WALT DISNEY WORLD! DAY 3 • EPCOT, Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind + Flower & Garden Festival

WALT DISNEY WORLD!  DAY 3 • EPCOT, Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind + Flower & Garden Festival

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good morning everyone it's epcot day and  it's so exciting because today we're riding   guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind the brand  new attraction that's in i've got i am so honored   to be one of the first to be riding it it's may  the 5th the ride actually opens on may the 27th   and i am just so excited but i'm sat here with  the tv remote my hand because i have just realized   we have gone two full days without doing  something that i feel is the most iconic   part of being in a disney hotel and  that's having on the wonderful music so nice it tells you i might have to mute  it a second uh it tells you the park hours   the temperature the day and time it just rolls  around with the different pictures i absolutely   love it also i met jodie benson last night  forgot to say in the hollywood studios vlog   as we were leaving what we noticed her at the  party we didn't want to disturb her which by   the way if you haven't subscribed and you didn't  see the hollywood studios vlog from yesterday or   my day yesterday but for you you know go and watch  it make sure you hit subscribe so you don't miss   the other videos i'm going to be sharing from  this trip but anyway we were leaving hollywood   studios she was just sort of chilling on the  side chatting and um i stopped and i said to   her growing up with like reddish hair ariel meant  everything to me so sweet so yeah she was really   really nice and for those of you that don't know  jodie benson is the voice of ariel so iconic she's   an iconic disney legend and so that was just such  a treat as well anyway right let's let's do the   day now the shower here is absolutely incredible  it's so powerful and warm but then i could have   it really cold yesterday when i came back to  change and it's probably the best shower i've   ever had in any hotel room my outfit today i've  got um two choices of sort of floral dresses these   two i couldn't decide for flower garden i don't  have a guardians t-shirt so i'm hoping i can maybe   buy one at some point cause i'd love to i wonder  what merch is like actually yeah either this one   or i think maybe this one because it's it's just  a really pretty dress so yeah i'll show you that   when i um i'm dressed if you haven't watched the  last vlog we are a group of 20 of us uk press and   the disney uk pr team and we have a mixed group of  journalists and media and um they're all so lovely   i'm having such a good time with everyone because  we just have this mutual love for disney but some   of them are here on a first time visit like  they've never been before which is just poor i   love watching people have their first experiences  and stuff and anyway they're all very lovely and   they have some of them have gone to the bakery  boardwalk bakery for breakfast to pick up them   something for this morning um and then the rest  of us are still getting ready so i'll um i'll find   out in a bit but yeah we have a little whatsapp  group to stay in touch but anyway let's put that   back on and do the day i've made my bed i always  make the bed because i just think it's nicer and   actually i think mousekeeping are coming today  uh fourth day that's today isn't it no they're   not coming today i'm just sat on my balcony having  a little moment watching the world go by and i've   got a little nature valley crunchy oats honey bar  so i just thought i'd have that for breakfast this   morning so i didn't want to have a big breakfast  because we're going to be eating so much today   i have got a massive list of stuff i want to  try at flower and garden festival i've been to   food and wine festival twice and i absolutely  loved it it's one of my favorite parts of   epcot actually just walking around all the food  booths seeing what they have trying the little   small portions because you can get quite a few  and try a lot of things and i really like that   but i've never done flower garden so i'm really  looking forward to seeing how beautiful it is   all the topperies and then yeah we're gonna try  a lot of food today so i just thought i'd have   something light so i've got my nature valley bar  that they gave me yesterday actually on our tour   i just have to take a moment and say that i do  not take it for granted at all like i feel really i don't know how to say it without getting  emotional about it um it's really easy for me   to like show you everything we're doing but  the minute i take a second to like process   it i didn't think i'd be able to come back  this year or at least not until the end of   the year and so to be here granted it is without  bench but to be here and be absolutely spoiled   and i have such luxury vip treatment with the  guides and all the food and the meals and the   incredible party like all of that i'm so grateful  and thank you if you've been watching these vlogs   and you're here supporting me i'm really glad i  didn't put foundation on today this is going to   be a day we've got a lot to do today also also as  well as flower and garden everything we're going   to a party again tonight we're going to another  party also i love this resort i absolutely