Tunnel [S01 E04] Arabic, English, Turkish Subtitles Full Episode Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min

Tunnel [S01 E04] Arabic, English, Turkish Subtitles Full Episode Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min

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What is that? Isn't that a fire? Hey! There's a fire! Isn't anyone home? Open up! How do I turn this off? Gosh, that was a close call. What? Why are you here? You don't live here, do you? Why aren't you answering me? I'm talking to you. Hey. Do you live here? Would you like some coffee? What did you say? Are you in your right mind? Forget it. Do you really live here? I think I'm losing my mind. Seriously! Hey, Miss. Hey!

I'm talking to you, Miss. I just can't live in the same house with you, so move. It's not the same house, but first and second floor.

First or second floor, it would've burned down if not for me. You seem to have a screw loose, so I'd be too scared to live with you. It's uncomfortable for you too, isn't it? Not at all.

So, you're going to continue living like this? Hey! Kim Seon-jae is the same way. Is it the trend here to ignore people? I'm going seriously insane. I'm telling you there was a fire. What fire? I heard all about it from the lady on the first floor. Just fix the window while you're at it. It was me who put the fire out, ma'am.

I'll get going now. I won't fix it. I can't, okay? Be quiet! Fix it soon. This is so ridiculous. Why wouldn't you have records of her? I don't know about that.

Gosh... One moment, please. Why was that man here? He was making a fuss looking for someone not in the records. Who was that person? Shin Yeon-sook. What? He says that's his wife, but she was born in 1962.

Does that make any sense? He doesn't even look 30 years old. Did he really say Shin Yeon-sook? I should have returned by now. Why are there no records of Yeon-sook? If I can't go back, I need to find Yeon-sook. What is that? His name is the same as Rookie.

Should I just tell Sung-shik? He could help me find Yeon-sook. Would he think I'm crazy? Who would believe I'm from the past when even I can't believe it? Who are you? It seemed like he recognized me. No, he couldn't have recognized me. Detective Park. About yesterday, I was drunk and misspoke. It's me...

Rookie Sung-shik. Wait, wait. I don't know anymore. I really thought you had died! Hey, Sung-shik.

It's really you. Sung-shik. You traveled forward in time? That punk hit my head in that tunnel and I woke up here. Oh yeah. Did you ever catch him? We never did.

You didn't? Thankfully, there was never another incident after that. I think that he died. It's already been 30 years. You said you met him in the tunnel. Did you see his face? It was too dark to see. Ah, I should've caught him then.

So, is it possible for you to go back? - Through that tunnel? - No. I tried hundreds of times, but it won't work. Why isn't it working? How would I know that? I'd be back if I knew.

Why are you staring at us? It's all right. He's like a son to me. - What? A son? - Yes. You haven't been hit in a long time. - You're blocking me? - Detective. - Don't you remember? - What? My dream is to be a chief, chief of detectives. Dream on.

If you become the chief, I'll be your son. You sure are detail-oriented. It's been 30 years and you still remember that? How could I forget that? I had always liked you so much. Give me that. Rookie, why do you suppose I ended up here? I'm sure there's a reason I'm here, but I don't know what. I thought I could go back if I solved the Kim Young-ja case, but no.

Is it about the 1985 case? You haven't caught the killer. Am I supposed to catch him? But why would that be my job? What about Park Kwang-ho from Sujeong precinct, born in 1988? The one who was supposed to transfer? - He's missing. - What? A cop has gone missing? That's a serious matter. Right? It's very strange.

He has the same name as me and the same job. I was going to use his identity until I figured out how to go back. But something feels off.

He may hold the key to everything. I don't know where he is. Oh yeah! Yeon-sook. Where is Yeon-sook? Oh, your wife...

I don't really know where. I went to work in Gangwon-do and didn't hear from her. I see.

Rookie, can you find Yeon-sook for me? You can find people quickly here. Of course. I'll look into it right away. Thanks, Sung-shik.

I'll look into Park Kwang-ho born in '88. That's who I need to look into first. I think I need to find him in order to figure out this mystery. I'll dig around more too. The team leader of Sujeong precinct is a friend of mine from Gangwon-do.

