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Watch: TODAY All Day - April 28

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>> I think the new season is even better than last season. I think it's a 10 out of 10. I'm so excited for everyone to watch. And I'm really excited to be back in the box rather than ever and that watches. And, you know, the excited ever gets a little bit more of my personal life and also my personality. You know, Sam, a little daredevil, honestly wrong with you.

>> I like that. I have to get the extent. If I take a picture, you get I yeah, I got to tell, oh, my God, I can't believe you just did that. >> Go above and beyond, you know, and everything I do for my clients, you know, for my business first, any investment that probably be, I would be like jumping out of a helicopter ride. You know, it was going to somehow I pretty

much do anything. I mean, this season versus last season was a little bit different because I feel like, you know, my toes. And now that, you know, it's in the waters. I kind of knew what I was getting into. But, you know, we actually build these and 4 in 5 back to back.

>> I always got what I was. I just love this kid and I just love looking down on people. >> The little people. Haha.

>> What else? We do not need my gosh advise. You came with it and she brought it. We became really close surprisingly, but she's really, you know, Chelsea's billion college. And we have a really close bond and relationship. So I'm really excited to have her right side of hand. Pick someone. It would

have been her perfect. All right. Thanks by. >> I know is Woods is that we're all exhausted and talking. And then you came and we're like here. It's like I'm telling you, we've we must like he was the boss because clearly like to.

>> I mean, who wouldn't want to have a really good friends with your boss? And he does a really good job of balancing friendship. But also, you know, she's at the end of the day. She is the boss. So she has to make sure things are done properly. And she does have to answer to Jason. So she wants to make sure that she goes above and beyond. And I think

she's done a phenomenal job at stepping in and, you know, really taking control. And we're not an easy road to come in. And then it's the I mean, Yes, Mary, a great job. These girls in the show. Yeah, I do a show together. But at the end of the day was like family to their people that, you know, are going to be my wedding one day and things like that, which I think is so rare. You don't always get that. >> A case we get a little wild shot like a mostly lives in Texas. But he's been here in LA. We've been hanging out and

I've been doing that. >> In 9 games right now, a TD what happens. You know, I feel like you never know what's going to happen. But right now I'm single obviously, Mike and I still talk and we have a great, you know, relations said, but yeah, TBD. What

happens live with that? It was still too much. I've never had a listing over 10 Million. How many houses can say they have to fall in real estate specifically? >> I think it's really important to, you know, be a go getter. I you know, it's important to know what you're

talking about. So no knowledge of whatever field you're in, know what you're talking about, that at the end of the day, I think a huge piece is being a good person. And, you know, it's always been super important to me to. I mean, I had a huge heart, my friends and family like I would do anything for that. I go above and beyond for them. And I do feel like what you put out into the universe, you to get back.

And I feel that makes such a big role in my success. So I would be, you know, there's certain, you know, ingredients that play a big role. And I would have to say, like that's almost like the secret ingredient that people don't realize. You know, when you when you do things for others

and you don't expect anything in return, you know, I do feel like that comes back. You know, it's so many different things. >> I've been involved in real estate for about 5 years. As soon as I got my license, I was a chase and I was just a little bit more part-time because I started my own big end food company, Emily and Co I'm in stores across the United States and the company couldn't be going any better. >> I mean, from a really young age, I just I loved working, you know, from modeling to babysitting to working at ice cream shops. Typically, though, like I remember first, the very

first summer that I work at this ice cream shop. And and I say to all of the cash, they hit my little door in the end of the summer. I put them all in piles. Well from my mom, my dad being in my but my brother and I like spoil them for Christmas. And it made me so happy. I definitely ever. So I just remember like that's what drives me is like being able to get back to my family. And I just always kind of had that in me. >> And, you know, we're really engage in talks to start investing at 14, a self-taught as many for family and father went to Harvard super super successful. And I remember

getting the kids down for a nap. >> Instead of watching TV like a few centers that do I remember sitting at the computer and I saw the whatever his Christmas bonus was. A lot of zeros and just tell you that. And I was like, I need I want this. I want this and I'm going to figure out a way to do it. You know, I started looking into the stocks that he did. And then, of

course, once you start meeting, you kind of pick up the tips of things that are soon to be big. And I started investing. Health care is 14 years old and that the health care. But it's, you know, I think the earlier the start, you know, the better chance you have obviously, you know, being where you want to be at 25 at 30 at whatever age you are you now a lot of people say, oh, you wait, you can do real estate and you can have a company and you can invest. But it's like actually you can

do anything they play. I do. And you can do absolutely anything in the entire world. And even if there's a blocking the road because, of course, there's going to be bumps in the road. It's just we need to, you know, another path. It's probably a better journey and I'm just taking it a little redirection of that. You get them.

>> Thanks to Emma for chatting with us. You can find selling sunset, of course, on Netflix. Still to come, a breakdown of the show, a very British scandal. That's coming up. 3 episode miniseries based on that dramatic real-life divorce between 2 British aristocrats stars, Paul Bettany, who you've probably seen the Marvel Universe. And of course, Claire Foy, who, you know from the crowd when they spoke to us about the turbulent 20th century relationship that captivated the world.

>> It's about a very famous purchase scandal that I have no idea about. And I think what makes it different to from American scandals which models on their own but also is sort of state to look losses among them. Moderates, father was an industry that's and they support into the aristocracy. >> There's been lots of books written about. She wrote one as well, which is basically about Happes to a good dinner posse which no one really wants never accept and let us know about kind of the salacious sentiments of fat that doubles special day. But what I found out was that a little off the books are written about her written by men and this caused judgments about and has sexuality and who she was. And so, you know of it was based on the research,

but also was kind of if the facts about high rating, which was that she was very entitled and privileged. And she had come from a background with basically she got what she wanted from the men in her life. And then she said married a man who refused to give her anything. And so basically then the relationship and the kind of the drama of it is fictionalized take cyber ad. Yeah, because a lot of it is based the the heavy from the outside in the judgment about the about who she was and the terrible things that she does not terrible ready to.

