TUESDAY TEA-CAP | Tuesday Tea Time Episode 19

TUESDAY TEA-CAP | Tuesday Tea Time Episode 19

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Going Hey guys. It's Tuesday. What day is it? Tuesday. Eat time. Hey, guys. We're on time too.

Well, we're only six minutes. That's not. That's pretty on time. That's pretty good. For us, sharing. Pretty, pretty

damn on time. It is. Let me just look at this and I tell myself I'm not going to read comments while I'm doing tea time and then I get sucked into that vortex of comment hell. You know what I mean? Yeah, I almost, yeah, I almost wish I didn't look at em but I try. I try to see if there's anything cool and worth pitting up. Well, yeah, you that faith. You

you have the fancy dancy you know tag the comments in there you know? So, hey, guys. Hey, we're going to we're going to keep this one low key, right? We're going to try to do not so much drama. We are not having a tee time guest today. We have

had so many comments and so many new people hopping on that aren't really sure what we're doing here. Um why we're here and why we're trying so hard to spread the word about Paparazzi Accessories. So, we thought today do a little bit of a recap for those of you who are new because I know a lot of new people have come on from Savannah Marie. A lot of new people have come on from Roberta Blevins when they were guested on here. And we're excited to have you. And we thought instead of having you try to go back and try to figure out what was going on.

We'd explain to you what tea time is and how it came about. Sound good? How did this cluster **** happen Tracy? I just don't. How dare? Omega black star appear in the sky and suck us all in. Besides the birth of Paparazzi Accessories, right? Besides. So, we're going to give Caroline called it the teacap instead of recap which I thought was cute. Yeah.

And then we have a new segment for you guys tonight. We've got comic clapbacks. Clap back. Is going to surprise us with some of the comments because listen, Jerry and I don't really read the comments on YouTube or on the page. We see some of them as they live stream through here. But we just do not go through and read them all because we're busy trying to like fight the cause instead of trying to see what our media and oppress us. So

to us and it's kind of in the vein of when people go on Jimmy Kimmel and read mean tweets. So you guys should enjoy this, right? She's supposed to pop on at the end and have some comment clapbacks. And I'll tell you, we had do not know what she chose and of course, we're going to have Carolina Pier and read them because when she reads something, it just makes it all the more better or worse, whichever way you want to think about it and so, we have no idea what she has chosen to read. I know

sometimes she just kicks back and laughs at all of these comments. Gracie and I, I will tell you this though, guys. Um we do have people who read the comments to give us constructive criticism. So, we do get a lot of the, you know, hate feedback. So, Tracy and I

can decide which ones to tell you to just **** **** or which ones are something we need to consider changing. Um and so, there are some things that will be changing because we feel that we agree it needs to be changed but most of them were just like, you know what? Thank you for your opinion but we really don't care. Because let's see. We're not

professional broadcasters. We are two women who own businesses, who are really unhappy with some **** we've watched go down. And we thought the rest of y'all might want to see said **** and know about it so you can make informed decisions about who you do business with on a go forward basis. Alright, we got a lot to say but we don't have a lot of time to say it in. So, we made a concise bullet point summary. We did. We got from there to

here. I don't know if you want me to start or do you have any opening. I'm going to have all those for the folks. I'm

going to have you read the bullet points and then I'll just do my little plugins and reactions like we always do. Okay. So, Jerry and I met for the first time back in July of twenty eighteen when we were both at our first Paparazzi Accessories Convention. to get

our Rock the Runway Z necklaces, right? So, for those of you who are new here, Paparazzi has a contest every year and it's been run differently recently but it used to be they would put up some contest, rules, and regulations. Some benchmarks to meet and the top 10 consultants who met those benchmarks for that contest won the opportunity to have a Zi Collection necklace named after them, a signature series necklace, and they got to rock the run with set necklace at convention. Walk across the stage and parade. The necklace that had been named in their honor for all the world to see. Mine's the gold. The girl in

it. Yeah. It was exciting, right? I mean, we're both proud of the fact that we made met those accomplishments and benchmarks and out of all the eligible consultants, we're one of the top 10 that won, right? Any thoughts, feelings? Yeah, you know what? Uh a good a good point on that one is that when the final photograph of the whole lineup after Rock the Runway, who was dead center? Tracy and Geraldine side by side, literally our little arms of Kimbo going right that picture. Next to each other. It's kind of Kismet

because that picture was all over the place and it was Tracy and Geraldine and then look where we are now. It's almost goosebump effect, right? Paparazzi is like, we should have never thrown those two in together because now we're **** Right. If they only knew then, would they. They only now. They

probably wouldn't let us stand next to each other. I know, right? Oh. we wet but then we went our separate ways to carry on with our separate businesses, right? Jerry's in California, I'm in Kentucky. Um we were selling our jewelry, managing our teams, going about our lives. One on a couple trips where we caught up with each other again. We were on the diamond

trips. Um I was a black diamond. Then, the next year was a pink diamond. Jerry, were you a black diamond? And the next year, you were empire diamond. Is that right? I don't know. I think I don't remember. Whatever. Something. Anyway. I

was a diamond. The first year we went on a trip. With a ton of people. The second year they had to split it into two groups because so many people had gotten a higher status for that for that diamond life of the party status. That we were on a trip with Black Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, and of course Jerry was the empire because that year they had announced new ranks. Um the pink diamond was double the PV, the overall, the personal volume for the year before which was Black Diamond and Empire Diamond was double even that. So, it was quadruple

