Transition to sustainable energy - VPRO documentary - 2010

Transition to sustainable energy - VPRO documentary - 2010

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Slovenia, Hungary Bulgaria and, Poland are, already. Completely, cut off from the Russian gas supply, Turkey. And Greece have expressed, their concern, that, if the Uzbekistan, gas boycott, continues. They, too will. Be in short, supply, and. Then of course the question would be well what price does Russia want for. The gas you might then have Russia saying ok, we will restart, gas deliveries, to Poland but at a much higher price in return, for a big. Chunk of pones energy at destroido. Because. I think really gas form is not accompanied, it's more like a ministry, it's. The gas ministry, of the old Soviet Union but. Listed on the new york and london stock exchanges it's. A new kind of animal and i think we should look at it much more in terms of a state agency with a little hefty dose intelligence-gathering. And, also, to some extent as a kind of cartel. Or if one wants to be unflattering, or mr. kind of mafia syndicate. Gasps. Promoting misters accrued. Axanar, obsessed, Oh atrocious. Truth poker party, no problem. Sugestion. Astronomist. Repeats. New mode panel' Pradera, Gaza. European. Rihanna's. Acne prodigy gasps Oh Dody, honest approach in Eden, Ibiza. TV delicious, sushi straight anymore, fish. Pie. Otto, Luisa, Christina passed on Gaza Europe, Etta. Finanza. Look at the straw. The, way the setna promises, a free new RunAs papaya chicas even, as buddies roberta an, epochal poet you got some crap shoot honesty truth. Honesty, pipeline. Power sex is one, of the instruments, of russian foreign policy and it's basically, aimed at increasing the. Dependence. Of European, countries on monopoly. Russian. Gas, supplies, so. It means building. North stream which. Hooks up Germany, to Russia directly, and allows Russia to put therefore more pressure on the, transit, countries, of Belarus, Poland Ukraine. Czech. Republic Slovakia and, so on it, means, trying to stop, Nabucco, which, is the West's best, chance of having some, independent. East-west. Gasp attack capacity, that's the pipeline, from. Central. Asia and the Caucasus up through turkey into the Balkans and then Central Europe and Russia has done a very good job in blocking that and it's, done a good job in promoting its alternative, of South Stream which is a pipeline, across the Black Sea tremendously. Expensive, which. Was then send Russian gas into, the Balkans and make Nabucco. An economic. We. Have to diversify the sources, of supply. From. All, for all of Europe so we can get a wide. Range of supplies, and not. Be so dependent on Russians, price particularly, in the East. Nate, Lanka do name in that Mahara project, north strong powerful. Mosquito metal on a plane the Europa, and directed, bidding hey Patricia Kaas felled. Osprey. Head this hood, design. In. Granada. Photo Havana, Tov. Gazprom, take. A demo we are the contract met, the Cassini. Center. Bow is Niko Putin Stoke, range a kavkaza spaces, resist, Eva's opposes. Procedures, Copa d'Oro say, OSA Joshua, Barrabas gas, procession. En la Rosa. Iike. Donna's, ludica torpedoes political, party, or says oh you, crazy gasps euros, a user Yasuo. Destroyed. Berta Marcia. Epidural. Asteroid. Opponent, robust, open Ebola problem so courageous, Volusia, por esto. Por sus casas lenient, at. Octopod. Sir muy. Near as emissions. Conservatory. That. Distressed. Or abroad, poor posture. Supership, reproduces, Saragossa. User natial. Are arrested, to shrimp or chicken series, we're. Abilities, continuously routine, to zucchini what. Gas from has seemed more russia has seen is that once you have a presence, in a country's, energy.

