Xinjiang Local Women Suddenly Surprised Me With ? ️

Xinjiang Local Women Suddenly Surprised Me With ? ️

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I am Uyghur Why are the police running? Because of war This area is sensitive This is how the police run There are cameras everywhere You will get angry You are my sister India Honesty Honesty? What happened? She is What are you doing? Amazing What a decoration Look at this Old Town New Old Town There is a restaurant I will go there later The stairs will look more beautiful at night Hey guys, welcome back It's 10 pm The weather is bad It rained a while ago There was a sand storm You can see the clouds The sky is black That's why the lighting is low As I told you It's 11 pm It's 10 pm It would have been better if it was day time I have an hour For daylight I am in Old Town Where are you from? I am from Pakistan I am from India I am from India Hindu Pakistan Where are you from? Anhui Where is Anhui? In China Are you here for a visit? Yes How many places? Today is my first day Why are the police running? Because of the war The area is a bit sensitive The police is running What is your next plan? I will stay here for a few days Do you speak Chinese? No Are you alone? Yes, I am alone Do you need any help? No, thanks Where is your stay today? There is a hostel nearby Do you have a contact number? Yes There are cameras everywhere CCTV cameras There are cameras everywhere You will get nervous There are cameras everywhere The police is running everywhere Everywhere The police is running I can't even tell you The police is running Hello They didn't respond In Beijing The police is not responding There are many police They are running everywhere They are running everywhere There are many police Everywhere I will try to talk to them Hello They are not responding I was trying to say hello But they are not responding The police is running everywhere It has started raining again The weather is not good I will show you the old town I will show you the old town I have to tell you a lot about it I have wasted a lot of time They are calling me to my hostel For passport They are taking my passport It took me a lot of time It doesn't happen in the world That it is 11 am It happens in the extreme corner In the extreme end In Scandinavia But in the lower part of the world It is 11 am in India Because the time zone of China is only one It is only one reason It is 10.30 am If it was not cloudy, it would have been another day Someone told me that the day starts very late In China and other countries The day starts at 7 am But here It will be empty at 11 am Around 12 am The work starts normally Everything is late here Because of the time zone difference The police is going again I am not going to talk to the police I am not going to say hello Some people are in the camera Some people are not coming to the camera I am not able to show them It is a very different situation It feels very strange here I saw something interesting while walking here It feels a little strange What is it? I don't have any idea Let's go inside and see The lady is cleaning She is wearing local clothes Let's see what it is It is an old house It looks like a traditional culture Hello What is this? This is our house My house You live here? Yes What is your name? My name is Salamat Kul Salamat Kul Ok You have a shop here This is our home Ok This is a local house It is an old traditional house It is colorful It is a very old painting It is a very old painting Hello Hello Are you a Hindu? Yes Do you know how to dance? Dance Dance Yes Dance Dance You are wearing a traditional cloth Uyghur Uyghur Uyghur The ethnic people here wear traditional clothes I am Uyghur Uyghur You are Uyghur You are Uyghur Yes Everyone here is Uyghur Ok You are Uyghur Hands Hands Chinese Hands Chinese Uyghur cap Uyghur cap Ok You are wearing a traditional cap What is the name of this cap? Dokpa Dokpa Ok Your name Ismail Ismail Ok How do you say hello in Uyghur language? Hello Hello Hello It is very difficult Thank you Thank you Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan Tajikistan Thank you Ok Goodbye Hello Hello What? What? I don't understand I don't understand I don't understand Hahaha She is speaking the local language She doesn't understand Uyghur language Hello Your father Ok Grandfather Your father or grandfather? Grandfather Ok Sister? Sister Sister My sister You are my sister Sister Brother Brother Brother Hahaha Very big family Big family Is she your sister? No Ok Hahaha She is from a big family Father Grandfather Your father? Where is your father? Where? Ok And your mother? Yes She is sleeping She is sleeping Hahaha Ok Hahaha You speak Chinese? No Indian Indian Indian Indian movie? Yes Salman Khan Salman Khan Kajol Kajol Ramcharan Kajol Katrina Bahubali Vidika Niharika Niharika Roh Oh, Waysa Indian movie Amir Khan Amir Khan 277 00:10:20,000 --> 00:10:02,000 Patrina Amir Khan Amir Khan is famous in China Amir Khan Jiaozi Jiaozi Guoqian One, two, three Three Three One, two, three Thirteen Thirteen What thirteen? Thirteen You can eat, drink tea and dance Your baby? Whose baby? Her baby Her baby Look at her She is 15 years old Can I see your baby? His baby What is your name? My name is My name is Mardan Mardan Your name? Sharafat Sharafat It's a very beautiful name Aynur What is your name? Aynur Your name is? My name is Torvashu My name is Torvashu Yes Torvashu Torvashu You pronounce very good He is speaking so well in one time People in India can't speak well My name is Ismail You can You know Dance No, you dance You dance I can Dance You don't dance Dance She is very happy I look after her Everybody Everybody can Dance Indian Dance Yes, Indian Dance People in India call it Hindu April You are very good I say Hindu dance You also You also You are Everybody Everybody Everybody dance They are very active and interactive What is this? Shakar Shakar You all live here in this house? My house You live here, ok Chilli Mask Indian Dance Indian Dance Indian Dance Indian Dance Indian Dance Indian Dance Indian Dance Very good Some officials came They talked to them They talked to them They stopped dancing, singing, music They stopped dancing, singing, music They stopped dancing, singing, music This is a tea house You can get different types of drinks Tea Soft drinks Cold drinks Alcohol Tea Tea Wine International Wine You can get different types of drinks Thank you Hello Hello Hello Very difficult Thank you Thank you Thank you Ok, Bye Bye Ok See you tomorrow See you tomorrow See you tomorrow Bye Bye It's 11 pm It's getting dark It's getting dark I didn't expect this I didn't expect this You can see This is Kashgar Old Town Market It's closed It's closed It's getting dark It's getting dark It's getting dark Historically Historically There were many Uyghur people in Xinjiang There were many Uyghur people in Xinjiang There were many Uyghur people in Xinjiang 45% Uyghur 45% Uyghur 40-42% Han Chinese 40-42% Han Chinese But in Kashgar Uyghur are most In majority Other place is less But Kashgar is The biggest town of Uyghur Uyghur people are most In Xinjiang And there are few towns Uyghur people speak Uyghur language Uyghur people speak Uyghur language Chinese speak Mandarin Chinese speak Mandarin Many Chinese Muslims speak Uyghur Chinese people In Beijing, Xi'an and China, they were very friendly. But here, they seem to be very unfriendly. They are not responding well. But the Uyghurs here are very friendly.