Black Diamond. So, Jerry was alone on stage for Empire Diamond. Although, I had joined her on stage when they announced Pink Diamond. Um after that, they cleared the stage and said, no, Jerry, come back. Um so, we were doing

pretty well with our businesses, right? I was in the top 10. Jerry was number one. We were not doing badly as consultants selling our jewelry. That was the shining circus monkey. expose moment. I call it a circus monkey because Paparazzi thinks you're some of the earth until they want to use you as a circus monkey. So, just saying. I mean, you have no opinion and no value until they can prank you across the stage for their own marketing and hold you up to all the other consultants and say, see, you too could be given accolades and shopping sprees and fancy crowns. If you would

just work your business harder. That was July, August of, I want to say 2019. that fall. We went on another diamond trip. Then in January, they had a passport vacation where we all got on a cruise ship and went to the Western Caribbean, right? We went to Cayman Islands. We went to Cozumel,

Mexico and we went, did we have three stops? I feel like we had three stops and I feel like I forgot one. Who knows? Korea came in Cosmo anyway. Um Jerry was also on that trip and I actually did not see you on that boat. Not one time. Did I run into you on that boat? Um I was in my room or a friend's room most of the time trying to avoid crowds and I think you were doing same thing just in another part of the ship, right? Yeah. Just trying to avoid crowds because the bike was crazy big and crowded. Top earner on that trip. So, I was

in one of the top rooms for that trip and I only probably left my room besides going off to the excursions, right? Cuz I went to even the excursions I I chose I chose with a very small group of people like there was only four of us so I could just have some go to Chichaniza, is that what you're trying to say? I went to Chichanizza. I took a private plane to Chichanitza with my. I'm jealous because I really want to go there sometime. It was good. So, we love some ancient aliens. It

was a private plane with only two other people who did not know who I was until my twin sister opened her big mouth and then, we were in a private tour as well which was so nice, right? That is cool. It was. So, it was, it was. For me, I wanted to make it more private than Circus Monkey Paparazzi and so, I did a very good job and a lot of people did not see me on the boat. By design. Right. February of 2020 rolls around. We, Caroline and I on this boat had an altercation with a an employee of the ship, the cruise line that we were on Norwegian cruise lines. We were

with some friends, one of them was married to a gentleman who was in an electric scooter because he had Lou Gehrig's disease and several other medical complications and and was on oxygen. Um they wouldn't let him off the boat with his scooter even though we were attempting to dissemble his scooter and carry it into the tender. Anyway, what started out as the discussion about America's Disabilities Act and how this boat was violating his rights because they would not let him off the boat with assistance with his medical device, turned into paparazzi cancelling my account. Um and the reason for cancelling my account was that I did not have a positive attitude at a paparazzi sponsored event. Um I did a whole video with my daughter, Caroline, who worked my business with me. The entire

time I was in Paparazzi explain all the details of that. We read our compliance Emails back and forth. The discussion that went back and forth about the fact that they were penalizing me for trying to help somebody. Um whose rights are being violated but I didn't smile and say that it was okay and we would just move on quietly while everyone was disparaged.

So, I was cancelled for not having a positive attitude at a paparazzi-sponsored event. So, that's why 2020. Why? While they were scrutinizing somebody with a a disability Yeah. Um I I could say a whole lot more about that and I have said a whole lot more about that but this is just meant to be a recap and really we've we did a video about it. It's it was our

Paparazzi horror story and it's you know, it's there for anybody who wants to review it. but needless to say, I was no longer a Paparazzi consultant after February of 2020. In August of 2020, I I got my first cease and desist letter from Paparazzi Accessories.

They were telling me that even though I had purchased all of my product from them and they had given me the opportunity to use their stock photos, I no longer had the right to use those and I had to cease and desist immediately having any of their stock photos for the sale of their products. So, when I got cancelled, I had over 150, 000 pieces of their jewelry in my possession that I had purchased wholesale through them but I was no longer allowed to use their stock that is because they're only for current consultants. So, that was my first season desist letter. Um I got my second

season distilled solder a couple months later because then I was no longer allowed to use pictures of my necklace the signature series necklace that was named after me. I wasn't allowed to use their pictures of my necklace. Even though they were using my name still.

And singing. I had never been taken. And my image was still on the website under my Life of the Party. Um when you got to

do a blockbuster photoshoot. My picture was on the website for the entire year after I was cancelled. But I wasn't allowed to use their photos but they were allowed to use mine. Interesting. And signature. And

my actual signature. That's correct. I started making videos about how unfair Paparazzi was treating people. I talked about my cease and desist letter. I did my first, I got, I did my first videos in August of 2020. That's when

Sorry. Could you say that again? Hm. I will say it again. My apologies Siri. Um that was when I got my first clap back video from Furby. So the founder's brother started making videos about me making videos. Mhm. Um Savannah Marie,

funnily enough, Caroline went back through the records and showed that I had gotten a group message from the anti-MLM police and Savannah Marie and Savannah was asking me, so what's your paparazzi story? and I didn't answer. I didn't answer because when she said, what's your Paparazzi story? The idea of explaining to people what had happened with my account and how I had been cancelled and discarded like I was garbage after I'd worked so hard and spent so much money. It was just overwhelming to me.

I was very depressed. I was really down. I just couldn't talk about it. So, I literally just never responded to that message. Um we're going to roll

down through to February of 2021. Oddly enough, Tra I did not even know that you were making disparaging videos about Paparazzi until furry fur face said that and then that's why I was like whoa like I knew you were cancelled. I didn't know why and that's when I started looking at your videos. So,

prior to that, I had no idea. So, thank you Furby for letting. I really should thank him. I really should thank him because his clap back was what got anybody to look at all because it's not like I didn't have friends on Facebook.

