Trump delivers remarks at 'Students for Trump' Convention

Trump delivers remarks at 'Students for Trump' Convention

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Thank. You very much go. Ahead sit down we'll be here for a little while. Thank. You also Lee Greenwood thank, you to Lee Greenwood. But. I'm thrilled to be in Arizona with, thousands, of patriotic, young Americans. Who stand. Up tall for America, and refused, to kneel to, the radical left. That's. True. There. Is something, going on you feel it right you feel the spirit, you. Know the other night, a speech. I made on Saturday night in a very good place and, we had a great evening and, the, ratings came out you saw that on. Television it was the number one. Show, in Fox. History. For Saturday, night. Ratings. For. Them it's all about the ratings I know. That the other folks back there CNN. And MSDN. See I know, they. Though they're very happy, to see, that, Fox had the number one show. Is. The number one show in the history of Fox. News that's pretty good, Saturday. Night let, us also show, our appreciation to. My good friend Charlie I Charlie, is some piece of. Who. Is mobilizing, a new generation, of pro-american. Student, activists, that's what you are and really smart and you'll, be up here someday somebody, in that audience maybe a few of you you're gonna be up here right here, who. Are tough and smart and determined and, truly unstoppable you, are I want. To thank also Kimberly, and I want to thank my son boy, I watched my son I, got here, Wow. I, said what's this all about. He's. Good and, then people like them people like him a lot, to, everyone here today and. Watching. Live all across our country thank, you for bravely. Defending. Our nation our values, and our great American. Heroes. You. Know what's going on because, you're on the front lines of, a, tremendous. Intellectual. Struggle, for, the future of our country that's, really what you're talking about the future of our country you see what's happening, to, disgrace, to. Disgrace, if, we weren't here you could forget it okay. But we're gonna be here and then you're gonna be here we're gonna keep it going for a long time. November. 3rd is a big day get out get the parents, get the friends get the husband, get the wife get everybody, now. The difference is they get everybody even, if they're not registered, if. They're not citizens. If. They're here illegally, they get, everybody. That's. One of the little difficulties. And you know, you go through a whole nation and you see what's going on and they report, zero, in, legality. Check. Out California. Sometime. Check, out now check out the the. Deal. That they signed with, judicial. Was it, was. I think Judicial, Watch was. Like. 1 million oh 1.5. Million people they settled they agreed that that, many people either. Voted, illegally shouldn't. Have been voting, a lot of things they settled and, Judicial, Watch said look we were so high what difference did it make what. Difference that our bank know will they play a very dirty game you're fighting against an oppressive. Left-wing. Ideology, that. Is driven by hate and seeks to purge, all dissent. And you understand, that amazing, at that age your, young people generally, a couple of old stirs out their friends among, the. Radical, left, demands. Absolute conformity. From. Every professor, researcher, reporter. Journalist, corporation. Entertainer. Politician. Campus. Speaker and private. Citizen, but we have Charlie and we, have our people and. Our people is strong. Our. People, are stronger, and our. People, are smarter, and, we. Are the elite we. Are there you, know you ever notice. They. Said it two weeks ago I was talking, to some basis well you know the elite I said what are you talking about the elite who's the only Daniel II they're, not the elite you're dealing. You. Smarter. You're. Better looking have. A better future. You. Know your way around it, better believe it or not, there's. Only one thing they have they're, more vicious they are vicious, they are vicious people, anyone. Who descents, from. Their. Orthodoxy. Must be punished. Canceled, or banished that includes from television, you say it but. You will not be silenced, and you. Know the bottom line I get, interviewed, by people and I'm sitting the other day and the Oval. Office and I didn't like the. Tone and. I. Said you know it's really nice because. I'm here and you're not. We over long, and.

I've Said it before. You're. The courageous warriors, standing, in the way of what. They want to do and their goals and standing, up for faith. And family God country, and freedom freedom. Unbelievable. Spirit I appreciate, it thank you very much. But. The radical, left, they. Hate our history. They. Hate our values, and they, hate everything, we, prized as, Americans, and we're right. Because. Our country, didn't grow great with. Them, it. Grew, great with, you and your, thought process, and your ideology. The. Left-wing mob is trying to demolish our heritage so, they can replace it with a new repressive, regime, that. They alone control. They're. Tearing, down statues. Desecrating. Monuments, and purging, dissenters. It's. Not the. Behavior of a peaceful political movement. It's the behavior of. Totalitarians. And tyrants. And people, that don't love our, country they don't love our country the. Left is not trying to promote justice, or equality. Or, lift, up the, downtrodden. They. Have one goal the pursuit, of their, own political. Power, for whatever reason, but that's their goal that really seems to be their goal their. Goal or their sickness and if, you give power to people, that, demolish, monuments. And attack churches, and seize. City streets, and set. Fire to buildings. Then. Nothing, is sacred and no. One is safe. We. Stopped, them last night you see that and rejection. And. Brought. Some to jail. And, others, are going to jail. The. Problem, we have is States they're weak they're, weak the many. Of the governor's many of the mayors you see what's going on and it's by the way just so you understand it's, all, Liberal. Democrat. States, could, you imagine if sleepy. Joe ever, became, president this. Country, would be a mess, they. Would rip down everything. Everything. Sleepy, Joe and he, wouldn't, call the shots well he would have nothing to do with it a lot come in the Oval Office let's, just do what we want to do that's. Why and. You know today he's with Obama President. Obama it. Only took him how long a year and a half to endorsing what, did it take a year and a half to endorse him, even. After he won he didn't endorsed him for a long time. And. He's fighting he's, fighting for sleepy, Joe you know he really feels strongly about it so strongly that he. Was fighting he wanted everybody to win but Joe Joe, won but. If you remember in my campaign, he. Fought harder than crooked, Hillary. President. Obama fought me harder, he, said you cannot, let him win you. Cannot, this you he was all over the place I said this guy's spending. All of his time campaigning, against, me who. Won that's, right. And don't. Forget. Don't. Forget. I'm. Only here because of him and Biden, I'm, only here, because of them, because. If they did a good job, we. Wouldn't have been here there. Would have been no reason so, I'm only here because of President. Obama, and the job, he did and sleepy. Joe Biden, and the job, that he didn't do other than he did a good job for. His son, good. Job, no. But I'm only here because of them otherwise, I wouldn't be people, were very unhappy the. Fake news doesn't report it they were very unhappy there was tremendous dissent. Tremendous. Anger a lot of people in this audience I can tell you but we're. Here today to declare, that, we will never cave, to. The left. Wing and the, left wing intolerance. We. Will never surrender. To mob violence and we. Will uphold American. Freedom equality. And, justice, for, every citizen of every background very, strong. That's. Who we are that. Is what we believe and that is, why we, must, prevail, on November. 3rd we have to prevail get out. So, we're honored, to. Be joined by, a, great. Gentleman, a great governor, of this state he. Won by a lot, of votes. And. I said to him governor how am i doing he said you're doing really well I said, good because, he knows better than anybody he really has done a tremendous job as, governor. Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey where's. Doug. Thank, you. Thank you. And, somebody. Who we need to keep, in the Senate a woman. Who, works very hard I just got back from something. You like the border wall, martha. Mcsalley. Thank, you mom. Thank, you. Thank, you mom we. Gotta get her in and Mark Kelly who she's running against is very weak on China, and lots of other things. If. Between. Biden, and Kelly and these people they get in China, will own this country and they don't own us at all we have we. Have done great before the plague, set, in before the plague, came over right it came over we. Were doing the greatest we're the greatest, economy. We have the, greatest job numbers, we ever had the greatest of everything, there wasn't a thing where we weren't number one we, were beating, them and they were having a tough year 67. It, was one of the worst years they had in 67.

