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This has got to be one of the biggest kitchen operations in the world, serving 100 ,000 people daily. This is the Jallian Waga Massacre Park. Nice and hot, too. I came from Canada. Hello there, and welcome back to Amritsar.

Today we're going to get out and do a little exploring. There's a few places I want to go and check out. Behind me there, that would be a statue of Ahmedabad. I mentioned him in one of my first videos here.

That is the father of the Constitution here in India. And what I find so amazing about his story is that he came from one of the lowest casts in the Hindu caste system here. And he was able to rise up and get educated and go on to do some very important things here in India.

One of them writing the Constitution. I'd say that's pretty important. But we're going to get out. Up here I want to come up here and check out this statue.

Amritsar, it's a very interesting place. I love the way people look here. I don't know if I can get out over here. Thank you. I love their uniforms. Your clothing, so seats, right? They can not cut their hair.

No cutting, right? No cutting. You wear on your wrist. Can I touch? Kada. Kada. Kada.

Kada. Kada. And so a lot of them will wear these really thick. Can I touch? Ooh, that's heavy. 5 KV 5 KV 1 2 I see this Do you take it out? 3 3 4 The under dormits? Underneath, right? That's ok Can you take it out? No, you can't take it out I said when we wanted to use it Because when any army came here And touch our regions Disrespect our Guru Granth Sahib Then we take it out Then you can take it out Is this something that is passed on generation to generation? Yeah, generation His father maybe had it? It's my father Oh, this is your father Yeah, it means like when we came to Gurukar Then we taking Amrit It means in Punjabi, Amrit Chagana When we take is Amrit And it means pure And what about you? Do you have a sword? No, because I am not prepared for this.

Not prepared? Okay. Yes, when I came to breed like this one. When will you be prepared? Like when do you... Like now I am cutting my hair. Now I don't cut my hair.

And read Guru Granth Sahib. The holy book. Then we are nicer and then I take amrits. I see.

I see. Cool. Thanks for the info man. Nice to meet you. I came from Canada.

Oh really? Really? Okay. Nice to meet you. Nice, nice.

Well welcome back to your homeland, huh? Yeah. Thank you. Nice. Alright.

Appreciate the info there. One thing you'll notice too is that people here have the coolest mustaches. Some of them do. Like this guy right here maybe.

Ah, it's not that cool. Some of them will wax it up and like twirl it out. Sorry? Yes. Very interesting.

Can you give me your YouTube? Absolutely man. Awesome. Appreciate it man.

Thank you. Have a good day. Alright. Where was I? Yeah. Some of the guys, they have like the coolest mustaches. Hello.

Yeah. How are you? I'm good brother. How are you? Fine. Good to meet you. It's all America. Nice to meet you.

And so some of them, we don't wear like the, the seek. What is it? Like the, the garments. Like you're very casual and... Are you staying like that? Like I'm saying, like you're just wearing casual clothes. What do you think about them? I mean, it's cool. You're just cool.

Appreciate it. But they do wear... This is the... This is the... This is the... This is the...

So it's very easy. Like even though they're wearing casual clothes, they usually always still wear their little bracelets. Well, absolutely. Thank you.

Appreciate it man. Thank you. Texas. America.

Cool. Have a good day brother. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. So, uh, I want to point out this guy.

right here it is a Saturday as you can see the market area is super busy lots of people out a lot of horn honking so this guy right here behind me he's kind of you know the statue in the main roundabout here but this guy right here would be the first Sikh warrior from the late 1700s to the mid 1800s there was a Sikh Empire here and they were separate from the Mughal Empire they were separate from the you know they weren't under the control of the British community accompanied yet and so that guy back there the first Emperor and What's kind of cool about it is that there's people that are dressed and look just like him that are walking around today. That's pretty cool. I like that.

There's a McDonald's here, but you would almost never know unless you were paying close attention, right? We've kind of made it blend into the surroundings and all the building around it. Other than the golden arches there and that small little sign there. All right, it's time to tell a very depressing and sad story.