love it   i would 100 stay here again i'm packing up my bag  for the day i actually have had a few rucksacks   the last couple of days but i'm gonna take this  little tote bag today just because it's easy for   me to get the vlog camera in and out i actually  bought this in 2018 and i absolutely love it you're special if he's awake yeah  oh he's more special don't worry   thank you it is very warm it is half past nine  it's gonna be a hot day we are heading to got into   the galaxy we're gonna go meet our very lovely  vip tour guides and i don't actually know how the   day's gonna roll but we're here and it's flower  garden festival and there's loads of topperies   and it's absolutely stunning like really really  pretty all the flowers love it oh my goodness this   is gonna be absolutely incredible look at these  palm trees everything about this is incredible oh my gosh this is so exciting so cool  your first time i'm so excited for you   oh there's no stopping us we're  going straight on straight on yeah yeah oh my gosh oh wow look up oh my gosh oh  it smells incredible it's like all new wow this is incredible on behalf of all zandarians i hope you have  enjoyed exploring the wonders of xandar we're   not for the cosmic regenerator an advanced  piece of zanderian technology that creates   jump points artificial tunnel and we're just about ready to teleport  you up to the ship for the demonstration you made it i mean of course you did   nobody they're ready and in just a few moments  we'll be activating it so you can experience it   for yourself what's happening i'm not sure our  power is out and the cosmic generator is gone   go to code red compare the fleet and  call the car now is no cause for allah look how cool oh my gosh okay okay thank you so stop it that was so good   oh my god what did you guys think on the belly  isn't it good i didn't believe it did you love it it was incredible here we oh go god it was amazing it was amazing oh my god  i actually have tears that was one of the best   ways that was the best ride ever oh my god that  was unbelievable oh we both pointed at the moon   oh so good oh my gosh you okay damon did  you love it we ride this together mm-hmm   i've already created the ugliest face honestly i can't wait i'm so excited  is that amazing every partner that can   contract in one second did and i'm trying to  unclean this right now and it's not happening   do you know when you're all your muscles in  your body are tight because you're just so   like excited and like impressed  yeah same i'm actually shaking amazing amazing we just did it for a second time  and the music was different which is so cool   apparently there are six songs so two of six for  the 50th they have 50 of these gold statues moana   is actually one of my favorite films maybe my  favorite of all time so it was really fitting   that this is the first one i've seen actually i  didn't spot any in hollywood studios yesterday   but can we just take a minute to look at the  butterflies on the flowers there are literally   10 20 butterflies and these flowers are stunning  this is absolutely beautiful really really love it   so i've just broken away from the group again half  of them are doing interviews and the other half   are going to ride some rides and i'm just going  to take an hour to myself because i'm meeting them   for lunch at 12 and it is oh it's actually quarter  11 and i'm gonna go back to the room real quick   because i really want to edit the reel of the  guardians ride if i was just here on a holiday   i would just save and do another time but i am  here to share with you what the ride is like   and obviously you're seeing this video a few  weeks after but i really want to document it   as quickly as possible in as real time as possible  before we do on the walk back i just thought we'd   stop into this shop now this little shop here  is sort of the walkway and so we've got the   epcot ball here oh it's so bright you can't  even see the ball hang on where is she there   she is there's the ball beautiful flowers this  shop is called what is this shop called port of   entry is that no that can't be it portiventry  oh that might be it this is an underrated gift   shop guys i bought this tote bag a few years ago i  found it in here and i never found anything again   so we're gonna go in here have a little look  at some of the merch and cool off because   first up we have orange bird how beautiful is this  this is such a lovely shot people walk straight   past it it's so light and airy there's loads  of merch and yeah it's just gorgeous so we've   got lovely flower and garden stuff really  really love this because i haven't been   here for flying gun before oh my gosh that mug is  incredible how lovely is that we're mickey minnie   flower god oh my gosh i love that that magic band  oh that's lovely i've been on the hunt for a nice   water bottle so i've grabbed this one because  it's really nice it's got like a nice little   sipper lid here it's quite big and i can fill it  with water and stay hydrated so i'm gonna get that   i did pack my own one and it broke it leaked and  cracked around the top so hopefully this is gonna   be much more durable oh my gosh look at that that  is beautiful i love the color oh that's really   pretty with the flowers down the sleeves look at  that oh i love that cardigan oh that's so cute oh   my gosh it's amazing that is amazing that's on  