WALT DISNEY WORLD! DAY ONE • travel day, flying Virgin premium economy & Boardwalk Inn room tour!

WALT DISNEY WORLD!  DAY ONE • travel day, flying Virgin premium economy & Boardwalk Inn room tour!

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hello everyone and welcome to the first disney  vlog my name is brogan and i make lots of travel   lifestyle and disney vlogs here on my channel and  this trip is very exciting because i'm heading   to the walt disney world resort in florida with  disney i'm going on a press trip and i'm going   to be documenting everything i'm going to  show you all of the 50th anniversary stuff   all the new things that are still to come and i'm  going gonna be riding the new guardians of the   galaxy cosmic rewind in epcot which just blows my  mind i am so grateful that i get to go and do this   we actually had a trip booked and unfortunately  had to cancel it so my last trip was four years   ago now so 2018 and it's felt like a really long  time coming i just can't believe i get to go out   and experience everything ride the ride smell  the smells walk down main street and bring you   along with me so if you are new click subscribe  so you don't miss anything i'm going to share   there are going to be six vlogs for you and i'll  do a haul probably and i'm going to take you along   for all of the things that we get to do with  disney which just honestly i can't process it   i just can't believe that i'm finally able to go  back so there's going to be no benji on this trip   he is going to drive me up to the airport but i'm  going to be joining a group we're going to learn   about everything we're going to try everything  i'm going to have all the best food and snacks   going to show you everything that you need to  know to make your next trip very special so a   massive thank you to disney for giving me this  incredible opportunity today is actually monday   the 3rd 2nd of may and i fly tomorrow so i'm  there for six days and i've already done my   test that was supervised via zoom and i've  uploaded that checked in done all the documents   it's actually very smooth virgin make it very  easy they send you emails and tell you exactly   what you need to do so i've made my reservation  fly ready by uploading my covid travel nhs pass   to the website and my test results so i'm good  to go i'm ready to fly i've got my boarding pass   i've packed my case all i need now is  to get to the airport so please join   me on this very special adventure  let's go back to walt disney world what to do i can't believe but today   i feel so nervous and excited and it  doesn't feel real it does not feel real it's not gonna be the same without you   we'll do our own trip soon i promise  you you're going to have a great time   you can send me all the pickies yeah i have all  the snacks you gotta bring me back some snacks   yeah he's requested the things he wants so give  me your shopping list i'll see you in a week a little moment saying goodbye to bench um i  need to put myself together i need to put myself   together because i'm going to meet the cpr team  and uh we're flying premium economy with virgin   today which is really exciting i've got a lovely  little window seat it has been four years since   i've flown to florida the virgin atlantic check-in  area here at terminal 3 at heathrow is so nice so   i'm going to meet the team i'm fly ready as we  know so i have all my documents i'll be honest   it still doesn't feel real and when i say that  like it feels like someone's playing a practical   joke on me like someone's going to say ha ha that  was a practice run for when you actually go in the   future and i think because benjamin's not coming  with me as well it just feels all a bit surreal   and i've waited so long to get back to the parks  and there's so much to enjoy and see i just i'm   shaking i'm just like i can't contain it i just  feel a little bit overwhelmed but um anyway i'm   gonna try and find the people i need to meet and  then i'll come back to you i'm gonna go through   check-in and security and uh and then i'll see on  the other side we're gonna go to the clubhouse uh   virgin lounge this morning so i'll show you that  because i haven't eaten anything yet so let's go we are through security i'm just  gonna walk through duty-free   the first thing i want to do is fill up my  reusable water bottle because it's empty   and i've met a few of the fellow group that are  joining us on this trip everyone is super lovely   there's something pretty special about  having a mutual love for disney you know   um oh drinking water there we go all right that  one is out of service so we'll have to do round   two i don't need to buy anything um some of the  other ladies have gone to buy some bits that they   need i don't think i'm anything for the flight i  might pick up maybe some crisps or i don't know i   haven't eaten any breakfast yet um but oh my god  it's just so surreal knowing i'm going to disney   i just still doesn't feel real are you the kind of  person that sprays your perfume when you go to the   airport because i am thank you oh kylie skin's got  a massive stand oh don't be itching that's what we   want this way let's pop in there and get some  get some