Wildest Water Battle with Super Friendly Thais (SONGKRAN FESTIVAL)

Wildest Water Battle with Super Friendly Thais  (SONGKRAN FESTIVAL)

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They kept attacking me with water... He's asking me to put colors... There, it's much crowded...

It's amazing... She blocked my water gun... He's adding ice to make the water chilled. [TRYING TO SPEAK HINDI] Hey guys, very good morning and welcome back to the new vlog My name is Tourvashu Right now I am in Southeast Asian country Thailand Which is the maritime border of India It's 12 in the morning And today in Thailand Is the traditional New Year And with this The biggest national holiday And the biggest festival Which is called Songkran Festival And in Thai language It's pronounced Songkan Festival So I came to Thailand from India By flight And right now I am in Thailand's Second largest city Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the second biggest city After Bangkok in Thailand And the biggest city of Northern Thailand Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is 700 km north of Bangkok And in today's video We are going to celebrate Thai New Year And the biggest national festival of this country Songkran And the biggest water festival in the world I have come to Thailand Just to celebrate this festival Just to celebrate this festival Right now I am staying in my Indian friend's apartment And I am going down So guys, we have come to the road There is such an atmosphere And here on the whole road There are many shops in Chiang Mai We are getting Water guns To play this water festival So here is a very different size of Water Gun We also went to the market There were big shops of every size But here is a small shop Hello So let's buy Water Gun How much? 400 Baht So look, the price is different 800 Baht, 400 Baht At present time, 1 Baht is approximately 2.3 Indian Rupees And the price is 20 Baht per piece So people have started throwing water on the road People are also buying some things from here It is very crowded there Actually yesterday I bought Water gun I bought it a little outside It was very cheap But it broke yesterday People are buying Water gun here.

And they are filling water from here Here's to much music and its too loud. Many people are getting water from where they are getting Some people are filling snake water Some people are getting water from this canal People are filling water from this canal People are playing with this water You will get snake water, dirty water You will get cold water, hot water Only water, no colour People are playing with a pickup car It is very popular here Oh People are playing with a pickup car while setting on the back side of the car. We are going to the main place We have left our home And we are going to the main location Where people are playing together This festival is actually of 3 days It starts 2-3 days before And lasts up to 1 week Because all the Water gun. Starts 1 week before So shops are closed Because today is the main festival If you want to buy some costume You have to buy it 1-2 days before Yesterday I got it cheap But it broke This is the mobile cover If your mobile is not waterproof Hello You can protect your mobile This is my friend Hello Vedant So, He invited me to Chiang Mai They have started playing Wait Hi guys How long have you been living in Thailand? 5-6 years Where are you from in India? I am from Agra It is going to be fun In English it is called Songkran In Thai it is called Songkan He has changed your water gun 2 times It is not working Yesterday we bought it without checking It is not working We have checked 2 Water Gun It is not working all of them are Made in China And you don't have to buy it without checking Half of the Water gun is not working There are many road accidents In Thailand You will find many ambulances In the whole country You will find many road accidents Look at the road Thai people are sitting in then Pickup vehicle They are playing My Pichkari is getting ready I will also play Hello Look at this Small Pichkari Big Pichkari They are throwing water Oh It is very cold My camera is waterproof I hope it works It is very hot Temperature is around 35-45 degree centigrade It is very hot I have taken a jacket I have put a cap There are many electric tuk-tuk Hello Look at this They are throwing water The water can be clean or dirty It is probably dirty water People are throwing water They are bringing water from home It is very cold Oh It is very hot After this festival Many people get skin infection You have to be careful There were 5 Pichkari in the first shop All of them are spoiled We have come to another shop Let's buy Pichkari from here Hello I want Pichkari Small and big size For kids and adults I will buy this I bought this yesterday I am trying to buy this It is 150 ml It is 1.5 liter It is 1500 ml Sorry It is 1500 ml It is 1.5 liter Water is behind you People are throwing water It is very cold It is very cold It is very cold Look at this They have brought water from home Don't throw it on me There are many kids Happy New Year It is New Year in Thailand They have brought a big bucket It is very cold They have started on the road They haven't gone anywhere Pichkari is being filled We will test it first Little Happy New Year It is Thai New Year It is a traditional New Year We are wishing each other Happy New Year It is a public transport in Chiang Mai It is a public transport in Chiang Mai It is called Red Truck It is a sharing public transport Is it working? It is heavy It is very heavy It is 1.5 liter

