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Watch: TODAY All Day - May 18

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Griffin. Dunne plays Uncle Nicky about what it was like filming the series finale later. Also remembering Bob Sag it on what would have been his 66th birthday. But first, here are today's pop star headlines.

Bridget end all in Lady Whistledown got some very big news season. 3 of the Netflix series that everybody. Yes, the Knicks at me according to the gossip columns, latest announcement, the next chapter is going to focus on the relationship between Colin Bridgerton and now the Fed. We are a lady Whistledown herself and he's seen it. I didn't say anything. I don't even watch.

She said while anything either. Haha after series star Nicola Coughlan teased in the News at an industry panel over the weekend. Netflix fans, they were there with the fans at Netflix of the fans of the show into a frenzy. Here's what they

tweeted season. Three's going reveal how or if Melvin Congo from friends to lovers out or if nothing's been said the most recent season. Shonda Rhimes is period. Drama just premiered back in March. The record breaking number of viewers for Netflix. No word yet on for the 3rd chapter. He said, I do know. Now I know. I know. Yeah. Just make it out. British

by putting time at the end of that. Yeah. Carson Daly to what you sold. It well said the rain time. Haha. Yeah. That's just a made up word out that we all write this. I know something about Mary Style. Yeah, I'm super stoked. Fears releases next album. Harry's House is also making time for life outside of work in a recent conversation without using same low area. Opening up about not just juggling music but also

touring a little bit about personal office wells seconds. >> Invest some all-time into like balance in my life out a little bit like this. Walking is know everything about who I am like. It's something I do and I don't want to be defined

as a person necessarily buys. Why? Why do all the time want to be able to kind of put them? And for a really long time didn't really know. I was if I didn't do this and that's really scary. What would have something in return for a little more light on here? >> More like a little walk down the aisle like that, man. He's going to be a Thursday hair. You're going to be looks perfectly. That is a fact. Join us on the plaza this

Thursday. If you know me or live near me that at least Haha. That's I'm saying that's my own family. More than that. Her for many years. I'm about to go into a hotel until this thing is haha off to the door. It's crazy how many people want to come but it's not going to blame. This is going to be

great next. Pete Davidson and it felt colder to start heating up for new comedy series based on Pete Davidson's life in yesterdays NBC upfront. The pair announcing that south was going to impeachment but just showed says it's a show set to tell dramatize versions of Pete's real-life experience is something that he also did. The 2020 will be the king of Staten Island. The SNL actor is going to write and executive produce the project. A new gig is extra special for P who also

happens to be a soprano. Superfan even spotted with a bout of the tattoo full someone's body that can show you right now. But this is going to stream on Peacock. And next up, another All-Star duo in casting Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening. The 2 are raking in the dough in the first trailer for Jerry in March. The large based on the true story.

The movie follows one couple who discovered the loopholes in the Massachusetts State Lottery. It ends up winning millions with hopes of reviving their small Michigan Town. >> And I want $15,000. What did you just how may be barely have

enough money to retire on smoking and the risk it the city's well, if we'd like to buy 1000 windfall to and help you first. >> $312,000. But now you want to serve corporation will split the profits with the whole town. I'm saying that. I mean, yeah, it takes 10 seconds to go come and watch us at Gerri in March, the large. And it's true. Stories set to start streaming next month on Paramount Plus, and we'll all be there watching. Finally, Steph Curry,

the basketball superstar officially a college graduate on Sunday just after his bachelor's of arts degree from sociology Davidson College. Only 13 years after he left, the NBA school said that Curry renewal for the spring semester to finish his courses and although the ball or didn't want to or didn't not even want it, but he didn't walk the commencement. He did celebrate the achievement on social media. He wrote Dream come true. The class of 2010, aka 2022. But we got it done. Made the promise when I left and had to see it through mama we make. So that's the staff

and all the graduates on their major milestone. And now the reason we call show pop star. Plus, we've got a few more headlines for you. First up, our favorites, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. They are so funny. Together. They stopped by Studio one a this morning. The office lease visiting the

set by the way before they came to see us. They want Seth Meyers for not only their did. They talk about their new book but also the showed off some creative new dance moves. >> Jen, I made up a dance where we filed papers in the Cabinet. We're going to.

>> I'm sure filing papers is going to take off on TikTok and the second right now, those 2 are so fun together in a podcast. Just genius. The real life best friends. Anyway, one more story for you. We'll talk about Ellen DeGeneres here and Kate McCAnn. And because the hits keep on coming as the longtime host approaches the final weeks of her talk show on Monday's episode, the SNL cast member and famous Ellen impersonator that skate stop by and share the point. And of course, the area's imagines letter that she would have written to Ellen when she was just 13 it for a long time without.

>> Your missus DeGeneres. My name is Kate. I'm from Long Island. It's come to my attention that I'm gay as h***. No one else is gay for 200,000 miles. So it's nice to know that you exist. I bet if I ever met you, I would act so weird. So I hope I never do.

Thank you for being so funny and such an inspiration and making me feel less alone. Yes, I go on. Isn't eating what I do. >> Very fine. Balance last show. By the way, one marked on

the calendar that's scheduled for next Thursday. May 26th. And there you have it. That's all you need to know from us today. Still to come, we've got a lot more show. Get the

tissues handy because 2 of this is a star is going to Paris for the beloved shows. Final episode. Stay with us. around here, but we care this is us is coming to an end and a few of the stars of the show stopped by to get us ready for the finale. >> Since its premiere back in 2016, the world has fallen madly in love with the Pearson family on NBC's hit show.