Years And, we were doing great and then, they said there's a plague coming, over from China here, it comes. What. A disgrace, what a disgrace, and now, you saw last week the jobs numbers, the biggest ever, you, saw the retail, sales number, the. Biggest ever number. And we're gonna have a very good third quarter, and, interesting. We're gonna have a good third quarter and right when, those numbers are announced you have your election, so that's hopefully a sign, from, up there but. I think we're gonna give and. They. Are trying to do their best to keep the country, shut down and closed because, they love those numbers not to be good but there's not a lot they're gonna be able to do about it not a lot but. We want to get Martha in and we want to I want to thank Martha. For being here governor want to thank you for being here I want to thank you for being such a great soldier thank you. And. We also have, some. Of your warriors. Great. Representatives. And they fought with me on the impeachment, hooks one, of the great hoaxes, based on a telephone. Conversation that, was perfect, of, the only one that got impeached in history hopefully will be the only one they. Got impeached over a perfect, telephone, call like perfect. Perfect. This was like the, perfect call I said wait a minute I said. We don't need lawyers just keep reading thank. Goodness we had it transcribed. It, was very good that we had it because remember Adam Schiff got up and he made up a phony story, he. Made up a phony stand it's. What they're all about I said it before they're vicious. Paul. Gosar stand. Up Paul where's Paul Paul. Paul. Breakdown. Is. A man I spoke to him this morning Andy. Biggs. Break. Thank, You Annie, Freedom, golfers. Now. That mark Meadows is our great chief he's, our chief mark. Meadows by the way mark Meadows is here too let's have it for Mark Meadows. Marker. But. Andy took over and the freedom caucus is doing great thank you thank, you Andy, somebody. Got to know very well during the hoaxes Debbie. Let's go she's. Good. That's. Another one. Oh there. She. She. Just stood out on television it, was like she popped she. Did great, I said. You're so lucky you know me Demi. Chrissy. Bradley was one of the people she stood out Thank You Deb thank you. Another. Warrior David. Schweikert David. Thank you thank you David thank. You. And. A man who's very understated. He. Just gets it done behind the scenes never, likes to go on television. Never. Likes talking a lot but. He's a great congressman. From. One of my favorite, states Florida Matt, Gaetz. Bad. Cash. He, keeps it low-key and, simple, right no actually he keeps it up and not, simple but. He's great and he does a fantastic job, thank you man. Along. With a lot of great people Arizona, Treasurer. Kimberly. Yee. Kimberly. Thank you, House. Speaker rusty. Bowers rusty. Rusty. Thank, You rusty Thank You, senate, president wow that's a big deal Karen. Fann. Thank. You. So. Madam President how, am i doing in Arizona okay, she, says yes she. Knows, she. Knows and. Navajo. Nation, vice-president. Myron. Lazier. Thank, you I. Also. Want to recognize a truly. Courageous woman, angel, mom, is, a friend of mine too by the way one of the first people I met when I. Announced I was gonna run what. She has gone through with. Illegal. Immigration, nobody, will ever go through hopefully, nobody ever has to go through unfortunately. People, will have to do it but. She is one of the first people, I met and. She. Lost a magnificent. Child, to. An illegal. Immigrant. And. It's. Just. A horrible thing and she's spent her, life she's spent the last. Long. Period of years fighting, and fighting and fighting and, people have. Gotten to respect, her greatly Mary. And, Mendoza. We're being either. A lot of guts he's got a lot of guts. And. Thank you a very special, thank you to pastor, Luke Barnett, and the, dream city church for, hosting us where is the faster, faster. Is that the pastor, a good-looking. Where's the best where. I want to see this guy oh he's, good. I'll. Be here I'll get here someday I'll. Be here some Sunday morning thank. You. Thank. You very much great job pass right here I hear great things thank, you very much. We're. Also joined, by a, man. Who became, such a superstar. Overnight you, know I put him there as a little bit of a filler to be honest he did a great job he, was the ambassador. To. Germany. Right, and he, was like you know I needed, somebody, to sit, warm, out a chair he. Wore out the jaded warm it he wore it out right Matt Gaetz he wore out the chair Richard. Grinnell. What, a guy where's Matt no, say. Hello you, are fantastic.

