What $64,000,000 Gets You in BEVERLY HILLS | Mansion Tour

What $64,000,000 Gets You in BEVERLY HILLS | Mansion Tour

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(gentle instrumental music) - Hey, everyone. Welcome to Beverly Hills and we're back with another incredible tour. Beautiful estate that is located in the heart of this city. It's recently rebuilt with exquisite finishes and every single room in this house is curated to perfection with gorgeous accessories, art, and furniture.

And wait till you see the rest of this lush backyard. We got a lot to cover today, so let's begin. (gentle upbeat music) Once again, welcome to Beverly Hills. We're gonna start our tour on the exterior.

We have the gate opening up to this 130-foot bluestone driveway that takes you all the way to the other side of the property. Front section of the home is nicely hedged, beautifully landscaped. I love all these mature trees and looking at the house, we have a two-story structure, limestone finish on the first floor, stucco finish on the top floor, and you can see all these steel cased windows and doors opening up to this driveway as well. Now if you go all the way to the end, you'll see that we have the garage doors opening up to the six-car garage and there's also an additional parking on that side as well. Now coming to the entry, we have these wide stone steps taking us to the front door, two water features setting the tone before we enter the home and now let's go inside. (upbeat music) The foyer of this property is so impressive.

We have this beautiful front door, stone floors, millwork, all these details. And then you can really appreciate this 33-foot opening with a skylight above. So this entry is so spacious and to my left we have the main staircase going up to the second floor. I love that all the walls are Venetian plaster and those Venetian plaster details are also incorporated to the staircase as well with this beautiful railing design. And also to soften up some of the details here, they rounded the corners as well. I wanted to point that out.

Now, off of the foyer, we have two identical powder bathrooms that's why I wanna show this one to all of you. The Calacatta Viola marble here looks absolutely stunning. They use it for the back wall, vanity itself, and it actually continues below the vanity as well. It's book-matched and I love that they also have a hidden drain here with a beautiful waterworks fixture.

I think this is a very, very chic bathroom and in case you're wondering what's behind this door, we have a separate water closet here and they also have this concealed door opening up to the AV room, which is a nice detail. You would never assume that they have a room like this here, with its own air conditioning because these equipments do get very hot. Now let's go back to the foyer so we can continue our tour. The same space actually flows directly to the outdoors because we have French doors here opening up to the covered patio. Now, before we continue our tour, I wanna quickly talk about the specs of this property. So we have 7 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 17,005 square feet of interior space, built on a 1.15 acre lot.

You're literally in the heart of Beverly Hills, which is so exciting and this offering is on the market for $64 million. And I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Fred Bernstein and Ethan Peskowitz for making this tour possible and more information about this exquisite home will be in the description of this video. Now continuing our tour, we're gonna take this hallway. To my right, we have the elevator landing. The room that we're gonna tour now is the movie theater.

I like how spacious this section is. We have two long couches, all these comfortable ottomans, dark tones throughout with a cove lighting above. We have the projector behind me and a massive screen on this side. Really nice movie theater.

- [Cody] Really nice movie theater. I honestly prefer the long couches over like theater seats. What do you think? - Little bit more cozy. I feel like for a family it's a bit of a better fit.

- Yeah. - Than those singular chairs. And check this out. There's actually one more detail here that I wanna point out. We have a massive picture window facing the front of the home, but obviously that shade does a phenomenal job blocking off the light. I wanted to point that out.

All right, follow me this way. We have the double doors opening up to the bar. Without a doubt, one of my favorite spaces in this house. The scale, ceiling height, this beautiful seating area and wait till you see the bar on the other side.

I mean, look at this frame. The marble work here is spectacular. In fact, Cody, let's get a closeup. This is a four-inch marble slab and they machine polished it to get this curved look and it actually continues to the other side of the bar as well. Beautiful bar seating.

Reeded details on the cabinetry. And this mirror section here is actually a TV which is a really nice touch. Now Cody, let's get a closeup as well.

