Where to stay in Rome - 8 Best areas to stay in Rome

Where to stay in Rome - 8 Best areas to stay in Rome

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In today’s video, we will look at where to stay   in Rome and the 8 best areas  to stay in Rome for tourists. Before we go straight into the video,   please subscribe to this channel  for more videos like this. Rome is a vast city, it is absolutely  packed with ancient historical sights,   things to see and do. The majority of the city’s  historical treasures are located quite centrally,   so if you want to explore  all the major sights easily,   you should look at staying in  one of the central parts of town. 

The 1st area to look at when it come to  where to stay in Rome is The Historic Center The Historic Center is the best area to  stay in Rome for first-time travelers   because it has a super central location and  it offers many choices in accommodation.   If you stay here, you will be located in the  middle of action, within walking distance to   Rome’s top tourist attractions, as well  as many restaurants, bars, and shops. The Historic Center is the heart of the Eternal  City, located just to the west of the modern   center, on the banks of the river Tiber. The  area spreads out around the old Roman forum and   is absolutely packed with fabulous Renaissance  architecture and a number of historical sights.

The Pantheon is one of the oldest and most  impressive things to see in the historic center   of Rome. This ancient church dates back to the 2nd  century when it was built by the emperor Hadrian.   The Pantheon is a stunning  structure with a unique domed roof,   and it is still used as a  functioning church today. Perhaps the best way to experience the central  historical area is just to explore it on foot,   strolling around the beautiful  ancient squares, visiting places,   museums, and fountains as you come across them,   and stopping for a coffee in one of the scores  of little restaurants and cafes around the area. The Piazza Navona is a particularly  attractive square that contains the   stunning church Sant’Agnese in Agone, Fountain  of Neptune, and Museum of Rome. The square was   built on the site of ancient Domitian Stadium.  There is a christmas market here in december. Within easy walking distance from Piazza Navona,  you will find the center of ancient Rome,   Campo de’Fiori. Literally means field of flowers,  this is a square with a daily outdoor market  

for vegetables, fruits, flowers, and even  souvenirs. There is a statue of philosopher   Giordano Bruno in the middle of the piazza  who was burned here in the 17th century. Nearby, the Jewish Ghetto is where you can enjoy  the best of Italian and kosher food. The Ghetto  

was home to a very important Jewish community,  built in 1555 in the Rione Sant’Angelo. The Historic center is also famous for  its beautiful narrow cobbled streets,   Via Giulia is one of the charming streets in Rome.   This 1km long road was designed in the 1500s  by Bramante to ease access to the Vatican. There are some fantastic places to eat  here, including fabulous pizzerias,   incredible gelato ice cream, and some  splendid little taverns and wine bars.

All tourist attractions are located within walking  distance apart, you can easily explore on foot   saving money on taxi and public transport. In  addition, Rome's historic center also offers a   wide range of accommodation options ranging from  luxury 5 star hotels to budget backpacker hostels. The 2nd area in the list of the best areas  to stay in Rome is the Piazza Di Spagna  Piazza Di Spagna, or Spanish Square in English,  is one of Rome’s most visited and famous squares.   Spanish Square is located in the city center,   within walking distance to Trevi  Fountain and Borghese Gardens. The areas around Spanish Steps and Piazza di  Spagna are wealthy and attractive parts of Rome.   They are delightful places to  stay if you want luxury hotels,   designer shopping, and fine dining restaurants.

Piazza di Spagna is so famous for many reasons.  First, the square is home to the Spanish Steps,   which is a grand and sweeping staircase that  you will recognize from any number of movies.   These baroque-style public stairs  were built in the 18th-century to   connect Piazza di Spagna to  the Trinità dei Monti church. Additionally, Piazza di Spagna is home  to some stunning statues and sculptures.   There is an authentic Egyptian ancient  Obelisk and a spectacular fountain.

Finally, Piazza di Spagna is well-known  for its stylish luxury shops.   Via dei Condotti and Via del Corso  nearby are the main shopping drags   in Rome and are dedicated to high fashion  with brands like Gucci, Bulgari, and Fendi. There are some fabulous restaurants around Via  Veneto. A visit to Harry’s Bar is a tourist   favorite since it was immortalized in the movie La  Dolce Vita. Enjoy a dinner at a Michelin-starred   restaurant like La Terrazza, or grab a morning  coffee at the historical Antico Caffé Greco.

