Wonderland Of Waves: Maps to Nowhere, Season 2 Episode 1

Wonderland Of Waves: Maps to Nowhere, Season 2 Episode 1

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That's the best wave ever. We are on! As surfers, we spend years chasing seconds. Oh my gosh, my.

God. <Laugh>, I think that perfectly sums up the lifelong pursuit of searching for new waves. Maps To Nowhere! <Laugh>. This season I really wanted to focus on exploration and finding new waves. All of the trips have been to places I haven't been to, and most of the trips have been to places that no one has surfed. And that's kind of what I always envisioned for this project.

This part of the trip where we're completely going blind. Like we're just like literally looking at Google Earth and chasing the dragon. Oh, thing spat! Okay.

I have no idea where I am right now. <laugh>, I didn't know. You can even go somewhere so far. You never know what's gonna be around the next corner. You know, there could be nothing but there could be something. We could be naming a new wave. And I was like, whoa. Possibly pioneering areas. Like that's what this is all.

About. I started looking into this area about 10 years ago. We thought there was a ton of potential just based on Google Earth and uh, we knew it this fickle. We knew that wouldn't get a lot of swell, but when it did we thought this would be an incredible place to explore. And with this swell popped up, I was pretty excited.

All we knew was the Google Earth locations of the waves that we were gonna go and check out. And when Matt told me, he was like, oh yeah, I've been looking on Google Earth and stuff. I'm like, bro. So no one's ever actually surfed these waves. He had done his research, but it was very unknown what we were gonna get. Coming to a place that no one's ever surfed. It's. A total.

Gamble. You know, <laugh> this place is in the middle of nowhere. He knows what he's doing. I dunno what I'm. Doing. Yeah, feeling good. We arrived yesterday. Today we're exploring different waves and I'm really psyched. I can't wait. It's the best feeling ever to know that you're gonna surf a wave for the first time. It's like what every surfer dreams of.

Where isn't it? If the wind was good and if it was twice as big and we can also go to that island, it has an a-frame that would be offshore. The problem is it's not the wind, it's there's no swell out here. Not big enough yet. We're sort of a little disappointed.

Like there looks like there's so many setups, but there's just no swell. It's like one foot, maybe a foot to two foot. Not really sure what's happening. Like maybe if the storm kind of like turned away from us, it looks like maybe it's gonna get bigger the next two days.

So we're still hoping, but it's kind of good to come and scout. There's setups all over the place if only there was swell. Woah It's getting bigger since we got here yeah? Wow. Look, that thing. I like the left. Let's go.

Let's do it. I reckon if it was a few feet bigger, it'd be so much fun. It's supposed to be bigger tomorrow and the next day. Let's hope so. <laugh>.

Yeah, you know, today probably is a bit disappointing in terms of the swell underperforming and fortunately there's a lot more coastline that faces directly into the swell that we have. And there's a new one coming tomorrow, so we're gonna go check out some new spots and we're not giving up hope yet. Pretty. Fried. We were, uh, I think a bit jet lagged and a bunch of us woke up at like three this morning.

But it's beautiful. The sun just came up and we're jumping on a boat and heading out to look at a bunch of different reefs. The wind should be straight offshore and there should be a new little swell filling in. So hopefully we'll find something that kind of matches the size of the swell.

We are just searching along this coast that Matt's found like a bunch of waves on Google Earth, and we're like seeing the backs of these waves and we don't, I'm not sure if it's dry reef or if it's doable. It's definitely only like two foot, one foot. We wish it was six foot. But, uh, there's a few waves of just like everywhere along here there's spitting. So we might get off with our boards and go look at it. I.

Pulled into a couple pits, did not expect that for today. It's probably not a wave once it's bigger than what it was today or maybe a little bigger than that, but it's, it doesn't look like anything. And then you take off and get down it and it's just the bottoms out and you're nearly standing in it. It's, it's so wide though. It's crazy.

