WE COULDN'T LEAVE CHINA WITHOUT DOING THIS! Incredible Journey From Lijiang To Shangri-La

WE COULDN'T LEAVE CHINA WITHOUT DOING THIS!  Incredible Journey From Lijiang To Shangri-La

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this video is brought to you by Squarespace  this is just the starting point and it's   already epic we got the perfect day  oh everything tastes so good how are   you doing both my legs are cramping up  because of the downhill right yeah I   wasn't sure how the rest of the 5  hours would go I was a bit scared the bus not here yet no uh it's going to look  like this but the license plate number is not   this one we have about 7 minutes I can't wait to get rid of these bags this   is killing me hiking 10 minutes up from the  Old Town with this bag I need oxygen just put your bag down here so you don't  have to carry it I see something steaming over   there I'm going to check it out okay okay got  anything good I got some steamed buns eight   tiny steamed buns for 10 Yuan is there anything  inside I think there's pork inside they don't   have the plain ones that we like is it good  good yeah has pork inside oh that's delicious   oh hot so we are leaving Lijiang this morning to  go to the starting point of our 8 hours hike it's   8 hours on day one 3 hours on day two oh okay so  our 11 hours hike that covers I think 20 km but   it'll be fun I hope you think it'll be fun I  feel out of shape right now I'm questioning our   decision sometimes like we are no hikers the last  time we hiked was in Nepal and that was just an   hour hike yeah and somehow in our minds we thought  it was much longer but I think it will be worth it   because we've experienced like the city life the  countryside life we've been in kind of really busy   places we're getting near the end of our China  trip so I think this will be a very different   experience and a memorable one for us this is  our ride yeah is this one it looks pretty full sit in the back is good yeah back  is good I think we have about a 2 to 2.5 hour   bus ride or van ride to the starting point of  where the Tiger Leaping Gorge area is so we're   not going to be right at the Gorge right away  we have to start at a village buy our ticket   and then start hiking from there but we'll  find out more as we go and the weather looks   absolutely incredible the sky looks clear so  we might have a really really beautiful day   of enjoying the Tiger Leaping Gorge I just  saw the glimpse of the mountain it's so   clear today that one is the Jade Dragon Snow  Mountain and on the other side of that is the   Flying Dagger no Haba Mountain and the gorge  is right in between awesome on a side note   this is the most English I've heard there's  at least like seven English speakers maybe they're going to do   the hike too then it'll be nice to have some  friends most likely they their hiking sticks   with them oh we don't have any we'll find some  broken branches or bamboo stick around there we have to get our tickets here for the scenic  area but you can actually start hiking from here   like a couple hundred meters from here is already  the starting point of the trail but you can also   get a like a shared car to go a little bit further  where it is a bit more fun to start hiking because   this part is more boring and there's construction  going on so let me ask if the other people want   to start here or if they want to go further  cuz it'll be cheaper if they share car with us how much are the tickets 45 Yuan per person  I guess so yeah okay have fun bye walk safe   what's happening we're going to share a car  to get to the Naxi Guest House and then start   hiking from there so it will be 20 Yuan each  perfect and what do we do with our bags so the   driver is going to drop off our big bags  at Tina's Guest House which is where our   destination is tomorrow okay we just need to  carry these ones okay good so we'll pick our   bags up tomorrow when we get there awesome  should we take a photo of our bag no just   in case no it should be fine right he knows I  trust them okay okay we're switching cars yeah   doesn't it suddenly feel colder yeah much colder  yeah it'll be nice when we get in the sun she says that you can take a horse or maybe a  donkey what are those horses yeah no those are   mules you can take them up as well but I think  we still have energy we just saved ourselves   like 2 hours it's good to know that we have  options but since we have saved ourselves some   time we're not in a hurry maybe we should get  a coffee yeah sounds good this is insane this   is just the starting point and it's already  epic look at what this one says crazy this   one says I am at the Tiger Leaping Gorge and I  fell in love with trekking wow you see that I   know so this we actually on the side where  we're on the Haba Mountain Side so what we   see over there that one is the Jade Dragon  Snow Mountain that looks so epic you can see   snow on there and it's like 5,000 something  meters I think so close you can reach them cheers you know it was interesting that in like  the three groups that were in our van that were   going trekking we all have a different route or  a different plan we are doing it over the course   of 2 days staying one night at the Halfway  Residence the other two from Belgium they're   doing it all in one day they're going to end up  at Tina's today wow that's a long day yeah and   then the other couple I'm not sure where they're  from but they're doing it over the course of 3   days that's why they didn't want to take the car  to come up because they have so much time they   want to slowly enjoy the process so there's  lots of options huh you know what's funny   well not really funny but my right knee kind  of hurts oh from squatting that toilet just now this way right yeah wow just a quick  update see that on our progress we're   now 15 minutes into the hike and we're both dying I thought our bag was light but it's a little  bit heavy I hope this vlog isn't just us heavy   breathing the whole time real quick a huge part  of why we can continue traveling and making   content for you is because of great partners like  