Spanish Square is an excellent  place to stay if you’re with   family since you have a large park and zoo nearby.   Villa Borghese gardens have been opened to the  public since 1903. The garden has a stunning   ornate landscape that contains spectacular  buildings and the excellent Borghese Gallery.

The Galleria Borghese has splendid sculptures  and paintings, including works by Caravaggio,   Bernini, Rafael and Titian. If  its art gallery is not enough,   you can visit the Museo Carloi Bilotti  and Canonica with various works of art. Inside the garden, you can find  Villa Borghese Zoo with more than   1,000 animals. It’s a great attraction for  the whole family, no matter what age you are! The Spanish Square is mostly pedestrianized,  you can explore on foot, but because there   are lots of cobbled streets, make  sure to bring a good pair of shoes.   Several buses and the metro serve this area. There  is Metro Line A at stops Barberini and Spagna.

The 3rd area in the list of the best  areas to stay in Rome is Trastevere Trastevere is a Roman suburb on the west bank  of the river Tiber, on the other side of the   River Tiber from Rome's old center. Trastevere  is one of the most authentic areas in Rome,   it is a beautiful, central neighborhood, and  less crowded than the historic center. Trastevere   is within a 30-minute walk from Vatican  City, Colosseum, and the historic center.

If you want lively nightlife, hip, bohemian,  and inviting part of town, Trastevere is a   great option. This part of Rome is also an  excellent choice for travelers on a budget. Trastevere is packed with good value  traditional restaurants, wine bars, and clubs.   Be sure to check out its famous thin  and crispy pizza fresh from a wood oven. Rome is a city built, famously, on seven  hills, and Janiculum Hill is one of them.  

While you are in Trastevere,  you should climb up here and   enjoy spectacular views across the city.  Grab a drink and enjoy the lovely sunset. This district is one of the most exciting  parts of Rome to explore on foot.   There are charming cobbled streets and Piazzas  full of places to eat, drink, and shop.  

People-watching in The Piazza Santa Maria is an  excellent way to pass the time. Here you will   find Rome’s oldest Marian church, Basilica of  Santa Maria, and a fountain is a meeting place. The Sunday Porta Portese flea market opens from  07.00 until 14.00. It is one of the largest flea  

markets in Europe. There are hundreds of stalls,  you can find vintage clothing and antiques. Ponte Sisto bridge is one of the popular  bridges in Rome, connecting Campo de’   Fiori with Trastevere. In the evening you’ll find  musicians and street performers entertaining here. Trastevere is packed with small  picturesque cobbled streets,   traditional houses, and green spaces. Many of  Trastevere's cobbled streets are called vicoli.   Stroll around these vicoli and  explore more about the neighborhood. The 4th area in the list of where  to stay in Rome is Prati and Vatican Prati along with Rome historic center,  are some of the safest places to stay in   Rome due to its close proximity to the  Pope’s residence. Prati is one of the  

wealthiest neighborhoods of Rome and it is  a popular shopping spot for high-end brands. The Vatican, the home of the Pope and the  seat of the Catholic church is a wholly   independent state from the rest of Italy  and the smallest country in the world. Once you enter The Vatican, one of the first  things that you’ll see is the Swiss Guards,   who with their spectacularly colorful  uniforms, are very hard to miss.   The majority of Vatican City is closed to  tourists but an exception is St. Peter’s Basilica,   a stunning church that is topped by  a vast dome designed by Michelangelo. One of the best things to do on your visit  here is to climb the steps to the top of   the Dome for a fantastic view (but not  one for people with a fear of heights!) Outside of the Basilica is the  famous St. Peter’s Square with  

ornate fountains and a prominent  obelisk in the middle of the square.   The other main parts of the Vatican that are  open to tourists are bundled together as the   Vatican Museums. These are a treasure trove of  antiquities of the Catholic faith. The most famous   building here is Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel  with Michelangelo’s spectacular ceiling art. If you would like to explore elsewhere in The  Vatican, you’ll need to plan ahead and book   a tour directly with the Vatican 60 days before  your trip. Alternatively, you can inquire at local   travel agencies and you may be able to book a  tour at shorter notice with a local tour agency. The Vatican neighborhoods are  also home to Castel Sant’Angelo,   or Mausoleum of Hadrian, which was built  by Roman Emperor Hadrian as a monumental   tomb for his family and later was  used by the popes as a castle.