Correct. But I was just going about my life and not really talking about Paparazzi anymore. Nobody understood what was going on. And most people don't want to hear a video about bad things, right? They just want everything to be sunshine and rainbows and lollipops and unicorns and my video was about how **** my experience had been there and I was told you should leave with class. Mhm. People who leave the company should just leave with class. Just be quiet and go about your business. You

must have done something wrong. Or you wouldn't be cancelled because the world is ultimately fearing paparazzi. There's no way that it wasn't your fault. So sit down and be quiet. And

That's the only way that you can continue to be successful because all of your Paparazzi friends would then support you. Otherwise, you're scum of the earth. Right. Here comes February 2021. And I get a

message. Jerry's cancelled. So, Jerry, you want to talk about your experience? That was a year later than me almost to the day. Did we not look at our our compliance Emails? Were they not on the same day? Was it not February 20 something? Yeah, mine was the 22nd. That was the day after my birthday.

It literally. I believe we got cancelled on the same day one year later. Correct. Correct. Um so, the year that Tracy was cancelled, I actually was triple empire. Um but Of

course, their, you know, their convention had not happened yet but I was already, I was already triple empire for that. What did I, I haven't told, I've told my story but not here on Tea Time and they wanted me to do it today and I hate telling my story. I've told it one time in the Crack the Crown page. I haven't rewatched it yet but they were telling me it's like very emotional because there's a lot of portions of my story. I don't talk about is private. So, I'm

not going to get into it today. Um I just don't want to emotionally go through that. That's okay. My sadness turns into rage, right? And that's where raging Jerry comes in. However, when they cancelled me, they said it was because I was having the not that I did cross recruit to that I had the potential to cross recruit and I in their policies and procedures and I have it saved from when I was a consultant because I read. It said that

you can along to two MLMs just as long as you keep them completely separate which is exactly what I did. They were totally separate and so they cancelled me saying that I had the potential to cross recruit. They didn't have any proof that I did cross recruit, right? Um and so, that's in a nutshell, why it was cancelled. There's a whole bunch before that when that after that year that Tracy got cancelled and I started watching Tracy's videos, there was more that enraged me because I was already pissed at the way that Paparazzi was treating their consultants. I

was not quiet about it. I I reached out to Paparazzi. I had a private conversation with Summer in person face to face where I was very poignant on what I had to say to include someday summer, somebody like me is going to sue your **** That's how bad it was and I was a consultant at the time. I got

tired of them. Um cancelling my team members for no reason whatsoever and I wasn't just keeping my mouth shut about it and I was not the girl to say, just follow their policies and procedures in your own bouquet. That's not me. So, there was a lot that went with it and I can tell you that to this day, I was going to make a list but I didn't want to be that petty. I have consultants who are doing the same exact thing I did and although they're turned into compliance, they are not cancelling them. Same exact thing. Optivia coaches, Bellamy

people, Color Street people, two different MLM pages and they're not cancelling them yet I was cancelled. So it wasn't because of that I was cancelled. I'll tell you that right now. Um So, I was cancelled then. Um and I went into a deep depression, Really bad. But I I was lucky enough to snap out of it pretty quickly. Because my twin sister

and my friends were like get your **** up and go kick **** like you do. But I was very depressed. I was suicidal. And that's something I wasn't going to say but I'll say it. I was suicidal. So even though I

was pissed off at Paparazzi it's hard to explain what they do to you. With the brainwashing. That'll be a whole another tea time. And this is why I didn't want to talk about it. Because it's

still it's okay. Yeah. For me to admit that. I was suicidal. That's a huge deal. Because I have a very strong personality. A very **** you personality.

And no matter what you are do to me, you're not going to tear me down. So, I flipped it and then I started doing videos on my Feisty Ink page. That was completely separate from Paparazzi. I started doing

videos on that page and kind of telling my story a little bit more with a whole lot of F bombs. Um you'll feel, you can still see those videos up to this day actually on a Feisty Ink page. and then, convention happened and I was about ready to give up, not give up. I was about ready to be done bad mouthing paparazzi and just heal and move on. Really, I was like right there just like, I've said enough. I've done

enough. **** them. I'm just going to move on. That's, that's where I was when convention happened. And I think Tracy was right about there too. I had finally kind of moved on from being just lost like not knowing what to do with my house full of this product and not being told I can't sell it with their pictures. Like I'm at home. I got a light box. I'm taking

pictures of jewelry. I'm trying to load it on a website. I'm trying to get rid of them. I'm trying to get my life back in order. And a friend of mine named Leah Fleischman sends me a message. She was a Paparazzi consultant at the time. She had

gone to the convention in Las Vegas. I want to say it was the second day of convention. She sends me a note and she is just beside herself. Lea has MS. She has multiple sclerosis and she is in she she's just incapable of walking without a medical device. Um she chooses at this point to utilize a walker rather than an electronic scooter or or cart to try to keep her muscles toned as long as she can trying to use her body as long as her body will work. So Leah goes to convention with her walker.

walks into a general session with her badge, tries to sit down, and has her medical device taken from her by security. Now, this is private security hired by Paparazzi Accessories for this event. It was not MGM personnel. It was private paparazzi security for the event. She had a walker

taken away from her and she was told she had to go down the stairs and find a seat for herself without assistance. And that she was given a luggage tag like a claim tag you would get when you drop your bag at the gate at the airport and they tell you, you know, use this claim ticket to come back and get it. She was told to give this claim ticket to a security personnel when she was ready to go and they would go and retrieve her walker for and have it at the door. The door of the event center. This event center holds I think when I looked over 17 000 people, so supposed to go find somebody at a main door, an exit door at the top of the stadium because it's stadium seating. You have to go down many many flights of stairs. Even from the center

entrance, you can either go up or down. You have to go downstairs. She wasn't allowed to use the elevator to go to the first floor so she didn't have to go around stairs and she had a walker taken. And I know this sounds like a lot of detail but there's a reason why. She's upset. She goes and

finds a seat at one point during the general session, she's to leave. She gets up holding onto a rail, gets to a point where there is no railing, and falls. No one would help her get up. She couldn't get herself up. She was hurt. She was crying. And I'm telling you this because she said it was okay for me to mention it. Although it is

quite upsetting to hear. She soiled herself. She lost bladder control because that's part of her illness. She was trying to get to a restroom. She couldn't get out of the building. So she's laying on the floor of the MGM Grand Arena. No security to help her.