>> And being on the I had such a lovely tie and we're going to >> Is in the club. Tomorrow morning we go back to the of the rare of a straight. I wouldn't be, too. We want our town. >> I know you must be confusing. You would want to be on the wives.

>> I think it was the first case kind of its kind in the U K definitely because in that soda bulls proceedings, they were always very private and that we never really women women of means you could bring it was case against the husband. It was no money has been sued, divorcing Weiss and they were pretty open and shut case is Rudy. But because have the means to basically take this threat and she was never going to give up it. We paid out in the media. It's the use, the press. I think the she she was and it goes. So she's I grew up being your does and appreciated by the press.

And in that way, you can teach it for granted. The fact that they suddenly turned on when and the narrative that she had great to have in her mind to she was in the press so quick. It happened and she became kind of it was a basically a witch hunt, read a full everything about half of the people enough that they left the summations mess of it. And they I did that she was sexually promiscuous

woman and how dashi divorce her husband who she thinks she isn't. I think unfortunately, that's one of the things I felt when I was shooting it Iceland, I'll be shooting it and kind of looking back and going, oh, how terrible it was. This one was treated this way. And I realize that basically nothing's really changed. >> I've been a huge kind of puzzling. She's an amazing actress. And so that was the first thing that was approach

it with. I read it and It seemed like nice counts of programming, frankly, because I've been playing a lot of the nice warm, fuzzy robots and that to the players sort of I still south something analysts device. Haha just seemed like I was a shoe it. So, yeah. So that's it for me. I was excited that the idea of doing something very different and to work with flat. That was a real a real joy working with us. She said

amazing same part and has similar instinct that I have, which is to it try and bounce away from all that dialogue is is is doing. And so it was it was it was home to surprise them. >> I thought he was going. It was him. I knew how to Rio. Yeah, we'd always talk about when we have a rate that you had a friend on set like that. You have someone you had to

back which is good. Sometimes the it was so much fun. Too much fun sometimes. >> We should mention a very British scandal can be found on Prime video. Coming up next, we revisit the beloved film, the Sandlot Smalls famous 1993, the classic. The Sandlot. Nearly 30 years later still captures the hearts of us. We spoke to Patrick Reynolds delivered many of the film's most memorable lines he played Ham. Porter was just 14 years old. They told us

about the movies. Residents today. He wants more. >> Killing me Smalls. Get killing me Smalls. >> You know, my favorite scenes from the movie have to be the smaller scene killing me Smalls because that sort of become peoples, you know, sort of favorite line of mind. So just

because of how much it means other people and making smores and things like that, it sort of becomes mine. >> She came on the chocolate. You cover it with the other hand, then you start.

>> I think the the most fun I had filming was there were 2 scenes and they're back to back in the movie. But they weren't back-to-back when we film them, which was the the scene where Philips, the bad guy comes with his, you know, Kearny team to that the sand lot. And we have are sort of back and forth yelling match. >> We couldn't have to look far. Cletus watching your show. >> And then it cuts to me by the batters box. And I mean,

all the insults at him. >> Second, she struck there make. >> Those are my favorite scenes. I originally the insult seen on the sand that was written for Benny. But the director on the day said he wanted to do it because I think Benny was becoming the hero. And, you know, I didn't want

his hero to trash talk, but he said, you know, who can do it ham and then not have the next day was just it was a lot of improv would mean a director in a bull horn. And he was just yelling insults at me to say to the guys, you know, like so your sister out there on the field now or, you know, whatever the insults were and I would kind of chuckle and then I would read back and it was a lot of fun. >> The filming of the bar getting the ball back. And this is great because every new scene that we filmed was the next level of like, you know, craftsmanship or science. You know, it started with a broomstick in them, went to an erector set and then went to that a vacuum suction, you know, apparatus or contraption, huge evil session of the one now. And it was really cool to see the props department did to sort of, you know, make some new way of getting it. And we

just our from the back. >> So >> what I remember of the pools and when you have are going as many have a car and how do you forget? I also we found that movie in Utah and it was 100 degrees for 3 months every day. 9500 degrees except one day. And that was the pool. Sunday

is about 60 degrees. And you can see us all shivering in the pool in the movie and squints. You think he's nervous to go? Kiss the lifeguard be actually is just shivering from absolute chills. Gosh, what I remember about addition for the semi, you know, I was a long time ago, but I was one of the one of the last, if not the last characters to be cast. The call back was just to go meet the guys the next day. And, you

know, director said you don't have the job. You have to get along with everyone. So so I went I was bigger than all of them. And I just force them to get along with males. Great. You know, some of my favorite memories are actually recent.

And, you know, getting to see them again in the last couple years. It sort of was like our junior high school reunion because I hadn't seen a lot of them in 25 years. You know, one of the most Thom Geier play small. So it was kind of fun to see him. 25 years later. And I think on the set, my favorite memories are just, you know, the group seems unlike those the treehouse scene was a lot of fun because, you know, that tree houses built from this from scratch. And it was a fake trees, even so it was just kind of created for us. And

then the director would have us go in there. And we almost had around sleepover camp fire night and, you know, have the candles for the smores and we're making them. And we're I mean, we had that do about 100 takes because that's more senior. Just making each other laugh. All of us and everyone was rooting takes him because we were just it was like boys around the campfire, who is the most and least like their character. First of all, I would say at least back then we filmed the most like their character probably was me. I was sort of the loudmouth. Little pond are big pond, but also the defender of the sandlot and that sort of thing.