See how they treated me. They said, have some tea. I refused. Let's see them tomorrow. They were talking about Indian movies. They were singing and dancing. I can't show you everything on camera.

The video will be too long. I want to eat something. But most of the restaurants are closed. Let's see what we can get.

I'll do one thing. And then we'll see what local food is available here. In Kashgar, goat milk ice cream is very popular. It's very famous. Goat milk ice cream. This is ice cream.

Goat milk? Goat milk ice cream? Okay. Five? Okay, okay. One. This? How will I eat? This is goat milk ice cream. This is a speciality of Kashgar.

Goat milk ice cream. Let's eat this. Very good.

Okay, okay. Look at this ice cream. It's good. It's very early. The texture is different. It's not like the ice cream we get.

This is a dry fruit shop. You can get dry fruits of all varieties here. You can get it in Central Asia.

This area is in Central Asia. You can say that. Look at the dry fruits. It feels like Central Asia. Look at this. This is very popular in China.

I've seen it in many places. Someone gave me a gift. Look at this. This is a pear.

They fill it with dry fruits. It has walnuts and raisins. It tastes good. I've eaten it. There are many varieties. Look at the different varieties of raisins.

There are pistachios, walnuts, almonds. It's a dry fruit shop. which is equivalent to 700 rupees per kg Pista is half or half rate in India The people of Uyghur ethnicity here are very different from Chinese ethnicity They belong to Turkic ethnicity The rest of the ethnicities in Central Asia Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tajiks Their culture and traditions are Central Asian 501 00:20:26,400 --> 00:20:04,000 Pista is 58 yuan per kg Even Persian culture and Indian culture are similar Uyghur language is also a Turkic language This is a carpet shop Carpet is very popular here Everything is related to Central Asian, Persian and Kashmir You can see the carpet here We are just above Kashmir You must be knowing about the ancient Silk Road which started from Xi'an At that time, Kashgar was the center of Silk Road It was a very important place during Silk Road Silk Road started around 2200 years ago Kashgar played a very important role at that time Kashgar is also known as one of the oldest cities All the old towns here are built around 2000 years ago They are made of mud bricks But since 2009, Chinese government has demolished most of the old towns and made a new old town What you are seeing now is a new old town which was built by Chinese government after demolishing the original old town That's why it is so beautiful and maintained It is a tourist attraction Some people call it Disneyland Hold the hand of the old town What is this? Yogurt? Rice and milk Rice and milk? Rice and milk Ok, ok, ok, rice and milk Oh, different flavors So, this is rice and this is yogurt They are calling yogurt milk Different flavors are written here All are 10-15 yuan Just say it, just click on this And say, say, hey, he's talking I'm done Is this a Chinese restaurant or any other Southeast Asian restaurant like a Thai? I think it's a Thai restaurant Chinese Chinese, ok I will come to your shop tomorrow in the afternoon I'm so angry, I'm laughing Come back tomorrow afternoon Ok, ok, ok See you tomorrow See you tomorrow There are many restaurants here There are discs and bars here And most of the restaurants are Chinese See, this is a Chinese restaurant There are many Chinese restaurants here Today is weekend The whole place has been converted into a party place Saturday and Sunday, both are going to be amazing I came here on weekend on purpose I have an idea how to keep it here This, this, this, this Sweet or salty? Sweet Sweet A little Roast, barbecue Hot, huh? This you will BBQ Okay, okay, okay Inside? Okay, okay I am sitting there but not inside It's too crowded I will sit inside Hello From where? Kashgar, Beijing No, no, Xinjiang Xinjiang They are local people from Xinjiang They want to talk but they can't Because of language What happened? Okay, okay So guys, I am inside the restaurant You can see There are many options It's a BBQ restaurant You can choose whatever you want to eat You can select Chicken, meat, fish Potato Tofu Soya There are many vegetables I have taken 5-6 items This is their bread They call it Nang Like we say Nang in Agra Nang There are some items like that This is made of soya I had it in Beijing It was good I have tried it I don't know how it will be It's made of rice cake It's different This is mushroom This is potato I don't eat potato But I have it There are 4 items This is tofu It's made of BBQ It's a tourist place It's costly It's cheaper than Old Town I have paid 40 yuan It's around 480 rupees They work here They come to me They take selfies It's not possible Good? Can you read this? Yeah Simi Simi Means Means Zhongmiao Ok He is saying Wear it in your hand Eat it You eat Eat it He is an employee He is working I think he scolded me I think he said something And left It's good It's like Tandoori It's a little spicy But it's good It's so spicy I don't feel like I'm eating in China The food is so different It's spicier than Indian food Many people have added Spices in it You

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