This is us. And now so 6 seasons. 38 Emmy nominations later is almost time to say Goodbye. We've got 2 episodes left. 2 of the show's stars are with us. But before we chat, here's a sneak peek at tomorrow night's episode.

things are happening quickly now and I don't see him making it through the night. I think you said this team. >> We'll make a start to come by. It's time to say good morning to this is U.S. star Susan Kelechi Watson and Jon Huertas.

Guys. This is the end of such a huge chapter. I think in American culture no shows have been able to capture the world kind of the way this is U.S. has especially in this time where you can get shows everywhere. Did you ever put your finger or 2 is not what you think the magic of the show has been.

>> I thanks for 6 years. I feel like I can say. >> The magic really was the vision of a handful of them. And it was that writers room with the authenticity and the love that they approached every script. And it was this amazing cast that I got to work with. >> I don't like John. The love was real. I mean, we know it's

real on screen. Well, we want you guys, but I every time I've said have a chance to sit with you guys. The love seems to be real off as well so that we were a family. >> And and then that goes all the way like she said into the writers room and our crews. What we've become a big family was a this is us not just a just us the cast yesterday, but we include the audience and that we say this is us. And we

hope that they see themselves in everything that every script that we write that the writers right now and she is a writer now on the show. He wrote that they put every writer, puts a little piece themselves in whatever script working. And I think that's what people can and can find in our in our show is that you think about these themselves because the families of >> and their extended family I was thinking is this is wrapping up. I was remember all the graduations of ever been

through in my life like high school graduation college graduation. That feeling that you have at the yeah, you're happy that you've reached this milestone, but it's so difficult. Shooting your last season season where police had about it. Tell me what >> I was. First of all, I just knew I was like, oh, God, if I just don't become a puddle on the floor and be okay. Yeah, but I it surprised me because I know that day was there, but I didn't know which seen it would be. And then we

shot us. And then all of a sudden the cameras just swung around on me and then somebody, Glenn, one of our 80's amounts that this is my last wrap. And he just kind of said, you know, it's my turn to say that this isn't going to last and last series wrap. And it was just like bam, it was their office and an end. It was emotional and they asked us to say something so we can kind of like I have that is like a part of our archive and stuff. And it

was like it was really moving to be able to say how much I appreciated everybody and how much. >> It was a gift to me to be a part of well, you have been a gift to us. I want to go out with that. You guys, you're viral dancing video and that's the law. Have the wall. But it's so good. Haha.

>> Here. But anyway, the Wobble rock said, okay. There you go. Like you guys. You guys. >> You made our lives so much better. We're happy to see a couple more episodes. Thank you. And we can't wait to see

what's next for both of you. Thank you all for coming to see >> Coming up next, another member of the This is us cast us. weighs in as the show wraps up sharing what was life to be on the set during filming for the final episodes. us approaches, we chatted with Griffin. Downey plays Uncle

Nicky on the show. He told us why some of the best times on set included his co star Justin Hartley. >> For 50 years, I live in a trailer nowhere, whatever the obviously it is, an astronaut that that's the case. >> I didn't know. I wanted to join the cast of this is us

until I got a call asking to be a part of the cast. I followed the show. I was always a fan and the call. She just came out of the blue and the park or the local Nicky was described to me and character would bring lots of complicated emotions and in problems like PTSD and alcoholism and diabetes and the sound like a great, complicated, tragic character who wouldn't probably transform and just something else over the course of the show as it has all the other, Stu and I would see him for the from the get go. >> Every game's team 2 years. >> I got an invitation to be huge. And, you know, you know, when it comes to thinking about the mom.

>> My favorite seem to play was with I was talking to the Twins. Just hit me very personally about in speaking to those sleeping infants. >> The thing you can cook, it would never have Comey. >> When I found a 80 was the key is love it. Well, I was completely surprised. I probably like the

audience. So I would be a that the woman had been planning work for the past 47 years and just assumed I underestimated the writers again, just thinking predictably. So when I got to the scene of him giving Sass to a TV in the airplane, I just smiled. It was so rewarding as readers. See that happen. >> Well, I'm glad that I brought my duct taped, please. I had to do that.

>> I think the most challenging. >> Part of part of playing Uncle Nicky. He's been to walk the line between being and unsentimental person and and in a certain kind of inner bitterness. He fights within himself and also be funny. You know, it's always been a balance of the tragic and the comic and tragic can comment. The funniest times I've had on set foot on camera between takes it has been just we just haven't, you know, really grateful for and make each other laugh. We don't fall

into, you know, that the typical sentimentality or sort of edge for each other, I think plays against that. So so it's been really rewarding and have them up so many scenes with Justin. >> I do in the wall with the cast. Yeah. I think it has something that sterling in John do and they they came up with it and it to just sort of put together between takes, I guess, to certainly put it online. I think a lot of people

thought it was like a dance sequence at the letting, but it was just all of us. You know, I'm doing the walk will during our lunch break. You don't just can better.

