Tunnel [S01 E16] FINAL Arabic, English, Turkish Subtitles Full Episode Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min

Tunnel [S01 E16] FINAL Arabic, English, Turkish Subtitles Full Episode Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min

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Just like Park Kwang-ho did to me. I will take away what's most important to him. That's you, Professor Shin. His daughter! By the way.

Why do you think Mok Jin-woo tried so hard to find this pen? Also, why didn't he kill me right away? If he killed me... no one would've found the pen anyway. Perhaps this pen meant something very special to him? October 1st, 1985. My mom died. I'm not sad.

Because my mom died because she was dirty. November 3rd, 1985. A woman was talking in the phone booth. She was wearing stockings and a skirt. She hung up and walked right past me.

She was so dirty, and I couldn't stand her. And so I strangled her with the stockings. I finished her off. Painlessly.

And I made a dot with the fountain pen on her foot. The fountain pen that Mom gave me... Just like the meaning of her baptismal name, Noel, I killed her so that she can be reborn.

Fountain pen. It was the one that his mom gave to him. That's why he wanted to get it back. Since he lost his precious pen, he wanted to get it back... Yeon-ho, where are you? You are okay, right? I think Mok Jin-woo's next target is me. Mok Jin-woo knows who my father is.

What? He will not pick another victim to kill. He will try to get me again. Well. Actually... He is coming after Kwang-ho. Since Kwang-ho first took away his fountain pen.

Yes. He is trying to make us go though the same pain he did. Unlike his previous murders, he is emotionally attached to this case. That's what's driving him. He is trying to make us feel that same pain he felt. Crazy bastard...

Yeon-ho, listen carefully. That bastard will come see you. Where would he come to see me? - Home. - Home? Yeon-ho, do you remember that day? Someone rang the bell, but no one was there when you opened the door. Why? What happened? Who pulled a prank at this late hour? I think that was Mok Jin-woo. He will try to distract us and come after you.

From now on, you stay by my side, okay? No, then he will become suspicious of us. We have to act as if nothing has happened. That's the only way we could get him. No, Yeon-ho. That might get you in... This time...

You are going to protect me this time. Yes. I'm going to protect you no matter what. Hey, Kim Seon-jae. Let's go on a stakeout now.

Team Leader Jeon, we found out what Mok Jin-woo's next move is going to be. You bastard! You bastard. Professor Shin. - Yeon-ho! - You bastard! Seon-jae. You handcuff him. Yeon-ho, are you okay? Mok Jin-woo. You are under arrest for a murder.

You have the right to remain silent. He doesn't deserve it. There's no need. You have the right to an attorney. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Take him. We finally got him.

Yes. We finally got him. Nicely done, Seon-jae. Thank you. We have just received an update.

The serial murder cases that happened in Hwayang 30 years ago. They were not well known by the public. After 30 long years, the suspect has been caught. The police think the Haein River murder case and Yeonjin playground case were also committed by the same suspect.

Wow, a serial killer? - Did he murder like 10 people? - What? To be a "serial killer," he should have killed at least that many people. How would he have killed them? Why do you want to know that? People were murdered, you moron. You shouldn't gossip about it. People...

My friend died. Did we have such a case? I have never heard about it before. It has been 30 years.

There are so many forgotten cases like that one. Yes, sir. Mok Jin-woo was in charge of autopsies. How could he be the culprit? The culprit was right by us. My goodness. It seems like I was botching your investigation.

I apologize. I'm sorry. Good job, guys. You should never listen to what higher-ups say. Detectives should keep digging until you get an answer. There's just one thing that I learned from you.

"Never listen to what higher-ups say." Someone was like that back in the day. I talked to the superintendent. I'll support you guys as much as I can. You have to put an end to this case. You know what I mean, right? Thank you for the hard work.

By the way. Don't skip meals. Oh my. Since we got the culprit, we now have to prove his charges. Even though the statute of limitations has expired, we have to make him confess.