Infrastructure. And energy companies. You can then develop that into a political presence, as well. We. Began to see that in Germany for example where, Russia, sees Germany, as its most important, partner within Europe and that's, a rather unhealthy. Symbiosis. And. So we see an. Otter stream gas pipeline, which is very threatening, of the energy security of, countries. Like Poland conceived, in secret, supported, by Gerhard schröder when he was Chancellor and now, being built by a consortium, in, which he's the chairman and that really it, would strike some people as quite scandalous and, so, I think that really exemplifies the. Way in which Russia has managed to get. The top. Officials, in European, countries. Into. This very unhealthy, mixture, of business and politics and I've actually coined the name for this the shredder, is at sea the Schroder ization, of Western, Europe. We. Are losing the chance now, to, determine our own future in, energy and, gas from despite, all its corruption, incompetence. Is, playing, a much better game of chess than where. Europe. Is attractive seeded with. Herpes cases, many unknown, Watson. Trishna concepts opposite zeros user so, to Chesterton - I see we emit promise, perhaps a gas stove. With oven in Joseon gasm poor duck attack de cacao, we once car what's opposites. Aurora. Su look. At. The physics, Krueger Rosa. Etiologies. Costa, energy. Catalina. Holes of sustain permanent, aesthetically. An energetic. Scale politic, initiatory. The. Russian made the precision, in character moody in Jetta my. Mother she don't work for Naropa. We. Don't have a European on so we don't you have a national answer, because we are not suited, our system is not set up to, deal, with this kind of hybrid. Commercial. Political on. Approach. From the Russians and actually, we need to move away from gas all together because gas is a great. Feed. Stock for petrochemicals. It's a very valuable thing it, doesn't really make sense to, burn it for heating this, is a bit like burning, vintage, cognac, to keep yourself warm. The. Huskies, is in a toaster, so, half of all butters in the cow in the comment is it, who. Sees admit the under liquids by relations either the. Olli, it. Hurts the Dale from home sir Olli what no states for forward best hip over say a. Saudi. Oil tanker. Carrying two million, barrels of oil has, exploded, and sunk, in the Strait of Hormuz, in the Persian Gulf the, 25. Crew members appear not to have survived, the incident or. Sea. Traffic through the Persian Gulf has been severely, disrupted. The. Strait of Hormuz, is one of the main arteries, for the transport, of oil from the Middle East. Bad. News. The. Mackerel under lungs international. Olli and defensive specialist of, the horror whose own cases is so beautiful taken I. Think. It's very very possible and.

More. Potential, of happening, than not. Took. Walt Oakville. The whole Niharika, loomed out high. Morale and leads, from a prestigious military, think, tank in Washington the. Military, advisory, board, we'd. Prefer to try to resolve. The situation with. The minimum amount of force as always but. We're prepared to do what, it takes to keep the keep, the place open. William. Felon, out at, me out they say ever. Malakas our food from the Americans, Central. Command in Bahrain. If. This is an indefinite. Prolonged. Nasty. Confrontation. With uncertain, outcome, everybody. Is going to hoard. The. Supplies. Ariel. Cohen is, energy, specialists better conservative, think-tank the Heritage Foundation. Added, an oil or simulates a spell on the Geiger but the effect is a design for none long do the holy blow card. There. Is no limit, if you absolutely have, to have the oil, to. What you have to do to, get it, Yusuf, Ibrahim, data. Firing, open that mirror osterhaus correspondent. For the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. If. You try to close the Strait of Hormuz, prices. Will go bananas, axel. Bush is Kenner from the only marked an energy. Experiment, at least below energy. Intelligence. It. Will be like the cold war, between the, US and Russia, where. You had to worry all the time about, a. Clash. Leading. To a world war and. Michael. Clare defensive. Specialist, and ohter from the book resource, wars Clare, force Pelt who would feel that energy, to court on from Alex our Latin for Navi el Toro. According. To naval authorities the, ship was hijacked yesterday. Off the, coast of Iran and then, loaded, with explosives. The. Incident, has been labeled, a terrorist, attack, they're. Very good at what they do they're, they're highly. You know they're very well armed, tactically. They're very good and so, once they get to a point where they can board it, becomes very difficult to, get them off I. Think. The United States will be making a lot of calls it depends, on who gets to the phone first. There'll. Be this famous, 3 o'clock in the morning phone. Call and, it'd probably be from the. Admiral. Commanding. The American, fleet, directly. To the White House in the center there's--it's agency. The. United States will be call in China he are we calling Russia the United States will be calling Europe. But there will also be a lot of phone calls going to all the heads. Of states around the. Gulf Saudi. Arabia, Kuwait. Enacted. Our bama rates well, I would call the, commander, of the u.s. naval forces Central. Command who happens. To be headquarter. To hit Bahrain, to get. From him a, sense. Of what he has available in the way of resources and. And, how quickly they might be able to deploy. There. Are certain. Places in the world, narrow. Channels. Between. Land, masses that. Are the most efficient, routes, for. Ships to travel and.

