Was it a MISTAKE trying to get up this volcano in CAMEROON? [S7-E69]

Was it a MISTAKE trying to get up this volcano in CAMEROON? [S7-E69]

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It's slippery Oh ah Very, very slippery. This cloud came  in so fast. I can't even see the lake anymore Look Foumban, CAMEROON Season 7 - Eps 69 Good morning Internet, it is 8:10 in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome to a pretty noisy Foumban here in Cameroon   And I was just getting ready to  leave but then it starts pouring again Let's hope it will clear up. It seems to  be only like little showers Uh, it's never like a whole day of rain. So maybe let's use this time to show you on the map where I'm going Let me get the map out So I am now right over here and I'm riding today to Melong which is over here But I want to bypass the big city, so I'll be taking like a back road around here And then in this area I'm going to try and see some local sites Alright Oh wait it was a bit more than I said it's 175 to Melong Oof And yeah it's raining Yeah I'm immediately going to take this camera off again Because this much rain can  destroy my microphone connection Again Okay quick update, I have now ridden almost 100 kilometers in the pouring rain I even stopped to put my rain jacket on. I normally don't even  bother with that because usually it just dries soon

And it's warm but now I was actually getting cold! Can you imagine, and another fun fact Is that remember already when I was riding in Alaska, that my ABS lights started to be a little bit funny in the rain And it's doing that again. So Alaska now has this unique gadget that tells me  When I am riding in the rain. Very useful. Anyway I'm just going to continue Um.. yeah, I can't really film anything in this rain but trust me there's not so much to see

You can see it's just.. it's green, there are some trees and it rains Um, it finally it's now almost stopped raining 'Cause before it was pouring, pouring. So I'm hoping that the worst is behind me So I made it to the town that I was planning to, but my original plan was to just drop my stuff   And then continue doing some site seeing, but obviously all my gear is drenched, my gloves are soaking wet   My pants everything so.. and it's actually it's still raining very slightly

So I decided to just try tomorrow. So I'll spend the rest of the day just editing, working on some videos And then hopefully, tomorrow my gear is dry, and then it's not raining and then I can actually explore the area The next morning... This just fits Thank you, see you later It has cleared up It has cleared up so that is good news Uh, I'm going to see if I can find some food along the way as well, because there is no food in the place that   I'm staying and opposite the streets, there's nothing there's nothing No restaurants.. nothing So yesterday I ate bananas, so that was lunch and dinner and breakfast So I really hope that I can find like a a proper meal somewhere Like a plate of rice or something Wow, it's beautiful here hey Wow! Look at this Oh spectacular! What an incredible waterfall right? Really, wow The Ekom Falls Absolute slice of paradise What a beautiful place right? Wow That was fantastic I think I finally spotted something to eat Let me see what they have I'm so hungry Ah okay Hello Thank you So I bought some meat, I bought some plantain and some bread So I'm just going to look for a place where I can eat it So this is the meat. It came in  a newspaper and then I have some   plantain as well and my bread so.. This is my food It's about well, it's about half this distance to where I'm going And then the same way back again Now that was an amazing meal Let's keep going Oye Can I even pass here Oeh Oh.. ah

Glad I don't have all my luggage with me It's a bit easier Hello How are you sir? I'm good I'm a woman - Woman! - Yeah You have the courage to go.. to follow this road Really! She is a professional like that This is the way to the lake? Yeah, just follow the bad road, bad road and then you get to town Bad road! When get to town, roundabout and turn left Yeah okay The mountain is there I love you to come along with this kind of bike for me next time I am a rider too Oh yeah I love sport bike What bike you have? I love sport bikes Oh you love sport bike - Yes Nice but for this terrain this is better Yeah this one is good Okay happy to meet you Nice to meet you, take care, bye-bye Hi Hello I love the instructions, follow the bad road, then the bad road and then some more bad road So that's a good indication of what's about to come Somewhere here I must register Hello Hello Very nice machine Thank you, I'll see you when I come back Alright, police was very friendly. They just took down all my details And then when I come back from the lake they told me just come and tell them that I'm leaving So that they know that all went well So I said I will do that I am really heading.. well, now  I'm going down but I'm heading up into those mountains

It's slippery Oh ah Oof Very, very slippery Maybe I should try this path No traction Okay I'm completely stuck [Dutch] It's just one silly little hill but it is so slippery I need to get on this little trail on the left but can't get up there I have zero, zero traction on this Yes. Okay almost up there How are you? - Oh I'm fine, but this is so slippery Hi, what's your name? Yeah my name is Devan - Devan - Yeah Nice to meet you Noraly Who? - Noraly - Noraly Hi - Hi - Hi Are you going to the lakes? - Yeah Wow - Is the first time you coming? Yeah - Oh - Is it all difficult like this? Difficult is difficult Only climbing climbing - Climbing Yeah, I noticed too late I was like I should have been here Yeah yeah yeah But I was riding here. It's impossible Yeah really - Yeah - Let me help you Okay - Let's help If you can hold it here - Okay Then I'll try to.. Okay, okay I'll take over If you shift make it over here - Yeah Yeah Okay got it yeah Thank you! I'll try Woo! Thank you! I don't know if I will reach If it's all like this Getting really quite high up now Yoi, I'm high up Wow Look at this Oh, there's some houses there as well People live there Amazing I think I made it yes It's here! It's here! Wow What a place! Incredible yeah Welcome to Cameroon Amazing Now this is an excellent spot to finish my food 'Cause I still have some bread left and some meat so I'm going to prepare myself another sandwich And enjoy the sun. I keep on looking at the clouds because yeah, if it starts raining

Then I don't know how I'm going to get back down off the mountain So I'm going to keep a close eye on the weather but I'm also going to enjoy a sandwich This cloud came in so fast. I can't even see the lake anymore, look See if I can still find my way back through the meadow Look I'm right in the cloud now How quickly did that go hey Hey guys. Please give me some space A little bit. Thank you Excuse me Excuse me oh It's a big one Thank you Amazing I'm almost back at that slippery hill Where those really nice people came to help me Okay so here Now I know I must be on the right trail Oeh Well going down is also not so easy and it's very slippery I made it! You have seen it? I saw it It's a fine place But then cloud coming so I quickly go down But you have seen it well? Yeah yes Before this cloud you have seen it? Yeah I saw it Beautiful Hi Great Is this your grandson? - Yes I go back to Melong - Okay -Yeah Okay - Was nice meeting you Okay Safe journey Thank you so much Thank you, have a good day Wow, that was so worth it. I really enjoyed it But look at that sky Oh no I hope I can make it back in time Let's tell the police that I'm fine You saw the lake? Yeah How was it? So beautiful Oh I love it I said: courage Courage? Me? I say, courage to you Ah Because it's difficult to see women.. women do such things

We know that most of the time.. it's men You see men.. three, four.. But just a lady Like yourself. Then you are alone.

You must be a courageous woman. Thank you Alright, that is done Let's get back. They said, until Melong you will not find any rain I was like, are you sure I think it will rain They said, no no I guess they know they're clouds So let's see Well the police was right No rain! Somewhere here I spotted that motorbike washing place Ah there There it was So Alaska is all clean again So I'm going to end this video, that was it for today I really hope you like this video, if you did please give me a big thumbs up Subscribe down below  and then I will see you in the next video

2024-01-01 21:25

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