I would say the least like their character. Well, the least like the character now is Marty, Your complete? Yeah, I don't know if you've seen recent pictures of him, but he's about 210 pounds of pure muscle. And back then he was a little shrimp. Probably back then the least like their character was it was Squints Sean C Leah Party played at least when he was kissing the lifeguard. He played in

nervous in secure little boy and he was anything. But he was a definitely the coolest of all of us phone number. I personally like loan outside. Just like I like it.

The great Bambino. Yes. >> I don't think any of us imagined that the movie would would turn into what it has. You know, I think we knew that it wasn't terrible because you kind of get a sense when you're making a movie. If it's good or not, we knew that it was good. But I don't think there's any way to know that it would mean this much to so many people as it does now. >> Well, first of all, I think the movie resonates with kids because of baseball. And that is America's pastime. Also because we got out there and we're playing, we were out in the wilderness and the or Sam lot. And we were, you know,

getting dirty and by Karen Allen has the great lion like go out, have fun. >> Get dirty. What you get out into the fresh air and make some friends. >> I don't think there's enough of that right now and there's too much of this, you know, so families like the movie because it it it's about spending time together in friendship and brotherhood and inclusion. And it sort of reminds everyone what all of this is really about, which is spending time with each other. And not just

I mean, it's why things okay once in a while, but >> hard to believe this month, March. 29 years of the sandlot. That's unbelievable. Next up, another blast from the past, the one and only Shirley MacLaine.

Shirley MacLaine turns. Well, even 88 this weekend in her honor from the ball. Here she is speaking about her beloved films, Steel Magnolias back in 1989. >> The new movie Steel Magnolias has to be the most staggering collection of female Hollywood star power since the movie Little Women starring Sally Field, Daryl Hannah Olympia, Dukakis, Dolly Parton and I say her name last only because to use your money today to Robert and will get when you just said Julia Roberts who sent Julia Roberts but sure playing you're very generous performer for having made sure that I did not leave out. And just as a marketing and 2 and all of you,

all of those women came to live in the little real-life town of maggots, Louisiana, to make this movie. And you lived there for 3 months. What ever did you do to this 10:00AM? I think it changed considerably. I spent a lot of

time that the yogurt store when I spent a lot of time at the VCR store and I got to know the girls who are off from college working both those places used to take my car and crews up and down Main Street, which is about as long as this studio. And they had a traffic jam. They they do these wonderful southern things. Like they said they have a traffic jam.

Yeah. Even though they well because they're all out there on Friday and Saturday nights with their Dak Eriz in their hands cruising watching each other. They don't do anything and they can't pick up anybody because they can't get out of the car. But if you're in town, they can't be watching each

other anymore. The head of the watching you. That's what they did during the week. But during weekends, they were watching each other and then you can get out. Watch them. Yeah, it was

just wonderful. You know, I'm from the south. So that both sense of going back into a small town intimacy. I just absolutely loved it. You play a character Weezer who is a local accent track which is based on a real person or shoes based on a a couple of people that Bobby knew all right wing the right. And but what was interesting was that was kind of a predominant to one woman and the people in the town all had the predominant one woman to be someone different.

You all needless to say are the comedy in this movie is very funny movie when you're not cry your eyes out because it's a real tear-jerker. Yesterday when Sally Field was here, we didn't address head on. I followed her lead. The fact that there is a death in the family, you did tear terms of endearment. So you and I have kind of discussed whether or not one does reveal that to an audience that the there is something is going to happen or one does not. What what do you think? You know, it's not about >> whether the death will occur because in my opinion, it's telegraph very early that it will.

What you're interested in is how these women banding together out of the solidarity and the kind of real love and warmth in connection with each other when it happens to her daughter. So that piece becomes a slice of southern life. Really how? And it's about fairness and civility. It's about how women always left to their own devices will do the right thing. >> And a big happy early birthday to you, Shirley MacLaine. All right. You just got a nice dose of pop star.

Plus, join us right back here tomorrow be well, everybody will see us >> When you think Texas, you think beef brisket and barbecue. But here in Austin, the state's capital, there's so much more than that. We've got folks and chef from all around the world who are putting their mark on this city's culinary scene. And in fact, the spices and traditions that paid Mas to their families are making Austin Hopp food scene.

It's really kind of this melting pot of different people, sure culture and their food. >> The creativity and the labor that they put into the is really August, right? >> It's really good for city of 2. You can get some of >> So what keeps Austin weird and tasty. We're about to find

everything. out. It's time to head out of studio one a and hit the road for a new kind of culinary adventure. Follow me as I take some of the most, I kind of foods around the country and meet the families behind. Together. We're going to learn how a good meal has the power to connect this to our past our future.

>> Austin is home to over 1200 food trucks in food parks just like this one. But we're here for one specific truck. We're here for Tony's to make it serving up fine. Caribbean fare to Austin for more than 10 years.

The food truck and Tony Scott and his wife, Kim, from humble beginnings in Kingston, Jamaica. Tony has made off in his home since 2003. And he has always had a passion for leaving. When you start thinking how young Tony's mother, highest talk persons, how to be self-sufficient, especially in the kitchen. >> So you learn from really, yes. What was it about cooking I don't know. I like food that the

>> those skills learned during childhood with help Tony define his career for nearly a decade. He worked a small beachside, busiest serving j*** chicken and drink to tourists in Jamaica, but after 9.11, tourism to the island stall. So Tony moved to the U.S. in search of better opportunities, eventually landing in Austin with construction boom in the state Capitol. Tony, quickly found a job as a painter, but it was his homemade lunch.

