for, those, of you who are watching it's. In the line below Christian, you want to tell them what it is Oh. Go. For it this is this is your show you could you could kind of give. Up the free stuff in your show I'm just you, know sitting in all, right so if you, guys. Email. Info. At traffic routes calm, with, the subject line Mota's. Promo. As you can see below whoops over here over, there underneath question um. He. Will add a hundred dollar balance to, your account to get you started, so that you guys who, have.

Those Cannabis brands and need to build that build. Up your target audience and reach that audience and, drive, sales. That. You have a place to start you have a starting point so it's. Really exciting and very generous, Thank You Christian for offering that to everybody. My. Pleasure, absolutely. All right you guys this. Is Christian. Valdes with CEO traffic, routes and I'm. Kendra Luci so thank you guys for joining us, today and we'll see you next week where we will be talking about branding, all, right have, a great rest of your day Thanks bye, thanks girls motto.

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