When DREAM Adventure GO WRONG S06 EP.54 | Dead Sea & Baptismal Site | MIDDLE EAST MOTORCYCLE TOUR

When DREAM Adventure GO WRONG S06 EP.54 | Dead Sea & Baptismal Site | MIDDLE EAST MOTORCYCLE TOUR

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This road takes you to the grave of Prophet Shoaib (peace be upon him). Right now, we are at the place where Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was baptized by John the Baptist. Palestine is on this side but you can see the Israeli flags there. Walking here in these slippers is a little tough. It's really good for skin.

You can see that it is about 430 m below sea level. Lets how long does this mud take to make me fair and lovely. Oops... Ohh Assalam Alekum and Welcome Back to Channel from Amman Jordan We have planned a rather exciting day trip from Amman today. I hope you are gonna enjoy this vlog. Today we are going to visit a very historical place, right next to the Palestinian border.

The place where Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was baptized. That situated by Jordan river. The river is located between Palestine and Jordan.

We are gonna take a very scenic route through the Shoaib valley, for our trip. Another notable thing about this valley is the grave of Prophet Shoaib (pbuh). I'll try to make a short stop by his grave for all of you. After that, we'll go visit the Dead Sea. I haven't made a vlog about the Dead Sea already.

I think it's finally time now. All these places are quite close to one another, so it's not gonna be a long ride. Let's hope we can manage visiting all these places today. There's Awais.... A bit busy in setting up his motorcycle now. Both of us are ready with our motorcycles.

So, let's get going. Bismillah... In the name of Allah *Prayer for the journey* We pray for a safe and fun filled day ahead. Also the same for all of you. I've just checked my navigation...

It's almost a 1.5 hour ride from here to the baptism site. Although, one hour is enough to get there normally. However, the route we are taking is a scenic one with curves. That accounts for the extra time. I found out that there is a shuttle bus service there.

That means we need to park our motorcycle somewhere and then use the shuttle service. Then we'll take to the site. But we have a lot of time so we are not in any hurry.

We are gonna enjoy our scenic route. It is expected that we spend at least 2 hours there. Temperature is 30 degrees here. As we go down to the Dead Sea, it may get as high as 38 or 39 degrees.

Definitely touching 40 degrees. I'm just following Awais, rather than following the navigation. That's a Tesla... Model S. I've noticed many people in Jordan driving electric vehicles. Volks Wagon is the most common car here. Amman is a beautiful city indeed.

Really green. The more time you spend here... the more you realize... How different it is from other Arab cities.

For starters... its weather is really great. One can't just expect a Middle Eastern city to have such a pleasant weather. Then, anywhere you go here...

It's really green... except for the downtown area. I'm sure you are gonna enjoy and appreciate our route for the day. Gradually we have left the city behind us.

Traveling through the periphery now. There are numerous towns and villages in this area. The whole area is really congested. You can see that apparently there is no end to this populated area. However, the view on the other side is pretty promising.

You can see that we are already descending down this road. Traveling through Shoaib valley ... to get to the Dead Sea. A cool and pleasant breeze is flowing. Loving this scenery.

We are having a perfect ride so far. The road is really curvy and it's not too wide as well. I have spotted a water stream down there. This whole area between the two mountains is all green.

That's probably because of that water stream. I'm not sure where is that water coming from... We may figure it out in some time. There are quite a few small but cute cafes and restaurants along this road. It's such an amazing area.

I made this special request to Awais... That we must take this route if we are to visit the Dead Sea. This road takes you to the grave of Prophet Shoaib (peace be upon him). I've made some footage of the shrine. A mosque is situated beside the grave.

But, extensive recording is not allowed there. However, they were kind enough to let me do some recording with my phone. Look at these trees by the road side.... Pomegranates... And what are these other trees...

What is the source of this water...?? I could see water all over that road back there. Looks like it must be coming from some mountain.

On our way to Dead Sea... The Urdu name for Dead Sea is the literal translation of the English name; Dead Sea. Same is true for Arabic. I'll try to confirm it when I see some sign board. You can see that water stream running along this road. The water is really clean...

It must be coming from some mountain. People in the area must always fill their water bottles from this stream. Really suitable for drinking. Otherwise the locals won't drink it. The air has gotten warm here. But it's not too bad.

And you can see that the greenery on these mountains have now vanished. There's a small lake over there... Or is it a dam?? It's water is coming from the stream that we saw earlier. Plenty of water for now. We have almost reached the Dead sea level now.