Squarespace they are an 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oxygen but usually usually   you don't need to use that during this trip but  we're special but we might need it but we're like   you know just in case it's an extra like 12 Yuan  we might as well get it in case we were so unfit   I already find it hard to breathe you do yeah  the air is thin the air is dry my nose is all   dried up yeah my throat is pretty dry but  I'm trying not to drink all our water at   once because then it's pretty hard finding  a private place to pee on this trail I would   say you just pee in the woods babe just  close your eyes no one will see you you   mean I won't see anyone if you don't see  them you wouldn't know that they see you he's really trying to sell you the horses  he said it's about half an hour to get up there   and he's like it's really hard it's really  hard it's okay we got it it's funny because   we look like we need it [Music] we're now at the beginning of the 28  Bends so it's like zig zag like this   28 times that's why he said that we have to  basically climb up to the top of this   mountain before we start crossing over to the  other other side it looks so steep so steep I said we're still considering that's funny it's actually kind of nice  to keep seeing the same people on the   trail like we take turns resting so  we passed a couple and then we rest   and then they passed us and it kind  of feels safe in a way that there's   constantly people around but not too  many that you're in each other's way and quite a few of them also said to me means oh I'm so tired but keep going this is awesome how beautiful is this just for  this view I'm glad we decided to do it yeah wow so kind of them lending us the walking stick  cuz it helps they said they're using one each   they have two just hanging on their  bag they're like feel free to use it don't   be shy we'll keep seeing them on the same  path okay and they're also stopping where   we're stopping tonight perfect  is it much better it helps for sure wow this part is this way is harder for sure I'm so hungry yeah we have some snacks can  we just rest here and eat have our lunch we   have beef jerky and you want banana do they have  bananas yeah they do oh bananas looks good I got   you the most expensive banana how much is it 6  Yuan that's not bad that's a dollar is it yeah I got a water water is just a backup  because I think there's still an   hour and a half before we get to  the bigger tea house where we can   have like a proper lunch so I got an  extra water we have some beef jerky and egg oh and egg yeah and I got  a Snickers so this the beef jerky   mhm we got a couple types some are five spiced  flavor and some are Mala flavor it's funny because   we were looking for protein bars everywhere  but we couldn't find any no it's either this   or chicken feet yeah individually wrapped  chicken feet which is probably good collagen   and some protein but I don't feel like  sucking a chicken feet in the mountains oh good I needed food badly that's delicious ooh spicy the 28 Bends was pretty  difficult is that the hardest part of the hike I   think it's one of the hardest parts of the hike  they could call it the 28 Rests I feel like every   bend we're like let's rest we at least stopped 20 times  for sure everybody did this is good practice for   us cuz eventually maybe some sometime this year  we want to do the Annapurna hike and that one is   9 days hike we're already struggling with this  one and this is considered like a relatively   easy hike but I think if we do the Annapurna we  would definitely get a porter without taking our   heavy bags I think it would be easier yeah  that would make a big difference [Music]   look at this the hiking cafe and  pub in the tea house except here it   says keep going you still  have one and a half hours to go how are you doing okay except both my  legs are cramping up because of the   down hill right yeah luckily we we got  the walking stick helps a lot but still so painful both knees or one knee it's not it's   above the knee like inner thigh  I need to stretch it out [Music]   I think we need to take a moment to appreciate  this spot that we just found oh my goodness   isn't it crazy no words no words I lost words to  describe how beautiful this place is so basically   from here you see everything you see the Jade  Dragon Snow Mountain on the side and this is   the Haba mountain and right in the middle is  the gorgeous Jinsha Lake or Jinsha River you   can hear the roaring of the gorge you hear that  too yeah I hear frogs frogs everywhere we go you   know why it's called the Tiger Leaping Gorge no  because there was a tiger that was being hunted   and he came to the to the end where the river is  and then he leaped across the river to the other   side of the mountain to run away from the hunter  so there is this one rock I believe down   there somewhere down this river that people go to  visit and they take photos there and they've kind   of made this tiger statue to represent that tiger  that jumped over the gorge I mean leaped over the   gorge does the rock look like a tiger yeah it's  beautiful but I don't know if we get to see it   because we're doing this trail most people either  go from Lijiang or Shangri-La and they would just   take a car or van or a bus or something directly  to the viewpoints if they're not interested in   hiking but I don't know where that point  is for us if we will get to see the tiger   but I'm not complaining because I think we get  to see so much more by doing this hike [Music]   this is our reward the portion is insane this  is four times the rice that I would eat so what   did you get me what's this this one is tomato  chives and egg stir fried on rice and this one   is I think it's gourd and chicken and chilies  and peanuts I'm so hungry they call this one   kungpao chicken though oh man for some reason  working for your food feels satisfying isn't it we walked like 5 and a 1/2 hours yeah we have walked 5 and a 1/2 hours and  it says we walked 13,264 steps almost 10 km   climbed 126 flights of stairs but after this we  still have 2 and 