The events that took place here. This is Jaliyan Wala Bagh was just Shakya and man, it's just one of those things when you're studying about India and you're reading some of the horrible things that happened under British colonial rule. It's just tragic and this is one of those stories. So this right here shows you a lot of the bullet holes in the walls that were left over. So this is the Jaliyan Waga Massacre Park and so what happened here is one of the most horrific things you will ever read about. In 1919, there was a group of like 15 ,000 -20 ,000 people that were in this park.

I've read they were celebrating a festival, a Sikh festival here. The British thought they were here to demonstrate and to riot. This was a time in 1990 where the British had just enacted a law which meant that they could arrest anyone that they wanted to without cause. And so the British were clamping down on control. They were afraid that another mutiny, another rebellion would break out like the one in 1857, like the one I talked about in a previous video. And so they basically clamped down on control and what happened here is one of the most horrific things you'll ever read about.

They came up here and a guy named General Dyer and 400 soldiers came into this park and for around 10 minutes just unloaded and killed I think it was around 370 or so people. People that were here just in the park. you know minding their own business and so The most effed up thing about the story when you when you read about is that this guy? Rolled into Amritsar, and he actually had two armored machine gun Vehicles basically the roads of the alleyways are really narrow So he couldn't actually bring those armored vehicles into the into the park and he had actually admitted that yeah If he could have he would have brought the armored machine guns in here and use those against the the unarmed people Had you been able to take in the armored car? Would you have opened fire with the machine gun? I? Think probably yes All right and next I think it's time to go check out the main event There's the whole reason everybody comes here That is to go see that golden temple Let's go check it out, but first I want to get the right appropriate headwear Everyone's asking if you want to go to the border so I got border border, so I'm gonna do that tomorrow, so you can go to the the border between Pakistan and India and see a huge performance. It's a big deal, but we'll do that tomorrow First I need to get one of those Need to get something for my head, okay? Taking video All right Good to go all right. Thank you, sir Cheers, thank you guys all right Thank you guys. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you And there it is, the magical golden temple of Amritsir. And I imagine, just like I said, this is kind of the Vatican of the Sikh religion. So you have pilgrims. You have people from all over the world that come here to pray and to worship.

Probably one of those things, if you're a Sikh, like, once in your life you have to come and see the golden temple. Hey, okay. Let me get out of the way. It was just chilling here, enjoying myself. It looks like something's got to go down. The other one looks like they're lining up, and so they're getting bucket of this water.

I guess they're going over here to do some washing, okay I guess that's how they clean the tile every day maybe. Okay, we go around and they wash the tile that way, clean it up. And everything done here, all the cleaning, all the cooking, we're about to go get a bite to eat, is all done by volunteers. So that's how this place operates. Everyone here is volunteering.

And that would be the line to get into the Golden Temple. I think I'm going to pass, I think I'm going to pass. I'm asking how long it'll take.

See me fellas, how long will it take to get in? How many hours, you know? Two hours. Two hours? Yes. How long have you been waiting? About an hour, so about two more hours to wait. Almost two more.

Okay, good luck man. Okay, that is a long line and everyone is squeezed in there pretty good too. I think I'll pass, I think walking around is good enough. Alright, so one of the most fascinating things about this place is that they serve over 100 ,000 people a day for free essentially. It's run off donations, which I'll donate later, but that just blows my mind.

All these people here can essentially eat for free if they wanted to. It's open 24 -7 and yeah, that's good. So, check it out, we'll get a bite to eat.

Again, all run by volunteers. Ooh, I would like a spoon, okay. Thank you.

Yeah, check out this guy's mustache. Can I get a picture of you? I like your mustache, man. That is awesome. Thank you.

Thank you. I like everybody. I'm in a rush and I'm hurried for some reason. I like to see everyone just chilling on the floor, waiting to be served.

We're on the second floor, and I'm sure there's going to be one huge room of people, and then they clear out, they clean it up, and then they put another group people in. So I'm sure it's just all day, in and out, like a well -oiled machine. Alright. This is interesting. Just like that.

First round of food. Nice and hot, too. That ain't bad. That ain't bad. Basically just a doll, a doll curry. This one looks like it has some potatoes and some carrots in it.

That ain't bad. Alright. That's burning hot, too.

It's like a little bit of it splashed on my feet and burned me. Interesting. That's sweet.