No one would pay attention and he had no walker. Anywhere near. Wasn't even in the arena. Much less off to the side in a secure place where she could access it or ask for someone to access it for her. It took them I believe she told me over 45 minutes to find her walker for her after she gave them the claim ticket because noone could find it. So, I'm beside

myself. She's back in the hotel room at this point. She's telling me the story and I'm just disgusted. So, I go live

and I tell people what has happened to my friend. Cuz this is not the first Americans with Disabilities Act violation, right? Like, this is the second one I've been talking about what happened on that boat. And now here they come with this absolute pattern of disregard for people with any kind of illness. Second one that you only know of since then. Yeah. So many, right? Someone I personally know was put through. Right. She's telling me no one's wearing a mask. There's no

security. There's no help. There's no assistance. Everybody's packed in here like cattle. It's crazy. It's nuts. Leah goes back to the hotel room with assistance. Never

goes back. Never goes back into the arena and finally, after two or three days, one of her cousins or somebody came to get her. She'll tell her story at some point. So, we already know that this is a cluster. I'm talking about at. I'm talking

about the fact that people were there and not following the CDC guidelines and that everybody was, you know, just treated like cattle in this day and age with COVID rampant in the city. Doesn't take long. Week and a half, two weeks later, we start hearing the people, the stories of the people who are ill. Now,

during this time, I had not seen any of Tracy's videos but I was getting messages from people about what happened at convention and they're kept on saying, Jerry, are you going to go live and talk about this? And I'm like, no, I'm going to move on. I'm going to move on and it was until I found out about the deaths of the consultants and a friend of mine at the time. She started hearing about the deaths of the consultants and she sent me a link how all of the replicated websites of the people who have passed away were gone this quick. Gone. Gone. Gone. And I

was fuming pissed. This is when I do my video. And those of you who saw this video it was pretty intense and I didn't give a **** anymore. Like I I took all gloves are off now. Like I'm done. With Paparazzi.

Done. Disgusted I didn't think I could get any more disgusted by Paparazzi until I found out what happened at that convention and that just threw me over the edge. That video went viral on Facebook. Um it

got deleted off of Facebook. Not because people were complaining about it. My Facebook is glitchy as **** Like every time I turn around I have something deleted or gone. It just went through a glitchy hell. But Savannah Marie who I did not know. I do I knew of Savannah Marie but she didn't know that I knew of her or anything. She had taken that

video and she made a video of that video. And my face is blurred out because she was trying to but everybody knew it was me, right? Um and when I saw the video, again, because I did not rewatch that video after I did it. It was like a four-hour video. I was angry. I was so angry and I talked a lot. I didn't just talk about convention. I threw so many people under the bus in that video and I told my story as well and so, that is all, you can catch that video on Savannah Marie. She plays like

two and a half hours of the three and a half hours of that video. So, not a of it is cut out. Um so, you can see that on Savannah Marie's page. And that's when all hell broke loose. Oh. Hell broke loose. Now at this moment I don't remember who contacted who first. If Tracy contacted me or

I contacted you. Do you remember? I don't either. I don't think it was just like I think we were messengering back and forth and when we finally got on the phone, like, what is it? What did they say on SpongeBob seven hours later? We've already hung up because it was not just a ketchup but it was a wheat, what can we do? Like, we started planning right away.

about joining forces and breaching both of our audiences to at least spread the word about this because we were so upset and at that point, we're talking about it all of the deaths hadn't even been announced. We hadn't even gotten to the point where we knew that paparazzi had erased their their replicated websites immediately and pretended like they didn't exist. We kept waiting for someone to make a statement. Then, we start seeing the cover up posts. The

post from E that said, take all your pictures down. My video, my video, covered all that that video when I went live, I even blasted ease Email like I I knew about the replicated websites going down. So, by the time I went live for the convention thing, it was quite a few weeks later and everything. Okay. I'm trying to, I was trying to remember like when I started here and all that stuff. Right. I

blasted. Now, when we called each other, I told you, I'm like, look at this. Look at what E did and look at what the company is doing and so, like between the two of us, it is just clear that we were both determined to do something. So, their convention happened the very last couple days of July, the first couple days of August of 2021. We started doing videos in August and then, because people on the videos kept saying, you should make a group. You should make a group.

We did. I I created a group called Recovery and Paparazzi Consultants on September the tenth of twenty-one and that was within, you know, that was within, I guess five weeks of everything happening and we started getting the stories immediately. The stories of people who were there, the stories of people who didn't go and why. The stories of people who were friends with folks that passed away, getting the information about the cover up. Everyone waiting for a comment from Paparazzi, not understanding why the company is not saying a thing and then the fence starts. All the Hans.

It's not Paparazzi's fault. This is no big deal. Move on. Be positive. So at this point, Paparazzi was not Paparazzi, the only person who had really been vocal against paparazzi after eating cancelled was Tracy. Um they're very successful with as soon as you either voluntarily leave or you get cancelled, your uplines call you right away and say, don't talk bad about Paparazzi. You can be successful you don't I mean the brainwashing continues and continues. And if

you don't do what they say, here comes the bullying, right? And Tracy had already experienced some bullying. I did, of course, but you guys already know I'm a big FU. Um but when we did our tea time, because I told Tracy, this is, you know what? Everybody wants to see us do something together because Tracy was elevating her videos. I was elevating my videos. We were on fire. Everybody kept on messaging us.