food so i'm going to get my own water   obviously but this is my favorite juice this one  the naked blue machine so i'm going to grab this   i want some pringles i don't need any sweets i  want the little ones they don't have the oh yeah   they have little ones bbq that would do we'll grab  some of those the lovely team at virgin atlantic   have uh given us access to the clubhouse this  morning which is such a treat i don't want to do   any shopping i want to save myself and my pennies  for the merch out there obviously so i'm going to   try and find the clubhouse and we'll go and see  what that's like i've always been intrigued oh yo   sushi's here this is where benj and i ate when we  came to dubai oh they're currently closed at the   moment but it's a great um meal because it's quite  light having sushi isn't it although it's early   this morning probably one sushi in the morning but  hey all right let's find let's find the clubhouse   okay we're going to the clubhouse this way is it  upstairs or oh this is throwing me off it might be   upstairs yeah it's upstairs oh my gosh it's got  a seat whoa take a little seat in the lift okay wow this is so nice oh wow this  is incredible oh my goodness   okay so she told me to go all the way  down to the end so let me just find   my group and then we'll come back the menu  is really good so there's loads of options   um so you can literally have like your eggs  benedict for english they have forage and fruit   there's lots of people in here enjoying their  breakfast this is a really nice way to start   your travel day and flight wow we've got a virgin  redhead um cocktail how exciting okay so i've got   a sausage bat with ketchup just wanted something  easy and light comes on this cute little tray so that's a wrap on being in the virgin clubhouse  absolutely divine like such an amazing way to   start your trip having everything you need  a lovely little space nice and airy and open   just 100 come back here benji would love it here  so i'm doing this one-handed i'm vlogging going   down the stairs this is not my best idea okay okay  i need to get in closer to you i swear you might oh baby i'll be waiting for  you now we are one step closer   we're all in this together put your hand in mine  yeah we are one step closer can't feel it baby okay so the food is here i've gone for the salmon   with potatoes and mash it smells really  good a little cake a bit of salad   yeah amazing that was so delicious my salmon and  peas having the new potatoes were so good and the   little cake don't know what it was it was like a  raspberry sponge thing lovely beautiful watching   selling sunset and yeah i'm just happy the time is  going really fast i think for like six hours to go   i'm playing on my switch and they've just given  us tea in a proper mug which is just so nice okay so this is the little snack bar in premium  economy so you can just come up here and help   yourselves so we've got chocolate biscuits lots  of lovely little treats um i've gone for some   sweets because they looked quite nice uh we've got  popcorn i might try one of these actually maybe   we'll try this one and there's also juice and  water so you know if you fancy anything you never   have to wait and just come up here they've got  naked bars they've got what else is this what's   this at the back oh pretzel bites they sound nice  i think we might have to take a selection that's   what i got i've got some sweets i got these and  i've got some chocolate i might not eat them all   now but at least i can pop them in my bag and have  them later if i want but yeah i got a glass of   water as well because you've got to stay hydrated  oh we got a cute little ice lolly i am fully   snacked out to be honest but i'm not going to say  no to a little fruit lolly how cute i'm trying to   defeat this stupid level on kirby which by the way  is a really great um game if you're looking for   any switch game but yeah i really love it the ice  lolly is so cold that it's sticking to my tongue i need to warm it up a little bit oh my gosh  delusional we've got four hours and 15 minutes   left so past five we have three hours to go  i am still doing a white actually i thought   you know long-haul flights the longest flight  i've done in a long time actually nine hours um   i'm watching selling sunset i've been playing  on my switch we've had loads of snacks been   fed and i've had a coffee as well so i thought  i'd get some caffeine in me so i can beat jet lag   that's the goal anyway i want to meet the jet  lag because we're going to be awake quite late   tonight have i told you when i was staying  oh my gosh i don't even know if i've told you   i'll show you when we get there so we're meeting  some of the disney team as soon as we land we're   getting straight to the resorts and won't have  much time so i'll show you around a little room   tour and then we're going for welcome drinks and  dinner so it's full-on and i'm just so excited oh   my goodness look at this lovely little afternoon  tea we've got these really nice little cakes in   there we've got a warm scone like it's actually  warm and some little sandwiches so we've got   mozzarella tomato chutney and pesto and cream  cheese and dill and white bread