>> And if you think I'm exaggerating, let me remind you that your father, Drake in secret trying to forget. Let me remind you when you busted into my trailer, he was a gun sitting in front of me. That was 50 years after boost left Vietnam after Vietnam vets. >> And I heard from soldiers and their families who have fun her more recent. and that they are, you know, thankful. >> You see there, their trauma post were trying to trade. You know, this is so

very many people feel very proud of that. I was very satisfied with a raft of story. His part was sort of put to rest. >> And and we need to be okay. And from then on, I was just like a a Nikki nd where suddenly a team and we're just like a kind of fun, loving, smart a** couple, you know, involved in all of the family proceedings. That would be a

community that in the final episodes was very emotional. All the principles gave like a, you know, given very moving speech of thanks. And and it was everybody was a lot of tears that kind of like it's all coming to an end to a new you feel a certain gratitude, you know that. >> For having had this experience and it makes you just want to hug a lot of people. >> Appreciate Griffin swing by and sharing all that good stuff with us. As a reminder in case you didn't already. This is U.S. airs tonight on NBC in that series finale is one week

away. Still to come, we're going to share on clouds visit with the great Bob SAG. What would have been Bob's 66th birthday. of Bob SAG. It passed away unexpectedly in January say

would have been his 66th birthday. So in honor, Bob's humor and charm, we thought we'd share some of our cold cuts. Visit with the star. Back in 2019, you've been dating for 2, 2, decades. And now you get Barry

Wood was I was divorced 23 years ago. >> We're very nice person. And she's a great, maybe mall. And and we are we talk constantly in my kids are my dreams. And and I mean, this woman 3 years ago, and she's really wonderful. And I love her and she's not here right now because she's relaxing. And you could if you wanted to, could have process could be that hope to take it. I think

that would have doesn't that you couldn't in fast motion. All of it. The cameras are off to the Port Authority. Haha, I just most recently came out that if you knew your dad, have you shared any any advice? I have, I said, let let her do the rest of it. I said that it said because he he's tempted. He's very strange. But his kids so cute. It's insane. Little

Billy and he is the cutest kid. You have a sign. He's always wanted to be a father and being friends of the 30 years. It's a beautiful thing to watch and his wife, Kate. And it's just all she my wife, Kelly, get along. Well, if you keep in touch with, well, I mean, you've got the folks that you see on a regular basis. What about that was about the ills? I actually I'm here for a while in New York doing a lot of U.S., Canada and promoting. And so yes, I am I going to see

that. I have seen it. I love a lot. I could do that would really with everything that's to show except like guest stars from, you know. >> 1990. What's your favorite chief? That's what I did that

for. I think there is a chance that I love and it is your own Carlsberg that you have the we have. The odds were to believe this is the all for a great in. This. >> Is an amazing shoes because it's Kim change. And now we have a lot of cheese on this, right? So I would I'm going to actually be too much. She's I believe there can be too much

cheese as you see from my comedy. What I would do is is roasted peppers, roasted peppers and we do that. Sure. Let's do that, OK? So I'm going to actually take this and these are great because this stuff is free roasted. Yes, I want to heat a heat it up. Give it some. He may get to throw one more on there because what all do is it's going to melt the cheese which is much better than cutting the cheese.

Why do you think you had such longevity this business? >> I have been a workaholic since I was a little kid. I was not good in school. Maybe around too much. Want to make people laugh. But I have always constantly work. The

matter was working the ball over his deli, doing improv of what the University of Pennsylvania making films to university. And then when I went to La, I wanted to go back to back to school from 5 years. Well, I would be doing stand up and then cause the trying to make movies always trying to do that. And so I think that's my my secret is that his work really hard work as hard as I can. And I'm not really I'm not that

smart. I don't retain that much. But I know I have a good people sense. I think. What do you tell young kids who come up to you to decide what would with just $5? What's the secret sauce? Yeah. Haha. I tell them that if they really love something to do it don't want to be famous.

>> Why don't you love like everybody does and don't think you can make it. I just ran into Tiffany Haddish at a at a party at my friend. Jeff Ross is out and I met her when she was 15 and and there was something at the comedy Club, The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles comedy camp. And we would they that medians come in and I would come in like on once a month on Saturday and teach kids that came from nothing where from that she would get her car. I met her when she was 15 years old. So I knew him for about 3 years and she was like 5. I want to make it like that.

You're right. I just do it. And I had seen there for a couple years and I saw her last weekend and I just I started crying and she did to which you get Army crime, but was so happy for her. And because it is the old saying when you see people get up at the Oscars, you know, you can make it. You come from nothing. You can do this. It sounds so cliched as we hear it all the time. It's not a cliche. It's not to be taken lightly. People come from nothing.

And and that's the thing is don't do it to be famous. But it did motivate your little bit of that. You wanted to be famous. She above all want to be fun. Yeah. And she does. And she is. Wow. >> So top it off. Well, as helping this off a top top 3

full house moments. >> Well, >> I would have to say it, you know, sitting down and talking to those kids get about that use per home sitting down and talking to the kids on the show and giving little morality plays. You know, you can't bring a horse into the house. Can't drive a car through the window, but no, really just teaching the basics.

>> Of of things that you should and shouldn't do was something that was meaningful to me. I put my heart into being a good dad. And the time when they did for house and Candace was 9, we're 10 and Jody was 7 and an Ashley Mary Kay were born. I met them. They were 9 months old and I've read the change today. >> And of course, we are thinking of FOX family and friends today and mentally miss him. All right. That's going to get to this edition of pop star plus everybody. Thank you so

much for being here as always. Being a mom to join us season >> Do you ever just look around impact? I would like the light bulb moment I got up there and I just I quit my job and started this company. And I just kept going with a lot of testing in learning. There's been a lot of tears along the way we can actually roll.

When did you have the moment and made a dent? >> Everyone and welcome to another edition of she made it where we highlight some amazing women who are building incredible brands and shaking up their industries. We hope you're hungry because this half hour is filled with entrepreneurs who found the recipe for success. It's our she made it food, glorious Food Edition. We are going to meet women whose businesses keep us and our loved ones fed healthy and happy. Plus, I'll reveal my she made it less featuring Alicia Slee guilt-free products for everyone in your family. So let's dig in and why not start with dessert? I left dessert for dinner.

We're kicking things off with a she made it. That takes the cake. You've probably seen America Psalms work all over social media. She's the brains behind the viral rainbow explosion. Cakes, we met up to talk about the business she built from scratch. Take a look. >> I think it's so special to be able to know that you can create something out of nothing just to make someone Happy.