We want to see you do something together. So, I called Tracy. I said, let's do something. We're going to at tea time and we're going to do this. And so we

planned it out. That's how that came about. But as soon as we started tea time is when the real bullying started. Before it was nothing. Compared to what it was when we did tea time. The bullying was insane.

Insane. When we started the Recovering paparazzi consultants group originally was just an open group. Where we thought everybody could come in. And then the Hun started hitting up the group. And to bully everybody who was posting that they were leaving. They

were disgusted. They were unhappy. They didn't know what to do. So we closed the group.

And then we had to start monitoring membership and say and having people answer questions. Cuz now it's it's intended for people who are no longer Paparazzi consultants anymore. Because we're not putting up with the people in there trying to convince others that it's still a good company to be with. We're like you know what? You make your own choices. And when you're out

we've got a group to support you. But until then we're not letting you waffle back and forth in in this group environment. We're not there for you. Not just that. They would they would pick people out of that group and then target them and go after them to bully them when they did nothing. Maybe they just liked one of my posts or they liked somebody else's post or they said I'm so done with Paparazzi and they were coming after them and bullying them so hard that we had to close a group. Then we found out that Paparazzi was screenshotting comments that people made in the group having any kind of critic or criticism about paparazzi and their experience with the company and canceling their consultancies.

So, Paparazzi spying in our recovering Paparazzi consultant group. People are reporting folks that are in there trying to get them cancelled because that's the brainwashing of paparazzi, right? If I get this lady cancelled, I can scoop up her market share. That's less competition for me. So, that whole papa fam thing, is so fake. It is as fake as a 3-dollar bill. Very much. Very much. I was bullied in

Paparazzi. Always, continuously. So, the bullying outside of Paparazzi doesn't mean anything because I was bullied like three years out of the four that I was in Paparazzi. So, constantly being

reported. Constantly. You just, you put your head down and work or you sit around all day and worry about it. I was more of a put my head down at work until I try to get on and order new and found out my account was suspended, right? You always find out count suspended before you get the Email because they never have enough courtesy to, you know, let you know before they, you get cancelled and then, you have to prove yourself innocent to whatever trumped up, **** charge it was. Um our group now, Recovering Paparazzi Consultants on Facebook has over 2400 people in it and we just started in September the tenth, you guys.

That's the biggest anti-paparazzi group in the country. She started it on my birthday although that's not what she intended to do but if she started it on birthday. A lot of stuff. Like we got cancelled right around my birthday. We started this on

year but see we do a lot of good stuff on our birthdays. And we got cancelled the same day a year apart from Paparazzi. Is that? Apparently they just don't enjoy February.

Maybe their Valentine's Days are disappointing because their search jerks noone loves them. I don't know. Just saying. Don't know. Don't know. Don't know. So you know we did our first tee time on September 28th. Nice. we decided to use StreamYard as a platform because we already knew that our videos were constantly getting reported or taken down and we thought at least if we put it on this platform, we'll have a private recording of it and we can take it to YouTube and noone can keep taking our videos down because that's the other thing. Like, Jerry's

video got taken down and it's like, they made it, take it down. Paparazzi Center is decent desist. I'm like, no, **** Facebook took it down. Quit being drama. It's still available. It actually.

Savannah Marie's. Yeah, Facebook did remove. It glitched. I even when I was going live all the time for the boutique it wasn't, it, my, my, my Facebook is glitchy AF, man. I'm telling you. So glitchy. And we can't, I mean, what are you going to do about it? We don't pay, I tell everybody, we don't pay for Facebook. You

know, it's a, it's, it's something we use, we're glad to have social media. We have to work within the boundaries of it. So, we got StreamYard now. Our videos are all recorded.

They're broadcasted multiple pages and we put them up to YouTube so that everybody and watch them later. Um we've had some really amazing guests and some really cool stuff happen that I'm sure if we did not have a backup on YouTube would have been. Yeah. Really awful to lose. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz of

course we're not going to lose the videos that were totally crappy. We're going to lose the videos that we want to keep. So this whole movement started.

It's a butterfly effect. Because one thing happened in January of 2019 or 2020 and then moved on to convention. And because Jerry and I had met all those years ago and had the same terrible experience one year apart. We got together to start sharing our bad experiences. And that is the

thing that noone had bothered to do before. Nope. Compare bad experiences and talk about how we literally treated like **** After working our **** off for this company. But it didn't even matter how we were treated. After people died. And

they were made into memories without even the recognition that they had passed away. Our condolences. We realized noone there has any value. So we

started looking into everyone's experiences. How are they working within the parameters of the Federal Trade Commission's rules about anti-pyramid business structures? We're getting people's stories and we're collecting them. We're reaching out to state's attorney general. We're reaching out to all of the FTCs and the consumer protection agencies and just trying to figure out how we can all as business people. get some of our money back from being duped by this company and then the other stories start rolling in because once we start all talking in a group, we start getting the medical stories.