so i'm gonna   enjoy this very much while i am watching selling  sunset i am on episode seven so i have definitely   been been watching this and i have no shame  that afternoon tea was so good the sandwiches   were amazing the squad was warm and the little  cakes were tasty too and i had another cup of tea   trying to get some caffeine in mickey mouse um but  yeah the sandwiches were my favorite part it was   really really good i feel really satisfied  i've had lots of food and snacks and drinks   and the flight has been dreamy like really lovely  and actually being in premium economy having a   little bit of extra space like it's it's just  nice and yeah i just especially when you stand   next to somebody you don't know it's just nice  um the trade table is just nice it like pops out oh yeah nice it's about 30 degrees when we're  landing we've got 25 minutes to go it's uh   five hours behind so it's three o'clock there  it's eight o'clock my time so i'm gonna have to   get on time zones as quick as possible so the  trick is to try and stay awake for as long as   possible on this first night first day because  i'll be up early tomorrow oh we're coming in   it's gonna be amazing it's gonna be an amazing  week so many of you have sent such lovely   messages thank you so much honestly well the  band signs have been turned on as we'll soon   be landing into orlando terms completely checks  to the captain please now make sure that your   seat belt is fast and low and tight your seat  back is upright with the armrest down and all   window lines are open and if you're traveling in  a rubber fast cabin your shoulder strap now needs   to be attached to your landing you also need  to put away your table underneath your wrists we have landed safely we've gone through  security and we're here with the lights and the   little monorail train thing so we're gonna go  straight into the terminal building i'm so excited oh my god guys we're here we're in the airport  this is such a good feeling we've got the big   disney sign here this changes all the time that's  gonna be me soon guys it's gonna be me there it is oh it's so pretty it's so pretty here we are disney's board walk in this  is a moment guys oh my god look at the mat   oh my gosh the smell oh it smells so good oh my  gosh wow all right so this is the lobby this is   absolutely stunning now i've actually already  checked in online so i'm gonna go straight to   my room with my cases i'm gonna go find it  oh this is incredible where on earth do i go look at the look at my face i'm so  warm i might have a little crimes okay this is my room and hopefully in  theory oh my gosh it worked it worked   oh my gosh i'm shaking oh  it's lovely and cold in here i feel so lucky i need to get my bag okay i know that some of you are gonna get it like  you're gonna get it but when i started my channel   over a decade ago i made my  first disney vlogs in 2012   and if i could tell 18 year old brogan that  she'd be coming to walt disney world with disney   they've given us they just can't even  cope they've given us goodie bags   with um things and i'll show you what's inside  the goody bag in a minute we have lanyards right   says media on it okay i can't it just can't  cope anyway so i've got to be downstairs in 20   minutes so i'm gonna give you a five minute  tour we're gonna look at everything together   then i need to refreshing up compose myself put on  something light just to catch you up on everything   actually before we do the room tour the flight was  amazing super smooth everything went well loved   premium economy i tried to get up and walk around  i drunk loads of water and drink so i really   recommend like staying hydrated on a long-haul  flight i was really comfortable all the food was   delicious the salmon was exceptionally good and  also the afternoon tea just really really nice all   the stuff was super friendly and all of our all my  new friends all of our group i know when you watch   these vlogs you're probably not gonna see all the  people that are behind the scenes but we've got   disney team with us and then fellow press so  there are people that are journalists there's   a guy that does like tick tock and like creative  imagery and stuff and there's people that work   for all different publications and we're a mixed  bag some people already know each other some don't   um i just am so excited to be here guys so if you  are watching this far please do click subscribe so   you don't miss the next vlogs coming we're gonna  be trying the new guardians of the galaxy ride   just blows my mind anyway i'm gonna  take my shoes off let's have a look   at our boardwalk inn hotel room i am so hot and  sweaty wow here's the door to the right here we   have a little mini fridge which is super handy and  some shelves we've got a little drawer here with   our coffee making facilities things like this guys  these little details the 50th anniversary blend of   joffrey's i am obsessed look i even have decaf  as well and then the coffee machine is at the   top we've got a piece of art on the wall and then  as you spin round this is the main room so we'll   come back to the bathroom we've got wardrobes  on the left that are massive love that got a big   