the vault collection i really like the stuff in   the vault collection they've got that in a large  large actually could be too big i don't think i'd   ever really wear it to be honest it's quite long  but it's really nice that is a lovely t-shirt   quite subtle but you could wear that at home with  things quite easily love the color it's really   nice i haven't found many spirit jerseys i love i  do like the ombre one i haven't seen it since it's   kind of that color but it's got like ombre glitter  down the back i'll point it out if i see it again   love the socks oh my gosh look at that little  outfit is that velvet oh no it's just a   zip up i actually really want a zip hop hoodie  not this one i do want a zipper i'm on the hunt oh   those is they're the ones that's them isn't it  we've got to get those the 50th anniversary ones   yeah they're really nice i think we  have to get those yeah best merch shop   i got two flowering garden pins because i couldn't  decide one said be kind with a little bumblebee   and one was mickey so i got them both i got a mug  and i got my cup my bottle i'm gonna fill up um   and i also got a black pair of ears the 50th ones  i think i might switch to actually because they're   really cute but yeah i spent 136 dollars in there  guys so make sure you keep an eye out for my haul   and subscribe so you don't miss that all these  amazing little food booths i want to try some food   we're actually going for lunch at chef de france  i think it's called in obviously the french   pavilion so i may need to hold out but i do have  a little bucket list of stacks i want to try so   we'll head back to the room drop off my merch  get that real edited and then we'll head out   as quickly as we can because time is precious here  on this trip i'm now uh back where i was yesterday   here's the skyliner and i just want to talk to you  about something else actually that i keep begin   forgetting to talk about i can't film it when  i go in for obvious purposes but the security   is incredible they have scanners now so you  just walk straight through you don't have to   take umbrellas out and cameras and anything you  just walk straight straight through i've had no   problems not been stopped honestly i look at them  a bit like do you want to back check me or it's   amazing um the technology and the efficiency  now just makes going straight into the park   a breeze and i appreciate it a lot okay i'm  back in the park oh i was quite a long time   actually about an hour i'm not feeling  very hungry actually it's like light okay i just went for the french onion soup  which is a starter um just because i don't   want to eat too much for lunch and i've also  had and finished i've had the french martini   which honestly was absolutely gorgeous so  i've enjoyed that and now i've got my soup i'm at ratatouille now i actually lost half  the group they must have already got on the   ride i think so that's fine i've done this ride  in paris it's fantastic um you're shrunk down to   the size of a rat and then you go on the little  journey with remy and you wear 3d glasses and   it's really really really good i might be  able to ride it again later maybe but i'm   i'm looking out for them okay i can't find my  group i don't know if i'm on that ride but i   waited for almost 10 minutes and nobody came off  so i have dropped a text in our group chat so i'm   just going to wait until someone replies but for  now i may as well take advantage of some time and   just keep on walking around i think i've got a  little bucket list of things i want to try and um   i only ate half of my soup at lunch it was  absolutely delicious and that cocktail was divine   but it's a very hot day so maybe soup wasn't the  best idea but i really want to try quite a few   things i've got to be on guardians again at 3 30  and i don't want to be late for that and it's 2   30 now i love taking pictures for um families  because we don't always get one as a family   and um that lovely couple had a little girl so  i stopped but anyway right we're carrying on   so we're in the france with villain at the  moment japan is just across the way here   so let's go there and get frushie  because i've been thinking about frushy   for like two three years and my friend victoria  always gets it and says it's good so i think we'll   make that our next mission this is what fushi is  and it's meant to be amazing so let's pick it up   i'm not sure if this is interesting to any of you  but frushie was seven dollars and um like it's not   that's including tax normally attacks they add on  i found a little table in the shade let's try this   i'm not sure how i feel about having cream in this  heat but we want to try the few fruit she said oh my god that is so refreshing  with the pineapple oh yeah it's like a nice sweet rice it's just  really delicious i could eat a whole   another whole one of these all right we're  back in france it seems like we're spending   a lot of time here um but they've got  a great menu they do loads of things   at this little stand and what was on my list is  these beignets the queue is a lot shorter than   japan was so that's good um because it's quite  warm standing out in these queues in the sun i'm   gonna try some beignets we're having a sweet treat  day here we go here's our beignet caramel one   and i'm very excited to try this we just need to  find a little bit of shade um to eat it oh