On. A picture, of him walking into the DOJ, with a big sad show and, I realized, what good shakes he said you gonna start and, he's walking, had. Those good and he had lots of gold gold. In those satchels, did they huh. Cuz. I'll tell ya we caught him let's see what happens but we caught him right. We caught. And. A, friend, of mine that did a great job is, the NASA CFO. And you see we've totally rebuilt NASA we're sending Rockets up now for the first time. Jeff. To win Jeff, the way Jeff. Everyone. In this room is bound together by a shared. Set of moral. Principles and. Enduring. Truths. We, believe the United States of America, is the greatest and most righteous, nation that. Has ever existed good, to keep it that way. We. Believe that every citizen has the, fundamental. Right to think to speak to live and pray according, to their own, conscience. We. Believe that the beloved, heroes of American, history, should. Not be torn, down by, militant, mobs, but. Held up as an example, to. The world. Now. Thereafter George, Washington. I said, what did he do wrong George Washington, Thomas. Jefferson. We. Stopped him they were heading toward the Jefferson, Memorial they, have they couldn't care less I think, half of them don't even know who Thomas Jefferson, is. How. About, Ulysses. Grant they, want the Confederate, soldiers, but, all. Of a sudden they go after Grant but he's the one that defeated, the Confederate. Soldiers so, what's that all about, how. About Gandhi. How. About Churchill. You. Know Churchill, because, this is going outside of our country now no, we'll stop it don't worry just don't worry about it ten years is a long time to spend in prison. So, our heroes, are not a source of shame. They. Are an example, and. Something. That you can all look up to a true example of greatness a point. Of pride and we will honor them and cherish them forever we, will cherish them. And. We have to cherish our past we have to cherish good or bad we have to understand our past we have to understand our history because, if we don't know our history it could all happen again, after. Norwich. We. Believe in law and order, we support, the men and women of law enforcement and, we, stand with the citizens, in every, city and every community, and every. Part of our country who, wish to live in safety, security dignity, and, peace. And we, know. That. American, patriots. Don't. Bow down to foreign, powers we, don't back down, from. Left-wing. Bullies, and the. Only. Authority. We worship, is our God. These, are the values our country, was built upon, these. Are the values, that unite our citizens, and these, are the values that powered, our civilization. To, its towering, heights lifting, billions, from poverty, healing. Disease curing, illness and reaching new summits, of scientific. Endeavor. Artistic. Triumph and human. Achievement. Guided. By these timeless, convictions. My. Administration. Has, been delivering, historic, gains for. The American, people. Like, no one has ever done in the first three and a half years of a presidency. Not, even close it's not even close by. The end of my first term, we. Will have close to 300. Federal. Judges, appointed in a pro. 300. If. You get 10 it's a lot 300. An, all-time. Record and very. Importantly, we, confirm two great Supreme. Court justices. And we have to win, because. Obviously. We need more. Justices. On, the Supreme, Court people, don't realize how important, that is I've. Always heard it's the most important, thing you can do I always, said defense. But. That's right there, Supreme. Court justices, and judges and. We. Are setting records we've. Spent over two trillion dollars, to completely, rebuild the awesome power of the United, States military. And. I. Very proudly created. The sixth, branch of, the United States Armed. Forces the, space. Force. Big, deal that's a big that's. A. Figure you think you're just that if you did just that that's like that's a good presidency think of that that's, one of many many things we'll. Go over a few of them but. Many many things so. The. Air Force was, the last one that was 75. Years ago the. Air Force 75, years ago we, just created, another branch. We're. Gonna have a general, a nice general, we. Have right now on the Joint, Chiefs of Staff for full full deal and, that's a great honor because space is going to be very important, first they smiled when I came, up with the idea I never talked about it on the campaign I don't, think I ever mentioned, it once it's just an idea that I learned. As I was going through military, and. Really. An amazing thing, space is gonna be so important, that'll be one of our most important, of all and. It's. An honor we're now doing a. Hydra. Sonic I called. Super duper z' missile. Goes. 17. Times, faster. Than the fastest, missile right. We. Pass be a choice, a big deal and VA. Accountability. A big deal they've been joined for 50, years almost, 50 years on both. Accountability.

They Couldn't fire people that treated our vets badly, now we can say you're fired oh by the way you had a big deal, that's. Right. That's. Right you had a big deal in Arizona, I've been reading about it for years, now, Doug. Where they had somebody stealing, in the VA, and they caught him cold like 500,000, right that's a lot they, stole five hundred thousand they couldn't fire him they. Couldn't fire him so between, the unions, and civil service, and all of the things they couldn't fire but we made it so that you can now say you're fired get out. And. They'll give our veterans the care, they. So richly deserve, you know choice is so big instead of waiting for a week two weeks five weeks you have no idea how bad it was if. They have to wait and they have great doctors we have great doctors in the, VA if, you, have to wait if for, any reason there's, a delay you go outside you get a doctor. You get fixed up we pay the bill and it. Sounds expensive, it's cheap, it's. Cheap, we save money most implement we save lives people. Would get online and they're okay, not feeling well by the time they see a doctor, in some cases they charge terminally, they they, are terminally, ill, it. Would take weeks and weeks and now, we have VA choice that's why you see good store is 91% approval. Rating okay. 91%. Va, Va, choice. Nobody. Thought we were going to get that one done we. Passed the largest package. Of tax cuts and tax reforms. And we passed, the, largest. Number. Of regulation. Cuts by a factor, of many times, no. Other administration. Even though in some cases eight years, and in one case more nobody. Has cut regulation, like, we've got regulation, not even close and. It's. One of the reasons we did so well, before. The plague and we're doing so well after the plague it's, going away we. Eliminated. Obama cares unfair, individual. Mandate. Which. Punish young Americans, like you for. The privilege of not, buying bad health insurance, that's really what it was he, had the privilege of not buying and you had to pay for it not too good so we got rid of it that, was a big deal that, was one of the most unpopular things, anywhere on, any subject. We. Will always protect. People, with pre-existing, conditions, and. You. Have Martha's, pledge that she is going to do that also. So. We're. Gonna do that and the. Democrats, can't make that pledge because, they're gonna raise your taxes, like crazy I never heard you know all my life I think. Doug can maybe explain, it but Doug all my life I'd watch. And the, best politicians, who went to cut taxes, not raise taxes, all. Of a sudden we're in an age where, things are very different let's face it ripping. Down statues one, of the things as the Democrats, want to raise your taxes, to a level that nobody can even believe and, it.

Won't Be nearly enough to pay for what they want to do you talk about bad health care it's. Just gonna be a disaster, but they want to raise everybody's, taxes, I always, thought it was supposed to be the other way right but. Let's, see how they do on November, 3rd I don't think they're gonna do too well. We. Passed right, to try, to. Give critically, ill patients. Access to life-saving, cures, so they don't have to travel all around the world and see if they can find and we've had tremendous success with that right to try very proud of it they've been trying to get that one done for 40, years and. I've, just come from the Arizona, border. Yuma. Where. We marked. The. Completion, of over 220. Miles of, brand-new. Beautiful. Border, wall. You. Know you don't hear about though they don't want to talk about the wall letting would you notice. Never. Has the Democrat, Party, fought, so hard against. Something and do. You notice they never talk about the wall because in the end they gave it up they give up we won, we're, building it fully funded I. Could. Build numerous, walls with all the money I had fully funded, but. You know why that I'll talk about it cuz, it's a bit subjective, remember. The use of a it's a it's obsolete. We went drones oh great the drones flying around. We're. Gonna watch everyone pour into our country the drone. Remember. They said the walls obsolete, and, I said today nobody heard, it I thought it was sort of I think I said, it but I'm sure people have said it over the years you, know you're. In an industry in many cases, you have a computer in, about two weeks it's old it's. Absolutely, fright in. Technology, I said to some of the people I meet them all I say the problem with your business it gets obsolete, quick to. Things that will never be obsolete a wheel, and a wall right, oh, yeah. And they say that wall is obsolete. With modern technology, no, no mana technologies. Like let's, watch everybody, pour it now. We. Have a wall so we built 220. Miles we're. Going to have and. It's. Every. Single, element I met with Border Patrol how fantastic, by the way every. Single element they, want it you have to see through which, makes sense, you have to do all of the different we have cameras, on it we have sensors, on it it is just. 2. 8 30 feet high it's. Very hard very. Hard. We have anti, climb provision. On the top we have the whole deal and it's. Very powerful and by the way where that wall is nobody's, getting through nobody. We. Put a chunk, California. Off the record California. Would say please can we have the walk this is California now if they didn't want the wall they don't want the wall, but. They wanted the wall right because right, next to San Diego's, a wonderful, town in Mexico you know the town I won't mention the name but they're. Heavily. Infected, with. Cove aide David, notice I said the other night did anybody see my speech the other night on Saturday that.

