Tunnel [S01 E01] Arabic, English Subtitles Full Episode Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min | K-Drama

Tunnel [S01 E01] Arabic, English Subtitles Full Episode Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min | K-Drama

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Hey! You bastard! Stop right there! Hey! Stop! You bastard, stop right there! Stop, you bastard! A killer always returns to the scene of the crime. The killer I've been searching for all this time... is right before my eyes.

I'm Detective Park Kwang-ho with 10 years of experience in the Violent Crimes Unit. I'm going to go after you until I catch you. Until it's over. I'm going to catch you. Hey! Come here! Stop right there, you bastard! - Would you stop if you were me? - You bastard! So, why did you have to beat him up? Haven't you heard that a 70 year-old man drank pesticide? How could someone with a perfectly healthy body do something like that? To steal the calf! That was ages ago! Do you have proof anyway? Do you have proof? You want to die? You bastard, come here! Come here! Don't come near me! Go away! Come here! You bastard. That's not going to work with me, you bastard.

Journalist Oh, you crossed the line. I told you not to take pictures! Are you advertising this murder to the world? Did you ever stop to think about the family of the victim? If your younger sister were a victim, would you have done the same? Huh? You want me to come to you? You just wait right there. Spray it. What the... What are you doing? Stay still, stay still. Just give me a minute.

- Let me see. - What are you doing? Spray more, spray more. Why are you doing this? What the hell are you doing? Did you brush your teeth after eating seafood noodles? Show me your teeth. Open up.

Gosh, so gross. I don't think you've washed your face. Hey, Rookie, what do you think? I did wash my face! Get your paws off! Paws off my face! There, there, there. Stay still. A tie? What's going on? You look dapper, Kwang-ho! Let's go! - Where am I going? - To see Yeon-sook. Who is Yeon-sook...

Jeez, I told you I'm not going on blind dates! - At the Rose Cafe, just right there. - Seriously? Actually, I have to... I have to get the witness' statement later. Ah, you think you're the only detective here? You're five minutes late! Hurry up! Go, go, go... - I'm back. - You're here. - Do we have a lot of orders piled up? - No.

Detective Park! What's the occasion? I've never seen you neat like this. You even combed your hair back! Gosh... She's like a sister to me. Stop it... All right. Kwang-ho, did you slick your hair back for a blind date? Oh... this... It wasn't me.

My boss suggested I do it. Watch out! Look at that driver, that punk! Oh. I'm sorry. Your hand is very... cold. Your hand is... very warm. That's because I have a warm heart.

But that doesn't mean you have a cold heart, so don't take it the wrong way. If you haven't misunderstood me... Would it be okay if I held your hand? Sorry? The government's Emergency Operations Committee has ordered special action to get rid of all the criminals related to...

To the right. Hey rookie, to your right. Your right... The hand you use to eat! That's right! In that direction... Hello, this is Nami Tailor House. Oh, Yeon-sook. This is Park Kwang-ho.

The guy who held a woman's hand on a first date and never called her? Sorry? Oh... I... I wanted to give you a call... but I was too busy with the case. Do you have time to meet later... Are you talking to Yeon-sook? My head... Go on.

That old fart! - Miss Shin! - Yes? Yeon-sook, are you still there? Yeon-sook? What? You found what? Okay, everyone, get back. Please, say a few words. Excuse me, Detective! Please say a few words! Gosh, it's only been only a couple of weeks since the other murder happened. I'm going crazy.

Right, the superintendent is going to be shell-shocked. Who do you think did this, this time? We've already busted all the criminals in our town. We've got to bust more. What else can we do? Filthy bastard. Rookie, what do they say? They say that the body wasn't here yesterday afternoon. Then that means the crime took place last night.

Rookie, do it over there. Over there. Hello, everyone. Why? What is it? Hey. Gosh, it's not like I'm a total stranger.

You always drop in when we're eating. Don't you know sharing meals brings people together? Just stop talking. This radish looks good! I heard there's another woman in a skirt who got killed! As a journalist, I have a gut feeling that this is no ordinary case. There's a guy who goes crazy and kills women in skirts.

