What The H*** are you Doing Here ? vA 115

What The H*** are you Doing Here ?  vA 115

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(Somewhere in Rwanda) - Morning, my friends. Yes. Okay. - A soda. - Ah? - Drink, drink? - Drink? - Drink, drink. A soda. - Ah? Ah, soda. No, no.

Soda. Yes, but... I am not a soda machine. Okay, bye-bye. - Thank you. - Ah? Thank you. She asked me for a soda.

It's been a while since I had that. In Rwanda... Yeah, in the countryside, people do ask for things, but they don't ask for soda. Anyway, let's go to...

Actually, let's go to Burundi, hopefully, in this video. The first step to reach Burundi is to go to Tanzania. Hello. - Hi. - Hi. - Hello. - So the first step to go to Burundi is to go to Tanzania. So today, we're going to Tanzania. Let's go, guys. Hello. Hello. - Hi, man.

- What a beautiful cold morning to go to Tanzania. Oh, putain. Eh! - Bonjour. - Hello, bonjour. Hello. Hello. Hello. - Mzungu, mzungu. Money.

- Mzungu, mzungu. - Money, money. - Here? Tanzania. Hi.

- Hey. How are you? - Good. How are you? - Good. You are going to where? - Good morning. - Where are you going? - Tanzania. - Do you have a passport? - Yes.

- We want to get a picture. - Picture? Yes, it's okay. Yeah. - ...bicycle. - Yes, it's okay. - Morning. - Morning. Okay? - You can go. - I can go? I go this way or this way then? - You go that way. - This road, right? - Yeah. - Okay.

This is GPS. - GPS. - Morning. - Morning. I can go on the side? - Yeah. - On here? - Yes. - Thank you.

The border is here? Oh, it's here. Okay. Ah? It's there? - Where are you going? - I'm going to Tanzania. - Yes, right. We start there. - Okay. Can I park my bike here? - Yes, you can park.

- So I start there? - Yeah, then you come. - Then I come here. - Yeah. - So here is what? It's the stamp? - The stamp is there. They are checking there the stamp. (Health checked and border crossed) - This. This one. - Yes. - The one you are riding. The disabled people. - Yes, yes. - But you are not.

- No, because it's... I mean, it could be for the disabled. But you can also ride it for normal people. Yeah. - Okay. Let me see. - Because I need to pedal; so, for the disabled, it's complicated, yeah. - Goodbye. - Bye-bye. Thank you.

Hello. - Hello. - Hi. - How are you? - Good. How are you? - I'm okay. - Good. - Where are you going? - I'm going to Burundi, actually.

I'm going this way, no? - Ah, no. This way is so bad. That road. - Ah, so bad? - Yes. - Really? - So you have to travel to Nkasi on the tarmac road. - Ah, okay.

- Yeah. - Okay, I'll see. Yeah. Hello. - You will arrive at what time? At what time will you arrive? - Ah? What time? - You will arrive at what time? What time will you arrive? - What time? Arrive? - At what time? - Arrive where? - Kama. - Kama? I don't know. - Where to? - How far...? I'm going to Burundi. - To Burundi? - Yeah. - Ah, okay. - Can I exit? Yeah. - No, I need... Something. Road use from... - This is a bicycle. - Bicycle.

- But you passed the immigration officer there? - Yes, yes. - Everything is okay? - Yes, everything is okay. I have the stamp here. This is the stamp. - Nice. - Okay? - Yes. - Okay. Okay, thank you. Thank you, thank you. So this road is bad?

- Sir, good morning. - Good morning. - How are you doing? - Good, good. How are you? - Where are you going? - I'm going to Burundi. - You're going to Burundi. - This road, no? - That's the way.

But there, there's a flood, so you have to go on the tarmac road, because there, there's a gravel road, you cannot pass with this bicycle. - It's okay, it's okay. - So, you have to go to this one. It will lead somewhere. Then there's a corner there.

You'll go directly. - And how much farther? How much farther is it? - Find Nyakasanza there. Find Nyakasanza, which is this tarmac road. Find Nyakasanza. - Nyakasanza. - Tarmac road. - Where is Nyakasanza? Yes, but it's much farther away. - It's far away, but this, you cannot pass it.

There is a flood. Even the trucks don't pass there. - There's what? - There's a river. - Ah, there's a river. - Yeah. It was stopped to go through because of the flood. - Because of the flood? - Yes. - Okay. - Yeah, so you have to go along this tarmac road. You will see there's a sign.

