We Finally Got A Break In Ayutthaya (Thailand's Ancient Kingdom)

We Finally Got A Break In Ayutthaya  (Thailand's Ancient Kingdom)

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this video is brought to you by  squarespace today we are in the heart of   Ayutthaya a historic city near Bangkok that  we've always wanted to visit join us   as we explore the beautiful temples and  ruins in the Historic Park and stay at   a 100-year-old traditional Thai house on a  tiny Island on the Chao Phraya River good morning from Ayutthaya we just rented our bicycles  here from Chanida Home and we're going to take   them to explore the a Ayutthaya Historic Park which  is literally just 10 minutes down this road so   this is a really convenient location if you're  looking for a more budget friendly accommodation   in the area or if you want to just rent bicycles  ready [Music] yeah this is the owner of the place bye-bye it's a beautiful day to  explore you have to uh shoulder check bye-bye everyone here is so  friendly is that the noodle   lady who thinks you're very handsome  yeah we ate there the other day and they   thought I was very handsome Korean boy  they were surprised to find out that I'm Thai I like that the street is really wide so  there's room for us and the traffic is not as   bad it's not that busy yeah and I think  they're used to people cycling around so   they kind of give way to you if you stay on  the left side look at all the cars here and   everyone's lining up at that shop I think we  should try it what is it it's boat noodles oh   Michelin Guide selection 2022 and it says 20 Baht like 20 Baht bowls yeah 20 Baht per bowl that's like   75 cents let's do that we eat first then yeah  gives us energy to cycle around the Historic Park 59 we're only 59 they're already calling  51 oh okay I think it's going to move really   fast should we go take a look over there sure  oh it's already 52 yeah I think we should wait so   this place is called "Kway Teow Pa Lek" and it's a big operation and it's all local Thais coming as well yeah it's   only 20 Baht a bowl but the bowl is so small so I  think we going to need at least five each maybe   not five because we need some room for dessert  as well wow this looks so delicious yeah oh my   God I'm just I also need an iced coffee it's so  hot this is like a traditional Thai dessert too   maybe shaved ice and you can select the toppings and  you can choose either longan juice on top or coconut   milk we have a problem what I already counted my  coins I counted 40 Baht because you need to buy the   pork rinds here before you go to the table but  there's no more pork rinds people were taking like   four or five bags of pork rind to their table  maybe they will make a new batch but they   have crispy wontons but the pork rinds looks so  good there's a reason why that family took ten wow they actually not that small they're quite big   And for those who don't know what boat noodles  is it is actually a very popular Thai noodle   where the broth is thickened with pork or beef  blood so it just adds a lot of umami taste yeah   like a meatier taste to the broth and because  it's slightly thicker it like sticks with your   noodles better and it's just very tasty usually  it is a bit spicy though yeah so don't let the   blood scare you off because it's cooked it's cooked  it's like they put a little bit into the ladle   and then they put like hot soup on top of it so  it cooks really really quickly and coagulates   it's really tasty don't be scared I was scared  but now that I had it I'll always eat it again you know what we'll give it extra  crunch where did you put my coins right here I see it I got to go now got it I've been eyeing that station for like  since we got here they finally got a   fresh batch and it goes so quickly so  I ran there and I just touched it while   I waited for her to take my money how  much were they 20 baht each they're still   warm this one has the skin and a little  bit of the fat left on it so it's extra delicious you want some yeah just throw them in there 165 Baht for six bowls of noodles and three coffees let's park our bikes in the  shade here so convenient with the   bicycles yeah there we go so we are  now in Wat Maha That one of the most   popular temples here in Ayutthaya and it's popular  because there is this what happened the bird flew right over my head and I blacked out for a second  sorry sorry go ahead I was going to say   it's popular because of there is this spot  where they have the head of the Buddha that   the tree grew on top of it like it wraps around  the head and I think a lot of the ruins we find   in this area you said are part of the Ayutthaya period so in the 13th 14th century a long   time ago looks like we're okay babe we're not wearing those and it doesn't say do not wear Crocs hey that's not bad at all yeah  50 Baht and 10 Baht mhm I think you have to pay   for some of the other ones like there's I  think more like five or six temples more   in this area you can get some sort of like  pass where you can visit more temples but   I think we'll just do it one by one because  outside of the temples is actually a cycling   path so we can just cycle past a lot of  them to see what it looks like [Music] just on the back of the tickets it already  says that like Ayutthaya is a flourishing Thai   ancient city of Thailand during 1350 to 1767  and then in 1991 it was designated as like   a UNESCO world heritage site as well do you  know the full name of Ayutthaya no but I did see   that it was really long it's Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya yeah  so is just does it mean something else I think   Phra Nakhon it just mean um big city the big city of  the Grand City of Ayutthaya this is pretty grand just   by itself and a lot of it already was damaged um  during the fall of a Ayutthaya in 1767 it says that a   lot of parts of this Wat Maha That area was  set on fire during the Burmese attack so all   of this is like remnants of that but it's very  very beautiful and it's a huge area it's more   Grand than the one that we saw in Lopburi there was  also a Wat Maha That in Lopburi real quick once again thank you   to Squarespace for continuing to support  our channel and for creating an awesome   platform for building websites as social media is  essential to our business we love how Squarespace   makes it easy for us to share our content  to our website directly from our YouTube   and Instagram and using their analytics tools  we can gain insights into who is visiting our   website and how they're interacting with our  content it doesn't have to be overwhelming to   start a new website you can choose one of their  award-winning templates to get started just head   over to squarespace.com for a free trial and when  you're ready to launch go to squarespace.com/floraandnote   to save 10% off your first purchase of  a website or domain now let's get back to the video so this is the most popular spot  here at the the temple as I mentioned   before and you see the security guard  telling everyone to sit down because   you want to be lower than the  Buddha head as a sign of paying respect in Thailand even in temples when