We wanted Adventure but it DID NOT end well - First Vlog of 2024

We wanted Adventure but it DID NOT end well - First Vlog of 2024

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Yeah, they are going out! No! We don't know what's going on! I do not work here! I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to him! He has to talk to everyone! There's a big mess going on here! Oh no! The only guy in the home who is not excited to go to Disney. Wait! I know something! I see one of your eyes is open! Come on, get up! If you want your dad to stop, then you have to wake up! What do you know? I have got a new wife with a new hairstyle today. Oh, the camera is here! Who am I talking to? Your wife has changed for a day. We've got some guests in the house. We've got...

Hello guys! Welcome back! We've got some guests in the house. We've got... Welcome back to the channel! Which channel? Oh, you too? So, today is Disney Day! But... I just did a little bit of a mess! This is our channel! Today is our Disney Day! Amit and Shilpa are Disney versions in Florida.

So, they are going to Magic Kingdom! We are pros! We are animals! We are going to the Animal Kingdom! We are like medium making! Yeah! So, everyone is getting ready in the morning and running away! Enjoy your Disney! Bye! You go with them! We've got a new handshake! Oh! Especially on special occasions! Okay, 3, 2, 1! Boo! Tell me, why does he eat bananas like this? What is this? These weren't like this till yesterday. I thought someone would eat them. This was a banana in his previous life. Hey! It's okay from the inside.

His hair mask is absolutely fine. This is not a banana! Huh? This is not a banana, it's a banana! His name is banana! It's okay from the inside. They call him absolutely okay! He's a waste of taste! Navigate to Disney's Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom! Wow! How do my new glasses look? Doesn't it look like Harry Potter style? You should have gone on a Harry Potter ride today. We should have gone to Universal.

How do you keep the bags in the back? I have to remove the curtains again and again. You can put that on. These days, automatic blinds come.

You just press the button and it's removed. Actually, they call them, I don't know, they call you this. Curtain bags. Oh yeah? No, but it's a belt. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! No! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, my god! Okay.

Anyway, I walked much bit in the directions I walked till here, so, this is only. Look at the inside of the car Look at this Nothing happened We have entered We have met the subscribers of the channel When we came to Orlando 2 years ago Preeti's message came that we are in Orlando We have to meet and go The theme is that you are in a jungle And this jungle is not just a jungle They have made a jungle on the basis of different continents Like how to come to Asia It feels like you have come to India Drinking Namaste Namaste is also made Coca-Cola is also written in Hindi Coca-Cola So it feels like you have come to India Like people have put a logo on the banyan tree They have made all that here There is also a poster Majboor Lakhon This is a great bhajan music So where are you from in India Preeti? I am from Bukharostein city in Jharkhand Have you studied geography? Yes, I have studied I have never been to Bihar But I am very keen to go So when you miss India, do you come here? No No I showed this thing I said it's like a truck in Himachal It's exactly the same truck here See food is also available He is saying that he is giving golgappas So tell me Come the sound came The sound of people shouting came Expedition Everest Yes, we are going to go on the top of it Hey, look, come here first Take your head so that your Everest ride Very soothing, calming music is put on Before the ride So that they get a little scared I am getting scared Someone is going there See how steep the angle is Oh, it's a jetty Hey, good job I got scared too Chiku is also getting scared Okay there it goes Look at that hand Those who get scared, they sit together We are afraid of both and we sit together I am with you I am with you classical we are going to climb up the mountain first drop will come I am just looking at sand we are going to die we are going to die I am on top do I have the right to swear? papa do I have the right to swear? understand me papa allow me to curse allow me to curse music the condition is going to get worse music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music I was under so much pressure that the camera turned upside down. My legs are shaking. My legs are shaking. It was so steep. We were going down. Papa, you were recording. Other people were doing it.

And they just tilt it. Yeah. And it was backwards. Today we have Preeti with us. Do you know what Preeti just told us? Will you have tea? It was Sakshi's question.