What. I said the other night there's never been anything where they have so many names I could give you 19. Or 20 names for that right it's got all different, names wuhan. Gohan's. Was, catching, on. Coronavirus. Right. Kong. Flu. Country. Kovac. Kovac, 19 Kovac, I say, what's the 19 Kovac, 19 some people can't explain what the 19 give me the Kovac. 19, I said that's an odd name I could, give you a many many names. Some. People call it the Chinese flu, the China flu, right. They call it the China. As opposed, to check the China I. Never. See anything like it but here's the story, we. Are, going to be stronger, than ever before, and it's gonna be soon. And. I think you'll remember, you. Know now Biden was going around like he's a tough guy you know he doesn't know where the hell he is where where are you Joe Joe, where are you Joe tell, me where you are Joe, but. He's going around I stood up for China, you. Know his son walked out with 1.5. Billion to manage and what. He did, where's. Hard to remember I said where's hunter they came out with this t-shirt and some guy made a fortune, where's hunter, where's. By, the way where is hunter. Man. He, did well as vice president could you imagine how Hunter's gonna do it this guy ever won and. The. Father could honestly say, I have no idea what's going on. Good. Gracious. Said, Cayley where's. Kate where's Kaylee. Where's. Kaylee, where's Park Kelly what a job she's done our press secretary. Everyone's. Doing well up press release. Press secretary, I mean, Sarah is gonna be the governor of Arkansas pretty soon I hope. Shawn's. Got his own show and, this one here she could run whatever else you wanted but I said don't run don't, run just stay here we like the job you do now. We're doing great I stood, up to China like, no other administration. In history for, decades they've ripped us off they. Ripped us off like nobody, and I charged. Him a little thing called the massive, tariffs. We. Took in billions, and billions of dollars they devalued. Their currency and, a you know they like to say our people paid oh no no our people didn't pay they devalued, their currency in, order to pay it and they, also put money out there otherwise they wouldn't have been, able to sell their product, but. What. Happened, for many years there, is nobody ever that. Ripped off the United States like, China nobody. Nobody. Nobody. So. Now we did a deal but you know the ink wasn't dry when the when. The plague flew in the. Ink wasn't dry the. Deal was great everybody, was happy I was thrilled, 250. Billion dollars, worth of purchases over, a short period of time all, great but. The ink wasn't dry and we got hit by the plague, so. I'm not too happy about that. But. The long slow. Surrender, is over, because today, and every. Day we are putting now, America. First America. Comes first. We, sparked, a revolution in, domestic, energy production. In the United, States is now the number, one producer of oil and natural gas. Anywhere. On planet earth. America. As of a couple of years ago is, no longer energy. Dependent. We, are now energy, dominant.

And. Because our energy used went down so much during this, pandemic. It. Was a very very bad, period of time because we have ten million jobs, energy jobs and now, we have the oil press up where it should be and yet people are paying very little for gasoline, that's like the perfect thing right that's the perfect thing to do and, I. Signed groundbreaking. Criminal, justice, reform which nobody was able to get done very important. Very. Important. I. Secured. Record, and permanent, funding for, historically, black colleges. And universities nobody. Goes. And we, created, opportunities. Owns along, with Tim Scott. And. Since. Then countless jobs, and 100, billion dollars, of new investment, have, poured into. 9,000, of our. Most distressed. Neighborhoods. In the country nine, thousand, opportunities. Run. So think of it I did. Criminal, justice, reform, we, did a lot of work on prison, or prison reform we. Did Opportunity. Zones think, of this think of all we've done and we've, taken care of the black. Colleges. And universities, and, nobody talks about it but I have to talk about it and, you know what. Our, black, communities. Know it and I, think you're gonna see something really great happen because they understand, it they really understand, it and. I'll. Tell you what, whether. It's any, community, you talk about but, if you take a look at those numbers from, pre. Virus. But. You take a look at them in a year from now you watch and you're 401's, right now your 401 KS I don't. Think you want to have somebody else playing, with them because you're just about at a record, high and you, put the wrong person, in they, will be obliterated, they will be obliterated, so. We're fighting for school choice because. We know that access. To. Education is. The civil right. The civil right. School, choice. Could, you ever see two parties, so diametrically, opposed, to each other I mean it's. Who, can be opposed to that but. It's so important, but the Democrats, will never ever allow that to happen last month, we returned, American. Astronauts, to space aboard. American Rockets, for, the first time in nearly a decade and the, United, States will be the first nation, to. Plant our beautiful, American, flag on planet, Mars. And we. Destroyed. We. Destroyed. 100%. Of the. ISIS. Territorial. Caliphate. And. The. Savage, terrorist, monsters, al-baghdadi, and, Kasim, Salome, nee they, are both dead. Hundred. Percent. Hundred. Percent of the Isis Caliphate er when I took over that Caliphate, was gold like this it was a mess but we destroyed, it no, administration. Has accomplished. More in just. Three and a half years it is I mean I could go after those are just a few points I could talk for. An hour and a half just reading the points off you know that yet. As you know in recent months. America. Is face down that. Unseen. Enemy. The. Virus from the. Distant, land that spread across the globe and invaded. Our shores but invaded, the shores of think, of it 88. 188. Nations, I have. A friend he's a very smart guy said I didn't know there were that many nations, I said actually, go over 200. But. 188. Nations. That we know of I love you too thank you. Thank, you and. Tomorrow the fake news will be said he said he loves my buddy. He, said he loves somebody. Terrible. Terrible. I'll. Be a big trouble the fakers. They. Are terrible. People who. Are the to food the people that stood up I just wanna set up lists who said I love you that's. Whoa. Sit, down fast please that, don't let them see you. That's. A lot of press back there look at that. That's. The problem they cover all these speeches you know I never have a speech done I never have a speech where it's not like live television. You, know sometimes you'll have one where you can actually speak. And you don't have to worry about like one little slip one. Tiny little slip, one word you. Could say ten speeches, one little word they'll say he's. Lost it. No. You. Know who's lost it sleepy. Joe has lost. In, response, we took swift and early action, to. Ban travel, from China.

