We Visited The GREAT WALL OF CHINA! (Wonder Of The World)

We Visited The GREAT WALL OF CHINA!  (Wonder Of The World)

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good morning everyone here from Beijing China  once again in this video we're going to be   finally visiting the Great Wall of China One  of the Seven Wonders of the World and this is   probably the attraction that we wanted to visit  the most during our stay here in Beijing and it's   going to be our sixth wonder of the world  so the only one that will be remaining is   the Coliseum in Rome which hopefully we're able  to visit soon too and we booked the day trip on   get your guide which will link below it's $35 per  person and that includes the transport there some   food and also the entry fee to the wall but  once we're there we're free to roam around we   don't have to follow a tour or be with a group  of people and I think we have many hours there   so yeah we prefer that kind of tour and the  pickup spot isn't too far from the hotel that   we're staying in so we're just going to get taxis  to that point now and then we'll begin the day [Music] [Music] [Music]   so we've arrived at the entrance  where we're going to start the track   on the Great Wall of China visibility is really  poor though just like it was in the center of   Beijing so these mountains aren't even that  far but there's like this smog or something   just like we got in Beijing so can't really see  it that well I think the wall is actually on top   of those is that pollution then I don't know what  it is yeah I'm not sure but maybe it is pollution   or maybe mixed with some something else I don't  know but it's a shame that it's not like perfect   the perfect weather but I think it's still it's  going to be enjoyable yeah so I think first we're   actually already going to have the lunch that's  included the buffet and then we'll start doing   the the hiking the walking got some cool statues  here kind of looks like that Terracotta Army that   I've seen in pictures where you get loads of the  the statues won't be visiting that on this trip   pretty sure they look like this though so the  Buffet is looking really good a huge selection   different things sweets vegetables for Carol I  think all my meat's on the other side so I ended   up going for the Chinese noodles sweet potato  also got these Chinese buns that have a bean   paste inside just like we ate in Japan and this  is all different kinds of chicken Carol got the   veggies is that tofu yeah spicy tofu and also the  the noodles and a lot of veggies and french fries   and that's egg isn't it yeah and seaweed yeah  and then we got some teas that are also [Music] included so this is a pretty good map there's two  directions that you can go you can go either east   or west or you can do both which we're going to do  and it's 140 for each one so it'll be per person   and that's cuz it includes a cable carart and  I think one even has a tobogan on the way down   yeah it's going to be fun yeah a fun ride on the  way down so can already see from here where one of   the cable cart takes you up there you can actually  walk up but obviously you're going to lose a lot   of time and the guide said it's not actually that  Scenic so best just spend all your time at the top   of the wall so first we're going to do the east  side I think this is where we enter cool thing   here is that a lot of the places you just have  to show your passport it's all registered on your   passport so you don't need like separate tickets  but for the tobogan we need to show the physical ticket yeah this is pretty old school  yeah not really that smooth we went   one in Brazil like this ah check out the  tobogan track oh yeah yeah I can't wait   to do that yeah I think this is the toog  I think that's how they bring them up oh   okay these on the back yeah yeah that  makes sense [Music] [Applause] [Music]   he [Music] all right so we're here the Great Wall of China  pretty crazy oh look at the the views from here   I think we're going to walk all the way up to  to that one up there the tower so like I said   it is very hazy today but I can kind of see  the wall going around there and up there too   must dip down wow it's unbelievable that we are  here so I think this is already one of the the   towers that you can go in I didn't even know there  were areas that you could go in door so we're at   the top of that Tower there's actually stairs that  go up even further that way man look at the size   of those mountains in the background even without  the wall it would have been hard to invade here   anyway cuz of the terrain that we're on  the mountainous terrain how the hell did   they build this up here yeah it's crazy and to  think how big it is I mean how long it goes so   just crazy yeah I'll write down here how  long it is I read that it would take like   a year and a half of walking to complete the  entire wall if he was just going like every   day so it is absolutely gigantic we're  just on a very very tiny section [Music] are you prepared for that they not so fun B  the stair Master man that's like real steep   you probably can't tell on the the GoPro how  steep it is the steps some other entrance down there yeah some of the parts are  so steep you got to like crawl [Music] [Applause] [Music] up so this is considered to be the most  preserved part of the Great Wall of China built   during the Ming Dynasty around the 1300s to  1600s there's many other parts of the wall   that are basically pretty much destroyed not  in good condition like this one yeah I need   to not talk to the camera when I'm walking  up I don't know how people do the marathon   here really yeah there's a marathon I don't  how they run on this like crazy terrain and   steps it's so humid here as well I think  it's around 27° every one's a sweaty