look   there's some tables around the corner here this  is really good it's got custard it's fluffy it   is a treat it's a real treat it's not as light  as frushy obviously it's donut basically but   alrighty it is 3 45 and i've just come off  of the guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind   for the third time and this time it was a  special camera recording so you may have   seen that footage or some of it earlier in this  vlog but we were we got the chance to record   uh our reaction i guess the group is all split  up across all over the park at the moment some   of them are in test track so we've walked  over to see them and potentially ride it   test track is currently at a 60 minute wait  they have single rider and lightning lane here   and it's a really good ride if you've never  done it before look at anna and elsa there   can you tell where we are we're at frozen well  we're at norway actually which is where i was   recently so this is very cool to be around here  um we've got a few of us riding frozen i really   love this pavilion do you know i love them all but  every time i come into them i'm like i noticed new   things it's just us again oh how cute is this oh i  love that norway ma because i just came back from   norway no we need to calm down we need to calm  down oh my gosh they have a norway spirit jersey   do you know how cute that would have looked on  the trip norway they have ski stuff oh my gosh oh these things oh my gosh that coat is  amazing look at that heli handsome   coat how much is this 175 dollars  it's gorgeous it's so cute   one thing we don't need is more clothes we don't  need more coats but it's very cute look at this   massive troll in the norway gift shop  it's so good i also really love this   it's like ski stuff is so nice oh that is so  stunning okay we need to leave before i spend   more money these are is i've not seen before how  gorgeous is the detailing on those does it say how   much they are no he doesn't okay oh my goodness  this smells incredible i wish you could smell this   hi so i just spent like 10 minutes in that shop  and i met the owner of the skincare line that's   in there he's signing the fragrance bottles for  guests and just give me a couple of samples so i   can go away and spray some on me and see how  i feel and he's back at the weekend but he   was so lovely he said he designed a fragrance  that was sold out um to celebrate the frozen   i think the film maybe not the ride i think the  film and he uh he said it was a huge success it   was just lovely to speak to somebody about their  business and smell their products he gave me some   hand cream it was really lovely experience and  that's something about disney that is really hard   to explain like on a vlog and in videos is that  your experience could be so different to mine   the people you meet the cast members you talk to  the rides you ride i mean it doesn't really matter   how much or how little you do you're going to have  a good time even if it's really hot and you want   to sit in the shade or you just want to grab a  drink and watch the world go by i promise you   you'll just enjoy the atmosphere and just let the  day fold out so for me the others have gone back   to the hotel so i want to go swimming some want to  go on a couple more rides i'm going to skip on the   ratatouille ride and i know it may be slightly  different to the one in paris i'm assuming it's   very similar though it must be the same i'm  actually out in disneyland paris beginning of   june so by time you see these vlogs i'll be out  in design paris in a couple of weeks so do click   subscribe if you want to see disneyland paris  stuff and i'm going to save a ride ratatouille   then because i have done it in paris but um i  don't i'm only here for one day so i'm trying   to maximize some doing as much as possible um but  yeah we've done the frozen ride got a little bit   wet on it but don't not mad at that because you  know i'm drying so quickly and then i think we're   gonna try what should we do i'm gonna go onto my  little bucket list i had a massive list of snacks   i want to try um but actually just the heat i  think i need that frozen violet lemonade so i   think that's going to be the next snack stop on my  snack list so i know we've come into epcot through   the international gateway obviously but  i thought we'd come round to the front   i want to go all the way to the front of the epcot  ball which is here but before we do i thought we'd   stop in the new creations shop they have a new  cafe around the corner but they also have a brand   new gift shop so i know we've seen a lot of merch  today and to be honest i could do with not buying   more things um but this is a stunning shop so  here we are the creation shop look at this it is   absolutely gorgeous so we've got a lot of flower  garden stuff which we've already seen today oh   i just spotted that that's very cute it's like a  walt disney world colouring book oh that's lovely   i like that oh just spotted mickey gold mickey  that's nice 14.99 he's very nice on that nice card   i also do pin trade normally on my normal holidays  but i don't have time to do that this trip so   oh look they've got all the um pavilions as  well japan italy mexico canada that's so cute   the uk has fish and chips oh my gosh guys fish  and chips that's the representation for us oh my   gosh that's so funny okay i also really