That reignited an idea. >> Your work and you bring in Jamaican food that you may have some of your friends stations it. Yes, my own food. There was no, you should, you know, open and this that and it's been 10 years to me is that.

>> The 60 year-old ship opened Tony's Jamaican food truck in March of 2012 and his wife, Kim has been one of the biggest supporters since the very beginning. What was the first >> Hurry to get rice and he invited me over and once I had I didn't want to ask for you, ladies, are we try to eat a little bit? Maybe the salad crowded. They don't want them to know that we that greedy. But it was so good. I ask for seconds when Tony says, what do you trust your reaction? I said as that of who? What? And I knew nothing about food trucks or hours. So it was all his idea. I just followed along. He said he wanted to do something. He had a vision of said, okay, let's try it.

>> Despite high praise from friends and family for his grub duties, business wasn't exactly booming to start when you first opened up. >> Was a successful right away. the came with your 10 o'clock in the morning. I was to apply in the on. I mean, the 7 love it. And you know, I was too hot and I'm going to call much when you make. And I was like $37 in

to break the law. Yeah, it was like, don't worry about it. And that's the common eye make $57 and and the the IT may be something that seen increase. >> Tony, taking advantage of the South by southwest crowds that flock to Austin in early March. Shortly after the festival, his fledgling business got a big boost with a small right. >> What do you what was the game changer? We put this plays out.

>> Wow. His presence and his dedication and my now. >> Loyal customers are visiting this hot spot daily decked out with the colors and by of Jimmy from Curry chicken ago to j*** everything Foodbank. Walk away. He lived. I lived love. In

2018, Tony laid down more permanent roots in Texas. >> You open up a brick and mortar. We would never have gone a little bit with here where you Nadia. I'm so glad

you asked me that question. Yes, I was. It was something totally different. And from a food truck going into a brick and mortar, I didn't come from the restaurant industry. I came from the finance side coming in. I was like I was telling

Tony S it. I've got this, you know, can run this no problem. But oh, no, no, I was ring in the red light bail. They hey, I need some help. It was challenging, but also it was

fun. >> Kim now helping run the business for both locations. >> From Billy does mean a lot to rest. And, you know, sometimes you to you never know. One day might just be a new. You're going to put this meet

the ticket. And that's that. Thank you very much, sir. Have a great day to the next. >> Tony Scott dishes out hundreds of plate to hungry customers each day, but he's best known for one Caribbean specialty. My mother,

you know our House >> Yeah. Not just doubling. Yeah. >> My mom Southern into actually mentioned it to me as an ox to she just said it was a beat. So I've never really had it. And then when you first had it was delicious and I

we did all the time. No, that's the problem. >> It interesting that it was the cheapest kind of me. Now it's considered a delicacy. You go to all these upscale restaurants. Oxtail ravioli are on the rise and it's now everybody's an accident. >> I know no one is good to go into a restaurant in Knoxville.

>> The presence or right on the. >> Tony, frequently cells out of the succulent stale. And it was finally time to see and taste wine. >> Well, come for the Trump missed. Yeah. Well, it smells

good. Snows like to make a this docks to famous. Looks like everybody go crazy over and these are like the Jamaican provoke sees the new with this type of with flavor. >> Don't exhaust our season with the spice mix. That includes garlic powder dry. Don't recall black pepper sugar, salt and a few ships to cross.

>> This is my brother that I made it sound like on the end that that Scotsman, that the also a little bit that Cali King there, this is what your own can got. Yes, this is another to make an imprint of because you have our Blue Mountain coffee. Yeah. This is the best guy in the room. This is the blue mountain total of brown sugar. And this is working for the last quarter. We just makes

these up make sure you're really doing properly on everything from roving period. Normally if you think of no love it, you're right. See that you can't leave or the smells snow. Good right then lets the >> Marinate overnight. Then they're added to a pot of water

oxtail. to cook for several hours. I came to Austin and the result out of this. He's going to fall off the bone. >> Yeah, you know, we can we make sure we really tender then dollars very expensive.

You know, you go to some believes him and you have to be year to get it off the bone. You don't do that, too. >> Good thing. Tony feels like talking time too busy eating

and it doesn't stop with the oxtails. >> Those that missed all the fantastic. This is her go to work just to report church. I've never had reports of 4. It goes on. So I want my homemade sauce that I put on hold, OK, there's the famous current is the carrot was only seconds to edge the bills to us.

Look at the tender that ship. >> Tony also serves traditional peas and rice which brought in a wave of this stuff. This is black bean we open up. I don't have it yet. This is.

>> And this is red. And and just when I thought I'd had enough, well, I I I notice he's RB better. I got it right. That's a great rest. As a reminder of how far Judy's love for cooking has taken him. You look of the year. >> Yes, he does, though, have this. But right here

when I just started, this is what I used to crisis. The reason why this is about to show people is we're told he's Jamaican food is coming from. >> So what would you tell people who are think they got a dream? They want to start something like you did. Who would you tell? >> First of them division. So and never give up an inch or my my my wisdom don't make nobody tell you can do nothing. Tony, thank you so much for I mean, it feels like I'm back in Jamaica. I'm glad you of that

feeling. I think everything's going to be all right. >> Just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin is Econ beast row. It is a spot that's loved by locals and tourists alike for its Vietnamese comfort food. >> There's the better cook in the family. I'm not going to ask my mom. I just my mom. Just hands down. The best >> I knew that I'm done and I wasn't lying on the Yahoo.

comes. >> Jeff will him and his siblings opened Maicon Beast Row to honor their mother and hang a refugee who fled Vietnam after the fall of Saigon and working tirelessly to provide for her family in the United States. >> She's to the chance to travel across the ocean with the nothing in hand working ever since she's been living and working from morning to night and still fight is with a hot meal every day.