Do you get tea? You don't get it like that. You'll get it. Come on, we'll have tea. Yes, yes, yes. The one after going backwards. Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow. So nice of you. So nice of you. Thank you so much.

I agree. So good. Chiku said so good. Thank you, son. Chiku has proved it. Oh, thank you. Okay. It's good. I saw a photo on Instagram yesterday.

Wow. You were eating sandwiches. How about yours? One of my favorites. Come on. What else do you want? Get Preeti! Get Preeti! Get Preeti! Get Preeti! Get Preeti! Get Preeti! Get Preeti! Yes, it's them! Right! Ok, it's them! They're Preeti and Samushan! What is it going to be? Will we get some pizza? Yes! How about that? Okay, we are going to the Dinoland USA! It's fast, it's a blast, it's in the past. It's a good ride, I saw his video.

It's written here that it's a 50 minute wait time. I tagged him with a locator during an unauthorized field trip. You follow the homing signal to the iguanodon.

How did you like this ride? It was great. It was so much fun. What kind of a ride is this? They made us ride around. Let's say you stay here for 10 hours a day. In 10 hours, the actual ride time is 10 minutes.

Rest 9 hours, you are in the line. There was a lot of screaming in the back. It wasn't that much, but a lot of people were screaming. The kids have gone to get in line for this ride. I told them to go for the ride.

When they went ahead, they were bored. Chikku has always been like this. As soon as he got lost in Paris, he got lost in the Louvre museum. He got lost here too. But the good thing is, this time he has a phone. So we should be able to reach him.

There is so much noise inside. There is so much noise. Otherwise, we wouldn't have known. Oh, I saw him.

Sam was left behind. Are you going to be okay now? Yeah. Okay, enjoy. So, there are rides and then there are shows.

You have to see shows in BGV. Rides are fun. But in a ride, you have to wait for an hour or two. Then you do one ride. And then you stand and stand and stand. You get tired.

In between, you watch a show. So that you get less tired. Right? When you ride, ride show. We have to do two more rides. The main one.

One is River Rapids and one is Avatar ride. We are going to ride in Rovers ones. We are going to ride in the Avatar ride. We went inside, the trip was amazing. Dude, is not there sandals? Is that sandals? This sandals and my wife keepملof a rickshaw. Where did you buy sandals? Do you visit there? It should look terrible.

Really? Where did we buy sandals? It's not on the map. Look. It's the way those websites are. If we buy something, it won't be treated. This is good. Color changing drink.

Let's have some medicine and go to Disney. I am not feeling well for the last 4-5 days. But I was hungry here. How many percent of people have put Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears on their heads? I am not feeling well for the last 4-5 days. I am not feeling well for the last 4-5 days.

I am not feeling well for the last 4-5 days. Oh look, all the water is coming out of the snake god. Sakshi is ready to go to war.

They have kept tea here. So you can make it before you leave and have it. Do you have ginger? No, I don't have it. After doing it, you will have to make it.

They are not moving. They have tied it up. It is a revolving platform. Come with me, Sam. It is very wet. The whole seatbelt is wet.

4 more people can come. If anyone wants to come, tell me quickly. The seats are empty. 2 here, 2 there.

Comment as soon as you want to come. Come on. Now we are going up on this. I don't know from which side it will come.

It will come on everyone. It will come a little above. Now up. Then down. Up. Up.

Up. Up. Up. Up.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Up.

Up. Up. Up. Up.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Up.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Up.

Look. Yuktas are in that one. Look at the tree, it's falling down.

This is a drop. This is a drop. A drop. Help me.

Woah. Woah. Woah.

Woah. Look at the water. Woah. Woah, look at that.

Super. Woah. Woah.

Okay, people are wet. Sam, they're here. Desi people are also here. Get wet. Get wet. Go, go, go, go. Go, go, go, go. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah. My friend, Kamal, he didn't tell me about his business. He runs a business here too. In Disney, Mr. Kamal. Okay, we're in Africa now. It'll look like Africa from inside.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ! . . . Music Okay, today we watched two shows. Both the shows were very good. The best thing is that both the shows were live performances. This show was one of a kind.