want a  20 22 pen but i don't love this one i mean it's   really cute that it spins but i want something  a little bit more subtle so maybe not that one   i did see some of the disney coach collection in  the disney store in the uk but when you have it   in person it is just so much nicer these are  very pricey because they're designer but i   absolutely love this little crossbody bag like  this is a bit of may how much is it it's 425   which is certainly pricey that bag is gorgeous i  just can't justify the price that's really nice   if you love epcot like that's a really lovely  bag obviously you know i love the lounge fly bags   but sometimes when you're in the parks that's  quite a good size bag and it feels quite nice   if it gets wet oh this could be a contender  um i don't know if i want 50th i want more   mickey actually oh actually no that is adorable  hang on have they only got extra small 1x oh no   look it's gorgeous oh i like that with the hood x  is gonna probably be too large like i do want it   baggy but like an extra large is definitely fine  so that's a shame that cast member was so lovely   i just asked her if they had any other sizes in  stock and she checked and also gave me a whole   list of which stores in which parks also have it  in my size which is so helpful so don't ever be   disheartened if you see something like old at my  size you should definitely ask i'm just like they   have a fitting room and i have a 1x in my hand  they do have some in animal kingdom and i'm there   on saturday so i just want to try it on this is  the biggest change room i've ever seen in my life   if you have kids in a buggy or you're  in a wheelchair and you need space   it's ginormous but i just wanted to briefly  just quickly try this on so let's have a look oh actually i surprised myself oh that's actually  kind of cute that's quite a good fit isn't it   that's quite nice i mean it's  hot i wouldn't wear it here it's 64.99 it's definitely on the crazy side  but instead of a spirit jersey i think i may   i may get it because it's so cute i know you're  sat on the edge of your seat wondering brogan did   you buy this a pop hoodie yes i did i did because  i told myself i was looking for something like it   i'm not massively into getting another spirit  jersey this time just because i already own   like six at home i just do not need more and i  wanted something that was clothing from the 50th i   already own a 50th spirit jersey so i just figured  hey i want something that i can wear like at home   at the gym on the plane and a zip up is kind  of perfect i'm like leaning more towards that   and it's really really nice so yeah i really love  the design on the back here's the connections cafe   so i wanted to just pop in here we'll have a look  at what drinks they have cause i'm really thirsty   oh we could get a strawberry acai what if they  have them if it's starbucks oh it's q's massive   isn't it i wonder if you can mobile order here  hmm we'll have a little look i don't think you can   mobile order but they have a vanilla sweet cream  cold brew which sounds amazing and an iced toasted   vanilla oat milk shaker espresso which also sounds  incredible however we want to get the violet   lemonade don't we so it's five o'clock i'm meeting  the rest of our team in the hotel lobby at seven   so i think the two final things my to-do list um  walking past the bubble gum wall um is to go to   the very front and see how it looks at the big at  the very front entrance now if we can get a cute   photo at the wall here this is where the bubble  gum wall is if you're interested it's at the exit   for um spaceship earth the ride that's inside  the epcot ball and yeah it's just a really iconic   like instagram wall basically there's some really  nice ones there's the purple wall in magic kingdom   and yeah the bubblegum well here in epcot  and hopefully somebody will take my picture   for me but anyway let's go see what the front of  here looks like oh my gosh the ball is gorgeous   look at that i actually feel a bit emotional guys  i've been here this whole day and i haven't really   stopped and appreciated how gorgeous the  epcot ball is i don't know if i'm gonna be   seeing beacons of light tonight i don't know if  they're taking us to see it but look at these   trees these palm trees is that really silly to say  they're like really fluffy um but this is amazing   you've got bathrooms to the right over there and  there's another gift shop here but i haven't seen   it like this this is all new to me oh my goodness  that is stunning look at that and the music wow incredible here's the front  this looks absolutely stunning   and uh people took my picture for me which was  so nice i'm not picking up the maps from all the   parks just well actually i could i didn't get  one of hollywood studios though so i feel like   sort of a bit defeated isn't it i don't really  need them but if you want them always grab them   at the very front and they also have a flower and  garden festival passport which is really sweet   and you can have a little look at what you fancy  so you don't have to walk all the way around the   world showcase you can just have a little flick  through so pick up one of these i'm going to take   one actually just for my own memories it's quite  a nice little souvenir that was such a wholesome   hour i had a couple of people take my pictures for  me that i didn't know