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it's the beltro cast now with Daren Bel  let's get ready to listen to your favorite artist outro well it's a pleasure to be speaking  with you about bleedout and everything else   bleedout is the new record and the first single  from bleedout came out in 2020 now was the album   actually finished in 2023 um it was finished um  in 20123 um let me see at the beginning of this   year we record the last things yes so uh we wrote  songs over time like um we started in 20 20 uh   with the the the first four songs that we released  in the during the pandemic uh that's when we wrote   those because we were going on tour with a co-  headone tour in Europe with evanesence and we   wanted to have some new music and then ending up  releasing everything in a period of coid because   it was continuously you know stretching it and uh  um so it felt like to stay in contact with people   we release more songs than we were initially um  hoping to do but it helped us in a way so yeah so   is there a lot of unused or leftover material from  the bleedout sessions that might make its way to a   future Within Temptation album uh there is one  song we didn't put on the album which I really   love but sometimes you know you have like one of  these songs that you're really hoping is going   to be like a real Banger and then turns out not  the way you had hoped or you think there's more   potential to it so we are hoping to put that  on the next record or maybe release as a new   single somewhere maybe in the future and uh it  just needs a new um well I love the chorus of it   but the rest of it should maybe be be Rewritten  and so it will change as a song but I I believe   in the song very much but there will be maybe  a future for it so does Within Temptation not   finished songs if they don't like where it's  going I asked that because some people I speak   with will write 60 songs and Pa it down to 10  and other people say well if there's 10 songs   on the album that means we wrote 10 songs no  we are in the in the first category we write   a lot and then we have a lot of demos and then we  decide in the demo phase if we're going to finish   them or not or just thr in the bin and sometimes  even songs that we thought like uh they're cool   but then something still don't work out it's  something that you keep on the shelf and then   okay maybe if there's time we'll try to rewrite  it because there's potential well I admire that   Within Temptation now not only makes great music  that keeps getting more popular over time but   how open the band is to collaborating with other  artists who are not and I I hate to use the term   but symphonic metal you are not a symphonic metal  band it's such a limiting term but working with   Dave perner from Soul Asylum yet also corrupt  uh when did you kind of realize hey we should   collaborate with everyone just as long as they're  good uh well what we always do when we write songs   and we we we want a collaboration with someone  because it will add something to the song it's   mostly because of musical reasons not because of  course the people that we ask we admire them and   we know they have an huge talent and everything  but it's more like it it's all about the music for   us so if you think this person can add something  to it and they're not known we'll ask them as just   as much as someone who's very known of course it's  nice to when they're known but you know sometimes   uh the perfect Voice or perfect guitarist or  something else that they play is in a different   kind of genre and we will do that anyway because  we will anything that benefits the song is the   first choice for us but then also you outside  of Within Temptation you've done solo material   and you've also been on other people's albums so  are you regularly meeting people and they go you   should be on our album you go sure and that's  happens no not really it's like um I actively   sometimes approach people like with Arman fur  which is a dance DJ of course yes I actively uh   approached him in a period that that I felt like I  need to do something else than with invitation at   this moment because of personal reasons like okay  I need to break away from everything I'm gonna   do dance yeah that's different and I wrote a song  with him in and out of love and um and with other   artists it's more like sometimes they approach  me and they send me their songs and then it's   like do I think I can add something to it that I  will come out good in a way does it fit my voice   and do I like the lyrics and do I like the sound  of the music uh those things are very important   for me so if I really like something I'll do  it and I don't care if somebody is very known   or not known you actually LED towards something  I wanted to know about which is Armen vanan now   he collaborated with one of my favorite singers  of all time David Lee Roth they did that jump   remake of Van Halen yeah yeah yeah did you get to  ask him about that at all no no not not really uh   that's a good question I'm gonna ask him next  time how that was actually because that leads   me to you know van hin we think of them as this  american band yet two of the four members grew   up in the Netherlands with Indonesian Roots which  does that sound a little familiar to to you yeah   exactly did you grow up listening to Van Halen  and the reason I asked that is because here in   the States they're like a top five biggest band  ever but everybody I speak to from Europe