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- We are going to the biggest festival in the USA. (EDM music) Who does this? - You just had an fucking epic session- - The energy I know, was crazy. The people are crazy. We're gonna do an after party of EDC back to back, with Vintage Culture.

We haven't done any preparation whatsoever. (EDM music) ♪ James Hype ♪ - Yo, welcome to another episode of "Moving Differently." This not a ordinary episode. We are going to the biggest festival in the USA. EDC, also come here, come here, come here.

We don't have Wallace with us today. We've got EVPro, who's kind of like Wallace's older brother from another mother and another father. You know? Rashun K here as well. Make some noise. (EVPro rolls tongue) But right now we've gotta go to a show. We are in Montreal, Canada. Let's go and I'll tell you more about EDC in just a minute.

Yeah, we are here backstage at the show in Montreal. I'm literally going on stage in 11 minutes, but I just want to explain to you what's happening in this episode, firstly. So in the morning after this show, we're gonna fly to Boston to do another huge show.

And then after Boston we're gonna go to bed for a couple of hours and fly to Orlando to play at EDC, the biggest festival in the USA. And then we're gonna do an after party of EDC in Orlando. Back to back with Vintage Culture. Obviously, you know, Vintage Culture. Fuckin' excited. It's gonna be good. There's one thing that might be in the way.

The weather has been forecast pretty bad in the Florida area, where Orlando is. So in this episode, you're gonna see everything that goes into preparing for, literally the biggest festival in the USA. Let's go to the stage, transition. (audience cheers) - I don't remember how long the intro is. (EVPro laughs) - Now. (EDM music starts) ♪ I feel a little ♪ ♪ Disconnected ♪ ♪ Nothing but I ♪ ♪ Can't correct it ♪ (EDM music continues) - Right, so sorry the effects are not workin'.

(audience cheers) - I'm sorry, man. (indistinct chatter) - 'Cause that fucked me, that fucked me. There was something wrong with (indistinct). It was definitely the link box. I've never seen all four go off at once.

What the fuck bruv. (EDM music starts) ♪ Check this out ♪ ♪ Check this out ♪ ♪ Check this out ♪ (EDM beat drops) (music fades) (crowd cheers) - [EVPro] Robert. - Debrief. - Debrief - [EVPro] Debrief. Robert. - Rate the show out of 10.

- Nine and a half. - Woo. Shit, that was fire. - I'm giving it a nine. Reese, what do you give it? - [Reese Nine. - What was the best thing about the show? - Best thing about the show? Yeah. The new intro. Yeah.

- I'm not gonna lie, I don't even think we've spoken about this in Moving Differently at all, but Wallace is gonna insert a clip of it. (EDM music starts) ♪ Disconnected ♪ (EDM beat climbs) ♪ Disconnected ♪ (EDM beat drops) - And what was the worst thing about the show? - [EVPro] Why you laughing? - Can I answer this for you? - [Rashun] Oh yes please. - I think we both have the same worst thing about the show. All four decks stopped working at once, which I've never seen before. Sometimes when a link cable is broken, one of the decks will say, "Cannot play track.

Some functions are limited." It's like a big error message that comes up on the screen. And that normally happens when a link cable is broken, on one deck. This happens to all four at once. Nothing can be done, no buttons do anything.

The screen just shows the error message. Nothing can happen. I've never seen it before, but it happened twice. Eventually me and Rashun and Reese, figured out that the problem was a broken link box. Is that what it's called? - Yeah. - Network box. - Network Box.

- [EVPro] Network Switch. - Network Switcher. And that, it must have been that that caused the problem because that's connected to all the decks, you know? We weren't getting any help from the technicians in the venue. Nobody knew. It was almost like there was no one there to help us, which was quite unusual, because it's obviously a very busy show.

- Did you found him? He's asleep. Proceed. - Thanks for your help.

So yeah, fortunately the best tool manager in the world, carries around ethernet cables. So we were able to bypass the link box and link two decks and two decks, directly with link cables, which is our sort of emergency backup plan. And then we can use two USBs and continue the set. Unfortunately the music had to go off twice, before we got to this point.