Even if we can't charge him with those things, I just have to hear him confessing. That's the only way that we could help victims ease their pain. Tae-hee, Min-ha, let's go to Mok Jin-woo's house. Since we now have the search warrant, we should dig and find evidence that could prove his charges. You should start questioning him with Kim Seon-jae. Will you be okay? I want to hear his confession too.

Let's get to work then. We should dig deep for the next 10 days and put an end to this case. Yes. Don't let him get away this time.

Let's begin. Are you sure you will be okay? I came straight here after the seminar. My goodness.

I shouldn't have asked you to come to Hwayang University. No way. Thanks to you, I met someone I had to meet. Someone you had to meet? Yes.

He was the one I should have met no matter what. But you also met the person you shouldn't have. That murderer who just got caught. Mok Jin-woo. Just like what you said...

Another serial killer was right by you. He was disguising himself as an typical nice guy. If Jung Ho-young is a psychopath, Mok Jin-woo is more like a sociopath. Jung Ho-young didn't have any social interaction after being forced to stay in the psychiatric hospital. But Mok Jin-woo became an expert in autopsies and everyone spoke highly of him. Someone like him is more dangerous.

Because he seems like a good neighbor. He won't confess, right? I think he will do one of two things. He could confess everything and accept his charges or remain silent. Look carefully.

These are the pictures of women you murdered. There's more. Lee Jung-sook, Kim Kyung-soon, Hwang Chun-hee, Seo Hee-soo, Kim Young-ja.

Jin Seon-mi. Are you not going to answer me? Here is the evidence that you asked us to bring. We obtained the victims' DNA from the fountain pen. And we also have your DNA as well. Will you accept your charges now? Hey, are you not going to answer him? Don't look at me. Answer him. Geez.

The game is over. Accept your charges now. Answer me. You killed them.

Don't you feel sorry for these people? They lost their lives because of you. Look at these pictures. Look carefully. Answer him. Answer! I knew he wouldn't say anything. Did you find anything else from Mok Jin-woo's journal? I'm still reading though it.

I will let you know if I find anything. Okay. Make sure to lock your doors. Call me right away if anything happens.

Okay. Did you eat dinner? I have to eat it now. Thank you. Team Leader.

What are these? All of these are... This is what Kwang-ho was talking about. Let's find out who these people are. Okay. So there are 25 victims now? You should include Park Kwang-ho too. There are 26 victims.

Oh my goodness. Honestly, we will have no problem sending him to jail using the evidence we have now, but... like you said, we can't just end the case like this. We should find the truth in every case. But he is not saying anything. He first murdered someone after his mother passed away.

He took Professor Shin to the place where he used to live with his mother when he was young. And the reason he came after Professor Shin was to get his mother's fountain pen back. The reason that he committed all these crimes...

We should tackle that. Like Yeon-ho said, he hated his mother as much as he loved her. I'm sure he will respond to that in some way.

Bring back Mok Jin-woo. You resemble your mother a lot. I know. I know that you wanted to kill your mother. You must not have hated her from the very beginning.

You visited the house you used to live in with your mother more than 30 years ago. That means you shared some good memories with her in that house. She looked at you and smiled for you like this.

Right? But your mother started to look at other people and smile at them. Those guys that your mother brought home. And this must have been what was going though your mind. "Why does she have to do that for a living?" When she sent you to your grandmother's house and told you to go to school there, you must have thought "She thinks I'm tiresome because of those guys." Whenever your mother came to see you at your grandmother's house, the neighbors must have gossiped about her.

About her working at a "town." That could have made you feel angry. "She is not such a person."

"Why are they gossiping about her like that?" But your anger was eventually directed at your mother. And Mr. Cheon told you this. Those filthy people... You need to kill 'em all. You started to hate your mother more and more. And she never came to see you again.

She became an alcoholic and had to stay in the hospital. You visited her after some time. But that was after your mother passed away.

And your anger exploded. Mom? Your mother died and left no word for you. Did you also... die because you're filthy? "My mom died." "But I'm not sad."

"Because she died because she was dirty." That's why you picked out women who wore skirts and strangled them with stockings. There was no need to strangle them multiple times. You got them on your first try.

