WALT DISNEY WORLD! DAY TWO • Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Day, MagicBand+ & riding the Skyliner!

WALT DISNEY WORLD!  DAY TWO • Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Day, MagicBand+ & riding the Skyliner!

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good morning everyone and welcome to hollywood  studios vlog today is my first full day   here at walt disney world i am here with the  disney parks team and there are a big group of us   we are on a week trip staying at the boardwalk inn  and we're going to be experiencing everything that   the parks have to offer right now what's still to  come all the amazing 50th anniversary things that   are currently in the parks to enjoy and just  what it's like to be back in walt disney world   it's been four years since my last trip i just  felt so lucky to be here so if you're new my name   is brogan hello please subscribe and make sure you  don't miss all my vlogs from this series i'm going   to be vlogging each day and sharing exactly what  you need to know in each park so today is actually   may the 4th and for anyone who's a star wars fan  knows that that is star wars day so very excited   to be celebrating today we are off this morning  to breakfast on the boardwalk then we're going   to the contemporary resort where we're going to be  learning a little bit more about what's on offer   then we're going to hollywood studios i'm going to  pop back here get changed into my star wars outfit   and then we'll be celebrating tonight so a really  jam-packed exciting day i woke up at 4 00 a.m or 4   30 and i just couldn't get back to sleep  i was so excited so it's currently now   six o'clock i've just put my sun cream on and i've  been on facetime to my fiancee benji oh and i've   also uploaded a real um for my instagram so do  come follow me over there i'm at brogan take exo   i've been doing content um galore while i've been  here so yes i have just popped that up and now i'm   gonna get ready for the day i have done a full  face of makeup which i may regret in a couple   of hours time because it's all just gonna melt off  my face i'm just sorting out my outfit so i have a   star wars outfit for later so today i want to just  think something comfy and very me so i got this   new dress from new look i'll show you it on and  they gave me a gorgeous sparkly pink magic band   yesterday which i just thought was so perfect so  i'm gonna wear that i've got a lanyard that says   media on it which blows my mind and i've got a  choice of either pink glittery ears or these sort   of velvet ones these were from an etsy seller that  doesn't exist anymore basically and these ones   were from shop disney or the disney parks i have  nine pairs of ears with me and i want to buy some   more as well so yeah that's that and then this  little bag is from primark actually not that long   ago it's weird because it looks like it unzips but  that's actually just a feature it is a bag like   rock sack so yes that is my outfit let's put it on  you certainly don't need to see all my underwear   but i also always wear a pair of thin shorts  if you ever get any rubbing between your legs   this is the game changer thin m s what i call chub  rub shorts so those as well so i bought my dyson   air wrap hair dry with me which i am obsessed  with and i wanted to add some like loose curls but   my dyson air out doesn't work in the us something  to do with the voltage or something either way it   doesn't work so that was a complete waste of  packing that um so i've gone for like a little   half up half down sort of twist just so that  half my hair is out of my face and i think   that looks quite pretty and then the rest i've  just got down but it is going to go a bit frizzy   just because of the florida humidity anywho i've  got my new sparkly magic band on so i thought i'd   go for the pink sparkly ears my dress now i do  actually have a little belt to pop on with this   because it's sort of a very loose baggy dress  however i feel like i'm much more comfortable   without the belt although the belt does cinch me  in a bit and then i've just got pink javiana's on   i wore the black ones yesterday right i've popped  the little belt on because i figured that i can   always take it off if it's annoying me thought i'd  do you a mini what's in my park bag this morning   so i've just popped my purse and my passport in  the back of the bag just because sometimes they   want to see id if you have any alcohol this little  bag has got a cooling towel so you get it wet i'll   show you if i use it i bought it in animal kingdom  a few years ago and then um you can wrap it around   your neck and it keeps you cool and i've also got  a raincoat in here completely opposite ends of   weather because it's meant to rain today so this i  actually bought from primark ages ago it's like a   water resistant material so i can shove anything  that gets wet back in there this little pouch is   clearly my makeup beauty stuff so anti-back wipes  tissues perfume hairbrush lip balms little mini   stick of deodorant this little pouch has got a  spare bag just in case i do have anything that's   wet or i buy anything or whatever some mints this  little clip again i'll show you when i use it   is to carry my minnie mouse's if they get um sore  on my head i can just clip them on the bag a straw   and yeah that's it sunglasses are gonna go on my  body and then this is my little tech bag which   has got a portable phone charger spare vlog camera  batteries and a little mini fan i'll leave a link   to this one actually this fan because it's quite  powerful and it's quite little it's a lot smaller   than the og white one i used to have if you've  watched my vlogs for a long time i'm ready an   hour before i'm due to meet our group so i thought  that you and i could go and have a little bit of   an explore because we didn't get the chance to  yesterday oh and i left the bathroom right on   so i'm staying in room 2307 i'm on the second  floor and i have a view that looks out to the   front reception like the front of the hotel  we're gonna go and have a little look around   what's around the hotel so we've got the bellevue  lounge which is open between 5 and 11. they also   do breakfast here so that's good to know because  there is a day where i need to come for breakfast   and then this is where we're going today uh  how old do you say this trattoria trattoria   alforno that's where we're having breakfast and  that's between 7 30 and 11 30. so this is the  