But we were able to sort the problem out ourselves. We had got no help from the people at the venue, who I feel like would probably rather, a band were performing. My favorite thing about the show was the people.

They were proper wild. They just had so much energy. They were jumping loads. Yeah, they just made it really, really fun. Best thing about the show? - [EVPro] Crowd.

- Crowd. Worst thing? Worst thing? - The fuck up. (chuckling) - But yeah, overall really, really, really good show. Really enjoyed it.

We're gonna get to bed, because we've got a flight in the morning. We are going to Boston to play another really big show, on the way to the biggest show of all, EDC. - [Rashun] Transition. Beep. - Yeah. Welcome to Montreal Airport. We are flying straight to Boston and we get there in the afternoon. So we're gonna have a bit of time to get ready for the show in the night, but also get ready for EDC the following day.

I need to pick what I'm wearing and I need to condense my set down a little bit. I'm playing for an hour and 15 minutes, so last night and tonight I'm playing for an hour and 30. So I've gotta choose what to get rid of, basically, to make the set as ultimately as epic as it can be. Rashun is on the phone doing Rashun things.

(EVPro laughs) Speed. Speed. So yeah, let's do this. Transition. (knocks on door) Welcome to Boston. - Yo, what's goin' on guys? - We've just been doing meeting in preparation for EDC tomorrow.

Going through all the organizational type things. I'll let them, Mr. Organizational himself. Rashun, explain. - And right now we've got a bit of a weather warning, so I'm a bit on edge and just keeping track of the weather.

I'm seeing if our flights going, 'cause I need to check in to see if the flight's actually takin' off. That's the main thing, but when we land, we have an hour and 45 minutes to get to site. So you ready? - I feel like every time we do a big festival, it's always the most hectic day ever, isn't it. - Oh, mate. Literally. It's literally just hectic. But one thing I have to say though, they are the most organized festival we've ever worked with. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Most organized festival ever worked with. How you feeling, right? - I'm excited bro. I need to go and well- I've got videos of the show last night and I'm watching which transitions and which tracks are connecting the best with the audience.

And now I need to strip the set down a little bit and make it all about those. So I'm gonna have to sit down on my laptop before the show tonight. Go through some- (comical accent) go through some stuff. Go through some stuff (chuckles) and then figure out what's gonna work best. I think I'll show you that as well. Should we do that now? - [Rashun] Yeah. - Fuck it. Yeah, let's go.

I've been trying to do a transition in my set, with this vocal for so long. I love Pop Smoke, rest in peace Pop Smoke. Made some amazing music and I've been trying to use this vocal for the longest time.

And last night I did for the first time ever. (EDM music plays) ♪ She like the way that I dance ♪ ♪ She like the way that I move ♪ ♪ She like the way that I vibe ♪ ♪ She like the way that I woo ♪ ♪ She like the way that I dance ♪ ♪ She like the way that I move ♪ ♪ She like the way that I vibe ♪ ♪ She like the way that I woo ♪ ♪ She like the way that I dance ♪ ♪ She like the way that I move ♪ ♪ She like the way that I vibe ♪ ♪ She like the way that I woo ♪ ♪ And she let it clap for a n- ♪ ♪ And she throw it back for a n- ♪ (EDM beat drops) ♪ Mike Amiri Mike Amiri ♪ ♪ Billy Jean Billy Jean ♪ ♪ Christian Dior Dior ♪ ♪ I'm up in all the stores ♪ - It's actually fire. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I was trying a couple of things, because I was doing all the vocal in the breakdown and then just leaving the drop without vocal and I was like, it feels like it's missing something. So I tried switching it up and then had like the chorus of the vocal on the drop and I think it worked pretty well.

'Cause it's like the people have something to sing on the drop. So I'm gonna put that in the EDC set. - I have a quick question. How am I- How do you expect me to do my job? (Hype laughs aloud) Hey, I'd literally lose my mind. I'm like- ♪ She like the way that I dance ♪ (Wallace Laughs) - [Wallace] Hey, like Rashun, calm down.