You could do that because you were furious. You thought of them as your mother. That's why you killed them.

Hey. Answer him, you bastard. Are you laughing? Hey, Mok Jin-woo. Are you a human being? Huh? He wrote a crime journal. God was watching me killing those women. But nothing happened.

Why? Because I'm doing the right thing. I killed people with a sense of mission. I punished guilty people. I did what I was supposed to do. No one could criticize me. And no one should criticize me.

Killed people with a sense of mission? As he was murdering the women who were like his mother he was sure that he was doing the right thing. His weakness was not his mother. Mok Jin-woo's weakness was not his mother, but himself. He started to murder people because of his mother, but he had a sense of mission that he was getting rid of social evils. He was fighting his own war. He is a crazy bastard.

He believes that he is fighting for justice. We have to make him stop believing. Make him get rid of that sense of mission. When you do that, he will start talking.

That crazy bastard. Do you think you are special? You proved yourself as an medical examiner. You are a respectable professor to your students. It's not that you need money. And you haven't gone crazy.

Then it could be that you think you have the right reason to kill people. Otherwise, why would a person like you murder people? You could have thought that you are different from Jung Ho-young. You didn't want to be treated the same way as a bastard like him. So you killed women to show us, right? But do you know what I thought? I thought you were an amazing guy until I found out that you are the culprit, but...

I was wrong. My thoughts were wrong. You and Jung Ho-young are both trash. You were only a coward who murdered those weaker than yourself. Why in the world did I think you were different? I was a fool.

You are only a typical murderer who killed innocent people. Right? Innocent? What? Lee Jung-sook. This is what she was saying on the phone.

Mom, I'm working overnight today too. I will be late. You can go to bed early. But she didn't work overnight that day.

She went to see a guy. Even though there was someone waiting for her at home... You know what those women are like. Kim Kyung-soon boasted to her friends.

She said her brother's friends sent her love letters. She said she wanted to date every single one of them. Hwang Chun-hee was the funniest of all.

I told her she would look pretty if she wore a skirt. And she wore a skirt. But she said she liked the guy who worked at the printing shop. Kim Young-ja.

She always talked about going to Seoul. She said she was going to go to Seoul and earn a ton of money. But what was she going to do to earn money? She was only 18 years old.

And Jin Seon-mi. She spent a night with a guy. Hey, you crazy bastard. Is that all it took for you to kill someone? What do you mean? Those were the women who smiled at guys. Detective Park, those women can't be good mothers. Seo Hee-soo.

Why did you kill my mother? Do you want to know why? I didn't tell you on purpose. Shut your mouth if you don't want to die. Tell me.

- Tell me why you killed her. - Hey, Kim Seon-jae. You don't have to listen to him. He must have some crazy reason.

Tell me, you bastard! She smiled at another guy on the bus. What? Did you go somewhere? I went grocery shopping. - What did you buy? - I bought a necktie. Why? Do you need more explanation? Say it again.

You killed her because she smiled at someone? Do you know how my father lived after she died? Do you know why I lived like this? You should feel that pain too. Die. Die, you bastard. - Hey, Kim Seon-jae. - Die, you bastard! Seon-jae, stop it. We got him. We got him! We should punish him.

Seon-jae, come down. Okay? It hurts. This is why I didn't tell you.

It was because of you. Shut your mouth, you bastard. That's all trash. A reason? There is no reason. Whatever their job was... Whether they were out late at night or not... Whatever clothing they were wearing at that time...

They had no reason to die. There was clearly no reason for them to get killed by a murderer like you. Did you understand me? All of you should be grateful to me.

I just did... what I was supposed to do! My only regret is that I can't kill people anymore. There still are a lot of people who need to be punished. Don't you think so, Detective Park Kwang-ho? You crazy bastard.

Punish? You are the one who needs to be punished, you bastard. You will be punished for the rest of your life. You knew it, right? You knew that he killed my mom for that crazy reason.