lobby area of where my room is here's the bar  across from here so this is the bellevue lounge   these are the speciality cocktails here's the  reception and the lobby absolutely incredible   and down here you've got this lovely seating area  beautiful absolutely stunning this is the front of   the hotel as you can see it's absolutely gorgeous  you've got this big boardwalk sign at the front   it's just a really gorgeous resort everything's  very clean very pretty this is immediately   to the left when you come out of the lobby so  you can go down to the boardwalk which is where   we're gonna go this is where we came down from  last night and that takes you straight on to   the boardwalk and here we go here's the boardwalk  in the morning really really pretty so this boat   can take you to epcot and i believe it goes to  hollywood studios as well so that's really nice   oh i think this might be the shop because that  says boardwalk on it screen door general store   is that the front of the store open at 8 30. yes  i think they sell merchandise and things in there   and snack they've got loads of bits in the window  i knew i would love it here but there's something   really really calming i just love that when  you come to disney you can go to all four   theme parks and get totally different theming  like when animal kingdom is my favorite park   and when you walk in you know you feel that  presence of like nature and the animals and   then you can go to pandora the the world of avatar  and it feels like a completely different place   and i feel like staying here feels the same i  love the noises and things like that the boat   and the smells everything smells incredible so  under this alleyway we have arcade games to the   left and then this is the pool oh wow it's  like a fairground look at that paul here we   are we're here my room is about here ish so you  can get some lovely rooms like all along here   oh there's another little pool down there that's  where the buses are so a bit further out from   the lobby at the front but not far at all so yeah  this is the pool i'm hoping we can sort of swing   by here maybe at some point have a little dip but  it's absolutely beautiful so back on the boardwalk   i thought i'd point out a few things for you we've  got flying fish which is a really nice restaurant   i've eaten there before so here is uh chattoria  sartorius alforno so that's right next door to   the agra kadabra bar and then right next  door there is pizza which is perfect if you   wanted to come down and grab a pizza apparently  it's really good here yeah that's uh good to know   and then right next door to the pizza place we've  got the boardwalk bakery and the boardwalk ice   cream so i popped into the bakery they actually do  joffrey's coffee they do a cold brew but i'm gonna   wait until we have breakfast but i just wanted  to pick up my refillable resort mark it's 20   plus tax and then like it says on the tin you can  refill it but i mostly want it for the souvenir   cup but it'll be good to have a drink in the  room and then i can just pop down here and   fill it up in the morning so they actually have  a 50th celebration cupcake the anniversary and   it looks divine they have loads and loads of  lovely things in here look at these cannelloni   this mickey brownie honestly i i could actually  have everything in here here are the mugs they've   actually changed the lids recently so you can  carry them in your bags a lot easier which is   really cool but i just think they're really nice  mugs i can't decide whether i want blue or yellow   lid though i think i'm gonna go blue all right  so we've got my refillable mug and you can get   so many things i'm actually gonna try the sweet  iced tea in here because i love iced tea so there   were a couple of different designs actually for  the um cup so i went for the mickey mini one with   all the parks on it so i just thought that was  very cute so let's try and get some iced tea okay touch flavor i also got one of the coca-cola bottles that says   well there's an odd 50th on it do i  need it maybe not i want it yes um okay that was not very smart brogan could  have moved the lid to be on that side so i can   oh gosh we're learning we're  learning oh my gosh oh my goodness that is so good oh my gosh i'm  gonna be living off of that   i've got some tissues in my bag so i'm gonna  mop my mess and then i'm gonna refill it   i want to stay hydrated guys i mean i  could take that to the parks with me can i   you can only refill it in the resorts i believe  not in the parks so maybe i won't take it with me   so the coke was 4.59 and then the mug like i said  is a 19.99 but you can just keep refilling it as   much as you like i want to take that back to the  room and my mug it is ten plus eight so i'm gonna   drink this watch the world go by for like five  minutes just soak it all up because it's gonna be   a really busy day oops and then run this back to  the room and then we'll be heading for breakfast good morning oh wow so in the restaurant they  normally have characters so princesses and the   princes but the character breakfast here is not  quite back just yet so you can expect probably   by the time lots of you come character breakfast  here they do lots of different things so hopefully   they can get a menu and i'll try and