I want everybody to see the other side of this bar. We have paneled fridges, ice maker at the end, and there's actually a wine fridge on this side, small sink. And just like I said, the curved details actually continue on the other side.

How beautiful is this bar? - [Cody] I am in love with this marble. Like the hint of red and purple, it's so characteristic. - It's so chic and they use the same marble on the other side where we have the shelves for your spirits.

This is a gorgeous bar. And again, right in the center of this room we have this elegant seating area complemented with this fireplace right here so the whole room with the furnishings and accessories has a very, very warm and inviting feel. Now if you go to the other side, we have some built-in shelving here. We have a small table in the corner that could be your gaming table.

Of course, French doors open up to the backyard. And now welcome to the formal dining room. I mean what an incredible space. We have pocket doors here if you wanna seal off this section. And I love the fact that we have motorized sliding glass doors opening up the entire space to the outdoors as well.

And this table with this oval design, it can accommodate up to 14 people and it is so grand. I mean look at the distance between me and Cody right now. The scale of this room is so opulent and we have a fireplace here again to warm up the space. Beautiful light fixtures. These cabinets are also giving that rustic and warm feel to the room. Just an amazing space.

All right, now let's take everybody to the other side where we have the family room. It's another elegant space. You have your coffee table, long couch, fireplace.

But before we actually continue, I wanna quickly hit button here and open up the motorized sliding glass door so we can see how this space just connects to the outdoors. And if you're wondering if the furnishings and the accessories in this house are staging, it's actually not. These are all curated pieces.

I believe they have over $2 million worth of furniture in this house. It does not come with the property, but it could be part of the offering as well. It's just a really nice room. Love the fireplace. They have six fireplaces in total.

TV's nicely recessed in and I appreciate the fact that they have Venetian plaster walls throughout the property, but they don't have the wax shiny finish on top. So it looks a little bit more muted, but it matches the design aesthetic of this home really, really well. Also, throughout the tour I'm gonna point out some details where you can see how the development team kept the homeowners in mind and functionality of this home in mind. In fact, we have the first detail right here. So, when you sit on this couch you realize that this TV is quite high up. So it's a little uncomfortable to watch TV here.

That's why they brought a motorized arm to lower the TV at a height that is way more comfortable. Have we seen this detail before? - [Cody] I don't know if we've seen it on the channel. I've seen it a couple of times and it's really cool when people implement it like that.

- I mean I've seen motorized arms where the TV kicks in front of the bed but I've never seen an application like this. And for this room it makes perfect sense. - [Cody] I agree. - Also, before we leave, I wanna point out that we have the sliding glass doors all opened up right now and the living room connects to that incredible backyard.

All right Cody, let's take everybody to the other side so we can check out this beautiful kitchen. We have a small dining area here, massive island right in the center and the scale of this kitchen is exceptional. I love the marble work throughout how it's all bookmatched. We have rift cut white oak cabinetry throughout stained beautifully. LED lighting. This kitchen is gorgeous.

- [Cody] This is honestly one of my favorite types of kitchens. I love the wood tone and how it pairs with this marble with like the tan vein structure. It all comes together really well. - Well said and I mean this island has waterfall edges. It's bookmatched throughout, marble looks so beautiful. And then you come over here and this is where we have the base and upper cabinets.

This center section has a little coffee bar. Gotta say I'm a little jealous. This section looks beautiful.

I may create this at my own house. Open shelving with LED lighting. And if we continue and face the island here we have, let's see, the dishwasher on this side, massive main sink and the cabinetry pretty much continues. Your paneled fridge and freezer is on this side.

And then over here we have a really cool detail. We don't see a thought like this in a kitchen that often, but you have a small pet or dog feeding area with its own pot filler. Have you ever seen this at any home? - [Cody] I don't think so, especially not with the pot filler. - This is such a cool touch and like for families or people that have dogs or cats, this is perfect.

