WUHAN:The Most Controversial City

WUHAN:The Most Controversial City

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Look at this, this is a bug. We are adding veggies. Robert comes here. If you see on the third number, it is Wuhan Institute of Virology. Still sanitization is going on in Wuhan.

Till now you have seen how early in the morning we left the world of electronics from Shenzhen and reached the cheapest commute line in China, Metro Pakad, Shenzhen Railway Station, where one of the best bullet trains in the world was waiting for us. What to talk about its speed and timing, everything is absolutely perfect. In just four and a half hours, after covering a distance of 1000 km, I reached Wuhan, which is still considered to be the most controversial city in the world. But what is the truth, it is difficult to say. Finally, the Drone has come back. Such expensive stuff, we lost it.

The luggage was worth 2 lakh rupees. Then we reached the hotel with our bags on our backs for 1 km, where we took a breath of peace. Since I have come to China, I have always tried to show the shine of China at night. Then what was it, we went for a walk. It was fun to see the big buildings on the way. The weather was fine, there were many food shops on the way.

Really, it is amazing to see China at night. Now my search was to find vegetarian food. And for Don, egg fried rice.

And it was just in front. Now ahead. That's why he took one, I said four. I said okay, give me one more. So when I picked up the second one, Malta came out. Okay friends, let's have fun.

This is our orange, this is Malta. Different things are available at different stalls here. So this is basically a vegetarian stall. In which they are making rice ravioli. They are making ravioli.

They are putting something in the bread. But I read above. Rice balls with rice wine. They make rice balls and put wine in it. Robert comes here to give stuff.

Hello guys and good morning once again. I am in the city where the first name of controversy has been given in the last three years. By the way, the world of skyscrapers is China. And I am in the city of China, which has made a sensation all over the world. He left such a scar that I don't know for how many years we will be struggling with it.

Has not come out yet. Yes, you recognized correctly. I am now in Wuhan. Wuhan is the place where Covid started. So now I am going to the same institute. From which it is said that Covid 19 virus was being researched.

And it came out from there. And after that, it was said that it reached the seafood market. And it spread from there. So let's go. Will I be able to go to Hunan market or not? Because today I have only one day.

I am also asking him which subway comes near the Wuhan Institute of Virology. By the way, I know Hongshan Square. But which one is closer, it will be better. We have to walk less. We have come to know that we have to go from line 2.

And we have to get off at Hongtu Bollywood. It is the seventh station. Ok. I am also feeling so sad inside.

That we are going to that university. See brother. From where, how, in what way, what happened. Even we do not know that in reality. Whoever is in the research records, they only know.

So we have also come in that respect. Because a lot of things are political. It is controversial. It is a conspiracy. So how much facts, how many things, what is it, what is not.

We cannot comment much on that. Wuhan is basically a collection of three cities. One is Wuhan. Ok. Wuchang was said earlier.

Wuchang. Hangkou. And. Hanyang. And by combining these three cities.

This three town place became Wuhan. Here. There is a confluence of two rivers. Yangtze. And Han.

And. Do you know? Yangtze river. We will go there too.

Let's see how much chance we get. Yangtze river is the longest river in Asia. And it is the third longest river in the world. It even connects Shanghai. By the way, there are a lot of tourist spots worth seeing in Wuhan. Of which, of course, I will say that my first number is Yangtze river.

You should definitely go here. And apart from this. People go to see the crane tower. Yellow crane tower. Yellow is said because the bird was sitting there. And after that its name became yellow crane tower.

Otherwise it was a watch tower. When the dynasties lived here. At that time. And there is a Guin temple here.

One and only temple. Which during the war. And you know. Destroyed during many invaders. This is one of them. Which did nothing.

Which is to be seen now. Restoration. A lot of old buildings. All those buildings.

Means all of them have been restored. Very well. Well, let's go.

Here. Wuhan Branch Chinese Academy of Science. I think we have reached. Now let's see. Because the name given on Google is different.

What is being given here is different. Look, we have reached. If you look at the third number. It is the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

We have reached. In the same Wuhan University of Virology. From where this virus started. Here in the lab.

It is said that a student has been practicing on it for many years. And after that. How did it come out of here? I don't know what came out. But it is being said outside.

From here. The first place from where it spread. That was the seafood market. Hunan market. It is also called the wet market.

And it spread from there. Because the bat is very delicious there. And it is said that it spread from the bat itself.

We were going to shoot a little inside. But we refused there. That photography or videography is not allowed here.

So as far as possible. We told you. And what else to tell. Because we can't go inside.

Somewhere in the lab. And what will we show? But we wanted it to come to that place. On that university. Means on that institute. Where this thing happened.

Now look. The thing is. That this thing happened. How did it happen? Was it really from that lab? Was it really from an animal? Was it from a bird? It is said that it happened from the bat.

But the truth. Has not been understood yet. But yes. It spread from there. From that market. So if possible.

We will also go to that market. It is called the wet market. And it is also called the Hunan market. Where the sea food is very famous.

Ok guys. So our ride now started. Towards the yellow crane tower. And where we were at the university. It is about 6 km from there.

We could have gone in the metro. It is around 3 yuan from there. It is close. It was only the 4th station.

We would have to take a transfer. But then if we had walked there. It would have been a waste of time.

So we took a taxi. The taxi here. It starts from 10 yuan.

Where we are going. That is also an iconic place in Wuhan. And all the tourists like to go there. I told you before too. There is also a subway for the yellow crane tower.

So you can also come by taking the metro. To the yellow crane tower. And we have reached here. There are buses too. So buses come from different places.

So I won't be able to tell you exactly. This is its map. But everything is written in Chinese. But no problem.

Now we are towards the main railway line. And from here all the bullet trains. And all the semi-fast trains. All go next to it. And you can see from here.