That's good. Kind of grainy texture, kind of like grits, but that's sweet, that's good, and I like that. And just like clockwork, I'm sure, once one group finishes, they clear them all out, they start cleaning, mopping the floors, and then, I'm sure in less than 20 -30 minutes, there'll be another group of people coming in here to eat. Alright, I want to see the kitchen. I wonder if they'll let me get a peek of how they do on this, you know? They serve 100 ,000 people. There's got to be a huge and massive kitchen with hundreds of people volunteering.

Let's see if we can do it. See? Just like I said, you don't even have to wait 20 -30 minutes. Get them in, feed them, get out, clean, another group comes in. This is a little peak right here. Yeah, in here it looks like you have a lot of the women making the bread. Kind of reminds me of Nedas when I was in Indonesia, up in the mountains, up in my bromos.

And they were having a bunch of celebrations and all the women were in the back of the houses doing all the cooking while the men had all the fun. I'm just chilling there. This is kind of what it looks like. I'm sure the men cook too, bro.

I'm cooking here. Tell me, I'm not cooking here. Thank you.

Tell me, I'm cooking here. Maybe. Maybe. So, this is where all the curry comes from.

Yeah, the potato, whatever I was eating up there. Look at that. Massive, it's so big. That is unbelievable. Look at all that rice. Crazy, look at the size of these pots.

Are you kidding me? Wow. Okay, and this is where all the curry comes from. See these big old sacks of potatoes? Uh -huh. Crazy.

It goes back in here, okay. Unbelievable. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Exactly.

Ah, yes. It's okay. I will like it. Thank you. This has got to be one of the biggest kitchen operations in the world. Serving 100 ,000 people daily.

Every day. Every day, nonstop. I'm pretty sure it's 24 -7. Like, you can come here any time of the day or night. 3 in the morning, you're hungry, get the munchies, come get a bite to eat.

It's like that, you get your shoes back, awesome. Check it out, here's the Burger King that didn't quite make it. I wonder how long it's been closed. Looks like you can still see a movie though. That looks open. Alrighty so, before I end this video, I wanted to share another story about the Golden Temple.

I didn't really want to tell the story inside the Golden Temple just because it's a pretty tragic and unfortunate event that unfolded there and so I thought I'd do it outside of the Golden Temple. But it is a major event that took place here in India, so big that it led to the assassination of the third Prime Minister, Adiragami. And so, how to talk about this without upsetting a lot of people. So in any religion, whether that's Christianity, Islam, Sikhism or whatever, there's going to be extremists. In any nation, there's going to be extreme nationalists, right? They might hijack the narrative and use it for their own political gain.

Well that kind of happened here as well. And so, in Texas, in my state in America, we have, I think they're idiots, but we have people who wish that Texas was its own nation. Every once in a while when the president does something, they're like, oh, we should secede from the Union. dumbest thing ever. In Japan you have extreme conservatives who wish that Japan would go back to the days of the Emperor, right? And so in every religion hello how are you? I'm vlogging, yes I'm vlogging. So in every country in every religion they're gonna have extremists and whatever.

So here they have what's known as the Kalistan Movement. And basically there's a small percentage of people here that wish that the community here, Punjab, would have their own state. That they would be seceded from India.

And so there was this episode that happened in 1984. It's called the the Blue Star Operation. There was a movement here that I think a small percentage of Sikhs. They wanted to, you know, they wanted to secede or they wanted to separate themselves from India. And the third Prime Minister at the time, she basically sent the Indian Armed Forces here to Amritsar.

It took place inside the Golden Temple. Some like 400, I think 500 people were killed. That, well, eventually led to the assassination of Aditya Gandhi, the third Prime Minister. It's called Operation Blue Star.

If you want to know more information about it, you should. You should look it up. There's a lot of good videos on YouTube about it. So, just thought I'd share that for you guys.

They didn't want to do it inside the temple because, well, it's a sacred holy place and that's a very unfortunate thing that happened there. Anyways, I'm back over by the bus stop, it looks like, kind of back where I'm staying. I think I'm going to go ahead and end this video here. Thanks for joining me. I'm probably going to make a couple more videos here at Amritsar and then head on to somewhere else from here. So, thanks for joining me and I'll see you guys in the next video.

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