Baker, America KSM is in the business of making people smile >> She is the co-founder of Flower Shop in New York City, home of the popular explosion. Cakes that have been sprinkling your Instagram feet. ER has always left a base. >> And you grew up thinking with your mom? Oh, yes, every single day it was so fun to be able to make something and then share it with someone that you love. >> By 2011 at age, 24 air moved from Los Angeles to New York City to work in the fashion industry. But she still found time to do what she loved the most. >> I would think for co-workers they for different people and bring it to work. And one day I just decided I should. So if

you a little cake falls and things here and there and cafes here in New York, that's what I was realizing. I was waking up extra extra early before going to work to bake. And that's when my side hustle became. >> Years creations were selling like hot cakes. And a year later, without any culinary experience, she quit her full-time job to pursue a baking Korea. It is really hard

going from a steady paycheck, too. I hope I sell a kick to pay rent without enough dough to buy a website era began posting photos of her cakes on Instagram. So you would think not a venture capitalist are thanking Instagram for its really responsible for your business. >> 100%. It's really amazing how I went to school being told

you need to have this business plan and this whole thing and this much money and whatever. To just being like. I posted a picture on Instagram. >> Flower shops, Instagram quickly hit over tens of thousands of followers with America out of the box creation. Even catching the attention of Instagram itself.

Naming her unicorn cake, the most memorable trend in 2017 and soon Amir was turning out cakes for celebrity clients like Katy Perry, Hilary, Duff and the car dashing and site in just 5 years. And with the help from CEO has been Ross Parrot Flower Shop is now a multimillion dollar K empire with a store in New York City and collaboration with William Sonoma and away and from era making people happy is icing on >> And just want to spread joy. And really that's the message the cake. in everything that we do. Because when you're sharing sprinkles, you're you're spreading. Joy. >> And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sprinkle joy with the V a we're just going to make a mess because we're in the playground here.

Okay. Now become a hurricane. >> Chairs here. This is my breakfast. And there's energy is just magical, isn't it? She believes every day should feel like your birthday and her favorite color rainbow. Of course, since our story first aired, it's no surprise she's released 2 bucks and flower shop launch. Lots of partnerships with William Sonoma most recently, their birthday pancake cat. Now that we've splurge, we're going to tell you about a CEO who is making it easy for us to eat healthy. Rachel jury founded her company Daily Harvest after

noticing a lack of healthy easy meals in the market. She made it her mission to provide convenience without sacrificing nutrition. All while freezing out for competition. Take a >> If you have an idea, there's a way to make something happen. look. You just go and do it and then you figure it out as you go.

>> Rachel Corrie is the founder and CEO of the Valley Hard and I think it's good to have a service delivering frozen prepared meals. >> Straight to your door. When you take care food so we can take care of you. >> Growing up, racial always knew she wanted to start a company one day because business is in her blood. >> I got to actually created one of the first answering systems for physicians and, you know, just kind of created something from nothing. And this is the mentality that really resonated with my mother who ended up running a chemical business.

>> It's that entrepreneurial spirit that death with the Daily Harvest founder, even while working long hours at her marketing job 6 years ago. >> So tell me how this all started. I started actually because I was hungry, even though I knew the things they should be eating. I settled for things that were communion.

Instead, you know, the back-to-back meetings all day at the end by myself or adding things like trail mix or still birthday cake and you say to yourself why there has to be a better way. It has to be better. And you know, it wasn't clear it wasn't sleeping well as Lake was happening. We've all been there at the time when we're on the right and we're grabbing things. >> Toda and it was it in that moment where I was like they need to solve this problem for myself. >> The race will begin prepping homemade prosan through the cape made from fruits and veggies. Ready to eat in a minute. And with $25,000 in savings she launched Daily

Harvest in 2015. >> In the early days I did everything myself. My first team member was this. And then my second team member was this

and that as binding greedy and letting everything together and a commercial kitchen. You know, I also happened to have been like 9 months pregnant by the time is that all started. So I hired my nephews for $20 each to to start delivering around New York City to really start testing the concept. >> After just 2 months right to left or a full-time job and Valley harvest grew in popularity and then chilly expanding to both soup and even ice cream. This is amazing.

>> Our mission is we take care of, sits up. Food can take care of the starting to the farm each making sure that the food is incredibly crash. Incredibly nursing. Incredibly flavorful. >> In 5 years, the mother of 2 scale to Super Foods company reason 43 million dollars in funding with the help of some celebrity invested. >> You have Serena Williams, Bobby Flay and Wet Paso as business partners. Was that the moment that you said this is

going to be not they but huge. Yeah. I mean, that was a really big, big moment. But, you know, for me, the biggest moment was actually seeing a box of daily harvest like in front of somebodys front door or like seeing somebody walk by holding a smoothie or a lot. I just like that continues to blow my mind every time I see it.

>> With more people looking for nutritious and convenient meals at home daily Harvest has been thriving during the pandemic growing into a 250 million dollar 50. >> They feel like a lot of people are looking for a new start. What advice would you give to other people out there who are saying, okay, I have this idea. >> There's always a reason not to do something, but if you focus instead on why it might be a good time, it's a really powerful Inge in mind set that can really set you up to just go for it.

>> Since we spoke to Rachel Daly Harvest has become a unicorn. That's a term given to startups to have a valuation of over a billion dollars. Wow. Daily Harvest has expanded their products from soups to flatbreads. Flatbreads are amazing. And beyond this year they launched Harvest Bakes a

collection of ready to bake meals or shareable sides. The whole family will love. Congratulations to Rachel and her team. Still to come, we're going to help stock your bar and your pantry and oh, yes, there will be ice-cream. We'll be right back.