>> When make on first open will hope that his mom would finally stop working but and had other plans. >> Technically, she's retired something like that, too. He would not.

>> A home and passion for food starting in her home country. Maggie High only by me that that we the hey, Amelia, you way and that, you know, and that I'm good at. And again, it took now your time.

>> In 1972, and Mary Kia with they had 4 children in Vietnam and turning to cooking to help support the family. >> Now a guy about by the time high. I know the 9. >> This is my dad and my mom right before the fall of >> When the Vietnam War ended, the family was looking toward a Saigon.

better future in their homeland. But in 1975, the via Com began to invade Saigon. >> We'll have a movie and will the UAW come will Yemen the Yemen? Will they be? They young? >> And has fled the city first we'll leaving when he was just 7 years old. >> It was scary. We met separately. I meet with my

uncle and my mom with my 3 sisters that came a year later because if you get caught, you would go in and Joe McLean, we made it out. We were rescued by Carlo votes, but they rescued a state to this to migration refugee camp. >> We will in his own secured refugee status, eventually reunited with Will's dad in the U.S. in the years spent apart from his mother will begin experimenting in the kitchen with a little nudge from his uncle.

>> He told me that, you know, it's only 2 of us. You can have to, you know, do your share. So. >> There's something it in 1983 and made the journey to the U.S. with their daughters.

>> The cleanup in. I'm not in a la carte menu malad that they I don't know yet and that the Goodman it down gong up that might have gone on. And yeah, I'm not listening to. >> But adjusting to a new country as refugees was a >> We came, you know, nothing in our pockets. We rely on struggle. government assistance to these. She's a great cook. So it was a bad. Was it not going up? That's how she's you shows us

that she left us by, you know, putting on the 2. >> The family moving from Houston, Louisiana, finding work in the seafood industry. The woo wasn't so happy. Living in a small town. >> When his uncle invited him to attend high school in Austin will say yes, right away. I fell in love with Austin.

>> The beautiful lace miles of trails the music. See what's >> Austin's vibrant. Culinary scene struck a chord after high there? Not enough. school will found work in several restaurant dreaming of being able to showcase his mom's cooking in 2015. The

entire family moving don't last, but then still wasn't sure about opening a restaurant. >> Asked are many, many times and asked to do something like the issues it said against says this week too much work. >> Eventually and agreed to share her recipes for just one reason. Her family. >> I'm going that way. Am I happy that you're gong? Yeah. The league and a clue on some of the loud we let you get

stuck on the that 9 out. Hang indicting have get going >> She's she's emotional because I think the issue basically she's doing anything for kids. >> The first dish will added to the menu, his mom's foot. >> So follow the unrest. Ron is basically how we do find home would follow at home. >> It's a big pot that's going to feed us for at least the days we have both a breakfast. We have folks months. We have found for many

times that we have all worked enter and follow at night. He was not tonight until the >> With the help of his family will created several new pot Scott. >> I mean, you does incorporate a lot of a fusion Asian dishes. dishes. And that is because, you know, the family business, my mom's a cup. I've caught my

sister called my mother cooks. Second be dish was something that I've tried out. I consider myself a Texas. We don't be. It's a dish that my mom and I collaborate together to put a basically just choose a real nice to be. That's been flashed in a walk. >> It's been 6 years since May come beast row Open and will in his mom still love working together. >> So my good and then they will you calm high and they pay well, thanks to that women. It how you land the police.

why would he said you're going to 9 on the high winds that we I a buy? >> I had my are great courage. It takes just to make that journey. We just stick with us. No matter the thick and thin, she's my hero. She really is my hero. >> Using food to bring younger generations closer to their heritage happens in families all across America. And it's happening here at better with a husband and wife team who's using their restaurant to bring their daughter closer to their Ethiopian routes.

>> We want more than anything else. People to be familiar was not just the peope in food, but he open culture. My name is in a pond, too.

>> This is my wife's a bit. Then we went to feel pain. Restaurant called how the shock announced. >> When it opened in 2013, how the show was the second Ethiopian restaurant in Austin. >> The Post they come in here. We give them the food they

safe. Where's the fort your hands? >> Ethiopia is eaten with injure a fermented flatbread made with test of gluten-free grain. >> You'll see a family dining and everyone is on their phone eating really not enjoying event that that you can rest times. You have to use your hands. You can put the room. >> That emphasis on family is everywhere. Admission from the Ethiopian art and decor. Do you need me and salons

daughters who can often be found steady at the restaurant? >> I think those are ground 4 years old when he opened so like this is my second home. >> So mom and you were born and raised in different parts of the open in the 90's. They left Africa to attend college here in the United States. You'd be immigrating to Texas. So long to Maryland where her family owned it feel being restaurant.

>> A chance meeting, bringing them together. >> My dad was visiting a friend dining to her family restaurant and she happened to be that waitress and he overheard and music playing and asked her hey, and where can I get to see the glass and the 2 grabbed the CB and hand it to him. >> But you've nice. Dad was thinking about more than the news when he got home. He immediately gave us a nickel. >> He said, hey, just to call her and thank her fun. >> He called me like I give it to your dad that for you and then take it all in. Yeah, it's like, OK, adding that he's not

going to give up. >> My dad was a 1, 2, point. >> They dated long Distance Voice alum moved to Texas.