- I'm good man. I'm good. - [Wallace] Do you need tour managing? - Yeah. - The one thing I'm struggling with, with this set, right, I'm on at 4:30 in the afternoon and I don't know if that's early or not. There's some big DJs on before me.

You've got Moxie on at 2:30 and Jonas Blue and Sam Feldt on at 3:30 and then me on at 4:30. So there's big DJs on before me, but still 4:30 sounds kind of early. So what I'm cautious of, I don't wanna burn out. I don't want to do all the best bits at the start of the set. I want it to be a progression.

And I always struggle with that stuff, because when you're a headliner, you just go straight on and you're like boom, boom. And the crowd always has so much energy at the start. But I'm cautious that if the energy builds throughout, I need my set to match that and I don't want to play all my biggest tunes and it's epic. And I'm like run out of music. Which is the type of thing I would do. Yeah, it's about spacin' the set out correctly.

I've got this epic intro which Rashun was talking about, which I played last night. I basically made this thing from scratch and I feel like every Moving Differently episode, I play you a new intro. But that's literally how I- I don't know man. This feels like the intro that I've wanted for so long, because I made made it from scratch.

It doesn't use anybody else's tracks in it. And a lot of my intros recently, have been using other people's tracks. Like it'll use my acapella on another track. But this is a completely, a track that I've made, completely from scratch.

So it doesn't belong to anyone but me and I kinda like that. And because you wouldn't be able to hear it anywhere apart from my set. I'm just gonna skip through it so you can hear it. We're gonna get to this bit. ♪ Disconnected ♪ (EDM music starts) Hands in air.

Ship, drip. Ah. It's basically a "Disconnected" remix by me. ♪ Disconnected ♪ (EDM beat drops) - He's good at this. (music stops) So that's absolutely going in. 'Cause that just sets it off bro. It's like, oh, where should we go in the festival this afternoon? Should we go and see this DJ? Should we go and see this DJ? Or should we go and see this DJ? ♪ Disconnected ♪ (Hype laughs aloud) - So yeah, we gotta start like that.

Other than that, I think we've got a lot of cool stuff to throw in. I think it's gonna come together well. I'm gonna run through it tonight for the benefit of everybody. Like obviously, I'm playing a 90 minute set tonight in Boston. I'm gonna run through a very similar set to what I'm gonna do at EDC, so that I can get familiar with it. Rashun and EVPro as well can get familiar with it.

And then hopefully we're all gonna be on fire for Sunday, the big day. So yeah, onto the show tonight. Transition. (indistinct chatter) - Fucking go. - [William] Hello.

- Hello. (EDM pounding on the walls) (indistinct chatter) - We're switching our jerseys. Come on. This is fire. Too fire. - [EVPro] Yeah, give the turn. (indistinct)

- Ah hah. There you go, my guy. - Yeah, let's fuckin' go yeah? Lets fuckin' do this bro. I haven't even seen the room yet. We're right behind all the LED screens. I literally can't see what's on the other side.

So it's super excited. ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype bitch ♪ James Hype, bitch (EDM music starts) (beat drops) ♪ 'Cause day n night ♪ ♪ The lonely stoner seems to freeze my night ♪ ♪ He's all alone through the day n night ♪ ♪ The lonely loner seems to freeze my night ♪ ♪ At at at night ♪ (EDM beat drops) ♪ At at at night night ♪ ♪ At at at night night ♪ ♪ Mummy don't know daddy's getting hot at the body shop ♪ ♪ Doing something unholy ♪ ♪ He's sat back while she's dropping it ♪ ♪ she be popping it, ♪ ♪ yeah she put it down slowly ♪ ♪ Put it down slowly ♪ ♪ Put it down slowly ♪ ♪ Put it down slowly ♪ ♪ Put it down slowly ♪ ♪ Slowly slowly slowly ♪ ♪ Slowly ♪ (EDM beat transitions) (EDM beat drops) ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ (crowd cheers) (white noise) (crowd cheers) - [Crowd] (chanting) "Who does this?" - [EVPro] D-d-d-d-Debrief. - Debrief. Charlie's with us. - [EVPro] Charlie. - Ch-ch-ch-Charlie.