Welcome back to our. She made it food glorious Food Edition. This next woman isn't just an entrepreneur. She's a trailblazer with Spirit. Vanessa Braxton's brand Black Mama. Baca is the first African American woman owned distillery in the United States. And here is her story.

>> Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I've always enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city. This inspired my entrepreneurial spirit. After leaving a career in engineering. When managed contracts worth millions. I launched my own company. Let mom about that. In 2013,

I want to start a spirit and beverage company to leave as a legacy for my children. 3 years later I opened a manufacturing facility in windy in New York and add at least he's CBD teens organically the counties to the product line. When the pandemic hit IPV introducing hand sanitizes in less than 10 days lending my manufacturing and distilling expertise to quickly produce what was needed to healthcare workers and first responders which was one of the biggest highlights of my company. >> As a black female to canoe or continue to find ways to make a difference in my community, educate aspiring business news to teach the importance of building generational wealth. >> Since we spoke to Vanessa in 2020, the black mom, a backup facility has expanded and provides contract manufacturing and distilling for other liquor brands to. They've recently started making gin whiskey, vermouth and other liquors under the Black Mama brands. Umbrella. So awesome. Turning

now to a mom who did something that seems impossible. She meet peanut butter better. She created something so delicious. You are going to go knots for it. >> My name is traffic on the rocky and I and the owner and founder of Make Peanut butter like so many on for years. My business started with my son. Qaeda swimming is a huge part of our summers here in Reston, Virginia. And I wanted

gotten to have a yummy nutritious snack that would feel his fun after a lot of trial and error. I figured out how to make creamy delicious peanut butter from local Virginia. Peanuts that and his friends left it. Then one of my friends had a taste and she encouraged me to try selling it. So I did around the neighborhood and in local

farmers markets a year later we were on the shells of Whole Foods today made peanut butter comes. Intense flavors from China are fine. A loaded the Indian aromatics 2 U.S. press ecstasy. Inspired by my love of Italian espresso. My favorite coconut bliss. I look forward to spreading the made love for years to come.

>> And since I'm that Roddick, a made has seen a 700% increase in sales. Thanks to her appearance on our show and have launched 4 new flavors, including how the hot, which is based on Indian Street food, spices and not to peanuts with green tea powder made peanut butter shipping miles. Since our first she made it feature aired 239,760. That's all the way to the moon. Walk out. Coming up, the scoop on the

fresh of ice cream you can find. Plus if you're craving something hot. We'll meet a mother and daughter who came up with a super idea.

Welcome back. I bet you've never heard of everything. Bagel ice cream. Well, it's time now for one of our sweetest additions of she made it. And I have a chip on my shoulder with this one. All right. Enough times promise

you'll you'll get that joke. And a second. Jeni Britton Bauer hopes are ice cream will become a household name. She works directly with farmers to create fresh unique flavors, and I travel to Columbus, Ohio, to get the scoop on how she made it. >> Okay. Let me that Denny's is a community of people that it's

making the best ice creams the world has ever known. What a beautiful, happy store you walk in and you can't help but smile, I think of entrepreneurship as building your own world. And this is our world. It's the some beautiful place, a flavor and optimism and forward thinking and all of these wonderful values that we all share. >> Founded in 2002 Jeni's splendid ice creams has grown a solid fan base and tapped over 15 million dollars in sales last year alone. But for founder Jeni Britton Bauer, it's about much more than profits. So tell me how this all started.

>> I was studying art history and fine arts at Ohio State. And I was working at a pastry shop and try to figure out what I was going to do with my life. And then I found ice cream. >> Jenny left school and poured herself into library books, learning how to make ice cream. So what do you love so much

about ice cream? >> First of all, it melts in this beautiful, perfect way. And as it melts, it blooms and releases flavor. It's almost magical. You know, I mean, the exits solid and it's liquid. It's frozen, but it's not all the way. Frozen is a moment in your day that you'll be president.

>> In 1996 Jenny opened her first shop scream at a local farmer's market in Columbus, Ohio. I learned about seasonality from farmers and how to work together with >> I learned about cheeses and herbs and spices and chocolates people. and thanks goods and winds and just anything. You can imagine that Ruth and I mean, I spent all of it. But the EV changing artisanal flavors warrant an easy sell. And Jenny had to close up shop. I thought I was walking with my screen.

>> It has been a difficult for years and I had burned out in a big way. >> This is my kind of kitchen test kitchen in nice for it to 2 more years in a bank loan for Jenny to relaunch her business this time with her signature flavors and put in her name behind the brand. And that recipe worked today. Jenny has 45 scoop shops around the country. When was the moment or did not come yet where you set yourself? I made it OK, I can XL. >> You know what? It's never happened. And I I just I've never had that moment

of like a few right now. It's OK, you've talked so much about your past and it seems like resilience is really. >> What your belt on. And yeah, I think a lot about this idea believes in your own path you're gonna fall. It's it's going to be hard. And every time you make that sort of

stumble or something doesn't work. >> Now have information that everybody else doesn't have something that's unique in the world. You have to keep going. Jenny has kept going with over 200 employees while still using farm to table ingredient. I think that if you focus on

making people happy and I mean like one person at a time, I think that, you know, everything else falls in place on school, better time to get a time. Well, get this Jeni's has more than doubled in revenue. And the past 3 years since our story aired growing over 45% in 2021, Jenny's most talked about ice cream flavor. Everything bagel made its long-awaited comeback this march. If the savory salty buttery flavor that's been met with varying reviews. Now we want to introduce you to a super mother and daughter duo who started a small business and turned it into something big. Sarah Paul long and her mom, Maryland