That wave was so sick. <laugh>. That was the best wave ever, I was having so much fun. I've never seen the vibe on a trip changed so quickly.

Everyone went from being like kind of over it and ready to go home to just like huge smiles. And we kind of didn't have any anticipation of getting much bigger swell that afternoon. Come over the hill where we parked up the first day. Now it was like,

maybe like, you know, a foot or whatever. It's like three foot surfable waves. So I think outside could be like four foot. It's really unexpected because I thought it was done for the day. Oh my. God. We went and had lunch and we've come back and the swells just turned up.

Like we pretty much lost hope in this trip. I was like, I thought we were done. It's like solid. Let's go. That wave was insane. Hold on, I can't even paddle right now.

I'm so tired. Dude, that was a pretty psycho session. How good are the waves? Oh dude, these trips are mental. Like we, I, I don't even, It's so funny, I'm such a roller coaster. I was so negative yesterday and I'm so positive right now. <laugh>. That's what it's all about though. You know, like we, we even said it,

we're like, oh my gosh, <laugh>, That was mental, what's that? Sick as swells here. I think like the next few days, like the next few days is gonna be really exciting. That was, I can't believe we just scored. I'm so stoked. I was depressed this morning thinking that we weren't gonna score this trip and then unreal.

That was the best session ever. I, I don't think I've ever surfed a wave like that. Like, I can't even put into words. . Yesterday we were looking out there and we didn't even see like it was just flat. Now today it was just. Yeah, well that swell that we were waiting for, definitely filled in yesterday afternoon. We kind of looked at this yesterday morning and it was small, but so much potential. So we're pretty excited to see what it does with.

Proper swell. Yeah, we're excited. That was insane. I didn't expect to get these kind of waves this trip at all. Wow. The one that I got just spat so hard on me. I,

I don't think I've ever felt a spit like that hard and yeah. Epic. So after we surfed that left slab, the wind was supposed to come on shore and so we were sort of planning to cruise, go home, have some lunch. We kind of needed to rest anyways because we'd been going so hard and we thought, okay, we're done for the day. And then the wind turned again. It kind of turned into a direction that was really good for another spot. We wanted to check so we raced over there as quick as we could.

Oh my gosh. Proper firing out there. Look at that. Oh my god, look at that. It's. Oh. Wow. It's like, this is just the endless wonderland of waves.

Like literally a wave we haven't even surfed or haven't seen. It's just firing. What is going on? Unfortunately, I've injured myself had a, an epic morning. I knew the wind was perfect for airs, but I kind of didn't really look for 'em 'cause I knew there was like opportunity for nuts, barrels, and the tide sort of dropped out and moved off the reef and I sort of started, I I just gotta do a couple airs and I'll go in. One of them I was super pumped on. I haven't done the air like that for a while.

<laugh>, I like kind of started to feel a bit of rhythm and I just sent it again and I just landed wrong and it's a bummer I'll be back. Possibility of injury is it just, is what it is, you know, still, still pumped, still have the sickest time and I just feel like there's just something unique about scoring these waves, chasing these locations. I constantly on these trips and pinching myself going like, how lucky am I? How lucky are we? Oh, it's fully opened my experience of surfing, like it's the best trip I've ever been on in my entire life. The best waves I've ever surfed.

Catching a wave, paddling back out, catching wave paddling back out. It's endless fun and endless adventure. The amount of exploring we did was unlike anything I've ever done before.

Oh, it's one of my favorite exploratory trips ever, to be honest. Like, it's as excited as you can get because you're scoring world class waves, but they're waves that you took the risk and you traveled to and it ended up being like a legit discovery. And you know, you can score epic waves all over the world, but to score epic waves that you are the first people to ever see them break. You know, it's, it's amazing.

This part of the trip, we're completely going blind. Like we're just like literally looking at Google Earth and chasing the dragon to see what we come up with. We could end up finding something better than we've already had or we may find nothing.

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