And in case you are wondering, it will take literally two seconds to put a drawer front here and blend in this section with the rest of the cabinetry in case you don't have any pets. Now going to the other side, massive Wolf gas stove, another pot filler. The marble work in this kitchen is so stunning.

I mean look at all these veins. I also like that they wrap the vent with the same marble as well. And when you walk into this kitchen, all you see is this beautiful marble work and the rift oak cabinetry. This section also seamlessly opens up to that amazing backyard and it's nice that you have easy access from the outdoors to your kitchen.

Now you may think we're done with this section but we're not. There's actually a concealed door here that opens up to the chef's kitchen. Come on in.

We have another island here. All these stainless steel appliances, two ovens on this side with a warming drawer. Then we have the Wolf gas stove right here with a tucked in vent. And on the other side, another sink, two dishwashers, upper cabinets. It's nice that they use the same cabinetry and even the same marble for the chef's kitchen.

And this space will get a lot of use and that's why it's nice that they have two dishwashers and it's conveniently located behind the main kitchen. And to add even more functionality, we have a massive fridge and freezer here and a dry pantry. Nice touch. And when your staff wants to exit the chef's kitchen, they have easy access to a back hallway here that opens up to multiple different rooms that we're gonna cover now. First space, your thousand bottle temperature-controlled wine cellar. It's nicely steel cased.

And then coming over here we have another powder bathroom with a beautiful Calacatta Viola marble. This is where we have the secondary staircase going up to the second floor. And this hallway here takes you back to the foyer and we'll come to this section later in the tour. Now following me this way, we have few other rooms to cover. This door opens up to the laundry room where we have two washers, two dryers, ton of cabinetry and countertop space. Room next door is the office for the security personnel and the estate manager.

I actually wanted to go in this space and I wanna talk about some of its details because it's nice to have a space like this where you have an easy access to the driveway or to the motor court. And it's a great area where you can have your security cameras wired to these TVs and your staff can work here. They can pick up any kind of delivery or any kind of staff member that comes in. They can go through here, check in with the estate manager.

There's also a half bathroom here. Anybody that's out there who's building a house that has a big footprint, I highly recommend a room like this. Lot of times people design these amazing homes but they don't have utility rooms like this.

And I thought this was a brilliant touch done by the developers here. Wanted to give them credit. All right, continuing this way. This hallway leads us to the first and only bedroom suite that we have on this level.

Obviously it's a great size. We have hardwood floors here. It opens up to the backyard. It has its own private entry, which makes this room great for staff quarters and it also has a full bathroom with a beautiful walk-in shower as well.

Now the last room we're gonna check out on this hallway is the six-car garage. It features great ceiling height, epoxy floors, LED lights throughout, and you can easily put car lifts on the back. That way you can stack up some cars here as well.

We have two separate garage doors and the nerd in me wants to point out this detail. If you look around the perimeter of this garage, you'll realize that the concrete footers go up to the walls, which means you can easily wash and hose off this garage without worrying about getting your walls wet. It's little details like that that count.

And with that we're done with the garage, let's jump back to the hallway and pass by the secondary staircase that we saw earlier to see the last room on the first floor, which is the office. It's another opulent space. We have hardwood floors, paneled walls, small seating area, solid wood desk. I love that window and how it just fills the room with natural light. And on the other side we have this really chic bar. Cody, let's get a close up.

Open shelving, LED lighting, all these spirits, small sink. And I believe this is the subzero fridge. How nice is this bar? - [Cody] It's a beautiful bar and it would also make for a really good coffee station. - It would make a killer coffee station. And then you have all these built-ins on the other side decorated so beautifully with all these books and accessories. And again, I love the dark paneling in this room.

It gives so much weight to this space. And the first floor of this property is stunning. I really appreciate that formal layout where you have these distinct spaces, but at the same time, all the rooms are so connected to each other. Finishes are beautiful. The first floor of this property is stunning. (relaxing upbeat music) All right everyone, let's go check out this incredible backyard.