Alright listen. Rashun. - [Rashun] Hello. - Best thing about the show. - Best thing about the show.

You know what I'm gonna say already. - [Hype] I don't, I actually don't. - Really? - Go on. - When you did "Whoopty", the way everyone reacted.

- He loves "Whoopty". This guy loves "Whoopty" so much, right? Worst thing about the show. - LD, I'm not gonna lie, it was terrible. I had to run round to tell him to, that correct lights. - So visually I don't think we were like impressed, however, my best thing about the show was- I did some wild new shit that I never tried before and I had a lot of fun. Dunno if it sounded good. We'll find out later.

Worst thing about the show, sometimes the tune would drop and the lights, were just black still. Like the guy, maybe doesn't like dance music or something. Oh well. Rate the show out of 10. - I have to give it an eight. - Problem there too. It's a eight. It's a eight. But yeah, really fuckin' good, those epic Hype fam with the front.

We met so many cool people. Well, go to bed, going to the airport, going to the biggest festival in the USA. EDC weekend. - Gonna be a magic. - Well, I'm so ready now. Do you know what I actually need to do? Prepare a set.

However, I have been actively preparing a set for like three days. I've just been, it's trial and error of things and I did some more of that tonight. So with my knowledge from tonight, I'll now put together the final EDC set, transition.

(techno music) - [EVPro] Rash. We made it then, through the weather. - We made it. ♪ We made it ♪ ♪ We made it ♪ - [Charlie] How are you guys feeling good? ♪ Good, good, good, good ♪ - The weather concerns you had, did they go? What happened up their as, fill us in. - Do you know what, yeah? I was concerned, 'cause when we were in Boston, it was chuckling down. So I was like, oh is this plane gonna take on time? I was checking the weather. Charlie was checking the weather.

So no, when it said was on time, we actually took off two minutes early. So for me it was like, yes. (Hype clapping) And we landed 20 minutes early. So yes.

- Come on. The stars have aligned for us so far today. It looks like we're gonna make it to EDC on time. I hope we're still- well we've gotta drive to a hotel and pick up our permits to get in. We're not gonna have any time to go to a dressing room. We'll be like straight on the stage. But I've just come off for three hour flight and I've been getting my set ready.

I know I said last night, that didn't have my set ready. I'm so fuckin' ready now. My only concern is that I might have too- I said "My only concern" and Rash went- My only concern is that I may have too much or too little music and it's hard to plan.

I always find it hard to plan, 'cause I want end on a high. I don't want get to my high point and then be like, fuck I need a couple more tracks. I hate when that happens.

Here we are in Orlando. It looks like everything's going to plan. Oh, one thing hasn't gone to plan. I wanted to wear some clothes in the airport.

I wanted to buy some like Orlando sports team jerseys or some shit. I got no clothes. So I've got a STEREOHYPE t-shirt in my bag, so it's white, but it needs ironing if I'm gonna wear it. So we'll see if that's possible.

If it's not, fuckin' go naked or something. - [Rashun] Final prep James. - I'm just gambling on the length of this set and I hope I guess right. I've been going through previous sets thinking like, oh that's a 60 minute set. I played 70 tracks.

I've got about 90 tracks that I want play now. 97 in 75 minutes. I think I'll be good. (indistinct chatter) I don't want to be wrong. (techno music starts) - Hi, I'ma- Oh my god, I remember you. Hi, Victoria. Nice to meet you. Hi guys. - When they're done right now- Hey I remember you.