Yup. So, if you watched last week's Tea Time, you heard Karen talk about this is the third or fourth thing they've accused the company of and this is the only one with meat, the claims about the jewelry. We're popping from claim to claim or giving anything up at all about our other claims? We're just finding more stuff out and realizing that people have so many causes of action to be angry at this company. So, when

the medical claim started rolling in, this jewelry broke out my skin. This jewelry caused me to have wrinks around my neck. We started talking. You know what? My Z necklace my neck green and black. Caroline's wrist, she had a horrible eczema reaction to wearing some of these bracelets. I know she's got a nickel allergy. That's why we joined Paparazzi in the first place. They said they were

nickel and lead free. Maybe we should test the jewelry and see if they're telling the truth. So, what we do? We send some stuff into a lab y'all. Now, we've gotten some interesting clap back about our lab results but our lab results were from a lab that was recommended to us by Mississippi State University, Chemistry Department, is the Commercial Lab that was capable of testing heavy metals, and consumer products. So, as much as we have gotten Emails back from Paparazzi's Compliance Department, stating that they're concerned because it's an agricultural testing facility. No, **** It's just a

testing facility. Do they happen to be located in Tennessee? Yes. Do they also test for agricultural needs? Of course they do. But it doesn't make them any less capable of testing for heavy metals. But that's okay boo. Cuz we're

going to test some more jewelry at a lab that who did they say we were supposed to be under the the guise of the consumer products safety commission. Was that it? Yes. No worries friends. It's our next step. So the the journey continues Um I, you know, there's a whole bunch of rumors out there that we have had lawsuits delivered to our door and were to appear in court that hasn't happened yet. Do I think it's going to

happen? Sure. Sure, everybody. Don't file first. We're going to court at some point. Right.

Everybody asks me, am I afraid of getting the letter to go to court? And I said, if I was afraid of that, I started this because I know that how companies play dirty. What are you going to take from me, Paparazzi? My house? Fine. I'll sleep in my truck. But for me,

getting the truth out there is more important than them getting away with this disgusting **** that they do. The lives that they ruin, not positively change. Oh yeah, they're changing lives but it's not for the positive. And the only ones that lives are changing positively are the ones that have no ethics, no screw and they have no problem taking money from other people by lying to them and lining their pockets. I'm sorry. I can't do it. I already feel

guilty enough for the three years I wasn't that disgusting company. This is the mission I chose. This is the path I'm walking. It comes with sacrifice and I don't give a **** I don't give a **** I do not think for one minute that this is not going to be hard and take a really long time For those of you who don't know, my background and Jerry's background, she'll explain hers but I I am an attorney. Um I practiced in the area of tax and unclaimed property law. Um but I am aware through many years of training. I'm 50 years

old, almost 51 years old. I graduated from law school in 1995. I mean, I've been around the hot minute. Um I know that there are people out there that like to call us middle aged and I'm like, yes, girl. I want to be middle aged. I hope I live to a hundred and two. Cuz I'll

be 51 next month. So, I hope I am middle-aged. That would be amazing. That means I got fifty1 more years to kick **** and take names. But the process here is lengthy and we know that. And we're in it for the

long haul. And Jerry's background, I mean you can explain it better than me, but she worked for an illegal as well. Mm hmm. I did. I I come from medical background primarily and then that took me, I was there for 23 years but through that course of it, I started working for the union which is United Steel Workers and we had like 7500 employees that we would represent and then, International United Steel Workers picked me up and a lot of you who knew me when I was working Paparazzi, not working, whatever. Um selling Paparazzi, I would sell from my my hotel rooms and I couldn't tell you what state I was in or where I was at because I was literally going in and investigating companies who were violating labor laws or union contracts to gather information to build a case against them and take them to court in class action lawsuits, labor law violation lawsuits. So, I worked a lot with lawyers and in that industry, I also gathered huge teams for Intel.

This is very eye opening for you guys. So, I did this for many years toward the end of my career and then, I voluntarily left my day career to be a Paparazzi consultant full time. I also closed my law practice to be a paparazzi consultant full time. So, we've got a lot

of collective experience working outside of Paparazzi Accessories in the real world that and and understand how the legal system works and a whole lot of inside intel about Paparazzi Accessories. 58 law firm probably wouldn't be able to find out. So, we've certainly got a very unique perspective on finding all the different ways that people might of, a cause of action against paparazzi. And don't think we're not investigating every facet of that. If you

hold up a gemstone and see all the facets polished into that gemstone, that's as many causes of action as people have for claims against this company for their behavior and the way they operate. Mm hmm. So, there's a lot to do. I mean, and and now, we have, you know, fast forward to today, we have a huge admin team that helps us. Thank odd

because we have so many people involved in the group. We got on clubhouse which they had to beg me to get on clubhouse but that was the best thing ever. So, you guys could follow us on Clubhouse. So, we've also helped with that forum which is very helpful for people because if they're still afraid to talk or go into our Crack the Crown group because we still have people undercover in there still harassing people which is whatever, right? We also have people undercover in your groups, boo. Anyhow, they can

go into clubhouse and hear without speaking or if they do come up and speak of hide their identity and their voices. So, that's a super cool tool tool that we've used. So, even though we're 2400 strong in Crack the Crown, we're still thousands strong who are trying to find a way out of the company. Um because they have

such a tight hold on people and if you don't know, if you're watching this for the first time and you're like, it's five-dollar jewelry. This sounds ridiculous. It is the power of brainwashing and the power that this company has over you. They make you feel like you are nothing without them and they have infiltrated your entire life to make sure that everything you do, say, or surround yourself with is Paparazzi and you will feel like nothing. Leave them or if they make you leave, if they fire you, right? Even though you're not an employee. So,

that's a history you guys can go onto YouTube and watch all crazy videos. A lot of it. We do expose the bullying on a lot of those videos. So, people who think that me and Tracy are just mean girls coming after people like Karen Todd, you colossal piece of **** Um no, we are not bullies. It's quite the opposite. They are bullies.