You will see that... - There is a sign? - Yes. - Leading to Burundi. - Yes. - Okay. So I need to go this way. - Yeah, the sign that you're going to Ngara. - Ngara? - Yes, directly.

You have to go Ngara. - Ah, Ngara. So I have to go there, and then there is a sign "Ngara-Mjini". - Yes, yes. - Okay. - Have you got a SIM card of Tanzania maybe?

- I have one. I already have one. - Sure? - Yes. - What about change? - Thank you. I did it already. Yeah. Thank you. - Thank you. - I'm taking a detour that adds quite some kilometers to my way today, but that's the way it is. It's gonna be a long day to reach the border of Burundi tonight.

Hello, hello. Yeah, otherwise, the border was pretty easy actually. It was very nice, efficient, very good. Everything — really good. So let's go to the Burundian border now via the tarmac road.

Yeah. Hello. - Good morning. - Good morning. So my new itinerary for today in the end is 75 kilometers, with 1,500 meters of elevation gain during the day. It's gonna be a hard day. A very hard day. Hello.

No answer. It's very funny. As soon as I crossed the border, it's much less densely populated. Hello, all. - We are fine. Yeah. - Good, good. - Yeah.

- That's a rather frustrating day. I mean, I'm already making a detour because of the politics. And in the detour, I have to do another detour. Hopefully... Yeah, I'm angry since this guy told me I couldn't take the road I wanted to take. But I have no choice because if he's...

If he was wrong, well, then I'd have won two or three hours. But if he's right — most probably he's right — then I will lose an entire day probably. Yeah, but it's frustrating when you add 25 kilometers. And the 25 kilometers actually add a huge climb on the way — oh, man. Hello, hello. Hello.

Hello. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Hello. - Hi, hi. - Oranges. - Oranges. Yes. Avocado. Hello. Hello. - Hi. - How are you? - Hi, hi, hi. - Where to? - Burundi. - Burundi? - Yes, and here I catch the asphalt road that leads to Burundi.

I'm done with the detour. Now I'm heading to Burundi. Hello. - Where are you going? - Hello, hello. - Hello. - Hello, hello. - Where are you going? - Yeah. - Hey, hey. - Hello. Yes, yes, yes. And I am at the top of the second huge climb of the day.

No food here. Ay-ay-ay. It's funny how the reason why you do something impacts you a lot. If I do this because it's on my way and... Well, I'm very happy to do it. But when you do these detours with huge climbs because of politics... (They closed the Burundi/Rwanda border just before I entered Rwanda) - Then when it's like this, when you do hard, very hard days and it's not your choice, oh, f***, it's horrible, I absolutely hate that.

So now, I have to go down the valley and back up on the other side. Hello. Hello. Green western Tanzania. Hello, all.

- Yeah. Yeah. - Hi. - Hello. - Good. - You do... You travel? - Travel. - You travel. - I travel. - You come from?

- I am from France. France. Also, Rwanda. I'm going to Burundi. - You're going to Burundi. - Yes. - This uses... - It uses? - Yeah, bicycle uses what?

- Bicycle? Electric. - Electric? - Yes. - Where do you charge it? - Charge. Yes. Battery here. Yes, I'm tired. Tired. - You are tired. Very sorry.

Rest... - Rest after. Ah? Slowly, slowly. Ah? This is an engine, a motor. But just a bit of Swahili. - Border with Burundi. - Yeah, Burundi. Yeah. - After Burundi? - After Burundi, Tanzania. Kigoma. Kigoma and…

Like Tanganyika. After, Zambia. I'm going to Cape Town. I'm going to Cape Town. - You come to do... - You come to do? - Yeah.

(I didn't understand.) - Yeah. Slowly, slowly. No problem. Ah? - Why are you here? - Oh, just to see, visit. - Visit? - Yes. - Yeah. Okay, Mr. - Okay. - Don't worry.

I wish you a good journey. - Okay, thank you very much. Have a good day. Hello. That's the river that forced me to do the detour.

- Hey. - Hey. - Hi. - Hello. Ah, it's crazy here.

Yesterday I was suffering so much from the cold. And today I'm completely overheating like in Sudan. That's mental.

So I am in the last climb of the day, a 600-meter climb. But I need to cool down a little bit here. Oh, man. Bye. I've got three kilometers more of this climb, with 400 meters to climb. So it's quite steep.

But then I should be done with the climbing for today. 30k to go. And I have this horrible day on the road thanks to Mr Kagame and the politicians, whoever is in power in Burundi. Thank you, guys.