wanted to change the world and how we eat one bowl at a time. >> On a cold winter day in Washington, D.C., I found the perfect refuge. >> Sot are roasted carrots with white beans to spend your mama's. Yeah. Carrots and southwestern we want and black beans. So this is approaching powerhouse. Everyone is like a

burst of the labor. Today. We have our number one all-time seller West African team that Stu, what would you say is so different? All of the 6 are bringing in plant based protein. Fiber, seasonal ingredients. All natural. >> I can tell you why it's so incredible for mom and daughter, Maryland and Sarah Poland, owner of Supergirl the philosophy. >> It's simple. If you have a good bowl of soup, it is the

perfect fit. Yeah. I've never seen so much passion about >> You really feel? I mean, I can I can feel how much you suit. believe in it. 10 years ago, Sarah served up glass instead of soup. >> I do some other than adding to accessorize. I've been commuting in New York. Moved here was working in the travel

business trying to still performing right. But it kind of lost my way. >> That is until she had an aha moment reading a book about food in America. And with that Super Girl was Born Vegan

locally sourced that are good for you and the plan. And Sarah new the perfect person to partner up with. >> I started making soup and Sarah would take a whole bunch of the suit. Have her friends over serve brand of wine and people would taste the soup. We didn't even know what people

like. We started from nothing like a pot and a spoon. Explain to people what the CIA is. I am the chief anxiety officer. It is in my role to worry and to say how can you do that? I don't think you can do that is too much and she doesn't listen. But I do provide a role. >> You've got to worry. You need that teaspoon. Make sure you make a decision. >> Turns out a spoonful of worry is the magic ingredient.

That is the Carol. We see yet since 2008 Supergirl had taken off opening to retail locations and getting into stores like Costco and Whole Foods. And last year Sarah and Maryland took Supergirl to Shark Tank. We have cracked the code to the perfect suits. The sharks love the suit, but not enough to fight perfection. Is the enemy a profitability about although no offers were made Elsa guy so 2000 a year at the dollars, whereas the business now a multimillion. Yeah, we're a 3 million and growing amazing.

>> Flying high with Supergirl Sarah Ladled out this advice to fellow female entrepreneurs. >> Don't stop yourself by trying to dot all your I's and cross all your t's and ask for help, especially from fellow female business owners plan. But a certain point let go and dive in.

>> Sarah told us that after they aired on our show, their Web site completely crashed with all the orders that were coming and sorry, guys. Well, not sorry. This month Supergirl will be launching an Amazon fresh. Their soups and a spot shows will be available throughout the East Coast and south. And there's still more to come. Hope you saved room because up next. >> It's my she made it list. Women-owned small businesses serving up some healthy and delicious options will be right back.

Welcome back. I've even more delicious female founded brands that I'm so excited to share with you on my. She made it less. Here are scrumptious businesses that will get you

and your little ones excited to eat healthy meals without sacrificing flavor and fun. All right. First we have low gourmet veggie Meals. Founder Shabani Bellew Ya got the inspiration to start little gourmets from life experiences and medical research. Her long struggle with infertility led her to a cleaner diet and she eventually eliminated all processed foods. Eventually she had her son, Jaden. But as a

busy mom, she struggled to find foods that chief felt good feeding him. She then began cooking all of her son's food using a variety of ingredients, particularly vegetables and spices. Knowing there are other parents like her who wanted better for their kids, but were 2 times stretch to do it all she decided to launch Little Gourmet is to provide fresh flavorful, veggie first meals that our little ones will love.

They have 6 flavors which all feature veggies and be. And as their primary ingredients delivering more than one serving of beans or vegetables per cup. With no added salt or sugar. And because their meals have hummus like texture, you can feed little gourmets your kiddo's when they age up to toddler so they can learn to Dept Delicious spreadsheet veggies away and they come in such a cute packaging. Alright, next, stop at Buck. It's a modern cocktail mixer. Made

with real ingredients. First off, I love this. The brand is named after the French word for with because that's how they're meant to be enjoyed with alcohol, with friends with Family Bronx, native Harvard, a lot and former advertising executive de Charlotte mean never had any mix allergy experience besides the cocktails she made in her own Harlem apartment after a lot of trial and error. I'm sure that was. But she grew up something impressive. Mixtures made with 80 to 90% less sugar flavored with Vale juice and botanical extracts after receiving funding from for L Williams Black ambition program and raising over 1.5 million dollars in funding ad that has seen remarkable growth selling over 500,000 can since launch and retailing in 100 stores.

They come in flavors like jalapeno and bled, aren't have biscuits and pomegranate and used and lime. Yeah, I can't wait to dig into those. And last up, a favorite guilt-free treat. Smart, sweet, smart tweets about that era. Botched

is on a mission to help people kick sugar and keep Candy who can get on board with that as a student at the University of British Columbia in Canada, she launched her first business selling vinyl and chalkboard wall tiles for students and renters. But her love affair with can be turned into an unhealthy relationship with food. So she went on a quest to create the future of candy months of recipe. Testing.

