When all goes wrong in MADAGASCAR I end up in a remote village on a SANDBANK [S7-E99]

When all goes wrong in MADAGASCAR  I end up in a remote village on a SANDBANK [S7-E99]

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What a day! What am I doing? Where am I going? So this is where I'll be sleeping tonight Manometimay, MADAGASCAR Season 7 - Eps.99 Now I don't know, where Didier is.. If he's.. 'cause if he's in front of me maybe he's waiting there Or maybe he's behind me Another motorcycle pass or not..? Today? 15 minutes after I arrived in this village, Didier got there too. But as we are trying to leave, his bike doesn't start anymore... So the Kawasaki seems a little bit dead Um, he has a spare battery so we tried the battery but it's still is not, it's not starting So it all went a little bit pear shaped from here So besides the starting problem, the clutch plates on the Kawasaki are also pretty much completely burnt I think He said he has no gear anymore so I'm not really sure what we're doing now I think Didier just walked off trying to find cell phone reception because there's no reception here I already got my little Garmin inReach out to be able to send a message to Francois Not really sure what he's going to do because yeah, we are in the middle of nowhere in a tiny village It's still uh, nearly 50 kilometers to Belo. So I don't know if we will make that uh, with this bike

So yeah, let's see. Okay bad news, we are now about 3 hours later.. I think Try to get the Kawasaki started, but it turns out that it's dead, like it's finished So we only have one option to get out of here, which is by sea So we need a boat to um.. we'll take a boat to go back to Morondava, Morondava Again.. I seem to not get away from Morondava but the boat leaves at 2 in the morning Because then it's high tide, so we need to put the boats, we need to load the bikes now on the boat 'Cause now it's low water so we get the bikes on the boat now And then I have to wait around, sleep a little maybe in the boat And then at 2 in the morning, when it's high tide we go to Morondava in the middle of the night So. So yeah, this is going to be a an unexpected adventure but that's how it goes right, it's always.. always something unexpected happens

And then in Morondava, we'll see. That's.. that's for later First we need to get back to some place which is kind of reachable by road and not um, so remote like here We just gonna make sure we have enough water with us I still have a lot of water in my camel bak, but I also have this one which is has a I attach a water filter on top, so then it's always safe to drink It's another liter, oh.. slippery Hey, I just had to stop next to this  beautiful tree Look at this Just standing in the shade And then right there, is another baobab I think I told the Didier, give me your backpack 'cause uh.. .. 'Cause he has to walk this whole stretch I give them a head start again I do that and then I follow them and then wait when I see some shade Because even at this time, it's now 4:30 it's still so hot I already got a sunburn from just um.. being in the village Didier is somewhere coming behind me Let's find some shade Ah, I think here is the water But where's the boat? That's the question See you can just see the tide coming up Here? Oh Let me see how deep this is I'm not too sure about that It's like oh, that's up until there, oh.. that's like waste deep Oof, oh that's very deep Now that's a no go for me See now the water is already until here Tide is coming up really quickly. But right there it was more than waist deep, so there's no way I can ride through here

It's too risky Okay I'm going to go with this guy.. another route Ah, there's Didier No, no, but now the water is.. Here is... and he.. Yeah Give me the the backpack It's better Okay Um.. which side Okay This way What a day! What am I doing? Where am I going? Okay, made it! Whoop whoop! Um.. oh, there's a whole village here

I don't know where the other bike is   Wow! Look at that It's like a sailboat coming in How are you? Good good Huh? Changa chang, Morondava - Morondava Yeah yeah. Okay a little further Wow look at this, so many boats okay Wow Hi! Where's the other bike? Oh here Here? Here? Okay You guys strong.. strong guys It's too tired! Oh oh I believe you, sjoe Ah yeah yeah Yeah Changing from my boots to shoes is drawing crowds.. Are you okay? So we made it to this village and um, we're going to take a tuf tuf So my Malagasy vocabulary is now salama, hello I can say misaotra which means thank you I can say misaotra betsaka which means thank you very much And I know the two most important words, pousse -pousse which is a cycle rickshaw And tuf tuf which is a boat I'll show you which boat we're going to take We still need to load the bikes on the boat. Don't ask me how we're going to do that It's going to be a whole different story It's called the Herimpo one It's right there and but we have to go through that water here To the boat somehow with two bikes So that will be fun. Not sure yet how we going to do that Lift up the bikes probably Poor Didier had to walk the whole way, so he's a bit tired Okay I have an update, we're not leaving tonight because the boat driver is in Morondava So he will only come here tomorrow afternoon So.. so we're going to spend the night here in the village