who's   an established musician goes yeah I knew one or  two songs and that was it Van Helen was not one   of the biggest fans uh well I grew up with them I  don't know every song but I know the the biggest   hits of course I know them and uh I do love their  music very much and we as Dutch people consider   them also Dutch like you of course you know when  you have some when there's only a small connection   will say yeah that's Dutch that's Dutch no there's  some Dutch in there we're everywhere yeah I I mean   growing up as a big fan of the NBA you learn that  Rick Smiths was Dutch and and all that so there is   that list of their Dutch they're ours yeah yeah  exactly we you know we're very um actually the   Dutch are actually normally very modest but when  it comes to owning you know owning not not owning   really owning but of course like saying like yeah  but they're they're Dutch it's like trying to be   modest but still like yeah they're Dutch you know  like wo well something I'm also curious about is   and I'm calling Within Temptation a huge band  you did not I'm saying with in temptation is a   huge band who has millions of listeners on Spotify  every month hundreds of thousands of social media   followers on each platform Etc now are the  hits and the big albums the same everywhere   in the world or is it the kind of thing where  the second album bombed here but was huge there   and then the vice versa kind of thing so like is  the set list the same everywhere um no it's like   you said like certain songs really were hits in  certain countries or extremely successful albums   or and in other countries other albums came became  wave more successful like for instance in Spain uh   I think the Silent Forest was uh really really  a big album in Spain we were on the number one   for months with one of our songs and but in the  Netherlands and more the northern part of Europe   it was more Mother Earth for instance that was  a big success and it took gradually every time   also uh also trying to uh win over a country like  for instance we started in 2001 with this album   Mother Earth for instance and it became success  in 2002 and then we got signed up with a German   company and it became a success in 2003 in Europe  in the rest of Europe because they were signed for   the rest of Europe and it's like okay um so it  was just always gradually growing growing and   growing with every album and bringing it back to  bleed out the record company for us in the states   at least is forc music recordings you're labeled  did you know when you started the album hey this   is us we want to be our own label or is that the  process of looking at the deals and going we're   better off independent uh I mean what we're doing  now you mean yes well the thing was that we wanted   to release more in the moment like in the dance  scene happens for instance and that when you have   a a certain subject that is really happening at a  certain point that's important and you have a song   about it that you don't want to release it three  years after on an album you know when everybody's   like what are they still talking about that you  know we've been there done that you know bye not   interesting anymore and uh you want to be well you  wanted to be in the moment and we weren't able to   do that with the traditional record company and  they said well if you want to do that we're not   the right right company for you and we felt like  okay then we're going to do it on our own and   um you know they had the option to do an another  album and they wanted to and we wanted to do it as   well but because well we have a lot of respect  for the L this one that we were working with   because they gave us our freedom back again to do  what what that to do on our own which I'm really   happy about otherwise we would have been stuck in  a situation we didn't want to be and uh so being   able to do this during a very strange time which  was called coid um yeah we were able to release   more songs which initially brought us also the  certain prom like okay you really released a lot   of songs there needs to come an album at a certain  point are are we not going to do an album we just   going to relas singles we didn't know we were just  trying out things in the moment not thinking that   the co would start the pandemic would be that long  and long lasting and but you know it's still uh   what the positive side is that people were still  engaged throughout the whole time that we we are   releasing this album and had a lot of good and  positive feedback also about it but the only   thing is now is the fans are saying yeah you know  the most of the album is already out there so what   am I supposed to be excited about [Laughter] well  I can understand there was still some songs they   didn't hear yet and um I just hope they will like  that as well it's like four songs or something   so yeah and uh but I think it did help us in the  time that we needed it every for everyone with the   upcoming touring are you going to be playing a lot  of bleed out as part of the set list um I'm not   sure yet because we still need to figure out what  we're going to do with the next tour also uh like   how it's going to look like because we're starting  of course in Europe with this tour and uh we like   big setups like you know what you're use of of AR  maybe or for any other band that does big visuals   we do that also in Europe and um so we're starting  with that in November thinking about what's going   to work as