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Today we're riding on the Northern Bell which is  Britain's most luxurious train. We experience the   Golden Days of rail travel and enjoy fantastic  food, great entertainment and the beautiful   English countryside along the way. Take a little  glimpse behind the scenes and join us on this   unique and unforgettable trip. Good morning! Good  morning! Okay, we are both very excited. Yeah. Can  

you spot the train already? No but I can see  it's on time because 7:30 Carlisle, Platform   2. I's time to travel in style today. Yes, I'm  really nervous. Yes. We're so excited because   this is something we've always wanted to do. Yes.  Really travel in - yes, the golden days of railway   travel. Yes. Yes like in 'Murder on the Orient  Express'. I hope there won't be a murder but   so we're boarding in Telford Central this morning.  It is 7:15 so it's very early. Yes but yeah, we're   going to have 14 hours of train - train travel.  Yes. With, well, I think I would say this is more   about, well, of course travel in style and a lot  of great food so - yes - let's board the train or   no you know what? Let's show, let's show you the  train from the outside. Yeah. I'm really excited  

what it will look like inside. Yeah. Let's board  the train. It's cold. What do you think? [Music] This is our carriage. Glamis. This will be so amazing. [Music] Now before we take a seat we want to show  you today's route. We start our journey   at Telford Central Station and head north to  Carnforth where we change to a steam engine.   We then continue our journey to Carlisle  where we have some time to explore. After  

that we enjoy the spectacular steam hauled  journey over the Settle to Carlisle line. [Music] How cute is this? Isn't  this gorgeous? Yeah. Look! A lovely   teddybear. We now have a companion  for ours at home. Yeah. How cute. So how lush. So nice. It's  really comfortable. I love it. [Music]   The tea is a royal blend from Fortnum & Mason.  It's delicious. Okay, a lot of people know me  

by now. I of course hade to check where  this is from. And we have a little bit of   here on board. This is from Villeroy & Boch  and it's very beautiful. Very 1930s. I love   it. Goes with everything in here. Okay, Jörg  is checking this plate because I'd love to   know. Also Villeroy & Boch. Now we've got this  beautiful card and it says 'To Joerg & Kirsten,   We hope you both enjoy your day with us today on  the Northern Bell'. And as you can see there are   four names so four people look after you in each  carriage which is pretty pretty great. So this  

is the menu for our three-course brunch.  Yes. Brunch. So first we get a cocktail.   Sparkling Mimosa cocktail. Mhm. Then you've got  Mr Smith cinnamon fresh spiced mulberry granola.   Yes. Then as a main course 'Tartlet Arnold  Bennett'. Mhm. Sounds very Jane Austen like.   Mr Bennett. Yes, I can't wait. I'm getting hungry.  And then you've got a selection of freshly baked   breads and pasties. So we're now in Wrexham and  the carriage is still quite empty which is great  

so I can show it to you from here. It's absolutely  beautiful. I love this so much. We absolutely love   to travel by train in this style. And now I  also want to show you the toilet. Let's have a look. Smells nice in here. Okay,  let me close the door first. Okay,   as with every train the toilet is  small but very nice. Lovely smell. And   I love the the wood. It's so beautiful.  Everything is absolutely lovely.

Now. And we're so lucky today because this week  has been actually quite terrible. We had a lot   of rain but today it's supposed to be sunny.  cold but sunny so that's really great. [Music]   We just got breakfast and the first course is a  Jörg, cinnamon spiced granola and I get everything   gluten free. It wasn't problem whatsoever. We  are now so hungry. It looks very nice. Hello  

everybody! Hello to the folks at home. Uh my name  is John. I am part of your entertainment today   although I am a magician so I'm using the word  entertainment pretty loosely. I'm sure they'll   tell you actually. Certainly told me. Um but would  you like to see a magic trick? Yes. Otherwise it's   just you know a bloke talking nonsense, isn't it?  But in my pocket here I got a handkerchief. Some   would say a tissue. I say bless you. It isn't  a good joke but it's technically a joke. Here  

comes a silence. Um it's also not the worst joke  you'll hear from me so apologies in advance. This   my friends is well I'd say pink but i' I've been  corrected today so maybe magenta. I'm not sure.   But one way or the other yeah, would you like to  see it blue? Yes. Thank you. This isn't going to   change it will though disappear. I'm going  to tuck it into my hand. Please make sure   nothing is up my sleeve or what have you. And  I wonder Madam, would you mind awfully wrapping   me sharply on the back of the hand? I would not  want to be in your shoes sir. That handkerchief  