It will be fun What is he commenting? It is UPI It is UPI PROMPET QR OK It is his car It is an electric car It is an electric car We are going to the main place Let's play It is very loud It is very loud There will be a problem in the audio and video Please manage it I am showing it to you Thai girls have put it on my face It is a traditional lip It is made of sand and sandalwood There is a lot of traffic The car is moving very slowly It is moving very slowly It is going to be very slow People are enjoying People are enjoying I am ready Pichkari is very light Pichkari is very light Pichkari is very strong I had bought a glass I had bought a glass I forgot where I stopped I will have to save my eyes We are same We are same I don't know how the camera is recording I don't know how the camera is recording I am going to jump I am going to jump Put water on him. On kids, on adults, ladies, gents. No one will feel bad. Everyone enjoys. Don't feel bad, it's Songkran. Don't feel bad, it's Songkran.

It feels like we're going to a big war field to fight. Because Songkran is known as the biggest water festival in the world. And also the biggest water fighting festival in the world. We're going to the war zone. We're going to the war zone to fight the water. Songkran is everywhere in Thailand.

But Songkran is famous in Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the second biggest city in Thailand. Songkran is culturally and religiously held here. With Buddhist tradition.

In some areas, there's a Jhaki festival. Like in India, there's a Jhaki festival in Songkran. There's a religious Jhaki festival in Chiang Mai.

It's a traditional festival here. What's the name of this place? Thape. It's the most popular place. It's one of the most popular places in Chiang Mai for Songkran. Look, they're distributing a coke for free. Thank you, thank you so much.

Everyone is getting it for free. And look, the truck is open. Whoa! You have to be careful, especially on the road. There are a lot of accidents. People get out of control by drinking alcohol.

So you can see, there are shops all over the city. But they're distributing drinks for free. They're distributing drinks of all types. Do you want a drink or water? We'll try this. Is it good? Thank you, thank you so much. Thank you.

This is very cold. It's very cold. It's written Mansum. Mansum. Mansum? Mansum. It's an energy drink, actually.

There are a lot of people filling it up. I'm alone among two people. Let me fill up the water. There's water here, let's fill it up. The water is running out.

Look, this guy is filling up the water. Let's fill it up first, then we'll fill it up too. Let's go there. There's a lot of crowd there.

Oh, who filled it up? The small one. The small one is filling up a lot of water. Look, there's a big machine gun here. This is the original war zone. This is called the war zone in Thailand. We're entering here.

People are playing here with two guns. Welcome to the war zone. We're in the war zone. It's going to be fun. The dates of Songkran Thai New Year are associated with the ancient tradition of astrology.

Which came to Thailand from ancient India. The word Songkran is derived from the Sanskrit word Samkrantri. Which means astrological passage in English. Which means transformation and change. Which is based on the Hindu and Buddhist calendar.

Which is derived from the movement of the sun. When the sun changes its position from one sign to another. We've come out of the first war zone. There are many war zones every 50 meters to 100 meters here.

All over Chiang Mai. The whole city is full. People have taken a vacation in the whole city. It's a national holiday.

So all the people who work in different cities in Thailand. They all take a vacation and come to their hometowns. Oh, man, it's cold water. In Hindu culture, Indra is for rain.

That's why Songkran Festival is celebrated in Thailand at that time. They believe that when Indra comes to the earth to rain. This is their shop. I'll show you the shop. It's called Wine Club Shop.

You can get different types of alcohol here. There's food too. There's food too. There's a lot. You can get all kinds of drinks here.

Hello. What is your name? From Chiang Mai? No, actually I'm from Samut Pagang. Samut Pagang. Where is this? This is in Thailand. Look at her fatness. She's 56 years old.

Your mother is crazy. She's going too fast. She's going crazy. She's from China. She's saying hello.

She's not calm. Where are you from? Hindu. Nice to meet you.

It's a gang of Chinese people. They're attacking us. Look at us.

The water is so chill. She's gone. Oh my God! Some people have taken cold water and some have taken hot water.

She is making a dominating move. Oh my God! I am from India. Hello! So, look at this. India's national emblem is made here.

Ashoka Chakra. People here say that this emblem came here during the time of Lord Ashoka. It is made of pure cotton. So, there are many temples here. Ashoka Chakra is made everywhere.