mess   that's walking up here including us I think  this is as far as we're going on this side   this Tower yeah so you can't even go beyond  this Tower cuz they've closed the wall off   here this would have been the doorway this is the  undeveloped segment of the Great Wall no Crossing   yes so I guess nobody walks on this part I  don't think we can even go upstairs can we   don't think so no I don't see any steps or  anything to that floor so I mentioned that this   section was made around the 1300s to 1600s but  there are sections of the Great Wall of China that   go back to 7th Century BC before Christ so way way  way older but I read that the parts that were here   from like the 7th Century BC they weren't made to  be the Great Wall of China That's when there were   different kingdoms Within China it would have been  more of like a fortification around one of the   cities and then they just use some of that wall  to join to this wall the Great Wall man so this is   the part that I said we were crawling up there's  literally a guy crawling down the guides did say   at some parts it's actually easier to go up than  down I'm finding it a lot easier going down though [Music] that [Music] [Music] all right now it's time for  the tgan taining is so simple   so just forward forward backwards to break sounds simple all right I think we have to break here  first this guy's letting us through ready for   bumper cars Carol no no setting the rules you're  not allowed so you're lucky all right off we go who speed up Carol speed up [Music] woohoo who I bet they  wish they had this during the Ming   NY they'd be jealous a quick way [Music] down go Carol go go go go [Music] [Music] [Applause] that's the fastest curve so far great yeah  it seems to get even steeper at the end   oh [Music] man go quicker go yeah there ain't  no way that people don't keep bumping into each   other here so the guy said it's like 7 to  10 minutes overall so it's a long fun ride [Music]   enjoy that Carol yeah really fun I wish the  other side had the tobogan too so we could do   it again but I think it's only the cable C so  there is a completely different region of the   Great Wall that people visit that's a lot more  popular and touristy than this one I think a lot   of the Chinese go to the other one and yeah from  what we've seeing it's really not that busy at all   is it no it's not uh it's a big area as well  there are many tour groups and stuff but you   don't feel like uh super crowded all right this  time it's a modern cable car yeah so the other   part the guy said it would take around 40 minutes  round trip and we did The Walking pretty quick I   think that took like 20 25 minutes but then we  had to queue up a long time for the tobogan so   that reduced our time at this place I think we  still have like uh 2 and 1/2 hours though but   it's a lot more walking here so we'll have to  see how far we get I think we can probably make   it right yeah maybe I don't know we'll see when  we get there yeah we'll see how far we can go [Music] [Music] yeah so we've just arrived here and I think the  goal is to get to the highest one up there if we   have enough time multile Towers we were down here  before yeah we passed through here and we went   up to this point and and these were the ones  that weren't allowed to access yeah okay so is   that where we got to go Carol um maybe once  intended to ward off enemy attacks today it   brings together the peoples of the world the  Great Wall may it continue to act as a symbol   of friendship for future Generations so you  can see here they're doing some Restorations   the walls completely collapsed on this side over  there too don't know if that was recent and there   is a part of the wall at the end that's supposed  to be really difficult and the famous leader ma   dong said that you're only a real man if you  do that part right yeah so today we're going   to become real men yeah we going to become a real  man no way we got some cats the Great Wall cats fighting the cats are still keeping the the  fighting Spirit going at the Great Wall no   longer humans didn't the guy say that some films  have been filmed here at this section yes I think   uh Kung Fu which is a cartoon so maybe it was just  like inspired by this place and the other one was   Transformers yeah this really is epic imagine the  guys that walk the whole thing year and a half [Music] [Music]   so obviously this wall was used for defense  of China but it was also to control things   like immigration people come in in and out of  China and also to manage the goods the imports   and exports going out of China I think now it's  time for the real man part oh God that's going   to be a workout definitely going to have sore legs  tomorrow it's one of the best viewpoints from here too really is completely wild here I don't   even think there's any light  Villages or anything on this [Music] side and it's the final Stars  now the steepest part so I looked at   the stairs and I thought we would have to  go more but no this is the end yeah this   part is also blocked off not developed  yet real man yeah 10 minutes 10 minutes   oh the last part so we use a translator  app this says hero platform the Great   well t on you it's raining oh really  yeah oh yeah maybe we should go back then [Music] [Music]   J so it is the next day now we ended up getting  back late from the tour it was all dark and   right now we're at the central business district  of Beijing so far we've only been seeing the old   historic places wanted to see the modern places  too which Beijing is full of the mega buildings   and we stopped at one of the most iconic spots  which is of this building here which I've seen   pictures of before that is the CCTV headquarters  which is the central China television headquarters   and then back there is the