and then i met a couple of   viewers that also took my photos and then the  photo past photographer was an absolute legend   and i said oh would you mind taking my pictures of  course i did the magic band because i have memory   maker which is basically unlimited photos it's  absolutely amazing um but i asked them if you take   any of my iphone just because i like to be able  to post some that don't look like a professional   photo you know and he took so many outside  just keep oops leave my little fan on hold on   um i said just keep taking and he was like  i got you so yeah cast members are just   the one i've made a new friend hi this is  charlie and we got violet lemonades together   because that's what you do in disney you make  new friends and you get drinks so cheers cheers   so it's my first time having it so it's  incredible right oh my gosh it's like bubble   gummy but not like sickly it used to be more  palma violety but actually i think it's nicer now   it's good it's refreshing it's perfect on  a day like today when you're just so hot   but yeah we're gonna walk back and chat so i'll  see you back at the hotel it's nice to meet you   and that my friends is what i like to call  disney magic that is what i meant earlier   about you never know who you gonna meet  how your day's gonna go and charlie was so   lovely she was staying at the yacht and beach club  so we walked back together and i'm just feel so   lucky to have such a supportive group of people  here and everyone just feels like my friend like   when you all approach me it's like hi and i go hi  and it's just like we know each other i know those   of you know this already but thank you so much  for supporting me i feel like i've ran a marathon   i've walked so many steps today i'm feeling very  warm i'm so glad i managed to get through she and   vine lemonade today they were my two must-haves  i would have liked to have got a lot more things   i didn't finish the beignet that was a  little bit heavy for a day like today   it was delicious though um i actually love the  joffrey's big pink donuts they're amazing but   they're just too big for one person it's nearly  six o'clock i have an hour to get back have a   nice cold shower and then we'll be going out  again tonight back to epcot i'm just going   to stop at the boardwalk and get some more water  because it's nice and cold and i'm going to show   you a little tip that you can fill up your water  because i'm learning i've been getting ice water   when i need to but now i have a bottle i realize  you can fill up at the refill stations here we go   this little button here this water one so ignore  the fact it says powerade it's actually water   fill that up drink loads and then refill it this  is my outfit for this evening we're heading back   into epcot i've taken my makeup off and you know  what i'm going to go barefaced like i did last   night this dress is actually really big on me and  i was going to wear it with a belt but honestly   i just don't care so i put this little bag on  instead um the bag is kate spade the dress i got   years ago i actually had it sent over  from america but i can't remember   where from and i'm just deciding if i can get  away with having my little fan in one of the   pockets i think i can right no one's gonna  notice that in this pocket i've got my phone   and the portable charger because i've  got no charge in my phone so obviously   that's not as subtle oh i do have a smaller lead  actually and let me swap to that we're doing a   special exclusive sort of party to celebrate  guardians um i think we're having dinner there   it's going to be very similar to like hollywood  studios i imagine like last night so let's go and   do it i'm excited oh and we're seeing harmonious  tonight the new show the new fireworks show which   i have not seen anything about so this is gonna be  good we are back at epcot i love it at this time   of day it is 20 past seven here's our gang and  we're just gonna do the tapping in here at the um   international gateway this little shop here by  the way guys this is another little hidden gem   gift shop i found a couple of pins in  there the skyliner pin i found in there   um but yeah it's just lovely here this guest  relations is really nice such a good feeling if you're ready for some good food some great  music maybe a few drinks let's get this party   started i can't believe it hey party animals are  you ready to party whoa dance off bro let's go we are at a party right outside the rides there's  a massive band oh hey we're going to do the ride we're riding guardians of the galaxy again  just because we can it is half past eight   at night and uh we're going to see harmonious at  nine there is club pool by the way next to this   creation shop i didn't get the chance to go in  there but that's where you try all the different   flavors of drinks you can try all the different  coca-cola branded drinks all different flavors   from all over the world and they've redone it  and it's really good in there it's sort of a   bit of a epcot bucket list tick thing that you  have to go and do if you've never done it so   we're walking to our spot for harmonious which  is the new nighttime spectacular here at epcot   it's meant to be amazing i've heard so many  good things so i'm really looking forward to it   i have never seen any spoilers i don't know what  it's like um i'll film some of it for you