a set list and working on what's going  to be nice as a visual thing on stage are we   gonna blow somebody away from a cannon or gonna  let finally the boys fly in the air this time   instead of me because I am afraid of heights and  they always always put me in something that I'm   very high above the ground and I'm always shaking  before I have to go upstairs or in something ah   anyway so um but this time I'm gonna be involved  with that so most of the time Robert is doing this   so yeah the Iron Maiden tour that you were on  I believe Bruce Dickinson was coming out of an   airplane in the first song in every yeah yeah I'm  not gonna do that well in your case for most live   performers I find that the adrenaline doesn't die  down for you know three four hours until after   they come off stage but in your case when you  do the extra stunts and the raise stuff on top   of that I can't imagine how much adrenaline that  is for you do you have an easy way to come down   after the show because don't you also have to do  vocal warm Downs um no I don't do vocal warm downs   but it's more like I do mentally need to go come  down on Earth again and also physically because   like my heart goes like up there and doesn't come  down until like a half hour after the show because   it's like constantly acting reacting on things  happening in the in during the show and also   trying to engage the audience with us and trying  to win them over to forget their daily problems   and get into the show and the things that we're  trying to bring across as a message in a certain   way and and trying to be uh trying to bring across  messages but also trying to be entertaining and   to have to give them an amazing night of course  and yeah you do that in different ways like talk   about the city that we're playing in saying some  sentences in their uh native tongue and trying to   so I can say several things in several languages  but don't ask me to continue in the language after   that because it's all you know it's all sized to  the show that I'm doing and yeah right usually   when I interview people I ask hey what's life like  outside of you know being in this huge project in   your case I think I know what the answer is I mean  you have a few children you do solo projects there   isn't any downtime that's the vibe that I get  with you Sharon yeah you're totally correct I'm   just you know every time I try to meet up with my  friends is like okay you know in a few weeks I'll   I'm going to be it's going to be so much easier  to meet up again and then few is like oh my God   I have all these interviews and I got this and  that and I plan promotion tour throughout Europe   okay sorry guys you know we have to reschedule  again I'm sorry and then you know it's been like   this since the year started actually with me  coming home and my husband not telling me like   okay actually the producer is going to be at our  doorstep When we arrive at home it's like what   yeah yeah yeah didn't I tell you no you didn't  tell me yes we're going to record already the   songs that we've just written you know that so  like the last time you were there and okay I said   okay well we didn't finish the lyrics yet so it's  like okay overnight riding in the car lyrics okay   what are we gonna do what do we had to have and I  like oh my God how are we gonna do this and then   and how long she come yes he's gonna come for two  weeks it's so two weeks where in our house oh wow   and you know it's always amazing to work with our  producer he's a nice guy so you can always have   him as an expert member of the family but it's  more like just rolling from one thing to another   and then go to Sweden to record stuff again to  write stuff again to come back to the Netherlands   again oh my God it's it's been a roller coaster  but I love it but it's it's a lot to process and   that's also the reason why the tour starts next  year in October so we can have some downtime some   real normal Lifetime with the family and friends  and and also think in all quiet how the next show   should look like one of the things you mentioned  before was and we have to design the show with the   visuals I'd imagine that that's just as much work  as writing an album it is and I leave that most   of the time to Robert and he just shows me in the  meantime like what do you think of this and what   do you think of that and I give my opinion and and  I'm some like like someone he asked his my opinion   between things that he thinks is the correct way  and then say okay do you think what do you think   and I just give my you know and he continues again  what whatever I have said after that and and he   does that on his own with our own his own team  uh he's also involved with the writing process   with me not with me literally but separately from  each other because we fight like no other couple   but we love it and still together after many years  and um but we can't work up together in the same   room when writing actually but it's more like so  he does this project it's like a separate project   from the writing process and I get to do the you  know other parts that are creative like work with   the videos but also with what kind of clothes  on stage you know what kind of um those kind of   things developments of that yeah well that's  that's fantastic that 26 or so years I think   it is it's still going and two questions and then  I'll let you go and the first one is when did you   realize that this was a career because I know that  you started