Hold on. What is it? A seminar? Okay, I'll be right there. Detective, take your time and eat. I forgot about a training seminar in Seoul.

Our rookie has grown up a lot. No, you've aged a lot. I'll find your wife soon, so don't worry too much.

Detective. Don't disappear on me again. Get going, kid. If you had gone to medical school as expected, what would you have specialized in? What do you think would suit me? Cardiology or neurosurgery? That doesn't sound so bad. Why did you suddenly decide on the police academy? Never mind.

There should be one thing I don't know about you. All right, then. If I win today, our win-loss rate will be 50/50. I thought you didn't care about these things.

If you don't care about winning or losing, wouldn't these knights feel bad? Sorry. Hello. Lieutenant Kim, are you with Kwang-ho? Of course not. He drank so much soju and beer. I guess he's passed out somewhere.

Bring Kwang-ho and come to the crime scene. I delivered the message to you. Min-ha will text you the address.

Why do I have to... Hello? I will see you at school. I thought you didn't care about this. You should go. Let's play again after this case. Gosh, I suppose this place is livable.

No, it's not livable, because of this punk. Why don't you just run over me? I'll sue you out of anger. I'll keep that in mind for next time. Get in. There must be a new case. Otherwise, he wouldn't give me a ride.

Goodness. I told you not to trust the navigation. It's like a parking lot. It said this was the fastest route. But it's not! Nonetheless, we'll get there before Lieutenant Kim.

I just can't get through to you. Where are we going? Where? Talk, would you? Which precinct are you from? Pardon me? Did you get this from equipment supplies? It's good. It really is. Don't put your spoon on my food.

You should only take what's yours. What is he saying? When did you first discover it? What are these slippers? Where is the crime scene? That way in the master bedroom and the study. When did the security company arrive? Right away.

What happened here? The security company arrived 10 minutes after the alarm went off. The burglars had already escaped. What is this security company? They're not police, so why would they come? Did you check the escape route? Excuse me? - Oh, uh... - Hey. Go check it.

You can go check it, you punk. You sure are funny. What now? No, I will do it. Forget it. Seriously, you're really something. - Let's check the second floor. - Okay. I'm going to go tell on him to Sung-shik.

Where did they run to? This is the only way out. Hello. Young man, you were home? I'm certain the house was empty.

Wait. Why? Young man! Young man! Go to the entrance. What's going on? Hey. You little rascal. Get over here.

Hey! Don't look at these things and just memorize the roads. How can I memorize all of them? I can memorize them. Seriously, what the... Isn't that Lieutenant Kim? Let go of me. Let me go. Why are you doing this? Let me go. Let go! Possession of stolen goods, assault, burglary...

You have quite a record for a small kid. Is the juvenile detention center your house? You searched my bag. Did you find anything from that house? Then why were you in that house? That was because... The door happened to be open. I just wanted to take a look. You punk. Tell the truth.

Why are you hitting me? Hey, you were the lookout, right? I only wanted to take a look. He is the lookout man. Lock him up. What? You finished your investigation. Mister, let me make one phone call.

Be quiet, kid. It really wasn't me. Chief, you're back from the seminar? You're back early.

Did you find out anything? Smells like a professional. They took only the valuables. They avoided all security cameras. There were no other clues in the house. They knew the interior layout well if they only needed 10 minutes to do it. - Look into any acquaintances. - Okay.

What about him? - We should question him more. - There's no point. - Still... - Hey. Think about it. Seriously, you punk. Kids who are in and out of police stations are all the same. They lie whenever they open their mouths and just make a lot of noise.

Chief, why are you suddenly using honorifics for him? Were you told to try that to your juniors at the seminar? Huh? Yes, they said to try it. Tae-hee, Min-ha, look into the stolen goods and others in the line of work. Seon-jae and Detective Park... Kwang-ho, look into the victim's acquaintances. Mister, I'll sue you.

Hey, kid! Detective, I mean... Kwang-ho, get him to be quiet! I told you I didn't do it. Mister, let me make one call. Why is Sung-shik making me do it? - Does he want to die? - Just one call. Be quiet! Professor Shin, it was your first time consulting on a case. How did it feel? The case felt alive, so it wasn't bad.