Um, they told us that there's a place to stay, so that's great. I think in somebody's house because yeah, there's no hotels or anything here So we're going to spend the night here and uh yeah, spend half the day here tomorrow and then see if we can I don't know somehow get the bikes on the boat and then go to Morondava This is for dinner we are eating crab Crab Thank you So it's rice with fresh crabs. Okay this  is not all for me, this is also for Didier But he was still chatting with some people on the beach. So um, I'm going to already start eat something Anyway they laid out this little mat for me here, see I'm just sitting on the sand So this is where I'll be sleeping tonight. I get the mattress and Didier is going to sleep on the.. on the little mat  here I got my stuff all here. And there

.. the next morning Hey piggy! Good morning! Anyway, the boat driver has arrived now this morning with another boat Like they said he would, what a special place right? I actually slept pretty okay last night, so we're going to load the bikes now And I have no idea when we're going to leave. Um, I thought it would be at 2 pm when tide is high Um, but maybe it depends on how fast they are with loading everything, maybe we leave it immediately I have no idea, uh they told me it's about 2 hour boat drive back to Morondava And there's already another bike on its way to Morondava for Didier to ride, so we're going to swap out the bikes And then um, I don't know, then come up with a new plan on what we're going to do, where we're going to go So yeah that is the plan That is one bike.. One KTM loaded.. almost Nice! Okay, we are leaving the boat because it's low tide now So the boat can't uh, go in. But it will take it like another four or five hours before it can go all the way in And the bikes.. we can offload the bikes. But it's boiling hot so we're not going to sit four or five hours on the boat

So we're just taking uh.. some of the stuff, check into a place again I think probably the same guest house where I stayed before Have a shower. Oh, I looking so forward to that. I feel so dirty Um and uh yeah, then later today we will offload the bikes. See where the new bike for Didier is It probably already arrived tonight, I think and uh yeah, make a new plan What are we going to do now? It's a good question And here I am again on the steps of the same room where I now checked in for the third time It's maybe it's something about Morondava that I keep on coming back here Yeah no, that wasn't really the plan but anyway, I'm glad it actually went pretty smooth now with the boat Uh, took less than 2 hours and we were back here. Oh hi, hi cutie

Oh. Oh hi come and say hi What was I saying? Yeah it was just great experience and these are the type of things that happen when stuff doesn't go according to plan And yeah, a bike breaking down and then you end up in this small village on an island, it was pretty amazing ' Cause the village was, it was basically on a sandbank and just surrounded by other like, little mangrove islands And it turned out that I was the first tourist to ever come to this village, so they said there had been one foreigner before a missionary And he built like that kind of um, I think you probably saw it on my drone shot, a bigger building Which is both the church and the school, but other than that uh, there's never been like a tourist come to the village So people were just really, I think happy to see me and especially the kids and yeah, I spent a lot of time with the children And they were singing all the songs they were learning at school. And then I taught them like a Dutch little song, which was pretty hysterical But yeah, what now, what now? Um, we have a new plan, and that new plan is to actually hop back on the same boat again So a new bike for Didier has arrived so Francois immediately, when I sent him a message Like hey, Didier's bike is completely dead. He immediately arranged for a new bike, so when we arrived here The new bike was also already here, so that was super fast So now we have put that new motorbike for Didier on the boat again, so both the bikes are already loaded Uh and most of our stuff. And so tomorrow, we're going to go again on the boat but then we're going to go even further south than where we were now, and the reason is that first of all, we don't really feel like doing that same ride again And like crossing again the river with the pirogue and the whole swampy area and stuff like that But going back to where we came from now, is also a problem.  Because after we crossed the river with the pirogue

We were in this little hut with this lady and she said that after that, there was also she said there was a really, really difficult section And she said, you can't go there so you actually have to backtrack again a huge part So when we heard that we were already thinking okay, that's not so great But okay, let's see. But now that we have to make a new plan anyway We might as well skip on that part as well. So in the next video or tomorrow morning actually at 5 am Uh we're going to leave here, because then it's high tide again We won't be able to make it in one day to Morombe, so that's now the new destination So it will take two days to get there. Um, so yeah that's also going to be a whole journey in itself, I think

So yeah let's see how that will go, but for now made it back here, got a new bike sorted, so all is good So that was it for today. I really hope you like this video If you did, please give a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below and then I will see you in the next video

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