Why is that? Because he hates women. Don't you think that the same guy killed both women? Now that's what I call a good novelist. - You're writing fiction. - Come again? How about submitting it to the annual literary contest? You can do it, Mr. Oh.

You're going to tease me, too, Chief? Hey! Park Kwang-ho. Hey, I'm Journalist Oh! All right, Journalist Oh. You're such a simple guy. I don't know why she likes someone like you! What kind of nonsense is that? On my way in, I saw a woman standing in front of the police station.

Her name was Yeon-sook or something. How come you're telling me that now? That punk. He's gone crazy because of a woman. Yeon-sook! Did you wait for long? What brings you here? It looked like you missed me.

So I came to see you. Huh? The flickering light. That was you, right? Yeon-sook is also thinking about me.

She's not thinking about me. She thinks about me... She doesn't think about me. Ah, it's already been a couple of weeks. She thinks about me. She doesn't think about me. Who's there? What kind of punk is pulling a prank at this hour? Gosh, who is that punk? How did you know... Do you know why I went on a blind date with you? Because you were a detective.

Since you catch bad guys, you seemed like a good person. And... you proved me right. Yeon-sook.

You were working so hard that you didn't even have the time to call me. After you catch the killer, do you want to... go on a date with me? Sorry? You don't mind me waiting for your calls, do you? Of course not. Please, do wait. No, I mean... I won't keep you waiting.

It wasn't me, really! That's what all the criminals say. You recognize her, right? "Kyung-soon, you wanted to go to college, right?" "Kyung-soon, do you want to watch a movie in Jongro?" You wrote them to her. So who killed her? I did write that letter, but I was in a college club then! I swear it wasn't me! Kwang-ho, lighten up! I see you guys didn't catch the killer.

I run a coffee shop right in front of the police station. It's not hard to figure that out. The coffee tastes extra bitter today. By the way, where's Chun-hee? Don't even get me started. It's been forever since she went out for delivery! She comes back late whenever she goes to the print shop. When she comes back, I'm going to...

Welcome. We have no proof. And our only witness is gone. This is driving me crazy. Call those college kids in again and beat them up. Maybe they'll start talking. You told me not to use violence.

Since when did you follow my orders? Frankly, weren't you intimidated by them because they're in college? What do you mean, I was intimidated? Where are you going? To see Doctor Kim. - There's none? - None. Are you serious? How can there be no fingerprints? Why are you asking me? I told you there's no evidence of rape either. Are you sure you examined her properly? How many times do you have to come here? How come there's nothing? Well, I don't know! Maybe you're a quack. Stop before I slap you with this. I have to solve this case quickly so I can call Yeon-sook.

Officer Jeon, Officer Jeon. Wake up! Chief, I wasn't sleeping! What brings you here, ma'am? Chun-hee is still not back. Still? I'm sure she'll be back soon.

It happened before, right? She switched to another coffee shop and came back after just three days! No, something doesn't feel right this time. She left her bank book. You know how much she cared about that.

She won't go anywhere without it! Can you please search for her right now? Ma'am, please go back and just wait for her. Don't worry too much. She'll come back. Will she? I'm just so anxious...

Anyway, if you see Detective Park, please tell him. I'm going to go to Chun-hee's house first thing in the morning. Please, Officer Jeon! Okay, okay.

Ma'am, please get back safely. Why are you lying here? What is it? Is it Chun-hee? Are you sure? Chun-hee! Chun-hee! - Madam Jung, stop. - Chun-hee. Chun-hee! I told you something didn't feel right! You should've listened to me. What is this? None of you cared about Chun-hee! I told you we should look for her! Chun-hee! Rookie! Hey! What's the matter with him? Poor woman. Estimated time of death is 9:00 p.m. last night.

So she'd have been dead even if we started searching for her when Madam Jung came to the police station. Hold on. - Chief, isn't it a bit weird? - What is? Both Lee Jung-sook and Kim Kyung-soon were strangled with their stockings. - So what? - It could be the same guy! Nonsense! Think about it. A murder case can be solved by examining the surrounding area.

But in both Lee Jung-sook and Kim Kyung-soon's cases we couldn't find anything by scanning the surrounding area! Same goes for Chun-hee! We already know her. If our investigation was based on the wrong premise… You punk, it's already hard as it is. Just go to Madam Jung and get Chun-hee's delivery journal.