We, Call these, areas. Choke points the. Majority, of the, oil and. Gas is coming out, of the Gulf through, this Strait, of Hormuz this narrow area, between Iran the. UAE and, Oman, through. That narrow strip of water flows. Something. Like 15. Million barrels a, day of oil, 90%. Of the Arab, Gulf trading. Production that's. A huge amount of our. Insurance. Companies. Have now added a war premium, for, all ships operating, in the Persian Gulf. Analysts. Fear that it will take at least several, weeks or, even months, before, sea, traffic can resume to normal through the Persian Gulf we. Tend, to make, sure from the United States Navy that we have assets. Ships. And airplanes out, in. These regions. Because. They're the most important, and the most critical and the most easily disrupted if somebody wanted, to to. Play that card and. In 1978. Then. President Carter. Publicly. Declared the Carter doctrine which was basically his, thoughts on the national security of the United States that. If. Energy was disrupted, in the Middle East the flow of oil that, the United States would use military force to ensure that free flow of oil he. Demands collective, efforts to meet this new threat to security in, the Persian Gulf and in. Southwest Asia it. Demands a petition patient of all those who rely on oil, from the Middle East and who. Are concerned with global peace, and stability. An. Attempt, by any outside, force, to. Gain control of the Persian Gulf region. Will. Be regarded, as an assault on the vital interest of the United States of America. And. Such, an assault will be repelled by any means necessary. Including. Military force. So. President. Carter, created. The nucleus, of a new military, command, the Central, Command, or CENTCOM. As its called. That, today are the. Most important, military forces, we have those are the forces that operate in, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and. Throughout. The entire Persian. Gulf Central. Asian area so, a whole, new military. Bureaucracy new. Military, establishment. Was created. Specifically. For the purpose, of, protecting. The flow of oil from the Persian, Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz, to. The rest of the world. Until. Now no one has claimed responsibility for. The act but. American, and European, intelligence services. Have, strong, indications. That the action, is backed by a fundamentalist. Faction, within, the Iranian, Revolutionary. Guard the. Iranian government, have denied, responsibility, for. The attack the u.s.. Naval capabilities in. The, Gulf are overwhelming. They're much much stronger, than. Whatever. Iran can deploy however, Iran. Has an advantage it's. There, it's local. And. It, thinks. That it, has enough military power to cause a lot of damage now the question, is why would Duran, do that, if. There is a political crisis in the region for, instance of our Iran's nuclear ambitions. That. In. Retaliation for, economic. Sanctions against Iran encroached, by the Security, Council or anything like that. The, Iranian, might. Have. Some hit-and-run, action, in the Strait, whereby. Extremely. Uncomfortable for. Ship owners to citizenship. Satsanghis, through the Straits the. Iranian, Revolutionary. Guard specifically. Had been training, for 10, years almost. And. Developed. An, extensive. Fleet. Of very fast boats and. It's deniable. You say no no no it was not ours it was some. Sort of piracy. Of Somali, curse or whatever but. He was still everybody. Would know what it's going to happen be difficult, to prove it and. Life. Would become very uncomfortable, and again prices, will go through the roof. Iran. Also, we should remember is a, high.