Yes. I asked him when he kidnapped me. I thought I would feel better if I knew why.

From the very beginning, there was no reason. I know. I just had hoped that there was a reason. I thought I might be able to accept it if there was. I wanted to run away. You've done a good job handling the situation.

Good work, Lieutenant Kim. We got the culprit. It's all over now. It's not over yet.

Why did he arrest the culprit? Even though we couldn't save the victims... Even though we can't bring back the victims... We have to tell them. We have to tell them we got the culprit. And that we didn't forget them.

I'm different. I said I'm different. I had reasons to kill those people. Breaking news. We told you earlier that the serial killer who has been hiding for the past 30 years was arrested. The detectives at the Hwayang Police Station were able to make him confess everything.

The police did a background check on him and found out that… he was the medical examiner of this case. We will hear more from the reporter at the press conference. Before reporting the result of our investigation, as a member of the police, I sincerely ask the victims' families and friends for their forgiveness. Where is everyone? Are you Lee Jung-sook's mother? We arrested the person who murdered your daughter. You should have come here a bit sooner. Mother.

They arrested the person who killed our Kyung-soon. It's her. You are Ms. Hwang Chun-hee's mother, right? It took 30 years. Back then...

It would have been better if I was a competent detective. We arrested the person who killed your daughter. Thank you. Thank you for remembering my sister.

Thank you so much. Father. Seon-jae. I didn't know you were coming.

I was going to quit smoking... I'm going to quit smoking. What is it? Did something happen? A long time ago, that detective promised me he was going to get the culprit. You got him. Thank you, Seon-jae. He kept that promise. Let's go. You should go see your mom.

The detective who was in charge of your case... He gave these flowers to me. I'm late. I'm sorry.

Now, you can rest in peace. "A woman in her 20s was found dead." "A female college student was beaten to death for no reason." These are some of the headlines that we see every day in the news.

We think it's not a big deal because we see it every day. But even at this very moment, the number of victims is rising. And the murders are just like the ones we have been studying all semester long. Why do you think we studied the murders? Because studying brutal murder cases is fun? Or did you study them to become a criminal? It is because we can prevent someone from becoming a victim of a crime.

As all of you saw on the news, a serial killer who has been hiding for the past 30 years was arrested. That murderer will be isolated from society forever. If we isolate him, do you think that will be the end of it? Will there be another murder? There are people who are coming back into society after murdering one or two people. And there must be people who are starting to turn into monsters. We have to know who those people are so that we can prevent crime and save possible victims. The most important thing is saving people's lives.

Do you think our job is done when we get the culprits? It is our job to save people! Thank you for your efforts this semester. - Thank you. - Thank you. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you, Ms. Kim. It must have been tiring to listen to all those complains from students.

No way. I learned a lot from you. Please keep up the good work. I can't believe it's the last day of classes. It feels like this semester went by very fast. Fast? That is not a good word to sum up everything that happened to you this semester.

- Really? - You look pretty when you smile. It's good to see you smiling. It seems like you became a happier person. Oh, Professor Hong. I will take all my stuff at your house.

Huh? Wait. Did you change your mind about going back to England? Yes. I'm going to stay here. Kwang-ho. Thanks to you, we could arrest the culprit. Since you chased Mok Jin-woo, we were able to arrest him.

Thank you. And we are sorry. You were supposed to be the Rookie of our team. Rest in peace. Rest in peace, Park Kwang-ho.

Rest in peace. Thank you. Kwang-ho.

Your grandmother's remains are in the charnel house. It's better to stay by her side, right? Let's go. He saved all the evidence on his cell phone. He was a true detective. No wonder. Everyone who has the name "Kwang-ho" is an amazing detective.

Did you just notice that now? Kim Seon-jae. Let me talk to you. What do you want to talk about? You are going to go back? I think I did everything I was supposed to do here. I should go back now. Yeon-sook is waiting for me. - Does Professor Shin know this? - No. I couldn't tell Yeon-ho yet.

Are you going to go back without telling her? I should tell her. I have to tell her. But... I feel sorry to leave her alone here. Kim Seon-jae. Thank you for everything.