How much fun with the gummy bear mold from Amazon led to the launch of Smart Suites in August 2016, which grew into a multimillion dollar brand within its first 6 months on store shelves. This is the candy we all know and love with up to 92% less sugar than traditional candy. That's just 2 to 4 grams of sugar for the whole bag. Allow child to classic flavors include cola gummies. Sweet fish sour mellon bites and red twists. And more to date. Smart. Sweet says help people across the U.S. and Canada kick over 3.9 billion

grams of excess sugar out of traditional can day. You can find them on their website. Amazon and across supermarkets in the U.S. and Canada including target. Well, that is all for she needed food, glorious food addition. Thanks for watching. And remember to shop the small

businesses scan the QR code at the bottom of the screen or head over to today dot com slash shop. I'm Jill Martin and I'll see you next time. Have a great day. >> There are dozens of China towns all across America with interesting architecture diverse restaurants, and specialty shops, it's no wonder they're popular with locals and tourists alike. They also provide places for new immigrants and for families to create communities but with gentrification and all sorts of problems from the pandemic it's no wonder that all these Chinatown are rapidly changing. >> It's time to head out of studio one A and hit the road for a new kind of culinary adventure follow me as I take some of the most I kind of foods around the country and meet the families behind together we're going to learn how a good meal has the power to connect us to our past our future.

>> Okay so it's no surprise there's incredible food to be found here in Manhattan's Chinatown folks lining up all the time, but there used to be Chinatowns in cities and towns, big and small all across this country. In fact the longest running family owned Chinese restaurant is in a place you might never think of Butte Montana. >> At the turn of the century Butte Montana was a bustling mining out the invention of electricity leading to a demand for conductors like copper. Mining boom, the city flourished the demand for labor book, thousands of immigrants to Butte they came from so many countries, including Italy, Ireland and China it was the classic portrait of the American West with gambling so lose.

Red light district by 1914 Butte China town was thriving with over 60 Chinese owned businesses. >> Now we're going to prepare broadly beef and Jerry Tam and I'm the owner of the Pekin noodle parlor. >> The peak first opened as a tobacco shop and casino run by Jerry's great uncle yeah 2 years later, I'm adding a restaurant and the Pekin noodle parlor was born. >> This building has 3 different levels, the top level obviously is that Pekin noodle parlor and then the second level on the main Street used to be a herbal medicine shop. >> That shop was run by Jerry's great grandfather. Kim Kwan, it's crazy to think that.

>> Everything came over from China. >> At one time like they didn't make soy sauce in America, the noodles for pride and brought over chefs because they didn't make fresh kills so the history of this place really holds true that this is a Chinese restaurant from Chinese immigrants. >> I met up with culinary historian grace young to learn more about America's earliest Chinatown where was the first Chinatown and how to get started. >> The first trying town is San Francisco, the first Chinese came to California. For the Gold Rush and that was 1848, and they can because America needed cheap labor and so from Gold Rush they ended up doing farming manufacturing and then eventually they worked on the transcontinental railroad and the first trying time for him because America wanted cheap labor, but they didn't want the Chinese to live with lights so they were ostracized from white communities.

>> So talk to me about that first wave of of Chinese immigration to the U.S.. >> The Chinese came from 7 Shiner from principally from the area can Tom and there was tremendous prejudice against the Chinese they were Lynch and because the Chinese were willing to work for lower wages. They were seen as the reason why Americans are suffering so much of the blame was unfairly placed on the Chinese. >> In 1882 Congress side, the Chinese exclusion act into law.

It banned Chinese from migrating to the U.S. it marks the only time in American history that entire race or ethnic group was banned from immigrating. >> But the interesting thing about this exclusion act was that there was actually exemption for Chinese tourists students, teachers and also merchants. >> A landmark court case in 1915, classified Chinese restaurant owners as merchants. >> And it gave them a way to circumvent exclusion act of 1882. >> It was this exemption that allowed Jerry's great uncle to open Pekin noodle parlor in Butte paving a path for more family members to immigrate to the U.S. and help the business.

Jerry father Danny want arrived in the U.S. in 1947 as a team. >> Ever since he was 14 years old he's been working at the peak of little parlor and he just started with the support walls of Washington says, and then he learned how to cook and he slowly just started to grade himself into managing that and working with the director says the staff. >> Danny taking over the restaurant in the 1950's spending years turning it into a pillar of the local community I've been coming here for at least 50 years the give me plenty of food I never walk away hungry. >> I love coming to work because of all the people I work with like they choose really nice people and your father probably played over 10,000 people at this you know throughout this whole entire life. So it's interesting to

know that fish nearly 5 to 6 generations of people that you know have worked there. >> The menu of Pekin noodle parlor hasn't changed much over >> We do what they call chop suey what shops who he is is to the years. that of leftover vegetables that are kind of mix together some gravy and served on top of our main goals we've been sitting there for over a 110 years. >> Shops is in large part why Chinese became so popular across the United States.

>> Chop suey was the first time America experienced a culinary craze, a food critics and it's starting at the end of the 19th century that there are Americans who are venturing into trying to out the way they got them to even experiment with Chinese food was to make a stir fry that was actually quite bland so they used bamboo shoots water chestnuts onions oftentimes that were celery for many years. >> Chinatown's with the only places where 9 Chinese Americans could sample Asian flavors. >> Americans are going to Chinatown some were curious. They watch experience curio shops, Chinese opera. >> With increased tourism Chinatown's of large cities groove. It was a different story in the tent like many mining towns Butte lost many of its workers as production slowed in the 1950's.

>> But the copper who ran dry and the people start to pick up and just kind of move it move on and move back to their families and the bigger states. >> As miners left Butte for new opportunities, it's Chinatown disappeared in the early 1900 there were 7 chop suey restaurant listed in the Butte city directory today only the Pekin noodle parlor remains open. Jerry Tim runs the Pekin noodle parlor in Butte Montana. >> People may know this is all the changes, fresh eye of America. Hello, it is so much history. >> Despite peak its historic status. Jerry says he was never pressured by family to join the business.