The tip of the yellow crane tower. Ok guys. So we have reached the yellow crane tower.

This is a very iconic spot. And it is said that it is in China's five star A. In tourist attraction.

So we have taken its ticket. And now we are in Hubei province. And Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province. So let's go inside. And see its beauty.

But this crane tower is almost 1800 years old. It was a watchtower. And I will tell you its history inside. Let's go.

We have paid 70 yuan for it. And per head. But it is true that when we were filling the form outside.

Then we could not access the payment. Then we had to go to the counter and access it. Means you can do it by giving cash.

And you can also do it by giving QR code. Well friends. I am at that historical place in Wuhan. Which is basically in Hubei province. And this yellow crane tower.

Its name is due to the name of yellow crane jetty. But it was made between around 220 and 280. And the kings of the three kingdoms.

They made it. It was made in the second year of the Wang Wu period. According to their calendars. But it was destroyed many times.

And it was made many times. And the last time it was burned. That was in 1884. We understand it this way. But it is said in their calendar. In the tenth year of the Wang Wu period.

It was burned last. And then it was completely restored. And it was restored from 1981 to 1985. And today we are seeing it standing here. And this is a tourist attraction. People come to Wuhan.

So people definitely like to come here. Because not only history. But culture. And it is said here. That many iconic.

Means on this iconic spot. Poems have been written. And the famous Chinese poet. He wrote his poem here. On the yellow crane tower. And its name is also yellow crane tower.

And there is a book on it. I have to manage my parlour. I am getting sausage here.

And the rest is coffee. Basically there is a mix of new and old. It is a mix of both.

If you want to take some souvenirs from here. You can take that too. Like replica. There is also a yellow crane tower.

Well, I found this a little unique. Because this fan. It is not made of paper. It is made of silk. Pure silk.

Wow. So this is visible. We are on the yellow crane tower.

With the yellow crane fan. We need to know. That this particular tower. Was a watch tower. And the whole city of Wuhan. Can be seen from here.

Let's see how that view looks. See from here. How the view of Yangtze river bridge is visible. Asia's longest river Yangtze. And the world's third longest river.

Well, the history of China. Is divided in many dynasties. But this tower of Wuhan. When it was destroyed. It was basically the Qing dynasty. A beautiful painting has been carved on the walls here.

Now this is of many times. I don't understand that. But yes, if you want to know in detail. Then you can take a guide. You can understand the whole tower.

In China's four great towers. This yellow crane tower. Which is on the snake hill. This is one of the most famous structures of Wuhan. There are many stories of this tower. A wine merchant.

Whose name was Xin. On whose shop. A person with divine powers. Xin comes in the guise of a poor man. See Xin without thinking.

He immediately offers him wine for free. Then what was it? Xin comes to his shop for many years. And Xin offers him wine with the same enthusiasm. One day that poor man.

On a orange peel. He makes a picture of a crane on the wall. And Xin says.

That if he claps. Then this crane will come down. And will dance with him. And it really happens.

Then what was it? Xin's business starts to grow. And he becomes a rich man. After a few years.

Then that poor man. Comes to his wine shop. And takes the crane. And flies somewhere in the sky. Later in his memory. Xin built this yellow crane tower.

This tower. Great poet of the Tang Dynasty. Known for the wonderful art of Kuihau. By the way. For many great Chinese poets.

This tower. Is inspiring. So now we are from the yellow crane tower.

Now we are going. Subway. And the bus is nearby. As soon as you leave the main exit. Means where there is an entry.

And this is the exit. Which is on the west side. So you have to go down from there. And then take a right. So the yellow crane tower. Has its own subway station.

It is not that it is a rich city. That means. There are no poor people here.

There are poor people here. But. Their quantity is not equal. Point something. There are poor people here. This street is near the yellow crane tower.

And this street is also. 1800 years old. Whose restoration. From 2001 to. 2023. And.

My favorite section is also here. I love it. And here is the non-veg market. If.

If all the insects of India. If put in this way. How beautiful it will look. This is also.

Created in this way. Let's make it. Keychain.

Now we are going. Jinnan street. So we have to get down at Jinnan road. In the middle. In the middle. We have to cross the river.

That's why it's getting long. The busiest and. The most famous Jinnan street. Jinnan pedestrian area.

There is a lot of chaos here. Look at the public. Look at this. People also like Mogra here. See. And there are flowers like this.

And people pick up these flowers. And walk. There is a shop here. People pick up flowers. And.

People get ready. And walk on the streets. See how the flowers are here.

This is also the same. 2 yuan. It's okay.

Where is it cheap in our country. 2 yuan means 22. No matter where you are. In Shanghai or Beijing. Or in Hangzhou.

If you are in Hangzhou. But I got a different market in Hangzhou. I liked it very much.

It's a little traditional. I saw a lot of culture there. Even in dresses and shoes. You must have seen. There are shops of Miniso here. Miniso is a product of China.

And it is visible here. See. What is there in Miniso here.

Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

What is the pure form of this? If there is rose in it. Rose and milk. The taste of the mixture.

They have made the whole milk thick. If khoya is made on its own. Then there is sugar in it.

What we eat. Pomegranate and pomegranate. Jeera and everything. This is the same. You can put spices in it.

See this. By adding papad. It looks good. But these are all non-vegetarian items. No.

The price is okay. This is roasted tea. Like we have tandoori tea here.

But tandoori tea is like this. The tea is made by putting it on coal. There is a battlefield here. What a fight. We went from the heart. So that the copyright does not come.

There is such an artistic lady next to me. She is so beautiful. She is wearing so colorful.

I am wearing red. But in the combination of red. Her hairstyle. I enjoyed it. I thought I should tell you.

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