The couple married in 2003, their daughters, Eagle and these are now teenagers. >> I think we've always been around to. My mom was cooking for me. I love for pancakes. She's just thank you.

>> So left the restaurant industry to focus on parenting, but you need new. His wife's heart was in cooking >> What I saw on her was the passion to on her own business. professionally. I really want to open restaurant.

I love the customer service and >> cooking in 2012, uni and S***** finding the perfect location for their restaurant. >> Austin is very unique town and that there's people from all walks of life. And I think part of the reason that we're successful is because of that diversity.

>> How the show's big honors their Ethiopian heritage with many vegetarian dishes from Stude, yellow split peas, 2 braised collard greens. They also serve more than a dozen dishes with B. >> Texas's has a lot of people that loves me. So we have a bigger selection of me as well. And I think my favorite dish and that is the full board. This take part time when it's done, right? That's probably the best dish and the world.

>> Was a ground beef and mixed with butter and spices. >> When the pandemic hit publishes popularity helps save them from closure. >> Not say, OK, this is it. I think we can fell down now and then people as they support us, they love to be here. They saying this change this and this carts, we have a good good committee. >> The donations from fans kept them afloat until they figured out that you go plan.

>> Before COVID take up, business was only 3 or 4% of our business. And overnight who had to do 100% of our business. And by nature, Ethiopian food does not take out. So we have to figure out a way to package the food to market the food.

>> After laying off most employees, the couple had to work nonstop. As that ago, business began ramping up the late 80's pitched in to support their parents and save their beloved second home. >> I would write down orders online orders and I would like them in the kitchen, weaning washing the dishes, cutting that, Angela, like holding it boxing up to the orders. They did a lot. >> Part of the reason why we're still around, we cited that emotion when talking about them. But there they're incredible there. Just I love of my life. One of the things that we instill in them

is knowing who they are, where their parents came from and learning the culture learning the food. >> So is looking forward to a busier future Reem restaurant. >> I want to grow this business and lot of people as they never had the GOP They had Chinese food, Ali of food. All right. He be a food so they don't know about the GOP in >> I'm really proud of her because like she she gets fresh food. and at times she doesn't let that stop him. I think

inspirations whenever things get hard, just keep going. >> Best part working with your partner is a fact that you're there for each other to comfort each other when it's found to be there with, you know, when your partner new chip. >> The best part of it. He knows what I can do to cover it. The same thing he cannot cook so okay, she can handle it. >> With Austin's welcoming atmosphere, it's no surprise that more should putting down roots in this fast growing >> It's everything from James Beard. Award-winning chef and

back at all and even home products. >> The thing that makes food scene good is different cultures eating each other. The fact that anything is possible is what makes us in such a cool place.

>> One thing that rings true here in Austin, no matter your background or coaches, there's room for everyone at the time >> Sponsored by Walmart. >> Welcome to THE TODAY. All Day Kitchen. I'm Elaine >> I'm Priyanka next. Kevin Curry and we're whipping up our investor. favorite 30 minute news for this day table.

>> Don't get me wrong. I love spending time in the kitchen to on lines. >> But there are some days when you just want to get dinner on the table fast. So today we're making 3 speedy recipes that are just perfect for busy week next. >> I'm making a twist on falafel for all of you. Buffalo wing lovers out there.

>> I'm making a savory stuffed French toast. A may continue rose that can be grown up in a flash. Set your timer and set it to be. It's time to get cooked. >> You can shop the ingredients featured here from our sponsor.

Wal-Mart by scanning the QR code today earns a commission from purchases made through links on today dot com. >> I absolutely love Buffalo Wings. I'm so obsessed that I actually have a photo of wings hanging above my that anyway. I also love the food and flavors from Israel. Half of my family lives there and I'm always inspired by their the scene. So today I'm creating a mash-up of my favorite food. It's Buffalo Wings and a lawful. The first thing I'm

going to do is jazz up my hot sauce. So we are going to add and cubed butter to a sauce pan over a medium heat. Nice, gorgeous cup of hot sauce. You can use whatever favorite hot sauce you have on. And and then for a little extra because as we're adding in some garlic powder and we're going to twist this together and until all of that water is melted and we have a nice gorgeously orange sauce.

And this is going to happen very quickly, OK, we'll set this side. Let's get going on our falafel. So to save time in this recipe because we really want to make sure that we keep it in the 30 minute. Mark, we are using canned chickpeas. I know this could be controversial. Don't tell my

cousins back in Israel. We're going to start by Paul Singh these up. >> See that. It looks really nice and ground up. We're transferring these

back into the bowl from whence they came and we will mix up the rest of our in green and 6 Shalit. A shallot is awesome. It's kind of like a combination of an onion and garlic. It has those nice garlic notes in it. So we're going to rock or nice back and forth like so until we get about a tablespoon is worth of Shalit. And this is going to go into our creamy dill sauce, which is basically like a fun yogurt based version of ranch to ranch. Tell if your blue cheese person feel free to add a little bit of blue cheese to that mixture, pop it into a little ball with the rest of this since it's all going into the food processor. So I've got my shallot. I got

one clove of garlic. We are now going to in some chili flake. And we're also going to add in some parsley. And we're adding in more of my favorite, the gun powder hit it with a teeny bit of salt, a little bit of freshly ground black pepper. We're going to give it a nice find

shop, but this is really giving us a gorgeous green collar. It smells so for ash, OK? So we're just going to take this matter. And we are going to add it to our chickpeas in order to make sure all of this for lawful goodness and binds together. We are going to add in some cornstarch. We're going to add in a little bit of baking powder to give it some list.