Very Very early remember. Nancy. Pelosi and that crazy group. Nancy. Pelosi. She. Wanted to dance in, the streets of Chinatown, in San Francisco, long, after, I banned China from coming here we. Saved, tens. Of thousands, of lives with that early decision. And, then we made an early decision on, Europe. Yet. Liberal lawmakers, and Democrat, politicians, condemned. This policy, the, left rejected, science in favor of their. Fanatical. Devotion to. Open borders they want open borders not just our southern, border, this. Is why the left, is so dangerous they. Always, put, their, ideology. Before. Your, safety, it's, crazy, what's going on defund. And abolish. The. Police how is that a good idea. You. Know I passed a. Set, I was in the White House and there was this set. And it, had dem. Say. Think. Of it, defund. In abolish I said. What are they gonna do fun no, I said it says defund, and abolish I said what, what, are they gonna defunded, abolish I thought it was gonna be something they said the, police I said all great, I just won the election, that's. So. In addition to issuing, a series of aggressive travel, bans my administration. Launched the greatest, national mobilization. Since. World, War two we, have done such a great job with this between the ventilators, and all, of these things including, testing. We're testing, so much we're, now up to twenty, seven point five million. Tests. I thought it was twenty five because it seemed like 25. Million, 27, they just told me, twenty-seven. Point five million tests now when, you have all those tests you have more cases so. The news covers it they have more cases. Well. Yeah if you're gonna do 20 and if let's say other, countries, do 1 million 2, million big countries 3, million now. Four weeks ago Germany was a 3 million test so I don't know what they are now but I know they're not anywhere, near where we are so. Then they'll say we. Have more cases now look we. Want to do testing, we want to do everything but they use it to make us look bad but. Because of it our mortality. Rate, is so low it's, so great what's happening, so, we want to tell. So, we do all these tests, and we, find pockets so we find people and we find cases and they say the cases have jumped instead. Of saying what a job we're doing with testing, but we did the job with testing, and we. Did. Ventilators. And we. Did we came up with tests that nobodies we have so many different types, of tests we have the five-minute test the ten-minute test we, have tests you send him to a public lab but privately we have tests it's. A lot of tests and. Other. Countries, that have done very well with testing, they call us they say there's nobody that's been able to do the job with that you've done now the only ones I can't get, to say that are the fake news media people they can say. Someday. It'll be recognized, by history. Someday. But. Our actions, in your selfless, sacrifice, and that's what it was saved hundreds, of thousands, of lives we had to do it and, we did the right thing and I'll tell you what we.

Did The right thing now, we opened we got to get it open because you know I said gotta, get it open people needed you know people get sick from the other also, it's not just from the virus that gets sick from all. Of the other things that happen you know what I mean we. Cut through red tape to, accelerate. Breakthrough. Therapies, and vaccines, we're, gonna have a vaccine very soon we. Distributed, 1.5. Billion pieces, of personal protective. Equipment we. Unleashed, the, medical, and, logistical. Power of the United, States military, and thanks. To our efforts. Not a single, American who needed a ventilator, has, been denied eventually, that's impossible. Remember. When the New York governor Governor Cuomo said he needs 40,000. Ventilators, though people said no no you need 4,000. Maybe. 5,000. Anyway, we got him what we thought was right they never needed all of them in fact they gave some to other people but he didn't need 40 40,000. As opposed. To, 4,000. Or 5,000. Then. It worked out great then he wanted a hospital, built in the, Javits, Convention Center. We built it but he didn't use it he could have used it for the older, people it, was brand-new, not infected. No infection, then he wanted the boat he wanted the boat to come up the, beautiful, beautiful hospital. Ship you know what that is called right and it. Came up they. Could have used it for senior, citizens, they didn't use it and, it's. A shame it's, a shame it's. A shame we're. Now, the. Chief enta later producer, anywhere in the world we're helping other countries, with ventilators, because ventilators, are very hard to make they're very complex, they're baked in expensive, and many, countries are calling us asking for help they need ventilators, and were able to do it because we're making thousands, of ventilators. Think of the thousands, of ventilators, a week. And. To. Rescue the US economy which is happening now we pass over three trillion dollars, in relief. Measures we. Suspended, student, loan payments, and interest for, college students. And to protect jobs for young Americans just. Like you, we took historic, action to block the, entry, of foreign workers, into, our nation. And. We believe that companies should hire American. Workers and American. Students. First they have to have we got to go American, we got to go man you know, we were down to three point four three point five percent unemployment. And that's one thing but now we got to get it back to those numbers then we can think right that we can think about taking people in through merit only, through merit or. Mostly through a merit I better say mostly, because they'll say that's a terrible, thing. You. Know you can't make a little, bit of a slip, they'll. Say he said only what, about this what about that, generally. Speaking we like merit. We. Want American, students, to fill American, jobs that's, the biggest difference, between us, and the. Left we know that our first duty is to, take care of our citizens. Make. America. Great again. So. Before the play came in, we. Had the best of everything we. Had the best interest, rates we had the best unemployment. Rates we had the best job numbers, ever we had everything. Unemployment. For african-americans. Hispanic, Americans, Asian, Americans, had. All reached the lowest rates, ever recorded. In the history of our country. It's, amazing, how many categories, young. People, young, people without a high school diploma young. People, without a college, diploma, we were number one on every list you can think of women. 75. Years, not. As good I'm sorry. But. It was getting ready to hit the all-time. Women. It was the best in 75, years so I have to apologize, could you believe that we, did the best in 75, years and I apologize, to women but, we. Were ready to hit the all-time, and then, we got hit, by something that should have never happened because they could have stopped it young.