tallest building in  Beijing I think it's over 500 M High a kind of   new building yeah that looks really cool though  super futuristic looking Kyle said this reminded   her of BGC yeah in Philippines in Manila but I  think this is bigger but it's kind of similar   because it has many like ring areas as well and  the very big buildings and modern yeah BGC really   did look like this so we're just going to walk  around here for a few hours it is our final day   today here in Beijing anyway not in China though  wonder what that is China World some underground   don't know if that's like a Subway we haven't  been on the subway or anything yet just been   getting taxes around taxes are quite affordable  aren't they yeah it's really affordable and it's   like a big difference compared to Japan because  in Japan the taxes were super expensive but here   it's just really affordable so that thing  where we saw China world I think it's cuz   the building that we stopped at is actually the  China World Trade Center this building here one   thing you might have noticed as well is lots  of people cycle around in Beijing it's a bit   like Japan in that aspect so you see people on  the bikes everywhere like these guys here so   it looks like there's the big Starbucks there  there's actually there's the Western chains   everywhere isn't there from what we've seen  yeah yeah like uh even like stores like the   fancy stores like Gucci and I don't know brada  restaurants as well McDonald's and everything   just like we find in other uh Asian countries  as well so it is a Saturday today so since this   is the business district it's obviously going to  be way less busy emptier not many people working   some of the mega hotels Kerry Hotel Beijing I  think this area around here also has the majority   of the embassies too I think further down there  where we're going to be heading around a park so   we just come into this mall trying to find a place  to eat Shake Shack it's like a burger chain isn't   it yeah I think they have vegetarian burger shroom  Burger so luckily they have this little thing here   we can select food beverages could put  it in English and then it shows all the   restaurants on the different floors try and find  something Chinese this one louding Fang Chinese   traditional food what level is that level five  want to go there then yep let's do it [Music] so we ended up finding a different restaurant  cuz we don't know where the other one is I   don't know the name of this one it's all  in Chinese on the front of the menu but   they have the English translations here  also nice cuz they have the big photos   of what the dishes look like so yeah I'm  getting this glutinous rice cake 23 I'm   also getting this streaky pork with layers  of fat and lean tasty and tender flavor 59   car's going for this one roast eni potatoes 49  not sure what the portions are going to be like   the other restaurants had some crazy prices didn't  they yeah uh I think since this is like a more up   scale Mall the the prices are very expensive but  this one wasn't as as high as the other ones that   we were checking yeah we are in the World Trade  Center building so it's expected to be expensive   we also got this that seems seems to be like a  Adam mummy stir fried bean with spicy sauce 29   let's see how this is yeah I think it's different  than the the Japanese one yeah it's different very   spicy wow everything here is very spicy yeah  they like the spice don't they I didn't even   know China was like so into spicy food but we've  had some like extremely spicy dishes we even had   one where we said little and our stomachs hurting  later on it was so spicy have you had this thing   it's really good as well very spicy also mhm  and these are my glutenous rice pancakes also   pretty good size I thought it was going to be  smaller cuz of the price something in there   like a sweet thing seems a bit like a dessert  maybe it is really tasty though whatever that   sweet thing is wow and look at this certainly  never had a pork dish like this before seems to   be wrapped in a leaf cooked in a leaf I guess I  don't even know where to start am I supposed to   remove the leaf it's really steamy inside try and  get a bit it's like stringy piece of fat I'm not sure yeah I definitely watch that yeah I really  like that some amazing sauce on there I think they   got like a carrot in there too it turns out it was  cool that we came here yeah than Shake Shack Shake   Shack yeah better than that burger oh man yeah  I'm loving this dish this might actually be the   best thing that I've had in China so far so I said  carrots but it's actually sweet potato inside that   sweet potato even better cuz I like sweet potatoes  more than carrots struggling with the heat yeah   like got a runny nose mhm it's very hot yeah spice  can have that reaction runny nose watery eyes [Music] [Applause] [Music]   so that's going to be it for this video we were  planning on going to a park that's near our hotel   but then it was raining quite heavy when we got  out of the mall you can actually see the park   from here it's where all these trees are you can  even see the business district that's the tallest   building in Beijing over there so we're not  too far away and definitely enjoyed our stay in   Beijing overall it was 4 days we got the visa on  arrival that gives you 144 hours in the city which   would be 6 days in total but we stayed here for  4 days and tomorrow we're going to Macau going to   be spending a few days there and then we'll visit  Shanghai and then that'll be it just for this trip   in China for now so if you like this video just  drop a like as usual to support us subscribe to   see more videos like this follow us on Instagram  and we'll see you in the next one [Music]

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