show you some  of the things they've got like a full open kitchen   really lovely so yeah i'm excited for breakfast  i've gone for an iced coffee for my drink here we   go let's scan it so what do we want oh my gosh wow  the omelet to me yeah the omelette sounded good   we just finished our breakfast it was  absolutely delicious the iced coffee was amazing   and i went for an omelette with a sausage and  it had potatoes and as you can see it was huge   um but a perfect way to fill up for a park day  so a really lovely location really gorgeous   restaurant and yeah just a really lovely meal so  we are now gonna head over to the contemporary   resorts where we're going to be learning a little  bit more about the 50th anniversary celebrations   and then we'll be heading to hollywood studios  for me i have a little bucket list of stuff i   want to do today i've not been on mickey and  minnie's runaway railway which is a new ride   and i've also not been on rise the resistance  i actually haven't been to galaxy's edge   um i've only done it in california so i haven't  been to the one here in walt disney world yet   so i also haven't done rise the resistance yet  which is another new ride for me um so we've got   lots of new things to try and share with you there  are some new food things and snacks i want to try   i want to try woody's lunch box hopefully and also  because it's may the 4th there's a virtual queue   you can join to get some merchandise so i'm gonna  try and get my hands on a maybe four pin if they   have any i collect pin pins if you don't know so  i'm on the hunt for some pins today i wanna look   in the merchandise shops and so our group there's  15 of us some of them are actually going to go   and watch cirque du soleil this afternoon which is  the drawn to life show at disney springs i really   want to see it and i actually put tickets for  benji and i to go so i'm actually going to save   seeing that show with him when i'm next out here  and instead i'm gonna carry on round the park so   i don't know if everyone's going to the show  it's sort of optional but it might just be you   and i this afternoon in the parks just running  around getting all the bits we want to do so   that is the day and yeah i'm excited we've arrived  at the contemporary where we're going to be going   into the convention center and learning a little  bit more about the 50th anniversary celebrations   and i can see mickey and minnie already   this is helen quick hello oh my goodness how cool  is that what hang on how is that working what is   that it's like a it's a screen wow that threw  me off i was like is it it's a screen oh my gosh   here we go oh my god guys oh stop this is this is  something else oh my gosh i don't know what to say   oh my gosh it's just mickey just there oh wow no i'm not gonna cry no i'm not i have to  control myself i have to actually control myself sorry what i have absolutely  no words i have no words tasting portion of our royal 50th  churro served at our frontierland   churro cart and it has strawberry sugar some  marshmallow cream our royal 50th sprinkles   and then it's served with a side  of chocolate hazelnut spread wow   just tried the 50th anniversary churros and they  always remind me of my friend kevin in disneyland   just told the cast members it was one of the first  treats that i had in disneyland and he treated   me to one some of you may remember that vlog  that footage but um it was very good very yummy   now we're going to try some other food trying to  say hello to my vlog this is ollie some of you   will probably know ollie i'll link ollie mostly  on tick tock and instagram and we're trying   all the foods aren't we it's delicious it's good  we've had churros at 10 a.m so you can't complain  

okay guys so they're doing a little live  demonstration chat here but i just wanted   you to see this is some of the 50th anniversary  snacks and where you can find them so maybe like   pause this take no they've got the monte cristo  sandwich which i've had in disneyland before   and what else do i want to try oh look how cute  that wild toad burger is so in adventureland at   jungle skipper's canteen you're gonna find  our veranda fried rice in 1971 the veranda   restaurant opened and this dish was served there  that restaurant no longer operates but we wanted   to pay its tribute back with the 50th anniversary  it's nice and so next is going to be the i cannot   fly it shake and this is going to be found right  next to the hall of presidents okay next is going   to be our sun bonnet trio salad you're going to  find this over at pecos built hotel in a cafe   nice light refreshing salad on a hot florida  summer day inspired by our country bear jamboree   attraction so there's in that attraction there's  three sisters sitting on a swing wearing some   bonnets and that's where we came up with the sun  bonnet trio salad wow so these two dishes right   here these are both inspired by our haunted  mansion attraction those have been rotating   throughout the 50th anniversary so right now we're  featuring the lady on the gravestone this is gonna   be our happy haunts milkshake we're gonna be able  to find this at columbia harbor house everybody   loves the straw for this because this straw  the design on it was pulled from the attraction   and that's the wallpaper in the haunted mansion  attraction if we go back to our roots 1971 we   opened there was a town square restaurant and this  is the monte cristo that was featured on that menu   and we're bringing it back 50 years later for the  anniversary i've had that in disneyland have you   really yeah so that's a positive restaurant you  do need a reservation to get in there if you can't   get in there you can walk across main street usa  and go to casey's corner and you're going to find   the hot dog version of that this is my restaurant  that i work and i'm the chef at cinderella's royal   table so these