We're going to add some kosher salt as well. And we're going to again folds this next year together. >> I'm going to go get a new can so we can fry or falafel. >> We're using neutral oil here for that right into heavy bottom. Still it I have a little scooper to help me create these into one ounce portions. You just kind of progress

that mixture into the cookies and then we're going to push it down care. Oil is properly preheated. We have our full awful ready to rock. Let's Friday's up. Make sure that you don't overcrowd the pan because we're going on movies around a bit as they cook. We won't be able to do that. It's too crowded in there

even before Islip. These you can see how it is starting to get nice and golden boy Brown on the edges. That is what we're looking for. That is when we know we're getting really close to flipping these falafel. It check that now that these are dying and draining on a wire rack on a sprinkle them.

>> With some salts and then a fry up this next batch. And when we get back, we will make our creamy dill sauce. >> I feel awful is all fried up. And now I'm going to make a creamy dill sauce. Let's get into it. We have a beautiful

cup of full fat Greek yogurt here. And we're just going to take that minced shallot that we prepared earlier. We want to add in the juice and zest of some lemon. Take any of that

extra SAS that hanging out. We will slice this lemon in half and then citrus press such a great tool. We are going to add in a little bit of kosher salt, some freshly ground black pepper just going to twist off. Those beautiful fronds of dill were looking for about 2 tablespoons of deal here. Add some garlic powder right on

in and because Greek yogurt tends to be on the thicker side. What I like to do as I like to add a little bit of room temperature, water just too thin it all out and make it a more spreadable consistency for our PETA. I love to create a little carrot salad to go with this. We're going to combine some dill pickles for a little extra brining us and some added crunch. We are just going to

slice these into thin matchsticks. So we'll start by going lengthwise relief, then down those pickles and we will take are nice. And we'll just rocket back enforced. >> To get these really nice thin strips of pickle. >> But into this big ball here and next up, its terror attack and we are going to start by just peeling next to your ear off of these care. It slight. So so the next and we're going

to do is we're just going to take our Karen and from top to bottom. We're going to slice these carry us into beautiful with a look at that. Gorgeous. Add that to the bull and just keep on going. Next up, we're going to add the juice of our land, then just to bring out even more brightness in the salad that we're creating. We also want to make sure that we add in our parsley, we're going to bunch this on up. Give it a nice find chop so much time for dinner. Okay. Season it with a little

bit more kosher salt. Well, freshly ground black pepper and then a nice drizzle of olive oil. So I'm just going to get this a good tossed beautiful. All of our components are done. I'm ready to assemble them as a platter. Let's start with our carrot salad. So this is

looking gorgeous. It is time to adorn are lawful and our sauce. So I'm just going to take this sauce. Take a brush and brush it right over the tops.

And then we're going to do a little flip or make sure we get them on both sides. We've been working so hard to do this. So it's time. Let's get after it. This is the best way to get that sauce in every 5 minutes. Then we're going to take a little bit of our salad pop that in the bottom. The couple.

>> Of our little full, awful nuggets house. A little bit more sauce in there. >> Oh, my goodness. Check it out. Hold for sound effects. Warm and crunchy and fresh from that salad. The Buffalo is

giving me the perfect amount of heat and that Green New Deal. It just melts it all out. I love this. I know your whole entire family is going to love this. >> Favorite food memories is enjoying the spicy and COVID toes. My uncle and auntie would make for us on our annual

family trips to India. They lived on a large farm. So everything we ate incredibly fresh when I when he and I wanted to recreate that experience. But without those farm fresh eggs. Well, guys, I think I've cracked the code

with this recipe for my savory Indian French toast. Let's start things off with the view can better. Okay. So first we're going to dice up one small red onion. We're actually going to just give these a fine dice and then we're going to sauteed up a little bit. So let's get our nonstick skillet on medium-high heat.

And while that heats up, we're going to coated with some neutral oil. So let's get these red onions. It's exactly what you want to hear. We want them to evenly cooked throughout. This looks awesome. Want to show you

the coloring on this. They're nice and glossy. This is exactly what we want. So we're going to turn the heat off and just let them sit. This is our next mean component to the batter. So we're using

Thai green Chillies. I never DC Chile's nor should you. So we're basically just going to run our night through this and get this are rough chopped, not that we've men stop our green chillies. We want to get started on our batter. So we're using chick pea flower, which we call base in flour at home, which is simply ground dried chickpeas. And to this, we're going to actually was and some water and you want to do this gradually because the chicopee fire can easily climb up. So our batter is looking good. The next ingredient that we

want to prepare our some dried spices. So in my more during past ill, I'm going to add one of my favorite spices from I'm a solid Debbie cumin seeds are what we call Gita. So we're just going to add the whole cumin seeds here. We're going to take our pesto and we're going to grind them down just to our rough Grimes here. Okay. Great. So we have a rough Bryant on our Q Men, which is a beautiful someone. Add that to our batter and our green chillies.

And we're going to add some salt and we want to add our sauteed onions will probably wondering crown, tell what is going on with the sauteed onions will don't worry. They're waiting for us. Some of the mix this up and you want to be gentle and mixing it because you don't want to break up the chiles in the onions in there at one batter, t some fresh coriander. This is going to add a lot of freshness and brightness. We're going to get it right into the matter

and that makes and now it's time to start assembling our French toast. So I want to show you the selection of cheeses I'm because one, these are also delicious but to these are all weekend. So we have some smoked Gouda and we have a cheddar here which honestly, this looks like an artisanal cheddar that you'll probably get at some like fancy cheese shop, what it's began. All right. So tour bread, we're going to add Archie's. I'm going to smoke too good in this fun we're going to do to slice us. We're going to close our up and then it's battering time.