Cost Producer. Unlike. Saudi Arabia, where you stick. A stick, in the ground and, oil comes out or, Iraq which, also has plenty of all Iran's. Oil is expensive so, it is in the Iranian interest, to drive, price of oil up so. Any kind of confrontation, or, hostilities. Around. That region is in the Iranian interest, Iran, is not interested, in, everything being peaceful. If. It is Iran which we suspect right that, that's, not acceptable and something has to be done we're gonna come in and clean it up and if you, get in our way it's it's, going to be a problem I mean those are the reality. Is you can't just let this occur we'd prefer to try to resolve. The situation with. A minimum amount of force as always but. We're prepared to do what, it takes to keep the keep, the place open for. All traders it was a day of panic, the, price of Brent oil rocketed. By one hundred and twenty five percent and, is, now up to three hundred and eighty dollars, a barrel, the. Price of gold has doubled, as investors. Search for a safe haven. The, soon as a to political thermometer, starts rising anywhere, in the world beaten on or. Nigeria. Or, Venezuela. Anywhere. Was always produced and the tension rises so. To surprise. The writer screen or the Bloomberg screen of whatever citizen traders desks bomb, explodes, in wherever. Up, for surprise instantly, because, people say nervous nervous nervous political. Tension how will it impact a lot. If, they stop producing or if something, happens, where. Would we go to find the extra. The, spare. Capacity. The. Conviction, that there is enough, oil no matter what happens that we loved goes short of all that's. The comfort cushion and that. Needs to be big enough that, the. World can cope with the supply disruption, somewhere, in the world is. The comfort cushion ie the spare capacity elsewhere. In the world big enough to. Replace that crude that something's been taken off the market because of civil. War or whatever. By the Persian Gulf oil would be stopped for. A period, of time could, be days, or could be longer. That. Immediately takes one quarter the oil off the market in the world. The, point about the comfort cushion is that it, is, an insurance. If. You yank the insurance, away people. Get frightened. In, Paris, energy. Ministers, met today at an International. Energy Agency meeting, to, discuss the release of the strategic, oil reserves, their. Emergency, stocks can replace 90, days of oil output, ie. The, International, Energy Agency which, is a party. Ontology always. The GE organization, of, industrialized. Countries have. In place the, tradition, where that, binds. His members to have opinion. A little bit unconscious, but brought us being 90, days of our suppliers, in reserve, in their countries, or in pipelines, or companies. Or whatever the. Problem is in many places they're not at the level, of 60 day as, we, wanted, 90, day supply. China. Doesn't have a big, supply. Japan, has some Europe. Has pretty, much like we do several, European, countries are, already facing, serious, fuel, shortages, Britain. Italy and France have, rationed, their petrol at the pumps seblak Ando we, craft Figueroa minimal imprecision, ante Arizona sodden oramed same feeling on aviators, and so she'd ever check a Dmitri Benzino scenario Dalida want a mandatory finita in an oil crisis. You're talking about the, today. You're, talking about, transportation. Being. Disrupted. You are talking about the. Export. Of things being disrupted, we are talking about movement of, merchandise. Across, the oceans. Being, interrupted, you're, talking about air transportation. Being, interrupted it's. A far. Greater, series because it's in exist tension.