- Yeah, how you doing man? - Were gonna roll them out and we're gonna roll (indistinct) for you. - Oh it's like, it's on the slide? Yeah. - Yeah, rolling (indistinct). - Okay cool. And then it says like if change overs, is there like a time allocate for that or? - (indistinct) - So you like fade, check or whatever, yeah. Okay great. We on yeah. ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ I feel a little ♪ ♪ Disconnected ♪ ♪ Nothing, but I ♪ ♪ Can't correct it ♪ ♪ I take a little ♪ ♪ So effective ♪ ♪ I feel a little ♪ ♪ Disconnected ♪ ♪ I feel a little ♪ ♪ Disconnected ♪ ♪ Nothing but I, ♪ ♪ Can't correct it ♪ ♪ I take a little ♪ ♪ So effective ♪ ♪ I feel a little ♪ ♪ Disconnected ♪ (EDM beat climbing) ♪ Disconnected ♪ (EDM beat drops) ♪ Disconnected ♪ (EDM music climbs) ♪ I ain't got time for that ♪ (EDM beat drops) (EDM music) (EDM soft drop) - Hey, hey, hey, hey! ♪ All I need is your love tonight ♪ (EDM beat climbs) (EDM beat drops) ♪ He's sat back while she's dropping it ♪ ♪ she be popping it ♪ ♪ Yeah she put it down slowly ♪ ♪ put it down slowly ♪ ♪ put it down slowly ♪ ♪ Slowly slowly slowly slowly ♪ (EDM beat climbs) (EDM beat transitions) (EDM beat climbs) (EDM beat drops) ♪ Sometimes it's soft as a misty rain ♪ ♪ That gently touches my soul ♪ ♪ It cools the fire that burns in me ♪ ♪ And I simply lose control ♪ ♪ Sometimes it's soft as a misty rain ♪ ♪ That gently touches my soul ♪ ♪ It cools the fire that burns in me ♪ ♪ And I simply lose control ♪ (EDM beat transitions) ♪ I simply lose control ♪ (EDM beat drops) ♪ And I simply lose control ♪ (EDM music transitions) ♪ I want you to breathe me ♪ ♪ Let me be your air ♪ ♪ Let me roam your body freely ♪ ♪ No inhibition, no fear ♪ ♪ How deep is your love ♪ ♪ Is it like the ocean ♪ ♪ What devotion are you ♪ ♪ How deep is your love ♪ ♪ Is it like nirvana ♪ ♪ Hit me harder again ♪ ♪ How deep is your love ♪ ♪ How deep is your love ♪ ♪ How deep is your love ♪ (EDM beat drops) ♪ How deep is your love ♪ (EDM transition) ♪ You give me a feeling ♪ ♪ You give me a feeling ♪ - [Rashun] Right now, right now. Come down.

Watch your feet now. (crowd cheers) (EDM music plays) (crowd cheering escalates) - Hey! Go back, go back. Go, go, go, go. (crowd cheering) (ongoing EDM music) ♪ You give me a feeling ♪ ♪ You give me a feeling ♪ - [EVPro] Watch out, watch out. (crowd cheering) ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ You give me a feeling ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ You give me a feeling ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ You give me a feeling ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ - EDC, thank you so much.

♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ You give me the feeling ♪ - Who does this? ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ ♪ James Hype, bitch ♪ - (indistinct) for yourselves. Great voice, great (indistinct), great noise, great voice. ♪ James Hype, bitch (continues in the background) ♪ (EDM transitions to white noise) (crowd cheers) - Fuck yeah! Who does this? Woo! - You out of breath bro? - [EVPro] I'm good, I got this. - Yeah, your first run.

(Hype laughs) - James, can we get a picture? - Okay cool. Thank you man. - Have a good one man. - Thank you bro, you to. Oh shit okay. (indistinct chatter) We'll talk more in a minute.

- [Interviewer 1] James plays in that, will be super fun. Are you excited about that? Yeah. And wait. Looks like he's right here. - Hello.

- Hi. Hi. - [Interviewer 1] Hi. James Hype. - I hype my name. - [Interviewer 1] Are you guys excited for tonight? - Yeah, absolutely. - [Interviewer 1] Oh look we got another mic. - Oh, thank you so much.

- What's up guys? We are backstage at EDC Orlando, day three. Still going strong in the artist compound. I am joined by the one and only James Hype. How you doing? - Hello. I am so full of energy right now from EDC. It's amazing. - You just had an fucking epic session, is what you said.

I said for you. - It sounds so, so bad when you say it. I just came off stage and I'm like sweating and- but it was so good. The energy out there was crazy. The people are crazy and the stage is crazy. And if I do say to myself, I was brilliant. I actually had a little bit of nerve before the set.

- Really? - Honestly. Yeah. 'Cause I know how big EDC is, you know, it's special. - It is. But I mean you're you.