Don't feel bad. This is Songkran Festival. He is walking with a shovel and a pistol. This is amazing. This is an amazing celebration.

Hello! He is a good boy. Hello! The primary objective of Songkran Festival is to purify the mind and body. Everything should be purified. On the day of Songkran Festival, locals throw water on each other. They believe that by doing this, they will be purified and their sins will be washed away. The water is coming out from the top.

The water will come out in some time. The water is coming out from the top. Are you from India? Yes, I am from India. Are you from India? Yes, I am from India. She was throwing a lot of water.

She was throwing water for a long time. There is a machine in many places. The water is free in most places. But, look here. You can fill the water by paying 10 Baht or 22-23 Rupees.

There is also a water for 5 Baht or 10 Baht. The water will come out in 5 minutes or 10 Baht. But, this is pure water. You don't have water? Yes. Water is finished.

She has water and he has water. But, the water is finished. Okay. What are you doing? There is a Jhaki festival here. I told you that there is a cultural and religious festival in Chiang Mai. There is a Jhaki festival here.

There is a Jhaki festival here. It is related to Buddhism. He is saying that this is a pilgrimage to Jagannath. He is saying that this is a pilgrimage to Jagannath. There is a lot of Jhaki festival here.

One after the other. Many years ago, the ritual of pouring water on each other started. And, it has evolved to become the largest water festival in the world. Songkran Festival. Songkran Festival is not only held in Thailand.

The Buddhist community in Southeast Asia also celebrates this festival. On Songkran, people clean their homes. People respect the elders of their homes.

They wash their feet. They cook good food for them. And, they bring good clothes for them.

Children and young people take blessings from their elders. The soil has become so dirty. The soil has become so dirty. There is a lot of water.

There is a lot of dirty water. They are putting ice cubes to cool the water. There is a lot of dirty water. There is a lot of ice cubes in the municipality. The water is going to be very cold.

There is a car here. They are selling ice cubes. You can buy it with money. And as I told you, you will get this culture and ritual not only in Thailand, but also in neighboring countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, you will get it here too. On Songkran, you will get it in a different name.

You guys are leaving your cars, two wheelers, four wheelers, see. In the evening. Now the night party will be different. Hello, it's dribbling here.

These people are not taking the name of stopping the water. Hi. Happy Songkran. Songkran. We started at 12 in the morning, it's 6 in the evening, it's nice here. The whole body is swollen.

What happened? Sing in Hindi. Sing in Hindi, where is it? Where is it? Someone will sing, sing in Hindi. Everyone is Thai here. Can you hear? Yes. Hello.

I want you to sing a song. This is Vidhan's old friend. No, no. No, no. Sing, sing.

Okay, okay. We can't live without you. What is my existence without you. The camera is getting very shy. Okay, no.

Okay. You go home. You go, you go. Go home, go home quickly.

Go home quickly. Go home quickly. There are a lot of street food stalls here. You are getting a lot of different items. They have come here to eat something.

You are getting a soup here. You are getting a barbecue item here. Hello. Hello.

Happy Songkran. Songkran. Thank you. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

You are getting a lot of items here. I will eat this. Look here. You are getting Mexican food here. A little spicy. There is burrito, tacos, burger, nachos, quesadilla and shilada.

I don't know what they pronounce. So I have taken this burrito with grilled vegetables, beans and cheese. So guys, this Mexican food is burrito. Guys, it is 8 in the night. Everyone is still playing.

Water is flowing everywhere. The atmosphere is different. Water is flowing day and night. We have dried up completely. It has turned blue again.

Water is flowing everywhere. During Songkran Festival in Thailand, the atmosphere was the same throughout the night and 24 hours. I went to many places at night, and made many different videos at Songkran Festival. But despite my mobile phone being waterproof, it got damaged at the Songkran Festival. water damage. So I missed a lot of video clips of the night which I couldn't show you.

If you would have seen them, you would have felt more of the next level. Then after my mobile phone's water damage, I had to buy a new mobile. I had gone to Thailand only for this festival. So I made only one video of Thailand. I hope you liked this video of the Songkran festival. For now, I am in India. And you guys comment and tell me

how you liked this video. If you liked the video, like it and share it with your friends. And if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, then do subscribe. See you soon in a new country trip.

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