but as   you may notice with these vlogs there's like time  stamps along the bottom so if you want to just   skip to the next thing and you don't want to be  watching any bits of stuff then you can skip along me oh um i'm not quite sure how to explain this but  there are loads of desserts behind us basically   and you know i'm not gonna say no so we've  got a banana mango tart a white chocolate   ball and obviously a lot of uog disney  vlog fans know that the rice krispie treat   is my favorite thing i've been saving  it to have one in magic kingdom   but as there were some there it's my  first one of the trip so let's eat it so we've had a little bit of a dessert gathering  party and it was really lovely i'm absolutely   pooped so i'm gonna head back to the hotel i'll  say goodnight to you there i am very clearly   back in the room now it is about 11am 11am wow  it's about 11pm and i'm finally going to bed   i have had a quick shower and put on my pajamas  hair up in a bun ready to sleep today has been   so epic i know a lot of it has been heavy  on guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind   but hopefully you've enjoyed seeing that i have  had a couple of questions coming today so i just   thought i'd like share those people asked if you  get motion sick on it and i find that really hard   to answer because i think like especially i got  asked this as well with seasickness on a cruise   it really is subjective it depends how sensitive  you are to things i will say that everybody in   our group and there was there's a big group of us  um nobody felt particularly motion sick when they   came off of it i think for some people it might  be a ride you do once and then you're like yeah   i'm content but for me i didn't get motion sick at  all otherwise i wouldn't have done it four times   uh somebody asked if there any big drops it  is a roller coaster so i don't know how to   answer that but there's no sudden drops it's  smooth the ride does twist so somebody was   asking me a bit about like how that feels and  if you've ever done crushes coaster in paris   it's the same principle but um everyone's  sitting two by two in front of each other um   but it's so smooth you can hardly feel the  ride vehicle like moving it's not jolty it's   very smooth like if you were going around a  corner of a bend in a car do you know what i   mean i don't know how to describe it it's really  smooth it is fast and it's quite long actually   it was i didn't time it but it felt long the music  is amazing there are six different soundtracks so   every time you ride you might get a different one  and there are speakers in the sides of your seat   the seats are really comfy and the lack bar  is also really comfy it's got little handles   on it as well so yeah it's not majorly spinning it  doesn't spin a lot actually it has got a backwards   launch off and then it spins background  and you're mostly facing forward   so if you don't like backwards facing roller  coasters then it's a bit like how um expedition   everest is in animal kingdom there is a bit that  goes back and then well you're mostly forward   aren't you and then there's a bit that goes back  i didn't do loads of the queueing area but that is   really cool and rocket and group do like a  little chat which i tried to film but i was   obviously walking at the same time so that was all  very good in fact all of the pre-show stuff was   really clever a lot of it you're just gonna have  to experience for yourself but there's a room that   changes and you're just like oh what where did  the walls go and it's a whole new thing it was   just so cool a lot of you asked me to compare it  to rise of the resistance and i find it quite hard   to compare it actually they are on par when  it comes to ride technology the animatronics   in riser resistance i think are technically  so impressive and i think because that ride   i don't have to describe it rises an amazing ride  like you you really feel immersed in the movie and   you're kind of going around and up and down and  it's like it's so clever um but guardians of the   galaxy cosmic rewind is a roller coaster so you're  more like on a journey with the guardians there's   like screens with their faces on that feels like  they're like you know the screen of the ship is   so clear so big the actual screen as well in the  ride was huge and you're like you're looking up   and like you can't believe the screen is so big  and you can see the planets and yeah oh my gosh   there's so much i couldn't tell you about but in  terms of comparing to rise of resistance i would   say i prefer this because i love a roller coaster  but i would say riser resistance is is very close   i love flight of passage as well in animal kingdom  i'm gonna do that again and then maybe i can like   rank my favorite ride the battery died which i  always feel like is the bright time to basically   say goodnight so thank you for watching hit that  subscribe button so you don't miss the next ones   really appreciate you watching always the  end of this vlog i hope you've enjoyed it   and a massive thank you again to disney for  such a special day i've really really loved it   and yeah i can't wait for all of you guys to  experience the ride because it's so good and   we could talk about it have a lovely rest of the  day and i will see you again in the next one bye

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