are two dishes that we offer on our  menu and this is the one with my life vegan pasta   dish inspired by the movie tangled so it's served  in our frying pan her weapon of choice of course   and we cook our pasta a little bit of turmeric  to give it that golden color like her long   flowing golden hair okay um it's stored in the  sweet also served at cinderella's royal table   this is a from the attraction sword in the stone  that's just right outside of our restaurant   um this is going to be a chocolate cookie mousse  and then it's got a sugar cookie sword in it that   you can pull out and eat with it it's just  a bunch of fun this is going to be served   at pinocchio's village house which shares a  window with the attraction it's a small world   so what we've been doing over the 50th at  pinocchio is really kind of paying tribute   to some of those countries that are represented in  that ride so right now we're kind of honoring the   flavors of mexico with our tres leches cake so  good nice refreshing coconut flavored in there   last but not least is the celebrity of the 50th  uh it's the wild toad burger so you're going to   find this in fantasyland and fire nooks this is  a brat burger so it's not a regular hamburger   patty it's an actual brat burger and then it's got  lettuce tomato um a pickle tongue and olive eyes   and he's the cutest little guy ever so it's the  best way to commemorate that you were here for   this once in a lifetime moment right 50 years  at world city world that's amazing that's new   too that bag yeah yeah so you'll find this coming  later in the spring but you'll find some of these   pieces like from the iridescent shimmer collection  wow okay amazing thank you so this is the new   magic band plus and i'm going to find out a  little bit more about it oh wow that's so cool oh these are really nice this is  the first time doing this this trip wow your band's gonna start to light up and  fuzz and then you're gonna give a big wave   to help spread your pixie dust and then as you  complete the quest in each of the parks you will   get a special digital park achievement we also  created augmented reality portals in each for   each of the characters just select the character  that you unlocked first find any wall anywhere oh it's buzzing hey mickey i was just  thinking about you good to see you pal   that's so cute you're going to take your magic  van plus you're going to tap it to that job   board and it's going to assign you a mountain  and so you're going to use your band to track   the location of your target the same way that  you might play warmer colder as a little kid so   green means good as you get closer and  closer it's going to blink faster and faster   but if you go the wrong direction it's going  to go red to let you know that you need to   turn around ultimately though it's going to lead  you to one of the many uh doors throughout the   land and when you've got to the right spot it's  going to give you a little bit of a celebration   to let you know it's time to take out your thermal  scanner that you're going to use to confirm that   there is in fact your bounty hiding back there  as soon as it's done it's going to reveal to   you the character that's hidden right there on the  other side nice to see you happy 50th anniversary it looks so sweet confess see you real  soon okay so we've just finished inside   the conference and saw all the amazing food all  the merchandise got to meet mickey minnie a really   amazing way to start this trip we're now heading  over to hollywood studios and guys they have   organized a vip tour guide to take us around today  we're not going to be going in the main entrance   to hollywood studios so i won't be able to film  us coming in because we're going into a backstage   area which is mind-blowing to me but i'm going to  show you the first drive we're going to do is rock   and roller coaster which is a pretty epic one to  start on with i just feel really really excited   so let's go and do hollywood studios so the first  ride that the gang have done is tower of terror   which guys i'm sorry don't be mad at me i don't  do tariff terror i've done it twice once in paris   one's here in walt disney world and it's not my  jam um but we're going through the match shop is   that exited and now we're heading to rock and roll  oh hi little goofy hanging out at the tower hi   here we go rock and roller coaster  oh my gosh sunset boulevard it's been so long i'm so excited we're going in the back end trunks first ride first day i'm so excited  it's quite a good one to do first huh oh my god that was so good that was so so  good gotta find the picture that was so good   just having a little look in the uh merch   don't mind me just doing the same  thing oh i love that look at that one   oh i love that the disney team so i'm sweating  the disney team have just given us full rain   to pick whatever we like in the shop which yeah i  i don't even know what to say to that i actually   don't say other than thank you very much disney  what do we pick guys so i love the new ears   i love these lounge flies but what do i pick  oh my gosh in terms of ears oh what are those   ones they're making mini runaway railway  ones i've not seen those before hold on   how cute are they i got balloon ones oh my gosh  they're cute really cute we're going into another   shop across the street have a little look at the  merchant here oh my gosh there's so much cute   homework look at this collection this is the vault  collection this is so nice i thought i wanted   these ears but i don't love the flat bow so i need  to keep hunting alrighty so this is the sort of   main center hub if i just spin around here's  our big group and there's mickey and minnie's   where the chinese theatre is where a great  movie ride used to be over there we've got the   indiana jones we've got all that they do funnel  cakes there by the way guys that's one