Take a read with her and nice dunk. Nice and coated okay tour hot skillet. We're going to get in some peak in butter.

We want the butter to melt and get nice and bubbly just like it is here. >> So you want to see that nice sizzle on the edges and you'll see that starting to get cold and you can give it a little bit of a test to make sure that all sides of the bread are cooking the lead. We want to cook or French toast for about 5 minutes on each side. It should be a nice cool, done brown color and that's

when you'll know that the batters this is looking fantastic. The color is green. You can see the cheese is melting seals, chris to touch. So we're going to remove this bad boy. Let's build our second sandwich source say which is look amazing, but we still have some leftover batter, but we don't need to waste this because this is not like the traditional egg batter from a French toast.

So we're actually going to make my version of chewy, which are chippy flower based pancakes. So we already have our scale here and to this. We're going to add some neutral oil, one of good amount of oil here because this is going to be like a little bit like a shallow fry of the batter. It means.

>> Beautiful. That's exactly what we're looking for. That Golden Brown. >> We have our French toast. We have right to King cake.

So ready to serve everything up. So what I like to do is I like to take the French toast and cutting so we can reveal beautiful inside. So first, we're going to drizzle it with the traditional maple syrup. Now, this might sound weird

with the sweetness of the maple syrup goes really well with the spice. Think of it like eating bacon with maple syrup. But this is not begun. A little bit of chop missile of. So chime us is probably one

of the most widely used spice mixes in India and has a bunch of different spices like mango powder, which is a little bit tame. He Laxalt. It's kind of has that mommy, salty flavor to and coriander so many things. We're going to add a little cheek of lemon because this is going to add the freshness and brightness that's going to really well with every bite there. We have it. We're going to take our French toast and I do a little dock. One bomb.

We'll talk and never left India Tillis to play and are there so fresh and so vibrant. And I love the textures on this and we did this all in just 30 minutes. How cool is that? >> Year-olds are an iconic Greek state that traditionally the meat is stacked on a vertical spit. So you can get a mix of crispy in juicy meat pieces. Thankfully for my

version, you don't need a giant spit in your kitchen. Some. I mean, it is really simple. Words can ease a little bit of lemon, the slice this and squeeze in the lemon juice crews into a bowl, also going to be adding in some red wine vinegar and then some personality for this. We're going to keep it

really simple and adding in some dried oregano. Thank you. So and some fresh cracked pepper with the staff. There you go now to set this aside and we're going to move on to our chicken b*****, some of the butterfly that you can first just to get a little bit. And we think now you can have a much more even cooking throughout the chicken, but it up. And it makes a beautiful

little heart just like this. So now we're going to flatten the set a little bit more. Take some plastic wrap. We're going to add one of the pieces to it. I'm going to smell a little bit easier with the flat. Now, if you have a rolling pin as well for baking use that again, we're just kind of flattened. So this is not a

contest that your local fair trial when a teddy bear at that piece of chicken right here to our mandate. So I'm gonna let this rest at room temperature that you can also do this as a a good recipe into overnight. The not too long because the chicken to come out mushy. Now you can have a year with that. It creamy yogurt sauce

and here is my speedy one. So we're going to lie in a bowl with some heavy duty paper towels and great. This cucumber writing for the ball. And the reason we're doing this is cucumber is it's a whole lot of water. Every gold just like this. Now I'm going to make the

switch just that by adding in a pinch. >> Never going to set this aside. Let this rest and prepare the rest of our sauce. Starting off here with some thick Greek yogurt, super high in protein. Going to make this

really bright today. Him this whole women and then I am a garlic Glover. I know like a little bit of b*****. Thank you. My recipe. Some of the use this one. But if you use to would not be mad about that at

all. Garlic adds a whole lot of flavor hit with a splash of vinegar. Some red wine vinegar. I like bill. You. So

what kind of heavy-handed with it? And we go fantasy salt and some black pepper and then we're going to finish it off with some heart healthy, olive oil. Again, this is my version. I don't want all the Greek Graham with those outside. I do a time of this is not right, kid. Now this is just the road is seeking its okay

mixes together. Don't worry. I have not forgot about our cucumber. Going to mix this first. Look at that beautiful creamy sauce head back to check on our cucumber. Exactly what we want here. Squeeze it. You'll have to go overboard here either. I mean, if your sleeves and so hard that is tearing through that paper tell you could even be the paper towel or it could just be you Hercules and now just pulled everything together. Look how beautiful this is. I says the key is looking really good. It is time to get our veggies.

Not real. Pan is nice and hot. I'm going to hit it with a little bit of a cloud of oil to spring and take a chicken shake off some of the excess mandate. we're going to stick up for about 4 minutes on each side.

Ready for the Flippy go 1, 2, 3, inning over beauty. Look at the real mark. Haha. >> And that is finishing up the squeeze. A little more lemon on there. Just some citrus love. And it lists all the way up very easily. And if you need

to, you can spray your hands little bit more shake off excess, marinate and goes now keep this girl hot, going to do a light spray, some oil. Now we still have the flavor from the chicken, the marinate they're going to put. Our Pete is right on in there when gently pressed down, just make sure it's not burned. We just want to the long enough with his little bit of color on there. All right. This is a really nice and turn off our

pan so we let you can rest for about 5 minutes. So now all that uses won't run out as we slice it up. And now it's time to build our sandwich. We've got our fresh veggies year. >> We

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