as a teenager when you're a teenager   you don't realize uh things like warehousing and  freighting Equipment things like that you realize   at a certain point you have to incorporate  because your band is a business and there's   insurance and all the boring grown-up stuff so  when did you realize that this was your life you   were a lifer in music well uh you know the first  time we had a like we had a job besides our job   you know but music was never felt like a job but  for some people they would consider it a job the   amount of time that we put into it so during  the weekends we were like full force playing   everywhere and everything was every time sold out  and like oh this is crazy and going back to our   jily jobs on a Monday very early working till late  and then still writing new stuff for fun and yeah   and it continued for many years like that and then  we and in in the in the underground scene and even   in the metal scene which wasn't that underground  anymore at the time that we were in this starting   with this music um we had sold out shows from  venues like we started with a very small venue   the first three I think and then the fourth show  we played was on Dynamo open air which is a huge   Festival yes and we played in the tent during  the day and it was like packed there were 10,000   people there was the biggest amount of people we  played in four shows I didn't even know what how   the monitors were working so I was just like I  don't can't hear it myself but I think I'm in the   correct song and I think I'm here somewhere and  I just had earplugs in and floor monitors there   something came out and I just tried to sing on  it and we did well because everybody was raving   about it at that time after that festival and it  just grew with everything we were doing was crazy   we didn't understand what was happening and we uh  didn't stop working besides our band until we had   like a song that became a hit song on the radio  so at that point I realized okay this could be   something for the future if we you know just stick  to what we're doing stick to to believing in our   own capacity and our own abilities as musician and  just do where our heart lies maybe we'll make it   in the end maybe we can do this for like fulltime  you know and our Dream will come true because this   is the best best best job ever to my opinion  although I must have I could have done other   things that I like as well but I must say you  know this is the only one you get an Applause   for so I guess the best job the Applause well the  last question I have for you and I like to find   this out from singers what is your position on  karaoke do you hate karaoke as much as I do I love karaoke especially songs I can't sing that are out  of my range and then sing as loud as possible and   annoyingly as it possible and like are you singing  things actually you're really sounding bad I love   it you're like an average pedestrian with karaoke  where you're the person who can sing but goes out   of their way to sing the stuff that just seems  like a good time yeah I love it you know and the   best time when I did it was actually in Japan we  hired a room and um and even I wasn't present at   the moment that this was actually happening  which I'm so sorry but everybody said it was   magical that our keyboard player was saying I'm a  Barbie girl from yeah you know I'm a Barbie girl   and it's like oh my God he's like this really big  big guy really muscles you know like mly men type   and uh my God seeing I'm a Barbie girl he got  the everybody on the floor laughing so hard   and I missed it and you know but you know I love  karaoke so I'm gonna be in there when he sings it   next time well then what's your go-to with karaoke  and then I'll let you go sorry what's what's the   song or artist that you gravitate towards when you  just don't care and you're doing karaoke oh it can   be anything but especially songs um what did I  do last time because I did karaoke this summer   actually with some friends in in Spain uh my God  what song did we do um well it's of course like   maybe maybe even a song like uh Van Halen song  or uh or Nana song but it could be also like   uh f fighters uh like uh Learning to Fly which  I think is the best video and the best song to   make me you know uh feel happy in a way so it's  um it can be anything but um yeah even Sayang On   karaoke on my wedding five years ago and we did uh  we opened up with um with the song um uh what's it   called again oh my God it's from the blonde lady  uh Lady Gaga with shello it's called yeah shello   we opened up with that that is the best thing  I've heard all day Sharon well I'm really I   know I know we get a little crazy but we love it  know and just to invite other PE do the the same   thing and it was such a nice party afterwards  because you cann't get people away from the   microphone they were just fighting over I I do a  song it's like okay we don't have to do anything   anymore we started it and so if you're hanging  out with Sharon wear ear plugs that's what I'm   I'm because I don't always sound like I sound on  St when I sing karaoke that's true absolutely wear   your wear your plugs exactly well thank you for  your time congratulations on bleedout hope to see   you in New York in the very near future and in  the meantime just keep up all that success and   that great Artistry thank you very much thank  you for having me until next time outro cast

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