Right? It's interesting in a different way than analyzing an already closed case. We're getting deep into winter now. It was around this time of year that I first met you.

That was 15 years ago. You still remember that? You seem to remember it too. Back then...

I called you Jae-i, like that. No matter how many times I called you, you would not look at me. It was very painful for me. Hello. Excuse me. Uh, is she Korean? Yes. She's Korean.

She says she was adopted here when she was six years old. Jae-i. You grew up well. I saw your text. What's going on? What did you mean when you said I was half right and half wrong? Your prediction about it being a crime of passion was half right and half wrong.

That's why you contacted me? Very well. Kim Young-ja and Kim Tae-soo had never dated. To Kim Tae-soo, Kim Young-ja was already his woman. It was not important to him that they were not in a relationship. Lieutenant Kim, you've never stalked anyone before, have you? What do you mean by that? You should try it. It will help you understand the killer.

I'll try it. Professor Shin, you haven't been stalked before, have you? What do you want to do first? Let's go for coffee. This is what coffee looks like nowadays.

Is this what I do? Wow. Wow! What is this thing? It is really delicious. All right, this is great. Mister. When can I go? Have you forgotten you were caught at the scene of a burglary? You can't go.

Stop kidding around. You have no manners. Don't talk to elders like that. Have you been fooled all your life? You can't go. I really can't leave? I have to go home.

Mister... I mean Detective. How can I get out of here? This is so good. Are you listening to me? Tell me, please! Oh, it's sweet. Mister... Will you let me go if I tell you everything I know? You said you told us everything.

Stop playing around. The next house to be hit... What if I told you I knew which one it is? What did you say? Wait for me. - Get away from me. Go! - I don't want to.

We're back. We visited all the jewelers and shops, but found nothing. They say they will contact us if they see anyone suspicious.

Nothing turned up with others in that line of work. They're all giving us alibis as soon as they spot us. That is expected, isn't it? By the way, Min-ha... Why are you dressed like that? Chief, I'm so embarrassed that I can't be seen with him.

We were investigating and he went to the market to buy these clothes. I was inspired by Kwang-ho's style. Don't I look like the Chief Inspector? "If the building is high," "your shadow will be long."

Would you like a good, long beating? Why is it so quiet here? What took you all so long? - I found out. - What? I mean, what? It's 274 Daehyeon-dong. - Huh? - The next house to be robbed. I told you we would know if we questioned him. Yoon Dong-ho confessed. Confess, yeah right.

Where is he? We know his identity and he has nowhere to run, so I let him go. Also, he and his younger sister live together alone. Anyway, the next target is 274 Daehyeon-dong.

- Let's get going. - Oh, you dummy. How could you believe that? I'm telling you, I'm sure of it. We can go and check. What is there to check? Wasn't this expected when you left him with Park Kwang-ho? - What? - Yoon Dong-ho has no info for us. He just used his head to get out a little earlier. It is 274 Daehyeon-dong.

Think, would you? Think. Why, this little punk. You'll regret this later.

I doubt that. Chief, let's talk. Did he eat something weird? Why is he ordering our team leader around and why is he going? That was a weird seminar.

Should we try to follow that seminar too? I apologize. Hey, is this what I taught you? Detective, that's not it. Even if you get fooled 100 times, a detective follows up again.

Don't you remember? I remember. You really don't know what kids these days are like. Forget it. Where are you going, Detective? It's here.

- This is the place? - Yes. Journalist Oh, get out. Huh? What? Sorry. Driver Oh, get out. This is a great house. Even I'd want to rob it.

What is it? I've done my duty. It's not your duty. It's your opportunity. Wouldn't catching a burglar with me help with your police exams? What? A... a... burglar? Yes, think about it. Wow! What should I do? This is really scary.

We have one minute left. - Hold on. - What? - Get down from there. - Be quiet. Get down from there now. You'll dent the car.

Hey! Get back here. Hey, you... Chief. - A robbery occured in Daehyeon-dong. - What? It was the 274 Daehyeon-dong that Kwang-ho mentioned. Why aren't you all mobilizing? Where is the crime scene? That way.