Let's see how it is with the Jordan river now. Is it at the same altitude or higher? Can't say anything for sure about that for now. Didn't check the elevation of that area.

Written on the sign board... "Baptism Site" "Dead Sea" and "King Hussein Bridge" King Hussein Bridge is actually the border between Palestine and Jordan. It's not too far from here. Hardly a 15-20 minute drive. But we are not gonna do that today... Some other day...

We want to spend some more time in Jordan before that. I felt a strong rural vibe here. That's how these small towns and villages are. Also here on the right side, where there's a clearer patch... You'll see banana trees. Similarly, you'll see much more agricultural activities in this area.

I've been told that most of the people working here are Pakistani and Bengali. A lot of people work on these plantations. That's a banana plantation all the way on this side. I think we need to take our shuttle from here. No one's here?? The parking is over there.

Since this area is too close to the border... the authorities make every tourist come here and leave their vehicles here... Buy a ticket and use the shuttle to visit the site. A short break in the video to tell you about its sponsors; PAYSEND Whenever I've to send money to my family or friends or for any investment...

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Lets resume the video now. I think that's the border line. That's just to mark this area. Right now, we are at the place where Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) was baptized by John the Baptist. John the Baptist, peace be upon him, was living near Jericho at that time.

As you can see that there is no water in this baptism site right now... And you can see a structure here. But 2000 years ago, Jordan river would flow through this place. And Christ was baptized by the river side. You can see these stairs to come down, closer to water... You can see some water as well.

According to researchers and experts, this is the exact spot of Christ's baptism. About the date of baptism... There are two calendar systems... Orthodox and Catholic. So according to Catholics, it's 6th January...

And it's 19th January according to the Orthodox Christians. On 6th January each year, Christians from Palestine and Jordan, gather at the Jordan river to celebrate. Today, Jordan river is a very small river.

Palestine is on one of its sides... But you can see the Israeli flag over there. Because this entire area is controlled by Israel.

The river in between is hardly 10 meters in width. That's all that is left of the Jordan river now. The water from this site is considered holy and is taken to everywhere around the world . It is used for baptism of Christians. Especially for kings and leaders.

If someone can afford it, they take this water along with themselves. There are 5 small churches in this area today. These were built during the 5th and 12th century AD for the pilgrims of baptism site. We have been here for almost 2.5 hours. A little more than 2.5 hours to be honest... because of the whole tour. It's really hot out here.

Time to visit our next destination; Dead Sea. Before I forget, the entry fee of this site is almost 18 dollars. Or 13 JD is what they charge foreigners. For Jordan nationals, it's just 3 JD. Quite a high entry fee.

Anyways... time to move on... I hope you must have enjoyed the brief tour of this historical site. I wanted to see it for myself and also show it to all of you.

You never know... We may not be able to visit this area again. It will take almost 15-20 minutes to get to Dead Sea from here. Once we get there, we'll find a suitable location to enjoy the trip.

There are many hotels there but too expensive. I'm not sure how much they will charge us if we use their facilities. We may look for a public beach there with arrangement for shower. Let's see.

We have reached the Dead Sea. There are only hotels in the area on our right side. Dead Sea is located at the back of these hotels. Let's keep going forward for now.

Awais knows the spot where we can be at the public beach. The part of beach in this area belongs to these hotels. So it's private property. But the elevation here makes it a little difficult to go down to the sea from here. Or their may be some pathways to walk down to the sea.

That seems like the public area. So we can visit this part of the beach. Doesn't look like Awais is gonna stop here so just keep following him. All the paths to go to the sea are apparently closed from here.

This is the beginning of Dead Sea and it goes on like this all the way to Aqaba. Aqaba is almost 270 km from here. For almost 70 km, this road runs along the sea.

We can stop by the sea anywhere we like in this stretch. Let's go there and see. We can always come back if we can't find a suitable spot. Can't seem to find anything special about this spot. It's a little elevated so we need to be careful while going down.

Can't see any facilities here. I mean, no place to shower after coming out of the sea. Quite hot here. So we are going back from this spot as there is nothing worth staying here. Even the water is almost 500 meters away from the main road. There is a resort nearby and we are going to check it with them.

These shops are selling 5 liter bottles of water. For people to take a bath. So you can buy water as well as get shoes on rent. They didn't allow us here. Although we told them that we wanted to buy the daily pass.