Off of the family room we have the outdoor dining area, beautiful solid wood table, light fixtures above, wood clad ceiling with space heaters. And then on the other side we have the French doors opening up from the foyer. Next to that is another generous outdoor seating area with beautiful solid wood coffee tables. Opens up to the formal dining room. Next to that we have another outdoor seating area with this really unique fire pit right in the center that opens up from your lounge.

And now let's talk about the backyard itself, which is little under 1.2 acres. It's so lush and beautifully landscaped. I love the hedging that we have throughout the perimeter, giving so much privacy to this backyard and the scale here, how we have the house to my right, championship size tennis court all the way to the back, and this beautiful pool area with a pool cabana to my left. This backyard is amazing. - [Cody] It's actually unreal. The amount of green space that you have for being in Beverly Hills is crazy.

I just, I can't imagine all the events that you could throw out here - Right in the center of Beverly Hills and look at all those beautiful palm trees. Weather is fantastic. And around the corner we have something really special, which is this beautiful mature tree that's in the corner, complements the backyard so well.

And what an amazing moment for you to just sit down and enjoy the tranquility of this property. Now I still got to acknowledge the fact that we're in the heart of Beverly Hills within 90210 zip code. This home is about four to five minutes walking distance from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, which is fantastic.

You can just enjoy a lunch at the Polo Lounge, hang out by the pool, and walk right back to your property. Now, we also have many celebrities that have lived and still live here in Beverly Hills, ranging from Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, US President Richard Nixon, all the way to John Legend, Jack Nicholson, Adele. I mean the list goes on and on and on.

- [Cody] Can't forget about Leonardo DiCaprio. - Leo also does live here in Beverly Hills and they all chose this city as their home because we get to enjoy this incredible weather. I mean, look at that backdrop. And now let's talk about this incredible pool area. Nicely landscaped.

We have all these lounging beds and this entire section is above grade, so we have great elevation. And right in the center you have this massive infinity edge pool that features a zero edge as well. Looks so contemporary and I love the fact that you can see the reflection of the palm trees on the pool as well. How nice is that? - [Cody] It looks really cool from my perspective.

- This is such an amazing space where you can really enjoy the weather. Again, we have all these lounging beds. And then on the other side we have the pool cabana. This is another amazing outdoor space where you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. You have the seating area here, dining area on the other side but first I wanna take everybody here, they have the hookups for the future outdoor shower here and going in, we have the bathroom here that comes with a storage area, two water closets.

And we have the vanity on this side nicely and conveniently located next to the pool and the pool cabana. Now going back out, this section has a vaulted ceiling, space heaters, built-in speakers, all these spotlights. And first we have the outdoor seating area here, which is this really cozy space. You have your TV on the other side with the fireplace below. They brought the limestone to this section as well. And you can see the built-ins on each side with floating shelves and LED lighting.

And then on the other side we have this really cool rustic dining table, which then leads you to your outdoor kitchen. They clad this entire section with stone so it looks very minimalist. And going to the other side, we can see the Wolf built-in gas grill, brand new, all stainless steel cabinetry, which is really nice.

This will age really nicely and having it stainless steel just makes it really durable. And let's not forget the refrigerator drawers here as well. It's a really nice outdoor kitchen. You have your sink, ice maker.

Overall I'm really impressed with the pool cabana and I can see the future owner really enjoying the space. Now to my right we have the tennis court. But before we check out this space, I actually wanna bring everybody to this side. When we tour these homes prior to shooting, we walk around and get as good of an understanding of the property as possible.

And a lot of times this gives me an opportunity to validate the build quality, the remodel quality. And I got a chance to see this pool equipment area and I was so impressed with the fact that it is so neatly organized. I love the fact that they built this metal contraption, that way all the pool filtration equipment sits above the ground. The way they mounted the pipes on the walls, everything is perfectly leveled. You can see how they rack the systems up on the other side. This is a really well executed pool equipment area.