Gosh, I could've caught them. Was it really true? How could we have known it was true? That's why I said we should check, didn't I? A detective follows up even if he gets fooled 100 times. Past or present, that hasn't changed. - Why is he getting so mad? - He's right. What? Hey, Kim Seon-jae. You said so, right? Think, would you? Think.

Safe… What? It's the same security company. Please call for backup. I'm going to see Yoon Dong-ho. He shows up late and says some nonsense. Dong-ho. Dong-ho.

Yoon Dong-ho, it's me. Open up. Yoon Dong-ho! Move. Where are the lights here? Wait. It smells like blood. What is that? Hey, Dong-ho! What's wrong? Dong-ho.

Yoon Dong-ho! Gosh, what happened? Dong-ho. Hey! Hey! Kid, wake up. Kid! Kid, can you hear me? Wake up! Wake up! It happened around 3:00 p.m. Burglary and murder too. What's going on? These footprints look similar to those from the first crime scene.

What? The kid who was taken to the hospital is Yoon Dong-ho's little sister. Her name is Yoon Soo-jung. Just the two of them lived together. Their father passed away and their mom left long ago. Is she in a critical state? She didn't seem to be injured, but they need to examine her to know. Did she see it? The weapon damaged his left lung. Cause of death was excessive bleeding.

The wound is narrow. Do you think he was stabbed by a small knife? I heard you were new in violent crimes, but you're not bad. Do you know how many bodies I've seen? You're right. It's narrow like you said. It's less than 10 centimeters deep. It must have been a small house knife or something like a jackknife.

What about the time of death? It hasn't been more than a day. I would say it was yesterday between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. That means Soo-jung was in the closet for half a day. She saw Yoon Dong-ho die. What are you saying? Soo-jung saw the killer? Is she awake? That punk isn't answering me, acting like he's so great, and leaving. He is pretty great.

Forget I said anything. Doctor, is she okay? Can we go in now? We have some questions for her. I don't know how to tell you this. Soo-jung, can I ask you a few questions? She will not talk. It's not that she can't. I believe she will not.

Soo-jung? I heard she was found where her brother was killed. I have to determine that she is in shock. Who is it that I need to talk to? You'll know once you arrive. Why did you bring her here? I have to agree with him.

If she will not talk, how can I converse with her? I called you here to make her talk, Professor Shin. She spent a whole day... in the house that her brother was killed in. Find out what she saw there for us. Hey.

She obviously doesn't like kids, so how will she get Soo-jung to talk? Are you ignoring me again? He is really testing my patience. That makes me feel so much better. Why? What? What did you just do? If you feel it's unfair, you can hit me too. This wouldn't have happened to Dong-ho or Soo-jung if you listened to me. Do you even care about that stuff? Why did you even become a detective? Huh? Do you not see the victims? You think you're a detective because you can catch criminals? What is this? Blood? You little...

Why? What? You told me to hit you. You're dead today. What? Come at me, punk.

You better let go. - What are you doing? - What is this? Stop this. You can't do this here. - Let me go. - Stop. Stop this, please. Calm down. What's with you... Detective.

How could you allow me to get a call that two of my officers are fighting? Hey. You stuck me with Kim Seon-jae because you don't like him. It's not like I had a choice.

Still, he's very good at catching criminals. What good is that? That kid has no emotions. No emotions at all. - Is he always like that? - Yes.

I just can't bring myself to like him. I would have kicked his ass if it were the olden days. Gosh...

Why do they have so many employees? My eyes are going to fall out. What a funny guy. He's supposed to protect them from theft, but he robbed the houses.

He does look like the same guy. This is Winter Internet Cafe, right? Do you know a student named Yoon Dong-ho? Where are you located? Never mind. I'll search and find it myself. - What? - What? - Why? - Why? Seriously... - I have someplace to be. - Then go. You stood up first, so go ahead. Soo-jung, you're awake.

My name is Jae-i, Shin Jae-i. Now that I've told you my name, I don't have much else to say. You said you have somewhere to go. This is the place. Move it.