Crisis. Sparrow. Citizens, occupies, the possible, a burka. So, come every month our Laspisa seonkyoung que la tierra Moncada, you, not to super mercado in. In a major, oil supply, crisis, the stress is overwhelming. And everybody. Is running, for. Their own barricade, and it was very interesting because i remember that the russians said ok well we have the strategic supply of oil that we can share with you provided. You recognize, our sovereignty, in Ukraine the, Caucasus, Central Asia, so, they, continued, with their geopolitical, agenda. Generally. Speaking not just with Russia there. Was very little in terms of morals. Or ethics. Or. Morality, when. It comes to the dollars and cents of the world business, aqua. Islamiyah announced, today on the Internet, that it will continue, to disrupt oil supplies, to, what it calls the, enemies, of Islam, it says. It plans to attack more strategic. Oil targets, what. Happens if for example the, big terminals, of Rasta. Noura or a boutique, in Saudi Arabia get, attacked and blown up that may be in a, way even worse than. The, Strait of Hormuz, why, with. The physical. Destruction of this, terminals, it, will take 2 3 4 5 years to, rebuild them then. We're looking at a massive game change, in the world because. The oil supply. As, we knew it will, no longer exist. And that. Will. Drive. Our civilization. Back. To the, pre. Energy. Of pre oil free. Transportation, years. The, UN Security, Council gathered today in New York for an emergency, meeting to, discuss the situation, in the Persian Gulf the mechanism. To, get to that point where the world says hi oh hang, on a second we don't want this there's, a UN Security Council. There's. No honor no other it is ineffective. It's. Politically. Naive, allocation. Allocation. Is politically corrupt but. It's the only one we have so. I would suspect the Security Council would make a pretty. Significant, statement pretty early, when. Was the last time you saw the United Nations, people, holding, hand. In hand around the Security, Council, hey. We spent days if, not months, acting, over it. Adopted. Resolution. The. History of the United Nations in handling, crisis. Of this, kind in the past 25. Years is to. Be completely, ineffective. The. Big scenario, we are discussing, is one of conflict. By. Definition. Being. United, and being in conflict or contradiction in, terms, Americans. Were will, attempt, to. Get. Sanctions. Including. Military sanctions. Against. Iran. Almost. Certainly. The Russians and the Chinese will, completely. Refuse, Russia. And China, are both, very, serious, allies. Of Iran, regardless. Of what the, internal, regime is because. They have the, military, sales on stats take Russia's. Selling, billions of dollars worth of equipment, to, Iran, they. Are looking, at, massive. Chinese economic. Development, including oil and, gas. So, there's a very close state-to-state. Relationship. Between China, and Iran, frequent. Visits, back and forth promises. Of close ties and, this, has historically, included. Military cooperation. Arms. Transfers and, military. Technology, the. Iranian. Military is, equipped, with Chinese. Military. Equipment. And and, military. Technology. The. Security, Council has issued a statement that, it's working on a resolution, with, strong, measures, against. Iran Russia. And China are more, reluctant and, will, abstain, from voting. Sallahu. Wa only waited, hoping she and her Joan Fontaine chose utilizes Shabana Ali James English huh just should an Elan since June she just had, drunk. Or julianka - Alicia Fabian me Chancellor. John found a niche huh the, Security Council has adopted the, resolution and. China abstained, I think. That, you. Are clear that I've met, the press several times that, from the very beginning that we found difficulties, with the, first draft that us present, it so that's, why we find many, elements, in the draft especially, in the first few drafts difficult. For China to accept, so. I don't know who got you eat Hope House you don't go after children beans in Kosovo, but, I want these routines inclusive, society, William Duncan attrition. Congeal, oh ha if. This is an indefinite. Prolonged. Nasty. Confrontation. With uncertain, outcome, everybody. Is going to hoard. The. Supplies. Everybody. Is going to fight against, everybody, else and they're. The role of China is going to be very important, I think China will take a very isolated. View of that it will protect its, own interests. It. Will be very wary of being labeled, an imperial, power they. Don't want that label if. It, will stick but they don't want it so. They will take be very careful of saying we are not intervene interfering, in anybody else's business or whatever you do, do.