- [Cody] Honestly, it's just really satisfying to look at too. - It is stunning. And again, on the other side we have that amazing tennis court. It's incredible the fact that you have a championship sized tennis court within your property and it also features outdoor lights that way you can play tennis whenever you want. And it is so nice to have a space like this because you can use it for events.

As soon as you move this net, you can turn it into a basketball court, Pickleball court, opportunities are endless and this tennis court is in immaculate condition. Again, it's so nicely hedged, it's incredibly private and it'll be so fun to have a couple hundred friends of yours for an event. You can probably bring seating here if you're throwing a tournament.

This is such a fun space to have within your home. - [Cody] It really is. There's a whole lot that you can do besides just tennis with this space.

- And I mean I can't get over the scale of this backyard. It's incredible. We're in the heart of Beverly Hills and look at how much privacy and space you have. Now, the qualities of this backyard doesn't end here.

There's actually a walkway here that connects you to the front driveway and there's a grass section over there, which is actually a parking lot. They've installed these really cool pavers into the ground and they've covered it with grass on top so it looks like part of the front lawn, but it's actually an additional parking area for future caterers or future service cars. That way if you're throwing events here, you have an easy access, which is a cool detail that I wanted to mention and what a beautiful backyard. (relaxing upbeat music) Welcome to the second floor. The landing on this level is so spacious and right in the center we have this massive skylight.

And if you look closely, you'll see that the glass has this cloth-like texture because this entire glass assembly is etched. So I wanted to point that out. Staircase curves up beautifully to the second floor and we have a small seating area here that gets great natural light.

Now on this level we have five bedroom suites including the primary bedroom and we're gonna continue our tour with this one. This room is front-facing with two casement windows. I love the brown tones here.

Bed looks so comfy, beautiful rustic bedside tables, TV on the other side. This door opens up to a full bathroom with a beautiful bookmatched marble shower and a vanity. I don't wanna go in this bathroom yet because we have so many bedrooms on this level that I wanna keep the tour of this room short and to the point.

Now coming back to the landing, we have the primary bedroom to our right. Normally on our tours, we tour the primary bedrooms last, but since it's right off the landing, we wanna go right in. Off of this entry we have a small seating area that is very cozy.

I love these two chairs, accessories, flowers. You have the fireplace on the other side, TV right here. And they also placed this cove lighting. And if you look closely, you'll realize that all the corners of the cove lighting is actually nicely curved to soften up the feeling of the seating area.

Now before we check out the bedroom, I wanna quickly take everybody outside. You have a 900-square foot balcony here that is dedicated to the primary bedroom and this is where you can look down to your incredible grounds. I mean, how amazing is this? You cannot even see any one of your neighbors. You have so much privacy. - [Cody] Literally the only people that you can see from this balcony is the Beverly Hills Hotel. - That's how close you are.

And we have all these beautiful mature trees. Sunny weather, I'm loving this. - [Cody] I am too. - And this is the rest of your balcony where we have multiple outdoor seating areas.

Again, it's around 900-square foot. Bedroom opens up to this section as well. And now let's go back in. Now we have the bedroom section to our right. But before we go there, I actually wanna continue our tour with the first walk-in closet and the first bathroom.

Now off with the bathroom entry, we have this really chic bar area that comes with a small fridge, beautiful stone work, floating shelves with LED lights, coffee maker, and a sink. This is such a nice addition or a nice feature for the primary bedroom. Now follow me this way so we can continue our tour with the primary bathroom.

The first detail I wanna cover are these marble floors. They're bookmatched throughout and this marble looks stunning. They also feature the same marble on the countertop here as well with a big reveal. Again, your rift cut oak cabinetry, beautiful waterworks fixture with a hidden drain, your good size mirror, wall sconces.

And the same marble continues to the other side where we have this spacious walk-in shower. I'm going right in. You have your shampoos niches, steam outlets, chrome fixtures, massive rain head above. And they bookmatched these slabs as much as they can and they even fabricated the bench out of the same marble and this shower looks so chic. I love the fact that they chose one type of marble and they clad the entire space with it so it has this minimalist look.