safe extra pillows loads of hanging space which i  appreciate so much because i have so many outfits   and then this is the room i mean is that not a bad  fit for a princess i feel like it is this is where   i'm gonna be staying oh my gosh it's ginormous wow  so we've got more art on the wall there boardwalk   inspired oh my gosh that's lovely the ceilings are  really high got a nice big fan big tv to the left   and another unit this must be an interlocking room  i imagine that's why the door's there a bin where   you can separate recycling we've got a nice big  sofa don't know if that turns into a sofa bed i   assume it does probably more art oh look at that  that is absolutely stunning and then we've got all   of this area here so much room for activities as  bench would say we've got a nice little um side   table both sides lots of space there a nice little  desk for me to be able to do my hair and makeup   because i need to do that oh my gosh look at  minnie on the lamp oh that's so cute oh that   is absolutely adorable it's all very beautifully  vintage you know and then out here i can't quite   open the door at the moment and i don't want  to break it so i'll ask someone to come and   open it up for me but i've got a nice little  balcony area oh my gosh it's massive actually   it's a shared balcony area and i'm right at the  front of the resort so i'm not on the actual   sort of lake area so that's the front entrance  of the hotel there here's the bathroom double   sinks we've got lovely h2o toiletries oh my gosh  they even have mouthwash stop it sea salt facial   soap shower caps and a body lotion perfect lovely  big mirror lovely lighting full length mirror for   all my outfit of the day as i'm going to show  you this is not a vibe we're going to get out   this in a minute here's the toilet and we've got  a bath as well which is really nice lovely lovely   bathroom really like that so that is the room tour  i want to take some photos while the room is empty   and clean and tidy then i need to get seriously  dressed refreshing up my makeup because wow   i'm like really sweaty but i don't mind it's  like just the heating adapting to it and just the   excitement and everything i just feel like yeah  it's a little bit overwhelming but i'm just so   grateful to be here so let's go i am just doing  the quickest change and somebody just knocked   on my door and delivered some goodies don't i  can't cry again because this is just too much   right i need my lanyard on oh over my mini ears  i thought we'd go classic ears for the first   night and i'm wearing a little spotty dress  i'll show you but they've delivered a platter   fruit and nature valley bar with some water  amazing so i thought that's so kind thank you   and then he was like here we go a lovely disney  50th bag and inside is a mickey mini let me show   you plush i'm going to put them on the bed mickey  and minnie 50 special ones oh my gosh i love them   i can't wait to meet them in these outfits guys  how cute poor mickey needs his little ears pop   back up but so kind and that's not it wait there  they've also delivered a mystery box that has   sellotape on it so do you know what i'm gonna open  it but we really don't have a lot of time guys oh my gosh it's a gift from disney plus we hope  you love and enjoy this special gift oh my gosh oh my gosh there's so many things in here right  we'll we'll look through this together later when   we've got time i've never got changed so quick in  my life but this is my first outfit i've got this   old kath kidston bag this is a joanie spotty  dress haviana flip flops i have these in three   colors for this trip um classic minnie ears oh  i'm looking really sweaty i just put sun cream   on let's do a bit of powder and then we'll go oh  my gosh this is absolutely incredible um so we're   walking as a grief as you can see i just thought  i'd show you some of the boardwalk no i can't cope   i can't cope i have watched so many videos and  looked at so many pictures over the last few weeks   ah i want a moment to like soak it all in but it's  gonna be fast-paced because we've got places to go   people to see things to learn about  we've got a lovely lovely group i'm   still learning everyone's names but i've got  my mini ears on and i'm in my happy place we're in this massive room and i  think they're going to do some sort of press conference and talk to us a little bit  about things and we've just had some snacks i   had some macaroni cheese balls they were amazing  um but i just feel like i'm having a total out   of body experience because i just don't i don't  feel like i should be i'm excited nonetheless so   welcome to the world's magical place so we're just walking from the swan and dolphin  and we've walked along the boardwalk here we're   over here can you see the lighthouse it's so  pretty everywhere oh my gosh this is so pretty   so we're going to ale and compass for dinner  did not look at the menu don't know what it's   like this is a very new experience for me  this is absolutely gorgeous the grounds   it very much reminds me of newport bay at  disneyland paris very pretty i'm in the lobby   at the yacht club it is absolutely incredible in  here i absolutely love resort hopping by