Located right next to Vatican city is the  14th historical district of Rome, Borgo.   The area is very popular with tourists because of  the Vatican and you will find excellent tourist   infrastructure, including lots of hotels  and guest houses catering to most budgets. Prati is a charming residential neighborhood  with wide boulevards, art nouveau buildings,   and high-end shopping streets. Prati is a  white-collar neighborhood, made of offices,   barracks and courthouses. It is a good base  for those who want to stay away from the   hustle and bustle of the city center, but  still close to all the major Roman sites. It is a large district with plenty  of accommodation to choose from. The  

main attraction in the Prati neighborhood is the  most well-known shopping street – Cola di Rienzo   with many high-end design shops,  cool restaurants, and bars. Some important piazzas in Prati are Piazza Cavour  houses the Supreme Court, Piazza Risorgimento.   They are packed with wine bars,  live music venues, and restaurants. 

The 5th area in the list of the best areas  to stay in Rome is Monti and Colosseum Located near Colosseum and Piazza Venezia, Monti  is the best area to stay in ancient Rome because   it was the place where the gladiators lived,  far away from the rich Romans in ancient times.   It was regarded as a dangerous district at  one time even in more modern times, but today   this hipster hotspot is home to many artists,  offers fine restaurants and vibrant nightlife. The main attraction in the Monti neighborhood is  the fountain at Piazza Della Madonna Dei Monti,   a good spot to enjoy coffee, wine, and  people-watching, the 100 A.D. Trajan’s Market,   and the old cobbled street Via  Urbana with lots of artisan shops,   restaurants and attractive boutique hotels. You will be able to see the magnificent  Coliseum from many of its streets.   However, the best view of this wonderful structure  is from Celio Park. The Santa Maria Maggiore  

and St. Peter in Chains Church are both in  Monti as is Michelangelo’s Moses sculpture. Colosseo is the area of Rome that  surrounds the ancient Roman Colosseum,   one of the city’s most impressive sights.  Colosseo is a central part of the city just   south of the modern center and  east of the historical center. The Colosseum is a place you really should  visit on your trip to Rome. This spectacular   amphitheater is incredibly well preserved, given  that it dates back to the first-century ad.  

The Colosseum was the entertainment  center of ancient Rome.   It once seated up to 50,000 spectators who  watched gladiatorial combats, animal fights,   and a range of entertainments that would  be seen today as bloodthirsty and barbaric. Close to the coliseum is the ancient Roman  forum, which was the center of power of the   ancient Roman empire. It’s an atmospheric place  to explore and contains many ancient structures,   like The Temple of Saturn and  the Arch of Septimius Severus. The Colosseum area has several other places of  historical interest that are well worth visiting,   including the Arch of Constantine, built in  the 4th-century AD. Palatine Hill is close to   the Colosseum and next to the old Roman Forum.  It contains some fascinating old Roman villas.

Surprisingly, given the sheer volume of ancient  history in this area, Colosseo isn’t the busiest   area for tourists to stay in since most people  visit the Colosseum and the forum on day trips.   Colosseo is a good suburb in the center  of Rome if you want a quieter and more   relaxed atmosphere than both the  modern and the historical centers. The 6th area in the list of the best  places to stay in Rome is Roma Termini  Roma Termini, or Rome’s central station,  is the biggest train station in Rome.   It is where most people pass through  when coming to Rome by airplane.  

It’s within walking distance to  the sights of the historic center,   Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, as well as a  short metro and bus ride to the Vatican city. Termini Railway station is the best area  to stay in Rome for one night because of   the central location, it’s very convenient  for getting to the major sights and tourist   attractions using the city’s Metro subway  system. It offers easy access to the airport,   and other parts of the city because of  its well-connected public transport.