>> I never learned to cook and tally came back back in round 2009. Because light, any Asian American and parents what are their kids to go to college so we all went to college is up around the nation and to get a better education to become a lawyer or a doctor and what have you but I would just caution and what is great about that as I got to see the world because of it. >> In 2004 Jerry even appearing on Bravo's project runway. But a few years later family duty calling him home. >> And the First Amendment had a stroke so my dad news help you know taking care of her and take care of the restaurant, it was really my father because they were in a generation where they loved each other every day. And they were just best

>> After Jerry's mom passed Jerry and his dad begin friends. operating Pekin together. >> He never stopped working so he was working here all the way up to 85 to we couldn't make up the stairs anymore my father and I spent every day together at a church he was that he was healthy all the way to the air. The best of my ability I can do. My father passed in November. And it was really you know heartbreaking he didn't want to say goodbye to my sisters are being here this restaurant or the community, he loved the Montana.

>> Jerry now runs Pekin noodle parlor with his cousin Nelson together they're working to preserve a family legacy. Keep a piece of Chinese American history alive in an unlikely place. >> I've been asked the question was the future the peak and and the best answer I can give you is, let's just keep it the wet start to change anything because that's what people come state here for the and have their parking spots they have their boost they have their favorite place at the Mar think they want any change because this is a place that just Michael. >> While New York City is home to America's largest Chinatown the honor of the older, those to San Francisco and that's where the Far East Cafe is located it is one of the last remaining historic Chinese banquet Hall. After a two-year hiatus, this celebrated venue hosted the 64th annual missed Chinatown USA pageant a lunar New Year tradition. The occasion marking a triumphant milestone for the century-old institution.

>> Bill Lee has owned the farm I think since 1999 his daughter, Kathy working by his side as the manager. >> He put me into the restaurant to kind of understand the roots of our culture he wanted me to remember that you know China town is about community is about traditions is about culture. >> For many in the community Chinese banquet halls are more than just venues for special events. >> I feel that far East is kind of like a second home for you know a lot of our peaches that come in because they feel so comfortable so much history and so many memories, you know, a lot of patients that have been here they told me they're like home. My parents had my rage in your party, it's very similar to like about his and that was like 50 something years ago. >> And that history is everywhere you look at far >> The ceilings like my dad mention the high ceilings moldings modems are all regional no match in trouble on 40 from China. In the 1920's. So there are over a 100 years

old. >> For the last few decades, there were 5 giant banquet style restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown but with rising rents and gentrification most have since close their doors. By early 2020.

Only 2 banker has remained. >> The Far East Cafe planned to celebrate its 100 year anniversary with a big celebration instead it's now planning to close its doors. >> At the start of the pandemic the restaurant state afloat by cooking meals for senior citizens and low income residents in China to that cold but hahntown night we applied for it PPP loan suddenly got over $200,000. We also received money from the feed and flu program and our landlord gave us 6 months of free rent some thought beyond covid a different type of Irish brought more harm Chinatowns across the country. Anti Asian hate crimes soaring by nearly 340% in 2021. >> When this started happening, I felt very very sad and also very angry because I liked why is this happening to trying town why is it happening to our country we know for these people to target elderly people to pushing down to rob them don't be realize that they have grandparents to or they have unsettled by Beach and the happened to their parents POW with the field then.

>> People saw the attacks when they watch the news and heard reports, and they got even more scared, they don't want to go out even for special events like the mid autumn festival. We tried to invite them, but they didn't want to come. >> We used to be open until 10 o'clock before pandemic sometimes was stay out here until midnight if we had events now we can't we can't do that we changed the business hours to close at 7, 7, 30 because safety is the most important >> Business owners across China town still face hostility. thing. George and Cindy Chen open China live in 2017. >> We've been lucky, I'm we're going to have a couple instances where you know people scream anti-asian slurs we're concerned about our employees you know coming to work in and being harassed.

I think that ignorance is very unfortunate. >> China live is a massive market place with multiple restaurants, it's in a building that once housed a banquet Hall like far East. >> I remember coming to away here when I was in college I who I think will be 5,000 people in life 6 restaurants. But unfortunately, you know real estate was getting very expensive. So it's not very cost effective if you don't have that business.

>> 2 years ago the couple had to lay off 200 workers. However with the support of partners, George and Cindy were able to pivot their business on a few fronts. >> We did you know the ghost kitchen was something outside the box. So we have 10 locations in the Bay Area.

Sauceda Berkeley. And and they can order food from those ghost kitchens. >> Ghost kitchens, prepare restaurant, quality food exclusively for delivery or takeout.

>> We sold so many key conducts we didn't know what to do with all that that that so what do you do make popcorn with it. So that's why we have a different popcorn. >> As business picked up on China live was able to rehire 100 workers.

Despite an uncertain future these restaurants remain hopeful that business will rebound. >> More police presence people are more as a community standing up for ourselves making sure that we have like the buddy system making sure that we're together and we feel safe that were walking together that we have each other's back. >> We need it. I was an essential part of life I

one more fun is that look forward to having dinner with friends you haven't seen a new place for favorite place. >> But some old favorites just can't be replaced. Why your mind that during the pandemic many restaurants have shut down 8 so far East is now the biggest restaurant in Chinatown the ball far East has to be space big enough to host large events for the community. >> We were overjoyed having that Mister trying to tell us a event here. A press conference and just being able to reconnect with the community. It warmed my heart and my dad was like so overjoyed that people are coming in just to celebrate.

>> To learn more about the future of Chinese American restaurants. I went to visit chef Lucas in in New York City this savvy ship is on a mission to save mom and pop shops from closing putting a spin on the classics. >> Hey, yeah, I mean to you all right can't wait to Yahoo.

>> Lucas was b

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