the way   like going and trying and seeing different  um hotels but this is where ale encompasses   i have not looked at the menu i don't know  what it's like but that's why we're going   for dinner tonight we were gonna go to viennapoli  in epcot but the plans changed that might happen   over the next few days everybody's so lovely and  understanding that i'm vlogging i sort of just   take myself away to chat to you a little  bit and i wanted to see if they had   like a little gift shop or anything um i don't  think they do oh my gosh how cute come on let's   go up here oh my goodness this is absolutely  stunning i would love to stay here one day i   just love all the nautical theme the anchors  look at the detailing i'm sorry but like   look at that i'm so easily pleased absolutely  beautiful let's go upstairs have a little look oh   there's a big wheel does it actually move or  oh it does it does so you can steer the ship   inside the lobby very nice we've just finished  our dinner at the airline compass it's quite late   now uh we all shared some bread with different  um spreads so it was like a butter a bacon jam   it was like yeah selection of bread and then we  shared some truffle fries and i had a chicken   flatbread for my main which was really really  delicious like i couldn't actually eat it all   just because it's been one of those days it's  been a travel day i'm a little bit thrown off   but it was a really really delicious flatbread  and then we didn't have desserts so we're just   leaving now and walking back so i get to walk  from the york beach club back to the boardwalk   and it's so beautiful it's lit up i think the  boardwalk at night is just magic like all the   lights and you've got like some of the restaurants  have got loads of lights on them and we passed   jelly rolls which is where they have like  evening entertainment and stuff um so yeah just   really happy to be here i've had such an amazing  day i'll talk to you more when we're in the um   hotel but it's been amazing it's 10 30 p.m  we've just come back from an absolutely   incredible day [ __ ] absolutely  amazing that i have got on a plane   flown to orlando everything went so smoothly  checking the plane security landing immigration   everything was a breeze like no issues no delays  um just really easy like no time has passed   like blows my mind i've waited years actual  years to be here and then just like that it   all just happens again and then we've checked  into the hotel been for some drinks went to   the press conference launch i honestly feel like  such a hot mess after traveling all day and just   yeah i mean what is going on there we go that's  better um right before we wrap up this vlog   i want to show you what was in my goodie bags  that disney very kindly gave us take the watch off   take my magic band off they've actually  given me a magic band but i did bring my own   of course i brought my own guys of  course i brought my home i honestly   don't know what to say other than  thank you so much to disney i just feel   so spoiled and lucky and just overwhelmed with  these goodies yeah this is just incredible so i   got these two reusable bags which are both amazing  themselves with the mickey mini in the 50th   and inside the bag they gave me this morning i got  a lollipop we got my favorite rice crispy treat   some snacks chocolates this is a reusable  silicone straw set thing i've got a little pin   i have a glittery magic band which um is connected  already to the room so i can start using it   my credentials what sorry um and some information  i think for me in here i think this might be my   park ticket maybe yeah this is my park ticket  and look i got mickey i'm gonna save this forever   um so that's that and then over here on  this side i got this massive box from   disney plus and in that box there was a cookie  press set some shortbread rounds this lovely pin   a little trinket dish a gorgeous little framed  piece of art or some description from the walt   disney archives how incredible is that there's a  writing set a notebook this little card a little   bobble hat i can wear um in the winter at home  when it's uh cold obviously not for here and   they obviously also dropped off that lovely fruit  platter thank you disney so much i feel really   overwhelmed and just blown away honestly blown  away so it's now about quarter past 11 it is late   and i have just unpacked and brushed my teeth and  take my makeup off got my pajamas on i'm ready to   go to sleep tomorrow we're doing our very first  park hollywood studios where we're going to be   celebrating star wars day may the 4th so if you  want to see what we get up to and my experience   of rising the resistance for the first time and  also mickey minnie's runaway railway then make   sure you click subscribe so you don't miss the new  vlogs that are coming so soon i'm gonna be making   one per day of this trip so make sure you follow  along thank you so much if you watch this first   vlog it means so much to me i just can't wait  to take you along for this trip and everything   we get up to so big love and thanks for watching  and i'll see you again in the next one good night

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