She wrote down every single one just in case I missed anything. She was so thorough. That poor girl...

I'm heading out. Why did you kill a woman who worked so hard? How many times do I have to tell you? I argued with her, but didn't kill her! She's only 23 years old. She could be your daughter. You touched her butt! - Just the once! - Mister, seriously? I'm telling you, I came this way.

It has got to be one of these guys. It's been forever since she went out for delivery. She always comes back late whenever she goes to the print shop. Hey. Let's go, rookie. You fled like you were going somewhere far away, not even looking back. But here you are.

- Let's go. - Detective. I can't do it. What? It's my fault. If I reported on time...

that lady could be alive. Why is that your fault? Don't try to make me feel better. I told her it was probably nothing...

Madam Jung said we should search for her... But I told her that she'd be back soon. How can I call myself a cop? You punk... You think Chun-hee died because of you? Did you strangle her? Detective, you know what I mean. Answer me! Did you kill her? No, I didn't. Wake up and listen to what I say.

Even if you reported on time, you couldn't have saved Chun-hee. When Madam Jung came to the police station, Chun-hee was already dead. You think it's a lie? I have confirmed it with Dr. Kim from the morgue. We all want to save lives, but... things don't always turn out the way you want.

Are you going to whine and say "it's my fault" every time and tell me you're quitting? If you're really sorry, go catch the killer, you punk! That bastard who killed Chun-hee is still hanging about right now. But you're weeping? Huh? Are you suffering more than Chun-hee's mother? If you understood me, wipe your tears, and follow me. If you still think it was because of you, just go home.

Because I don't need a crybaby. Whenever Chun-hee came here, she didn't want to leave. Because she liked that guy. So I bought her Jjajang noodles and sent her back. What time was it? Ah, I guess it was around 7:00 p.m. What were you doing that night, mister? Look at this guy.

I told you. Our orders were piled up, so I worked until midnight. Then what about that young man? Mr. Kim worked with me, too. Really? If it's a lie, things are not going to be fun. Ask my wife, then. She came by to help us last night.

Also, Detective Park, there's no despicable man like that in this town. You should go look among the crooks. Don't waste your time here. 9:00 p.m. is the estimated time of the crime. It's pitch black. How can someone not from this town know his way around?

It makes no sense. So you're saying that the killer is from this town, right? Who were some people who knew Chun-hee had a bank book? Madam Jung. You punk... Not a woman. A man!

I should've just let you go when you were packing. Gosh... Where are you going? Take me with you, Detective. What have you been doing? While three women were killed, what were you doing? Chief, what were you doing, huh? What were you doing? I came here to relax, not to catch a criminal. I'm sorry.

You're sorry? If you're sorry, catch the killer before this year is over! Before I go back to Seoul! Do your job right. Okay, Chief? Before this year is over? Nonsense. We all want to catch him tomorrow if we could.

What do we have so far? Evidence, suspect, or witness? What is it? None of them. If we had one of them, we'd have the killer by now. What other options do we have? How is it that we don't even have a single suspect? It's not like a ghost killed them! - Maybe it was a ghost, Chief. - You... Park Kwang-ho, you need to do a better job training the rookie. It's not that we don't have other options. Hey, I know what you're going to say, so stop it.

What is it? If there's one more murder, maybe we could get something out of it. You sick bastard, seriously! I'd rather have this case unresolved forever. I won't let that happen.

Damn it. What's the use in going to the crime scene every night at the time of the murder? I'm just wasting the batteries! Kwang-ho, I don't see Journalist Oh here. I didn't invite him. You know he holds grudges, right? Let's not talk about annoying people on a happy day like this.

Look at the camera. Good. We're going to take a picture now. Bride and groom, please smile.

One, two, three. My goodness! Why are you so surprised? You're making me jump. - Do you want Beondegi? - I'm good.

Right, you're going to gain weight. Don't eat it. You have so many cravings. What are you going to do without me? You're talking about food again... Salute! Detective! - Detective! - What brings you here, Puke? I know it's your day off, so I didn't want to come here, but...

Why? What is it? There was an incident. Seriously... Her ID? Seo Hee-soo. She's 26.