to note   so we're about to go on rise the resistance and  i'm not allowed to film on some of the rides so   i'm gonna try and insert footage and stuff  where i can but this is my first time doing it   um i'm just so overwhelmed  went into the shop and they   basically said we could pick whatever you like  so i picked out some really cute pajamas i saw   um i just felt like i have so many ears i am  on the hunt for a pair of blue ones i've seen   um but they weren't in there so yeah i picked up a  journal so i'll show you those later if i remember   hopefully uh if not i'm gonna do a haul video so  maybe i'll save some things to show you in a haul   and you can see what i got um i'm so excited to  be making minis as well today it is such a treat   to be able to walk on the rides and i  do not take that for granted i feel like what i'm really sweaty but i'm okay i'm hanging  in there my hair's sticking to the back of my neck   i've met some lovely viewers as well  today thank you so much if you say hi   this is the moment we are heading into star wars  galaxy's edge even just the entrance bit here   where the theming changes it's just so cool got  muppets 3d on the left this is just so exciting   look at the theming change this is so cool wow  it feels really special like different to be here   on may the four it's actually not as  busy as i thought it was going to be bb8 is everyone assembled yes we have transports  waiting to take you to general organa's secret   base on pacara roger this is black leader i  hear you're a fine looking group of recruits   thank you knight now black leader  are you and your team ready you have what i want all right i'm not too late  we're with the resistance   we're to break you guys out  am i interrupting something look at the door   look i know that everyone says rise the resistance  is amazing like we know that everyone says that   but that is that is i just i actually feel  a bit speechless about it that was unreal   so clever feels like you're in the movie  the animatronics in that are just they   look real they feel real everything  was incredible the theming the tech   the thrill unbelievable like really really clever  want to go on it again so we're just moving on   over to do a millennium falcon smugglers run  which i have done once in california no maybe   twice benji and i did it um i just love the  theming in here just look wow it's just so good the guy just said that's a pod  racer engine that they're using   to heat the meat that's what the story is behind  that i never knew that oh it's so good this is   docking base 7 here this is good for food and  then down here we have the millennium falcon   what an epic view i can't believe we're here  olga's cantina is down there i believe from   memory when in california i really enjoy  that one i got the chance to be a pilot   so i did the left and right steering and it  was really good really really good each time   you ride that you get a different role so you  can be an engineer pilot or a gunner and it   really does feel like you're flying the millennium  falcon it's very clever just so impressed oh good this is so cool she said the popsicle sticks i've got the  stains on them that's from the ice lollies   it's so cute we are obviously  in toy story land now here we go we're going on slinky dog dash this  is where you normally come in but we are going to   the left here and we're joining over here this is  just such an amazing queue ride can you ride wait   q you know what i mean my brother and i had  all the toy story toys when we were kids   and for me i the toy story is like one of my  absolute favorite pixar films i love all four   so iconic and this slinky dog dash is such a good  family roller coaster oh this is such a good ride that was so good i love slinky dog dash a good  one for like a first roller coaster for kids   um but yeah this theming here i could honestly  spend all day here because it's just so cool   but i don't know where we're going next but we're  whizzing around these rides and i'm fully aware   that this would be a very different experience  with genie plus or if you were in the queues um   i just feel really lucky that we get to do this it  looks like we're walking towards toys romania next i love this one i got 99 500. i'll take  it it's time to do mickey and minnies   run away railway um but we're going this way  with our lovely guide so we've just come off   mickey and minnie's runaway railway here it is  really really liked it very cute the imagineers   literally do such a good job i didn't know that  there's like in your seats you get a little   vibration um very clever very cute song would  ride it over and over because it's just really   clever and cute so yeah loved it it's now  three o'clock and the rest of our group   are splitting up they are doing a few  different things so some of them are   going for a different lunch and then go and  see cirque du soleil like i said this morning   i just wanted another hour or two here we are  not going to do any more rides because we've done   plenty of rides but i really wanted to take you  along for you know a bit of an afternoon with me   so we're going to go to woody's lunchbox because  i really want to try lunch there um i'm obviously   very late to having lunch but we're going to try  a barbecue brisket sandwich and a nice lemonade   with alcohol in it um and just go and look in the  shops i want to pick up some merch so we're gonna   look at some pins and just enjoy the day really  a little bit of um me time so i just think i   love hanging out with the group but i feel really  grateful to have a little bit of time to myself to   recharge my own batteries and soak it all up so  um that suits me just fine so we're not meeting   again until later tonight so like eight o'clock  we're back in here so it's three o'clock now   and i do want to go back to the hotel freshen  up change into my star wars