And it was nice to see you again. What's the matter? I know you will feel better after I leave. Without you, I... Yes. I will feel better. You rascal. And.

Thank you for becoming a responsible adult. Seon-jae. Hey. Is Mr. Kim Seon-jae crying? Something got in my eye.

Kim Seon-jae is now a dumb crybaby. That's not it. You are crying. Hey, crybaby. - Crybaby. - Who is a crybaby?

Yeon-ho, when did you get here? - You didn't hear us, right? - I heard someone is a crybaby. Who is a crybaby? It's not me, Professor Shin. Yeon-ho, why did you come here? Did something happen? No, I was just in the area.

Oh. I thought maybe we could go home together. Oh, we have to go to the team dinner tonight. Oh, really? I will be there after dinner. Okay.

I will take you home. Hey. Why are you bringing my daughter home? We have a lot of time until the team dinner.

And you don't have a driver's license. Yeon-ho, did you not bring your car? Call a taxi. I'm sure it's not that hard to find a taxi. Hold on. I should have got 500,000 won from Sung-shik. Taking a taxi alone is dangerous these days.

Let's go, Professor Shin. I will get going. What? Where are you going? Yeon-ho! Can I leave them here like that? To be honest...

I brought my car. I know. You don't have to tell me those things. I might get into the habit. I think it will be nice if that becomes your habit. Hey, Violent Crimes Unit 1.

Yes, sir. I heard you are having a team dinner tonight. Yes. Here. This is from the superintendent.

- And this is from me. - Thank you. And you guys get three days off as a reward. Thank you for the hard work. Three days? We should get a week off. My kids worked so hard. Next time. I will try that next time.

Well... Should I join you? Bye. I will get going. - Enjoy. - Okay. Team Leader. How much did he put in there? Should we go eat pork belly? Let's see.

Is it going to be a chicken, a pig, or a cow? Today... It's beef. - Make a reservation. - Well. I made a reservation already. Hey, Rookie, it's soju bomb time.

Didn't I tell you not to call me "rookie?" - I told you when you guys turn 60... - Rookie, Rookie, Rookie... Stop it. Father. Do you want to get beat up? This must be... Our last team dinner with you. You are going back? Could you really go back to the past? We caught the culprit. I should go home now.

I'm late. Did you know that Kwang-ho is going back? Yes. I knew it.

I knew that you are going to leave like this again. Sir. You shouldn't do this to us. Did our rookie get drunk? Why? Can't I get drunk? Gosh. Rookie... I feel so much better now. It was hard being the rookie at this age. It worked out nicely.

I don't have to keep 50,000 won in my wallet anymore. Now, I don't have to respond to you calling me "Rookie." It's so nice. So nice... Thank you for everything, Sung-shik.

Thank you? You rascal. Are you crying? Why would I cry? Am I going there to die? I'm just going back to my home. But when you go back to the past, wouldn't it change things around here? We got the culprit here. What's going to happen now? I have no idea. I will find out when I get there. By any chance, if he hasn't been caught there, I'm going to get him again. Gosh. Let me go home too.

Hey, you make a soju bomb. There was no such thing in 1986. Okay then.

I invited the master of the soju bomb. Please show us your skills. When it comes to soju bombs, just leave it to me. The most important thing in making soju bombs is the ratio. Does this mean you are going to be the founder of the soju bomb, Rookie? I told you not to call me "Rookie." - Kwang-ho. - What? Kwang-ho?

We shouldn't have soju bombs on a day like this. Let's drink soju. - Okay, let's drink soju. - Cheers. I will get going. Thank you for everything. Thanks to you, I could get the culprit. I'm not sure if I will get to see you again.

But I don't think I can forget you. Gosh. Senior. Don't go. Huh? Sung-shik.

Our Rookie. Thank you so much for everything. Everyone will be disappointed if you leave like this. If I stay here longer, it will only make it harder to say goodbye. Okay.