Uh the Patti Chevlin video, people like, oh poor Patty, really? Because we can do a whole three-hour video about how Patty harassed me to get me on tea time with her harassed. TikToks, bullying, telling everybody she was going to destroy me. I will be nothing afterwards. If I do not face

her. So guys the only difference is me and Tracy will tell Paparazzi people to **** **** If that makes me a bully, you are very, very blind to what's going on. I mean, the founder's brother called us what were you Princess Fiona and I was mama June. June and Caroline was honey boo boo. I mean talk about bullying. I

don't believe we've shamed anybody's personal appearance. We've only shamed our actions and those were shame worthy actions. So, if we're bullies, then, you certainly are of a higher level of bully than we are but that's okay because all of these attempts to distract us from the work at hand isn't going to be successful. We are every day toward our goal of exposing both the toxicity of the jewelry, the products that they're selling into the US market, the operations that are violating the pyramid scheme rules for the FTC. We're working on exposing personal bullying where people are attacking independent consultants are attacking former consultants either in the media or through cyber bullying. all of these things are being documented and sent to the appropriate states and the appropriate federal agencies. So, before you start

spoofing phone numbers and calling people while they're trying to sell products on a live show or having a national day of prayer where you call us demons and try to ensure that our more bound, we are supposed to be bound from our, it's not going to work. Because all of the evil that you're promulgating is coming to late. And you know what happens when somebody shines a light on evil? It dissipates and loses its power. So we wanted to give you guys a summary of what we're doing here. What our goal is here. And let's be clear. Our goal is to bring Paparazzi Accessories down. We're not

here to get them to change the way they operate. We're here to get them to stop operating altogether because let's be real. Their culture is so deeply ingrained into the human beings that they still have working for them. That there's

no that it's ever going to change. It's going to continue to be operated this way. So, if we bring it into the light and people don't give them money and buy their crappy product, maybe they'll just fade away and be a horrible memory. You know, kind of like what they did with the consultants who used to work with them that passed away from their convention. They'd like those to fade away, wouldn't they? Yeah, nobody liked it very much when I read the names off in my video.

We appreciate the attention that folks are helping to bring to this cause. When you call your local media stations, when you write to your state elected officials or your two your attorneys general or to your federal senators and and congress people. When you reach out to online media and spread the word, share the videos, you're helping to bring information to light that people need to make good business decisions. We do have a fund that we have changed from a PayPal account now to a site called Mighty Cause.com. It's for anybody who'd like to help donate for the call to offset the cost of testing, the jewelry for heavy metals, and other toxicants and also for potential legal fees for when we find the right firm to represent all of us as former consultants and consumers of these products. Um I is it tagged? I want to say, I'm not sure if it's tagged or pinned.

It it's pinned in the milkshake. It's pinned in the milkshake, okay? Um our Crack the Crown fundraiser page is there. Um we do clubhouse twice a week. We do it after tea time

clubhouse where people are welcome to come up and talk for two minutes and then on Thursdays, we do Tell Your Story Thursday where we give everybody on stage four minutes to tell their paparazzi story. Um we're always open to having guests on tee time if you would like to tell your story but if you would like to just send it to the Crack the Crown Facebook page just to make sure to included. You're welcome to. Um can you think of any other communication once I've forgotten? We got Twitter and Instagram. I don't know. Do we have all that? TikTok. TikTok. Everything. Yeah. TikTok's really going to be fun this week. Um somebody by the name

of Colleen Nicole. I don't know who that is. I have no idea. Do you? Jerry? I do know who Colleen Nicole is. Was I supposed to say no or yes? Sorry. My assistant came in

here. is going to post this on our Facebook on our Facebook page now and be like, Jerry does know who I am. Y'all see this? Oh, what else? Some irrelevant person named Colleen Nicole. She's like an impressionist or whatever and. Are you sure she's not a Starbucks? I made a TikTok clipping clipping clips. From Jerry's Lives in the Recovery Group telling people to **** off? Yes. And she is now saying

that we are not a helpful group. This is stupid. Y'all those those videos are right in there. You can clip me saying **** **** about 3, 000 times And actually in that group the people I'm telling **** **** to was the paparazzi trolls in that group. So, if it's a good TikTok, I'll actually link it to my TikTok so you guys can see it. I don't know when the trolls are going to realize that anything you think you have dug up about me, you dig hard and you can't find **** You know why? Everything right here in front of you. I'm not

hiding anything, Colleen Nicole, who gets arrested. I'm not hiding anything when you say you're back in rehab and you can publicly say you're back in rehab because you're proud about that but you're actually arrested. You know what I'm saying? Colleen Nicole. No. No. She wouldn't

even admit she was in rehab. She said she was in the hospital for a seizure because we stressed her so much. Sorry. Got it. So come on. She got a

cell right next to her. Keep on babies currently. In June. Yeah. You need more TikTok content. Record this. you. Colleen Nicole. **** you.

There's plenty of it out there. I dropped Beth bombs all day long like the day is long. You know what I'm saying? Yep. Yeah. Okay. I don't want to act. Sorry. I don't want to act too mean girly while I'm sitting. Sorry. Sorry. Okay.

So, this is this is the portion of the show. Oh my god, help us. I know. Caroline is so excited. This is called the, what did we decide to call it? This is Flapback. Caroline's comment clapback. So Caroline

is going to she reads through all of them and she just cracks herself up with all of the comments. She's going to read comments to us. Tracy and I are not prevy to what these comments are. We decided to call it clap back because if you watch previous tee times I always talk about clapping back **** clapping back. You want to come at me? I'll clap back. So

this is your guys' clap backs to us. Whether they nice, not nice, mean, sweet, funny, we don't know and this is going to be a genuine reaction between the two of us. God help you. Buckle up. Buttercups, I have no idea what I'm going to say. I'm so excited. Okay. I believe

we'll have tiny hand reaction. A mix of mean comments, nice comments, funny comments that we get on our YouTube channel and Savannah's channel. All kinds of places on our on our Facebook pages, all of them. Um so that I'm going to start with this one. This one is from Virginia Lee Smith. She said, you all are full of **** Talking **** but yet you you won't talking **** when you were selling it. Nobody made

any of you sell the jewelry but yet, most of you did. Something you shouldn't have and they let you go. So, now you are mad because you aren't making that money anymore. So, now you are slandering a company. You don't get, you didn't give a **** until you, Jerry, got canned.