What about her address? She's a new resident of that apartment over there. The person who reported her was her neighbor in the apartment. Did you contact her family? I called her family using the pay phone right there, but no one was answering. You punk, a person was killed. You really want to let them know that over the phone? Huh? I'll go let them know. You said we'll find at least one more lead when there's one more murder, right? If you can't find that one more lead, I'm going to kill you.

Hey... It's my fault for asking him. Hey, cover her body. Your mommy is late, right? Gosh... seriously...

No, no... That can't be... We'll ask you to come to the hospital. It's best you don't see her now. No! Hee-soo...

Honey, honey... Hee-soo! Wake up. Honey... honey! Hee-soo! This belongs to the victim, right? What are you doing? Strangled by stockings, huh? Is it really the same killer? I told you it was strange. But it makes no sense.

Why would someone kill women without a reason? Can you still say that after seeing this, Chief? You punk... Gosh, this is really too much. Look at her wrist. She was struggling to live until the last moment. One person was struggling to kill, and the other was struggling to live. I've seen my fair share of corpses.

But how could someone do this to another human? Please catch him this time. Please. The world is truly coming to an end. An end... This sick bastard… Today, I'm craving seafood noodles...

What... What's going on? Where's everyone? Yes, this is from my store. This woman bought it from your store, right? Yes.

What time did she leave the store? It was probably... around 7:00 p.m. She asked me about the bus time. She got on a bus? Yes. At the bus stop right there. Oh, that lady? She got off at the 18th division entrance. Did you find anything odd? Did anyone get off with her? A solider got off the bus with her. A soldier? Yes, it seemed like they knew each other.

Did you get off the bus with Ms. Seo Hee-soo? How did you get those scars on your face? Well, that's... Why? Is it hard to explain? Yes.

Are you sure you were with him? I can find out if it's true by checking with the inn... All right, thank you. You killed her because you felt excluded from the troop, right? I was on vacation that day! You do have a history of assault! I just had a fight after getting drunk. Give me proof! You give me the proof that I'm the killer, Detective! Why, you… Hey! Do you think this is a joke? Kwang-ho, hey.

Oh, boy. What do you mean, you didn't catch the killer, Detective? I gave you a list of people working in the army. It is definitely one of them! I've checked three times, but none of them is a killer. What about a witness? Is there really no one who saw it? Yes. Detective, you promised me you'll catch the killer! After all this time, how could you say that to me? Was it all a lie? A person was killed.

But how could you just get away with saying you couldn't catch the guy? I also wish that it never happened! But that's the truth! Am I not right? Answer me! Answer.... I'm sorry... that this is all I can say. I should've told him it's not his fault... But I couldn't say a word.

There was... nothing I could do, Yeon-sook. September 20th, 1986. The 10th Asian Games opening ceremony will be held in Seoul's Olympic Stadium. The game will last for 16 days.

We're setting a great example for our neighboring Asian countries and show how fast we've grown... And in our 5000 year history, our nation has set a new… It's already been six months. The case is practically closed. Gosh, it's killing me. Should I go see a shaman or something? I'm back. Seon-jae, you're a big boy now! Say "Mommy."

Say "Daddy." - Sung-shik. - Yes? - Feed him something. - Okay. Are there any new evidence or suspects? I'd have contacted you if we had them. I heard there were previous murders, too.

I know what you're trying to say... But that's not true. They might seem similar. But it's just that they all took place in the same town. They're not related. But...

There are about five people who died in this town just last year. How could the same guy have killed all of them? It's time to... let go. I know you're bothered by me and feel uncomfortable. I don't like coming here either. But...

Besides this... there's nothing I can do. This is the only thing... I can do. Oh, Detective Park! You're looking more handsome since you got married! But the more I think about it, the more disappointed I get. How could you not invite me to your wedding? Am I a stranger to you? Hey, that was ages ago! How are you still talking about it? You should go. Excuse me, who is this? You look familiar... Oh. You came to the police station before, right? - Get lost. - Wow.

I never forget someone I saw once. But what kind of case brings you here... Hey! I said get lost, you punk! You lunatic. How rude of you to say that in front of a visitor.