outfit so we need to   try and get as much done as we can in the time we  have so let's go this is one of my favorite areas   in toy story land honestly i could just stand here  and watch the ride go past the buzz of the people   it is so wonderful here you're shrunk down  to the size of toys in andy's backyard   and i just love the detail oh no here we go it's very busy in here so a lovely family have let  me sit on the end of their table um but i've got a   cherry lemonade with alcohol in it i'm not  quite sure i'll have to put it on the screen   and then i've got the beef brisket  sandwich with some little potato   top things this looks absolutely amazing it's also a good choice this has been  on my like food bucket list for so long   i'm so glad it gets funny easy we're in the  may the fourth summer's day much location   so i wanted to get a pin i think that's  it that's the choice one of these two okay amazing i'm gonna get this  one so i was in a virtual queue   for the star wars merch and basically um they were  able to move my group slot up a little bit which   is very nice because i've been waiting like  five hours as i'm so close to galaxy's edge   i'm gonna walk i'm gonna walk back through that  yes i am because i want to get a photo of my new   pen oh the music's really cool here and then  we're gonna go and do a little bit of shopping   i wanna be in the shops i wanna get out this heat  and then i'm going to make my way back it's about   45 minutes they said to get the boat all the  skyliner oh my gosh the stormtroopers are out oh my god stop alrighty my loves we are at the crossroads and  we've got shops to the left and to the right   here i know we popped in these earlier but now  i'm on my own i'm going to go and have a mooch   in the aircon and i need a drink really bad so i'm  at the frozen coca-cola um stand here concoctions   and they have frozen fanta blue raspberry minute  minute made lemonade which is what i'm gonna get   and they have frozen coke but also you can add  alcohol so you can add like vodka or rum and yeah   make it an alcoholic boozy one they also sell  the bottles as well but yeah how cool is that i   am really really hot so i just thought i'd take  a moment to sit in the shade i've got a frozen   lemonade it tastes so good but it is now 20 to  five and so i'm gonna do five minutes of just   chilling here in the shade and then i'm going to  have a little look in the shops show you around   a couple of things that i think are really nice i  personally love to see what merch is in the stores   so that when i come i know what to look out for  and i'll save some of the things i show you in a   haul but i just thought i'd point out some bits as  we're here and i'll do that i'll try and do that   in all the parks and then i want to make my way  back but i am so happy i just feel so content and   it's exactly how i remember everything  and it's just been so long and   i really love doing hollywood studios on the first  day actually i normally like to do animal kingdom   because it's my favorite park but animal kingdom  is quite warm and this is a really good one with   all the new rides to sort of kick start the trip  so tomorrow we're in epcot and we're riding the   new guardians of the galaxy ride and honestly  i think i'm just gonna i'm gonna be so in my   element what's great about epcot is that i can  walk back to the resort as well when i need to so   maybe we can do a bit of swimming in the pool or  something tomorrow and today has definitely been   full-on but i also i'm just taking full advantage  of the fact i'm only here for one day you know i   don't know when i'm gonna be coming back i think  for benj and i we definitely prefer the cooler   months so i would say maybe for us october to  february is a good time so tonight's plans we   are actually having dinner um at the indiana jones  stunt spectacular show so we're not eating that   we're not watching the show as far as i'm aware  they're just using it as like a venue for us to   have dinner there a star wars dinner i look very  red it's just because i'm very warm but that's   okay we're gonna head back very soon i've had my  moment i am content i've done a lot today so let's   go look in these shops so this is what the shop  looks like they have turning red stuff on the left   and we are gonna go and do the big shops  in springs on my last vlog on the last day   um but i just thought i'd show you  a couple of things oh my goodness   four key as a hairbrush oh wow 17.99 just spotted  these little mugs over here these ones i've never   seen before this says never too old for fairy  tales with tink that's really nice it's a nice   size and then this one says hello gorgeous but  i'm a bit funny i don't like the matte texture   on mugs but i do like the design i'm always on  the hunt for cute pins and i've already bought   three pens today so oh that one's olaf samantha i  don't even know a um what else have we got on here   i may have bought the mickey mini one because  i just loved that i already own this one   this is the iridescent shimmer collection so we've  got the gold lounge fly we've got this like nice   blue sort of tone for the uh spirit jersey it's  quite a simple one it just says what disney mod 50   and then on the back it just says what disney  world with mickey on the bottom it's really nice   actually sometimes you know less is more  because you can just wear it for so many things   i think this is my favorite lounge fly i've seen  so far not that i've seen loads because we haven't   done that much shopping but the lounge lines  are currently at 75 so definitely pricey but i   think that's gorgeous that's definitely a parks  lounge fly isn't it and my little tip for you   is have a little look at where the characters  are because obviously like minnie's there and   she's different like the pattern is printed  different so yeah i like that a lot that's so   cute my problem