Whatever You like but we will protect our chests and then. The question, is does, the US hair. A clout. A. Possibility. To pressure. Beijing. And Moscow, and in my book obviously, with Beijing, that, they. Owe so. Much of our debt they. Have more than a trillion dollars, of the, US debt our options, they are very limited. Visa. Vie China. That's. The major thing in the world I think by 2020, or 2025. Will. Be what, is China going to be is. China going to be a. Adversarial. Major. Power, what. The main players on, one side would be Russia and China, and. Central. Asian, countries. Collaborating. To. Supply. Each other with energy, and, to. Fend. Off the. Presence. Of the United States in, Eurasia. That, would be on one side on, the other side, would, be the United States. Japan. Australia. South. Korea. Maybe, Taiwan. Singapore. And. Malaysia the, Philippines. Coming. Around and India, as a counter. Block trying. To contain, Chinese. And Russian, power. Distances. Contacts portable, eschaton. Money, produced at. Non-motile. Is not. Easily disable. Conservation. Guru stupid. See you soon, after. Initial. Chromatin, coffee of course adds, up to zero Romania, mano, y ideals, rue de los grandes para ver de resistance. Decart, nostos. Rahman of shark. Is. A petition vijnana focus on photos. Of the newest most would parada. White gospels, are an, issue is right here to instruction. Is rules first no, would threaten its Kurdish the nearest, wall. Central. To all of this is that control, over, the sea lanes, that. Are, the way in which the energy flows with. The. U.s.. Block trying. To control. The, sea, lanes of communication, of. Transportation. And the. Russia. China block developing. Internal, lines of building new pipelines, in Central, Asia and Russia to, diminish their reliance. On sea, power. China. Is building an enormous naval, presence. For. What to, put to protect the supply routes from. Asaf. Ganot so on so China is enormous. A focus on a strategic need, to secure energy supplies, in the future as long, as China doesn't have a massive, fleet what, they do they'll put a. Naval. Base let's say in Burma and then, in Seychelles, Islands, or somewhere. There and then all the way to Africa so there will be a chain, of military. Bases that from those bases, they, can project naval, power with, smaller, ships, and. So this has become a justification. For. U.s.. Naval, expansion. Chinese. Officials, look, at the American, naval buildup and say this, is a threat, to our national security and. In, fact the. National. Intelligence, Council. Issued, this, year a scenario. In 2025. In which, US and Chinese. Naval, forces, engage. In, a, direct. Clash, in the Indian Ocean over. Persian. Gulf oil supplies. If US and China are. In, a conflict over Middle Eastern oil then. Probably, two or three options, present, themselves, one we. Find a solution somebody, gets on the phone somebody. Yells, that the other guy, threatens. Their the guy there the guy threatens, back then. They send you know the equivalent of dr. Kissinger, and some. Arrangement, is worked out second. They. Don't find that, arrangement. But. Nevertheless people. Don't shoot at each other people are saying look, both Americans, and Chinese are rational. Players, we, don't want the nuclear war but, you know world. Wars started, on smaller things than. Confrontation. On the lifeblood. Of the, global. Economy. This. Is the big worry so, that the US and China which, need this vast amount of imported. Oil will, be competing, with one another for, a. Diminishing. Of supply. Of exportable. Oil and I, foresee. A situation. Developing, already, where, the US and China are competing. For this oil by, forming, military, alliances. Competing. With one another with, arms transfers, with. Promises. Of military. Training, and military support. So. Militarizing. The, competition. All, over the world you see Chinese presence, that does economic. Development. But. It will change because the. Sword will. Follow the yuan chonghuan. Machine. Washes in robada John, Gorham in 1709, computer, eating Hong jeong-ho a Pakistan. The Quad City, supe chihuahuas, one chunk, walk was a juicy light hung shot Syngenta, no real Eric Watson Putin, Joey don't issue Trumbo, personally cPanel account, -, Akali Dal judicata, Antrim Bishop, Elton John goes home Qaeda shoe holder in your Co kanji, so.