You can find some good value accommodation here,   and there is a lot of choice of low to  mid-range hotels, hostels, and guest houses. There are several interesting  sights around the station such   as the National Roman Museum at Palazzo  Massimo, and the Baths of Diocletian. Located just south of the Termini railway  station, the districts of Esquilino and   San Giovanni are central districts of Rome.  Esquilino is the home to Rome’s Chinatown,  

and there is some good value and  delicious Chinese food to be had here. Even though this part of town isn’t  the most famous for historical sights,   there are still some splendid things to see,  including the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.   This church dates all the way back to the 9th  century and is lavishly decorated in gold leaf. The central square of this district is called  Piazza Vittorio. It’s a lively and bustling place,  

excellent for shopping and people-watching. If  you’re a keen shopper, you should also visit   the enormous indoor Mercato Esquilino market,  which has a particularly inviting food section.  The 7th area in the list of the best places  to stay in Rome is Tridente and Trevi Fountain You are in the heart of tourist Rome if you  choose Tridente as your base. It is the area   between the Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia.  Here you will find the famous Trevi Fountain,  

and if you walk on, the Spanish Steps. Both appear  in the list of ‘’Top Ten’’ things to see in Rome. The most famous Trevi Fountain is a stunningly  ornate marble sculpture completed in the 18th   century. The site of this fountain  dates back far earlier than that,   though since it was the endpoint  of an ancient Roman viaduct.

As you probably know, the saying goes that  if you drop a coin in the Trevi Fountain,   you will one day return to Rome. Think carefully  before dropping three in though, since this   apparently means that you will marry  a Roman! Whether or not this is true,   it’s one of the classic bucket list  things to do while in the city. The Piazza del Popolo square,  or the People’s Square,   is next to the Aurelian Walls and close to  Porta del Popolo (formerly Porta Flaminia).   It was the main entrance to Rome  city during the Roman Empire. In and around People’s Square stands Fontana  dei Leoni and Santa Maria del Popolo, the Chigi   Chapel by Raffaello, Santa Maria dei Miracoli,  Santa Maria in Montesanto, and Pincio Terrace.

You can wander around its streets that start  from the square such as Via del Babuino,   Via del Corso, and Via di Ripetta. You will be  spoilt for choice when it comes to fine dining,   casual, and more formal. The shopping is  wonderful high-fashion boutiques like Gucci,   Valentino, and Fendi, and all  the architecture is impressive.

You will find that accommodation can be  more expensive than in other parts of Rome,   but you will still find good value if  you do your research. While you may not   get a feel of local Rome, there are few other  drawbacks if you choose Tridente as your base. The 8th area in the list of where  to stay in Rome is Testaccio Testaccio is located off of the main  tourist path on the south side of the city.   Formerly a working-class district, Testaccio  was slowly transformed into a popular food   destination, full of restaurants, bars,  and clubs. This is an excellent part of  

town if you want to sample everyday Roman life  outside of the most touristy parts of the city. Testaccio was one of the Roman  Empire’s major trade hubs.   You can find a small hill, Monte Testaccio,  which is home to 53 million broken wine jars.   The hill is set right next to the ancient  Tiber River port, and the warehouses.

Testaccio is home to the covered  market, Mercato Testaccio.   Here you’ll find all kinds of fabulous  Italian produce at excellent prices.   It’s a great place to buy something  authentic as a gift or just for yourself.  

The market is also a great place to  enjoy top-quality Italian food at   bargain prices in the cluster of cafes  and restaurants surrounding the market. Located to the South of Testaccio is  the Ostiense neighborhood. This former   industrial district is some distance from the  main tourist areas but there are compensations.   You will have a half-hour journey into the  main Rome attractions each day, but your base   offers a real feel of today’s Rome with great  street art, vibrant nightlife, and good food.

Testaccio is a good area to find budget  accommodation since it’s a little bit   out of the center, prices are a bit lower and  you can find some real accommodation bargains. Now, you have it, where to stay in Rome and the  8 best areas to stay in Rome. Overall, Centro   Storico is the best area to stay in Rome for  first-time travelers due to its prime location.  

If you stay here, you will be  located in the middle of everything,   within walking distance to Rome’s top tourist  attractions, restaurants, bars, and shops Thanks for watching. If you liked this video,   please subscribe to the channel  for more videos like this!

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