will completely disappear which is good as far as  goes. I can make it come back and there. I'm so   sorry. And there. I'm so sorry. And there. I'm  sorry sir, have you got my handkerchief? Well,   it's probably behind my left ear. I don't want  to be rude but doesn't he look the type? Make   sure nothing in my hands. Can I check your  pocket sir if I may? Oh I say. John! I say. A round of applause for John everybody.  Bravo! It's natural smoked haddock,  

egg cream, hot smoked salmon, parmesan  crisp and a cream charm sauce. Thank you. That looks wonderful. That looks delicious. Yes.   And this is gluten free anyway - yeah  - so. Oh that looks good. [Applause] [Music] Cinnamon swell. The muffins or the chocolates or  toffee? The choccolate. Okay, we just to laugh.   These are the pastries for Jörg. A cinnamon  swell and a and a muffin, chocolate muffin.   Okay. And now look. Look! Do I look that greedy?  Yeah it's, that's the gluten free option. I think  

I'm gonna - you know the people next to us just  said 'Okay, I just want gluten free. So that's   the gluten free croissant and it's so good. It's  really delicious. Okay, we stopped in Carnforth   in Lancashire because now we are, well, riding  on a steam train. Yeah. It was a diesel before   but then the Settle and Carlisle, um, journey is  with the steam engine. Yeah and you can see it   and you can hear it. Well, I can feel it. I can't  see it but I can feel it. [Music] My name is Sue.   Sue. I'm the lead chef in kitchen one. And the  food is amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you  

so much. So this is the Queen Mother seat and  I think it's, I think you should have a try. Okay. How does it feel to feel royal? I do, I have to. There you go mom. Can I get you anything mom? It's beautiful. So this is where she used  to sit, that was her chosen seat. Wow,   I feel honoured. Thank you. This is a nice  carriage. This carriage is only half as you   can see. Half the size - yes -because  attached is the kitchen. I see. and  

And the kitchen and the washer area so I'll  take you to have a look at that if you like. Yes. This is our posh area. Hello, hi. This is  Chris and Pete. And they're preparing - hi - your   canapés for later on this afternoon. Okay,  that looks amazing. They are lovely. They're lovely. And then this area is our kitchen and  here's Sam. Hi. Hi Sam. You okay? Yes. How are   you? I'm well, thank you. Sam helps me in the  kitchen. Yes. Have a little look in. Oh. Just   preparing staff meals at the moment. We've got  some crisps and fruits - yes - and we've got some  

chicken curry on and some pies in the  oven. Uhhuh. You could stay if you like.   It smells - it smells - delicious. So as you can  see it's quite a small space where we where we   prepare your meals. Yes. All your all your meals  are in the walk-in fridge, all I've got Sam and I   got them all trayed up and ready to go, haven't  we? So do you prepare everything on the train or   is something? Pre-prepared. Some of that is as  you could imagine it's quite hard to do to for to cook 6 courses for 260 people. Of course.  Yes. We have a a kitchen off site and our chef  

is semi-preparing and I have finish it off here.  So yeah, what are you having tonight is all as   we say vacuum packed. Yes. Yes. And I, yeah, I'll  finish it off here. And hopefully you'll enjoy it   like you did your breakfast. Oh yes. Yes. Amazing.  No what I, I mean what was amazing because she's   gluten free. She had that gluten free pastry -  yes - and that was something. You know because   I often can tell that's gluten free - yes - but  this one was really good. Oh yes. Yes. It's good.   Our bakery yeah. The bakery products, aren't they?  What we have? We just the supplier at the start of  

this year. We actually just changed the supplier.  It's fantastic. It really is. Yes. Yes. Really   good. Yeah. Was it big enough  your pastry? Oh my goodness.   You know the people next to us  said: 'Okay, I'm gluten free.' Enormous. I know. So these are the quarters. Linen  room. Oh, okay. Linen room. Engineer's room. I   don't know where he is at the moment. Yes. Yes. Of  course yeah. A walk-in fridge. Uhuh. Wow. Little   bit of a dry stores. Not much stock in at the  moment because we don't need. Yeah - so - yeah.

Guard room. Our generators. I see. So we've got the staff, two sleeper carriages  here. And then now another carriage the same.   Yeah. Yeah. An unspeakable crime. Teddy  kidnapped. Our teddy has been kidnapped.  