And on top of that, they even use the same marble for the trim work here as well. Everything looks stunning and the execution looks flawless. Now to my left we have the water closet. And of course we live in California. When you have French doors like this, you're just gonna open up. That way you can let this fresh air come straight into your bathroom.

Now follow me this way so we can go to the other side where we have the first walk-in closet. We have this gorgeous island right in the center and they incorporated the same marble to the countertop here as well. Again, your oak cabinetry goes all the way to the ceiling. You have your hangers with LED lights, open shelves.

There's even a cabinet here that houses your safe discreetly hidden. And then on the other side you have all these shoe racks with more LED lighting. Now this is the first bathroom and the closet and on the other side of the room we have the second bathroom, which we'll see in a second. Now, let's go back to the seating area again.

Really cozy space, opens up to that balcony. And then we have the pocket doors here sealing off this section, which is your bedroom. We have this beautiful king-sized bed, all these curated art pieces, accessories, furniture. And let's not forget the popup TV which is located right in front of the bed. That way whenever you wanna watch TV, you can just simply raise it.

They also have the same cove lighting here. And I appreciate the fact that this king size bed is nicely set back so you get as much privacy as possible since you're facing the backyard. Another small seating area here. And we have these French doors opening up to the balcony that we just toured.

Beautiful primary bedroom. Now follow me this way so we can check out the second bathroom. Again, I can't speak highly enough of this marble. It is so beautiful.

Bookmatched throughout and it runs all the way into this walk-in shower, as well as the built-in tub that's right here. You have your waterworks fixtures, your TV, beautiful open shelving design on the other side with your toiletries. And this is definitely a good sized tub and I like that it has built-in back rest as well.

I can see the next homeowner really enjoying the space. Now on the other side we have the oak vanity, same marble countertops, good-sized mirror and your walk-in shower with your steam outlets and the rain head above. And they even have built-in speakers here that way you can enjoy some music while you're in the shower. Now to my left, we have the water closet and let's go straight into the second walk-in closet. Another island that's right in the center. This particular walk-in closet is a little bit more spacious than the other one.

And again, you have your hanger spaces, shoe racks, open shelves. And there's another cabinet here that holds the second safe and I like that we have a casement window here for some natural light. There's even a full-size mirror on the other side that way you can look at yourself before you walk out from your second closet.

Now there's an easy access here that takes you straight back to the main hallway, which is really nice. That's the entry of the primary bedroom. And before we talk about this hallway here, I wanna go this way so we can check out the second guest suite.

Again, I'm gonna keep my tour here nice and to the point. King size bed, two casement windows facing the front of the home. I love the window treatments. We have the TV on the other side and this door here opens up to the full bathroom where we have a bookmatched marble walk-in shower and a beautiful vanity. Really good size room.

Now let's take everybody back to the main hallway. Look how grand the scale of this hallway. Isn't that beautiful? That's the guest suite number four all the way at the end. - [Cody] It's so grand. It could easily be like its own art gallery. - That's actually a great point.

Yes, you have so much wall space and beautiful lighting. We have more skylights here. And these walls are again all Venetian plaster so you have lot of warmth. Now, this is the guest suite number three, which is the junior primary bedroom. I love the orientation of this space, how we have this wall facing the backyard and that corner French door opens up towards the tennis court. We have the king size bed here, another pop-up TV.

And I love these minimalist touches. That way they can leave the spaces very open but at the same time with all the furnishings, bedside tables and accessories, they're bringing a lot of character to this property. Again, we have two casement windows here, small seating area on this side as well as the other side with a beautiful art piece. And then we have this French door here opening up to a big balcony that is shared by this room, room next door, and the gym at the end that we'll cover later in the tour. Now follow me this way so we can go straight into the bathroom. Beautiful built-in tub that is stone wrapped.