So, I have to ask, you know, you do so much, not just obviously playing live, but you do so much on YouTube and you really love to share your knowledge. Like why is that important to you? Because I feel like people who know you, know that you are like this master on the decks. Like why is sharing that with people so important? - I like keeping it real. I like to be as real as possible in all of what I do.

I feel like that's just something I'm passionate about. And that means that I want to, I don't know, I wanna help the next generation of people be in my position, I guess. I know when I first started out DJing and producing, it wasn't that easy to find the advice on the internet of how to do things. And now it is. And I think that's amazing. It provides opportunities to so many people who may not have had opportunities, if it was 10 years ago.

- I have to ask, how do you keep your hair blonde on the road? Because you're like always on the road. - Look at the roots. Look at the roots. Got a close, close angle here? - You don't really have roots that often.

Do you have like someone that comes with you? - No, no. I don't make that much money. - Maybe it's pretty simple, so you dye your hair blonde yourself? - Yeah, I actually used to do it myself. Recently, someone else did it for me. and I feel like now I'm kind of spoiled and I always want someone else to do it for me. - Of course.

- So yeah, I need to go and see them again. But let me tell you something right, about a year ago I used to have a buzz cut. And when you have a buzz cut and you have bleached hair, you have to bleach your hair every time you cut it. And I was cutting it once a week or two weeks at the most. Right. But then because I was touring so much, I just had to let the hair grow.

Because you can't see like- you can't find somebody to cut the hair and bleach the hair. - Yeah, well thank you so much for stopping by. Really great talking to you and have fun tonight at the afters. - Thank you. - All right guys, we're gonna get back into the action.

- Brilliant. Thanks. - Thank you so much. - Yo, welcome to the debrief. (Reese rolls tongue) - It was amazing. Just amazing. Yeah. It was epic.

I put a lot of work into that set, just trying to make it right for so many things. Trying to make it right for the video, trying to make it right for the people who were there. Trying to make it right for social media clips. Trying to make it right for a set that's gonna progress from early to late and trying to fill it with new stuff, that no one's seen me do before.

And I think I really nailed it, 'cause I've put so much into it. I think it was really good. I think all the guys did amazingly. Rashun, EVPro, Anthony as well. Big up to Anthony and holding a camera. Charlie as well.

And yeah it was, it was a crazy show. We had one little problem at the start, where EvPro wasn't allowed on stage to film with us, but we sorted it out and as I say, Anthony managed to stand in for him, until they would let him on stage. So you wouldn't be having a- you wouldn't be watching this video if it wasn't for that.

So yeah, Rashun rate it out 10. - All right. I'll rate the performance. Ten- - No, no, no, no. We're rating the show.

- Rate the whole thing. - We can't break it down. - Ah, alright cool. If I had to rate the whole show, I'd give it a nine and a half. - [Reese] Nine and a half. What was the point five?

- Oh all the stuff had to do with the background. That's why I had to keep it a half, 'cause it would've been a 10, if it was just the performance by itself. - [Reese] Is there ever a such thing as a 10? - 10.

- [EVPro] There you go. - I give it a 10. A 10 outta 10 and that's the first 10 out 10 on Moving Differently. But we only started our rating system like two weeks ago. (group chuckles) First thing about the show.

- Best thing about the show, the perfection of the new transitions. There's stuff that I didn't know. So to see them and the way, I've watched you put everything together, even on the flights just in general. It was just epic to see it come together. The worst thing about the show is just the complication at the beginning. Kind of disappoint me 'cause it threw me off my energy and the vibe.

But it was important to make sure James had the energy. So I kept my mad self energized for him when he saw me. But as a- I came off stage on purpose, so he didn't see what was going on. - My favorite thing about the show was, everything just felt, everything just connected. Everything was felt right. And that's, I don't know, I'm pretty much saying that my favorite thing about the show was everything, but it was almost like everything came together perfectly.

And that comes down to the stage, the fuckin' technology, the crowd, timing, the- Yeah, sorry, I can't answer that question. Everything. Worst thing about the show, the dressing room. It was shit. It was really, really shit. It was basically a curtain and, but not even like a good curtain.