1/2 hours to our guest house for   tonight or our inn for tonight probably going to  take us longer too we're pretty slow I would say   but I'm enjoying the process and the view has  been so amazing so every time I feel tired no   hesitation I'm like let's just sit down and look  at the view of the mountainsyeah so this place   is actually a guest house it's called Tea Horse  Guest House and some people will just spend the   night here before they move on or like us grab a  meal and then move on it's not overly expensive   this was 30 Yuan for a dish and I see a parking  lot you can actually drive all the way here   if you want to start your hike here instead of  why would you want to miss the 28 Bends that was   house that was the hardest part oh yours is  quite yummy and when you look around the walls   here these are all the people who have come  here before isn't that neat there's Chinese   there's English there's Korean there's French  how did they get it on the ceiling this person   actually wrote here from Angie from South Africa  said you can ask for a ladder and you can write   on the ceiling let's leave our marks here before  we leave they sound a perfect place to write our   name here in the sunlight and no one will write  on top of it it's perfect cuz we love the sunlight my calves are tight though my back is sore  so you can't sit too long or else it kind of   tightens up how are your boots good but I  think I might have blisters underneath my   my feet yeah potentially I think I might have  a blister on my right my left toe wow look at   how dusty our shoes are oh my gosh which way is  the halfway halfway point they speak um Chinese   hello they speak Chinese you have to say yeah  yeah wow look at how he's standing just on the   edge of that rock yeah that's why they call them  mountain goat that's so crazy you guys you guys   are very balanced huh look at this guy like I  don't care if I fall down I'll climb up again oh okay this way this way thank you that's  nice of them to help us so friendly we need   to uh keep up the pace to make it for Sunset  look at how the dirty your bag and your butt is that's a sign that we stopped a lot and sat  a lot on the dirt I feel so dirty and I feel   super dry look at my skin yeah look at the  cracking up yeah my finger actually cracked open   sorry this is gross but can you see it you  don't need to show them your gross finger my gross arm's already gross enough so the section right after the Tea Horse  Guest House where we are right now this   3 hour hike well 2 to 3 hour hike depending on  how fast we go is supposed to be the most scenic   part of this hike and easiest cuz it's just  flat I think not the easiest but definitely   easier than that 28 Bends monster ascend that we  had to do how did you feel after uh doing that   28 Bends I wasn't sure how the rest of the  five hours would go I was a bit scared and   at one point I was like where's the donkey man  he probably would have got me near the end but   somehow after the um 28 Bends we got to some  shaded areas and then I felt so energized and   that Snickers definitely helped if I see another  vendor with Snickers I'm going to get another one I'm really glad we did this this is a side of  China that we didn't know about it's incredible   and honestly it's been pretty straightforward  and it's one of the most popular hikes yet it's   not that crowded I just asked the shop  owner she said we are about 40 minutes   away from the halfway house oh that's  not bad yeah and we actually made okay   time it's almost 6 I think we'll get there  before 7 um check in we'll be able to go   to the platform to see the sunset we  should get going there all right bye mountain 7 and 1/2 hours later we have arrived yes we are  at the village we're going to spend a night and   another hotel is just right there that one on  Trip.com it's called like Halfway Residence Inn

but it's actually called Judy's looks pretty nice  it's not as busy as the Halfway Guest House which   is the most popular one that is easily booked  out and a bit more expensive than Judy's but I   think it'll be good I just want to shower we're  coming Judy looks pretty nice I hope we get one   of those balcony rooms yeah I'm not sure what  I booked actually I also hope we have a balcony I think you look pretty tired even the last few  steps he said keep going words of encouragement 3188 oh I'm so excited for this that's  the most beautiful sound of the hotel   door opening oh god let's see wow oh  wow oh my god automatic curtains oh   fancy wow oh we have a balcony and two  queen beds yeah I couldn't get one bed   but I think we would enjoy having our  own bed yeah I don't mind let's see what the wow now look at this balcony oh nice work babe I love this  place this is nice how much   is it again $65 USD a night oh that's  not bad at all yeah it's pretty big sleepy time shower time I feel so gross need to shower so  proud of you I'm proud of you too I'm proud of us   it was not easy for us at least it was  not easy but we've done the hardest the   hardest part of the two days tomorrow  we just wake up make our coffee in the   room enjoy our beautiful balcony view of  the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and it's   only a 3-hour trek to Tina's and then we can  reunite with our bags we hope they're there I'm curious to see what my feet look  like I'm in pain oh no the bottom my foot do you have any blisters yeah got  a blister ew don't show people   that's gross how about this one no just  on this one how's the shower so good oh   it's perfect it's hot the  pressure is good life changing oh this is the best I'm sore everywhere both my knees I'm  worried about the 3 hour trek and I   think it's downhill maybe check with the  reception see if it can take the car back   I think if you drive to the next place it's  only about 30 minutes yeah but I don't know   if there are cars so we can ask okay but if  we hike then it's 3 hours just check for me right here here they are this one and that one all  right we got our bags and we are off to Shangri-La let's go

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