I will take you home. I'm leaving. Why are you not saying anything? Huh? Don't you have something to tell me? No. I have nothing to tell you. We should keep it simple and short.

Are you a detective? If you are good at arresting culprits, are you a detective? You are done. I'm sorry. Now I can understand why you were so desperate about arresting the culprit. You are under arrest for murdering Detective Park Kwang-ho. Did you ask me who I am? Would you believe me if I say I came from the past? What? Seo Hee-soo? What? Never mind. I was just looking at you.

To remember you. What? Are you thinking about how you should go into Yeon-ho's house again? I will come back a little later. What is wrong with him? He bothers me. Yeon-ho. I'm at your house. Could you come out?

- I have something I want to say. - I was waiting for you. - Come inside. - What? Wow. You didn't eat dinner yet, right? I had team dinner...

Oh. Did you cook everything by yourself? I have never cooked before. Eat it before it gets cold. Let's eat. Well. Wow, it's delicious.

What did you want to tell me? Oh... Well. I guess this is our last meal together. When are you going back? After we finish this meal together. Your mom... I kept her waiting for too long. You can't stay here, right? Yeon-ho.

Hurry up and eat. Yeon-ho, what did I say? Make sure to eat three times a day. Don't stay out late. Make sure to lock your doors. And if something happens...

If something happens? Well, that's... Call Kim Seon-jae. But that's only when something happens. I didn't approve of him. Okay.

I can't see you guys, but that doesn't mean you can see him often. - Okay? - Okay. Okay. Shall we take a picture together? A picture? Here. - Look here. - Okay. Ready? One, two, three.

Wait. Give it to me. I should show it off to Kim Seon-jae. Send this picture to Kim Seon-jae along with a text that says "I'm going to protect Yeon-ho." I'm going to protect Yeon-ho.

You should get going now. I will get going. Kwang-ho.

Are you sure you can go back? Are you sure you can go there without Mok Jin-woo? We got the culprit. I can go back now. I'm going back no matter what. You can't go back to the time when all those cases didn't happen yet, right? Forget it. Be careful. Have a safe trip back.

Like you said... Go back there and correct everything. Thank you. Bye. Go back to Mom.

Okay. Okay, Yeon-ho. Dad.

Thank you, Seon-jae. Please take good care of her. I'm leaving. I can go back, right? I got the culprit and saved our Yeon-ho. Now all I have is Yeon-sook. I don't care how late it is. Just make sure to come back home.

Please. Please let me go back. Okay? Please let me see my Yeon-sook. Stop following me, you bastard! Stop there. I'm going to get you today no matter what.

Hey, I'm Park Kwang-ho. I time traveled to arrest a culprit. What are you talking about? That's nonsense. Hey, do you like men? It's dangerous.

Are you okay? He is running away. That's not the problem here. She could have gotten hurt. Did we scare the baby? What's the matter? The baby is on the way.

What? Hey, Sung-shik. Help her. She could have been in serious trouble if you guys came here a bit later. He is impatient. I'm far away from my due date.

It's all thanks to you. - Thank you. - I did what I was supposed to do. Wow, he is going to be a handsome boy.

Where is the baby's dad? He went on a business trip to Seoul. He will be back tonight. He will be surprised to see him. Do you have a baby? Yes, I have a five-month-old daughter. Please take care.

Sung-shik, let's go. - We should go get him. Let's go. - Okay. Wait a second please. You saved me and my baby. I should remember your name.

Well. I'm Kwang-ho. Park Kwang-ho. Then. Park Kwang-ho. My husband's last name is also Park. Kwang-ho, do you like your name? Are you going to become a great detective like him? Our Kwang-ho. Gosh, Yeon-sook is going to nag me again.

- Seon-jae, isn't our Yeon-ho pretty? - Yes. Is Seon-jae here? Yeon-sook, Yeon-ho, I'm home. Welcome. Dad is here, Yeon-ho. Yeon-ho, did you have fun today? Yeon-ho, Dad is here. Is Yeon-ho asleep? Yes, she is sleeping.

Kim Seon-jae, when did you get here?

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