Were you surprised? I apologize on his behalf. - Detective Park is hot-tempered... - Get lost. He might come off as aggressive, but he's a typical cop... Hey! You saw that? How are you any different from a sleaze touting on the street? You scumbag.

What? A scum... Hey! Park Kwang-ho! Hey, you. Open the door! You think you can say anything? You think you're a real detective? You can't even catch a killer. What kind of a cop are you?

You only beat up innocent people. What are you capable of? Gosh, seriously... Not again. How can you sleep at night? If I were you, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep. You couldn't even catch the killer.

I'm going to catch you, you bastard. The person who reported the scene is waiting at the office. What should I do? What is it, Detective? Kwang-ho! Where are you going? Detective! Dr. Kim!

Hey! Do you know what time it is right now? All four of them had black dots. What kind of nonsense is this? The women who died last year, and the woman who was killed this spring. They all had black dots on their heels! Yes, that... that's right. How come you never told me? You should've written it down in the report! Is that something important? Gosh, you're driving me crazy.

Move! So it was done by the same guy after all. This sick bastard marks his victims after murdering them. I did think it was odd. Since no one has tattoos on those places. And you're telling me now? There's no more, right? You haven't seen it on other bodies, right? - Maybe... - Maybe?

Get dressed. A new corpse is coming in. There's a new case by the same guy? There were six dots on her heels. Wait, wait. Six, not five? - There's one missing. - What?

Last November, Lee Jung-sook. And Kim Kyung-soon in the same month. Chun-hee in early December.

And in March, Seo Hee-soo. And today... So shouldn't there be five dots? Are you sure there were six of them? I'm sure I saw six. Hold on. Then... the fifth victim...

Take a look at this. Is it still not done by the same guy? I'm looking at it right now. Strangling with the stockings. That's the same too. You still think it's a coincidence? Gosh, it's driving me crazy. What kind of a sick bastard puts dots on his victims after killing them? Why is there a question mark? How many dots did we find on the women we just found? Six.

How many bodies did we find so far, though? Five. We've got to find the fifth victim. And we've got to find this sick lunatic. What a sick son of a bitch.

Call everyone in. Don't get distracted. Search every nook and cranny, understood? Yes, sir! Have you heard of any woman who's gone missing in this town? I haven't heard of any.

- Have you seen a strange man? - I don't know. Just go, go. Pay attention! Search every nook and cranny in this area! Yes, sir! - Don't get distracted, okay? - Yes, sir! - You see anything? - I don't think so. What's wrong with this? I think that needs to be washed in boiling water.

Yeah. I have to get changed and go back to work. I know.

What's that? Share this with people at the office. You have to eat well to catch him. Okay, thanks. - Go back in. - Wait.

I have something for you. What is it? What's that? It's my present. If you're in danger, blow the whistle.

I'll come save you. You're being cute. I'm Detective Park Kwang-ho from the Violent Crimes Unit! Don't you know? I promise I'll catch the killer this time. And I'll use vacation days and we can go on a cruise on the Han River. - A cruise? - Yes. It'll open to the public for the first time next month.

It's almost your birthday, Yeon-sook. January 3rd. Then are you also going to buy me roses? Roses? I'm too shy to do that stuff. All right, all right. I'll buy them for you.

Promise? I'm sorry I'm leaving you again after being away for five days. Well, you did come home. That's all that matters. No matter how late it is, just come back.

Okay, I'll be back. Go back in. Mark everything I tell you.

Okay, Detective. Sujeong-ri, Bangjook Road. Sujeong-ri, Bangjook Road. Haein River. Haein River.

The reed fields on Mount Sungryu. The reed fields on Mount Sungryu. The road near 18th division. We don't know the fifth scene of the crime. And last is the tunnel in Hwayang-ri.

Tunnel in Hwayang-ri. Rookie, what do you think this means? If there are two more dots, it'd make the Big Dipper. You punk. Try to find what they have in common. There are no similarities between the victims. The only similarity is that they're women in their twenties.

They don't even know each other. Nothing overlaps between them. Why do you keep rotating that? Are you sure you could be a detective? My dream is to become the chief.