Why Hugh, high want interesting, juncture Qaeda, 2040. Don't founder/ceo kanji is intelligent. One in. Quaternary. Important wrestling trooper. Holder changes, into a pigeon young, Colin ginger hide her tongue I think. The only people who have a contingency, plan and. Thus eliminate, one are the Americans, I think, the Europeans, have. Been, in, many ways. In. A coma when it comes to. The. Idea. Of conflict. At all they're whole, the. Whole thinking. Is, not. Conflict, in, the United States there's a there's, a toll-free, number called, 1-800. You dial the number one $800, you get a toll-free number well, I think the world thought of the United States is dial 1 800 US Navy that was every time there is a problem in the world they'd expect. The Navy to be out there and take care of it. But. I think you should think about this not only as a service. That, the United States performs. For the rest of the world but. Also as, a, hidden. Threat, that. It holds over. The rest of the world, that. If a kind of insurance, and it's a it's. A threat to Europe, and to, Japan, that. You cannot, stray, too far from. Us, in, your. Foreign, policy and key issues, because. The. Day may come when you, call, 1-800. US Navy, and we will not respond. And I, think the Europeans, in effect. In the end will. Prove to be, completely. Paralyzed, they, don't have a strategy. Their, only strategy is, it. Will not happen and let's. Pray that it doesn't happen if we believe in anything to pray to, and. Then. In the other day, let's, have the Americans, can solve it but, that's not a strategy. The. Dinos is dialogue, aerobic. Let's, bar, and. Also Stuxnet in the car we lost an those. Are the new motor hamdullah and, snell oak. We. Are in a transition. Period from, reliance, on. Traditional. Fuels fossil, fuels, oil coal. And natural gas. We know that, at some point in this century, they. Will cease to be the major source of energy and alternatives. Will be the. Main. Source of energy but. The transition, is taking too long and I'm afraid it will, drag, out and we'll have an intermediate, period, from, 2010, to, 2050. Or so in which, there's this real risk of conflict, over, the remaining fossil. Fuels that's the danger, period. At. On the shore of here the, functionality. In Neyland, oh, she. Definitely had that energy in basses impetus. Deserved. Well fired South Kona Peter himself the freiheit, fell in their automobile, died and, the. Need for what is totally, normal to, be to obey, them. Scream modalities. Of. Needful. Doom ease. As hell from all click McDermott. Death more human and we help well English theater in add more click market, my exceeded, Nitra burner and visual, talk meteorology, interests earring into marker. For. Cellphone fall for also key link in skiing or only click to mark and ever, could Hanukkah, duper what the Kenny economy. My eyes look Alice Waterloo pert/cost interests earring and hospital. But, taken total of mental element opening and oh, she done in a reporter, to my driver, and thermic, individualistic. Sasame Larry left the. Medic meet over the public. Did. Publica hoots masala, camp Roger Sierra. What. We have to do is to, shorten, that intermediate. Period, as much, as possible by.

Accelerating. The. Introduction. Of the alternatives. We're, not, introducing. Them, we're not developing them, fast, enough, it's, stretching, out it's gonna take too long we, have to, quadruple. Tenfold. Increase. An investment. In the. Alternative. So they become available on a very large scale much sooner, before. Oil, runs out that's. What we have to do. Thank. You for watching, for. More on this subject take a look at the playlist you, can also watch this recommended, video don't. Forget to subscribe to our Channel and we'll keep you updated on our documentaries.

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Hello everyone! This documentary is provided with English, French and Spanish subtitles in the Closed Captions! Do you feel concerned by our energy sources and the transition to sustainable energy? Let us know what you think would be the best scenario to save us all? Do you have better ideas than the politicians do? We took a poll here at VPRO, and the results were surprising: some of us bet on survivalism. What's your take?

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Hello Karanbir, We do not dub our documentaries. They are all subtitled in 3 languages: English, French and Spanish. You only have to click the CC button (Closed Captions) and use the Captions settings to select your preferred language.

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Similar scenarios are likely to emerge for Australia with regards to getting spare parts and critical chemical supplies by sea. We have our own gas supply but require other imports including oil.

Advanced nuclear is best technological energy solution in my opinion. Permaculture, conservation and biological diversity are needed. Biodiversity contributes to bio-security.

Nuclear energy is all fun and games until... Fukushima or Chernobyl.

And what of governments the west deems unfit to possess nuclear technology. It would mean proliferation for some, but not others. Nuclear energy should be banned for its potential to cause political instability, waste, and far-reaching effects should a plant suffer disaster. California decided to close its plants. Permaculture is wonderful. Decentralization and localization of energy should underpin all strategies as "chokepoints" going forward must be considered a supreme failure.

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What about when the oil and gas become worthless stranded assets? That doesn't depend on slowing of extraction technology development or even raw exploration, rather it depends on their obsolescence and replacement as energy sources. This scenario isn't far fetched since renewable energy resources are significantly less location dependent, and electrical power transmission technologies are rapidly developing allowing efficient off-shore wind with 25 MW turbines built away from coastal views, and for gigantic solar facilities like the floating one in Anhui, or the Longyangxia park in Qinghai in China.

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