Walking tour | Old Town Estonia Tallinn | Part 1 (22 July 2022)

Walking tour | Old Town Estonia Tallinn  | Part 1 (22 July 2022)

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okay, let's go. oh, so pretty Seagulls. McDonald's! Our home. Yea, let's go to McDonald's.

Wow, this is a huge long street right above... whoa, lingerie... Really hot! (It was 26 degrees) Let's just walk and follow the street. wow, look at that instagramable moment. That's a very nice alley.

Is that a church? Oh, they look beautiful, oh my gosh. Playing something... That's the end of the street.

I guess it ends here. Then we have to go to that side. This is really cool... Yeah... Where can we get the elk pie? (Searching for elk pie.)

I want to go get the elk pies... Where are they? I thought you researched where they are. Ah no (I forgot) I want to eat elk pie...

Can we go here? oh, there's a hotel right here barons that's a lot of flags, Can you recognise all of them? Uhm, Estonia, EU, Finland, Denmark and Netherlands, right? Norway. Wait, which one is Norway? The red one... Oh Sh.t

Denmark is without the blue... Oh! Hey look, Spa Oh, with a huge trash bin at the entrance all right That's a boujie hotel. This is like the quieter part of the town Some of them are going under renovation. That's a lot of flags too. Why do they hang so many flags there? I have no idea. I want to go towards the church place.

okay let's go They are singing again. I will check what the restaurant is... Oh my god, I love the song... So authentic Olde Hansa. The name of the  place is called Olde Hansa. 700 year old recipes.

They can sing really well. Look at the building. Reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. Yeah, it's a bird on the building.

48€ per person, it's like Helsinki prices. 48€ per person? Ordering what? For master's feast, it comes with appetizer, main course and a dessert. We should definitely try. Kind of want to come here for the vibe... What time do they close? Midnight.

Maybe tomorrow? We can come tomorrow. Tomorrow is like a rainy day. Rainy day with Romeo singing to us... Awww... Irish pipe, right? That's an Irish pipe.

What is that? The instrument that they are blowing. I have no idea. Bagpipe. I like the costume, look at the guy's costume.

So nice! What are they selling? Can we see? This place. They even pose for pictures. Sweet almonds Have a taste. Want a taste? Take one for me too! Thank you! Very delicious! They make it in a big pot.

4€ for a bag. Oh, they have a side door  here, or is this a main door? It's a shop. It's a medieval shop. Wow. Hello! White pepper. Glassware All items are hand-made. It's a chainmail.

That's the restaurant, right? And they have a person who serves the alcohol... I think we should go to the restaurant. Oh my god, so pretty here. Looks really really authentic.

They have a station for the alcohol. I think most people are sitting outside  from what we saw in the video. Look at the wall.

Everything is an art here. Olde Hansa Very nice place. oh that's the market the street market what is this place? (It is III Drakon, that's where you get the elk pies.)

You know what this place reminds  me of? Somewhere out of Harry Potter. Look! Hats. so nice I think I'm going to be a lobster tomorrow. Yeah, it's really hot today.

29 degrees? I kind of want to buy their medieval  traditional costume. And wear it today? I mean if there's like a viking event or you know... any events what's that winter is coming. Winter clothings.

Wood work. Those are real wood. Made from real wood. Wait, these are instruments! Look look. Instruments Oh, they use this to punch the hole  in the wood to make the instrument. Buy your mama a chopping board! 15€! That's the same one that she  uses, a bit smaller though What are these made from? What are those made from? Stones? Is it for prevention of  evil spirits? What is that for? Wooden toys made from real wood. A lot of people are coming here to  buy jewelries and necklaces.

They look really pretty. Are these all handmade? they all look very pretty Hey, bowls. Oh my god i love these bowls. yeah.

What is that? Soap? They are soaps. Okay, Let's proceed on to the church thing. The clock tower that you want to go. what really? where was it? oh this is the one. So, this is the the church  thing that you want to see   Is that a church or a clock tower? I want to eat elk pies. Where are the elk pies? It's a town hall. 13th century I would say this place...

is pretty big. A lot to see for one day. For an old town, even Stockholm's old town is pretty tiny as compared to this. This place is huge, yeah. This is enormous.  A lot of places to explore a lot of restaurants to try out. Definitely not for one day, I would recommend coming for two days at least.

Explore different restaurants and bars. I think even for the old town, you can spend 2 days to explore. Because there are so much... If you want to go to all the tiny shops. And we are just walking outside the stores on the streets.

We are not even going in to any stores to actually take a look. I think we are missing out a lot. I think I'll definitely come back later during our freetime. And yea, where's the elk pie? Can we go this way? (Still finding for elk pie...) (We thought that the elk pies are sold as a street food from a street store...)

I like how they build their houses it's very victorian vibe. This was an actual town. This is not just a tourist attraction, this is an actual old town. I kind of want to find out the real history of Estonia's old town. What were they being used for? Who were the ones colonizing  this place.... Soviets? No... not the soviet unions... that wasn't even an ideology  

Yeah, how is this so different  from Finland, you know, like the whole vibe here. It's just a sea parting the two countries but you see a totally different area here. You know you've hit the end of the street when there's a money exchange. Now we can head the other way. !!! My husband almost dropped his phone.

No. It's not even close. We caught it barely. With my teeth. (What?) I like the roads. You do? Yeah. You're my  best road. Why are they so bumpy. It's an old road built in the 13th century. They don't know how to build straight roads (back in the days.)

Imagine if us human would still live like this. a lot of things to shop so little time, it's too hot, we need to go... Super hot... Singapore weather here. Yeah, this is very Singapore.

But, it's kind of way drier here. Hot and dry here. You don't sweat as much (as compared to Singapore.) I can definitely see the prices here are very touristy. These are like Helsinki price. The clock.

It actually works. Time  now is five. Five O' five. what is that? demonstration? We will stop the video here due to unexpected turn of events. We will place the continuation of this video in part 2 due to sensitive contents.

If you would like to watch more of the Russian embassy protest, follow for part 2. Link in Description. what happened here

2022-08-03 08:29

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