is is i just don't need more  lounge flies but it is really nice love that   they also have this like pinky glittery range and  the kids spirit jerseys they look like this they   do actually have this color in the adult one as  well for the ears they i have very similar ones to   those aerial ones but you've got all your classics  but these are new i've never seen disney do   sort of like floral ones like this i think  this is really nice sort of a bit moana esque   i love that actually these would look really  cute for flower and garden tomorrow epcot   i don't know if you can appreciate them i do  wish that the ears were slightly further apart   i feel like it's missing a bow no i don't  know i like them i think they're really cute   they would look good in epcot but i don't love  them and then before we move on from the shop   we have really pretty rose gold ones it's kind  of similar to the ones i had on this morning   that's cute are they a pair of shorts or oh yeah  they're shorts or is it a skirt no they're shorts   i'm finding the sizes are popular this only seems  to be a smaller or one x and then look they have   a couple of dog bits oh my gosh there's a dog  collar and what's nice is it clips sometimes   with the collars they are the buckle ones which  i don't really like and it's got a matching lead   which is really cute so i've come to the shop  that's opposite on the opposite side of the road   and i love this i actually have a couple of these  pieces at home that they were on shop disney   this is the designer and i just love love love  love this oh i've got this i've got this bowl set   at home that's what i have the little bowls um but  yeah it's absolutely adorable that's a really cute   keychain it says take flight with the magic carpet  haven't seen that before it's like a bag charm oh   teal so that's 14.99 we've found more mugs and  i've just spotted this now i'm not a mrs yet but   i feel like i need this it says and they lived  happily ever after i'm not going to get that mug   because i really want to get a walt disney  world mark um but they've got some more 50s   and they have a couple of ornaments here but i'm  going to wait to go to the christmas shop i know   some of you love them and some of you hate them  but crocs are my jam i love them i wear them every   day to walk the dog these ones are 70 but they are  just so cool i mean i would just get them so dirty   but i really love them they'd be great for walking  around the parks actually but they're well comfy   and now it's bang on five o'clock and i think  i'm ready to make my way back now it's been an   amazing day and we are still coming back so i'm  going to find my way and decide if i want to do   the boat or the skyline i think skyliner because i  haven't done that before in fact actually i don't   think i've done the boat either to be honest i was  going to get the glimmer and shimmer blondie thing   but i am too tired to carry on we've got to  go back and shower and freshen up and chill   and i want to do some work so let's go and  try and find the skyliner so the skyliner   has been running for a couple of years now i  think and it was being built when i was last   here so i could see all the construction and  now wow it's right here it's literally right   right as you exit i can see the little gondolas  so what we're gonna do is get the skyliner   to international gateway which is just outside of  epcot and then we can walk from there back to the   boardwalk all right see here we go first time  riding the skyline this is very cool so we've   got a transfer we can do that okay all right just  walked on and i have one to myself and i'm excited   it's basically just like it's a gondola obviously  like when i go skiing i love the designs look   at the 50th one up here the chip and dale on it  that's so cute it's like a little ride in itself off we go ah oh it's nice and cool considering  they don't have aircon they just have vented like   windows oh it's lovely i'm sorry but i've just  watched so many videos of other people riding the   skyliner and now it's my turn i also don't mind  heights so this doesn't feel high to me at all   i don't feel scared it's very smooth it's not like  jolty so we haven't been very long i would say   maybe three or four minutes so if you're staying  at caribbean beach to get the skyline to hollywood   studios it's pretty cool um but as you can see  it clearly then goes up so i don't know whether i   need to get off and get back on again or whether  you can like stay and it moves so we'll figure   that out together but i just love the colors of  them and i just think they're fantastic what an   incredible addition to the disney transport it  is so relaxing i love that you don't have to   wait for them like you feel like you're moving to  your next destination without having to sit and   wait for a bus or a boat like those things are  fine and grey and they work you know equally as   well but it's so nice to just get on and it'd be  quiet and cool and comfortable really all right   so that's pretty easy so you can go right for pop  century and art of animation which is where benj   and i were going to stay for our trip or you can  go to the riviera and epcot so that's where we're   going to go oh that's a busy that's a busy old  line lots of people doing the same thing so i   got on our hollywood studios at about 10 past five  yes and it's now 22 6. so yeah 30 minutes once i  