It was almost like a blind- Yeah it was like translucent. It was awful. You know what was funny right? You know what was funny? We arrived to the festival and this lady showed us in, like the artist liaison lady, she's lovely and I was like, oh are we going through the trailers? 'Cause I just assumed we'd have a trailer and she was like, oh no, I'm taking you up to the suite now. I was like, Ooh, a suite. And then we got in there and it was like, whoa, we camping. - I just wanna say how proud of like watching you, building the set, like I'm talking flights, people don't see the background of the stuff that goes on and I'm sitting next to him on a flight. It's building and thinking about everything and you can see the hard work paying off in the show.

It's just abso- - But I've literally been doing this that all week. So, yeah the past two shows, were just fuckin' run throughs, you know? Well not even 'cause the shit I did today that weren't- that I had to run through, you know, the shit I did today that I made on the plane. But yeah, fuckin' it all came together. So thank you everyone who came because it was amazing. There was some real hype on there as well. Like, you know, we saw the huge, "Who does this" banner.

Wallace insert the clip of the huge, "Who does this" banner here. (EDM music plays) Wow that's big. Saw about six STEREOHYPE t-shirts. I saw a totem with James Hype in red down it. I saw another totem at the start, which I never saw again, which had my name on it as well.

And yeah, thank you to all those guys. 'Cause like, you have no idea the energy that I get, from seeing those people in the crowd, you know, it's fuckin- it's priceless. So yeah. Brilliant. We are now gonna eat some food altogether and then we are going to this after party, where I'm doing back to back with Vintage Culture, for two and a half hours. It's gonna be totally different and I'm really looking forward to it.

And we haven't done any preparation whatsoever. (chuckles) I'll tell you the story of how that happened. So two weeks ago he text me saying, "Hey bro, we got this back to back coming up in two weeks. Let's put something together for it." I didn't reply. I read the text when I was busy.

I remember thinking, ah, I need to reply. Thought later, I can't reply now that I'm in the middle of this, right? A week's gone by and I've thought, oh fuck. I didn't reply to Vintage Culture.

So I text him and said, "Hey bro, let's get ready for this beat. Let's get ready for this back to back." He didn't reply. So this is where we're at now.

So we've got like three hours 'till the show or four, five. - [Rashun] Four hours. - Four hours. Four hours. I'm gonna give him a message in a minute and see where he is at and we'll try and link up before the show. The thing is, we've played together before, so we understand each other. So I'm not worried. It's gonna be good fun and yeah. Let's hope.

Good news bro. Vintage Culture texted me back. We're on, let's go to the club now and we're gonna go meet up and do a little bit of planning of a set, before we start this epic, back to back. Let's go. (loud music thumping) - [VC] How are you? - [Hype] What's up bro? - You good? - Yeah. - What's up brother? Nice to meet you.

(indistinct chatter) - Well it's good to hear though. I fuckin' love it here. It sounds amazing. You know? It sounds bangin'. - For tonight. - Cheers! - Cheers! - Fuck it up. - Beautiful.

(indistinct) the latest playlist on, yeah? (indistinct chatter) Hey, hey, hey. (EDM music plays) (EDM beat drops) (EDM music transitions) (EDM music transitions) ♪ So the beat goes on ♪ ♪ And I move my feet ♪ (EDM beat drops) (EDM transitions) (EDM beat drops) ♪ Hey ♪ (EDM beat climbs) (EDM beat drops) (EDM repetitive chorus joins beat) (EDM transitions) (EDM fades) (crowd cheers) - Thank you bro, thank you. - Always brother. So that brings us to the end of a fire episode of "Moving Differently." The back to back was amazing.

I'm not about to do a whole debrief because it was just, it was fire. Obviously, you see how good it was from the clips. Don't forget, "Let Loose" is out right now.

The link is in the description. If you wanna support or buy on Beatport or just stream it on Spotify, show your support and we'll see you next week. Transition. ♪ I'm gonna go ahead and let this one loose ♪ (EDM music) ♪ Here we go ♪

2022-11-25 15:23

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