People, Had seen their wages rise, by more than 10 percent they'd, never seen anything like that. We. Built the strongest and, most prosperous. Economy. In the history of the world and we, will do it again very. Very quickly it's happening, already. We've. Just added two and a half million jobs last, month. Think. Of that that's the largest increase. In the history of our country two and a half million jobs in one month, and. Just. To add the topping, as I mentioned, the. 18%, in. Retail. Sales the surge was the biggest jump ever, recorded. In this Shiva country the stock market, in. The. Last 50. Days is, the. Best stock, market, in history and went up today again by the way think. Of that. Figure. Go, back a week. Fifty. Days the. Strongest, 50, days in stock, market, history this is during, hopefully. The end of, the pandemic. But. As we fight to restore renew. And rebuild our country the, hard left is trying to divide. Denigrate. And destroy, our country, the American people. Have. Watched in horror as left-wing, extremists. Have looted, businesses. Violently. Assaulted. Innocent, civilians. And brutally. Injured hundreds. And. Hundreds. Of police, officers, are great policing officers. They. Even, vandalize, that's, right, the Lincoln, Memorial, the Lincoln, Memorial. The, radical, left thinks, the future. Belongs. To them no the future belongs to you it belongs to people that love our country. So. We're not going to take borrow lectures. From. The same. Left-wing. Ideologues. Who. Oppose school choice who. Support, deadly, sanctuary. Cities, who. Wanted to fund our police, to fund, an abolish, our police think. Of it the fund it abolished is now their theme and. Who. Preside over the, violence, and mayhem of the 20. Most dangerous. Cities in America, 24, 20 20, most dangerous, run by Democrats and, it'll, happen to our country if, a guy like Jill Biden gets in because, Joe Biden has, no control over what's, happening they. Won't even be talking to him the. Murder rate in Detroit, and Baltimore.

Is Higher than that of El. Salvador, Guatemala or. Afghanistan. But. The left launches know protests. Over, these. Travesties. The travesties, because. It doesn't serve their radical agenda think. Of that tougher. Than Afghanistan. All. Run by Democrats. While. Their movement, is based on hate ours. Is based on love love. Of our family, love of our nation, and love of our fellow, citizens. We, embrace the noble, vision of, Reverend. Martin Luther King, jr., and believe. That people. Should not be judged based. On the color of their skin but, the content of, their, character. This, is a choice of two futures. The. Left's vision, of, disunity. And discord, or our, vision, of equal. Opportunity. And equal justice. Every. American, should take a long. Look at the. Bedlam in Seattle, because. That's exactly what, we'll come to. Every city near you, every. Suburb and, community. In America, if the, radical, left Democrats. Are put in charge. They. Want to abolish ice. Do. You have any idea how, patriotic. Ice, people are I know they, are very tough I agree. They're, very tough I agree they like to fight I agree. But. You don't want to do it look I'm looking at some pretty tough guys right here look you're, not gonna do it he's, not going into a into. An ms-13 nest. Swinging. Swinging now these. Guys are tough they're, smart, they're. Getting them out by the thousands. That take in ms-13, out of our country by the thousands. They. Want to Bala scheisse get. Rid of ice abolish, bail, they want no bail anymore just you know we put you in for murder it's okay come back whatever you ever chairs you. See what's going on in some places like Philadelphia what's. Happening in Philadelphia, what's happening in other. Cities. Look. At what's going on in Chicago what's, that all about, Chicago. Is a great city. But. They want to abolish borders. And. Abolish. Every, Police Department in. The country the, Democrats, are also trying, to rig the election by. Sending, out tens, of, millions, of mail-in, ballots, using. The China virus. As the. Excuse, for allowing, people not. To go to the polls say we have a virus, coming we have to send think, of it California, he's. Gonna be sending out millions. And millions, of ballots. Well. Where. Are they going, where these ballots going who's. Getting, them. Who. Is not getting them. Little. Section that's Republican. Will. They be stolen. From mailboxes. As they get put in by the mailman, will. They be taken, from the mailman, and the mail women. Will. They be forged, who. Is signing them, who's signing them what have they signed at a kitchen table and scented. Will. They be counterfeited. By, groups, inside. Our nation. Will. They be counterfeited. Maybe. By the millions, by foreign, powers who. Don't want to see Trump, win because nobody. Has, been tougher, on trade. Or making our, country, great again nobody. Know. Mail-in, ballots, is a disaster. For our country. It's. Gonna end up in a big fight you know look look just just forget about all of this stuff forget, about speeches, and teleprompters, and all of that they. Send out millions of ballots who's getting them how. Are they delivered, who's. Not getting them think of it it's. Gonna be fraud, all over the place and if you look right now if, you, look right now look. At all of the disputes, to having on mail-in, ballots, a friend, of mine it was a great guy had. A son who passed away seven years ago seven. Years ago he. Came to see me the other day he. Said they just sent to my son Robert a mail-in. Ballot he, died seven years ago, there's. No way they can control that. With. Mail-in ballots. You. Introduce. Something. In the middle of an election year, and, you. Have something where it's. Very complex, you have no time to, fix. This very complex, process it's, very complex, this. Will be in my opinion the most corrupt election in the, history of our country and we, cannot. Let, this, happen they, wanted to happen so far. We. Believe in the sacred, principle, of one person one vote and, that's, why we are fighting for, the integrity, of our, elections. Absentee. Ballots, are, fine. Absentee. Ballots, are fine. Like, I live in, the. White House and. If I can't get to Florida or, you, live. Wherever you live you can't but you have to go through a process some, people just can't make. It to a polling, station and they have good reason but they have to go through this process in order to, verify.

Their Identity. People. Went to the polls and, voted during World War one they. Went to the polls and voted during World War two we. Can safely go to the polls and vote, during. Kovat. Nineteen. And, there's tremendous evidence, of fraud, whenever. You have mail-in, ballots, and frankly. If we are really going to protect your elections, and some people don't want to hear this we. Must, have voter. ID. So, as long as I'm president America, will. Be a land, of fair laws swift, justice and, Safe Communities and, that's, why when rioting. And looting broke, out in our nation's capital, I quickly deplore, I came. In I deployed, the National Guard. Very quickly mark. Meadows was there we had a lot of our people there we. Stopped the violence. We. Saved that incredible. Statue. You saw last night and restored. Peace and order to. The streets although I will tell you they did great damage to the cannons, that were on the ground they did great damage but, we'll get them fixed, we'll get them fixed. Lock. Them up yeah lock them up. It's. Incredible, how they can do it credible. Where, they did damage. We're. Lucky we just got there in time you throw the ropes going up we got there just and I'll tell you a law enforcement did a great job they rushed him they. Rushed. And these, people fought back and the law enforcement, was much tougher much sharper much better they really, had, no trouble, handling him it was like handling, a baby for them was just like a baby, a lot. Of spoiled, people's in that group you know a lot of spoiled lot, of spoiled rich people saying, what are you doing here, I've. Also made clear that any rioters, damaging, federal property, into facing our monuments, will, face severe, in lengthy criminal penalties, ten years. Many. Of the young people here today have had your. Own encounters. With left-wing. Extremists. Such as an tyfa joining. Us today are two students, from north carolina state university great. Place great state chris. Thomas and jack bishop, please. Come on up fellas come on. How, are you guys thanks. Awesome. Listen. Thank you so much mr. president it's, great to be out here in Phoenix this, is the first time I've ever been here and I've gotta say it's been the experience, of a lifetime. And. Listen. I'm going to keep this short and sweet I just, want to say that conservative. Censorship, on campus, is real, and it's happening all, across the country all the time. This. Past year at NC. State we, were having a event, our turning-point, chapter was for. Charlie kirk and laura trump at her alma mater NC, State and, we. Were posting, ads advertisements. In our free, expression tunnel, where you're allowed to paint whatever you want we, were making some advertisements. And we. Had about 20. Socialist. Thugs roll, up from an tyfa and from the young democratic, socialists, of america. Now. Now. For our trouble, of course they rolled, up and attacked us and they started spraying all over the, work. That we had just done and for, my trouble, of I, stood, the line and tried, my best to, to. Control keep, them from from, defacing. Our ads and for my trouble, I was spray-painting in the eye.