What is this place? It's not a cave or something. Why is everyone sitting in the dark? How can I help you? - I'm Kim Seon-jae. We spoke on... - Do you know him? Yes, he often sat there and played games. You said he seemed friendly with Yoon Dong-ho. Oh, that. They were hitting each other, so now where did they go off to? Who would have resentment or a grudge against Yoon Dong-ho? I met Yoon Dong-ho's homeroom teacher.

He didn't attend regularly. But he didn't really cause problems. His classmates say the same. He ran away from home regularly in junior high. In high school, he would go home by 6:00 p.m. as his sister was alone. He never got into fights recently.

So there's no one who would hold a grudge? Who won this time? Someone paid for Yoon Dong-ho at the internet cafe. You said he seemed friendly with Yoon Dong-ho. Oh, that. He paid for Dong-ho's game costs.

Not just once, but multiple times. They would talk together. They seemed to know each other well. It's him, Noh Young-jin. He was an employee of that security company, 'Safe.' He was fired for stealing. He fits the profile.

Also, there is one more person who always played games with them. There were two sets of footprints at the burglary and the murder scene. I just confirmed with forensics. The two crime scenes are a match.

Then it's the same culprits. Let's find him first. Young-jin? I talked to him yesterday. I thought it was odd that he called out of nowhere.

What did you discuss? Nothing much. He asked me if I was still working here and where I worked in the afternoon. Which region do you work in? It's similar to a computer, but why is it so small? Hey. Two places overlap.

Thank you. Chief, we need to stake out right away. I bought bread for you.

No, thanks. Flour gives me indigestion. - You really don't want it? - No. I didn't actually buy yours. Really. I bought two.

Thank you. The houses Noh Young-jin will target are in Anbuk-dong and Daewoon-dong. It's one of these two.

Sung-shik will be staking out Anbuk-dong. Chances are 50/50. Don't park here. Park behind the house. You're supposed to catch thieves as they're running away.

I said move the car. Do you want some chocolate? Then I'll leave it here. See you tomorrow. Wow. You're really amazing. How could you not say a single word all night long? I ought to just...

You didn't eat anything? Hey, hey. Hurry up! Hurry up and run! Hey. You piece of crap.

Stay still. Who are you? We've arrested the suspects. Has she said anything? No. Not yet. Though we can charge them for larceny, murder will not be possible. Please keep me updated.

Who is that? The person you paid for at the internet cafe a month ago. No, it's my first time seeing him. Then who do you suppose killed him? Why would you ask me that? I was arrested for burglary.

I never killed anyone. If you're really curious... you should ask my friend, Kyung-chul. You better tell me the truth now.

I don't know anything. I really didn't kill him. I am telling you the truth. So Noh Young-jin killed him? What? No.

Then you killed him? That's not it either. Hey, listen to me carefully. One of you stabbed him, and I don't think it was you. You're shaking like a poplar tree. How could you stab someone? You think he'll thank you if you protect him, right? No... I've seen trash like that a million times. You wait and see. You'll get blamed for it all.

10, 20, or 30 years... try rotting in prison for that long. We'll see if you're still saying the same story then. It has to be one of the two. I can't just beat it out of them like the old days. Did they find anything in Noh Young-jin's apartment? They found the stolen goods, but no weapon.

Without the evidence, they'll only get charged for larceny. Have you heard from Professor Shin? What is that woman doing? How many days has it been? Gosh, what a waste of time. Where are you going? What is with that guy? When it comes to girls like you, Soo-jung... I don't have much experience talking to them. I usually talk to people who have murdered others. They are usually dying to talk about themselves.

So I never have to say a word. Of course, half of what they say are lies. I know that already. I have listened to some for two hours straight. It's my job to listen.

However... I think it's my turn to talk today. Soo-jung... I... saw my parents die. It was so hot and scary, so I couldn't approach them. I didn't know what to do.

I just watched while the house burned down. Some people... thought that I started the fire. Because all I did was watch it burn.

For a long time... there were rumors that I was a murderer. Even though 15 years have passed... I still regret that moment. Why couldn't I do anything back then? Soo-jung.

You can do nothing. You can also do something. My brother...

told me to hide in the closet. Listen carefully. You have to hide in the closet until I tell you to come out. Do you understand? Did you do something bad again? No, it's not like that. It'll be done after I get hit a few times.