Chief of the squad. Cut the crap. If you become a chief, I'll become your son. What time is it right now? I've got to call Yeon-sook. Gosh... Why did he kill them in these places? Do these places mean something special to him? Or are they places he knows very well? That's right.

He must have first started at a place that he knows very well. A place he was familiar with. After that, he probably gained confidence because he wasn't caught. And he probably ventured out farther. To a place that's farther from his house.

The first place. Sujeong-ri, Bangjook Road. That's it! That's where that bastard lives. Hey, rookie. Let's go. Sorry for causing you inconvenience. What are you doing here? Who cares if you're a cop? - Go away! - What do you think you're doing? How many more houses do we have left? We still have more than 20 houses left.

Where is this bastard hiding? No, it was definitely that guy. I heard Young-soon's dog also disappeared. Are you sure our Bok-shil is not dead? No, I'm sure she's fine. Let's go look for her again later.

The dogs keep disappearing? Yes, almost every dog in this town has disappeared. My mom said that a dog meat seller steals them overnight. But... there's something weird. What's weird? On that day that my pet Bok-shil disappeared...

I saw a young guy snooping around near my house. - A young guy? - Yes. The house with the big front yard on top of that hill. It's the high school boy who lives in that house.

I went to ask him if he saw Bok-shil, but he said he hadn't seen her. But I know it's him. Where exactly is that house again? This sick bastard! Who are you? You killed them, right? Answer me, you bastard.

Who did I kill? Just like you killed and buried all those dogs, you killed those women, too, right? This is a new one. I think we have to do a closer examination. - They're not human bones. - No, they're not. What is all this, Kwang-ho? Can't you see? They're dogs that were killed and buried.

But they're not humans! Killing dogs was a dry run. He killed women after that. I get that you want to catch the killer, but he's just a high school kid. So is there a law that says a high school kid can't commit murder? It is that guy! I'll get him to confess, so just you watch. Hey, Kwang-ho.

Kwang-ho! Park Kwang-ho! Jung Ho-young! You killed them, right? Mister... I did kill those dogs. But I swear I didn't kill people! Stop lying, you bastard. You did kill them. You filthy scumbag.

Are you going to force me to confess by beating me up? If you don't want to get beaten up, confess to me. Just tell me the truth. Why did you kill them? Huh? Why did you kill those women? You bastard! Do you need a reason... to kill people? What did you say? Hit me. Who knows if I'm...

going to fess up? Come here. You should die, you bastard! Hey, hey. Listen to me, you punk! Chief, do you know what this bastard just said to me? He asked me if there needs to be a reason to kill people.

I know it's him, okay? This student's alibi has been confirmed. What? We have someone who confirmed his whereabouts on the day of the murder! No way! Chief! That can't be. I know it's this bastard! - Please. - If it's not him, then who is it?

Chief... Kwang-ho. Where are you going? Out again to search for that sick bastard. Before we get the killer, he's going to go crazy.

Hello? No, it's nothing. Let's do it, and see who wins. Park Kwang-ho never gives up. The time of the murder is between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. If I go to the crime scene at this hour, I'll find something.

Certain scenery that can only be seen at those hours. Or people that you get to pass by. I'm going to keep searching until I find something. Where could he have buried the fifth body? Can he at least change the batteries on time? I smell cigarettes.

That's the guy. Hey! You bastard! You bastard... You bastard, stop right there! Stop right there! What's this? When you're in danger, blow this whistle.

I'll come save you. That night, the world completely changed for me. Hey! - Hey, who are you? - I'm officer Kim Seon-jae. Get out! I don't have the time to play with you, so shut up. - Are you a cop? - I'm Detective Park Kwang-ho. Nice to meet you, rookie.

Chief, we have a newbie on our team. I am Park Kwang-ho, but not that Park Kwang-ho. You won't be able to kill more people. What will the killer do with the leftover duct tape? Let us ask the killer. I'm fascinated by sick bastards, and I study crazy women, too. Nice to meet you.

- Detective! - Park Kwang-ho! No way, there's no way. That means I traveled 30 years into the future. How is this possible? Kwang-ho... Yeon-sook! Why the hell am I here? You guys even come to work together? What a great team.

One crazy guy against another. They're the fantastic duo. We found dismembered body parts on the mountain. Why is this here?

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