you  approach a monk or Buddha statue you need to   crawl to be lower than their heads oh because the head  is the most important part of the body and   the highest part that's why when I hit you  on the head your Mom doesn't like that that's a   no no for Thai people yeah or pointing  your feet at someone because your feet   is the lowest part of your body yeah they're  very strict here and it makes sense you have   to be respectful this is a sacred place  so yeah that security guard is doing a   really good job he's blowing the whistle and  stuff telling people to sit down in French in   Korean in Chinese in Thai so far I've heard in  English in English that is very beautiful how   did it even get there it's completely wrapped  inside it must have been there for hundreds of years if we were to live here I  would just come here and picnic yeah   picnic bike ride bring our camping  chairs oh you see that one over   there yeah all of these are little  temples they have little signs on them [Music] so we just arrived at the pier where  we're waiting to get picked up by our hotel   so this place is about 15 minutes away from the  Historic Park so not far at all and the hotel   we're staying at tonight is called Ruen Tubtim and the only way to get there is by boat because   it is on a tiny Island pretty close to here but  there's like yeah there's no bridge or anything   I think that connects it it should only take 5  minutes to get there by boat yeah so yeah we'll   we just called the hotel so they're sending  someone to pick us up now going to miss you   Rocket bye Rocket we'll see you tomorrow just  one night okay you be a good boy be a good   boy think about what you did you keep saying that  stop threatening Rocket just just be good we'll be back where where's our boat wow look at this fancy service VIP treatment you see the red fence yeah it's just  right there oh so it's less than 5 minutes so   you really cannot get there by any other means of  transportation like you cannot drive there right [Music] yeah it's an island there's no  access must have been hard to build yeah a place there but it's so easy to transport  the material so it's so close to the mainland We're here that's the quickest boat ride I  ever took the property is so beautiful   we keep going straight so this is just a  um ancient house like it's over 100 years   old I've never stayed in a traditional  Thai house before really not like this separate toilet oh okay so you have to  come and use the toilet out here that's   interesting I didn't know that I didn't read  that in the description yeah I didn't know   that also this house is called "Butsarakam 5"  does that mean something no but it sounds beautiful okay let's go see our room take off your shoes of course it's really nice I like your first  impression okay let me put this down okay you ready [Music] wow wow even  the smell it smells like old   Thailand it smells really nice smells like lemongrass yeah like a massage place we have silk robes to wear so  they were out of double rooms so we   booked the last room available here which is  a triple room so of course you can take this   bed and I'll take the double bed and then  you have a little sitting space just over here to um read a book or to uh catch  Pokemon to catch Pokémons oh   it says please be quiet since this is  a traditional Thai house that's made of   wood so it's not very soundproof we ask you  to walk softly and talk with moderate volume   just like like the old Thai way of belief so  that your actions won't scare away the good   spirits of the house oh interesting I'm  going to start talking like this and this   every little decoration is so beautiful  all the artwork you see in the rooms wow oh it's a beautiful washroom this  is really nice I guess because it's   like an older property the plumbing is is  like separate from the room and you're on   an island and we're on an island but  this is yeah this is really nice and   there's only another room next to us so we  basically have the washroom whenever we need it so we just sat down with the owner and had  the privilege to learn more about Ayutthaya um about   this river area over here and her house  specifically so this house has been here for   over a hundred years it's passed on for at least  three generations and her grandparents you said   they used to not even live on the land on the  land back in the old days you are not allowed   to build anything on the land on this island  so most people live on the river on a raft and   then later on they are allowed to move on  land so they move the whole raft and build   this house and the raft is actually behind us  this whole section over here they moved it to   the second floor because it's basically  a whole livable area there's like a bedroom   there is a a living room a kitchen behind yeah  it's pretty amazing that that used to be on the river so what are we having for dinner we are  having three items tonight we're going to start   with this pomelo salad with giant prawns and looks  like there's shallots in there um I don't even   know it looks it looks really yummy looks spicy  it has some chilies in there and then this one   what was the name again this one is "Gaeng Run Juan" which is a different type of soup she said it's   like a braised not braised but a pork rib soup with  um shrimp paste I've never seen this before never   heard of it also I think there's basil in here  as well and the last one here is not usually   on the menu but she recommends it it's one of her  signatures it's a braised beef cheek curry in Thai we call it "Gaeng Rawaeng" this one I also never heard  of you think this is Central Food like Central   Ayutthaya food very old traditional recipes most  people will not know what these two dishes are   yeah we were really lucky that we were able to ask  her what she's good at cooking and she well she can   cook everything really well on the menu and she  said people like to come and just eat the food   even if they don't stay overnight but she doesn't  open all the time cuz it's really tiring cooking   for a lot of people but she was happy to cook  for us and cook all her special dishes how's the bed really nice how was the shower  lovely and this silky robe is so smooth and comfortable feel like royalty wearing all gold  it was a nice day in Ayutthaya we got to see the   beautiful temples and ruins that we wanted to and  had delicious noodles and coming here was kind of   a nice peaceful way of ending it yeah cuz this is  so far away from you know all the people that we   saw today and like that part of the Historic Park  is of course a bit more crowded and more busy but   staying at this place in this 100-year-old house  and being fed homemade meals that we don't think we   can get it anywhere else it feels a little like  we are transported to another place yeah that   there's no one really around it's quite a unique feeling to be staying on this island we   hope you enjoyed spending the day with us here in  Ayutthaya and as always thank you so much for watching   have a WonderFlo day and we will see you in  the next one bye bye-bye good night

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