Canned. You got canned. Hey, Virginia. Okay. So, since that was my slam, Virginia, you have to be a little bit more original, right? That's all I have to get up early in the morning, Virginia. That's the most easiest thing that you can say. What you don't know about me, Virginia, is all the **** I talked to Paparazzi prior to leaving and I really did think that I can make it a better environment because I believe that the founders were hiding behind their horrible compliance team come to find out. Of course, that's not true because they say, we have nothing to do with compliance.

So, that way, it's their scape of their disgustingness and they have everything to do with compliance and I was naive to think that I could make change even though I did tell them in a group chat that I thought that they were full of **** So, you honestly don't know anything Virginia but thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it and just to be aware, I make more money now than what I did when I was in Paparazzi. Have a good day. clap back. See, this

is, I, I can't. I got canned, **** canned. You got canned. Canned likes canned. I was canned like spam. That's poke

shouldered ham. Okay. So, remember you guys, we're going to do a mix of all the comments. Okay. This one's from Katie. Found you guy. Awesome ladies from Savannah's channel and I love the work in Mission y'all are on. Your experience added to your engaging and entertaining personalities has been turning the tides like nothing I've seen in the community. Legit saving lives, marriages, and families from a money draining cult. Bravo

ladies, keep it up. I'm literally I'm cheered up. That is so freaking sweet. Who is

that from? From Katie. Katie God dang Katie. Thank you. That wow. That was very sweet. I

appreciate that Katie. I bet you you're an amazing human being as well especially since you love Savannah Marie. I love Miss I love Savannah Marie.

That was sweet. So this comment is from Beast Ghost. Beast Ghost. Beast Ghost. Okay. She

said I've been watching Tea Time for a few days straight. And now I'm getting ads with laughing white women saying **** like double your revenues Tree. Targeted hands are the devil. Okay, note to self. Don't drink

anything while she's reading it. Almost came out of my nose. I almost spewed it. I almost spewed my water out of my nose. I am so sorry about that. But that's not us. I

Ew. So, this comment is from our YouTube channel where we played the videos of Furby talking about us being on Boo Boo and Mama June. This comment is from Victoria Maybe. She commented while we were playing the videos and said, who is this clown? Honk, honk. I just thought it was simply hilarious. Who is this clown?

Who is this clown? Well, I. I believe that they're probably loathed to admit it but he is Trent Kirby's brother. The founders, the founder of Paparazzi Accessories along with his wife, Missy Kirby and his sister-in-law, Shawnee Reeves and her husband, Ryan Reeves. Yes. Yes. This one's from Cynthia Matthews. Okay.

I'm no prude but the amount of cursing and shouting in front of experts was super embarrassing. Did we shout and cuss in front of the experts? I don't I think I did a really good job on that tea time. I maybe said **** once. Maybe once. Do you think that the experts didn't know us beforehand? I you may have had secondary embarrassment but we had zero embarrassment. I felt

like I was mother. I have to rewatch that video but I swear I thought it was like Mary **** Poppins on that show. I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry. This one's from Spoiled Artist.

I live by the beach so the sun is a lot more dangerous than a shark and way more people get hurt by stingrays and jellyfish. Your analogy doesn't make any sense. You choose to sit on the bench, on the beach, you are going to get fried by the sun. You can also get burnt on a cloudy day when you ignore the real danger you get burnt and wrinkles and age spots and cancer.

Wow. Thank you for that information about the beach. That was a much better analogy than what Paparazzi consultants are using out there right now.

Thank you. See, I like, I, I love this next comment. This one's from Noel Alexandria. The woman in the upper right, feisty, question mark? Her attitude is making this hard to watch. It was easier to tune out the clicking than her controlling griping. Plus, she

was wrong in the first place. Tracy's daughter was right. The speakers were pointed to directly at the mic. She only read that one because they said she was right. Sorry boo boo for my my very stern personality. I'll try to fluff that up for you next time, hon. Well, we have, we

have a comment from Karen Abrams, who said, sorry, not Karen Abrams from Hayley Walsh, who said, I have to mute when Feisty is talking. Should we hold up a little sign that says? Mute. Trigger boarding. Mute. I'm going to talk. Just what what was her

name? Um Hayley Walsh. Hayley Walsh. From now on, I'll hold up. Athena says I'm about ready

to talk. So, that way you can mute, baby boo. That way. Should we just start scrolling across the bottom? **** you alert. **** you alert. **** you alert. **** you, Hailey. **** you, Haley.

Okay. I love how Tracy is always in charge of technology. Like it's always an adventure when a Gen X or an iPad meet up for battle. I can't. That was **** **** that's all true. But the thing you don't see to understand is do not give a single **** I will. I have taken a hammer to

an iPad and I will do it again. When I can't. When Gen X and Technology. I'm going to

You're meeting up for battle. Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh **** I'm still here for this tea.

Paparazzi is imploding and I'm so glad. Yay. Importing tea I can't. I'm dying, man. Jacqueline Heath says, MLM huns are so pathetic. Can't stand them but the mother-daughter duo are so cringe, question mark, question mark. What's with the accent in

high school mean girl voices? It ruins your points. We're trying to have a little fun, honey. Maybe you've not heard of fun. Jesus. **** Look.

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