Hello. - Hello. - And another truck. That's the second truck I saw that did not make it to the summit. You see I'm slow, but I'm more reliable than the trucks. Somehow. Hello.

And it's four o'clock in the afternoon. And I finally reached the city that was supposed to be my lunch break. Yeah, so it's four o'clock. I survived all day on biscuits. And now, it's too late for me to go to a restaurant, because it's gonna take too much time for the food to come, and then the day is gonna be over. So let's see if we can find at least a bit of street food, something like that in this town; hello.

So you see I was supposed to come from this road this morning. - Hi, man. - Hey. - What is this? - Hello. - Hola. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. - If I could at least get a fresh Coke, that would help me greatly.

Oh, finally. I've spotted a fridge. Ah, it was hard to find. Ah, yes. I found one. Hello. Do you have...? It's fresh here, no? Cold? - Yeah. - Coca-Cola? - Yeah. - How much money? - 1,000 Shillings. - Ah? 1,000. It's okay. I'll take one Coke.

Can I have a Coca-Cola? Yeah. One, one. Yeah. - Yeah, sir. - Ah? - Where are you from? - Oh, from? France. France. - France? - France. Yeah. - With the bicycle? - Electric bicycle. I came from France by bicycle. Ah? (I guess his questions and answer kind of half randomly) Yes, yes. Two... (This answer does not match the question)

Two years. France — Tanzania, two years. Thank you. One Coke. Yeah. - It's closed. - Cold. Up there.

Up there. Yes. Thank you. - The takeaway? - No, I'll drink here. It's okay. I'll drink and... After, I'll go. - Okay, no problem. Let me open... Okay. - Thank you. Yeah.

Hello. Good, good. All right. - Yeah. How are things? - Good, good. - You are tired. - Ah? I am tired. I am very tired. Hot. Hot.

- Hot? - Hot. Yeah. - "Sasa", mzungu? - "Sasa". Yes. Ah? - ...water. - Water. Yeah. - Yeah. - I don't... I don't understand. - Yeah? - I don't understand. - Water, water, water. - Water? - Yeah. - Yeah, but I have just a bit of water, so... - Eh? - I cannot. Sorry. Okay, have a good day. - Okay. - Goodbye.

- Mzungu, to go. - Yeah. Okay, let's go. I could put on some sunscreen again. Bye-bye. I could put on some sunscreen again because, in the steep climb, it was very annoying. I could not even stop to put sunscreen on, so I burned.

And I don't know if you noticed, but on the door where the Cokes were stored, it was written 600, and the guy made me pay 1,000. Hello. Hello. Thank you. Thank you. - Bye. - I had lost this. And this guy on the motorbike... It's quite funny. He overtook me, and he threw it away on the road.

So I stopped and I was like, "Hey, you lost something, dude." And then I realized, "Oh, actually, I lost something." Hello. Kabanga. We made it to Kabanga. That's where I'm gonna stay tonight.

Look at the beautiful flowers. Hello. Hello. I am completely dead, guys. I am completely dead. And I still have two days on the road before I can stop with a good internet to work. It looks like everyone stops here. There's a shop, and there is a hotel.

That's the hotel I intend to stay. Alpha Hotel. Let's check the Alpha Hotel. I can see myself. Look at that, guys. Oh my god. Oh, I lost so much salt. I need to buy chips for tomorrow. Where is the damn reception? Hi. - Hi.

- Oh, nice. Hi. This is the reception? - No. - No, the kitchen. - Kitchen? - Yeah. - Where is the reception? - It is there, in the front. There is the reception. - Upstairs? - Go with the lady. She will show you. - I'll go with you? Okay. Thank you.

- Hello. - Hi. Do you work here? Oh, good. Do you have rooms? - Yeah. - Okay. For how much? - 30,000 ($12). - Ah? - 30,000. - 30,000. Can I see them? - Yes. - Can I see the rooms, please? - So you come from where? - Today from Rwanda actually.

Today from Rwanda. I'm going to Burundi. Because the border is closed between... - With this bicycle? - With this bicycle. - It's a bicycle or motor?

- It's an electric bicycle. So it's half. It's half a bicycle, half a motorbike. You also have food here, no? - Yeah. - You have a restaurant. Great.

Oh, wow. And there is water? - Yes. - Hot water? - Yes. - Great. Electricity? - Yeah. - Fantastic. I'll still... I'll take this one. So, 30,000, you said. - Yes, yes. - Okay. Battery charging. I used, almost entirely, both of my batteries today.

So you can imagine how much climbing it was today. And look at this view, guys. Beautiful view. (to be continued...)

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