How was it? We left the best rides for last. But now I think we made a mistake. Because on both the shows, one has a 2-hour wait and the other has a 3-hour wait. And the park is closed in a total of 3 hours. So I don't know if we'll be able to do the small or the Avatar movie rides. I'm saying that if we do the small one first, which has a small wait, then we'll be able to do the big one.

The other one has a queue. Oh, look at this. We've reached Pandora. Man, it's so well made. It looks like it's hanging in the air.

So the first ride we're going on has a 2-hour wait. And it says that the last ride, even if you come 5 minutes earlier, they'll let you do it. After that, no matter how much you wait, I think we'll be able to do two rides with this strategy. We'll do two. No, we won't be able to do it.

I'm telling you. Look, you're technical. I'm showing you this.

We'll be able to do about 2.5. No, we'll be free soon. Trust me. No, no.

We'll be done in less than what it says. Yeah. That's always what happens. It's 5.45 now.

Two hours. We'll be able to do both the rides. We'll get lightning.

This will keep on happening for two whole minutes. I'm definitely promising you that we'll do both. Don't worry. We're going to do something in the next two or two and a half hours.

Just watch the Instagram reels. There are so many people sitting down there. I am saying that for so long they must not have felt like going to Pandora from the earth in a real Avatar movie.

As much as we are feeling on this ride. How much is the wait time for the next Avatar ride? About 220 minutes. 220 minutes? That's right. 220 means 4 hours. If we get free from here and they let us enter the next ride, we will wait for 4 hours. We will see.

We will see. What do you say? So many. So many. So many people. So many people. We have made our small community here.

We will come. I went to Japan. Tokyo, Kyoto.

Kyoto. Nice. Nishiki market. Nishiki. There are Japanese people. I was telling them that I had visited Japan.

I was showing them my videos on YouTube. Have you subscribed? Everything written is coming in Japanese. I was showing them. I was saying that my kids are learning Japanese from the Duolingo app.

He showed me his phone. He said that we have Duolingo too. We are learning English from him. You can teach them. Honeymoon. Congratulations.

Nice. They are on honeymoon. Congratulations.

Thank you. Thank you. They were showing me photos.

I went to India. Haridwar. And in Ganga. Show me. Show me your photo. I went to Haridwar in Ganga.

Very good. Very good. But I think the line is not moving at all. Yeah. Did you do the other avatar? Yeah.

They are saying. The avatar. The avatar is very good.

Amazing. Amazing. Woww.

Amazing. I have to have I just don't know where to put my body. No problem, you can't do anything with your hands.

Very very very very disappointing. After standing in the line for 2 hours, see how many people are behind us and how many people are on this side. Right now there is an announcement that the ride is getting cancelled. Ramen. Oishi. Oishi.

Ramen. Tonkotsu Ramen. Tonkotsu, yeah. The Japanese people used to say sorry to us as much as they used to say sorry to English people.

Yeah, but it's all fun. We had a lot of fun. We thought that at least we would be able to do one ride but we couldn't. There is a lot of fighting going on here. There will be a lot of fighting. Yeah, there should be a lot of fighting.

After standing in the line for 2 hours. 2 hours. They are fighting with them. What is happening? Like there is a wedding in Delhi.

They cut the ribbon or hide the shoes. So it seems like there is a negotiation between the boy and the girl. He is asking for the ticket money. And he is saying that they can't give the money. Sam.

Sam. Sam. Chiku. Chiku. Sam.

Do you know how to say that in Hindi? Sakshi. Sakshi. Sakshi. I forgot that.

It's not Sam. That's not Chiku. Sakshi. Sakshi. Sakshi. Sakshi.

Sakshi. Sakshi. Koto.

Koto. Koto. Koto. Koto and Lena. Lena.

Lena. Yes. Sakshi. Sakshi. He said that in Hindi.

Sakshi. Robich. Robich. Thank you, Haji Nobis! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woohoo! And Haji! Oh, my God! Oh! When you're in luck, how do you...