You can't ever come out. You got it? Open up! Do you understand? Hey! Dong-ho! I'll break the door down. Are you alone? Yes.

Get over here. Dong-ho. How did you get released from the police station? You know I was in and out of the juvenile detention center. I told them I was only taking a look at the house.

The cops believed you? They had no evidence, so they had to believe me. Then why was there a detective waiting for us at Daehyeon-dong? What? Dong-ho. Do you think I'm a fool? You told them everything and you lie to me? Just this once... please let me live. I never told them about you guys. - Really? - Yes. Get up.

I'm so grateful I could cry. I almost saw prison because of you. Hold on, here. What should I give you as a gift? - Please forgive me this once. - Dong-ho.

I'm sorry... Dong-ho. If you've received a gift... you should say thank you.

- Stab him. - What? No, I don't want to. You can't stay out of this. Stab him. Otherwise, I'll kill you too.

Don't come out, Soo-jung. D...don't... Dong-ho... Dong-ho. Young-jin! You said you'd take care of everything. You said everything would be okay! You punk! Are you crazy? Shut up, you murderers.

Take them away. Take them. Those rotten bastards. What? What are you looking at? Bye, Soo-jung.

What's going on? I just need a moment. It's nothing much. Please leave. It's nothing. - Who is it? - No pictures. Looks like we'll have a guest again. What? Who? Who else? Kim Seon-jae from Hwayang precinct.

Then was this woman killed by Jung Ho-young? Isn't it obvious? Are you connected to this case? Wait! This isn't fun, so let go. Our guest has arrived. There's no room for you, so go back. This isn't your precinct, so why are you barging in here? Don't make a scene here like this.

We both can't catch the killer, so we're not so different. If you're doing this out of concern for your performance record... is there any record for you to be concerned about? Hey. Hold onto him. Let me go. Let go!

I need to see the pictures. Let go! That's the killer that Lieutenant Kim couldn't catch, right? That's right. Every time a young woman dies Lieutenant Kim goes barging into other precincts.

He can't handle the fact that he made a mistake. That guy is so severe. Jung Ho-young? I've heard that name somewhere. It's been in the news for years.

They don't even know how many women he has killed. He's a serial killer. Serial killer? But is it true that Lieutenant Kim lost the guy? To be precise, it was his partner who did. Yeon-sook. I think I should be able to find her soon.

Really? Wow. I told you there are no records of her. In cases like this, the resident ID number is canceled. There's a chance she could be missing.

Missing? It's a long time ago, so it would have been done manually. We don't have those documents either. Thanks, Rookie. I better find Park Kwang-ho born in '88. I'll get going. How can I help you? Do you know of Senior Officer Park Kwang-ho? Senior Officer Park was transferred. Who are you?

Oh, I'm a friend from his hometown. I couldn't get in touch with him. I came here wondering if he was still working here. You couldn't contact him either? We had a package that arrived for him, but we couldn't contact him either. Did anything bad happen to him recently, by chance? No, nothing like that. Oh, really? We're so busy working here there's no time for anything bad to happen.

Here you go. Can you give this to him for us? Please tell him to change his address. Yeah, sure. A person has gone missing, but these things sure get delivered well. Gosh, what is this? Speeding? I think I've seen this license plate somewhere before.

Hey! I'm a cop. Open the door. Aren't you going to open up? Wait now. Get out. Hey, hey! That can't be Park Kwang-ho, born in 1988, can it? "Please save me."

"I have a child... a child." That's what that woman said. Please save me. I have a child... a child.

But what does a child... have to do with anything? It's been a long time, but I keep thinking about it. I wasn't planning on doing it again. I can't stop myself. Brother. Brother. I've killed more people, but you will die because of one person.

- Jung Ho-young. - You met him? I need to find him in order to know why I'm here and how to go back. I wonder how Yeon-sook's feeling. Why are you so obsessed with Jung Ho-young? I will catch you.

Do you have any men who like you? I do have a stalker. Professor Shin, what are you doing here? Is this place open? Who's the person who killed, but is pretending not to know? Sorry, now I think I know why you pursue criminals so doggedly. Let's go together.

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