Where's Poirot? Where's Poirot?  [Laughter] At least there isn't a murder. How do you know? That's true. Does it say 1  million? It's not too bad,   is it? Spread it amongst your subscribers  that' be fine. Yeah. Where is Teddy? No, he's not up here. You have to find him before  Carlisle. Absolutely. Jörg between

between the seats. No. Warmer. Warmer. Warmer.  Okay, there's the bear. No but see, he tried   to run off with both of them. [Music] We're now in Carlisle in Cumbria  and so far this trip is - yeah - absolutely   incredible. It's really really really amazing.  Yeah. Yes. And the food is just - the food is   great. Yeah. And you know what? We have the best  neighbours. Yes. It's something we didn't really  

expect because we have such a laugh. Yeah. Even  our bear loves them. He wanted to run off with   them. Yeah. A ransom of 1 million. 1 million  yeah. A fake ransom. So when we returned from   the kitchen we saw the note which just shows  they have the best humour. Yeah. And now,   well, we just walk around a little bit. We are  here for about an hour. Yeah. Yeah. And we have   never been to Carlisle so. No. Well, we won't  have a lot of time to explore the city but,  

well, at least we can walk a little  bit. Yeah, we'll see. We'll see.   [Music] That was lovely to walk around a little bit. Yes.  I mean it's it's too short. It's only 1 and a   half hours - yes - but it's good because you sit  all day. The trip is I think the entire trip 14   hours. Yes. So it's good to walk around a little  bit. Yeah. I prefer it to to an airplane because   there's just, there's more space in the train  itself. Yes. And it's far more comfortable. Yes.

Welcome back.   Thank you. Welcome. Thank you. This is non-alcoholic Prosecco or  champagne? Cheers. I love the glasses.   Caviar, sour cream quail egg blini. Thank  you. Enjoy. Sour cream, quail egg blini. Yeah. This is for Jörg as well. And these are some  gluten free canapés. Looks delicious. It's a  

six course dinner and we're now having the the  blini and then, yeah, selection of canapés.   Yeah and then we continue. Jörg ordered some mocktails  for us. Yes, alcohol free cocktails.   Yeah. Show us yours. Yes. Because  I can't see it. This one is called   Forest Picante. Yeah. Uhuh. And this is  mine. Yeah and it's called Sakura Paloma.   Cheers my love. Good. It's very refreshing. Yeah. We have  a semorina and we have a whole grain. I'll  

get one of the whole grain, please.  One only? Yes. Now the starter is a   pressing of Gressingham duck with  Granny Smith gel and pickles. Mine   is the gluten free version and I've  got some gluten free bread. [Music]

Look at the view. A stunning Yorkshire landscape and countryside.  We love it so much. The sheep. It's so beautiful here. Fo you Sir. For your main course you  have the Aberdeen Angus fillet beef served   with the café de Paris butter potato fondant,  bonon carrot, green beans and a red wine gravy.  

Thank you. Thank you. This looks  very good. Horseradish on the side. No, what happens in a tunnel stays in  a tunnel. A murder. A murder is happening.   I want to see it. No. A murder is happening.  Music is coming and also the Ribblehead Viaduct   is coming any minute now. [Music] Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear  Judith and Judith and the drinks are on you. [Music] Okay, the bear just ordered a cocktail. This is an

Espresso Martini. See. The colours matchy matchy. So you have the chocolate and coconut parvey  which is a gluten free. Everybody else you   have the tartan fashion éclair. Enjoy. Thank you.  

[Music] We want to introduce you to our amazing  neighbours. This is Joe. Hello! We had a wonderful   time. Yes. Judith. Hello! We have another Judith!  Hi, nice to meet you! And this is John! Hello! You have got 4 new subscribers. We do. We  can't thank you enough. And there was the   kidnapping of the bear. Yes. You know  what? That beats every Agatha Christie   film. Of course. Absolutely. Now our journey  has come to an end. Yes. It was absolutely  

incredible. Yeah. It was a wonderful day  and an amazing experience. We met wonderful   people. Yeah. We we made friends. Yeah.  And we can't recommend this trip any more   highly. And also the staff. Hang on, hang  on. We need to wave the train goodbye. Bye. We hope you enjoyed this video - yeah  - and yeah - as much as we enjoyed the   day. Exactly. We hope it comes across  so thank you so much for watching and   as always we'll see you again very soon  so until next time. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.

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