...get pakoras? So, let's go out there and say, excuse me, excuse me! Hello! Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo! Bro, I never thought we'd see such a day in Disney! I never thought we'd see such a time in Disney! Oh, my God! Biddu, when we went on the flight, it was still the same. Wherever we go, this happens. Wherever we go, this happens.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! They're not letting us leave, nor are they letting us go back. They're closing everything. People are getting worried. Excuse me, sorry.

Are they letting go or no? I just want to exit. Do you wanna go out or stay here? I just want to exit the car. Yeah, I'm going. And watch your back, please. Go, go, go, go, go.

Talk to me nicely. You just watch when you're walking. You talk to me nicely.

You don't get it, do you? You don't get it. He has to talk to everybody, not you. I do not work here. I'm talking to him. Why are you answering? Why are you answering? There's a problem here.

You can't just keep us hostage here, right? Yeah. Oh, my God! So, what happened? In the line, he's a leader, right? Yeah, he's the leader. He's talking to everybody.

He's giving us orders. What the hell are you doing here? Excuse me. What the hell are you doing here? Excuse me. What the hell are you doing here? Excuse me. We're gonna do everything we can to help you out. We do appreciate if you are helping for our version.

As I said, right now, we're gonna go turn in the line. We'll go through the line. Oh. Okay. Okay, I told them that I'll make them ride both of them, the avatar ride. But they didn't do even one.

The main ride. Sometimes, things happen in life. That's what Chiku is really sad about. Chiku, sometimes, I'm not going to stand.

Why are you sad? We only got to we only got to do three rides. One of them was the guy that I liked. Let's go home and talk. Let's go for a thrill ride. The strategy we used today didn't work.

Basically, when we reached, the Avatar ride had a long wait time of 70-75 minutes. So we decided to target those rides that didn't have a long wait time. That's why we did the Mount Everest ride which was 10-15 minutes long. Then we did the next one which was quick. Because when you go there, the kids had to make a fuss that you brought us here and made us wait so long.

So we did that. And we thought that we will do the main rides at the end. And that strategy worked for us initially.

Now what was different? This strategy didn't work this time. Because of the holidays. Because of the holiday season.

It was at the peak. And it got ruined at the right end. Now what should we blame Disney for? Because you know it was just a crazy crowd. It was a huge crowd. And I think their system got overused.

Yes, son? And while we were leaving at the end, I showed you the amazing atmosphere there. And we had a small fight there. The fight happened in such a way that we were tired. We were tired of leaving. The people in front were basically trying to negotiate.

Someone was telling us to give us the next day's free ticket. Someone was telling us to give us the lightning pass. We said, we don't want anything. Let us just get out of here. And they stopped us. So when we were leaving from there, it was our desi family.

They said, you are cutting the line. You are doing this and that. What is there to cut? I said, no ride is going on.

What does it mean to cut the line? We are going to leave. You have made us hostages here. Because you want this free ticket.

And you are not letting us leave. You have to let others go. You have to get the lightning pass or whatever you want. Yes, we have to go. Let us go. So I went to see if we can exit.

So I had this bag hanging in the back. They must have touched the bag slightly. They started shouting at me.

Don't you have eyes? I said, what do you mean by don't you have eyes? I said, okay, I am sorry. What does sorry mean? I said, what do I do now? I said, what do I do now? You don't know the purpose. I said, I didn't hit you intentionally.

I hit you by mistake in the crowd. They said, don't hang your bag in the back. I said, where did you hang your bag? I don't have such a big bag. They said, get a centimeter board. I said, I am sorry. I said, you hit me by mistake.

I didn't hit you by mistake. They started shouting at me. Shut up. His husband is saying, shut up, shut up, shut up. I said, listen to your husband, sister.

Anyway, it has nothing to do with Disney. But it's fine. There are small things happening in big countries. You shouldn't take it to heart.

Apart from that one ride, the whole day's experience was very good. But let's end this vlog here. We will meet you in the next video very soon. Bye.

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