did the change i stayed on and it turned around  corners and stuff um it stopped at the riviera   and then it just carried all the way to epcot  but anyway i'm coming over to this side to get a   really nice photo i mean that is something isn't  it that is so gorgeous the skyliner really adds   something i can't quite explain it until you've  done it but that was so smooth and easy for me   especially being on my own and never doing it  before i hope i can show you that if i can do   it you can do it too because it's really really  quite simple and yeah i love it i'm going to be   honest i know you do pay a premium obviously  to be in a deluxe over a value and bench and   i opted to to be at pop century and i haven't  truthfully looked at many deluxe resorts but i   can totally see the appeal it is so much easier to  get places and this is just such a gorgeous place   this is such a treat staying here and i'm obsessed  i just love it also did you know ice water is free   i just picked up some at this little stop on the  way back i want to pop in the boardwalk shop but   to try to stay hydrated because i know i haven't  drunk enough today and it's cold that's so good oh you can use it as a little cool down all right  we're in the shop on the front of boardwalk   and this is way nicer to shop in than we were  in earlier because there's nobody in here oh   stop is that uh okay um i want that outfit number  two clearly i'm ready to celebrate star wars day   i have got on benji's boba fett t-shirt that he  bought in shop disney in the uk denim shorts and   trainers just because my feet need a little bit  more padding after being in flip-flops all day   i've done 15 000 steps already today oh that's  a fly on the window and this little hairband i   don't know if you can see it's very subtle um but  it's a star wars one that was very kind of gifted   to me years ago by a viewer and i just kept it in  a box and now it's come out for the special day all right we're in and the first ride  we're doing again is mickey and minnie's   runaway railway because it's so great  and we get to go in the lightning lane so i've just been told that this celebration this  may the fourth celebration is a special event   media event so only invited guests  and i am sorry flashing cocktails the blue hawaiian has malibu wrong blue carousel   malibu so much thank you oh guys yes even the  cups nice i hope i get to keep those oh my gosh   so they've turned the indiana jones stunt show  into a dining area oh my god it's incredible   look there's all the characters down there  disney sure as hell know how to do a party i can see mickey minnie i can see goofy and  pluto chip and dale and daisy and donald me wow it tells you what it is from witch  parks oh wow look at these incredible chefs   cooking everything up for us this is unbelievable  i can't get over this there's so much   oh food that's mickey shaped cornbread from fort  wilderness how cute is that i have got a selection   of food it all smells and looks amazing  the music's amazing i'm just in my element   stage of indiana jones epic stunt show spectacular   i mean how cool is that it's pretty crazy  well we are so excited you all are joining   us here just before all that takes place we  want to introduce you all to a very special   friend of ours please put your hands together for  president of walt disney world resort jeff fallin because for 50 years our cast has been  the heart of what we do and i hope you   get to experience that special magic that they  that they yeah and if you do tell them thanks   because we love to hear that we've made  your stay here a little more special yes and everything you're about to  hear from us tonight is all done 100   with our voices live no  instruments included yo ho yoho come out together come out to socialize away to me thank you so much ladies and gentlemen all  right we're moving and grooving oh look how   lovely this area is over here and then as you  can see they've got lightsabers to guide us   down to a galaxy said oh it's such good energy  i have absolutely no idea how many guests there   are here um but they've got international  media from literally every country and   people representing those countries and  everybody's doing the same thing oh chewie   we're having dessert right here oh  my gosh the macaroons contain nuts we're gonna do rise again all recruits  to transport no need for safety it's 20 past 11 and i just got to ride  rise of the resistance twice back to back   i came off it and i was like again and   the disney team said if you want there's a  couple of others that are going again i was like   yeah so i did it again that's the third time today  i've done it incredible absolutely incredible   and i think every time i've done it i've enjoyed  it even more the theming the immersiveness the   creativity of it feeling like you're absolutely  in the film the animatronics that look like humans   and actors honestly it's so good so yeah the um  the party is coming to an end we've eaten desserts   we've seen characters we've had a good  time it's time to head back to the hotel oh my goodness what a day what a day everyone's  just come back it is now quarter to 12. wow i just   look so fabulous it has been the most insane day  i'm just trying to process everything i did every   ride the food the party the shopping the skyliner  and it's only gonna get crazier because tomorrow   we are riding guardians of the galaxy we're gonna  be some of the first people to ride it before   it launches on the 27th of may it's apparently  the most incredible ride and i think i'm going   to be completely mind blown so make sure you hit  subscribe so you don't miss the epcot episode that   i'll be putting out next and i'll be giving you my  full review i'm also gonna have the opportunity to   film my reaction on the ride so they're gonna  have cameras that they're gonna put on the ride   which is insane um so i just wanted to say thank  you to disney again for such an amazing day   i've loved hanging out with the rest of our  group as well they're all so kind and lovely   um incredible celebrating star wars day may  4th i desperately need a shower i'm so shiny   it's been a long day and thank you so  much for following me so i'm gonna love   and leave you have a great rest of your day  and yeah i'll see you in the next vlog bye

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