And. Unsurprisingly. Of, course the school did nothing, there's. A surprise. And. They. Let aunt Eva run roughshod over our, event they, let them in the in the room. With us they were protesting screaming. So loud that you could barely hear the speaker's the entire time and of. Course NC. State like many administration's, across the country does the will of the radical, left. Meanwhile. Conservatives. Across the country, are punished, and blacklisted. Merely for expressing, our own opinions. We're, ostracized, and ousted, with no support whatsoever from. The administration. But. Let me tell you when administration's. Across. The country do the will of the left of the left and cater to the mob it's, our duty as conservatives. To stand up and to fight for our rights and to fight for our nation and to fight for our guy. And you, know mr. president mr.. President my dad congressman. Dan bishop he likes to say that you like to say that he's not a choker, and. Let, me tell you mr., president, us, college, conservatives, we ain't chokers, neither. We're, gonna win this election we're. Gonna take back the house we're. Gonna keep the Senate and we're gonna get four more years of the Brest presidency. Of my lifetime the, presidency, of Donald, J Trump. Thank. You god, bless you and God bless the, United States of America. Mr.. President, thank, you so much isn't honored, to be here with you today thank. You for giving attention, to our situation, when the mainstream media back there wouldn't, touch the story. Conservatives. Across this, country are, treated, different, every day by their professors, and other students, on campus I, was, mocked by a leftist, on my campus not for my conservative beliefs, but, for a medical condition I have that impacts my hair growth and my ability, to sweat I'll. Learn that when these leftist ideas fail they, resort the personal, attacks because, they have no facts to back up their radical beliefs. Imagine. How much of, a, fit the mainstream, media would have thrown at 15, to 20 kids and Magga hats had come up and spray-painted, a kid in the eye and, made some of someone else for a medical condition they, have our. School north carolina state did not do anything, about this they didn't discipline them and it was no coincidence that the antifoam, logo showed, up on the free expression tunnel, the next, day. We. Are blessed to have a president, like you that is devoted to protecting free, speech on college campuses, and Thank You president, trout and students, for Trump let's keep America, great. Great. Job fellas thank you. So. You, know I signed an executive order, as you know and based. On what I'm just hearing you should maybe be, talking to Charlie or somebody around here about defunding that school because that's. That's. Exactly what. The, executive, order was based on so. You. Talked to the people maybe. Have your father calls father's, a great congressman done, a great job so. Say, hello to him but, you talked to them that's exactly, what it was for we did something that was. Radical. But it wasn't radical to me you. Have to be heard and if you can't be heard let's. Talk about it okay. As. The radical left inflict. Violence on, American, streets they're also. Waging. War on timeless. American, values. Like freedom, of speech which. Is what we're just talking about anyone. Who dares to speak the truth is, canceled. Censored. Deep platformed, fired expelled, harassed, abused. Boycotted. Deprived. Of a livelihood, or, even. Physically. Assaulted. Those, times will be changing, first soon you. Can judge a movement, by its behavior. And the. Young Patriots, here today. Don't. Destroy property. You. Don't burn buildings. You. Don't punish the, centers and. You don't try to erase, the, people, with. Whom you disagree. It's. Called, civilized. To people you civilize, people. And yet remember I said this you're, civilized, but you're much tougher than.

The Other side you much time. You. Conduct yourselves, with honor integrity, and, dignity because, you know the truth the facts and the, history all on your side. We're. Joined today by, Reagan. Escora. A student. At Northwestern State. University. Of Louisiana. Reagan. Became a target, of liberal cancel, culture, when. She dared to stand up for a Christian, values, instead. Of bowing to political. Correctness Reagan. Please come up and say a few words. Well. Thank you mr. president for being here today with all of us and for, inviting me up here to tell of my experience, with canceled, culture, my. Name is Reagan ska I graduated, from Northwestern State, University. Of Louisiana in 2019. And I started, my first job at, a small, private insurance, company in Louisiana, a few. Weeks ago amidst, all this chaos that we're seeing with the black lives matter movement I made a video on my Instagram, and I, talked about how, disappointed. I am in the, church's reaction, to, the black lives matter movement. I've. Seen pastors, call, for. White. Congregants. To kneel and, to. Apologize. And. To. Apologize for, the skin that God gave them and. I. And I addressed these evangelical. Pastors, and leaders and, and reminded. Them that, racism. Is a problem, in the heart it is a sin problem that, cannot be resolved. By any law, protest. Or, March. And so. Of. Course, my. Leftist, followers. Didn't, appreciate this message at all I had. My name blasted. All over social media and. People. Told me you know I'm ashamed, to have ever called you my friend I've lost, all respect for, you I. Love. Y'all and. So. An. Ex, co-worker, of mine made, a post, on Facebook about me calling me racist, and homophobic and, she, listed my place of employment and called, for people to call my employer, and have me fired. There. Were death threats made. To the owners. There. Were threats to knock down the building law enforcement, had to get involved and due. To the, crazy. Reaction, from the leftist mob my employer told, me that they came, to the conclusion that they, needed to terminate, my employment. But. Here's the thing here's, the thing. Losing. My job is, a small, price to pay when God's name is being glorified. And he, will always make his name known. But, I share, I share this, story with you I share. This story with you because what happened to me is just, a small example of something that's happening on a much larger scale in our nation and. Jemima. Was. Canceled and if, you didn't know Nancy. Green the original, first aunt jemima she, was a picture, of the American dream she. Was a freed slave who. Went on to be, the face of the pancake syrup that we love and have. In our pantries, today. She. Fought for equality and now. The leftist, mob is trying to erase her legacy and. Might. I mentioned, how privileged, we are as a nation, if our, biggest concern is a bottle of pancake syrup. And more, recently. We're. Seeing a call for statues, of Jesus Christ to be torn down. Now, I'm a little confused here because last week Jesus was a social justice warrior and this week he's the, face of white supremacy, and. Jimmy. Kimmel has been calling our president racist for years and it turns out he's the racist. There's. There's, governors, that are getting away with wearing blackface, that's just sliding under the radar so. I want, to encourage you all to stand. Firm, in your beliefs, we. Need truth, we need hard cold facts and truth now more than we ever have before and we are so blessed to have a president, who, stands, on the frontlines, walks. Through the fire every, day. To. Fight for our god-given. American. Freedom. Do. Not apologize, to. The mob and thank. You president, Trump for never apologizing. To the mob for, always standing firm, for. Being here for the American, people and for fighting, for our best interests, because you are the change that we need to see in America. Thank. You. Thank, You Reagan that, was beautiful, you. Know. As your story reminds, us Reagan true, courage is defying, the left's. Orthodoxy. Not. Submitting. To we don't submit nobody, should be submitting, because. We're winning and we're going to win but.