Daily pass is for 25 JD per person. But we were told that we could use their premises only if we were with family or at least a lady. That meant a No - No for two young guys like us.

Trying our luck at another place now. I'm afraid we might get the same response. I think we might end up on a public beach.

Apparently you are only welcome here if you are in the company of a female. Internet is showing another couple of beaches ahead. Otherwise, we could go to the hot springs area. What do you think? There's a place here with hot water springs and we can take a bath in its waters as well. I discovered it over the internet. People had given good reviews about the place.

The hot water springs are gonna be on the left side whereas the Dead sea will be on the right. Keep watching with us. This is a great view of the Dead Sea.

The blue color of water is all I can see as far as I can see. What an amazing view this is. Seems like a huge lake... With mountains of Palestine in the background. There are so many locals here in this section.

I think we better join them as well. Lets go see Dead Sea from here. No need to wander any further. We can get everything that we need from here.

Looks more like a festival here. What do you think about the place? Good for me. With the locals. Would be good to hang out with locals. Water is also available. These are there to take shower. We've changed into more comfortable clothing. I brought an extra T-Shirt.

I'm wearing shorts now. There's a place to shower afterwards. I've got my stuff watched over now. They were asking for 1 JD.

We may give them 5 JD per person, later. Lets go down now... This path is a little difficult. We need to get to the beach through this path. There's no other way.

It's not a proper pathway; just a work around. Just need to be careful. A little tough to walk in these slippers. So many tourists here... 90% of them being locals.

Hardly any international tourists here. Other than us... Two Pakistani boys... People are generously applying this mud on one another.

This Dead Sea mud is famously good for skin. That's why everyone is applying it. Oh... This water is... rather warm.

The color of water here is also a bit dull. It was quite blue back there. This water is coming from the hot water springs back there. It contains a slight smell of sulfur as well.

Dead Sea is the lowest point on our Earth. I've opened the Altimeter on my mobile phone. You can see that it's almost 430 meters below sea level. I haven't been to any other place with elevation lower than this. I have this reading of 404 meters. Mobile phone is showing 430 meters approximately.

The salt content of this water is so high that... You'd start floating even if you don't try to swim. It is recommended to always go in the water, facing upwards. Never go facing downwards. The salt must not enter your mouth. Avoid if you have shaved recently because this water is more dangerous than your after shave.

Let's enjoy this water. Placed my stuff close to myself here. It's almost sunset time so let's just enjoy this. These views will get even better. Full Floating Mode It's just too salty.

I'm gonna apply this famous mud on myself. It is believed to make your skin fair and lovely. You know Pakistanis are so fond of fair skin. There are two different things.

Lets see how long this mud will take to do its magic. This is just a disclaimer in case you won't recognize me by the end of this video. Water went into my mouth. Same here.

It's slightly deeper here so floating here is even better. Will try not to go too far. But even if we did, we'll float our way back to the beach. Some water went into Awais' eyes and now he can't keep them open. To be honest, if this water goes into your eyes or mouth, it's really irritating and painful. Anyways, this floating is actually amazing.

Oops... Oh... Oh....

Honestly, this Dead Sea experience has been quite painful for us. The water was quite restless today. I've been here three times before. I have never seen such waves here. It was a completely different case today. One minute you are floating peacefully and the very next, a wave comes and throws you aside.

The places where the water is shallow, have very sharp edged salt formations. And if you happen to rub your hand against it... it's over for you. I have so many cuts on my back, hands and feet...

that I'm afraid if I can ride my motorcycle on our way back to Amman. That's how this experience has been for us today. I've had better experiences in the past. For now, we are gonna sit away from this water and enjoy the sunset. Won't go into water. These waves won't let us go anywhere.

Let's just sit here and relax and then we'll go and take a shower. We need to clean ourselves before we leave. Our dinner has been served. After a full day's exertion... this table feels like it has everything we need.

We have ordered a classic burger. This in the middle is humus. And this is mixed seafood. And this right here is bread. This bread looks delicious. It is different from the bread that you normally get here.

Let's pour some olive oil before we start. A little more than what I wanted... You see lack of practice.

Lets start.. I hope the food will be great. We paid almost 35 dollars for our dinner. I hope you must have enjoyed this vlog. Please don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Remember me in your prayers. See you in the next one. Allah Hafiz

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