And the same marble continues on the back wall all the way to the walk-in shower where it's glass enclosed with polished fixtures. I just really appreciate the continuity here. And then on the other side we have the toilet, your vanity with alabaster light fixtures, another exquisite bathroom. Now I wanna take everybody back to the main hallway so we can continue our tour because we got a lot more to see. Now off of this hallway, we have a small hallway here that takes you to that secondary staircase that we pointed out on the first floor. And coming here we have the pocket doors opening up to a seating area that is located on the second floor.

I love the candy bar here. Let's just say Cody and I have been enjoying some of the candies here. - [Cody] Maybe once or twice.

- Maybe once or twice. And then going into the room, we have the built-ins on this side with LED lighting. Again, the same rift oak cabinetry that is beautifully stained, massive TV, casement windows. And on the other side you have the oversized section on the couch with these comfortable ottomans and I really like the painting here.

This is such a cozy space, right? - [Cody] It's really cozy. It's a good movie room for the second floor. - It's a good movie room. It's perfect for your guests or for your kids. I feel like bedrooms here can just utilize this space as their living room. They don't even have to go down to the lower level.

And before we exit this space, I wanna point out that you can technically turn this side to a walk-in closet and this side to a full bathroom. They even have the plumbing in the walls here. And you can close off this section and turn this room into another bedroom if you need to.

Now follow me this way back to the main hallway. This is the last guest suite that we're touring on this level. Again, I'm gonna keep it short and sweet, another king size bed with a pop-up TV, your balcony access, great natural light coming in. And of course we have a walk-in closet and a full bathroom. Because of the layout of this house and how it was designed, each one of the rooms have a totally different orientation and that's why that bathroom, even though it features the same finishes, it has a totally different feel and it also faces that amazing backyard. All right, back to the hallway.

Now this is where this tour gets really interesting. We have few additional rooms to see. Storage closet here and to my left we have the door opening up to your spa. Off of its entry we have this beautiful vanity with a different marble countertop and they use the same marble on the other side where we have this walk-in shower, which is also a steam shower. I think this stone looks phenomenal. - [Cody] This was one of the biggest things I noticed when we were walking through the house initially, that the texture and the detail in the stone is so cool.

- And the color variation too. - Yeah. - It has beautiful tones. And you have your steam control here, steam outlets down below, another good sized walk-in shower. And continuing our tour, we have the door at the end opening up to your massage room.

Let's face it, if you own a home like this, there's a good chance you're gonna have your own staff and people are gonna come to you, meaning your massage therapist. Your trainer is gonna come to your house rather than you going to them. And that's why having a massage room like this can be very valuable and it adds up to the privacy. And these are the luxuries you expect from a home like this.

Now, let's go back to the hallway one more time. And the door at the end opens up to this spacious gym. Room is facing the front, side, and the back of the home. In the yachting terms, I would've called this space a full beam, meaning it benefits and takes advantage of the entire width of the property.

And right behind Cody, we have a small, really exquisite bar area. And then you have all your gym equipment here, mirror wall, TV. It is such a nice space and obviously you can bring in more gym equipment here. And Cody, you know what we gotta do? We gotta take everybody outside one last time.

Isn't this incredible? We have the tennis court here, beautiful grounds, all these mature trees, amazing weather. And I wanna congratulate the development team here who's done a phenomenal job rebuilding this property. Their material selection and how they curated each one of the rooms is really impressive.

This is a beautiful estate and on top of all that, you get to live right in the heart of Beverly Hills. (gentle upbeat music) And with that, we're done with this tour. Thank you all so much for joining us on another episode from Beverly Hills. Now, there's not much to say. House looks stunning.

It is so tastefully remodeled and rebuilt. This backyard is incredible and I hope you'll enjoyed it as much as we did. I also wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Fred Bernstein and Ethan Peskowitz for making this tour possible.

And as always, you can find more information about this stunning estate in the description of this video, so make sure to check it out. Now lastly, if you enjoyed our tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next one. (gentle upbeat music)

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