You Don't submit the, fake news progressive. Companies, right there they're right back there watching us and other. Institutions. Merely. Toeing, the left-wing. Line, have, sacrificed, their intellectual, credibility. And professional. Integrity they have very little integrity, left some, of them have none. You're. The ones taking, real risks you're, showing real guts and making. A virtuous, stand, with. The rise of social media massive. Multinational. Tech, companies, have tried to clamp, down on American, democracy, that even means on me and. As. Everyone knows, they're. Using their enormous power to silence conservative. Voices you know that it's. Not even close I don't even think they're hiding it anymore. To. Protect our democracy I, signed, an executive order, to remove, legal, protections, for social. Media companies, that unjustly, censor, American. Citizens. The, radical, left is also working to eliminate free, speech on our college, campuses, with. Us today is, near. More a student, at the University, of st. Thomas in Minnesota, whose. Experiences. Persecution. Firsthand, dear please. Come up please. First, I just want to say thank you to mr. president for having me on stage today. So. If. You didn't know much about Minnesota. About a month ago I'm sure you've seen us in the headlines over the past few weeks the. DFL, is successfully, moving our state farther, to the left more and more each day, now. That isn't because people aren't conservative, in Minnesota it's. Because they're hell-bent on demonizing. Us at every turn I. Began. My career working. In politics with turning-point USA. Unfortunately. Due to the leftist culture of my campus, at North Hennepin we. Were shut down almost immediately, and we refused, official, recognition. I was. Told by the faculty, that, political groups were not welcome, on campus, however, they, had multiple leftist, groups that, supported, but. The black lives matter movement. They were pro-abortion, and. They've, advocated for, Bernie Sanders. Our. Governor. The. Mayor and, I our governor. The, mayor of Minneapolis and. The. Representative. Of the fifth congressional, district in Minnesota, are all, Democrats, but, for whatever reason, the. Republicans, and the, president, take the blame for what has taken place. Unfortunately. The, murder of George Floyd has, created, absolute, chaos in my state of Minnesota. They. Have. My. Place. Ever. Since the murder of George Floyd I have not seen as much division, deceit. And destruction, in, my life. Black. Lives matter only makes a scene during election, years how. Convenient, that they made the biggest thing of all during, the year of the most important. Election, of our time. Black. Lives matter is only about police brutality once. Every four years in between. They're, heavily funding, a push for leftist and lgbtq+. Agendas. The. Black community's culture, is naturally, very conservative. So, they mask their, hidden agendas, and play on the community's, biggest fear. If black. Lives matter truly, cared about black lives they, would not have allowed the riots to destroy black businesses, and black communities. If they cared about black, lives they. Would defund, Planned, Parenthood. If, black. Lives matter, cared, about black lives they, would adjust the astronomically. High numbers, of black on black crime in inner cities. They. Try to paint us as the bad guys for not supporting the organization, but. It's not the. Same black lives matter I think. There's very few conservatives. That believe black lives don't matter. We, do believe black lives matter. We. Just believe they all matter not, just the lives the, left chooses, to exploit I. Am. The field director, for Ilhan, Omar's, Challenger, lacy Johnson.

Here's. The first Republican. In Minnesota. To. Have black. Lives matter activists. And lifelong. Democrats, want to hear what he has to say. Because. Of that they've, tried to silence us at every turn people. Are fed up and they're getting nervous. They. Will. Stop at nothing to keep art their hold on us even, if that means lying to the very people they're supposed to represent. Mr.. President, I just want to say thank, you for being a great example of, a big tent Republican, the. President, has never needed the black vote to win but. He has still done incredible, work with prison reform, Loren, black unemployment. Funding. HBCUs. And stimulating. The black community, with, Opportunity. Zones. All, without pandering. Once. Upon a time the. President, asked the black community, what, we had to lose we. Didn't have anything but, now we do. Thank. You mr. president. Wellthey're. I want to just tell you first of all thank you very much and so heartfelt I could see that, and I, also issued, a historical. Executive. Order defending. Free speech and all. Of this is on college, campuses, and I will tell you that it's. Something that's being used by people, like Charlie and used very well and it's opening, up a whole new voice then, it's my honor to have done it under my order any college, that refuses, to let, you speak stands, to lose billions, of dollars in terms of the Oval Office. So. We've done a lot we've. Really gone very, far we've. Taken it to a level that nobody has ever taken it and it's, my honor to have done it it's, people, like you that I do it for when you think about it it's people like you you're going to be the ones you're going to be the ones that are. At. The crossroads of. History. That's where you are right now you're at a crossroads. Everything. Our forefathers. Built everything. Generations. Passed they. Shed their blood to defend the very survival, of our freedoms, our rights and our, Republic, they're. All at stake this is a very big time in our country it's. A time like perhaps no other, but. Standing here before you today I have never been more confident. That America, will rise to. New heights of great dis and glory, because. Your generation, is proving, that your hearts are filled with the fire and the. Fervor, of, true. American. Patriots. The, great spirit, of righteous, defiance. Stirs deep within, yes either it's. The same spirit that drove America's, freville endures and. Frontiersmen. People. That built. Our nation. People. That succeeded, people, that worked hard people that failed. People. That failed. Some. People failed and then they made it bigger than anyone. Would have ever believed possible. To. Defend all of your liberties, to secure. Your. Independence, it established, this noble, Fortress, of freedom, it's. The same spirit, that, compels. Each of you to stand strong against, the dull. Mindless. Soul-crushing. Conformity. Mandated, by far left pundits, professors. And liberal. Politicians. They're. Taking our country in the wrong direction and. It's. The same fierce, and, untamed. American, spirit, that will lead the young patriotic. Americans. Of this generation, to serve our country and you, will serve it wel

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